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六月 June 2014 - N17 -

Your City guide to Macau 你的澳门导游

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味赏世界杯 去哪里看球赛? TASTY world cup 2014

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潮买世界杯 足球粉丝必备 FIFA COOL BUY



52 | June 2014



编辑的话 editor’s notes

六 月似乎是孩子们狂欢的季节,那么童心未泯的你又有何种选 择?不要担心,这个六月大人小孩都不会寂寞,因为四年一度的世界 杯来啦! 之前热播的TVB电视剧《爱我请留言》里有一个镜头是说男人必须反 复跟女朋友解释什么是“越位”,女性才看得懂足球赛。其实现实生 活中也有不少“巾帼不让须眉”的足球女粉丝,谁说足球就一定是男 人的世界?走进各种运动品牌店,你会发现各国球衣差不多都有女性 尺寸,所以不要犹豫,快跟着我们的世界杯购物指南,去采购一套情 侣足球衣,为这股热浪做准备。而喜欢美食多于购物的“吃货”,一 定在问:究竟哪里可以边看球赛边吃美食,又或者畅饮一杯?本年度 世界杯在巴西举办,时差关系,几乎没有餐厅会在深宵营业,所以去 餐厅看录播和在娱乐场的酒吧看直播成为澳门足球粉丝的首选。我们 也为你精挑细选了一些餐厅酒吧,当然你也可以有自己的选择,欢迎 发邮件到:editorial@cguidemacau.com来推荐你们心目中的看球好餐 厅。 近年澳门的文创事业日趋兴旺,这个“慢”城慢慢地找到了自己的文 化定位,早前文化局更找来插画师打造生动有趣的澳门文创地图推 广澳门文化,这里不再是沙漠。而我们也为你推荐几个位于旅游区的 热门文创地点,很多《新澳门导航》介绍的展览都是在这几个地点举 办,有兴趣的游客不妨跟着我们的漫步之旅,走进文创中心地带。

Kicking off the summer season is delightful Children’s Day, June 1st,

a celebration of kids and those who are young at heart. Fun continues the world over as the most anticipated sporting event, the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil comes into play this month. Pop-culture is constantly reminding us of the age-old cliché that women are a little lacking in knowledge when it comes to sport. Yet there are indeed heroines in the world of soccer fans, which is proven simply by female versions of national team shirts appearing in stores throughout the city. To prepare for the game; lovers can opt for romance by wearing matching shirts of their favorite teams. The time difference may stop you from seeking out a restaurant to enjoy the live telecast of the games at, but diehard fans can flock to local bars late at night. We at Cguide give to you our World Cup Guide complete with a list of great places to fulfil all your needs this World Cup season! Already have you own ideas? Feel free to share it with us by email: Activities of culture and creativity have been increasingly hot in recent years, creating a new culture identity for the city used to described by slow-life and culture-desert, for example the vivid Macau Culture and Creativity Map decorated by cartoons presented by Culture Affair Bureau. We will also suggest some facilities of the catalogue around tourist sites where exhibitions are regularly hold as Cguide reported frequently before. Let’s discover the new born center of culture in our walking tour of Macau.

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全新形象,全新身份…… 仍是你的澳门之旅最佳导游

New image, new identity, still exactly what you need.

Find us in Macau Car Rental Services


遍布全城的发行网络 《新澳门导航》杂志发行的网点遍布全城,基于与澳 门航空的合约,杂志会在大中华二十二个地区的机场 发布;在澳门主要酒店的房间及礼宾部都能找到我们 的杂志,并会在超过八百间的旅游热门餐厅中展示, 我们每月亦会亲自把杂志送到超过七百位贵宾的手 上。

Hotels & Resorts


Distribution Cguide is distributed internationally in the lounges of 22 airports throughout Greater China, as per an agreement with Air Macau. Cguide is also present in the Macau Government Tourist Office booths throughout the SAR. In Macau the magazine is available in nearly every major hotel - present in hotel rooms and concierges. Cguide is also distributed to over 800 restaurants and is found in primary tourist spots, as well as being hand-delivered to more than 700 VIPs.


Check out some of the following locations at which you can find Cguide Magazine.


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story 封面故事 cover

四年一度世界杯来啦,想要知道澳门哪里可以一边品尝 美食一边对着电视里的录播赛事尖叫?想要知道哪个酒 吧可以找上几个良朋好友一同前往看直播赛事?记得看 看《新澳门导航》的推荐。 World Cup is coming! Do you want to know where you can scream for the FIFA tournament with nice gourmets here? Which bar you can watch live broadcast with your friends in Macau? Follow Cguide, you will get your exclusive list.


吃在澳门 新开张:乐轩华

Newly Opened: Le Chinois




F&B Promotion for June



DINE 轩尼诗百乐廷与法国大厨 的火花

Hennessy Paradis VS Potel et Chabot

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Music Chills for Summer



六月 June 2014

六月 2014 |

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Here Comes the UV Fighters

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The Harmonous Beauty of Five Elements

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The Museum of Vintage Sound Machines

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Hyper Lo, I Sing, I Enjoy

小城热话 What’s Hot!

澳门尚宜居宜游? Is Macau Still Livable for Locals and Tourists?


关键字Keywords: 旅游承载力Tourism Capacity 旅游承载力近两年是港澳经常讨论的课题,邻近 的香港人更是频频对政府反映过多旅客入境已影 响他们的生活。澳门则是每到周末或假期就有大 量旅客入境,这也使得中区成为了澳门本地人无 事免进的区域。 在过去的“五一”小长假期间,澳门街仍旧畅 旺,有人说感觉旅客的数量好像有所回落,但警 察局公佈了五一期间出入境人次超过110.9万人

次,其中38.3万为旅客,与2013年同期增加了 9.35%,这样的结果让人惊讶,或者是平时的澳门 已人潮如鲫,人们已习惯拥挤?如今小城越显挤 迫,是我们都始料不及的事,或者,顺着城市的经 济突飞勐进,塞车塞人是无可避免的事。然而当旅 客太多而影响了民生的时候,又是否需要做出检 讨,取得两者的平衡,还给市民以及旅客一个宜居 宜游的空间? Tourism Capacity has, in recent years, become the topic of much discussion in Macau as authorities receive complaints on how the influx of tourists has negatively changed the lives of residents. An example of this is Macau’s Centro area, as on weekends and major holidays it becomes an avoided zone for locals due to the crowds of tourist flocking there. Recently locals were asked to compare the density of the crowds during last months May 1st holiday, a number of people responded that they felt the amount of people visiting Macau was less however statistics released by the immigration police revealed a drastic increase in the inbound visitors of Macau. The total figure supposedly sits at an astounding 1.1 million people, a staggering 9.35% more than the same period of 2013. A surprise to locals, could this skewed perception be the result of becoming accustomed to living like sardines – packed in crowds with no room to move? Today, significant overcrowding is something we all anticipate as the city’s economy continues to develop as rapidly as it has done. However, shouldn’t we review the situation to find a balance within the ever abundant tourism industry and the living ease of locals?


Let’s Speak in Cantonese

1. 靓 意思:漂亮、美丽。 例:呢件衫真係好靓啊! (这件衣服真的很漂亮!)


. 着数 意思:便宜 例: * 搵着数(拿取便宜) * 呢度买手信真係好着数啊! (在这裡买手信真的很便 宜。)


. 中意 意思: 喜欢 例: 我最中意去澳门旅行买嘢 架啦。(我最喜欢到澳门旅 行购物了。)

1. Liang

Meaning: Pretty, beautiful For example: Li kin sam zhang hi ho liang ai! (This shirt is really beautiful!)


. Zheuk so Meaning: cheap For example: Won zheuk so (Get Jetso) Li dao mai shao shun zhun hi hao zheuk so ai! (To buy souvenirs here is really cheap.)


. Zhung yi Meaning: like For example: Ngwo zhui zhung yi hui ngo mun lui heng mai yie ga la (I like to go to Macau for travel and shopping)



六月 2014 |




wednesday, 4

friday, 6

saturday, 7

戈兰.布列葛维奇与 其专属乐队 吉卜赛香槟派对 Goran Bregovic & Wedding and Funeral orchestra “Champagne for Gypsies”

国际宠物及水族用品展 International Pet & Aquarium Supplies Expo

亚马交 A-MA-GAU

sunday, 8

thursday, 12

friday, 13

狮子双年展 Biennial of the Lions

中国翠玉文化节 China Jade Culture Festival

saturday, 14

sunday, 15

friday, 20

旧式缝纫机展 Exhibition on Classic Sewing Machine

都是好朋友 We are friends

艾甘.汉 源 Desh by Akram Khan

saturday, 21

monday, 23

friday, 27

刘谦魔术巡回之旅 澳门站 DAZZLE LU CHEN MACAO 2014

星聚星际 黄小琥音乐会 Stargaze at Starworld “Tiger Huang Mini Concert”

澳门数码生活嘉年华 2014 COMMUNIC MACAU EXPO 2014

saturday, 28

sunday, 29

monday, 30

“澳门星音”音乐会: 罗嘉豪 Star Voice Concert-Hyper Lo

绘画传奇 纪念中法建交五十周年 法国经典名画特展 Masterpieces of painting from French national museums

婆娑巧手 婆婆妈妈的秘密花园 Handicraft of Feminine Wisdom The Secret Garden of Mother and Grandmother

小岛芸香 The Isle



六月 2014 |

博览会 expos

6月12日到15日 JUNE 12-15

中国翠玉文化节 China Jade Culture Festival 中国翠玉文化节邀请中港澳三地行业协会携 手合作,是全球翡翠玉石展览史无前例的壮 举,各地协会联手合作主要是为了宣扬中国 源远流长的玉石文化,为行业创造商机和打 造国际翡翠玉石的商贸平台基石。各珠宝交 易中心为回应翡翠玉石文化推广活动,共同 一起协助宣传推广。来年中国翠玉文化节将 能得到业界强烈的回响。

6月6日到8日 JUNE 6-8

国际宠物及水族用品展 International Pet & Aquarium Supplies Expo 于 6月6至8日假澳门威尼斯人会展中心举行 的国际宠物及水族用品展,是汇聚国际知名 宠物和水族用品、食品及相关产品、服务的 商贸平台。国际宠物及水族用品展利用澳门 独特的地理优势,市场目标不仅限于澳门、 香港,还包括富裕的广东省及珠江三角洲等 城市,为世界各地的参展商与买家提供最具 效益的宣传及市场推广互动平台。

6月27日到29日 JUNE 27-29

澳门数码生活嘉年华2014 COMMUNIC MACAU EXPO 2014 澳门通讯展是本澳首屈一指集展览、展销之 综合品牌展览会。展会给合时下最前沿的“ 医疗云/私有云/社群云/混合云”等云端 技术,阐述云时代下资讯科技的高速发展, 规模及专业性逐渐增加,上届设立了150多 个展位,吸引了来自中国、印度、新加坡、 泰国、日本、马来西亚、缅甸、斯里兰卡、 韩国、香港、台湾等20多个地区逾五百名专 业买家来澳参观,创下历年之冠。

With a dramatic increase in the number of pet supply stores, and their respective turnover, over the past five years, the demand for pet products is on the rise. The International Pet & Aquarium Supplies Expo 2014 showcases various international brands in pet & aquarium supplies, food, products and related services. The expo provides the industry suppliers and service providers an ideal trade platform for exchange and business networking. 威尼斯人度假村金光会展中心 Estrada da Baia da Nossa Senhora de Esperanca, Cotai Expo, Venetian Macau, COTAI 门票Admission::免费FREE 时间 Time::10:00-19:00 查询 Inquiries: (852) 2827 6766

Supported by a number of jewelry-trading centers, the China Jade Culture Festival is an unprecedented cooperation among the Jade industries of the Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau. The aim of the festival is to promote the historical culture of Jade by building a global trading platform and more opportunities for practitioners. 威尼斯人度假村金光会展中心 Estrada da Baia da Nossa Senhora de Esperanca, Cotai Expo, Cotai Expo, Venetian Macau, COTAI 门票 Admission::免费FREE 时间 Time:10:00-19:00 查询 Inquiries: (0755) 2550 3629

As one of the largest expos in Macau, COMMUNIC MACAU EXPO 2014 features the most cutting-edge Cloud technology in four categories: Medical Cloud, Private Cloud, Community Cloud and Mixture Cloud. Showcasing the speedy development of IT in the Cloud era with increased level of scale and expertise, the event of last year attracted more than 150 participants as well as a record high of 500 professional buyers from China, India, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. 澳门渔人码头会议展览中心 Avenida Dr.Sun Yat-Sen, Macau Fisherman’s Wharf Convention and Exhibition Centre Macau 门票 Admission:免费FREE 时间 Time::10:00-19:00 查询 Inquiries::+ (853) 6699 0853 | June 2014



放眼小城 City lights

表演 shows

谁是艾甘.汉 About Akram Khan 艾甘.汉生于伦敦,自小学习印度古典舞蹈,上世纪 90年代开始发表个人独舞作品,舞作以融会东西、传 统与现代的鲜明特质,在国际舞坛炙手可热 。合作过 的艺术精英包括泰纳奖得主雕塑家安列茨.卡普、芭 蕾舞后萧菲.纪莲、 流行音乐天后凯莉.米洛等。 The London-born Akram Khan started learning classical Indian dance since childhood. He first staged his solo dance in the 1990s and gained international claims by the distinctive features of melting the cultures of the East and the West, tradition and modern times. He has cooperated with so many art elites including Turner Prize winner Anish Kapoor, ballerina Sylvie Guillem, Oscar winner Juliette Binoche and Pop queen Kylie Ann Minogue.


6月20日 JUNE 20

20:00 澳门文化中心综合剧院 Macao Cultural Centre 门票 Admission::MOP300/250/200/150 查询 Inquiries: + (853) 28700699

艾甘.汉——源 DESH by Akram Khan 《源》是艾甘.汉与他的星级创作团队,把记忆、经历和神话,巧妙地编织成一个 时空并置的虚幻空间,创造出这部既个人又宏大的作品。《源》于2011年9月在英 国李斯特作全球首演时,获得击节赞赏。《观察家》杂志指《源》是“大师之作, (艾甘.汉)迄今为止最精彩的作品。”而《卫报》则形容为“(艾甘.汉)创作 生涯中最贴身、无比精彩和充满自信的作品。” Desh在孟加拉语中,意指“家园”。孟加拉裔英国舞蹈家艾甘.汉将溯源而上,追 寻自己的文化脉络,游走于孟加拉与英国。他透过身体和声音,道出一个又一个关 于大地、国家、抵抗与融和的故事,为自己在这个变幻不定的世界找寻安身立命之 所。这个全新独舞作品探索人面对大自然力量的脆弱,歌颂蕴藏在日常劳动、民间 故事,以及求变求存之中的生命力与无比韧性。 DESH is a grand yet individualized masterwork created by Akram Khan and his excellent creation team by weaving memory, experience and myth into a dreamlike space of diffent space and time. The debut of the dance caused great sensation at Liszt, the U.K, winning comments such as “A masterpiece, the best thing that [Akram Khan] has ever done” (The Observer) and “The most urgent, beautiful and confident work of (Akram Khan’s) career” (The Guardian). Desh means homeland in Bangli, which told us the theme of the dance by the Bangladesh British dancer Akram Khan. He traced back time to discover his culture root by shifting between the South Asia country and the U.K, narrating a story of earth, nation, resistance and integration, trying to find a shelter in the ever changing world. The new solo dance probed how fragile human beings are in front of the power of nature and celebrate the vitality and flexibility demonstrated by routine works, folktales and the human nature of chasing for change and survive. 12


六月 2014 |

“我着迷于在大地上的江河湖泊,有一定形式却变 化万千,这是我思考和舞动的核心原则……而孟加 拉拥有广阔土地和众多水域……我渴望找寻一个故 事,诉说孟加拉人的欢乐与忧伤。”——艾甘.汉 I am inspired by the waters on the earth which have forms yet never stopped changing. This is the core of my thinking and dance... Bangladesh has a vast land with mushroomed waters...I am yearn for finding a story to tell about the happiness and grief of the people - Akram Khan

六月重点推荐 Cguide good show

戈兰.布列葛维奇与其专属乐队 吉卜赛香槟派对 Goran Bregovic & Wedding and Funeral Orchestra “Champagne for Gypsies” 从东欧偶像派摇滚歌手到吉卜赛音乐大师,来自塞尔 维亚的戈兰.布列葛维奇以神秘浪漫的气质与激昂豪 迈的声音,成为巴尔干半岛的音乐传奇。今年六月他 将带领由吉卜赛乐手、弦乐四重奏及保加利亚歌手组 成的大乐队,在澳门扎起派对营地,上演一场令观众 欲罢不能的狂热音乐盛宴。 International sensation Goran Bregovic will be settling his Gypsy camp in town for an unforgettable concert that will turn into an intense celebration of life. No one will stand still once his Wedding & Funeral Orchestra starts playing their mix of raucous Balkan rhythms sprinkled with ethnic percussion and European classicism. The audience will not resist joining a party fuelled by the hotblooded spirit of an immensely diverse region, enriched with cultural and traditional gems! 6月4日 JUNE 4

20:00 澳门文化中心综合剧院 Macau Culture Center 门票 Admission::MOP250/200/150/100 查询 Inquiries::+ (853) 28700699

星聚星际·黄小琥音乐会 Stargaze at StarWorld “Tiger Huang Mini Concert” 听过黄小琥演唱会的朋友都对这位人称“灭绝师太” 的歌坛常青树赞不绝口,现场宛如唱片音效,而且还 很懂搞气氛。这一次,不再是双黄搭配的巡回组合, 黄小琥单独在六月底于澳门星际酒店星际宴会大礼堂 开唱,只要你是银河优越会会员就可以用180个“优 越钱”换取门票,等值MOP3888!黄小琥将会在演唱 会中为来宾演唱《没那么简单》、《我的心里只有你 没有他》等多首首本名曲。 Nicknamed the Decimator for her sharp comments in a popular singing contest, Tiger Huang is also crowned as an evergreen singer who will never fail you by her live performance with album-quality sound and the capability of party booster. After the tour with Xiao Huangqi, she is back to the stage of Macau at the end of June at the Ballroom of the Star World Hotel to present many of her hits such as Not that Simple and My Heart Only Belong to You, Not Him. Galaxy Privilege Club members are entitled to redeem 1 ticket equal to MOP 3888 with 180 Galaxy Privilege Club Dollars! 6月23日 JUNE 23 20:00 星际酒店星际宴会大礼堂StarWorld Hotel Ballroom 门票 Admission::银河优越会会员以180个“优越钱”换取门 票乙张,180 Galaxy Privilege Club Dollars redeem 1 ticket 查询 Inquiry::+ (853) 8290 8833

小岛芸香 The Isle 偶然来岛上闲逛的男子 碰上不离不弃,在岛上 守候情人多时的女子, 一座孤岛,两个男女, 在相互认识与扶持间, 探究爱情真谛,人生道 理。《小岛芸香》是 五夺香港舞台剧最佳剧 本奖的着名舞台创作人 潘惠森首部、也是唯一 的爱情剧,被誉为他的 经典剧作之一。剧场精 准且直击人性弱点的对 白,看似口是心非, 其实反映出大世界的睿 智。担演男女主角的香 港一级舞台演员陈丽珠 与李志文,精湛的演技 及出色的形体在演出中 表露无遗,配合绝妙的 台词,为观众带来一个 既浪漫又有意味深长的 晚上。 When a man and a woman meet on a remote island, past and present overlap while they ponder on their fate. As they ask the question “Do we stay or leave?” a romantic battle of wills unfolds, leading to a surprising and dramatic finale. The Isle is a new interpretation of an acclaimed play by Hong Kong leading playwright Paul Poon, five times awarded the Best Script by the HK Drama Awards. Touched with pathos and wit, Poon’s play is a compassionate yet skeptical take on enduring love. The company returns to Macao with flair to stage The Isle, bringing to the audience a romantic and meaningful evening. 6月28日 JUNE 28 20:00 澳门文化中心小剧场 Macao Cultural Centre Small Auditorium 门票 Admission::MOP180 查询 Inquiries: +(853) 28700699 | June 2014







访谈 Interview 即日起至6月10日 UNTIL JUNE 10

亚马交 A-Ma-Gau, Works by Carlos Farinha 2013年应邀来澳参加葡国精 英节的葡法混血艺术家Carlos Farinha,因为澳门与众不同 的中西文化融合,即使只是短 暂停留数天,他的脑海中仍然 不时回放小城的美好片段。于 是,Carlos在回国后花了四个月 时间,创作出十二幅深具澳门 意味的童趣作品。我们更可以 在他擅长的夸张人物表情捕捉 下,看到不一样的澳门日常, 像一幅画中主角站在孤独星球 上遥望另一颗星球的画作,就 很好地表达了游客某时候因为 文化迥异而迷失在这个城市 中,而另一幅卡通化的澳门全 景图又夸张地把这个城市变成 了童话世界。 作品展“亚马交”展出了这十 二幅创作,取名自葡萄牙人当 初登陆时对澳门的称呼,寓意 画家自己也是这么一个初登贵 景的外来者,用他自己的目光 扫视这个城市。不单有中国人 熟悉的东方元素如“马”(今 年是马年)、“大熊猫”、“ 白虎”、“龙盒”、“笨猪 跳”等,更有澳门特色的葡式 建筑物和娱乐场众生相。Carlos 笑说自己只是一个游客,对澳 门不是很熟悉,虽然这个城市 离他生活城市很远,却仍然有 很多熟悉的事物,还能听到熟 悉的葡文,所以让他记住了这 个东方小城。



Carlos Farinha, a Luso-French artist who held a short exhibition in 2013 upon invitation by the Macau Portugal Elite Festival, impressed audiences with an excellent blend of eastern and western cultures. Back again with 12 works, created in only four months since his last show, his artworks contain a Macau theme and are characterised by figures with hyperbolic facial expressions. The collection aims to express naïve creativity and describe Macau life from an unusual angle. One work, for example, of a person on a lonely planet looking afar at another plant, is a metaphor of visitors getting lost in the city due to culture shock. A cartoon Macau panorama painting, on the other hand, turns the city into an extravagant wonderland. Named after the initial naming of Macau, A-Ma Gau, by the first Portuguese settlers . It reflects Farinha’s unfamiliarity with the city, too, and his discovery of it through his vision. Farinha captures the essence of Macau, including several oriental elements such as horse to echo this year’s sign in Chinese horoscope, giant pandas, white tigers, dragon boxes along with Macau’s particular niches like bungy jumping, Portuguesestyle buildings and the vanity fair of casinos. Being just a tourist and a stranger here, Farinha expresses that he still found something to relate to him besides his mothertongue spoken in a city thousands of miles from his home.

六月 2014 |

谁是Carlos Farinha? Carlos Farinha於2004年毕业于 里斯本大学,获艺术学士及雕 刻学士双学位,曾举办多次展 览并获邀创作,更多次荣获国 际性大奖,包括2010年“格兰 特国际视觉艺术双年展”优秀 奖。他擅长通过情节化的故事 丶夸张的人物形象,来表达生 活中细致而深厚的思想情感, 其作品充满了瑰丽幻想和童真 乐趣。 11:00-19:00 游衍画廊,果栏街39号a Iao Hin Gallery, Rua da Tercena No. 39a 门票 Admission: 免费Free 咨询 Enquiries: (853) 2892 1908

About Carlos Farinha Known for his exhibitions and commissions, Carlos Farinha completed a double bachelor degree in Art and Sculpture at the Universidade de Lisboa in 2004. He has been a recipient of several accolades such as the Honorable Mention in the “International Biennial of Visual Arts of Marinha Grande”.

