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Cuturi Gallery is the next generation art gallery founded on the belief that art should be empowering and meaningful for everyone. A curator of change and a custodian of artistic diversity, Cuturi Gallery is a challenger of vested interests and of the status quo, pushing the boundaries of how galleries operate. The gallery connects broad audiences to high-quality art by diverse talents that speaks to the heart and tells the story of an undiscovered generation of aspiring artists that will have the art world aching for more. Diminishing aristocratic traditions and providing transparency in an art world that is at times daunting, Cuturi Gallery presents an inclusive and democratised art ecosystem which fosters greater collaboration, understanding and appreciation of art amongst artists, collectors and the industry at large.



Dear Friends and collectors of the gallery, I am delighted to present Cuturi Gallery’s latest exhibition: In Full Bloom. A group exhibition that will feature 12 artworks from 12 contemporary artists and will revolve around the relevance and importance of the flower figure in art history. Most of the artists are debuting with the gallery, and hence it will be an excellent opportunity for you to discover new talents in the contemporary art scene. I am also delighted that three of the thirteen artists are part of our newly launched c/discoveries program, which continues our strong engagement with the Singaporean art community. Throughout the history of art, flowers have been a favourite subject among artists. Depiction of the flora elements can be found in many of the most significant art movements. For instance, white lilies symbolise the purity and holiness of Virgin Mary during the Renaissance period; the Dutch masters took a more delicate approach to chiaroscuro when depicting flower still life while many Impressionists and PostImpressionists painted flowers that were personally meaningful to them - just like Van Gogh and his sunflowers. ‘There are always flowers for those who want to see them’, says Henri Mattise, the founder of Fauvism whose blossoms are characterized by pure vivid colours and bold distinctive brushstrokes. Pop Artist Andy Warhol created blocks of timeless and iconic daisies in the 1960s, which are still universally celebrated in the art and fashion world today. From the end of the 20th century onward, Jeff Koons’ 43foot-tall flower puppy still waits patiently at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. The public statue was created, in Koons’ own words, to share “optimism, confidence and security”. We invite you to navigate through our gallery space, and see how these very talented artists have interpreted in their own way, the importance of the flower figure in art.

Kevin Troyano Cuturi Founder, Cuturi Gallery For any enquiries, please contact




Nocturne 20, 2019 Oil on canvas 130 x 97 cm


Voyage, 2020 Oil on canvas 130 x 97 cm


FlowerPon, 2020 Oil on canvas 150 x 120 cm


Crépitement Passionnel, 2019 Oil on canvas 195 x 195 cm


Grans Bwa XXII, 2019 Oil on canvas 137 x 106 cm


Naked City, 2018 Oil, acrylic, enamelled spray and polyurethane 180 x 180 cm


Roma Kranji Tanger, 2019 Acrylic on canvas 190 x 140 cm


Shapes and Nature, 2020 Acrylic on canvas 162 x 130 cm


Interior/Exterior Flora, 2020 Oil on canvas 76 x 102 cm


Dear Suzy, 2020 Acrylic and oil sticks on canvas 122 x 122 cm


Serenity, 2019 Charcoal on paper 140 x 100 cm


A Poem in Every Flower, 2020 Pencil on paper 92 x 71 cm (Framed) 70 x 50 cm (Unframed) 34.5 x 16.5 cm (Drawing Area)

DARRYL WESTLY Born in 1989 in Chicago, United States. Lives and works in New York. Group Exhibitions 2018

Pleasure Over Matter, Private Collection, San Francisco, USA Meet Us At The Dumpster Fire, That That Gallery, Los Angeles, USA Ways to Die, The Bruce High Quality Foundation, Brooklyn, New York, USA


Close, But Not Touching, Biggercode Gallery, New York, USA Only With the Heart Can One See Rightly, FiveMyles, New York, USA ATM-Cigarettes-Flowers-Lottery God Bless Deli, Wayfarers Gallery and Space Heater Gallery, New York, USA Sea Change, Miranda Kuo Gallery, New York, USA Shed, Christies Fine Art Services Storage, Christies Summer Preview, Red Hook, New York, USA Art Athina with Club Pro LA and The Institute for New Feeling, Tae kwon Do Pavillion, Athens, Greece (=Everything is Perfect Here), Feb 28th - March 6th, Spring/Break Art Fair, New York, USA


Palma, Palmiers, Palm, Dickinson Roundell, New York, USA Summer Group Show of New York Artists, Coburn Projects, London, UK On Ishton's Porch, Hou Yee Chan Gallery, Los Angeles, USA


Scent,Dickinson Roundell, New York, USA The Gruin Transfer, Solomon Arts Gallery, New York, USA Strangers Forming a group waiting to Kiss, Motel Gallery New York, USA

2013 2012

It's Juice is a Medicine for the Eyes, What it Is Gallery, Chicago, USA The New Americana, New Capital Projects, Chicago, USA Screens, 41 Cooper Gallery, New York, USA


End of Story, 41 Cooper Gallery, New York, USA

Residencies 2016

Beirut Art Residency Program, Beirut Art Residency, Beirut, Lebanon

GAËL DAVRINCHE Born in 1971 at Saint-Mandé, France.


