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Capstone Tribune By the Cupertino Alliance

2nd Issue

Thursday 25 March 2021

Has the alliance evolved? A recap of the first month.

LYCON, JAYDEN | About a month ago, Jayden Lycon handed over the keys to the alliance to Logan Ross. Ross

won the previous election with a lot of policies- ranging from environmental initiatives, organizational cooperation,

and cabinet reform. How has the first ~17% of his 6-month term been? | Pg. 3

Pin Analytics, Kalliergo II Mission Announced

Revolutionary Army executes another raid on compound of Church of Scientology

A successful election and critical legislation passed in New Athens

The Revolutionary Army, the land service branch of the Ponderosan military, has executed another… | Pg. 8

In the previous edition of the Capstone Tribune, we featured the upcoming election of the New Athenian... | Pg. 9

A new statistics company known as Pin Analytics was founded in Unueco, Saspearian on March 15, 2021, by Emperor Anthony... | Pg. 7

Capstone Tribune Issue 2 | 25 March 2021


Welcome to the

Capstone Tribune Your free recap of news relating to Cupertino Alliance members contributed and edited by the Cupertino Alliance. All news articles are held to the news article standard to ensure that quality is maintained and that all news relates to micronationalism. Want to join the Cupertino Alliance? Check out our site at or join our Discord server Now, let’s get started with the recap. It’s all content, no ads after this page. Enjoy reading! - Capstone Tribune Team

Capstone Tribune Issue 2 | 25 March 2021


Has the alliance evolved? A recap of the first month. LYCON, JAYDEN About a month ago, Jayden Lycon handed over the keys to the alliance to Logan Ross. Ross won the previous election with a lot of policiesranging from environmental initiatives, organizational cooperation, and cabinet reform. How has the first ~17% of his 6-month term been? It started with a speech remarking on the election and thanking previous chairs William Efton and Lycon for the work within the alliance. The speech also recapped some of his policy goals, including alliance reform and GUM cooperation. 3 days later, Dhrubajyoti Roy was unbanned from the alliance with the next following days dedicated to improvements towards the Discord server, most notably a new channel combining several previous channels including information on how to apply and member lists. The first session of the Third Parliament (63rd session) was hosted on 20 February 2021 by Ross, which included the reformed cabinet plan. This was met positively, however, several members were concerned about Thorin Neal's proposed appointment for Minister of American Affairs, citing the previous inactivity within the alliance. Matthew Xia, previous Minister of Agreements and now right-hand-man for Logan Ross requested for him to select a successor to his ministry, which was later accepted. The topic of server moderators was discussed next, which was opposed by several members considering the Bureau de Administration, which was already doing an effective job. The next idea was allowing accredited media access to the formal member pub, a channel meant for private discussions between delegates. Parliament was opposed to the decision, citing an act of statute reaffirming that the channel is supposed to be private and that media access was "bizarre". A planned fundraiser event was then proposed, allowing funding towards GreenCities and other projects. An awards ceremony akin to the recent instance in the Grand Unified Micronational was also proposed. Both were supported by delegates. Charter reform was next, with Parliament supporting the continuing of the recently opened Charter Standing Committee by the Lycon administration, recommending Cameron Koehler and Lord Lewis to be on the committee. Improvements to social media, the revival of the Cupertino Alliance Gazette, the question regarding the Treasury and Head of Graphics role, and the revival of the weather system were also talked about. The latter used a different system used by Daniel Hamilton as opposed to the previous system's reliance on IFTTT, which switched to a paid system, thus forcing its closure. Some members of Parliament were interested in these plans, but nothing of significance was talked about. 24 February saw the confirmation of the Cabinet, consisting of: ● Matthew Xia - Lt. Chair

Capstone Tribune Issue 2 | 25 March 2021

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●


Brennan Sullivan - Superior Judge Lord Lewis - Safeguarding Officer Thorin Neal - Minister of American Affairs Daniel Hamilton - Minister of American Asian & Oceanic Affairs Sertor Valentinus - Minister of MicroWiki Affairs Leon Montan - Minister of Membership Attainment Anthony I - Minister of Public Affairs David Augustus - Minister of Environment & Geographical Information Michael Shepard - Minister of Technology Tyler Mullins - Minister of Homeland Security Konstantinos - Minister of Agreements and Developments