即日起至7月13日 UNTIL JULY 13

即日起至6月8日 UNTIL JUNE 8

旧式缝纫机展 Exhibition on Classic Sewing Machines

婆娑巧手 • 婆婆妈妈的秘密花园 Handicraft of Feminime Wisdom The Secret Garden of Mother and Grandmother

缝纫机俗称“衣车”,堪称上世纪六十年代 家庭的必备之物。直至八十年代,澳门纺织 制衣业蓬勃兴旺,缝纫机也是那年代的谋生 工具,缔造了不少商机,缝纫机见证了时代 的交替变迁,是澳门人的集体回忆。“旧式 缝纫机展”以故事馆形式,娓娓道来缝纫机 的变化历史。除了展示超过百年历史的家用 缝纫机,还有五十至七十年代的旧式工业缝 纫机及缝纫工具,弥足珍贵。场内布置彷照 过去的制衣工场和裁缝店,把昔日澳门纺织 制衣业的片段缩影重现眼前,思忆经典,让 年轻一代了解祖辈们的活宝,并从中认识缝 纫机的历史。 A household necessity back in 1960s, sewing machines have played an important role in the booming tailoring business in Macau in 1980s. It witnessed the ups and downs of time by being not only a living tool but a creator of business opportunities. The Exhibition on Classic Sewing Machines was a vivid narration of the history of the machine in a way of scene recreation. The vintages machines include the oldest one of more than one century and the industry sewing machines and tools of 50 to 60 years. The recreated workshops and tailor shops is the best way to tell the younger generation how precious the machines was to the tailoring workers. 10:00-20:00 (逢周一休馆 Close on Mon) 澳门时尚廊,澳门圣禄杞街47号 Macau Fashion Gallery, Rua de S. Roque, No. 47, Macau 门票 Admission:免费Free 咨询 Inquries: (853) 2835 3341

刘秀子、李陈岱华、张绸妹、陈冷、周瑞 华、李秀燕及廖丽华共七位生于四、五十年 代的台湾朋友来澳作展,名为“婆娑巧手 婆婆妈妈的秘密花园”。这班台湾母亲于年 轻岁月中不辞劳苦,无怨无悔牺牲奉献。如 今她们重拾手艺创作,用辛勤的手与温柔的 心,以细密如丝的爱包裹着“家”,创造出 充满温情的手作品。展览展出拼布刺绣、编 织、贝壳画、油彩画、植物染布、陶艺刻绘 及纸浆塑等不同媒材作品。

即日起至8月3日 UNTIL AUG 3

都是好朋友 艺术作品交流展 We Are Friends: Artwork Exchange Exhibition 该次展览主题非常特别,“交换日记”你就 听闻已久,但“交换作品”你又看过没有 呢? 《都是好朋友》展览作品不限媒介, 邀请二十二位澳门艺术家参与,旨在通过展 览了解艺术家们之间的情感与交流。本次展 出艺术家互相交换的作品,艺术家根据对另 一位艺术家的认识进行创作,以小型作品为 主,之后在展览结束后把作品赠与对方, 务求把作品布置运用于家中或生活的其他空 间。透过展览,我们会认识到人们的生活与 艺术息息相关,让日常生活自然地表现出艺 术的脉络,需要从身边的氛围开始,不止局 限于书本的理论及画展,而更应重视创作和 交流的过程。 Exchange diary is a quite popular term, how about exchange ideas which is the subject of the collective exhibition of 12 artists. We are Friends is aimed to have an insight of the emotion and dialogue among them through different medias. Each artist will make a small-scale work in the eyes of another artist who will get the work as a gift after the show. The pieces were arranged in spaces more like a household or routine life, showing how life and art are connected. To blend the two together more naturally, we should start from the things around us and pay more attention to the procedure of creation and exchange, but not just limited in academic efforts and art exhibition.

Handicraft of Feminime Wisdom-The Secret Garden of Mother and Grandmother is a joint exhibit of seven Taiwan mothers born in 1940s and 50s including Liu Hsiu-tzu, Lee Chen Dai-hua, Chang Cho-mei, Cool Chen, Chou Jui-hua, Lee Shiow-yen and Liao Li-hua, who devoted their life to families in spite of the talent of art. Finally, they had a chance to create handicrafts again by their skillful hands and loving hearts, using different media such as embroidered patchwork, knitting, seashells, oil painting, fabric of vegetable dyes, engraved pottery and papier-mâché. 10:00-18:00 (逢周一休息 Close on Mon) 氹仔龙环葡韵住宅式博物馆展览馆及迎宾馆 Taipa House Museum 门票 Admission:: MOP 5(周日免费开放 Free on Sun) 咨询 Inquires: (853) 8988 4000

12:00-19:00 (逢周二休息 Close on Tue) 牛房仓库,美副将大马路与提督大马路交界 Oxware House No cruzamento entre a Avenida do Coronel Mesquita e a Avenida Almirante Lacerda Macau 门票 Admission: 免费Free 咨询 Inquires: (853) 2853 0026 | June 2014



夜生活nightlife 6月14日 JUNE 14 (周六 Saturday)

城中演出 who’s in town


by Bruce 6月7日 JUNE 7 (周六 Saturday)

娇比呈献DJ TYDI CLUB CUBIC PRESENTS DJ TYDI 来自澳洲布里斯班的年轻 TYDI((Tyson Illingworth)) 将于本月在本澳规���最大 夜店Club Cubic演绎Trance 舞曲。TYDI被喻为实力派 Trance创作DJ,没有太激的 感觉,与Dance舞曲相比, 他的作品听起来平和,节奏慢。其原创性的作品包括The Moment It Breaks、Take a Chance及Glow In The Dark等。 TYDI or Tyson Illingworth from Brisbane, Australia will bring the most fabulous Trance on the stage of the Club Cubic. Known as the Master Trance DJ, TYDI is featured by slower and gentler rhythm characterized by his hits such as The Moment It Breaks, Take a Chance and Glow In The Dark

凭藉一首舞曲SELFIE一度窜红的美国双人组合THE CHAINSMOKERS将本月中飞临Club Cubic。两位80 后成员Alex Pall及Drew Taggart的现场表演加上野生 滑稽正在成为最受追捧的电子音乐。除了SELFIE,作 品Erase及The Rookie亦是为人熟悉的。 The duo CHAINSMOKERS from the U.S. land at the Club Cubic this month. Consisting of members Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, the band is recognized by the wild and funny performance of electronics and rose to fame with their hits SELFIE, Erase and The Rookie. 23:30-06:00 娇比,路氹城新濠天地 Club Cubic, City of Dreams, COTAI 门票 Admission::HKD 250 查询 Inquires::(853))6638 4999

23:30-06:00 娇比,路氹城新濠天地 Club Cubic, City of Dreams, COTAI 门票 Admission::HKD 250 查询 Inquires::(853) 6638 4999

6月21日 JUNE 21 (周六Saturday)

刘谦澳门威尼斯人奇幻魔术表演 DAZZLE LU CHEN MACAO 2014 亚洲最著名的专业魔术师之一刘谦将于今月在澳门威尼斯人金光综艺馆带来只此一 场的《DAZZLE 刘谦魔术巡迴之旅——澳门站》。魔术大师刘谦荣获多个奖项,早 在2012年曾来澳表演,其引人入胜的魔术技巧令观众们无不哗然。这次刘谦承诺将 带来崭新的魔术演出,以先进的特技效果及毫无破绽的魔术技巧以务求再令观众目 瞪口呆。 One of the most promising professional magicians in Asia, Lu Chen is coming back to The Venetian Macao’s Cotai Arena. The multi-award-winning master of magic last performed at the Cotai Arena February 2012, leaving the audience awestruck with his spellbinding stage magic. This June, Lu is making a triumphant return to the Cotai Arena, promising to deliver another dazzling magic show packed with brand new, advanced effects and jaw-dropping illusions of seemingly impossible feats. 20:00 澳门夜生活 Night at Macau



六月 2014 |

金光综艺馆,澳门威尼斯人 Cotai Arena, Venetian Macau, COTAI 门票 Admission::HKD 280;580;880;1,280 查询 Inquires::((853))2882 8818

6月26日, JUNE 26

城外好秀 who’s around

蔡健雅《美丽突然发生》 演唱会2014 - 香港站 Tanya Chua 2014 Concert Tour Hong Kong

6月08日,JUNE 8

God Is An Astronaut 2014中国巡迴香港站 God is an Astronaut 2014 China Tour (Hong Kong) 6月13至15日,JUNE 13 ﹣15 6月8日 JUNE 8

罗素红2014中国巡演深 圳站 Russian Red Shenzhen Tour in Shenzhen 西班牙独立乐首席女声Russian Red,以2008年独立发行《I Love Your Glasses》及2011 年入主Sony并于国际发行的 《Fuerteventura》和纪念亚洲 巡演特别发行的《EnTaiwan》迷 你专辑,成为横跨欧、美及亚洲 等地区无数文青乐迷心目中形象 鲜明的最佳代表女声之一。这次 她带上新作品《Agent Cooper》 到深圳,和中国乐迷们分享她的 好音乐。 With the release of her first album “I Love Your Glasses” in 2008, Russian Red became well-known and popular in Spain In May 2011, she released her second album “Fuerteventura.” At the same time, she toured in Asia, including China and South Korea. She brings her new album Agent Cooper to Shenzhen, sharing her music to all Chinese fans. 深圳音乐厅 Shenzhen Concert Hall 门票 Ticket 人民币RMB100-380

被称为后摇巨头之一的God Is An Astronaut一直以视觉素材和 音乐表现完美结合的现场演出而 著称,认为音乐作品就像是照片 一样记录了某一个特定时期乐队 成员的状态。 God is Astronaut这 支都柏林的乐队是2002年由两兄 弟Niels 和Torsten还有他们的朋 友Lloyd三人行而成的。他们的 音乐清澈而具有质感,旋律优美 却多愁善感,并且运用大量美妙 的电子声效,他们成立至今,这 次演出是首次来华举行演唱会。 Join Irish five-piece God Is an Astronaut as they prepare to take Hong Kong by storm in their first performance in the SAR. Founded in 2002, they consider each of their musical endeavors to be “a sonic ‘photograph or snapshot of who we are in that moment of time”’. The band have described their music as “Electronic, chill out synthesized rock”. To the first time listener their music is clear and textured, melodic but sentimental, accompanied with a lot of wonderful electronic sound. 香港九龙湾国际展贸中心Music Zone, E-MAX E-Max,KowloonbayInternationalTrade & Exhibition Centre 门票 Ticket HKD450元(预售 Presale)/530元(现 场 At door)

当代音乐剧《PLAYME· 玩我》 Playme•The Musical Game 当代音乐剧《PLAYME•玩我》 通过讲述一群年轻人参加选秀髮 生的故事来揭秘娱乐圈的黄金潜 规则,同时揭示”要实现梦想, 只有相信自己!找回勇气!”的 主题。该剧以芬兰特色金属音乐 为主,融合乡村音乐、拉丁音 乐、说唱和流行音乐等多元曲风 贯穿全剧,充分展示芬兰音乐的 独特基因和异国风情。 PlayMe deals with young people who lead their lives somewhat blinded by the artificial glitter and the celebrity culture. However, the story finally forces the main characters to stop by and take a closer look at their lives with other attributes-such as love and true friendship. The play is mainly in Finnish metal music, with the feature of country music, Latin, rap and pop music. Those styles demonstrate the unique of Finnish music. 广州友谊剧院 Guangzhou Friendship Theatre 门票 Ticket 人民币 RMB80 - 480

荣获三届金曲奖最佳女歌手的 蔡健雅于6月26日在香港红馆举 办《美丽突然发生》巡迴演唱 会,本次演唱会灵感来自蔡健雅 在旅行时看见极光的经验,她觉 得眼前的美景就像是叫人不要放 弃希望,虽然身陷低潮,但是人 总不知道那一天在那里,会突然 和极光相遇,她希望透过这次的 演唱会和听众分享她的信念,鼓 励每个人都能追随自己的真心去 体验生活。 Three-time Golden Melody Award winner for Best Female Vocalist, Tanya Chua is set to launch her Hong Kong concert later this month. Revolving around the concept of “Suddenly Beautiful”, the theme stems from her travels and her experience of Aurora, also known as the Northern Lights. Aiming to share her faith and encourage audiences to follow their own spirit, Chua is fueled by her belief that the universe provides answers to those who seek them and can help in any situation. 红磡香港体育馆 Hong Kong Coliseum 门票 Ticket HKD280-680 | June 2014



吃在澳门 Dine

杯 界 世 喝足看


A F I F TASTY orley

i Mitchel -M

Yan & Abb


四年一度的世界杯足球盛事于6月12日在巴西开锣,你准备好长达一个月的世界 杯足球狂欢了吗?本期的Cguide向你推荐两家特色的餐厅,让你品尝西班牙以及 巴西的美食,同时我们也为您列出一份酒吧清单,您在这些地方可以自由自在地 欣赏世界杯的精彩赛事。 Are you ready for a month of World Cup fiesta kicked open in Brazil on June 12th. Cguide will find you two excellent restaurants and several bars for a good meal, drink and night long live competitions.



六月 2014 |

西班牙好滋味﹣塔巴斯西班牙小馆 Taste of Spain – Casa de Tapas 西班牙国足队在上一界世界杯中的表现虏获不少球迷的心,于深宵球赛 开始前,不妨先来一顿传统西班牙美食以示忠诚。这次我们就走进氹仔 旧城区由西班牙主厨Alfredo M. Pérez-Dobón Batlles主理的的塔巴斯西 班牙小馆,品尝传统美食。 塔巴斯西班牙小馆位于一栋楼高三层的独栋建筑内,以白色为设计主 调,餐厅里挂着各种以搭配各种以海洋为题的油画,充份体现西班牙人 爱海洋的性格。一楼以及二楼是惬意的酒吧区,提供传统的西班牙小吃 以及特色的饮品,最适合和朋友小酌聚会。三楼则是较正式的用餐区, 境面天花配合蓝色小灯的点缀营造出星空的浪漫气氛;此外,其露台及 室外座位是个让你一边欣赏老城的街道美,一边品酒的好地方。

大厨六月精选菜式 JUNE SPECIAL 海鲜煎酿西班牙甜椒 Seafood Stuffed Piquillo Peppers 西班牙黑毛猪火腿酿鱿鱼筒 Iberico Ham Stuffed Squid 薄脆西班牙炖蛋 Crunchy Crème Brulee

WHERE TO EAT? The Spanish Team caught the attention of fans by their performance in the last World Cup. Casa de Tapas, run by Spanish chef Alfredo M. Pérez-Dobón Batlles in the old Taipa village would be your best choice to pay your respect to the players, and to enjoy genuine traditional Spanish food as well. Being in an independent three-floor building, the white colored interior is embellished by paintings with ocean theme to demonstrate their love of the aqua world. The first and second floors are bars for friends’ gatherings with the traditional Spanish snakes and drinks, while the third is for more formal dinning in a romantic environment of shimmering small lights on the mirror ceiling, as beautiful as a starry night. There are also outdoors seats on the terrace for a view of Old Village.

CASA DE TAPAS 氹仔木铎街9号No.9, Rua dos Clérigos, Taipa 营业时间 Opening Hours: 12:00-00:00 咨询 Inquiries:( (+853))2857 6626


Group Matches You Can’t Miss 6月14日 3:00 June 14 西班牙 VS 荷兰 Spain VS Netherlands 6月19日 3:00 June 19 西班牙 VS 智利 Spain VS Chile | June 2014



吃在澳门 Dine

巴西扒房带来足球 狂热 Football Fever at Fogo Samba 想在澳门感受巴西的美食狂 热?那我们推荐你到威尼斯人 的巴西扒房,这里有很特別 的“RODIZIO”自助餐,供应 15种不同的肉类,让爱吃肉食 朋友一次尝遍巴西烤肉的美味。 如果你是轻食主义者,这里也供 应各式各样的沙拉、蔬菜等素食 满足你。巴西扒房还有一款很有 名的巴西鸡尾酒Caipirinha,它 由新鲜青柠、巴西冧酒及甘蔗 酒,清新怡人,最适合一边看球 一边享用。为了庆祝世界杯的到 来,巴西扒房由即日起至7月13 日推出世界盃活动,每天都为食 客们准备了即时的奖赏活动。6 月14日于餐厅举行世界盃开赛 狂欢派对,请来巴西战舞表演团 队以及来自巴西的乐队、舞团 和鼓手助兴。 派对门票售价澳 门币200元,费用包括两杯免费 饮品。

WHERE TO EAT? 澳门威尼斯人度假村酒店大运河 购物中心2412号舖 Shop 2412, Grand Canal Shoppes, The Venetian Macau,Cotai 营业时间 Opening Hours: 6:00-00:30 电话 Inquiries:: (+853) 2882 8499


Group Matches You Can’t Miss 6月13日 04:00 June 13 巴西 VS 克罗地亚 Brazil VS Croatia 6月18日 03:00 June 18 巴西 VS 墨西哥 Brazil VS Mexico 20


六月 2014 |

Do you want to taste the Brazilian food craze in Macau? Fogo Samba in Venetian Macau is a good choice. Fogo Samba serves “RODIZIO” buffet, which means offering you fifteen different choices of meats continuously. That must be meat lovers’ paradise. If that is not enough there is huge buffet with plenty of salads, fresh veggies etc. And you must try Caipirinha, a famous Brazilian cocktail, which is made from limes, Brazilian rum and cachaca.Fogo Samba will be kicking off its World Cup promotion early. From 14 May until 13 July 2014 the Brazilian steak house will be drawing daily instant prizes for diners. Counting down the kick off, Fogo Samba will be hosting its World Cup Kick Off Carnival Party on 14 June 2014. With Capoeira shows, Brazilian bands, dancers and drummers, guests will feel like they are at the real opening ceremony! Tickets costs MOP200 and includes two free drinks.

酒吧之选 Choices of Bars 麦时利爱尔兰酒吧 McSorely’s Ale House 这家爱尔兰风格的酒吧位于威尼斯人度假村中,是 体育迷们最爱光顾的聚集地点。作为一家著名的“ 体育酒吧”,麦时利在室内配备了一个大型投影 仪,用于播放各种体育赛事。酒吧为体育爱好者们 准备了丰富的食品和酒水,您尽可以最惬意的姿态 享受这场赛事。室内点缀着各种精致小饰品、深色 实木装饰,低暗的灯光,呈现出家庭一般的舒适氛 围。

Located in the Venetian Macau hotel and resort, this Irish style pub is a great rendezvous for sports fans. Known for it’s “sports bar” status, McSorely’s screens a number of sporting events on a large over head projector located within the restaurant. The pub serves a full menu as well as a vast array of beers, spirits and liqueurs so you can enjoy this event to the fullest. Its interior is an assortment of knick-knacks, dark woods and low lighting to give it that cozy-homey feel.

路氹城金光大道望德圣母湾大 马路澳门威尼斯人度假村酒店 百利酒廊 Bellini Lounge, Venetian Macau,Estrada da Baia de North Senhora de Esperança, Cotai 咨询 Inquiries: (+853) 2882 8888


Group Matches You Can’t Miss

After Six Bar

Sports Bar

After Six 酒吧地处氹仔中心花园对面,是一处极具 现代魅力的休闲场所。酒吧共两层,楼上楼下都提 供桌椅,酒水种类非常丰富。电视屏幕沿着四壁排 成一排,您随时都可以关注屏幕中的动态,除了高 清电视,这里还为投镖爱好者准备了电子投镖板, 整体呈现出一个电子时代氛围。

这家低调的酒吧“隐藏”在南新花园中,为了在世 界杯期间服务球迷,酒吧进行了充分的准备,保证 让球迷称心满意。酒吧地处氹仔当地人的生活圈子 之中,完全以运动为主题,提供琳琅满目、物美价 廉的酒水饮料,是今年世界杯期间最放松、最自在 的休闲选择。

Just across the street from Taipa’s Central park, After Six is a pub with real modern charm. With two floors, the bar offers seating both up and down stairs. Television screens line the walls making sure you never have to miss a thing. Serving an assortment of beers, spirits and liqueurs and equipped not only with HD televisions but also state of the art electronic dartboards.

Nam San’s own best kept secret, the humble sports bar provides FIFA supporters a bare essential environment to enjoy the games. Tucked away in the most local of Taipa’s areas, the sports bars are exactly as its name promises. Offering a number of affordable beers, spirits and liqueurs Sports Bar is a great place for a hassle free and relaxing time this World Cup season.

氹仔成都街507号濠景花园29座地下 G/F, Block 29 Nova Taipa, Seng Tou Street, Taipa Macau 咨询Inquiries: (+853) 6683 3063

澳门氹仔布拉格街南新花园第4座45A Braga Street, Nam San Building, Block 4, 45A, Taipa, Macau 咨询Inquiries: (+853) 2882 0130

6月15日 06:00 英格兰 VS 意大利 England VS Italy 6月17日 00:00 June 17 德国 VS 葡萄牙 Germany VS Portugal | June 2014



吃在澳门 Dine


New in Town

到澳门,岂能错过美味又多样的粤菜?本期Cguide为你找到了十六浦索菲 特酒店新开的粤菜餐厅“乐轩华”,让你感受粤菜与法式服务的完美融和。 LE CHINOIS Macau’s newest restaurant addition, located in the Sofitel Macau Hotel at Ponte 16, is a perfect mixture of Cantonese delicacies and French-style service.

乐轩华,品味健康粤菜 LE CHINOIS, Paradise of Cantonese Cuisine Yan “乐轩华”餐厅位于十 六浦索菲特酒店的顶层 18楼,无论是高雅的 大厅还是私密度十足的 6个私人包厢都可以饱 览澳门独特历史城区及 迷人河岸景致。“乐轩 华”餐厅的室内设计由 香港着名设计师David Sung操刀完成,高挂的 天花、醇厚的天然木地 板、赤陶土砖牆、玻璃 及陶瓷装饰配合黑、红 和棕色的色调,营造出 优雅温暖的用餐环境。 执掌“乐轩华”的是入



厨逾四十年经验、获奖 无数的何华师傅,他曾 为韩国前总统金大中及 前美国国务卿希拉里烹 调美食。着重美味与健 康之道的何师傅擅用当 季的时令菜餚及海鲜创 作出多款优质广东粤 菜,包括“健康美食和 牛迷你南瓜盅”、“香 芒蜜豆炒牛仔柳”以及 每天都以新鲜食材炮制 的“功夫汤”等适合一 家老少食用的美味菜 式。

六月 2014 |

Sat on the 18th floor of the hotel, the dining hall offers guests a unique view of the inner harbor and Macau’s historic landscape. Designed by Hong Kong’s reputable David Sung, the restaurant’s interior is a marriage of dark woods, warm tones and high ceilings that exudes an exquisite intimate dinning environment. With over 40 years of experience, award winning Chef Ho Wah has had the distinct opportunity to serve his creations to some of the worlds most recognizable figures such as former Korean president Kim DaeJung and former U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. Focused on the pursuit of a balance between taste and health, veteran Chef Ho Wah is known

to present various unorthodox, luxury Cantonese dishes using seasonal ingredients. Some of his notable dishes include Healthy Waygu Beef Stuffed with Mini Pumpkin, Sautéed Beef Tenderloin with Sweetened Beans and Mangoes and the daily Special Kung Fu Soup made with the freshest ingredients – a great choice for sharing with family and friends.

地址Address 澳门十六浦索菲特酒店18楼 18/F, Sofitel Macau At Ponte 16

营业时间 Working Hour: 11:30-15:00;17:30-22:00

咨询 Inquiry (+853) 8861 1001


意式樱桃蛋糕 Dessert Break

Cherry Mascarpone Cream Cake

主厨简介 Laurent出于法国,热爱 制作朱古力和烘焙,曾 为纽约多间高级餐厅, 五星级酒店及华盛顿栢 悦酒店当甜点主厨。 Laurent最擅长的就是给 经典口味的甜点赋予全 新创意 。

About the Chef Laurent was born in France, loves making chocolate and baking. He worked for several fine restaurants in New York and as the pastry chef of five-star hotel Park Hyatt Washington. Chef Laurent is good at creating new tastes for the classic desserts.

以樱桃啫喱包着咖啡味的蛋糕,配合意式Tiramisu专用 的奶油芝士Mascarpone和榛子味的饼底,于传统中加 入了新元素,是一款令人惊喜的创意甜品。 Cherry Mascarpone Cream Cake is an alluring twist on Italian tiramisu. Smooth Italian mascarpone is offset with a hazelnut crust, coffee flavored cake and a surprising layer of cherry jelly. 甜点主厨:骆涵@澳门君悦酒店 Pastry Chef: Laurent Merdy @ Grand Hyatt Macau | June 2014



吃在澳门 Dine


喜粤自选套餐优惠 Canton Special Set Menu 位于威尼斯人内的喜粤中餐厅由经验主厨麦 伟明师傅主理,带来一系列美味粤式料理, 更精心炮制中国各地风味的健康餐点。餐厅 于工作日中午及晚上更推出138澳门与及380 澳门元的自选套餐,让你一次过品尝到餐厅 的特色美食。 Canton Chinese restaurant serves not only Cantonese food, but also a healthy dose of flavorful dishes from a number of cities across mainland China. Canton now is presenting two set menus, Mop130 set lunch and Mop380 set dinner.