Lives and works in Montreuil, France. Recent Solo Exhibitions 2019 Mazel Galerie, CONTEMPLATIONS, Singapore. 2018 Doppelgaenger Gallery, (à venir) Strolling along the chromatic fields, Bari, Italy. Espace Martiningo, Flower Power, duo show, Chambéryn France. Galerie Larnoline, 128 000 couleurs etc., Sauve, France. 2017 New Square Gallery, Finger (s) in the nose, Lille, France. Mazel Galerie, To the fingers and to the eye, Brussels, Belgium. 2016 A2Z Gallery, Primitiv Heritage, Hong Kong. Contemporary Art Gallery Auvers sur Oise, Opus 36, France. 2015 Magda Danysz Gallery, Under the Skin, London, United Kingdom. Contemporary Art Space André Malraux, Defigure (s) 2, Colmar, France. Ego Gallery, Titian / Davrinche, Lugano, Switzerland. 2014 Doppelgaenger Gallery, Hurrican, Bari, Italy. 2013 Magda Danysz Gallery, Shanghai, China. Ego gallery, Memento Mori, Lugano, Switzerland. Center of Contemporary Art Passage, Troyes, France. Espace Écureuil Foundation, Defigure (s), Toulouse, France. 2012 Magda Danysz Gallery, Paris, France. 2010 Artotheque Annecy, 101 Monotypes, Annecy, France. 2008 House of Arts Malakoff, Landmarks, Malakoff, France. 20 Greene, Paintings, New York, USA. Martiningo Space, Chambéry, France. 2006 Soissons Museum, Sèvres Workshop Foundation, Paint and Repaint, Soissons, France. Galerie Sabine Vazieux, The Horse In All These States, Paris, France. Recent Group Exhibitions 2019 The ARTery, Mazel Galerie, Singapore. 2018 Beirut Art Fair, Mazel Galerie, Beyrouth. Art Jakarta, Mazel Galerie, Jakarta, Indonesia. Grafik aus Frankreich - Die Edition Bucciali, Grafikmuseum Stiftung Schreiner, Bad Steben. Un monde désiré / A desired world, Galerie Claire Gastaud, ClermontFerrand, France. Flowers, Mazel Galerie, Bruxelles, Belgium. Galerie de portraits, Musée Louis Philippe, Eu, France. Un espace pour une œuvre, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Bernay, France. Loup y es-tu ? Bestiaire et métamorphoses, commissaire: Amélie Adamo, Château de Maisons, Maisons-Laffitte, France. DDessin, Galerie Larnoline, Atelier Richelieu, Paris, France. Art'up, Galerie Provost-Hacker, Grand Palais, Lille, France.





Mazel Gallery, Arte Fiera, Bologna, Italy. New Square Gallery, Art Up, Lille, France. Malakoff House of the Arts, Her Story, Malakoff, France. A2Z Art Gallery, Central Art, Hong Kong. A2Z Art Gallery, Wild and free, Hong Kong. Mazel Gallery, St-art Strasbourg art fair, Strasbourg, France. New Square Gallery, Gallerists, Carreaux du Temple, Paris, France. UNC Gallery, Cyclicality, Seoul, South Korea. National Museum of Shi Jia Zhuang, Real Truth, China. Salo IV: Espace Beaubourg, Paris, France. Magda Danysz Gallery, The hand that draws by itself 5, Shanghai, China. Artotheque of Caen, Alone / together, Caen, France. Institute of Contemporary Art (IAC) - (ADIAF), The time of daring and commitment - From their time Mazel Galerie, ART.FAIR , Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany. Mazel Galerie, 50 years after Walt ..., Brussels, Belgium. Magda Danysz Gallery, The hand that draws by itself 5, Shanghai, China. Magda Danysz Gallery, 360 °, Shanghai, China. A2Z Gallery, Second State, Paris, France. Gallery actively works to The Hand That draws by Itself 4, Paris, France. Goyang Museum, Hello France, South Korea. Magda Danysz Gallery, Opening, London, United-Kingdom. Galerie Magda Danysz, Art Direction, Paris, France. Da-end Gallery, Cabinet Da-End 05, Paris, France. Galerie Da-end, Underealism, Paris, France. Espace Martiningo, Masks and Portraits, Chambéry, France. Polaris Gallery, Autofiction of a collection: Ramus del Rondeaux, Paris, France. Chapel of the Visitation, To be astonished, it is amusing, Thonon the baths, France. Magda Danysz Gallery, Art and Fashion, Shanghai, China. Montélimar Museum, Extra (Ordinary), Montélimar, France. Ego Gallery, Africa Evil, Lugano, Switzerland. Château de Maison Lafitte, Totally Disarmed, France. Doppelgaenger Gallery, Due, Bari, Italy. Galerie De Roussan, Reminder, Paris, France. Projektraum Ventilator 24, Exquisite corpses at the beach, Berlin, Germany. Galerie C, Underealism, Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Ego Gallery, It suo Stock!, Lugano, Switzerland. Magda Danysz Gallery, Choices, Shanghai, China. Colas Foundation, New acquisitions, Boulogne-Billancourt, France. Galerie des Petits Papiers, Moments later ..., Brussels, Belgium. ACMDCDM Perpignan.