The American, as well as the Asian / Oceaniain counterparts, were hosted on 25 and 28 February by Thorin Neal and Daniel Hamilton respectively. The sessions were like the 63rd session, with the addition of the revival of the VoIP program, a program started by Leon Montan but ceased due to lack of motivation from Montan. The question of which charity to choose and the problem relating to inactive member states was also discussed. The same day of the Asian session likewise saw the posting of the Cupertino sessions form- continuing the ways of the previous administration's method of collecting data for session planning. Membership applications were discussed around this time also, with the Vishwamitran and Pontunian ones being notable. The former was related to an investigation dated from November 2020 and the latter related to the unclear government status of the applicant. On 3 March 2021, the Noted project was received by Jayden Lycon and a checkpoint was released that same day. Intended to be sent to Nicholas Lokin of Humberlea, plans were halted due to the suspension of Lokin a day later, due to the "lack of action in regards to extremist behaviour within another nation". Motive micropatriology was discussed on 6 March 2021, with guest speaker Ives Blackwood answering questions from Parliament. The assembly was divided upon the issue; supporters including Jayden Lycon stated that Blackwood's theory could be used as a jumping board towards the CuperChat program (a program proposed near the end of the Lycon administration, planned for the next government to decide its future), but opponents including Leon Montan debating the point of the whole idea. "Similar to the concepts of realism and liberalism in inter-macronational relations, these two concepts -- simulationism vs. secessionism and motive micropathiology -- could exist side by side, without the need to promote one over the other. I argue this because there are some in the micronational community (myself included) who prefer using the traditional "simulationist and secessionist" outlook on micronationalism, while others might prefer the new format proposed by Mr. Blackwood." - Charles Burgardt. However, due to a revelation that Ives Blackwood was managing an alternate at MicroWiki@Discord a few weeks later, talks ceased. The future of the idea is uncertain though. The dissolution of Nemkhavia was also recognized by the Chair on 6 March, and a community poll regarding the selling

Capstone Tribune Issue 2 | 25 March 2021


of physical copies of the Cupertino Alliance Factbook was announced three days later, with near-universal agreement. On 14 March, Dhrubajyoti Roy was formally unsuspended by Logan Ross. The Chair Veto Act was discussed in the Asian and Oceanian session hosted by the Lieutenant Chair, Matthew Xia, on 16 March 2021. This bill received criticism by delegates citing that the act was unfinished and was vague. Relations between Fesmar and Pontunia were discussed, with Montan showing a screenshot containing Duke Kenneth of Hasty announcing that Pontunia "joined the Commonwealth", and other messages saying that "...they are now in the Fesmar Commonwealth as a Dominion...". The Minister of Membership Applications, Leon Montan, also proposed the idea of ceasing the creation of membership remarks towards member states. It is to note that remarks were not done by the ministry after the transition, nor that the Remark Reference Guide was updated. Parliament was opposed to the idea, citing that MicroWiki can be low quality and unreliable. Montan admitted that the remarks are sourced from MicroWiki and that this change would allow the ministry to free up time. Jamez rebutted, stating: "This would give less information to applicants on voting and frankly I find it concerning you are trying to seemingly get out of your main job in your current position." -Jamez Sertor Valentinus also stated that one of the cabinet's goals was to expand the system, allowing the Grand Unified Micronational to utilize such documents if they wish. Lieutenant Chair Xia stated that the ministry could outsource the remarks, a method done by the Lycon administration. Montan changed his initial idea to only cease remark making to member states which already have pages on MicroWiki, however, Parliament was still against such change. On 19 March, the Chair announced that Lokin would be reinstated as a delegate, but watched for the next 2 weeks by administration. The next session was two days later, continuing on topics from sessions past, including the Pontunian issue and the Chair Veto Act. Regarding the former issue, Brooke Kennedy gave a statement to Parliament. "The Pontunian government that reigns at present is illegitimate, anyways. The rat arch-reactionary Andrew ousted the legitimate proletarian government of the Pontunian People’s Democratic Socialist Republic by force. He derailed democracy and ushered the proud and sovereign Pontunian nation into Fesmarian imperialist occupation. They do not belong in these hallowed halls." -Brooke Kennedy Applicant Commissioners, an idea from the earlier months of the Cupertino Alliance, was also re-introduced by the Chair. The Chair stated that after the discontinuation of the requirement of a Discord server for membership was enacted, commissioners were also abolished. Improvements towards the Discord administration were motioned but Parliament ignored it. 24 March was another night of parliamentary debate, specifically the 70th instance of it. Hosted by Thorin Neal, this session continues with the topic of Applicant Commissioners and the Pontunian issue. Relating to the former, Sertor Valentinus and Dhrubajyoti Roy argued that the matter falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Membership Attainment. Daniel Hamilton planned to