推广日期 Available Time

星际酒店首度呈献“大董意境菜” StarWorld Hotel Presents Nationally Renowned “DaDong Yijing Cuisine” 厨艺名家大董 (董振祥) 应邀为星际酒店推出 专属品鉴菜单,首度把久负盛名的 “大董意境菜”带进澳门。所谓意境菜,乃 是在烹饪方法上运用中国绘画的写意技法和 中国盆景的拼装技法,以美食阐释中华文化 中最为推崇的意境之美,从而实现味觉的最 高境界。即日起至6月15日,凡莅临星际酒 店“宴会厅”周末茶市的宾客可品尝到这些 由大董首创的独特佳肴。 StarWorld Hotel has unprecedentedly invited the reputable culinary master DaDong to present his signature“DaDong Yijing Cuisine” (Artistic conception cuisine) from now to 15 June for the weekend lunch at The Grand Ballroom. “DaDong Yijing Cuisine” is inspired by a combination of techniques from freehand Chinese painting to Chinese bonsai grooming, giving rise to the most exquisite culinary interpretation of Chinese culture, as well as the sophisticated experience of tastes and textures.

推广日期 Available Time

11:00-15:00 (周末及公众假日除外) 11:00-15:00 (Offer is not applicable on weekends and public holidays)

即日起至6月15日,逢周六及日,11:00-15:00 Every Saturdays and Sundays from today till 16 June 2014, 11:00-15:00

订座 Reservation

订座 Reservation

(+853) 8118 9930

(+853) 8290 8074

地点 Location:

地点 Location:

娱乐场楼层1018号店铺 Shop 1018,Casino Level, Venetian Macau

星际酒店8楼宴会厅 The Grand Ballrom,8/F StarWorld Macau



六月 2014 |

贝隆推出全新品尝菜单 Belon Launches An Exciting New Degustation Menu 澳门悦榕庄特色海鲜及烧烤食府贝隆推出全 新品尝菜单,开展让人耳目一新的“味觉之 旅”。贝隆厨师长石志云师傅将地道美食精 粹融合纯熟的西式烹饪技巧,精心创出一道 道别具风格的特色料理没,包括香蕉心尼斯 沙律 、脆皮鲳鱼、慢煮乳鸽胸等。此外,石 师傅还会于餐桌旁即席为宾客精心烹製的特 色料理,缔造不一样的互动创意餐飨体验。 Banyan Tree Macau’s Signature Seafood and Grill restaurant,Belon, is preparing to launch an exciting new degustation menu. The new innovative yet delectable menu entitled “A Journey of Tastes” includes a unique collection of Chef Robby’s creations, including Red Banana Flower Niçoise , Pomfret Ballotine, Smoked Pigeon etc. The Chef will also prepare ‘table side’ for an interactive culinary experience, and all of which are guaranteed to provide a new level of gastronomic pleasure.

推广日期 Available Time 6:00-00:00 (周二休息) 6:00-00:00(Close on Tuesday)

订座 Reservation (+853) 8883 6090

地点 Location 悦榕庄31楼 Belon Restaurant, Banyan Tree Macau, Galaxy Macau Resort | June 2014




酒窖 the cellar

感受足球狂热 品尝南美好酒 South American Wine Recommendation David Wong

Concha y Toro Don Melchor 2008

Bodegas Y Vinedos Trivento Eolo 2007

1883年,Don Melchor de Concha y Toro将波尔多 区最著名的葡萄品种引入智利,在智利刚刚开发的 凉爽气候产区中种植。从那之后, Concha y Toro 也成为葡萄酒世界中的一个知名品牌,提供各种 高性价比葡萄酒和最顶级葡萄酒。Don Melchor是 Concha y Toro生产的第一款葡萄酒,极具历史价 值。其葡萄来自Puente Alto葡萄园中古老的葡萄 藤,这个葡萄园地处智利高档葡萄酒产区中,占尽 地理优势。Don Melchor de Concha y Toro 酒庄以 其创始人命名,其葡萄酒的最初灵感源自波尔多地 区Grand Cru级别酒庄的佳酿。 Don Melchor 2008大部分以赤霞珠和品丽珠混酿 而成。散发着浓郁复杂的香气,包括成熟深色蓝 莓、甜巧克力、皮革和丝缕肉桂的气息。在口中呈 现出浆果和水果的味道,丰富而细密的丹宁令口感 更加完美。回味异常悠远,丁香和烤橡木的味道挥 之不去,让你忍不住想要继续品尝。

Trivento Bodegas y Viñedos 成立于1996年,其 生产的世界顶级葡萄酒一直以独特的“风之魅 力”而著称。Trivento的意思即西班牙的三种主要 季风:Polar、Zonda和Sudestada,全年交替拂过 Mendoza光照充足的干燥土地。这种独特的地理 条件也成就了享誉世界的葡萄酒,不仅拥有绽放的 水果香气,更以其平衡精准的特征而屡获大奖,广 受赞誉。 Eolo Malbec 2007中混合着一小部分赤霞珠和较高 比例的小维多,在法国新橡木桶中陈酿18个月而 成。散发着令人愉悦、富有青春气息的深色水果香 气,也有丝缕香料香气和微妙复杂的橡木香气。赤 霞珠和味尔多为其美妙的单宁和独特香气作出了主 要贡献,而额外添加的马尔贝克则让整体的架构实 现平衡。口感富有深度,既不沉重,也不会成熟过 度。尤其适合搭配精心煎烤的牛排,比如阿根廷本 地的牛排。

The Don Melchor 2008 is mostly a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon with some Cabernet Franc mixed in. This wine offers rich, complex aromas of ripe dark blueberry, sweet chocolate and leather, with notes of cinnamon. Loads of fine grain tannin completes the mouth feel, with berry patch, fruit stand flavours dominating. Nice notes of clove and toasted oak round out the tremendous long finish that will keep you coming back for more. This is a very well balanced wine that will age well and pair beautifully with lamb or beef.

The Eolo Malbec 2007 is blended with a little Cabernet Sauvignon and some Petit Verdot and sees 18 months in French new oak. On the nose, this offers a combination of lifted youthful aromatic black fruits with a touch of savoury spice, and subtle complexing oak. Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot provide good backbone tannins and aromatics, which is balanced by the structure of Malbec. Good depth of flavour, without being heavy or over-ripe. This would go particularly well with a nice grilled beef steak like they do in Argentina.



六月 2014 |

黄育山先生是《新澳门导航》特邀 的葡萄酒专家和撰稿人, 他是英国葡 萄酒及烈酒教育基金会的认证导师 (WSET),曾担任多个国际葡萄酒赛 事的常任评审,更为《南华早报》 和《Hong Kong Tatler》杂志撰写葡 萄酒专栏。此外,David也是澳门厨 艺协会的创始人之一,同时亦为埃科 菲国际厨师协会(澳门区)的秘书长以 及“法国国际美食家协会 (澳门区)” 的美食顾问。 DAVID WONG is a chef and wine lover and contributor to Cguide Magazine. David is an approved tutor for the Wine and Institution Trust, UK (WSET). David is a regular wine judge on the international wine competition. He writes wine columns for South China Morning Post and Hong Kong Tatler. David Wong is one of the Founders of the Macau Culinary Association, Secretary general for Disciples of Escoffier
in Macau, Conseiller gastronomie for the Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.

上述葡 夏国际 萄酒由澳门美 酒业荣 誉代理 ,欢 迎 选 购 These wines a in Mac au at yo re available ur frien distribu d tor, Su mmerg ly wine 咨询In ate Win quire:+ es 853 2 87525



哪里可以买到? Where to Buy? VINOMAC LIMITED 澳门慕拉士大马路激成工业中心第二期4楼H Av. de Venceslau de Morais No. 155-165, Centro Industrial Keck Seng, Bloco 2, 4-H, Macau (853) 2841 0231

Luis Soalheiro Alvarinho Reserva 2011

Dona Maria Reserva 2007


阿兰特茹产区 Alentejo Region

Vinho Verde Region, Monção e Melgaço Sub-region 酿造此葡萄酒的葡萄全部是从Soalheiro庄园 里人工采摘的,采用非常具有葡萄牙特色的 Alvarinho葡萄酿制,这种葡萄受当地小气候 影响浓重,葡萄牙北部产区Melgaço因为被 群山环抱,所以形成了很好的雨林气候,日 照时间也恰到好处,是该种葡萄最喜爱的风 土环境。 该葡萄酒拥有柑橘类的颜色,口感高贵,平 衡度高,入口即可感受到浓浓的浆果气息, 并带有明显的木桶气息。酒体丰满完整。 The grapes are organically produced and harvest by hand from the old vines at Quinta de Soalheiro. The microclimate that influences the production of Alvarinho grapes is very particular. Melgaço region, the northern point of Portugal, is protected by a range of mountains that create the perfect conditions of rainfall, temperature and number of hours of sunshine needed to the better ripeness of the Alvarinho grapes. Citrus colour, elegant, nicely balanced, caressing in mouthfeel, with fine density and lovely richness of fruit flavours with oak notes, maintaining the usual freshness of Alvarinho grape. Full bodied and complex.

这瓶葡萄酒是由 Julio Bastos 酿制的,上阿 兰特茹产区是当今葡萄牙阿兰特茹葡萄酒里 口碑最佳的地区之一,这瓶特供葡萄酒是由 50%的老树葡萄紫北塞和35%的西拉以及 15%的小维多混合酿制而成。入口结构紧 密,有很明显的果实气息,单宁和酸度平衡 感高,入口如丝般口感,能感受到黑色浆果 的香气和橡木味。 * 罗伯特帕克评分为92分! Dona Maria wines, produced by Julio Bastos in Estremoz, Alto-Alentejo are considered today one of the top Alentejo references from Portugal. This reserva is a blend of 50% old vines Alicante Bouschet, 35% Syrah and 15% Petit Verdot. Beautifully constructed, with fine and delicious fruit, well-integrated tannins and refreshing acidity, it has silky texture and taste black fruit and notes of oak. Exceptionally elegant and harmonious silky style. * 92 Points Robert Parker

Quinta da Touriga-Chã 2010 杜罗河产区 Douro Region 这瓶葡萄酒是由80%的国产多瑞加合20%的 国产法兰克混酿而成的。酒体呈现深宝石红 色,带有微微的紫色光晕,结构复杂紧致, 平衡度高,带有如下气息:浆果口感,尤其 是成熟的黑加仑子合紫罗兰以及辛辣气息。 丝般柔滑的口感和单宁结构,黑色和红色浆 果气息,也有一点梅子的味道,橡木味紧随 其后出现。 A blend of 80% Touriga Nacional and 20% Touriga Franca. Deep ruby colour with purple tints. The aroma shows several layers of complex and well-balanced different components: intense berries aroma, with a strong dominance of well ripened blackcurrant and floral violet and spice notes. Excellent structure, silky texture and tannic concentration. Refined balance between the dominant ripe red and black fruits (berries and plums) and the subtle and well-integrated wood component. | June 2014




烈酒成VINEXPO2014亮点 Spirits: the highlight of VINEXPO2014

全球首屈一指的葡萄酒及烈酒商贸 展Vinexpo Asia-Pacific于2014年5 月27至29日假香港会议展览中心举 行,吸引了来自31个国家约1400家 参展商参与,其中更包括多个烈酒 商,再次打破历届纪录。

Wine manufacturers flock to Hong Kong again this year for the world’s No 1 grape wine and spirits trade show Vinexpo Asia-Pacific. Held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 27 May 2014 to 29 May 2014, the expo attracted a record breaking 1400 exhibitors from over 30 countries to participate.

Tnumber of grape wine and spirit producers

自30多个葡萄酒及烈酒生产国家包括法 国、意大利和西班牙以及澳洲、智利、南 非、美国、新西兰、日本和墨西哥等“新世界” 的葡萄酒和烈酒生产商同场亮相本年度的Vinexpo Asia-Pacific。而烈酒无疑成为展览的一大亮点, 因为根据一年一度的 Vinexpo/The IWSR 调查显 示,亚太区在烈酒消耗方面达到空前的领导地 位,佔全球总消耗量的62.76%。中国及日本为 首的烈酒消耗增长预测也趋于正面。在未来五年 (2013至2017年),印度和新加坡的烈酒消耗量 预期将上升20.5%,而中国将保持最大市场的地 位,增幅为8.65%(*)。以致今年展览特别创新设 置了“Spiritual”酒吧区展示一众参展的烈酒��� 牌。 烈酒参展商包括首度参展的中国白酒、英国 毡酒、传统法国干邑和雅文邑、希腊齐普罗酒、意 大利格拉巴酒、哥伦比亚冧酒和苏格兰威士忌的 着名酒厂。在国际市场上新登场的包括拉脱维亚 Balzams伏特加、来自立陶宛的伏特加、苦酒、白 兰地,还有芬兰伏特加及多款利口酒。多位专业调 酒师和国际调酒师协会(International Bartenders Association)成员于“Spiritual”内即席呈献琳琅 满目的烈酒和鸡尾酒。此外,三日的展览邀得多位 世界知名的葡萄酒大师、品鑑专家、经济学家、品 酒师和酿酒师出席Vinexpo Asia-Pacific 学院的一 系列研讨会及品酒会,共同探讨最新的行业趋势及 主持品酒活动。



his year’s Vinexpo Asia-Pacific saw a

from all over the world in attendance, including those from famed grape wine and spirits manufacturing countries France, Italy, Spain and “new world” producers Australia, Chile, South Africa, America, New Zealand, Japan and Mexico. With a recorded rise in consumption in the Aisa Pacific region, it is no surprise that Spirits were this year’s main attraction. This year’s show has featured a “Spiritual” bar area specially designed to exhibit a series of spirits brands, including those of famous wineries such as Chinese Liquor - which joins the show for the first time-, British Gin, traditional French Cognac and Armagnac, Grecian Cipro wine, Italian grappa, Columbian rum and Scotch whisky. Making its debut in the international market were Latvia Balzams vodka, Lithuanian vodka, bitters and brandy, Finnish vodka

六月 2014 |

and a variety of other liqueurs. Several professional bartenders and members from International Bartenders Association add a bit of flair to the occasion as they present a dazzling array of wines and cocktails. Various world-renowned grape wine masters, tasting experts, economists, sommeliers and brewers were in attendance for a series of seminars hosted by the Vinexpo AsiaPacific Academy to explore the latest trends of the industry and to host the wine tasting activities and wine tastings at the three-day event. The region is said to occupy 62.76% of the total world consumption, with China and Japan leading this rise. Spirits consumption in India and Singapore are expected to increase by 20.5% in the coming five years whilst China will remain at the top position occupying the largest market with a growth rate of 8.65 % (*).



x Chef Alexis

能给读者介绍一下这次专门为轩尼诗百 乐廷设计的开胃菜和百乐廷的搭配吗?

轩尼诗百乐廷与Potel & Chabot

四款开胃菜都有点缀珍贵食材“黑松露”,这是因 为它强劲又芳香的气息和百乐廷本身就很相衬。就 如第一款法国奶油面包吐司,你会看到它被盛在一 个冒烟的圆形器皿上,因为我们需要用干冰来保持 吐司内的黑松露馅料足够新鲜。而这些烟也可以让 你未品尝已经闻到其气息,被冰冻的黑松露馅慢慢 在口中融化,喝一口生命之水,两者融合在一起的 感觉恰好。


Hennessy Paradis & Potel et Chabot Collaboration

Potel & Chabot是个怎样的组织呢? 已经进入中国市场了吗? Potel & Chabot是法国一家专门组织高端招待活动 的著名美食机构,现在的亚洲总部就位于上海, 在法国美食方面有着悠久历史的 Potel & Chabot 公司,由甜点大师让-费朗索瓦·波戴尔(JeanFrançois Potel) 和法国王宫著名厨师艾田·夏博 (Etienne Chabot)于 1820 年创立于巴黎。多年以 来机构为王室、官方机构提供服务,也为法国铁路 组织过若干大型揭幕仪式。

What’s the appetizer specially designed for Paradise and how the match goes? All the four appetizers are featured by one noble ingredient, the black truffle, a perfect match for Paradis with a very strong taste to elevate Hennessy Paradis’ blend tasting. The toasted brioche, for example was served on a smoke volute containing dry ice to maintain the freshness of the black truffle stuffing in the toast when being tasted. The aroma would already be enjoyed by your sense before the frozen black truffle melting on your tongue accompanied by a sip of Water of Life for an all-around experience.

前不久,轩尼诗与来自巴黎的著名奢华美食机 构“Potel & Chabot”公司强强联手,在新濠天地圆 顶型天幕广场举办了一场百乐廷悅享之旅,让在场 来宾为之惊艳。轩尼诗百乐廷是1979年由调酒大师 Maurice Fillioux莫利斯·费尔沃,从Paradis“创始人 酒窖”中精选百多种陈存二十五到一百三十年宝贵 的“生命之水”,经多次调配酿成的干邑。由于保 存着最古老最罕有“生命之水”的“创始人酒窖” 名为Paradis,轩尼诗百乐廷(Hennessy Paradis) 的名字亦由然而生。全新轩尼诗百乐廷干邑酒瓶 及包装均由著名意大利设计师Ferruccio Laviani设 计,Laviani 特意将瓶身造型设计得更修长,换上水 晶般的宝石型瓶盖,瓶身两旁添加了宛如宫廷士女 盛装派对裙摆,加强线条美感,和谐配合光影、色 彩及整体造型,尽显百乐廷精致优雅及细腻特性。

Collaborated with the prestigious Parisian carter Potel & Chabot, Hennessy Paradis presented recently a unique journey of joy to the amazed guests at the Bubble of City of the Dreams. Hennessy Paradis was created by the Master Blender Maurice Fillioux in 1979 by selecting and blending meticulously almost one hundred so-called eau-de-vie (water of life), the rarest old vintage wine stored for 25 to 130 years in a vault named Paradis, that is why the cognac titled. The new latest limited edition of Hennessy Paradis is honored to have a bottle and package designed by famous Italian designer Ferruccio Laviani: more slender bottle shape with a crystal diamond-shaped cap perfected by the added symmetrical patterns on the sides as elegant as the splendid frill of a ball gown. The refined shape of the bottle and the color of the liquor looked so thrilling in the light and shadow, demonstrating the elegant, subtle and noble identity of Hennessy Paradis.

Could you give a brief of Potel & Chabot? Have you made a presence in China? Potel & Chabot is a French organization specialized in arranging high-end caters with its Chinese headquarter located at Shanghai. Founded by desert master Jean-François Potel and court chef Etienne Chabot in 1820 at Paris, the historic cater with unparalleled expertise of French cuisine has served for royal families and authorities for years, also operated a bunch of grand opening ceremonies for French railroad organizations. | June 2014



吃在澳门 dine

中餐 Chinese

乐轩华 LE CHINOIS 澳门十六浦索菲特酒店18楼 18/F, Sofitel Macau At Ponte 16 11:30-15:00; 17:30-22:00 8861 1001 $$

观海轩中餐厅 KWUN HOI HEEN CHINESE RESTAURANT 路环威斯汀度假酒店3楼 3/F, Westin Resort Macau, 1918 Estrada de Hac Sa, Coloane Mon-Fri, 11:00-15:00,18:30 -23:00 Sat-Sun, 9:30-17:30,18:30-23:00 8899 1320 $$$

8餐厅 THE EIGHT 南湾葡京路葡京酒店二楼 2/F, East Wing, Grand Lisboa, 2-4, Avenida de Lisboa, Macau Mon-Sat 11:30-14:30; 18:30-22:30; Sun & Public Holiday 10:00-15:00; 18:30-22:30 8803 7788 $$$




路氹金光大道金沙城中心底层 Level 1, Sands COTAI Central, Estrada da Baía de Nossa Senhora da Esperança, COTAI 11:00 - 23:00 8113 8920 $$$

澳门(皇朝)友谊大马路星际酒 店6楼 Level 6, StarWorld Hotel, Avenida da Amizade, NAPE, Macau 11:00-15:00, 17:00-23:00 8290 8638 $$ 



澳门新口岸填海区星际酒店2楼 Level 2, StarWorld Hotel, Avenida da Amizade, NAPE, Macau 11:00 - 23:00 8290 8628 $$

新口岸友谊大马路956-1110号澳门 金丽华酒店二楼 Avenida da Amizade, 956 -1110, Grand Lapa, 2/F, Macau Wed-Mon 11:00-15:00, 18:00-22:00 8793 3821 $$

京花轩 GOLDEN FLOWER 永利澳门酒店,澳门外港填海区仙 德丽街 Wynn Macau, Rua Cidade de Sintra, NAPE, Macau Sat & Sun 11:30-14:30 ; Tue-Sun 18:00-22:30, Closed on Mon 8986 3663 $$

葡京潮州酒楼 LISBOA CHIU CHOW 澳门葡京路葡京酒店旧翼四楼 3/F East Wing, Hotel Lisboa, Avenida de Lisboa, Macau 10:00-23:00 2871 2549 $$

南湖明月 LUA AZUL 澳门旅游塔前地旅游塔会展娱乐中 心三楼 3/F, Macau Tower, Largo da Torre de Macau, Macau Mon-Fri 11:00-15:00; 18:30-22:00 Sat, Sun & Public Holiday 10:00- 15:00; 18:30-22:00 8988 8700 $$

澳门威尼斯人度假村大运河购物中 心2130 Shop 2130, Grand Canal Shoppes, Venetian Macau Resort Hotel, Taipa, Macau Lunch: 11:30-15:00 Dinner: 18:00-23:30 28828689 $$$




路氹连公路新濠天地澳门君悦酒 店一楼 1/F, Grand Hyatt Macau, City of Dreams, Estrada do Istmo, COTAI 11:30-00:00 8868 1930 $$

外港新填海区孙逸仙大马路澳门 美高梅 MGM Macau, Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen, NAPE, Macau Mon-Fri 11:00-15:00; 18:00-23:00 Sat/Sun 10:00-15:00; 18:00-23:00 8802 2361 $$$$

新濠天地新濠大道二楼 The Boulevard Level 2, City of Dreams, Estrada do Istmo, COTAI 11:00-15:00, 18:00-23:00 8868 2822 $$$


六月 2014 |

南湾葡京路新葡京酒店二楼 2/F, Grand Lisboa, Avenida de Lisboa Mon-Sat 11:30-14:30; 18:30-22:30 Sun & Public Holiday 10:00-15:00; 18:30-22:30 8803 7788 $$$

自助餐/美食广场 Buffet & Food court

百乐潮州酒楼 PAK LOH 路氹城澳门銀河綜合渡假城地下 g56a 号铺 G56a, G/F, Galaxy Macau, Cotai 11:00 - 23:00 8883 2221 $$ 

葡京日丽 PORTAS DO SOL 澳门南湾葡京路2-4号葡京酒店东 翼 2楼 2/F, East Wing, Lisboa Hotel, 2-4, Avenida de Lisboa, Macau 11:30 - 14:30, 18:30 - 22:30 8803 3100 $$ 

盛事餐厅 ROSSIO 外港新填海区孙逸仙大马路澳门 美高梅 Avenida Dr.Sun Yat Sen, MGM Macau, NAPE, Macau Mon-Sat 07:00-11:00,12:00-23:00 Sun 07:00-10:30,11:30-23:00 8802 2372 $$

永利轩 WING LEI 永利澳门酒店, 澳门外港填海区仙 德丽街 Wynn Macau, Rua Cidade de Sintra, NAPE, Macau Mon-Sat 11:30-15:00; Sun and Public Holiday 10:30-15:30 18:00-23:00 8986 3663 $$$$ 

紫逸轩 ZI YAT HEEN 路氹望德圣母湾大马路四季酒店大堂 1/F, Four Season Hotel Macau, Estrada da Baía de N. Senhora da Esperança, COTAI 11:00-23:00 2881 8888 $$$$