IDIR DAVAINE Born in 1990. Lives and works in France. Solo Exhibition 2016

Cavale, Galerie Le Huit, Paris

Group Exhibitions 2019

Paris Peinture Plus #2, Galerie Slika, programme Résonnance, Lyon, France Paris Peinture Plus, Galerie MR14, Paris, France Morceaux Choisis, Galerie Bubenberg, Paris, France

2018 2017

Félicità, Beaux Arts de Paris, France We are the ones painters, Carlsberg Byen Gallerie, Copenhagen, Denmark Chaideny, a great opening, Chaideny, Paris, France 3FPJ-2, au Lieu Unique, Nantes, France 3FPJ, Galerie Arts Factory, Paris, France Pink Flamingo, Galerie Agent Moderne, Paris, France Printers Matters, our Mad à la Maison Rouge, Paris, France Casse et vol!, Galerie MR14, Paris, France Gouffre, Galerie Agnès B, Paris, France


Studio Fotokino, Marseille, France Main dans la main, Galerie de la Rotonde, Paris, France Parages, Double-séjour, Paris, France

Collaborations and Publications Miu Miu Prada Bourjois <<Hermès>> pour Hermès International <<Lagon 1&3>> éditions papier machine <<Cavale>>, <<Fantomus>>, <<Roger>>, <<Tahïo!>>, éditions 3FPJ <<Nyctalope 9>> éditions Magnani <<Pan 1, 2 & 3>> éditions Magnani <<Howdy>> éditions Michel Lagarde <<Cœur de Canard>> éditions 3FPJ

JULIEN DES MONSTIERS Born in France in 1983. Lives and works in Paris. Solo 2018Exhibitions September, Galerie Christophe Gaillard, Paris, France Maison des Arts, Arcueil, France 2017

Les Rêves Des Autres, Yishu8, Beijing, China


A l'ombre des météorites, Galerie Christophe Gaillard, Paris, France


- In Between -, Galerie Christophe Gaillard, Paris, France Galerie d'Art Contemporain, Créteil, France


Surfaces Monstres/Monstres Des Surfaces, Musée Bernard Boesch, La Baule / Le Pouliguen, France


Supporter La Surface, Galerie Eric Mircher, Paris, France


Les Chroniques Du Pole, Galerie Isabelle Gounod, Paris, France

Group Exhibitions 2017

«Morceaux choisis» - a collective and multi-curated exhibition, Bubenberg, Paris, France J'ai 10 ans !, Galerie Christophe Gaillard, Paris, France


Artissima, Torino, Italy Independent Brussels, Belgium Fantômes, Paris, France


Le Temps De L'audace Et De L'engagement - De Leur Temps (5), institut d'art contemporain association pour la diffusion internationale de l'art français (adiaf), Paris, France


Crossover, Galerie ObRose, Paris, France Prix Marin, Galerie Municipale Julio Gonzalez, Arcueil, France Engagements: Collectionner, Musée Sainte-Croix, Poitiers, France


Free Wheels, Galerie Obrose, YIA Art Fair, Paris, France Arte Video Night, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France Celsius/ Paris Minimenta, Galerie Bertrand Baraudou, Paris, France


Salon Jeune Creation, Galerie Jeune Création, Paris, France


Drawing Now, Galerie Isabelle Gounod Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France


Editions Pénible, group show of original "stickers", Galerie Mycroft, Paris, France


Docks Art Fair, Galerie Isabelle Gounod, Lyon, France


Show Off, Galerie Isabelle Gounod, Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris, France

LIONEL SABATTÉ Born in 1975. Lives and works in Paris, France. Painter and Sculptor. Recent Solo Exhibitions


Lionel Sabatté: Elemental Beings, Cuturi Gallery, Singapore.


Lionel Sabatté: Sculptures, Centre d'art nomade, Toulouse,

Galerie Porte Avion, Scaffolding of Everyday Life, Marseille,



Qui sait combiens de fleurs ont du tomber, Le Nouvel

Amelot Square/ Museum of Natural History, Scaffolding on the

Institut Franco-Chinois, Lyon, France.

surf, La Rochelle, France.

