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MUCKED UP Danny Katz Publisher: Allen & Unwin Genre: YA Fiction Pub date: July 2013 Format: PB Rights available: World excl ANZ, film/tv, audio Page extent : 240pp

Friendships are torn apart and loyalties tested when the Year 12s take over the school in this hilarious depiction of Muck Up Day.

There are three reasons why Tom Zurbo-Goldblatt is creeping into school like a scaredy little weed this morning: 1. Today is Muck Up Day and the Year 12s are planning to take down the school in the biggest Quad Raid ever. 2. He is on Yard Duty. So not only will he have to clean up all the Muck Up Day mess, he's also wearing a girly T-shirt with the word 'boy' on it. 3. Bushing. Which is a combination of pushing and bushes, and the reason why Tom wants to avoid the rose garden. Also, the Students Combined Underground Movement is falling apart – Jarrell and Jack S have fallen in love and are being all lovey-dovey vommy, Brisley has decided to join a much cooler gang, Ravo is just miserable, and Tom's only friend is a pig in a nappy. On top of all this, the schoolyard is a warzone of silly string, toilet paper and supa-soakers filled with Vietnamese fish sauce. Tom's determined to survive, but can he choose between his own safety and the future of S.C.U.M.? It's going to be a long and crazy day.

S.C.U.M. (Allen & Unwin, August 2012) Adrian Mole goes to Summer Heights High in this story of hormones, high school and social hierarchy from one of Australia’s funniest writers. It’s just an ordinary day for Tom Zurbo-Goldblatt. The possibility of romance with his dream girl. Powerful friendships to forge. Wrongs to right. The ultimate test of survival against the Badass Ninjas of Stupidity of Death. And his first-ever sighting of a girlpube. Who says you don’t learn anything at school? Rights available: World excl ANZ, film/tv, audio Page extent: 240pp

About the Author: Danny Katz is a columnist for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, and writes the Modern Guru column in the Good Weekend magazine. He is also the author of the books Spit the Dummy, Dork Geek Jew and the Little Lunch series for kids.

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