喜迎楼 TREASURE PALACE 路氹连贯公路新濠天地新濠大道一楼 Level 1, Crown Tower, City of Dreams, Estrada do Istmo, COTAI 11:00-23:00 8868 6661 $$$

$ Less than MOP150/person 多于澳门元150/人 $$ MOP150-300/person澳门元150-300/人 $$$ MOP300-500/person 澳门元300-500/人 $$$$ Above MOP500/person 澳门元500以上/人 Romantic 情侣约会 Family Friendly家庭聚餐 Cash Only 只收现金



888美食天地SANDS 888 GOURMET PLACE 澳门蒙地卡罗前地203号澳门金沙 酒店2楼 Largo de Monte Carlo, No.203, Macau Lunch: Mon-Fri 11:30-14:30; Sat-Sun 11:00-14:00 Dinner: Mon-Fri17:30-23:00; Sat-Sun 17:30-22:30 8983 8222 $$

奥旋自助餐 CRAND ORBIT 路氹望德圣母湾大马路金沙城中 心底层 Estrada da Baia N. Senhora da Esperanca, Sands Cotai Central, Level 1, COTAI 10:00-23:00 8113 8910 $$

渢竹自助餐 BAMBU 澳门威尼斯人度假村酒店1楼1033 Shop 1033 (Next to Starbucks off the gaming floor), Venetian Macao Sun-Thurs 10:00-23:00, Fri-Sat 10:00-00:00 8118 9990 $$



路氹望德圣母湾大马路四季酒店1楼 1/F Four Seasons Macau, Cotai Strip, Taipa, Macau Brunch: 12:00-15:00 (Sun Only) Lunch: Mon-Sat 12:00-14:30 Dinner: 18:00-22:00 2881 8888 $$ ,

澳门商业大马路288号英皇娱乐酒 店地下 G/F, Grand Emperor Hotel, No.288, Avenida Comercial de Macau 12:00 – 14:30, 18:00 – 22:30 8986 7609 $$,)

群芳 FESTIVA 路氹城澳门银河综合度假城1楼G19 G19, G/F, East Promenade, Galaxy Hotel Macau 07:00-22:00 28880888 $$$

银河亚洲美食坊 TASTE OF ASIA 路氹澳门银河综合度假城购物大道 东地下G43 G43, G/F, East Promenade, Galaxy Macau, Estradada Baia N. Senhora da Esperanca, COTAI 10:00-00:00 8883 2221 $

威尼斯人美食广场 VENETIAN FOOD COURT 路氹澳门威尼斯人度假村大运河购 物广场3楼 3/F, Food Court of the Grand Canal Shoppes, Venetian Macao 2882 8500 $,

印度菜 Indian

泓日本料理 MIZUMI

皇雀印度餐厅 Golden Peacock 路氹城金光大道望德圣母湾大马路澳 门威尼斯人度假村酒店1楼1037号 Shop1037, Level 1,The Venetian Macau Resort , Cotai Strip 11:00-23:00 8118 9696 $$$

日本菜 Japanese 天政 TENMASA 澳门氹仔广东路澳门新濠锋酒店 11楼 11F, Altira Macau, Avenida de Kwong Tung, Taipa 11:30 – 23:30 8803 6611 $$,


氹仔花城区成都街濠景花园第27座 地 下18号铺 G/F,Shop 18, Block 27, Nova Taipa Garden,Rua de Seng Tou, Taipa 12:00 -14:30,18:00 - 22:30 2883 7088 $,

新故里日本料理 NEW FURUSATO 澳门葡京路2-4号葡京酒店东翼2楼 2/F, East Wing, Hotel Lisboa, No.24,Avenida de Lisboa, Macau
 12:00 – 14:30, 18:30 – 22:30 8803 3677 $$)

橘子新派日本料理 YUZU CONTEMPORARY JAPANESE CUISINE & BAR 澳门氹仔至尊花城成都街地下J铺 G/F, Shop J, Supreme Flower City, Rua de Seng Tou, Taipa 18:00 – 23:00 2883 8517 $$,

澳葡菜 Macanese 海湾咖啡屋 CAFE LITORAL 氹仔旧城区地堡街第四座伟展阁 53-57 号地下 G/F, Block 4 ,Wai Chin Kok, No.5357,Rua do Regedor, Taipa 12:30 – 14:30, 18:00 – 22:00 2882 5255 $$,

澳门友谊大马路779号中裕大厦第二 座地下O铺 G/F, Store O, Block 2, Building Chong Yu,No.779, Avenida da Amizade, Macau 11:30 - 23:00
 2870 1850 $,


澳门外港填海区仙德丽街永利澳 门酒店 Wynn Macau, Rua Cidade de Sintra, NAPE, Macau
 17:30 - 23:30
 (周二休息) 8986 3663 $$$,)

佛笑楼 FAT SIU LAU 山里日本餐厅 YAMAZATO 路氹城澳门银河综合渡假城澳门大仓 酒店2楼200号铺 Shop 200, 2/F, Hotel Okura, Galaxy Macau,Estrada da Baía N. Senhora da Esperança, Cotai 12:00 - 22:30(周一休息) 8883 5127 $$$

小飞象葡国餐厅 RESTAURANTE DUMBO 氹仔旧城区地堡街喜来登广场地下A 铺连壹楼全层 A, Hei Loi Tang Kong Cheong, Rua do Regedor , Vila da Taipa 12:00 - 23:00 2882 7888 $,

大堂街八号葡国餐厅 RESTAURANTE ESCADA 澳门新马路大堂街8号 No.8, Rua da Sé, Macau 12:00 – 15:00 ,18:00 - 22:00
 2896 6900 $$,


澳门福隆新街64号 No. 64,Rua da Felicidade, Macau 12:30 - 22:30 
2857 3580 $$,

澳门新马路水坑尾264号地下 G/F, No.264, Rua do Campo, Macau 11:45-22:00 
2835 5460 $$


雅憩花园餐厅 NGA TIM CAFé

氹仔旧城区消防局前地38号 No.38, Largo dos Bombeiros, Vila de Taipa 11:00 - 23:00
 2882 7328 $,)

路环市区计单奴街8号 No.8, Rua Caetano, Coloane Village ,Coloane 12:00 – 01:00 2888 2086 $ | June 2014



吃在澳门 Dine 内港餐厅 O PORTO INTERIOR

厨泰餐厅Talay Thai Restaurant & Bar

澳门下环河边新街259号B地下 G/F, B, No.259, Rua do Almirante Sergio, Macau 11:30 – 22:00 2896 7770 $$

澳门渔人码头 Macau Fisherman’s Wharf 12:00 – 04:30 2872 7207 $,

熊猫葡国餐厅 PANDA PORTUGUESE RESTAURANT 氹仔旧城区施督宪正街4-8号 No.4-8, Rua Carlos Eugenio, Taipa 11:00 - 23:00
 2882 7338 $$

沙利文餐厅 SOLMAR RESTAURANT 澳门南湾大马路512号 No. 512, Avenida da Praia Grande, Macau 11:00 - 22:30 2888 1881 ) $$

泰国菜 Thai 路氹城澳门威尼斯人度假村酒店大运 河购物中心2412号铺 Shop 2412, The Grand Canal Shoppes, The Venetian Macau,Estrada da Baía N. Senhora da Esperança, Cotai 12:00 - 22:30 2882 8469 $$


氹仔旧城区地堡街85-87号O, P座 地下 G/F, Block O & P, No.85-87, R. do Regedor, Vila de Taipa 12:00 - 15:00
, 18:00 – 23:00 2882 7200 $,

灆泰国菜餐厅 NAAM THAI RESTAURANT 新口岸友谊大马路956-1110号澳门 金丽华酒店 Grand Lapa Macau, No. 986-1110, Avenida da Amizade, Macau 12:00 – 14:30, 18:30 – 22:30(周一 休息) 8793 4818 $$,

尚坊 SAFFRON 路氹城澳门银河综合渡假城悦榕庄 地下大堂G40 G40, G/F Banyan Tree Macau, Galaxy Macau, Avenida Marginal Flor de Lotus, Cotai 07:00 - 23:00
 8883 6061 $$, 新澳门导航

氹仔马场广东大马路鸿业大厦地下 J-K 铺 Shop J-K, G/F, Edificio Hung Ip, Avenida de Kwong Tung, Taipa 12:00 - 22:00 2882 0999 $

卡夫卡 KAFKA 氹仔布拉格街152号地下 152, Rua de Braga, Taipa Tue to Sun; 13:30 - 22:00 (+853) 2882 0086 $


咖啡室 Cafés

澳门新口岸皇朝区城市日大马路278 号澳门凯旋门酒店4楼 4/F, L’Arc Hotel Macau, Avenida 24 de Junho, Macau Mon to Sun; 07:00 – 23:00 (+853) 8860 6141 $$



澳门宋玉生广场(皇朝)巴黎街117号 大 丰广场第2座地下Q铺 Shop Q, Tai Fung Block 2, Rua De Paris 117, Alameda Dr. Carlos d’Assumpção, Macau Mon to Sun; 12:00 - 23:00 (+853) 2878 6378 $$




笃笃泰国美食 TUK TUK

Mon to Sun; 07:00 - 19:00 (+853) 2882 5201 $

澳门商业大马路新八佰一楼 1/F, New Yaohan Department Store, Avenida Comercial de Macau, Macau Mon to Sun; 10:30 - 22:00 (+853) 2872 6055 $$

水帘 CASCADES 路氹城澳門銀河綜合渡假城地下G03 及G05号 G/F, G03&G05, Galaxy Macau, COTAI Mon to Sun; 10:00 - 01:00 (+853) 8883 2221 $$


G/F 29 C Rua Formosa, Macau Mon to Sat; 12:00 – 19:00 (+853) 6677 9985 $

水晶廊 CRYSTAL LOUNGE & DELI 澳门葡京路2-4号新葡京酒店u1红 金上层 U1/F, Grand Lisboa Hotel, Avenida de Lisboa, Macau Mon to Sun; 00:00 – 00:00 (+853) 8803 7711 $

CUPPACOFFEE 氹仔旧城区飞能便度街104号泉悦 花 园地下 Rua Fernão Mendes Pinto, 104, Taipa

六月 2014 |

澳门路氹连贯公路新濠天地君悦酒店 Grand Hyatt Macau Lobby, City of Dreams, Estrada do Istmo, COTAI 10:00 - 01:00 8868 1131 $

安德鲁饼店 LORD STOW’S BAKERY 路环市区挞沙街1号地下 No.1 Rua Do Tassara, Coloane Village, Coloane Mon to Sun; 07:00 - 22:00 (+853) 2888 2534 $


MGM MACAU Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen, NAPE, Macau Mon to Sun; 09:00 – 21:00 (+853) 8802 2324 $$

利澳美食坊 RIO COFFEE SHOP 澳門高美士街33號及宋玉生廣場682 號利澳酒店3樓 3/F, Hotel Rio, 33 Rua de Luís Gonzaga Gomes, Macau Mon to Sun; 00:00 – 00:00 (+853) 8989 1282 $

音乐豆咖啡 SINGING BEAN COFFEE 澳门会展娱乐中心和澳门旅游塔 地 面层 G/F, Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Center, Macau Tower, Macau Mon to Fri; 12:00 - 22:00 Sat to Sun; 11:00 – 22:00 (+853) 2838 9118 $


No.19, Rua de Abreu Nunes, Macau

Mon to Sat; 12:00 – 20:00 / Sun; 12:00 – 19:00 (+853) 6698 7475 $


No. 1, Largo de Santo Agostinho, Macau Mon to Sun; 11:00 – 20:00 (+853) 2893 7943 $

金丽华饼店 THE CAKE SHOP AT GRAND LAPA 澳门新口岸友谊大马路956-1110号 金 丽华酒店2楼 2/F, Grand Lapa, Avenida da Amizade, NAPE, Macau Mon to Sun; 12:00 - 20:30 (+853) 8793 3810 $$


G/F Block N, Macau University of Science and Technology, Avenida Wai Long, Taipa Mon to Fri; 08:30 – 17:00 (+853) 8897 1888 $

大堂吧 RENDEZ VOUS LOUNGE AND BAR 澳门新马路巴素打尔古街十六浦索菲 特酒店大堂 1/F, Hotel Lobby, Sofitel Ponte 16, Rua do Visconde Paço de Arcos, Macau Mon to Sun; 11:00 - 01:00 (+853) 8861 7213 $

法国菜 French 宝雅座法国餐厅 AUX BEAUX ARTS 外港新填海区孙逸仙大马路澳门 美 高梅 Grande Praça, MGM Macau, Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen, NAPE, Macau Tue to Fri; 14:00-00:00 Sat to Sun; 11:00-00:00 (+853) 8802 2319 $$

良辰法国餐厅 LA BONNE HEURE 澳门新马路板樟堂巷12号A及B铺 12A-B, Travessa de São Domingos, Macau Mon to Sun; 12:00 - 22:00 (+853) 2833 1209 $$

海风餐厅 MISTRAL 新马路内港巴素打尔古街澳门十六浦 索菲特酒店6楼 6/F, Sofitel Macau, Ponte 16, Rua

do visconde Paço de Arcos, Macau Mon to Sun; 07:00 - 22:30 (+853) 8861 7210 $$

PRIVÉ 巴素打尔古街澳门十六浦索菲特 大 酒店 6/F, Sofitel Macau, Ponte 16, Rua do visconde Paço de Arcos, Macau Wed to Sun; 18:00 -22:00 (+853) 8861 0016 $$$$

天巢法国餐 ROBUCHON AU DOME 南湾葡京酒店四十三楼 Avenida de Lisboa, grand Lisboa Hotel, 43/F, Macau 12:00 – 14:30, 18:30 -22:30 (+853) 8803 7878 $$$$

御膳房 THE TASTING ROOM 路氹连贯公路新濠天地皇冠度假 酒 店3楼 3/F, Crown Towers, City of Dreams, Estrada do Istmo, COTAI Mon to Sun; 12:00 - 23:00 (+853) 8868 6681 $$$$

西班牙菜 Spanish 塔巴斯西班牙小馆 CASA DE TAPAS 氹仔木铎街9号 Rua dos Clerigos, 9, Taipa Mon to Sun; 12:00 - 00:00 $$$

芭朗玛餐厅 LA PALOMA 澳门西湾民国大马路圣地牙哥古堡 酒店二楼 2/F, Pousada de São Tiago, Fortaleza de São Tiago da Barra, Avenida da República, Sai Van, Macau Mon to Sun; 12:00 – 14:30, 18:30 – 22:30 (+853) 2896 8686 $$$

葡国菜 Portuguese 葡国美食天地 A PETISQUEIRA 氹仔旧城区生央街15C-D号 Rua de São Joao, vila da Taipa, Taipa Tue to Sun; 12:30-14:30, 18:00 - 22:00 (+853) 2882 5354 $$

亚丰素三世餐厅 AFONSO III 新马路龙嵩街11号A Rua Central, 11, Macau Mon to Sun; 12:00 - 22:00 (+853) 2858 6271 $$

ALBERGUE 1601 荷兰园望德堂疯堂斜巷8号 Albergue da Santa Casa da Misericordia, 8, Calçada da Igreja de S. Lazaro, Macau Tue, Thur & Sun 12:00 – 23:00, Fri & Sat 12:00 – 23:30 (+853) 2836 1601 $$$

安东尼奥餐厅 ANTóNIO 氹仔旧城区客商街3号地下 Rua dos Negociantes, 3, vila da Taipa, Taipa Mon to Sun; 12:00 - 00:00 (+853) 2899 9998 $$

百姓餐厅 BANZA

(+853) 8803 7676 $$$

花道葡萄牙餐厅 FADO 澳门得胜马路2-4号澳门黄都酒店 M/F, Hotel Royal, Estrada da vitoria, 2-4, Macau Mon to Sun; 6:30 - 22:30 (+853) 2855 2222 $$$

澳门海景正宗葡国餐厅 MIRAMAR 路环黑沙海滩黑沙马路 Hac Sa Beach (near Westin Resort), Coloane Mon to Sun; 11:00 - 21:00 (+853) 2888 2623 $$

德丽街 Wynn Macau, Rua Cidade de Sintra, NAPE, Macau Tue to Sun; 17:30 – 23:30 (+853) 8986 3648 $$$

我的意大利厨房 LA CUCINA ITALIANA 氹仔旧城区排角路6-12号泉福新村伟 兴阁地下AD-AF铺 G/F, Wai Heng Kok, Rua do Pai Kok, 6-12, Chun Fok village, Taipa Mon to Sun; 12:00 - 22:00 (+853) 2882 7818 $$


氹仔旧城区广东大马路154号A-B号 南 新花园第5座地下g-H座 Avenida de Kwung Tung, 154, Macau Mon to Sun; 12:00-15:00, 18:30 23:00 (+853) 2882 1519 $$

氹仔旧城区飞能便度街90号地下 Rua de Fernão Mendes Pinto, 90, Taipa Mon to Sun; 12:00 - 23:00 (+853) 2882 7571 $$

澳门下环妈阁斜巷2号A长城大厦地 下及地库 Calçada da Barra, São Lourenço, 2A, g/F, Macau Mon to Sun; 11:30-15:30, 18:30-23:30 (+853) 2872 6637 $$




新口岸南湾街975号 Avenida da Praia grande, 975, Macau Mon to Sun; 12:30 - 15:00, 19:0022:30 (+853) 2871 4000 $$$

澳门旅游学院教学餐厅 EDUCATIONAL RESTAURANT I.F.T 望厦炮台斜坡 Colina de Mong-Ha, Mong Ha, Macau Mon to Fri; 12:30 – 22:30 (+853) 8598 3077 $$

法兰度餐厅 FERNANDO’S 路环黑沙海滩9号 Hac Sa Beach, 9, Coloane Mon to Sun; 12:00 - 21:30 (+853) 2888 2264

葡轩 GOSTO 路氹城澳门银河综合渡假城购物大道 东地下g21号铺 G21, G/F, East Promenande, Galaxy Hotel, COTAI Mon to Sun; 12:00 - 23:00 (+853) 8883 2221 $$$

葡国餐厅 GUINCHO A GALERA 葡京路2-4号葡京酒店西座3楼 3/F, Lisboa Hotel, Avenida de Lisboa 2-4, Macau Mon to Sun; 12:00 – 14:30, 18:30 – 22:30

阿曼诺葡国餐厅 O-MANEL

Praia de Choec-van, Cheoc-van Beach, Coloane Mon to Sun; 10:00 - 22:00 (+853) 2888 2143 $$

山度士葡式餐厅 O SANTOS

路氹城澳门银河]综合渡假城银河酒 店 2楼201号铺 2/F, Galaxy Hotel, Galaxy Macau, COTAI Mon to Sun; 18:00 - 23:00 (+853) 8883 2221 $$$

氹仔旧城区官也街二十号 Rua de Cunha, 20, vila da Taipa, Taipa Mon to Sun; 12:00 - 22:00 (+853) 2882 5594 $$

海湾餐厅 RESTAURANTE LITORAL 下环河边新街261A地下 Rua do Almirante Sergio, 261, São Lourenço, A, g/F, Macau Mon to Sun; 12:00-15:00, 18:00-23:00 (+853) 2896 7878 $$

意大利菜 Italian 经典意大利餐厅 ANTICA TRATTORIA 澳门宋玉生广场(皇朝)伦斯泰特大 马 路40,42及46号帝景苑 Avenida Sir Anders Ljungstedt, 40, Edf. vista Magnifica Court, Macau Mon to Sun; 12:00 - 23:30 (+853) 2875 5102 $$

帝雅廷意大利餐厅 RISTORANTE IL TEATRO 永利澳门酒店, 澳门外港填海区仙 | June 2014



玩在澳门 Play


Macau’s Live Music Scene: Music To Your Ears (PART two) Abbi Mitchell-Morley 麦卡伦威士忌吧 Macallan Whisky Bar and Lounge 这是一家以知名威士忌品牌麦卡伦命名的酒吧,位于 澳门银河酒店内,装修风格质朴优雅,为客人提供琳 琅满目的精品威士忌。 Dedicated to the distinguished Macallan label, this lounge resides in Macau’s own Galaxy hotel. The lounge boasts a rustic elegance and provides guests with a vast array of elite whiskies to choose from.

38 酒廊 38 Lounge 38 酒廊位于澳门新濠锋酒店的38层,这里也是酒店的最顶层。无论是坐在室内或户 外,都可以欣赏到令人惊叹的澳门天际线风光。 Planted a top Altira Macau’s tower, the 38 Lounge offers guest a breathtaking view of the Macau Skyline that can be enjoyed from either indoor or outdoor seating. 地址 Location 澳门氹仔广东大马路新濠锋酒店 38 层 Avenida de Kwong Tung, Altira Macau, 38/F, 38 Lounge, Taipa, Macau 咨询 Inquiries (+853) 2886 8888

驻场 DJ 和特邀演出嘉宾 Resident DJ & Guest Performers 新濠锋的豪华酒吧38酒廊是一处高雅的社交场所,不仅有无可匹敌的窗外美景,也 是众多音乐天才经常出没的场地。酒廊既有驻场DJ高手,也经常特邀嘉宾进行不插 电表演,回荡着电子乐和原汁原味的优美音符。 Alive with the hum of both electronic and acoustic music, Altira’s upscale 38 Lounge is home to a multitude of talent. With a resident DJ and a series of “unplugged performances” by guest performers, 38 Lounge is a sophisticated hang out with an unbeatable view. 演出时间 Showtime 星期一至星期日| 20:30 – 2:30 Mon – Sun | 20:30 – 2:30



六月 2014 |

地址 Location 澳门路氹城银河酒店 2 层,麦卡伦威士忌吧 Galaxy Macau, 2/F, Macallan Whisky Bar and Lounge, COTAI 咨询 Inquiries (+853) 8883 2221

Macallan Duo Macallan Duo以变化多端的键盘乐和悠扬的民谣曲风, 强化了酒吧精致而惬意的氛围。这个双人组合以中、 粤、英三种语言,吟唱着风格多变的国际知名曲目,为 享用苏格兰威士忌的观众带来精彩的音乐体验。 Performing an array of keyboard-accompanied ballads, the Macallan Duo adds to the air of comfortable refinement that this bar has to offer. The duo sifts though an international array of songs- including ones sung in Mandarin, Cantonese and English – to bring to audiences the utmost musical experience to enjoy a Scottish malt to. 演出时间 Showtime 星期一至星期六 Mon to Sat | 21:00 – 1:40

水晶钢琴酒吧 The Crystal Piano Bar

品味吧 Whisky Bar

水晶钢琴酒吧位于大仓酒店 28 层,因酒吧中央位置摆放着一架举世无双的水晶钢琴 而得名。在这里可以一边品尝精选日本威士忌和爽口鸡尾酒,一边欣赏窗外繁华锦 簇的金光大道风景。 Located on the 28th floor of the Hotel Okura, the bar is named after the unique crystal piano that sits in the middle of the room. Guests can enjoy an astonishing view of the Cotai strip as they sip on a selection of Japanese whiskies and cocktails.

品味吧位于星际酒店 16 层,为客人打造纯粹的乐享之 夜。 Situated on the 16th floor of the Star World Hotel, Whisky Bar offers guests a night of unadulterated fun.

地址 Location 路氹城澳门银河综合渡假城大仓酒店28楼,水晶钢琴酒吧 Galaxy Macau complex, Hotel Okura Macau, 28/F, The Crystal Piano Bar, COTAI 咨询 Inquiries (+853) 8883 5109

地址 Location 澳门新口岸友谊大马路星际酒店 16 层,品味吧 Avenida da Amizade, Star World Hotel, 16/F, Whisky Bar, NAPE, Macau 咨询 Inquiries (+853) 8290 8698

DJ Flown

The Crystal Duo 以璀璨的金光大道为背景,驻场乐 队 The Crystal Duo 将奏响水晶钢 琴,深情款款地吟唱起经典的布鲁 斯、民谣、爵士和流行音乐曲目。 Performing alongside the fully functional crystal piano against a backdrop of the Coati strip, resident musicians The Crystal Duo add extra flair to a set list of soulful renditions of old-world blues, ballads, jazz and pop classics. 演出时间 Showtime 星期四至星期二| 20:45 – 00:30 Thu to Tue | 20:45 – 00:30

悦榕大堂酒吧 Banyan Lounge 位于澳门悦榕庄大堂的悦榕吧,为客人提供种类丰富的小吃、茶点和下午茶套餐, 并伴以令人心旷神怡的现场音乐。 Sat in the lobby of the Banyan Tree Macau, the Banyan Lounge offers guests an assortment of snacks, refreshments and afternoon tea sets to enjoy along with the unique live music.