Morphèmes, Ceysson & Bénétière Gallery, Koerich, Luxembourg.

Yishu 8, Scaffolding of a spring, Beijing, China.


The bite of the air, Ceysson & Bénétière Gallery, Paris, France. Praise of Metamorphosis, Christie's, Paris, France.


Vernon Museum, Scaffolding of a Caress, Vernon, France.

Space For Sale, Breakthrough Infusion, Nice, France. 2014

Galerie Biesenbach, Parenthesis and suspension (…), Cologne,

Philippe Piguet Tanières Office, Estienne Studio - Center for


Contemporary Art - Pont-Scorff, France.

Institut français de Maurice, La constance des alizés, Mauritius.

Residence, Patio de la Maison Rouge, Paris, France.

Abbaye Saint-Jean d'Orbestier, Lionel Sabatté : Un autre

MIND over MATTER, Mazel Galerie, Singapore.

monde, France.

Hunting Museum, Parentelle Selection, Paris, France.

Aquarium du Trocadéro, La fabrique des profondeurs, Paris,

Please do not enter, Catwalk, Los Angeles, USA.


Gallery C, Physical attraction, Neuchatel, Switzerland. 2016



Beaux-arts Grenoble, Tectonic mutations, Grenoble, France. Gallery Biesenbach, Curcuma, Koln, Germany.


MAC Artuem, Fertile Coal, Chateauneuf-le-Rouge, France.

Jardin des Plantes, Les grandes serres, FIAC Hors les murs: Le crocodile en pièces, Paris, France.

Le Parvis, Disobedience, Tarbes-Pyrenees, France. Sade Gallery, Gray Moon, Los Angeles, USA.

Galerie municipale Jean Collet, Parenthèses et suspensions (…), Vitry-sur-Seine, France.

Galerie Patricia Dorfmann, Marella Spendens, Paris, France. 2011

Grande galerie de l’évolution, FIAC Hors les murs : La meute,

Chapel of Calvairiennes, Scaffolding of an Outbreak,

Jardin des Plantes, Paris, France.

Mayenne, France.

ZAJIA LAB, Maybe tomorow, Beijing, China.

Eva Hober Gallery, Marellomorpha, Paris, France.

Yishu 8, Allumettes et neiges éternelles, Beijing, China. 2010

Galerie Patricia Dorfmann, Souffles oxydants, Paris, France.

2016 Recent Group Exhibitions

Sade Gallery, Sade THE Stand with Standing Rocks, Benefit, Los Angeles, USA. CRAC Languedoc-Roussillon, Athanor - small alchemical suite



In Situ Patrimoines 2019, IN SITU Languedoc-Roussillon, France.

#1, France.

Irrlichter – Feux Follets, Duflon & Racz Gallery, Bern, Switzerland.

Laban Lab, Expenses, Bethune, France.

Sorcières H2M, Hôtel Marron de Meillonnas, Espace d'Art

Pornbach contemporary, Metamorphoses, Pornbach, Germany.

Contemporain Bourg-en-Bresse, France.

The Hospital, Human Condition, Los Angeles, USA.

Paper, Mazel Galerie, Brussels, Belgium.

Guyancourt Showroom, New Cycles, Guyancourt, France.

Galerie Henri Chartier, Lyon, France.

International exhibition of contemporary drawing, Paréidolie,

Black and White, Mazel Galerie, Singapore

Marseille, France.

Transfigured. Diane Rosenstein Gallery, Los Angeles, USA.

Headquarters, Pan, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

Da-End cabinet, Da End Gallery, Paris, France.

Fernelmont Contemporary art festival, Fernelmont, Belgium.

Loup y es tu? Bestiaries and metamorphoses, Chateau de Maisons,

Galerie Agnès B, Another World, Paris, France.

Maisons-Laffitte, France Commissariat Amélie Adamo.

Galerie Via, Art & Vegetal Design, Paris, France.

The bear festival, museum of hunting and nature, evening of

Galerie De Roussan, Virage, Paris, France.

21 February 2018.

Passenger Museum, The Sponge Man, Ile de France, France.

4 guests,4 exhibitions, Galerie RX, Paris Commissariat Florence

Gallery C, Drawing Now, Temple Tile, Paris, France.

Guionneau-Joie for Lionel Sabatté.

Space for sale, As in a garden, Nice, France.

Los Angeles Contemporary Art, Ceysson & Bénéere Gallery,

Galerie Da-End, The dazzling loss, Paris, France.

Los Angeles, USA.

Pavillon Vendôme, Other possible, Clichy, France.