Capstone Tribune Issue 2 | 25 March 2021


propose something, but he was asleep. Mr. Valentinus recalled that the motion was concerning session planning; the rampant breakdown of communication thereof, for which I will discuss later. The Pontunian question was continued, with Mr. Valentinus stating that "there is overwhelming evidence that they are a subdivision of Fesmar, and ineligible for membership as per the Charter". Mr. Roy questioned if the alliance was allowed to decide the status of a Dominion, and cited the previous instance when the United Kingdom ceased its sovereignty over India after the ratification of the Independence Act, 1947. Mr. Valentinus sent a statement from the Chair, stating that "[when] a nation loses a major stake of their Government to a higher body such as another nation they are no longer sovereign". Roy questioned the judicial significance of the statement, with Isaiah Burdette charming in, stating that the lack of foreign relations would not make a nation sovereign. This was later concurred by Roy. The proposed expulsion of Georgienstine and West River was also discussed, citing lack of activity. Burdette cited Moletopia and other inactive nations, stating that these nations should also be included too. Valentinus asked the delegates for which the delegates cited schooling as the main issue. Munroe motioned the postponement of the session, citing the lack of communication between the speaker and the agenda. The Chair was later present, for which he and the speaker debated about the timezone of the session. The Chair later followed up on the previous motion planned by Mr. Hamilton, citing that Daniel Hamilton failed to respond. The session continued with the discussion of future events and then member applications. Following the lack of communication between administration, initiatives were made including new channels. This being said, the "upcoming sessions" channel was reformed to only include the next sessions for each type, as opposed to the previous system of just listing all the planned sessions within the specific month. Sessions are also being hosted on weekdays, for which both I am opposed. These changes make it harder for delegates to attend sessions as they have less time to plan their timetables, as well as people, are busier on weekdays, making it inconvenient to partake in sessions. Ross has also been busy at work at the Charter Standing Committee, a committee I formed near the end of my career, intended for the next chair to take up the mantle. It would be interesting how Ross would adapt to his new position. Though there have been both highs and lows, Ross would have 5 more months to his term to ensure a productive and confident government.

Capstone Tribune Issue 2 | 25 March 2021


Pin Analytics, Kalliergo II Mission Announced ANTHONY SBC News A new statistics company known as Pin Analytics was founded in Unueco, Saspearian on March 15, 2021, by Emperor Anthony I. The business aims towards recording data through surveys and various other means. The establishment of Pin Analytics comes as a response to projects such as the Statistic-Dime Micronational Organisations Survey and MicroCode being implemented by another statistics company known as Statistics-Dime, a business headquartered in New Yera, Australis, which has gained some prominence in the MicroWiki Community. However, the company doesn’t intend to rival Statistics-Dime, but rather to expand the industry of recording data within the MicroWiki Community. Two days later, at 6:38PM Central Time, Emperor Anthony I announced the Kalliergo II Mission, following developments in the Kalliergo I Mission. “Following promising developments in the Kalliergo I mission after multiple setbacks. I hereby announce a follow-up mission, known as Kalliergo II. This time, the goal will be to successfully grow potatoes in Saspearian. The mission is scheduled to begin on March 19, 2021.” -Anthony I, March 17, 2021 Kalliergo II expands the government’s initiative on agriculture since the goal is to successfully grow potatoes in Saspearian. The mission is scheduled to be launched on March 19 and is expected to conclude sometime during the summer, assuming that the mission is successful. The Kalliergo I Mission is the maiden mission of the Kalliergo program, which was launched on February 20, 2019. To successfully grow peaches in Saspearian, since then, the mission has been ongoing, and multiple setbacks have occurred, such as when Mainland Saspearian was impacted by snowfall last month.

Capstone Tribune Issue 2 | 25 March 2021

Revolutionary Army executes another raid on compound of Church of Scientology MONTAN, LEON Ponderosan News Agency ARASTRAVILLE- The Revolutionary Army, the land service branch of the Ponderosan military, has executed another raid on the Church of Scientology’s compound in Tuolumne City, a town within the American-occupied regions of Ponderosa Hills. The raid, informally hinted to by President Montan as a “little bit of trolling,” was performed by President Leon Montan and a civilian contractor, was completed by approximately 2:30 PM local time. President Montan imitated Xenu, a figure within the beliefs of Scientology, into the compound’s communication system, before the convoy left on foot to the center of the town, after resupplying on rations.