DJ Flown 将东西方的流行音乐相结合,融入风暴般的 激情节奏,让你从音乐响起的那一刻,就忍不住伴随 起舞。 Mixing up a storm, DJ Flown combines popular music from both the east and the west in an set that will have you dancing fro the very start. 演出时间 Showtime 星期二至星期四,星期日 | 22:00 – 02:00; 星期五和星期六 | 22:00 – 03:00 Tue to Thur & Sun | 22:00 – 02:00; Fri to Sat | 22:00 – 03:00

Star Light Star Light 由 6 名澳门音乐人组成,以才华横溢、富有 激情的表演,精彩再现国内外的经典金曲。 With a unique blend of talents and energy, Star Light Join this local six piece as they perform various renditions of popular songs in both the local and international music industries. 演出时间 Showtime 星期一至星期四 | 22:30–02:00; 星期五至星期六 | 22:30–03:00 Mon to Thur | 22:30–02:00; Fri to Sat | 22:30–03:00

地址 Location 澳门路氹城澳门银河综合渡假城,澳门悦榕庄酒店一层,悦榕大堂酒吧 Galaxy Macau complex, Banyan Tree Macau, G/F, Banyan Lobby Lounge, COTAI 咨询 Inquiries (+853) 8883 6062

Khim 琴演奏

Khim player

Taking pride in their origins, Banyan Tree Macau features the soft percussive notes of the traditional Thai instrument the Khim, other wise known as the Kheem. 在澳门悦榕庄可以听到 Khim 琴(又称 Kheem) 的现场演奏,以此显示其泰国源起 (该品牌第一家度假村开在泰国)。这是一种传统的泰国乐器,有着如玉珠落盘般 的柔美音色。 演出时间 Showtime 星期一至星期日 | 15:00 – 21:15 Mon to Sun | 15:00 – 21:15 | June 2014



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玩在澳门 play

艺术家档案 Artist Profile 林一峰 Anthony

Chet Lam


Music Chills

气温渐渐升高,天气越来越热,初夏的足迹越见 明显。除了躲在冷气房里,还有一个更环保的消 暑方法,就是来点轻松的音乐。 The rising temperature suggests the arrival of summer, and apparently the season is just around the corner. Besides turning up your air-con, music is yet a more environmental way to chill yourselves.


Ellen Loo 卢凯彤和右边两位情如兄弟姐妹,曾称呼自己为“卢三”,跟随林家名字的排 序。最初卢凯彤与二汶合组at17,标示出道时她俩都是17岁。两年前卢凯彤 开始独立发展,而且在香港歌手间少有地先以国语歌示人。首张���辑名叫《掀 起》,内有11首作品,以国语歌为主。《不脱知女生》、《等等》都是比较轻 快的作品,诉说一点女生的心事。《哽咽》则是梦幻哀怨的作品。

Making her debut as a member of Contopop group “at17” with Eman Lam, Ellen was known as the background guitarist of the group until two years ago, when they decided they should split for a while. In her independent career, Ellen premiered with Mandarin songs, which is rare in Hong Kong show biz. Her first album was named “The Ripples” with 11 songs. Chill choices include Non-skimmed Lady, Wait A Minute whilst Sobs is a rather plaintive choice. 38


六月 2014 |


Eman Lam 二汶是一峰的妹妹,在一峰生命上佔 很重要的地位。除了因为大部份一 峰的作曲都指定由二汶试唱外,后者 也在千禧年元旦凌晨把一峰从自杀边 缘救回来。二汶表示:“哥哥很疼 我,把最好的歌都留给我。”例如二 汶就认为一峰把人生最好的作品《毋 忘花》(国语版《忘了》)留了给二 汶。除了《毋忘花》,二汶也有很多 好的作品,例如《始终一天》、《冲 冲冲》、《穷得只有爱》等等。

Being the younger sister of Chet, Eman plays a crucial role in his life. Apart from singing almost all of Chet’s demos, Eman once said that Chet had saved all the best musical pieces for her. If you want to sample your hi-fi, start with Eman’s When He Sings, a cover of her brother’s original, to turn on your appetite. Then some of Eman’s Chinese classics: Unforgettable Flowers, Rush Rush Rush and There’s One Day After All.

香港出生长大的林一峰,有清亮的嗓 子。对他来说,音乐就是一把吉他。 他曾在自己的演唱会上说过,小时候 舅舅给了他一把吉他,他就拿起来一 直弹一直弹,就这样无师自通起来。 然而,他妈妈被他气的曾剪掉他吉他 的弦线。他在 《一峰一人一结他》 裡面,唱出:“我喜欢爵士,但民谣 更喜欢我”,所以他的曲风大多都是 民谣。另外,他也认为自己只是流行 乐歌手。他也曾出唱片,取名《爱 郧书》,向偶像徐小凤(原名徐郧 书)致敬。

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Chet Lam’s singing is crystal clear and enchanting. To him, music is the simplicity of accompaniment from his acoustic guitar. In one of his concerts, he revealed that his uncle had given him a guitar when he was still a child. He picked it up quickly by playing it day and night until his mother cut off the instrument’s strings. As heard in one of his songs from which the lyrics “I like jazz, but country likes me even more” come from, Lam is known to be most at home in the country genre. Lam has released his own renditions of some classics like Vincent, Martin and Dancing Queen, in a chill way of course.

CD Releases

本月CD推荐 Tales Live演唱会2013/14 Tales Live 2013/14


流转的光线 The Changing Lights




粤语流行 Cantonese Pop 艺术家ARTISTS 陈柏宇Jason Chan

古典Classical 艺术家ARTISTS 大卫盖瑞 David Garrett

爵士Jazz 艺术家ARTISTS Stacey Kent 史蒂斯.肯特

出道七年,陈柏宇可说是当今香港流行音乐界中, 其中一位实力派歌手。他清亮的歌声,製作了不少 优质的歌曲。这次演唱会是其生涯中一个里程,收 录了16首经典作品,包括《I Miss You》、《永久 保存》、《I Will Be Loving You》、《尊严》等。

爱古典音乐的人很多,爱改编古典音乐亦大有人 在,而大卫肯定是其一。他喜欢溷入不同的风格及 元素,以崭新的形式把古典音乐呈现于人前。初 为人知,肯定是与香港“高清亮”流行歌手李克勤 于《纸婚》的合作。此专辑更上层楼,与大牌意 大利美声歌手安德烈.波切利合作,实为音乐爱好 者的收藏品。

完成了澳门的完美演出后,史蒂斯已立即抵达巴 西,准备推出其新专辑。每个世代都有才人出,而 史蒂斯肯定在这世代榜上有名。其幼滑如丝的声音 配合抑扬顿错的演绎,必为夏日最佳良伴。慵懒的 夏日清晨,手执哥伦比亚咖啡,配上史蒂斯的歌 声,想不出还有什么更佳的情境。

One of this generation’s most talented pop singers in Hong Kong, Jason Chan captures some of the signature styles of the western world and injects them into his music. A returnee from Toronto, Canada, Chan hosted his first Hong Kong concert last November – an astounding seven years after his debut into the industry. This album marked a milestone and included 16 of his 7-year career’s hits including I Miss You, Conserved Forever, I Will Be Loving You and Dignity.

Where there are classical lovers, there are those who stray from tradition and David Garrett is no exception. Bringing new life to classic music, Garrett takes a mix of classical music styles, be it by Beethoven or Rachmaninov, and delivers listeners brand new aural experiences. Throughout his career the pop and crossover violinist has backed Hong Kong pop star Hacken Lee in Paper Wedding and even collaborated with Italian Popera singer Andrea Bocelli. If you love revived classical music, this is what you don’t want to miss.

Every generation has its jazz stars, and Stacey Kent is exactly that. Her smooth, creamy voice and poetic presentation is a great companion for the season. You will soon find there is nothing better than a lazy Sunday morning with a warm Columbian brew and Stacey’s “The Changing Lights”. After a sold-out concert in Macau, the contemporary Jazz singer has moved on to perform for fans in Brazil. | June 2014



玩在澳门 play

卡拉OK Karaoke

焰 Flame Bar

金曲廊 Top One Karaoke

澳门皇朝广场地下 Dynasty Plaza, Alameda Dr. Carlos d’Assumpocao, G/F 2875 0999

澳门南湾大马路613-639号时代商业 中心7楼 7 FL, Edf. Centro Comercial Si Toi, No.613-639, Avenida da Praia Grande, Macau 2831 3245

路氹城连贯公路新濠天地Hard Rock 酒店2楼 2/F, Hard Rock Hotel, City of Dreams, Estrada do Istmo, Cotai 8868 6695

皇朝会 Dynasty Club

Tune Up

氹仔孙逸仙博士大马路135号百利宝 花园地下H座 Shop H, Treasure Garden, No.135, Avenida de Sun Yat-Sen, Taipa 2883 1711


澳门海港街外港回力球场3楼F 3/F, Jai Alai Stadium, Porto Exteriro, Macau 2872 6688

喜喜 Hei Hei 澳门马德里街165号珠光大厦地下 G/F, Edif. Zhu Kuan, No.165, Alameda Dr. Carlos d’Assumpocao, Macau 2875 3593

i Darts Macau 澳门伦敦街190号地下 G/F, No.190, Rua de Londres, Macau 2831 1138

Le Club 澳门美副将大马路9D号地下 G/F, 9D, Avenida do Coronel Mesquita, Macau 2852 9537


澳门罗理基博士大马路600E第一国际 商业中心地下 G/F, Edf.Centro Comercial First National, No.600E, Av. Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues, Macau 2870 1982

酒吧 Bar 180°空中酒吧.扒房 180° Lounge and Grill

澳门南湾新填海区澳门旅遊塔 59 楼 59/F, Convention and Entertainment Centre Largo da Torre de Macau, Sao Lourenco, Macau 8988 8659

38 Lounge 氹仔广东大马路澳门新濠锋 38 FL, Altira Macau, Avenida de Kwong Tung, Taipa 2886 8868

澳门宋玉生广场181﹣187号光辉集团 商业大厦地下 G/F, Centro Comercial do Grupo Brilhantismo, No 181-187, Alameda Dr. Carlos d’Assumpocao, Macau 2875 7355

Aba Bar


非洲村酒吧 AfriKana Bar

澳门伦敦街41号地下 G/F, No.41, Rua de Londres, Macau 2875 1177

Neway (Chong Fok) 澳门毕仕达大马路26号中福商业中 心2楼 2 FL, Chong Fok Centro Commercial, No.26, Avenida de Marciano Baptista, Macau 2841 1111

Neway (Hotel Beverly Plaza) 澳门罗理基博士大马路70﹣106号富豪 酒店4楼 4 FL, Hotel Beverly Plaza, No.70106, Avenida Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues, Macau 2878 7307

Ruka’s 澳门飞南第街85号地下 G/F, No.85, Rua Francisco H. Fernandes, Macau 2875 1799



澳门外港新填海区孙逸仙大马路美 高梅金殿 MGM MACAU, Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen, NAPE, Macau 8802 3888

澳门友谊大马路渔人码头非洲村 Cape Town, Macau Fisherman’s Wharf, Av. da Amizade, Alameda Dutor Carlos d’Assumpção, Macau 8299 3678

Hive Bar

百利酒廊 Bellini Lounge 氹仔望德圣母湾大马路威尼斯人渡假 村1041号铺 Shop No.1041, The Grand Canal Shoppes, The Venetian Macau Resort Hotel, Estrada da Baía de N. Senhora da Esperança, S/N, Cotai 8118 9940

Innside Bar

Boca - tapas and wine

氹仔广东大马路南新花园116C和 116D地下 Block 6, G/F, Nam San Bulding, No116C-D, Av Kwong Tung, Taipa 2882 0708

氹仔望德圣母湾大马路威尼斯人渡假 村2620号铺 Shop No.2620, The Grand Canel Shoppes, The Venetian Macau Resort Hotel, Estrada da Baía de N. Senhora da Esperança, S/N, Cotai 2882 8477

Casablanca Café 澳门新口岸孙逸仙大马路帝景苑地 下R-S铺 G/F, Shop R-S, Avenida Dr Sun Yat Sen, Macau 2875 1281

Cathedral Café & Wine Bar

氹仔孙逸仙博士大马路149号 No.149, Avenida Dr.Sun Yat-Sen, Taipa 2883 1233

爱尔兰酒吧 Irish Bar

Kidult Club 澳门马德里街珠光大厦Y铺 G/F, Edifício Zhu Kuan, Y, Alameda Dr. Carlos D’Assumpocao, Macau 2872 3385

嵐 Lan 路氹城连贯公路新濠天地皇冠渡 假酒店1楼 1/F, Crown Towers, City of Dreams, Estrada do Istmo, Cotai 8868 6685

澳门大堂街12号A No.12A, Rua da Se, Macau 6685 7621

Bar Azul 氹仔望德圣母湾大马路四季酒店1楼 1/F Four Seasons Hotel Macau, Estrada da Baía de N. Senhora da Esperança, S/N, Cotai 2881 8888

洛欣吧 Bar Florian 氹仔望德圣母湾大马路威尼斯人渡假 村1043号铺 Shop No.1043, The Grand Canal Shoppes, The Venetian Macau Resort Hotel, Estrada da Baía de N. Senhora da Esperança, S/N, Cotai 8118 9960

六月 2014 |

金獅吧 Lion’s Bar 澳门外港新填海区孙逸仙大马路 美高梅金殿 霞 Cinnebar 澳门外港填海区仙德丽街永利酒店 Wynn Macau, Rua Cidade de Sintra, NAPE, Macau 8986 3663

唐会 Club China 澳门新口岸皇朝大丰广场地下M铺 G/F, Loja M, Edf. Commercial Tai Fung, Ave. do Governador Jamie Silverio Marques, Macau 2872 2766

MGM MACAU, Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen, NAPE, Macau 8802 2375

魔幻咖啡屋 MagiCafe 澳门俾利喇街115号B铺地下 G/F, No.115B, Rua de Francisco Xavier Pereira, Macau 2852 8751

McSorleys Ale House 氹仔望德圣母湾大马路威尼斯人 渡假村1038号 Shop No.1038, Grand Canel Shoppes, The Venetian Macau Resort Hotel, Estrada da Baía de N. Senhora da Esperança, S/N, Cotai 2882 8198

水晶钢琴吧 The Crystal Piano Bar 路氹城望德圣母湾大马路澳门银河综 合渡假村澳门大仓酒店28楼 28FL, Hotel Okura Macau, Galaxy Macau, Estrada da Baía de N. Senhora da Esperança, S/N, Cotai 8883 5109

G/F, Avenida Dr Sun Yat Sen, Macau 2875 1329, 2875 1326


MP3 Bar Lounge 澳门孙逸仙大马路1333号地下 G/F, No.1333, Avenida Dr.Sun Yat Sen, Macau 2875 1306

Mugs Talk Bar 澳门罗飞勒前地12A地下 G/F, No.12A, Lobo D’Avila Square, Macau 2897 2691

好客乡村餐厅 Old Taipa Bar 氹仔客商街21号

The Macallan Whisky Bar & Lounge

Sheraton Macao Hotel, Cotai Central, Estrada da Baía de N. Senhora da Esperança, S/N, Cotai 8113 1200

大门酒吧 Portal Wine Bar 氹仔施督宪正街86号 No.86, Rua Direita Carlos Eugenio, Taipa 6682 1078, 2836 8401

Club Cubic

路氹连贯公路新濠天地Hard Rock酒 店2楼 2/F, Hard Rock Hotel, City of Dreams, Estrada do Istmo, Cotai 2828 6696


澳门文华东方酒店2楼 Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen, Mandarin Oriental, Level 2, NAPE, Macau (+853) 8805 8928

澳门商业大马路301号友邦广场2楼 2FL, AIA Tower, No.301, Avenida Comercial de Macau, Macau 2872 3777


路氹城望德圣母湾大马路澳门银河综 合渡假村2楼203铺 Shop 203, 2/F, Galaxy Macau, Estrada da Baía de N. Senhora da Esperança, S/N, Cotai 8883 2221

Taipa Village,No.21, Rua dos Negociantes, Taipa 2882 5221

喜栢 Palms 路氹城望德圣母湾大马路金沙城 中心喜来登酒店

Veuve Clicquot Lounge 澳门外港新填海区孙逸仙大马路美 高梅金殿 MGM Grand Macau, Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen, NAPE, Macau 8802 3888

夜光杯酒吧 Moonwalker 澳门新口岸孙逸仙大马路帝景 苑地下

澳门友谊大马路渔人码头 Macau Fisherman’s Wharf, Av. da Amizade, Alameda Dutor Carlos d’Assumpção, Macau 2871 1800

品味吧 Whiskey Bar 澳门友谊大马路星际酒店16楼 16FL, Star World Hotel, Avenida da Amizade, Macau 8290 8698

The Roadhouse Bar 澳门新口岸马德里街45号环宇豪庭 Wan Yu Villas, No.45, Rua de Madrid, Macau 2875 2945

天台酒吧 The Rooftop Bar 澳门大三巴巷3-5-7号三巴艺门 No.3-5-7, Travessa de Sao Paulo, Macau 2848 2848

Xanadu Bar 澳门外港新填海区孙逸仙大马路金 沙娱乐场 1FL, Sands Casino, Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen, NAPE, Macau 2888 3388

俱乐部 Club

天梵 DIVINO 澳门商业大马路251A至301号友邦广 场2楼202室 Room202, 2FL, AIA Tower, No.251A-301, Avenida Comercial de Macau, Macau 2872 3968

Private Party 氹仔成都街濠景花园25座F室 BL25, Edf. Nova Taipa Garden, Rua de Seng Tou, Taipa 6657 1727

乐吧 R Bar

路氹城连贯公路新濠天地Hard Rock 酒店1楼 1/F, Hard Rock Hotel, City of Dreams, Estrada do Istmo, Cotai 8868 6694

China Rouge

Vasco 澳门友谊大马路956号文华东方酒店 Grand Lapa Hotel, No.956, Avenida da Amizade, Macau 8793 3831

路氹城望德圣母湾大马路澳门银河综 合渡假村 Galaxy Macau, Estrada da Baía de N. Senhora da Esperança, S/N, Cotai 2888 0888

SKY 21 澳门商业大马路251A-301号友邦广 场21楼 21FL, AIA Tower, No.251A-301, Avenida Comercial de Macau, Macau 2822 2122 | June 2014



购物指南 Shop 国家队球衣 球迷必备 说到世界杯产品,第一时间想到就是各国家队的球 衣,因为是各大粉丝支持爱队必备的!Nike和PUMA 品牌今年更特别为多国足球队重新设计球衣, 散热功 能一流,不论球员穿上踢球表现更佳,球迷穿上也是 更酷更爽。我一直是荷兰的粉丝,你们呢?

The National Team Uniform, A Fan Must-have Support your favorite teams this year with the help of sporting good giants such as Nike and PUMA as they release the national team uniforms. Featuring a stylish redesign that allows for better heat dissipation, the uniforms are a staple for any fan that wants to show support.

潮买“世界杯” FIFA Cool Buy Hasheeme 2014年去到今天才五个月,已发生了多个大事,而已知 即将发生的大事,必定是四年一度的运动盛事——世界 杯。今年的世界杯在巴西举行,足球盛事在足球强国举 行真是令人更感兴奋,而每次世界杯快将来临之时,就 是各大运动品牌推出无数相关产品之日,当然,也有些 非运动品牌推出一些世界杯主题的产品,这次就让我们 给你推荐其中的几款,这个初夏,一起来澳门潮买 “世界杯”,齐来加入FIFA热浪! The first five months of 2014 have witnessed so many great events but one remains the focus of sports fans across the world: The 2014 FIFA World Cup. The quadrennial sports gala brings a whole new level of excitement as it is hosted by football heavyweights Brazil. As the opening whistle approaches, more fashion brands around the world are introducing collections influenced by the sporting event. Here we at Cguide select a few of the necessities for you to get into the FIFA groove this summer. 42


六月 2014 |

球衣售价 Price Nike 球衣HKD 539 PUMA 球衣HKD 599

店铺 Shop Be-1运动用品 -澳门荷兰园 大马路33号地下 Be-1 Sports G/F No.33, Avenida do Conselheiro Ferreira de Almeida, Macau

买一双战靴 模拟备战 除了球衣,球靴也是球员的灵魂所在,一双好的球靴 能令球技发挥得淋漓尽致。众多品牌都会在这段时间 公开新的球靴,加入最新开发的科技物料,打造不同 的型号给不同类型的球员穿上,来协助球队取胜。像 Nike Magista就破天荒地以Flyknit 编辑技术制作出球 靴,这设计令足球界赞叹不已,如果这不适合你的风 格,Adidas与PUMA的传统或梅西特别式球靴也是不 错的选择。

Football Shoes for Warm-up In addition to the uniforms, a good pair of cleats is the ticket to tapping into a player’s highest potential. This World Cup Season, players dazzle in the latest designs and sport technology for optimal performance on the field. According to sveral soccer enthusiasts the new Nike Magista stands out with it’s sock like fit, Rotational Traction sole and a Flyknit upper that provides an improved touch. If the Magista is too high-tech for you, you can’t go wrong with the traditional styles by Adidas and PUMA.

售价 Price: Nike Magista : HKD 2,299 Adidas :HKD 1,699 - $1,999 PUMA :HKD 1,499

店铺Shop: Be-1运动用品 -澳门荷兰园 大马路33号地下 Be-1 Sports G/F No.33, Avenida do Conselheiro Ferreira de Almeida, Macau | June 2014



购物指南 Shop

世界杯时装 潮爆全城 不喜欢穿球衣又想支持世界杯?不少品牌都有照顾你 们所需,以世界杯概念推出相关的服装鞋款,例如 NIKE FC 简单地以球会概念推出相关服装,又或是 PUMA以巴西作为主题,将当地独有风土文化加入衣 服鞋类上,让大家以不同方向去感受这盛事。说真 的,PUMA那双以巴西亚马逊雨林为题的PUMA Disc 很漂亮,为何只有女生尺码啊? 另外,如果你也喜欢踢足球且想在世界杯期间买一个 官方足球下场打球,当然要去Adidas寻找啦!2014世 界杯指定足球adidas Brazuca的名称,来自于2012年9 月于主办国巴西本地所举办的命名活动,由超过一百 万名巴西足球迷所票选产生。“Brazuca”为葡萄牙语 当地代表”巴西人”的意思,并同时代表着巴西人自 由的生活型态。而球面上多元的色彩与如缎带般的球 面设计,则象徵着巴西传统的许愿带,并展现出巴西 被称为”足球王国”的活力与乐趣。

Another Way to FIFA If you’re determined to support this year’s World Cup but have no interest in wearing a team jersey, have no fear! Flooding the shops this season are various collections of FIFA themed merchandise such as apparel and shoes. Esteemed sporting brand Nike turns to football clubs for the inspiration behind the NIKE FC line whilst PUMA release a Brazil themed collection that infuses the unique culture of the South American country into the pieces. The official football of FIFA 2014, named “Adidas Brazuca” following a public vote by over one million Brazilian football fans, takes inspiration from elements of Brazilian culture. Supplying the FIFA World Cup official match ball since 1970, Adidas offered two other name choices in addition to the eventual winner Brazuca; Bossa Nova and Carnavalesca.