Best(iaire), Galerie Porte-Plane, Marseilles, France. Tension, Villa Berlusconi, Art Center, Grand-Lancy, Switzerland. Hors-cadre,, Bastille design center, Paris, France. The Great Race, Mazel Galerie, Singapore. 2017

Gallery C, Drawing Now - Lionel Sabatté Focus, Paris, France. Museum of Art and History of Judaism, Golem! Avatars of a clay

Public Collections Fonds régional d’art contemporain, Réunion. La Maison Rouge – Fondation Antoine de Galbert, Paris, France. Aquarium de Paris, France. ALTANA Kulturstiftung im Sinclair-Haus, Bad Homburg, Germany.

legend, Paris, France. MUCEM, Lives of garbage, Marseille, France.

Awards and Residences

MIAM, In all modesty: Archipel Di Rosa, Sete, France. Nicodim gallery, Benefit art auction, Rema Hort Mann Foundation, Los Angeles, USA Galerie Porte Avion, Replay # 3 - Best (iaire), Marseille, France. Biesenbach Gallery, Changesfivex, Koln, Germany. Mazel Galerie, French Touch, Singapore.

2020 2019 2018 2015 2014 2013 2011

Residencies with Art Encounters, Orchard Road, Singapore. Winner of the 2019 Foundation Del Duca Award. Winner of the 2018 Patio Maison Rouge Award. Résidence Tour Saint-Ange / Colette Tornier, Seyssins, France. Résidence pARTage, Institut français de Maurice, Mauritius. Nominé au FID Prize 2014, Brussels, Belgium. Vent des Forêts, Meuse, France. Lauréat du Prix Yishu 8, Beijing, China.

LOUIS GRANET Born in 1991 in Bordeaux, France. Lives and works in Paris. Solo Exhibitions 2019

Zidoun-Bossuyt Gallery, Luxembourg


All I can for Christmas, Galerie des multiples

CARTOON OPTIMIST, Centre d'art contemporain

Les noces de Cana, Double Séjour, Paris, France

"atelier d'Estienne", Pont-Scorff, France

Hommages et pastiches, Musée d’Orsay, Paris, France

Espace de la Société Générale, Puteaux, France

Lancement Point Contemporain n°2, X-po Studio, Paris, France


Free, Super fast !!!!, Neumann Wolfson Art, New York, USA

Autofictions, Under construction gallery, Paris, France


Zombie poisson coupé, Galerie Silicone, Bordeaux, France

Projet100%, Galerie des multiples, ART-O-RAMA, Marseille, France

Group Exhibitions

Summer group show, galerie JC, Paris, France


Le Colin-maillard (La Nuit), duo-show with Segondurante, Pierre

Heroes, Galerie GP & Nathalie Vallois, Paris, France

Poumet Contemporary Art, Bordeaux, France

Jeune Création – 66e edition, Galerie Thaddeus Ropac Pantin,

North East South West, What’s Up London, curated by Lawrence

Paris, France

Van Hagen, LVH Art, London, UK A Terrible Beauty, duo show with Micheal Bevilacqua, Neumann Wolfson Art, New York, USA Par amour du jeu, curated by Anna Labouze & Keimis Henni,Magasins Généraux, Paris, France Summer show, with Martine Feipel & Jean Bechameil, Franck Miltgen and Brian Rochefort, Zidoun-Bossuyt Gallery, Luxembourg Chorus, The Flat - Massimo Carasi, Milan, Italy PotPourri, Neumann Wolfson Art, New York, USA 2017

La Saga, Double-V, Marseille, France Private Choice, Private Choice, Paris, France We are the ones, Carlsberg Byens Galleri, Copenhagen, Denmark Printers Matters 2, MAD 3, Maison Rouge, Paris, France Color Block, Triple V, Paris, France Pink Flamingo, Agent M, Paris, France Casse et vole!, MR 14, Paris, France BD Factory, Frac Aquitaine, France Printers Matters 1, Paris, France

Public Collections and Commission Mural painting, Tout Ampère, La Défense, Paris, France Fondation Hubert Neumann Les Arts au mur, arthothèque de Pessac Fondation d’art contamporain, Société Générale Scholarships and Residencies 2017

Montresso, residency “Jardin Rouge”, Montresso Art Foundation, Marrakech, Morroco


Residency 35H #9, Le Garage, Saint-Ouen, France


Selected for the Graineterie Bienniale, Houilles, France


Selected for the annual exhibition Jeune Création, Paris, France

ROMAIN BERNINI Born in 1979. Lives and works in Paris.