Capstone Tribune Issue 2 | 25 March 2021


A successful election and critical legislation passed in New Athens MULLINS, TYLER In the previous edition of the Capstone Tribune, we featured the upcoming election of the New Athenian Speaker of the People and the parliamentary voting of a number of amendments to the New Athenian Constitution. I am pleased to announce that the legislation was ratified through the New Athenian Parliament and the second Speaker of the People election took place with Lord Tyler Wilson being elected to the position through online voting. These events are great legislative accomplishments for the New Athenian Parliament. This is because New Athens was originally founded without an online presence in mind. As a result, the article of the constitution that governs the voting procedure within the New Athenian Parliament included a clause that required all voting and legislative procedures to adhere to the parliamentary guidelines specified within Robert's Rules of Order. Prior to new interpretations of Robert's Rules of Order being released due to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, the official interpretations included no avenues for conducting parliamentary business in an online format. As a result, a great challenge was before the New Athenian Parliament. In order for legislation to be voted on, the guidelines within Robert's Rules of Order must be followed, but Parliament was not able to meet in-person due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The solution was an unorthodox session of parliament. The presiding Speaker of the People, who was tasked with overseeing the New Athenian Parliament, opened a session and began the process of meeting with each member of parliament individually at the earliest opportunity to count their votes and mark their attendance. At the end of this process, a simple majority vote was able to be counted and legislation was passed which ensured that the New Athenian Parliament would always be able to conduct business, regardless of the diaspora of its citizens. As a result, the second election for the Speaker of the People was able to be conducted entirely through an online medium and was a huge success.

Capstone Tribune Issue 2 | 25 March 2021


Major Bill Passed by National Assembly, First Yu-Xian Province Formed Since Foundation XIA, MATTHEW Xijing Morning Post Xijing – The National Assembly has unanimously passed a major piece of legislation, named the Provincial Creation and Autonomy Act, leading to the creation of the first province since the foundation of Yu-Xia. The new province, named Xinan, was originally intended to be a colony under Yu-Xia by the current leader Nakamura Hiroyuki as the nation originally lacked such a program for provincial creation. Since colonial registration was a program de facto intended for Global Citizens and not for local residents such as Mr. Hiroyuki, a bill was proposed to allow for provincial registration by local residents who did not currently live within the mainland territories. The justification for such a motion by the lawmakers, as per the Provincial Creation and Autonomy Act, was stated as: “land ceded by local residents, not a part of any existing colonies or as of present residing within the Yu-Xian mainland, should be under more centralized control by the Yu-Xian government as a provincial administrative region.” This act was well-received by the National Assembly, passing unanimously in the Local Council and receiving majority support by the Global Council in less than a day. The act was officially signed into motion on 18 February 2021, with the province of Xinan being approved by the Minister of Internal Affairs later that day. The Xinan province is located around 30 miles South from the Yu-Xian mainland within the United States City of San Diego. Despite being recently formed, Xinan is one of the most populous provinces in terms of local residents with three local citizens whereas most provinces only contain a sole resident.

Capstone Tribune Issue 2 | 25 March 2021


Rodentia Overthrown BAIRD, COLE Wegmat General Brodcasting Today, on 5 March, the Republic of Rodentia was overthrown by Edward Oaches and his army. The Republic is now known as the Empire of Rodentia. Edward has declared martial law and will likely make former NWR Leader, the President or General of the Armed Forces. The Wegmat Border Police has already sent multiple units to the Isadora and Evansville areas to defend. Edward has announced that he will get rid of socialism in the community and has already declared war on the New German Autonomous Province of Wegmat, Bobbygrad has already been captured by Rodentian Forces that lived in Bobbygrad. Edward says: “The socialist powers in the Rainbowlands must leave within 30 days or we’ll make you leave, and the homeland countries of the Chaveleir Union and Wegmat mush remove socialist parties or face future consequences. If war must happen we wont stop at anything.” All visitors from the PUCS and Wegmat have been banned from entering Rodentia. Former President of Rodentia, Sinlo Chambel, has been evacuated to an Air corp base in Prarik and has been sent to the city of Two Pine. The Wegmat Marines have already reported that the Rodentian Army was mobilizing defensive positions across the Des Plaines River. Rodentian forces today infiltrated a building in central Bobbygrad and opened fire. They retreated and were not captured.

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