售价 Price PUMA Brazil shoes:MOP649 PUMA Brazil bag:MOP799 Nike FC:TBC adidas Brazuca football MOP599

店铺 Shop: Be-1运动用品 -澳门荷兰园大马路33号地下 Be-1 Sports G/F No.33, Avenida do Conselheiro Ferreira de Almeida, Macau PUMA::氹仔望德圣母湾大马路威尼斯人酒店大运河购物中 心3楼2207a铺 Shop 2207a, Shoppes at Venetian, The Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel, Macau +853 28353000



六月 2014 |

趣味世界杯 玩转足球

More FIFA Funs

球衣球靴或是一般有关的服装鞋款都不能满足你们? 不要紧,因为还有很多有趣的相关产品等着你。足球 狂热粉丝肯定不会错过EA Sports推出 的World Cup 2014 电动,除了Xbox 360和PS3 版本外,据说5月 会在iOS和Android平台也推出,去到哪裡都能玩!另 外,百威啤酒和可口可乐同时推出了世界杯相关的樽 装设计,分别是雷米金杯和国家旗帜图案,24款特别 版可口可乐网罗全部决赛周队伍,灵感来自巴西著名 的街头艺术,包装上的抢眼足球图样加上其他插图, 代表群众欢乐、庆祝,一同投入这项举世瞩目的运动 赛事;足球中间的心形图案更印上代表参加2014 FIFA 世界杯决赛周其中24个国家之图案,极具珍藏价值 。 还有还有,一个好像无关,偏偏又有关的朋友也参与 了这盛事,他就是“薯蛋头”先生,这名Toy Story电 影角色,都要去踢足球了,很有趣!其实,还有些与 世界杯有关的电影或纪录片想介绍,但太多了,大家 上网去查查吧!

Football fanatics shouldn’t miss out on the official World Cup 2014 console game by EA Sports, set for release not only on the Xbox 360 and PS3 but also iOS and Android platforms so you can carry your game with you wherever you go. Official partners of the sporting event, Budweiser and Coca-Cola introduce a collection of World cup themed bottle designs such as the FIFA World Cup 2014 Gold Bottle as well as special edition Coca-Cola bottles inspired by famous Brazilian street art and featuring a heart shaped flag motif for the 24 participating countries. FIFA fever goes beyond clothing this year as Mr. Potato Head, one of Pixar’s Toy Story characters, joins in the action while a number of FIFA related films and documentaries are coming to light.

售价 Price World Cup 2014 Console Game: around HKD 460 百威雷米金杯版本:約 HKD 30 Budweiser FIFA trophy version: around HKD 30 可口可乐国家版 本:MOP27.9/8罐 Coca Cola Nation Version: MOP 27.9/8 per can “薯蛋头”先生足球员 版:HKD 99 Mr. Potato Head Football player version: HKD 99

店铺 Shop World Cup 2014 电动: 亚当精品电玩店, 荷兰园正 街精品店地下后铺 “薯蛋头”: Toysrus ,澳门旅游塔二楼 纪念版百威啤酒和可口可 乐:澳门各大超市酒吧有售 World Cup 2014 Console Game: Adam Store, G/F Boutique Stores, Avenida do Conselheiro Ferreira de Almeida, Macau Mr. Potato Head : Toysrus, The 2nd Floor, Macau Tower Budweiser and Coca Cola, FIFA version: available at supermarkets and bars | June 2014



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出动吧!抗黑兵团 Here comes the UV Fighters Dorothy 夏天一到就少不免与阳光玩游戏,蓝天白云当然好心 情,但紫外线容易让黑色素、黑斑、细纹随时现形。要 让皮肤在夏日过着无忧无虑的日子,记得早晚出动美白 和防晒兵团,全面抗黑。 We at Cguide bring you a list of whitening and brightening skincare products to keep threats such as skin darkening, sunburns, black spots, fine lines and wrinkles at bay as you frolic in the summer sun this month.

SOFINA─美白活肤精华防晒乳液SPF30 PA++++ SOFINA – Beauté Whitening Essence Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 PA ++++ MOP320/32g

护肤精选 SKIN CARE FANCL─ 袪斑净白精华露 FANCL: Whitenning Essence MOP 335/18ml 以维他命C, E复合体及金盏花精华为新配方,能于黑色素形成初期发挥作用,抑制 黑色素,同时更能持续发挥美白功效,避免色斑现形。 Using a combination of Calendula cream and vitamins C and E, Japanese skincare brand Fancl’s Witening Essence serum prevents the formation of dark spots and uneven pigmentation. The serum also features a formula with added VC.VE antioxidant complex for bright and clear skin.

防晒推荐 SUN BLOCK La Roche-Posay─水凝防晒隔离液 La Roche-Posay – UVIDEA Aqua Fresh Gel MOP 270/30ml 以法国温泉为主要成分,加上不含香料,特别为敏感 肌人士而设。在防止色素、肤色灰黄及老化问题的同 时,更有有效舒缓、镇静、抗老化的功效。 Providing extra care for sensitive skin, cosmetic brand La Roche-Posay uses therapeutic French thermal spring water as a main ingredient in their fragrance free UVIDEA Aqua Fresh Gel. The gel repairs and restores skin balance whilst preventing hyper pigmentation, complexion graying and aging due to UV exposure. 46


六月 2014 |

一瓶齐备精华、面霜和防晒等多种功效, 蕴含高浓度抗老化滋润成分,特别为干性 肌肤而设,补水同时减淡细纹,令肌肤看 起来更明亮。 An all-in-one product, the Sofina Beauté Whitening Essence Sunscreen Lotion serves as an essence serum, facial cream, moisturizer and anti-aging lotion. Made for dry skin, the lotion’s ingredients provide a concentrated moisturizing effect that is designed to erase fine lines for brighter, healthier skin.

哪里可以买到? WHERE TO BUY? SOFINA 地址:澳门新八佰伴 Add: New Yaohan, Macau 电话Tel:2872 7143/2872 7870/2872 6760 FANCL 地址:澳门板樟堂街16号 Add: No.16 Domingo Road, Macau 电话Tel:2832 2230 La Roche-Posay 地址:全线便民药房 澳门议事亭前地16-A号 Add: Pharmacia Popular 16-A Largo do Senado,Macau 电话Tel:2856 6568


Gadget Jim


纤薄防水 平板电脑 As Thin as Blade Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet


HKD3,890(16GB Wi-Fi)、 HKD4,690(32GB Wi-Fi)、 HKD4,990(16GB LTE/3G)

只有6.4毫米的Xperia Z2 Tablet属目前全球最纤薄的 防水平板电脑,採用Sony的 OmniBalance设计,外型时 尚,机身轻巧坚固。至于内 置数码噪音消除技术,加上10.1吋全高清 TRILUMINOS Display for mobile显示结 合和Live Colour LED 显示技术,再配合X-Reality for mobile 影像处理引擎,以及 Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 处理器及2.3 GHz 四核心Krait CPUs处理器等配备,无 论工作或娱乐都可感受到优质的声画体验。 With a measurement of only 6.4 millimeters, Sony’s Xperia Z2 Tablet is the thinnest water resistant tablet in the world. Equipped with Sony’s OmniBalance design the tablet is a medley of style and practicality featuring a light yet solid body. Functioning on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and 2.3 GHz quad-core Krait CPUs the tablet offers the best experience in entertainment with its 10.1 inch HD TRILUMINOS Display, Live Colour LED, video enhancement of X-Reality for mobile and noise cancellation.

防水防尘 智能健身 Water and Dust Proof Phone for Exercise Samsung GALAXY S5




灯泡与音箱看似毫无关系的产品, PLAYBULB就示范 给大家看,如何将两者合二为一,再融入生活。由外 形至尺寸均与普通灯泡几乎相同的PLAYBULB,其实 内置了两个独立蓝牙智能芯片,以及採用蓝牙4.0来即 时传输及播放音乐,适用于吊灯和落地灯等大部分灯 具。而只要通过iTunes及 Play Store 安装免费的专用 应用程式,就可用智能手机及平板电脑作无线遥控操 作,随意即可调节灯光亮度和播放音乐等。 Pairing two rather unlikely everyday things, a light bulb and speakers, international mobile accessory brand MiPow go where no other company has gone before to bring you the PLAYBULB. The world’s first light bulbslash-speaker, the device acts as both a fully functional light bulb and wireless speaker system. The bulb uses a built in smart chip and Bluetooth 4.0 to receive data and allow for wireless audio play. With the shape and dimension of a regular light bulb, the Playbulb is compatible with most lamps such as ceiling and floor lamps. A free mobile app allows users to control light brightness and playback volume, and is available for download from iTunes Appstore or the Play Store.

除了具备防水防尘功能、相机可达0.3秒自动对焦速 度之外,GALAXY S5还是一部“以人为本”的健身智 能手机。利用内置的心跳感应器,用家可即时检测心 跳,还有升级的S Health 3.0功能,可作出计步器、饮 食、运动模式及记录,协助监察与管理健康生活。另 外更可配合Samsung Gear 2、Gear 2 Neo及Gear Fit 产品连接使用提升健身指导。 Besides an astounding automatic focus rate (0.3 s), as well as water and dust resistance, the GALAXY S5 features elements that aid you in your journey to wellness. Equipped with the ability to monitor and manage your daily exercise using functions such as the embedded heartbeat sensor and the upgraded S Health 3.0, which includes a pedometer as well as diet and sport trackers. You will be equipped as a pro if connected the phone with other Samsung devices such as Samsung Gear 2、Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit. In addition to water and dust resistance and a camera auto-focus speed of up to 0.3 seconds, the GALAXY S5 is a “people-oriented” fitness smartphone.

哪里可以买到? Where to Buy? 1

澳门广场地下 P、V&W铺 Shop P, V&W, G/F Macau Square 2 3

澳门殷皇子大马路 63-65号地下 G/F No.63-65, Avenida do Infante D. Henrique, Macau | June 2014



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五行和谐之美 The Harmonious Beauty of Five Elements Interview with Frederic Lalaurette

Yvonne Yu




六月 2014 |

从法国顶级模特到新生代首饰设计 师,Frederic Lalaurette 完成了一次美丽转 身,他的原创品牌 Quinto Belle 很多设计里 都有五个相关的元素,分别代表金木水火土五 行,取天地万物和谐之美的意思。 Transitioning from top model, Frederic Lalaurette stands out in a new generation of French jewelry designers with his brand Quinto Belle. Armed with a concept that revolves around the Five Elements, namely Metal – specifically gold-, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth, his works reveal a vision of aesthetic harmony. 哪里可以买到? WHERE TO BUY?

Why Quinto Belle?

为什么给品牌取名Quinto Belle? 这是我设想中的一种能代表品牌气 质的女子,Quinto的意思是“五” ,你可以发现我的大部分作品中都 有五个主要设计元素,这正是大自 然中存在的“五行”。 而Belle则是 女子之意,所以品牌的意思是一个 和谐美丽,又充满大自然气息的个 性女子,你可以到我品牌的官方网 站看看,宣传图就是这么一位纯天 然女子。

你的作品中大量运用骷髅和蝴蝶 结等比较大众化的图案,但是又 带有自身的识别符号,例如镂空 的设计和金属材质,这些元素想 要表达的是什么呢?

见到Frederic的那天是他第三次 造访澳门,之前总是因为模特 工作而来,这次换个角色,不 用锦衣华服出场,他说舒服自 在多了。在巴黎念美术史出身 的Frederic并不像一般巴黎人追 求精致,从内到外散发一种自 然气质。Quinto Belle 作品中 大量运用各种2 0 K 金材质,最 新设计的系列更有一些东方元 素加入:如丝绸和缎子等,都 是他在亚洲各国游历时看到当 地人穿的衣服选用的舒适材质 后所创发的灵感。Frederic说他 希望看到佩戴他首饰的人可以 把自身的香气渗透进首饰中, 让首饰和人融为一体 。如果你 对Quinto Belle感兴趣,不需要 山长水远去到巴黎购买,因为 Frederic和全球独立首饰设计师 品牌网站Jeweloves.com的掌 门人Fion在巴黎结缘,现在只需 要通过网络就可以在港澳买到 从巴黎直送的产品 。

A graduate of Art History, Fredric Lalaurette has an extremely natural and easy-going style, which contrasts his Parisian upbringing. Taking inspiration from Mother Nature, Lalaurette’s pieces are made with 24K gold; the pieces is delicate yet filled with powerful lines. Originating from local dresses he has seen during his tours of Asia, Quinto Belle’s new collection incorporates various oriental elements such as silk and damask. Designed with the unique intention to, over time, absorb the wearer’s natural fragrance, the jewelry achieves an integrated wearing experience that caters to Lalaurette’s ideal vision, “a harmonious existence of heaven, earth and human being”. Supported by, a marketing platform for independent jewelry designers, you can now purchase these unique pieces with ease directly from Paris by simply clicking buttons!

这些元素其实都来自大自然,因为 我想要传达一种保护自然界和保护 动物的讯息,和我一向倡导的五行 和谐原理是相通的,而镂空设计目 的是让佩戴者产生一种本身的香气 能渗入作品中的感觉。我经常提到 一个拉丁文:juxtaposition,意思 是“并列、比邻”,希望首饰能够 传达一个人的自然“气场”,就像 是你爱的人带过摸过的首饰,贴身 之意传递到你身上,就会特别窝心 感动,而佩戴Quinto Belle也应该有 这种来自你在乎的人的感动。

为什么会选择电子商务平台 Jeweloves.com在亚洲进行推 广?目前有收到什么正面反馈 吗? 我和网站主理人Fion邂逅于巴黎,她 在咖啡厅不停游说我加入她们的网 络,一开始我拒绝了,因为听说中 国很多翻版,而我的作品却是独一 无二的手工制作,限量且费时。但 是Fion给我介绍了很多关于目前中国 新生代消费族群的喜好,他们接受 并喜欢那些标榜个性的独特之作, 所以我来了。在港澳地区所见,也 的确有很多人喜欢我的作品,这让 我更有信心。Jeweloves想要传达的 正是一种“ Affordable Luxury”(可 负担的奢华),这也是我想要触碰的 顾客族群。

It was actually the name of my ideal lady demonstrating the spirit of my designs. Belle means lady, while Quinto means five which is also the number of the design elements in most of my works inspired by the concept that the world is created by Five Elements. Together, the brand name portrayed a harmonious, charming woman with a very natural personality, just like the image of the [pure] girl in my official website.

Other than the popular skull and bow patterns, your pieces also feature an iconic design expressed through hollow cutting and metal. What’s the underlying idea? By choosing natural elements, I wanted to express a message of protecting [the] natural world and animals which [coincides with] my Five Elements concept. The hollow cut is helpful in surrounding the piece with our body fragrance more thoroughly. I like to quote a Latin word – juxtaposition, meaning side by side and together. I just hope my jewelry could convey the natural [aura], in another word, you will feel your loved ones by touching their favorite jewelries, as connected and warm-hearted as touching their skin. Quinto Belle should make you feel this way.

Why choose as your marketing platform in Asia? Any feedback received? Actually, I refused their eager offer [for me to join] their network in the café when we first met in Paris. My concern was the counterfeit issue which was said to be a big problem in China. It was not something I [could] afford because my works are unique, limited and costly in terms of time and effort. But I finally came here after she introduced the preference of the consumption group of the new generation who favor [statement pieces]. Now I am more confident by what I saw in Hong Kong and Macau, they like my designs. Jeweloves and Quinto Belle share one thing in common: targeting customers who enjoy the Affordable Luxury. | June 2014



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珠宝钟表 Jewellery &Watches

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Bottega Veneta

欧洲坊钟表集团 Europe Watch Group


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Céline 威尼斯人大运河购物中心3楼2006店 2006, Level 3 Shoppes Grand Canal, The Venetian, Cotai 2882 8748

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名牌商品 Luxury Goods 澳门壹号广场地面G13-15店 G24-26, G/F One Central Macau 2822 9978

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Louis Vuitton

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澳门壹号广场地面G27-29店 G27-29, G/F One Central Macau 2822 8800

综合时装 Fashion-Mixed



澳门壹号广场地面G11-12店 G11-12, G/F One Central Macau 2875 2887

Gucci 澳门壹号广场地面G11-12店 G24-26, G/F One Central Macau 2872 2762

六月 2014 |

威尼斯人大运河购物中心3楼2428店 2428, Level 3 Shoppes Grand Canal, The Venetian, Cotai 2882 8592

i.t 威尼斯人大运河购物中心3楼2328店 2328, Level 3 Shoppes Grand Canal, The Venetian, Cotai 2882 8440

Zara 威尼斯人大运河购物中心3楼2313店 2313, Level 3 Shoppes Grand Canal, The Venetian, Cotai 2882 8236

Steve Madden 澳门伯多禄局长街4B-4C号信达城 地下 Rua de Pedro Nolasco da Silva, No 4B-4C, Sun Star City, R/C, Macau 2835 6228

Vivienne Westwood 四季名店2楼2815店 2815, Level 2, The Shoppes at Four Seasons, Cotai 2881 8270

Juicy Couture 四季名店2楼2859店 2859, Level 2, The Shoppes at Four Seasons, Cotai 2899 8905

Marc by Marc Jacobs 澳门壹号广场1楼117号 117,1/F One Central Macau 2875 2884

Kate Spade 四季名店2楼2859店 2859, Level 2, The Shoppes at Four Seasons, Cotai

Cerejeira 澳门伯多禄局长街3号银座广场地下 Rua de Pedro Nolasco da Silva, No 3, Ginza Plaza, R/C, Macau 28356250

化妆品与个人护理 Cosmetics and Skincare 莎莎 Sa Sa 澳门板樟堂街1E-1F号地下 Rua de S. Domingos, No 1E-1F, R/C, Macau 2832 2155

万宁 Mannings 澳门罗保博士街14号澳门广场地下I座 Rua do Dr. Pedro José Lobo, No 14, The Macau Square, R/CI, Macau

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手信/糖果 Souvenirs/ Confectionery

澳门老牌车厘哥夫 Old Cherykoff Macau 氹仔官也街31号地下 Rua do Cunha, No 31, R/C, Taipa 2882 7811

Godiva 路氹城银河渡假城商铺G11 G11 Shop Galaxy Macau Resort, Cotai 2828 3822

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See’s Candies 维多利亚秘密 Victoria’s Secret 威尼斯人大运河购物中心3楼2412a店 2412a, Level 3 Shoppes Grand Canal, The Venetian, Cotai 2882 8485

电子及家庭电器 Audio Visual and Electronic Accessories JC Shop premium 威尼斯人大运河购物中心3楼 Level 3 Shoppes Grand Canal, The Venetian, Cotai 2882 8987

咀香园饼家 Choi Heong Yuen Bakery 澳门大三巴街28E号地下 Rua de S. Paulo, No 28E, R/C, Macau 2836 2122

威尼斯人大运河购物中心3楼21198店 2119, Level 3 Shoppes Grand Canal, The Venetian, Cotai 2882 8738

百货商店 Department Stores

钜记手信 Koi Kei Bakery

永盟百货 Winman 澳门殷皇子大马路友谊广场地库 Av.Do Infante D. Henrique 31A-31B,Macau 2871 8920

Duty Free Americas 威尼斯人大运河购物中心1楼 1023/1030店 1023/1030, Level 1 Shoppes Grand Canal, The Venetian, Cotai 2882 8263

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丰泽 Fortress

议事亭前地 11 号信德堡地库 Basement, Shun Tak House, 11 Largo Do Senado, Macau 2832 9958

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Original Technology 澳门广场地下P,V&W铺 Shop P, V & W, G/F, Macau Square 2871 7428

新八佰伴 New Yaohan

歌谣 KOIO Cyberland 澳门伯多禄局长街15号银座广场地下 Rua de Pedro Nolasco da Silva, No 15, Ginza Plaza, R/C, Macau 2835 5227

奇华饼家 Kee Wah Bakery

澳门苏亚利斯博士大马路90号 Av. Doutor Mário Soares no.90, Macau 2872 5338

威尼斯人大运河购物中心3楼 Level 3 Shoppes Grand Canal, The Venetian, Cotai 2882 8521 | June 2014





六月 2014 |

热门旅游景点 explore

走进澳门文创之地 Macau, the Land of Culture and Creativity Yan

Melao Vivimi

如果你对澳门的印象仍旧停留于娱乐博彩的话,那只能说你的导游太逊了。本月就让Cguide当 你的私人导游,带你走进澳门的大街小巷,发掘多个本地艺术家的创作天地, 开展一趟与众不 同的文化创意之旅。 Your tour guide should be blamed if your picture of Macau is all about entertainment and gambling. Cguide would like to be your private guide to navigate the streets and lanes of the city, discovering the world of local artists. It would be an unique journey of culture and creativity. | June 2014



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Ox Warehouse

“牛房仓库”是由昔日的政府 牛房改造而成的文化创意空 间,他们家的展览主要以当代 艺术创作为主,包括绘画、凋 塑、海报、装置和多媒体等。 此外,牛房也设有戏剧图书 室、艺术资料室、书房及CD专 区,让人可以更深入地了解不 同的艺术。牛房定期于周末设 有儿童绘画、手工艺、成人陶 艺等艺术工作坊,旨在鼓励及 培养个人创意和实验精神。

Ox Warehouse was literally what the name suggested in the old days before being rebuilt into a space of art. It focuses more on contemporary art including exhibitions of painting, sculpture, poster, installation and multi-media, also has facilities such as theater library, art archive, study and a CD zone for different tastes of art. The regular art workstations at the weekends are aimed to encourage and foster the spirit of creativity and experiments, a good chance for both children and adults to learn painting, handicrafts, pottery and other art forms.

地址 Address 澳门美副将大马路与提督马 路交界(市政狗房侧) No Cruzamento da Avenida do Coronel Mesquita com a Avenida Almirante Lacerda Macau

开放时间 OpeninG 12:00 ~19:00 (星期二休息 Closed on Tuesdays)

电话Tel: (+853) 2853 0026 巴士Bus 3,、3X,、4,、5,、7,、7A,、8,、8A,、9,、9A (于市政狗房站下车Get off at the Canil Municipal stop)



六月 2014 |


Iao Hin Gallery

“游衍画廊”是位于澳门老街 果栏街内的新式画廊,也是该 区不能错过的文创景点之一。 画廊的宗旨著重作品的原创性 与学术性,定期以不同的主题 展览规划,展出澳门以及国际 性多位艺术家的作品,包括葡 萄牙艺术家毕特比诗古(Pedro Besugo)、澳门年轻画家、设计 师袁伟业的作品等,把当代艺 术的多元风貌带进社会大众与 收藏家的视野。

Iao Hin Gallery at the historic Rua da Tercena is another attraction for art and culture lovers. The Gallery hosts regular exhibitions of both local and international artists such as Pedro Besugo from Portugal and local young artist and designer Yuen Wai Ip to highlight the originality and aesthetics of art, with a purpose of promoting the multi-formed world of contemporary art among the public and collectors.

地址 Address 澳门果栏街39A号 No. 39A, Rua da Tercena, Macau

开放时间 OpeninG 11:00-19:00(公众假期休息,Closed on Public Holiday)

电话Tel (+853) 2892 1908 巴士Bus 3,、18A,、26,(于沙栏仔站下车Get off at the Tua do Tarafeiro stop)

边度有书.有音乐 Pin-to Livros & Musica “边度有书.有音乐”是位于热闹的澳门议亭前地的楼上书店及音乐 店,在这裡你可以找到澳门以及各地人文、绘本、设计等书籍,还有 很多从世界各地直接引进的精彩独立音乐与电影配乐及原创手作杂货 等。此外,你还可以安静地坐在书店窗边,一边看书,一边听音乐, 或是享受一杯来自公平贸易的咖啡来感受澳门不一样的悠闲。 Here is where you can enjoy books of culture, art and design from Macau and the world, as well as the excellent independent music, soundtracks of movies and original handicrafts. Surrounded by the hustling Largo do Senado, the book and music store on the second floor would be an oasis when sitting quietly beside the window, immersing yourself in a casual world of books and music by a cup of fair-trade coffee.

澳门疯枝谷创意空间 Macau Lush Valley Creative Space 澳门的与众不同在于当你行走在大街小巷时总能发现新惊喜,位于疯 堂斜巷及美珊枝街交界处的“疯枝谷创意空间”便是一个充满惊喜的 文创看点。“疯枝谷”集合了一众对视觉艺术创作充满热诚的艺术工 作者,定期举行不同类型的视觉展览,让艺术走进社区,融入普罗大 衆的生活中。 One of the outstanding experiences in Macau is that every corner might have a surprise, for example the Lush Valley Creative Space at the crossing of Calcada da Igreja de S. Lazaro and Rua de Sanches de Miranda. As a space of gathering among passionate visual artists, it spreads the seeds of visual art to the communities by regular exhibitions of different forms.