Solo Exhibitions 2018

Romain Bernini, Musée de Chambéry, France


Inconvenient Speech, Galerie Saint Séverin, Paris, France

Romain Bernini, Maison des arts de Châtillon, Châtillon, France

Galerie de lʼEmbarcadère, Montceau-les-Mines, France

Rainbow Chasers, Galleria Ricardo Crespi, Milan, Italy

SLICK Paris, Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve, Paris, France


New Ecstatic Island, Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve, Paris, France

Un Entre deux, Des peintures de Marc Desgrandchamps et de


Ecstatic Island, Galerie Dukan, Leipzig, Germany

Romain Bernini, Institut culturel


Bernard Magrez, Bordeaux, France

Grans bwa n°V, Frac Île-de-France / La Vitrine - Antenne du Plateau, Paris, France


Quartier Général / Centre dʼart Contemporain, La Chaux-deFonds, Switzerland

2014 2013


Où va le blanc quand la neige fond ?, Teatro delle esposizioni,

SOMA, Le VOG, Centre d'Art Contemporain de la Ville de

Villa Medici, Rome, Italy

Fontaine, France

Despite Walls and Landscapes, Priska C. Juschka Fine Art gallery, New York, USA

Woods, Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve, Paris, France Romain Bernini, Château de Taurines - Les Abattoirs Frac-Midi-


Pyrénées, Centrès, France


Michel Journiac, Paris, France


Inconvenient Speech, Galerie Saint Séverin, Paris, France Galerie de lʼEmbarcadère, Montceau-les-Mines, France SLICK Paris, Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve, Paris, France Un Entre deux, Des peintures de Marc Desgrandchamps et de Romain Bernini, Institut culturel Bernard Magrez, Bordeaux, France

Summer Camp, Galerie Metropolis, Paris, France

Galerie Metropolis, Lyon, France Backyard, galerie Metropolis, Paris, France

Premier mouvement : John Frum, with the participation of Frac Île-de-France, Théâtre de la Colline, Paris, France

Cargo culte, Galerie Metropolis, Paris, France

Maison des Arts de Créteil, Créteil, France

Les nuits obliques, Université Panthéon Sorbonne - Galerie


Romain Bernini & Youcef Korichi, Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve/LOFT19, Paris, France


Galerie Crous/Beaux-Arts, Paris, France

Group Exhibitions 2017

Creating Worlds, Wooyang Museum of Contemporary Art,


Des hommes, des mondes, Collège des Bernardins,

Galerie Clémence Boisanté, Montpellier, France

Paris, France

Anthropocene, Galleria Riccardo Crespi, Milan, Italy

Art Brussels, Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve, Brussels, Belgium

Romain Bernini - Damien Cadio - Bruno Perramant, Galerie

En quatre temps, trois mouvements, with the participation of

Dukan, Leipzig, Germany Bruxelles - Les Rendez-vous de la Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve

Frac Île-de-France, Le Générateur, Gentilly, France 2013

3 days in Paris, Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve, Paris, France

Galeriste, Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve, Carreaux du Temple,

Spazi Aperti, Accademia di Romania in Roma, Rome, Italy

Creating Worlds, Kyungpook National University Art Museum,

Salon du dessin contemporain, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France 2009

Tempéraments, peinture contemporaine en France, Nîmes, France

Daegu, Korea

Plus belle la vie, Espace A Vendre, Nice, France

True Mirror, Espace Commines, Paris, France

Art Paris, galerie Metropolis, Grand Palais, Paris, France

Les Rendez-vous de la Galerie Suzanne Tarasiève #01,

Salon du Dessin Contemporain, galerie Metropolis, Carreau du

Hangar H18, Brussels, Belgium Painting Now, Galleria Riccardo Crespi, Milan, Italy

Temple, Paris, France 2008

John Frum, un choix dʼœuvres dans la collection du

Hauts les masques, Quartier Général / Centre d'art

Premier prix de peinture Antoine Marin, Galerie municipale Julio Gonzales, Arcueil, France

Frac Ile-de-France, EMMAÜS Solidarité, Paris, France 2015

Sleep Disorders, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France

#02, Open Space H37, Brussels, Belgium

Paris, France 2016

10 ans, galerie Espace à Vendre, Nice, France

Gyeongju, Korea

Retour sur images, Galerie lʼAntichambre, Chambery, France 2007

Peintures récentes, galerie Françoise Besson, Thônes, France

contemporain, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland

Paysages dedans dehors, galerie lʼAntichambre, Chambery, France

Art Brussels, Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve, Brussels, Belgium

Complots, Galerie Metropolis, Paris, France

Art Cologne, Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve, Cologne, Germany Lʼarbre, le bois, la forêt : lieux du mythe, du fantasme,

52e Salon de Montrouge, Montrouge, France 2006

de la peur, supports de lʼimaginaire, Abbaye St André -

Novembre à Vitry, galerie municipale de Vitry-sur-Seine, France 51e Salon de Montrouge, Montrouge, France

Centre dʼart contemporain, Meymac, France

Territoires, Mains d'Œuvres, Saint-Ouen, France 2005

Sélection Prix de dessin Pierre David-Weil, Académie des Beaux-arts, Paris, France

OLYMPE RACANA-WEILER Born in 1990 in France. Lives and works in Paris.

Solo Exhibitions 2019

Neon driving, Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris.


I came back from paradise and I’m frankly hungry, Jérôme Pauchant gallery, Paris.