地址 Address 澳门疯堂斜巷25A号及美珊枝街18 号地下 No.25A ,Calcada da Igreja de S. Lazaro, & No. 18,R/C, Rua de Sanches de Miranda, Macau

开放时间 OpeninG 14:00-18:00(星期一休息Closed on Mondays)

电话Tel (+853) 6288 0893 巴士Bus 7,、7A,、8 (于社会工作局站下车Get off at the Social Welfare Bureau stop)

地址 Address 澳门议亭前地31号永兴大厦1楼A座 及2楼B座 A/1F & B/2F, NO. 31,Edf. Veng Heng, Largo do Senado,Macau

开放时间 OpeninG 边度有书Pin-to Livros: 11:30-21:00 (周日至四,Sun-Thur); 11:30-22:00(周五及六,Fri & Sat) 边度有音乐Pin-to Musica: 13:0021:00(周日至四,Sun-Thur); 13:00-22:00(周五及六 Fri & Sat)

电话Tel (+853)2833 0909; (+853)2892 1191 巴士Bus 2,、3,、10,、10,、10A,、33, (于新马路站 下车Get off at the Almeida Ribeiro stop) | June 2014



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Signum Living Store

“号生活艺廊”位于澳门世遗建 筑妈阁庙旁一栋绿色旧建筑内, 是一家集创意、设计和舒适于一 身的家品生活概念店。店里集合 了各式国外家居生活精品和创意 礼品,包括世界顶级设计师家居 设计系列作品,向顾客表达”设 计融于生活”的理念。除此之 外,“号生活艺廊”也是一个展 览场地,定期展出澳门本地艺术 家的作品,让人们对澳门艺术创 作有更深的认识。

Signum Living Store is a store of household and lifestyle goods in a green historic building beside the World Heritage site Templo de A-Má. Everything on the shelves from both local and abroad is themed by creativity, design and cosiness, including those by world-class designers to express the concept of Design for Life. It also has regular art exhibitions of local artist to educate the public of the art scene of Macau.

地址 Address 澳门河边新街285号 R/C, No. 285, Rua do Almirante Sergio, Macau

开放时间 OpeninG: 12:00-20:00(公众假期休息 Closed on Public Holidays) 电话Tel (+853)2896 8925 巴士Bus 1,、5,、9,、10,、26(于妈阁前地站下 车Get off at A-Ma Temple Square stop)



六月 2014 |

想知道更多澳门 文创好去处? Want to find more? 你绝不能错过澳门文化局推出 的文创纸本地图,地图上加入 了澳门插画师陈蔚蓝绘画的各 个文创空间、节日盛事以及小 城居民日常生活的插画,可爱 又实用。索取纸本地图地点: 出入境口岸、博物馆、酒店、 旅行社及文创单位等。 It would be extremely helpful to have a Macau Culture and Creativity Map in your pocket. It is a cute paper map covering all the related sites, festivals, events and routine lives in the city drew by Macao illustrator Chan Wai Lam. | June 2014




邓建明 Joey Tang 顾芮宁 Elaine Koo

“黄昏音乐会”唱响澳门 Evening Concert in Macau Antonio Hart

Jennifer Palor

有关“黄昏音乐会”的详 情,请浏览民署网页www. 或致电: (853))8988 4000 / 2833 7676查询。 For more information, please visit mo or call ((853))8988 4000 / 2833 7676



六月 2014 |

Blick Bassy

从五月开始一直到十月,喜欢音乐 的朋友有福气了,因为你将可以于 澳门氹仔龙环葡韵圆形剧场举办的 每月一场免费“黄昏音乐会”,听 到来自不同地区的乐队为你带来各 种悦耳音韵,各场音乐会演出时间 为17:30-19:00,不设门票及划位, 费用全免!

其余几场你不能错 过的节目包括

Other concerts not to miss 7月19日(周六) July 19th (Sat) 澳门爵士乐推广协会承办 的“爵士女伶唱游仙境”, 由活跃于香港当地爵士现 场演出的菲律宾爵士女伶 Jennifer Palor及其香港乐队 担任演出,并由澳门爵士五 重奏作暖场。 Jennifer Palor in Wonderland, featured by the Phillipine Jazz singer popular in Hong Kong, warming up by Macau Jazz quintet.

A feast for the ears, June sees the continuation of Evening Concert at the outdoor theatre of the Taipa House Museum. Consisting of a series of evening concerts, held on one weekend every month from May to October, the event aims to treat audiences to live performance by bands from all over the world, without any charge!

8月23日(周六) August 23th (Sat) 由澳门爵士学会承办,主题 名为“爵士雄狮”,邀请 美国名牌著名乐手 Antonio Hart来澳献艺。 Antonio Hart In Macao hosted by Macau Jazz Club featured by the jazz master from the U.S.


9月13日(周六) Sep.13th (Sat)

雅立酱 Arie & John

尼采说:没有音乐,生命是没有价值的。而对于很多 游客来说,没有音乐同样让旅途失色,对于澳门本地 人来说,音乐更是美妙生活料理的最佳“佐料”。由 民政总署自2003年便开始举办的“黄昏音乐会”,一 直深受市民和游客的欢迎,细心的举办方把音乐会安 排在周六日举办,方便游客和市民在节假日期间前往 观看,既能欣赏龙环葡韵的优美风光环境,又能陶醉

于音乐会的迷人气息中,一举两得。 本年度六场的“黄昏音乐会”于5月至10月期间陆续上 演,每月一场,六月二十二日(周日)由法国文化协 会承办的“黄昏音乐会”,主题名为“非洲记忆. 法国 浪游”,法国著名歌手Blick Bassy将担任演出嘉宾, 邀请观众与他一起穿越热情而又欢快的音乐盛景,记 得把这个节目写进日程啦!

As Nietzsche once said, “Without music, life would be a mistake”. Music is essential for those travelling around and the most necessary ‘ingredient’ of life for us in Macau. The Evening Concert has been embraced by citizens and tourists since its debut in 2003 by the IACM. Concerts are performed during the weekends allowing more people to enjoy the music as well as the gorgeous

land and cityscape in the nearby areas of the Museum. This year’s edition of Evening Concert will span six months with the concerts opening in May and closing in October. Hosted by Alliance Française, this month’s concert will feature Blick Bassy. Set to be held on the evening of June 22nd, this is one event you can not afford to miss out on!

由蓝蓝天艺术会承办,主题 名为“爱在南美花开时” ,由厄瓜多尔最具现场气 氛的南美音乐演奏乐团 “SISAY” 担任演出。 SISAY Tour in Macao hosted by Blue Blue Sky Art Association, featured by the Ecuador band known by their marvelous live performance 10月11日(周六) Oct. 11th (Sat) 由作曲家、作家及出版社协 会承办,主题名为“吉他是 一首美丽的诗”,由香港 的Joey Tang(邓建明)& 北京的 Elaine (顾芮宁) ,以及澳门的雅立酱乐队担 任演出。 Guitar is a Beautiful Poem hosted by Society of Composers,Authors and Publishers featured by Joey Tang from Hong Kong, Elaine from Beijing and the Arie& John from Macau. | June 2014



热门旅游景点 explore 礼宾堂

concierge tips


澳门金钥匙协会分部副主席 Vice President of Les Clefs d’Or Macau 澳门君悦酒店礼宾部主管 Chief Concierge of Grand Hyatt Macau

Sammy Chan是澳门君悦酒店礼 宾部主管兼澳门金钥匙协会分部 副主席,他通过自身的勤奋努 力从低做起一直晋升到主管的级 别,Sammy拥有港澳区丰富的 酒店从业经验,他始终相信一个 上进又愉快的工作氛围可以让自 己的团队更有士气,并为宾客提 供宾至如归的高品质礼宾体验。 Sammy Chan is the Chief Concierge of Grand Hyatt Macau and Vice President of Les Clefs d’Or Macau. He attained his current position through hard work and dedication, starting from the bottom of the career ladder all the way up. With over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry in Hong Kong and Macau, he has great knowledge in many areas of hotel operations. He believes that a pleasant working environment will motivate team members to provide good quality service to the guests and exceed their expectations. 60


Sammy Chan 的游澳门 小贴士 Travel tips from Sammy Chan 澳门世界文化遗产您认为值得推荐 给游客? What is one of the best parts of town for heritage? 岗顶前地古称磨盘山,该地段虽然不 大,但自然环境清幽典雅,人文宗教 景观荟萃,著名的建筑物有圣奥斯定 教堂、岗顶剧院、圣若瑟修院、何东 图书馆等,加上由碎石铺成的波浪图 案路面,散发着浓郁的欧陆情调。 Largo de Santo Agostinho, also known as the Mount of Millstone in old days is a small yet tranquil and elegant area with so many attractions of culture, religion and architecture such as the St. Augustine’s Church, Teatro de Pedro V, St. Joseph’s Seminary and Biblioteca Sir Robert Ho Tung. Strolling along the path paved by small stones in the pattern of wave, you would feel like walking

六月 2014 |

in an ancient European town. 这些世遗周边有哪些有趣的地方值 得推荐 What else is interesting nearby? 我推荐龙嵩正街(葡萄牙文:Rua Central,通称龙嵩街),它是澳门中 区的一条街道,位于岗顶前地之下, 附近有很多美食,这里我列出一些推 荐给游客的食店: My suggestion would go to the Rua Central, a street located down the Largo de Santo Agostinho in the Macau central. So many nice restaurants around such as the followings: - 中天咖啡美食,它是地道的澳葡 茶餐厅 Estabelecimento de Comidas Chong Tin, a genuine Macanese-style cafe. - 大良昌记(咖哩酱) Tai Leong Cheong Kei (curry paste) - 架深洋行有限公司 (西洋牛油糕) Moosa & Companhia Lda (Portuguesestyle butter cake) - 美家咖啡室(咖哩牛尾,牛舌) Cafe Mei Kai (Curry ox-tail, ox tongue) 您推荐的澳门中式餐厅和必试菜式是 什么?为什么? Which Macau Chinese restaurants and dishes do you recommend? 我推荐澳门君悦酒店的满堂彩,有非 常正宗的中国北方菜式和手拉面吃, 北京君悦酒店驰名的北京烤鸭也能在 澳门吃到,搭配手工拉面和特制辣 酱,简直是一流的享受。另外我也推 荐山西刀削面配猪肉和猪肉锅贴等菜 式,是精致北方菜的代表。 Beijing Kitchen at the Grand Hyatt Macau is the right place to enjoy the first class northern Chinese cuisine such as the traditional Beijing Style Duck prepared in wood-fired ovens as genuine as it is in Grand Hyatt Beijing; the hand pulled noodles with special chili sauce is delicious, too. There are also many other signature dishes of northern Chinese food served here including the Shanxi Hand Shredded Noodles with Pork and Pan Fried Pork Dumplings. 哪里是最适合和孩子一起去的地方? Is there an interesting destination for families in the area? 澳门大熊猫馆位于路环石排湾郊野公 园内,建筑占地约3000平方米,整个 建筑利用现有的地形结合建筑的特性 进行设计,依山而建,呈扇形的分

佈。大熊猫馆的外观造型设计以彷 自然为主,活动场的围牆以彷山石 包裹,营造一个自然山水环绕的大 熊猫的活动场地。 而为了大熊猫的生 活需要,馆内还设有大熊猫的后勤中 心,包括兽舍、竹子清洗区、竹子储 存库、饲料准备室、饲料储存库、监 控区和医疗室等……下午三点半过后 会是最佳参观時间,因该時段是大熊 猫开开和心心的用膳時间,小朋友可 以于这時好好欣赏它门的可爱模样。 A nice destination for family to enjoy is Macau Giant Panda Pavilion in the Seac Pai Van Park in a fan-shaped layout of about 3000㎡. It is designed to take advantage of combining the terrain’s natural undulations with architectural characteristics. The outlook of the Pavilion is designed to mimic nature, e.g. the yard is enclosed in a rock wall with some built-in panda habitat features of hills and waters. Internal facilities include a logistic centre with panda dens, bamboo-washing and storage quarters, feed preparation room, feed warehouse, control centre and veterinarian clinic, etc. 哪里可以品尝到正宗的葡萄牙美食? Where can I find the most genuine Portuguese food? 海湾餐厅在澳门人心中的地位,有如 香港的半岛般崇高。多少澳门高官, 以此作为用膳场所。今天,虽然它的 收费和服务物件都大众化了,但仍不 减其尊贵的格调和一流的服务水准。 来到这裡,你绝不能错过锔蟹盖,外 表炸得金黄的蟹盖,裡面酿有新鲜 的蟹肉和其他肉类,香口之馀还有 鲜味;这裡的非洲鸡也是不可不试 的一道菜,汁料味道浓郁,入口微 辣,但辣味很快被鲜味所掩盖,令 人回味无穷。 Restaurant Litoral in Macau is as prestigious as Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. Used to be an exclusive dinning venue for the wealthy and high officials, the restaurant has been more popular today in terms of charge and service devices, yet still offering a dignified environment and top class service. The most popular dish here is the delicious Fried Crab Shell with crab and other meats stuffed in the gold-colored fried crab shell. If you order the African Chicken, you will be surprised how the juicy chicken will leave a lingering spicy yet tasty flavor in your mouth.

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photo by SioSio

photo by KEONG

快拍活动齐参与 欢迎将有关澳门的快拍照片分享到这个页面,每月的《新澳 门导航》将由你们发送的照片中选出三张最佳的快拍刊登。 方法很简单,只要将在澳门拍摄的照片通过电子邮件的形式 传送到,并提供你的名字,你 将会在下一期的《新澳门导航》找到属于你的照片。我们会 对所有读者发来的照片作出评选,还在犹豫?快来参与我们 的活动吧!

Introduction of Snapshot Welcome to Snapshots, your platform to share your pictures about Macau. Each month Cguide makes a selection of the Top 3 pictures that you send in. It’s really simple, just take a picture in Macau, email it to with your name and look for it in the upcoming edition! We also include a selection of photos from all those that you readers send in, so don’t wait, go take a Snapshot!

photo by LAM | June 2014



热门旅游景点 explore 博物馆



留声岁月音响博物馆 Sound of the Century

The Museum of Vintage Sound Machines Mia


留声岁月音响博物馆是设于澳门草堆街太平电器的小型 的博物馆,里面珍藏着各种音响设备,以声音带你回到 百多年前的时空,感受当时的音韵。 A small showroom in the Tai Ping Electronics and Appliances building Sound of the Century represents the sound and atmosphere of the good old days with dazzling displays of vintage sound machines and other antique electronics. 62


六月 2014 |

留声岁月音响博物馆于2002年12月4日成立,里面的 二百多件古董器材都是由老板远道从北美等地搜集回 来。第一层以电力音响设备为主,90年前手摇式电 话、80年前全铜雕花收款机、70年前的各款座台灯 胆、50年前旋转式球型荧光幕电视机以及多款曾疯麾 万千青少年的投币式点唱机、40年前世界上第一部卡 式录音机、30年前将声音及影像录在黑胶碟上的影碟 机(即雷射影碟机前身)以及众多40年前各款欧洲和日 本出品的手提原子粒收音机,可以从中看出电力发明 后为影音享受带来的改变。 阁楼是博物馆的重头戏,收藏各款古老的手动音响设 备,你将可以在这里发现远在150年前人类尚未发明 留声机,唱片尚未面世,人类已将音乐刻在纸带及木 棍上的各款座台式手摇风琴,以及将音乐刻在钢片及 金属棒上的各款手摇式八音盒。全场最古老的便是 1870年的手摇风琴,一张纸上刻了小洞,手摇后抽 风通过小洞产生共鸣,这便了八音盒的始祖,其后演 变成滚筒式八音盒或钢片八音盒。而1877年爱迪生 发明了滚筒式留声机,靠着一个手摇的金属滚筒,包 上一锡箔,对着鼓型的振膜大声说话,声音便通过振 膜上的针状物体振动,在锡箔上留下坑纹去“留声” ,播放时只要将针放在转动中有坑纹锡箔上,通过振 膜再将声音回放出来,就成了“胶筒留声机”,当年 一个胶筒就是一首歌曲,爱迪生从此结束了人类只能 从八音盒及现场演奏才能听音乐的时代。到了九十年 代,VICTOR留声机根据一幅名为《HIS MASTER’S VOICE》的画将爱迪生腊筒留声机改为BERINER平放 碟式留声机,画中的小狗NIPPER更成了商标。数百件 的展品活现眼身,仿佛带你从“留声”一次走过“岁 月”。

Founded in late 2002, the museum has more than 200 historic exhibits collected from the world over. The first floor features an exhibit of old electronic machines dating anywhere from 30 to 90 years ago such as a handoperated telephone, the carved copper cash register, the base and bulb of various table lamps, a revolving fluorescent spherical screen TV set, a coin-operated jukebox, the first cassette recorder, LP players or the ancestor of modern LD player and portable radios from Europe and Japan (40 years), demonstrating how the invention of electricity changed our experience of sound. The centerpiece of the museum is the exhibit found in the attic. The exhibit includes a collection of handoperated sound machines dating back an astounding 150 years. A part of the exhibit are various hand-cranked music boxes that use steel panels and metal sticks to create sound and a late 19th century barrel organ that plays music through notes carved on paper bands or sticks. The mother of the modern day music box, it

later evolved into the cylinder and steel panel varieties invented by Thomas Edison in 1877. In Edison’s day and age, people could only enjoy music through music boxes and singular live performances, Edison quickly invented something to revolutionize they way we enjoy music – the phonograph. A hand-operated cylinder covered in tinfoil, the phonograph would engrave a series of grooves on the foil’s surface when sound waves were transmitted via a needle. Each cylinder was a complete recording of sound and to play back the recorded audio, one would need to just place the needle on the grooves of the rotating cylinder. Edison’s invention was eventually improved and thus was born the VICTOR phonograph, which played cylinders horizontally. This new version was called NIPPER, after the dog in the famous drawing entitled HIS MASTER’S VOICE. Strolling among the hundreds of exhibition pieces is just like being transported back in time.

地址 Address

澳门草堆街13-15号太平 电器三楼 3rd floor of the Tai Ping Electronics and Appliances, Rua das Estalagens,13-15

时间 Opening 11:00-17:00

门票 Admission MOP30

查询 Inquiry

(+853) 2892 1389 (需预约参观 Reservation is required) | June 2014



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我的澳门 my Macau Yan


罗嘉豪 我唱歌, 所以我快乐

Hyper Lo, I Sing, I Enjoy 罗嘉豪于2002年创作的歌曲《飞不起》获 奖开始崭露头角,其后在香港的歌唱选秀 节目以及电视节目主持而为人们所熟悉。 如今,他全力在音乐创作的路上努力冲, 词曲监唱四重身份集于一身为的不是当歌 手能赚来丰厚的回报或是名气,而是和歌 迷们分享他的音乐,分享来自个人创作的 快乐。 Following the release of a popular original song in 2002, participating in a Hong Kong talent show and a successful stint as a TV host, Hyper Lo has slowly become a household name. Now in top gear to push forward with his own three-in-one career, namely the writing, producing and performing of music, the aims of his pursuits lie not just in the fame or fortune but the sharing of his music and joy to his fans. 64


六月 2014 |

唱歌主持两相宜 相信很多人在儿时都发过 要当歌手的豆芽梦,有的 人随着年岁增长早就忘了 这个梦,有的人则一直在 为这小豆芽苗努力施肥灌 溉,使其茁壮成长。中学 时代的罗嘉豪已经开始创 作歌曲,那时候自己哼着 曲子好玩,也从不知道自 己会写歌,直到遇上好朋 友倪力的鼓励与帮忙,才 真正开始把自己哼哼的曲 子写下。 “其实中学时代的我真不 知道那是创作,也没想过 一定得当全职歌手,只是 想把自己的创作分享。后 来升大学时得到父母的支 持,毅然前往台湾学习唱 歌,便有了你们现在所看 到的我。” 除了歌手的身份,罗嘉豪 也是一个具有亲和力的主 持人,所以不论主持电视

Singing and Hosting The dream of being a singer is not a strange desire for most kids and whilst some of us grow out of it, others pursue it persistently. Beginning his journey into music in high school, Hyper Lo had not realized his talent until it was pointed out to him by his friend Nick Ngai. “I did not know what it meant [to write] songs,” says Lo, “and [I] never took the thought of being a fulltime singer seriously. All I [wanted to] do was to share my music. So with the support of my parents, I went to Taiwan to learn singing and here I am.” Other than a singer, Hyper Lo is also a popularhost

我的澳门地图 My Macau Map Q & A

节目还是现场活动都非常 受欢迎。面对这样的双重 身份,他个人是更喜欢当 主持还是歌手呢?“主持 是我的专长,唱歌则是我 的兴趣,两个都喜欢。事 实上受邀当主持比唱歌表 演的机会要多得多,但不 论是哪一个,我都会尽力 做好。”

独立音乐制作人 随着澳门的原创歌曲渐被 港台所认可,大型唱片公 司纷纷向澳门的创作歌手 招手,而罗嘉豪仍然坚持 着当一名独立歌手,自资 做音乐并且出唱片,从作 曲填词收录出唱片几乎都 是一人包办,还有主持工 作以及澳门演艺人协会的 事务,如此忙碌的生活他 却是乐在其中。“我相信 只要你肯努力的话,没有 事情是办不到的。同时

among TV audiences of live and recorded shows. Which is his favorite? His answer is: “Hosting is my expertise, while singing is my hobby, equally interesting. I get more invitations oforhosting than singing in reality, but I do both with all my efforts.”

Independent Music Producer As the local Macau music are more recognized by Hong Kong and Tai Wan, more record companies came here to find talents. Yet Mr. Lo insisted his status of being an independent singer, making music and album all by himself and all by his own money. His schedule is quite tight by being a musician, host


What’s your best memory of Macau?

也想以自己的故事鼓励有 音乐理想的年轻人,和他 们分享我一路走来的经 验。” 由罗嘉豪创作的歌曲包括 《前度》、《蠢人》、 《失忆症》等多首在网上 的回响都很好,歌迷们也 一直期待他的个人专辑, 那么他的唱片将会什么时 候完成呢?“其实本来计 划是去年年底发布的,但 在制作的过程中我发现它 可以改得更好,所以现在 仍处于制作阶段中,请大 家耐心地再等一下。”

and the member of Macau Artistes Association at the same time, but he found a lot of pleasure in it, as he said:” I believe nothing is impossible as long as you squeeze yourself. I also want to inspire the youth with music ambitions by my story and share my experience.” Many of Hyper Lo’s songs received nice Internet feedback. When will he release his own album that is expected by many of us? He replies:” Though being planned to release at the end of last year, I found it could have been improved during the production procedure. So it is still in the studio. Just be a little bit patient.”

我还是中学生时代的澳门,那时的澳门其实没什么娱乐,而我 和同学最爱放学后到公园玩捉迷藏、周末到教会唱歌,或是和 朋友到海边BBQ,于我而言那是一段很美好的回忆。 The Macau in my high school days when there was no real entertainment, which allowing us to go playing in parks after school, singing in the church at weekend, or BBQ by the sea with friend, what a sweet memory!


Where in Macau do you find the most beautiful scenery? 从澳门旅游塔四楼咖啡厅的落地玻璃望出去的海景最美。 The view out of the floor-to-ceiling window of the café on the fourth floor of the Macau Tower.


Where is your favorite restaurant? 我是个偏爱吃中菜的人,威尼斯人的“喜粤”则是我最爱去的 中餐厅。 I prefer Chinese food; my favorite would be the Grand Imperial Restaurant in the Venetian.


Which would be your suggestion of must-try food in Macau? 我会推荐地道的澳葡菜,福龙葡国餐厅是我常去的一家,他们 家的焗鸭饭以及忌廉焗马介休很值得一试. I suggest the Macau- Portuguese dishes such as the fried duck rice and Codfish and Cream Sauce at the Dragon Portuguese Cuisine. I am a frequent customer there.


Where is the best place to go for a real Macau experience? 到路环市区以及海傍小路散步,那里能让人感受到澳门独有的 悠闲步调。 A stroll along the urban area of Coloane and the sea would be a perfect chance to feel the special cozy life of Macau.