Group Exhibitions 2018

« Les Amis De Christian Paraschiv En Roumanie IV », Exhibition At The Fondation Domeniul Otetelisanu Residency, Galeria Romana, Bucarest, Romania. 22th Antoine Marin Award for Paint, Arcueil, France. Exposition Collective De Willys Kezi, Wiame Haddad, Marie Sommer Et Katarzyna Wiesiolek À La Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris.


« 3’n The Mornin- Noire Était Mon Ombre : Quentin Euverte – Olympe Racana-Weiler », Michel Journiac Gallery, Centre Saint Charles – Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, Paris. « La Petite Collection », Bertrand Grimond Gallery, Paris. On the Occasion of The Auction for The Benefit of the MRS, Maitre H. Poulain And Maitre S. Aubert, Hôtel De L'industrie, Paris. « La Nuit Ronde Vol. 1, 24 », Studio Plus 30 – Pink Room, Paris. Curators : Claudia Squitieri and Sayoko Papillon. « A Vif Au 100 », Alexandre Donnat Collection. 100ecs, Paris. « Quand Denis Rencontre Philippe », Chaideny, Le Plessis-Robinson. « La Petite Collection », 3rd Edition. Bertrand Grimont Gallery, Paris. Curator: Florence Lucas.


« Venez Bouffer Un Zodiaque –Chapitre 3 », Le Lac, Brussels, Belgium.


« Salon De l’Imprésenter », Centre Saint Charles – Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne.

Awards 2018

Winner of the 22nd Prix Antoine Marin For Painting. Winner of The Pierre Cardin Awards at the l’Académie Des Beaux Arts For Painting.

TED PIM Born in Belfast, Ireland in 1987.

Solo Exhibition 2019

Empire Lines, The Salon, Los Angeles, California.

Group Exhibitions 2019

NEW CLASSICS, Group Show, Galerie C.O.A, Montreal, Canada. La Lune II, Haven Gallery, Long Island, New York.


Belfast Open Studio 2018, Belfast, Northern Ireland.


“New Baroque: The Imperfect Pearl,” David Richard Gallery, Santa Fe, New York.


Dark Matter, Litvak Contemporary, Tel Aviv, Israel.

AISHA ROSLI Born in 1997 in Singapore

Exhibitions 2020

“Stages and Mirrors”, Duo Exhibition, Cuturi Gallery, Singapore


“Diptych”, Duo Exhibition, Coda Culture, Singapore


“Raw Forms”, Group Exhibition, Coda Culture, Singapore


The Grad Expectations 18, Ngee Ann Kongsi Galleries 1 & 2, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore


"Reframing: Where is the line?" Cheo Chai-Hiang's Residency, Group Exhibition,


"Ribut Reboot", Group Exhibition, Sangkring Art Space, Yogyakarta Indonesia


Flagship Genius featuring Angkor Wat II, The Ngee Ann Kongsi Galleries 1 & 2,


C.S.I Shanghai Exhibition, Group Exhibition, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore


International Art Exhibition ‘TINA B’, Naval Base Secondary School, Prague, Czech Republic

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore

Collaborative Projects 2018

Backdrop for SSO Gala La Boheme, Esplanade Concert Hall, Singapore


Mobile Decoration Project “Cultural Funtasy”, Chingay Parade, Singapore


"Arts of Wonder One Nation", Arts Woodgrove Celebrates Racial Day &


Judged Woodgrove CC Plank Art Competition, Singapore


Plank Art Painting with Elderly at Pacific Activity Centre, Singapore

Community Sports Day with PAssionArts Festival, Singapore

Awards and Achievements 2018

NAFA Fine Art Graduating Awards 2018, Lim Ai Fang Art Prize (Second Prize)

DAWN ANG Dawn Ang aka Aeropalmics was born in 1987. Lives and works in Singapore. Solo Exhibition 2019 Freeze Frame, The Esplanade Concourse Group Exhibition 2019 From the Streets, Aliwal Urban Arts Festival, Aliwal 2018

2017 2016

Art x Tech For Good (VR, AR, 3d Printing and Sound), ArtScience Museum, Bayfront ave




2009 2008 2007

Minutes of Meeting, Praxis Space McNally The Lasalle Show ‘10, ICA Gallery, McNally The Lasalle Show ‘09, ICA Gallery, McNally Snappy Close-up, Praxis Space, McNally Ripcord, Project Space, Goodman Departure Hall, Goodman Vitamins ABC, Project Space, Goodman

Art Skins, Projection mapping (Light to Night Festival), Victoria Concert Hall and Asian Civillisations Museum Building Facades


Dia De Muertos, (2nd edition - event celebrating the Mexican Day of the Dead), 99 Beach Road Mono, Kult Gallery (duo)


Masks, Diesel Gallery, Shibuya City, Tokyo Sayang, Sayang, The Arts House 2015


1949, Onitsuka Tiger (Shoe design), Pedder on Scotts ‘Noon Till Night’, C n’ B, Kim Tian (duo) Shinjuku Sountracks, Takashimaya (Tokyo) - Tokyo Film Festival Vinyl Show Little Shop of Horrors, Kult Gallery Dia De Muertos, (1st edition - event celebrating the Mexican Day of the Dead), Emily Hill Bad Places, Latent Spaces x Art a Porter‘s wearable art initiative Chinatown Vinyl Squad, GEM Bar Girls of the Underworld, Kult Gallery Straatosphere’s The Big One, The Butter Factory Unbreakable, ICA Gallery Kingbrown, Kult Gallery Neo Folk 2, Collaboration between Kult, Clear Edition Gallery and Damien Brachet, Ikkan Art Gallery Chungking Express, Kult Gallery Pameran Poskad, Galeri Utama, Veridian Art House

Works held in private collections in Singapore, Australia and Japan. Select Mural Work/ Permanent Installations Ernest, Earthless, 12m x 4m, Facebook Office, Marina One Secret Root, 4.5m x 2.8m, Google Singapore Headquarters, Mapletree City Silt and Shore, 10m x 3m, Google Singapore Headquarters, Mapletree City Orbit, 20m x 3m, Leo Burnett and Saatchi Office, Collyer Quay Lead The Change, 26m x 3m, Publicis Office, Collyer Quay City Red Rising, 17m x 3m, Jones Lang Lasalle Office, Payar Lebar Quarter Old roads again travelled, 12m x 3m, JustCo Office, Manulife Centre Jade Serpent, 4.8m x 2.4m, Alex Blake Charlie Sessions - 24Owls, Pasir Panjang Power Station Steam, 4m x 2m, Burnt Ends, Teck Lim Kings of the Coop, 2m x 2m, Bird Bird, Frankel Red Tail, 28m x 3.2m, Zouk, Clarke Quay Cosmic Bomb, 10m x 2.8m, Jekyll & Hyde, Tras Dragon Chamber, 6m x 3m, Sum Yi Tai, Boon Tat Tokyo Nights, 60m full mural outfit, Wan, Suntec City Charge, Openspace and JMD Investment stairwell, North Canal I see you, 4m x 3m, Rip Curl - Artist of the Search, Emily Hill

LIU LING Born in 1985 in Dalian, China. Lives and works in Singapore.


Selected Commissions

2019 2019 2019


2019 2019 2019



2018 2018 2018 2016 2015

c/discoveries by Cuturi Gallery, Singapore Solo Exhibition “Screen, Time”, Ion Art, Singapore Group Exhibition “Journey of Art”, C&C Mercedes-Benz Center, Singapore “Of Ordinary Things" Artwork showcase, artist talk and workshops at SPRMRKT, Singapore Group Exhibition “TOUCH Giving Art”, The Arts House, Singapore Group Exhibition “555 Summer Special” Online Art Exhibition 2019, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery, United States Young Talent Programme Southeast Asian Tours, organized by Affordable Art Fair and ION Art, supported by Hotel Jen Manila, Penang and Singapore 2018 Young Talent Programme at Affordable Art Fair, organized by Affordable Art Fair and ION Art, supported by Hotel Jen, Singapore Group exhibitions along NAFA Glass Display, Singapore Group Exhibition “Process”, Element Art Space, Singapore Group Exhibition “Dot to Dot”, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore Group Exhibition "Pure Days: Art & Life", SPRMRKT, Singapore Solo Exhibition "Faces of Writers", Booktique Where Writers Shop, Singapore

2019 2019 2019 2018 2017 2016 2016 2016

ION Orchard, pastel portrait drawing on canvas, 59.4 x 42 cm, Singapore DBS Bank, oil portrait painting on canvas, 30 x 24 inches, Singapore SPRMRKT at STPI, acrylic mural painting, Singapore Sembawang Air Base, digital painting, 16.55 x 46.8 inches, Singapore Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART), charcoal drawing on paper, 14 x 11 inches, Singapore 3-Sixty Brand Communications, two charcoal portraits on paper, 70 x 100 cm, Singapore Kult Magazine Issue #19, Horseshoes, charcoal on paper, 59.4 x 42 cm, Singapore MoonCrane Press, Shark, charcoal on paper, 70 x 100 cm, Japan Our Better World, four pen portrait drawings on paper, 42 x 59.4 cm, Singapore

Awards 2019 Honorable Mention, Special Merit - “555 Summer Special” Competition 2019 Highly Commended Artist - Visual Art Open 2019 Competition 2018 Winner - Strokes of Genius 11 Competition 2018 Winner - The Young Talent Programme 2018 2017 Winner - Strokes of Genius 10 Competition 2017 Finalist - The Artist's Magazine 34th Annual Art Competition 2016 Honorable Mention - Shades of Gray Competition



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