Star Voice Concert-Hyper Lo 罗嘉豪将于6月29日晚10时在星际酒店“品味 吧”举行个人音乐会,他除了准备一系列自己 创作的歌曲回馈粉丝以外,还会唱出多首耳熟 能详的澳门本地原创歌曲。 查询及订座:+853 8290 8698 Welcome to Hyper Lo’s live concert at the Whisky Bar of Star World Macau at 10:00pm of June 29th. Other than the songs he wrote, he would reinterpret some popular local songs. Inquiry and reserve: (+853) 8290 8698 | June 2014



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澳门唯一充满阿拉伯风情的建筑物, 当初是兵营,由印度来澳的摩尔士兵 驻守。  地址: 澳门妈阁山边 开放时间: 09:00-18:00 全日 费用: 全免

昔日圣保禄教堂的前壁,最初建于 1580年。  地址: 澳门大三巴街 费用: 全免

旧城墙遗址在大三巴牌坊附近,这 是由葡国人在1569年于澳门所修建 的城墙。 地址: 澳门大三巴斜巷 费用: 免费

亚婆井前地 昔日澳门为葡国殖民地时是居民储 存饮用山泉的地方,曾有著名葡萄 牙民谣说:“喝过亚婆井水,澳门不 相忘。” 地址: 澳门西望洋山北面的广场 开放时间: 全日 费用: 全免

郑家大屋 郑家大屋具有传统中国广东民居的 特征,是中国近代名人郑观应的居 所,全屋面积约有4,000平方米大。 地址: 澳门龙头左巷10号(亚婆井前 地) 开放时间: 10:00-18:00 (最后入场时 间为17:30, 每逢星期三休息) 费用: 全免


又名为金玉堂,传统中国风格的大 屋,是澳门二十年纪商人卢九先生 的住宅,建于1889年。  地址: 澳门大堂街7号 开放时间: 09:00-19:00 (逢星期二到 星期日, 公众假期), 星期一休馆 费用: 全免

议事亭前地 又称为“喷水池”,是澳门四大广 场之一,占地面积约有3,700平方米, 采用葡萄牙设计风格。 地址: 澳门半岛的中区, 开放时间: 全日 费用: 全免

建于1560年, 是当时澳门的医院以及 老人院,是一座古旧,欧陆式建筑 风格的白色大楼。 地址: 澳门议事亭前地旁边的砖石 建筑物。 开放时间: 10:00-13:00; 14:30-17:30 (逢星期日以及公众假期休息) 费用: 澳门币5元 于1728年年间由耶稣会会士所创 建,以经典的巴洛克风格及独特迷 人的景观吸引艺术家前来参观。  地址: 澳门岗顶前地 开放时间: 10:00-17:00 (逢公众假期 休息) 费用: 全免


主教座堂 主教座堂,是全澳最著名最重要的 天主教座堂之一,以供奉圣母玛利 亚主,建于1622年, 主教座堂设计简 单, 以富有艺术性的彩色玻璃窗作为 背景。在澳门,大部份教会的庆典 都会在此举行。 地址: 澳门大堂前地 费用: 免费

于1860年建造成的,以新古典形式 设计,是中国第一所西式剧院。  地址: 澳门岗顶前地的古老剧院 开放时间: 10:00-23:00 费用: 全免



东方基金会会址 圣奥斯定教堂 圣奥斯定教堂,又名为”龙嵩庙” (龙须庙),于1592年由西班牙奥斯定 会修士兴建而成,是澳门第一间教 堂以英语来传道。 地址: 岗顶前地2号 开放时间: 10:00-18:00 费用: 免费

东方基金会会址本是澳门最好的豪华 住宅之一,原本是葡萄牙富商俾利喇 的别墅;现在作为东方基金会会址。 地址:澳门白鸽巢公园侧 开放时间: 09:30-18:00(逢星期六, 日及公众假期休息) 费用: 免费




大炮台位于澳门的核心地带,占地 约一万平方米,建筑于1617至1626 年,现作为大炮台展览室。 地址:澳门花王堂区大炮台山 开放时间: 07:00-19:00 费用: 免费


澳门圣老楞佐堂 又称为风顺堂, 于1560年年间由耶稣 会会士所创建, 是澳门最古老的三座 教堂之一。 地址: 澳门风顺堂街, 开放时间: 10:00-16:00 (逢星期一至 星期五,) 10:00-13:00 (逢星期六), 星 期日休息 费用: 全免


又名为「花堂」,建于1608年,是 澳门第一个耶稣会的总部。  地址: 澳门花王堂街和沙栏仔街的街角 开放时间: 07:30-17:30 费用: 全免

六月 2014 |

民政总署大楼建于1784年,前身 是澳门市政厅,建筑风格具有明显 的南欧建筑艺术特色。一楼作为图 书馆使用,现有大量外籍藏书,专 门收藏自从17世纪到现今的外文古 籍。 地址: 澳门亚美打利比卢大马路163 号 开放时间:画廊 09:00-21:00 (逢星期 一休息), 花园09:00-21:00 费用: 免费

三街会馆 三街会馆亦即是关帝庙,会馆初设 刚开放时只是商人聚集的场所, 而在华人社会中有很重要的地 位。1912年,因澳门中华总商会成 立,让会馆主要功能变为供奉神明。 地址: 公局新市南街 开放时间: 08:00-18:00 费用: 免费

玫瑰堂 玫瑰堂是由三位道明会士在中国的第 一间教堂。教堂设计十分华丽,它的 巴洛克建筑风格祭坛更是精致,在那 里供奉有一个细小博物馆,收藏了超 过三百多件澳门天主教珍贵文物 地址: 板樟堂前地 开放时间: 10:00-18:00 费用: 免费

哪咤庙 哪咤庙建于1888,当时是为防止瘟 疫流行而兴建的。 地址: 澳门圣安多尼堂区圣方济各 斜巷 开放时间: 08:00-17:00 费用: 免费

东望洋炮台 东望洋炮台建于1622年,包括了一 座灯塔及一间小教堂,它位于澳门 半鸟最高峰,在这里可以俯视整个 澳门的风光。 地址: 澳门松山 开放时间: 09:00-17:00 费用: 免费

A Ma Temple

Oldest temple in Macau, dedicated to Macau’s namesake Tin Hau. Address: Rua de Sao Tiago da Barra, Macau Opening Hours: 10:00-18:00 daily Entrance fee: Free

Moorish Barracks

The only Arabian-style building in Macau, was originally the barracks of Indian soldiers appointed from Goa to Macau. Address: Barra Street, around the corner from A-Ma Temple, Macau Opening Hours: 09:00-18:00 daily Entrance fee: Free

St. Joseph’s Seminary and Church

Lou Kau Mansion

Built by the Jesuits in 1728, St. Joseph’s features classic Baroque architecture and its distinctive beauty has always attracted artists. Address: Rua Do Seminario, Macau Opening Hours: 10:00-17:00 (Closed on Public Holidays) Entrance fee: Free

A traditional Chinese courtyard mansion in Macau, was home to Lou Kau, a prominent Chinese merchant, and was built in 1889. Address: No 7 Travessa da Se, Macau Opening Hours: 09:00-19:00 (Tuesday-Sunday and Public Holidays), closed on Monday. Entrance fee: Free

Dom Pedro V Theatre

Holy House of Mercy

Built in 1860, the theatre has a distinct neo-classical design, and is one of the first western-style theatres in China. Address: Largo de Santo Agostinho, Macau Opening Hours: 10:00-23:00 Entrance Fee: Free

Constructed in 1569, as the medical clinic and social welfare edifice, this white building is filled with history. Address: Travessa da Misericordia 2, Macau, China. Opening Hours: 10:00-13:00; 14:30-17:30 (Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays) Entrance fee: MOP 5


The Cathedral, one of the most important Catholic churches in Macau, is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and was built in 1622. It’s simplicity in style and decoration accentuate the stained glass windows and the church houses the majority of the religious ceremonies held in Macau. Address: Largo da Sé Macau, Macau Entrance fee: Free

Lilau Square

Was built to provide fresh water to Macau’s people during the colonial days. A famous old local saying goes: “Anyone who drinks from the water of the Lilau-will never forget Macau”. Address: North of Penha Hill, near the Mandarin’s House, Central Macau Peninsula, Macau Opening Hours: 24h Entrance fee: Free

Mandarin’s House

A traditional Chinese-style compound, home of prominent Chinese literary figure Zheng Guanying, covering an area of about 4,000-square meters. Address: No. 10 Travessa de Antonio da Silva, Largo do Lilau, Macau Opening Hours: 10:00-18:00 (last entry at 17:30, closed on Wednesdays) Entrance fee: Free

St. Lawrence’s Church

Also named Fung Shun Tang, this church was originally built by the Jesuits around 1560, and is one of the oldest churches in Macau. Address: Fung Shun Tang Street, Southwest side of Macau, Macau, China. Opening Hours: 10:00-16:00 (from Monday to Friday) 10:00-13:00 (Saturdays) Closed on Sundays. Entrance fee: Free

St. Augustine’s Church

Ruins of St. Paul’s

Floating façade of St. Paul, originally built in 1580. Address: Rua Sao Paulo Entrance fee: Free

St. Anthony’s Church

Also named the “Church of Flowers” in Chinese, the building was built in 1608, and was the first headquarters of the church in Macau. Address: Fa Vong Tong Street, south of Camões Garden, at the north end of Historic Center of Macau, Macau Opening Hours: 07:30-17:30 Entrance Fee: Free

St. Augustine’s Church, also known as “Long Song Miu” (Temple of the Long-whiskered Dragon), was first built by Spanish Augustinians in 1591. This is the first church in Macau to use English sermons. Address: No. 2, Largo de Santo Agostinho, Macau Opening Hours: 10:00-18:00 Entrance fee: Free

Sir Robert Ho Tung Library

Originally built in 1894, this was the residence of Dona Carolina Cunha. In 1918, Hong Kong businessman Sir Robert Ho Tung purchased it and, according to his will, this building was presented to the Macau Government to be used as a public library. Address: No. 3 Santo Agostinho Square, Macau Opening Hours: 10:00-19:00 (Monday to Saturday), 11:00-19:00 (Sunday) Entrance fee: Free

Leal Senado Building

In 1784, the Leal Senado Building was built to serve as Macau’s municipal office. Decorated in a southern European architectural style, it houses a library on the 1st floor, with thousands of foreign texts dating back to the 17th century. Address: No 163 Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, Macau Opening Hours: Gallery: 09:00-21:00 (closed on Mondays); Garden: 09:00-21:00 Entrance fee: Free

Sam Kai Vui Kun

Also known as Kuan Tai Temple, originally, it was the meeting place for merchants, and was very important for the local Chinese community. After the establishment of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in 1912, Sam Kai Vui has been used primarily for worship. Address: Rua Sul do Mercado de São Domingos, Macau Opening Hours: 08:00-18:00 Entrance fee: Free

St. Dominic’s Church

St. Dominic’s Church is the first church to have been built in China. Built in 1587 by three Spanish Dominican priests it houses a Baroque altar and its museum holds around 300 Catholic Macanese artifacts. Address: St. Dominic’s Square Opening Hours: 10:00-18:00 Entrance fee: Free

Section of the Old City Walls

Located near the Ruins of St. Paul’s a section of the old city wall, built in 1569 by the Portuguese, is visible as the remnants of the former battlements. Address: Calçada de S. Paulo, by Senado Square, Macau Entrance fee: Free

Mount Fortress

Mount Fortress was the heart of the Macanese defensive center. At 10,000-square meters, the building was constructed from 1617 until 1626 to defend against invasion from the sea. Now, it is used as the Macau Museum. Address: Monte, Freguesia de Santo António, Macau Opening Hours: 07:00-19:00 Entrance fee: Free | June 2014



儿童天地 Kids

宝宝食堂 Baby Kitchen Moon

天然母乳当然是宝宝最健康的食品,但当宝宝成长到四至六个月,他们所需要的营养也一天天 增多,光吃奶水已经无法满足宝宝所必须的热量与营养,爸爸妈妈就要开始为宝宝添加合适的 副食品,同时更可训练宝宝咀嚼能力,学习做个“小大人”。 Mother’s milk is undoubtedly the best source of nutrition for newborn infants, and as they grow supplementary food can gradually be added to meet the youngster’s accelerating need of calories and nutrition.



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多功能食物处理器 Petit Terraillon

环保粟米餐具套装 Mothers Corn

MOP1, 248


可拆除式配件的食物处理器,具备两个独立600ml蒸汽碗和一个 700ml搅拌器,能将食物快速烹 饪和搅拌,方便又卫生。 With a removable compartment, two 600ml steam bowls and a 700ml blender, the Petit Terraillon multi-fucntion food processor is a great choice for speedy and convenient blending and cooking as well as easy to clean.

选用美国优质粟米制成的环保餐 具,不受重金属、双酚A和有毒 物质等影响,是宝宝最安全可靠 的餐具。 The safest choice for babies, this set of utensils are made from quality all natural corn flour and contains no trace of heavy metals, BPA’s as well as other known toxins.

有机多谷物营养米麦糊 Happybellies

婴幼儿天然健康米粥 Miznco

Multi-function food processor

Organic multi-grain cereal MOP63

有机认証的100%纯米麦成份, 能提供宝宝最大热量来源,同 时亦有丰富的维他命B群及丰富 DHA,可有助宝宝的视力及脑 部发育。 Satisfy the caloric requirements of babies with the Happybellies 100% certified organic multigrain cereal. The cereal contains a nutritious mixture of rice, wheat and added VB and DHA vitamins that are beneficial for babies’ vision and brain development.

萝卜芝士朦猪脆脆 Happymunchies

Cheese and radish cake MOP50 选用全玉米制成,不含黄豆、小 麦、果仁等致敏原,内里更含有丰 富Choline(胆硷),能帮助宝宝 脑部健康发展。 These whole-corn made snacks contain no allergens such as soy beans, wheat or nuts and the rich Choline addition is great for brain development of your little ones.

Corn flour utensil set

Instant rice congee MOP59

独立包装的健康米粥易于携带, 旅游或逛街时都可方便让宝宝进 食,还有多款口味可选择,适合 9个月大婴儿。 Individually packaged, these sachets of healthy rice porridge come in a variety of flavors and are especially convenient for feeding babies when traveling or shopping. Suitable for babies nine months and older.

哪里可以买到? WHERE TO BUY? BIP妈妈宝宝专门店 BIP, Baby In Progress 地址: 澳门士多纽拜斯大马路7-9B号 丰裕大厦地下A舖 Add: Ave. Sidonio Pais No. 7-9B, Edf. “Fung Yu”, “A” r/c, Macau 电话 : (+853) 2856084 电话 Tel: (+853) 2856084 | June 2014



儿童天地 Kids

儿童世界 Children’s World

美高梅奇幻光彩之旅 MGM Aurora

奇幻表演 Shows

永利表演湖 Performance Lake

历险Q立方 Qube 威尼斯人酒店的历险Q立方内要有高 达六米的复合攀爬设施,附设一座垂 直滑梯、两座小型滑梯、一座V字形 绳桥、跨越及攀爬障碍物、之字形攀 爬绳网等。 Situated inside the Venetian Hotel, Qube features a six-meter-tall multi-climbing facility with a free fall slide, rainbow slides, a V-Net bridge, over and under barriers, zig-zag net climbers and more. 开放时间Opening hours: 10:00-22:00 Price from MOP 50 入场费:澳门币50元起 (+853) 2882 8857

主题图书馆 Anime-themed library 《喜羊羊与灰太狼》主题图书馆誔生 啦!黑沙环公园黄营均儿童图书馆是 现时澳门唯一一间儿童图书馆。 China’s hit cartoon characters “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf” have come to Macau, debuting the first themed library, located in the North area of Areia Preta Urban Park. 开放时间 Opening hours: 8:00 - 20:00 星期一休馆 closed on Mondays) 免费Free admission (+853) 2845 1892



美高梅邀您步入天幕广场的「光・影・水 世界」,亲身体验光影交织的奇妙海 底世界:色彩夺目的珊瑚宫殿环抱8 米高的圆柱形水族馆,海洋与天空融 为一色,逾千鱼儿遨游天际的奇景 尽入眼帘。 Immerse yourself in an intricate interplay of shadow and light, where the water meets the sky. The eight-meter tall cylindrical Water-sky Aquarium in MGM’s Grande Praça is regarded as the soul of Water Aurora. 免费入场Free entrance 查询 Tel:(853) 8802 8888

水舞间 The House of Dancing Water 耗资20亿港币的大型水上汇演「水 舞间」以特技、舞蹈等表现方法,配 合以水为主题,把东方智慧的意象发 挥得淋漓尽致。 The HK$2 billion performance ‘The House of Dancing Water’ is a breathtaking water-based show that draws its creative inspiration from the roots of Chinese culture and is destined to be the most extravagant live production ever staged in Asia. 详情请浏览Visit: (+853) 8868 6688

永利表演湖位于永利酒店大门前地, 逾200个湖水喷咀和发射器,配合 800,000加仑的湖水,热力与光芒绽 放着喜悦和活力。 Located in front of Wynn Macau, the Performance Lakes houses over 200 water nozzles and shooters, and holds 800,000 gallons of water. It sports lofty plumes of water and fire along with music. 表演时间 Show times: 11:00-00:00(15分钟一次 Daily at 15 minutes intervals 免费入场Free entrance (+853) 2888 9966

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百步登天及高飞跳 Tower climb & Skyjump 参加百步登天来征服338米高的旅游 塔。高飞跳和空中漫步能看到澳门震 撼的景色。 Conquer the 338-meter tall Macau Tower with the Tower Climb. Try out the hair-raising SkyJump and SkyWalk to get dynamic views of Macau. 时间Time: 11:00-21:00 空中漫步Sky Walk: 澳门币MOP 688 百步登天 Mast Climb: 澳门币MOP 3,388 高 飞跳Sky Jump: 澳门币MOP 1,888 (+853) 8988 8656

赛车 Karting 在路氹连贯公路末端、近路环的小型 赛车场,每逢周末都会挤满爱好驾驶 或观看小型赛车的外地和本地人士。 At the end of the causeway linking Taipa and Coloane is a karting track and grandstand. Start your engines! (+853) 2888 1862

滑草 Grass-skiing

龙腾 Dragon’s Treasure 于新濠天地的圆顶形综合剧院「天 幕」欣赏「龙腾」,在四大龙王的带 领下,深深体会多媒体高清特技丶千 变万化的舞台灯光丶独特乐章带来的 超感官奇幻效果。 The Bubble is an iconic multi-media attraction at the City of Dreams with explosive visual and sounds. The Dragon’s Treasure theme tells the story of the Dragon Pearl and the four kings. 放映时间Show times: 12:00-20:00 每30分钟一场 every 30-minutes) 价格Price: 澳门币MOP 50 (+853) 8868 6688

冒险地带 Adventure Zone

电影院和剧院 Cinemas and Theaters 澳门旅游塔的剧院、永乐戏院和澳门 大会堂不时有最新的香港、荷里活电 影和其它国家的影片上映。带小孩看 充满欢乐的3D 电影吧! A variety of movie theatres exist in Macau. With the UA cinema situated in the Galaxy complex, the Cineteatro Macau and the Macau Tower’s movie theatres, kids are able to enjoy a variety of 3-D, 2-D and Anime movies.

在大潭山公园有个滑草场,带小朋友 去玩个够吧! This park’s a great place to come for BBQs and for views out over Cotai and Macau. Not only that, but try out the Grass-ski slope, enjoy the thrill of the ride. (+853) 2831 5566

水上运动 Cheoc Van Nautical Centre 竹湾海滩旁有提供水上运动设备的会 所。吸引很多爱玩的人到这儿冲浪或 玩水上活动。 The Nautical Centre in Cheoc Van is equipped with an array of watersports equipment including canoes, windsurfers, sailboats and more. Instructors are on hand to teach beginners about the ways of the open sea. (+853)2888 2252

动物天地 Critter Country

城市漫游 City Tour

亲子时间 Family Fun Time 熊厨房 Kuma’s Kitchen

澳门大熊猫馆 Macao Giant Panda Pavilion 澳门大熊猫馆位于路环石排湾郊野公 园内,建筑占地约3000平方米,馆 内设有两个室内活动区和一个室外 活动场。去看“开开和心心”的可 爱模样吧! Located in the Seac Pai Van Park, this 3,000-square meter Giant Panda Pavilion comprises two indoor-activity areas and an outdoor yard for the giant pandas “Kai Kai” and “Xin Xin”. 开放时间Opening Hours: 10:00-13:00 门票Price 澳门币MOP10 (+853) 2888 0087

二龙喉公园迷你动物园 Flora Garden’s Mini-Zoo 这里有30种鸟类,15种哺乳和爬 行动物。 This small zoo houses 30 species of birds, 15 types of mammals and other reptiles. (+853) 2833 7676

石排湾郊野公园 Seac Pai Van Park 位于路环岛西部的山麓,离路氹公 路不远。这里绿树成荫,是郊游的 好去处。 The Seac Pai Van Park comprises a blend of zoological and botanical attractions, with scenic areas of conserved ecology in which visitors can expand their knowledge of nature. (+853) 2833 7676

带你的孩子参加熊厨房的亲子班,享 受学习烹饪甜点的乐趣吧! This Kitchen is known for its desserts and pastries and is a great place to go with the kids to learn about how these delicacies are made. (+853) 2878 3126

滑船 Chilling by the Dam 路环黑沙水库建有一个水上乐园可以 一家大小假日是骑脚踏船和健行等。 Hác-Sá Reservoir’s Nature Park has two hiking trails and a water section to the park, allowing families fun in the sun, in the water, and on the paths. Come enjoy a family day. (+853) 2882 7023

体育场 Sports 澳门科学馆 Macao Science Center 澳门科学馆设有大量不同总类的互动 游戏,适合各个年龄层。透过这些游 戏将环境,社会,生态和许多链接到 我们所处的城市里的信息带给大家。 The Macao Science Center is a huge interactive facility comprised of various sections for learning and fun. Suitable for a variety of ages, it manages to incorporate information about the environment, society, ecology and more, and link many of them to the city we live in. 开放时间Opening hours: 10:00-18:00, 星期四休馆 Closed on Thursday (+853) 2888 0822

米高积逊珍品廊 MJ Gallery 已故美国歌星米高积逊的40多 件极具纪念价值的珍品,在于 十六浦的「米高积逊珍品廊」 近距离欣赏。最瞩目的白色莱茵 水晶石左手手套是必看之一! The white rhinestone glove worn by Michael Jackson for his moonwalk debut acts as a magnet for the MJ Gallery in Ponte 16, and the centerpiece for a broad display of Jackson related memorabilia. 开放时间Opening: 11:00-21:00 免费入场Free entrance (+853) 8861 6565

人力三轮 Rickshaws

澳门蛋运动场旁边是个打保龄球的 好地方 An extensive multi-lane bowling alley is located next to the Macau Dome. (+853) 2887 0688

人力三轮车是澳门富特色的交通工 具,也是一种很好的旅游交通工具。 The pedicab, or tricycle Richshaw, is a romantic form of transport around the city and is available from both the Hotel Lisboa area and the Macau Ferry Terminal.

溜冰 Skating

澳门海上游 Macau harbor Cruise

保龄球 Bowling

“佳景乐园“设有溜冰场,是休闲 必选之地。 “Future Bright” Entertainment Centre on Rua de Coelho do Amaral, next to the Protestant Cemetary houses a nice small ice skating rink. Ice skates can be rented at the location and prices are cheap. Lace up! (+853) 2870 3198

澳门的海岸线极具吸引力,而内港一 带仍可见到旧的楼房和码头,洋溢着 昔日渔港风情。 The Harbor Cruise pushes off from the historical Inner Harbor and continues past famous local attractions. Great at night. 票价Price: 澳门币MOP 120 to 398 (+853) 2893 0012

观光缆车Cable car

步行径 Trekking 澳门松山、氹仔大潭山、小潭山、路 环岛的山上都设有步行径方便不少 运动人士。 Come check out Guia Hill and the hills on Taipa and Coloane for the trails that are perfect for trekking, jogging and exercising.

在二龙喉公园入口处有观光缆车直达 东望洋山山顶。两三分钟内,游客可 饱览东望洋山一带的景色。 The Guia Hill offers spectacular views of the city, harbor and the sunset, with a single trip taking two to three minutes. 开放时间Opening Time: 8:00 – 18:00 缆车票价Price: 澳门币MOP 2-5 (+853) 2833 7676 | June 2014



享受指南 relax

重游帝都 Beijing Revisited Jos Nuel

对于喜欢大城市的朋友来说,如果你喜欢喧闹熙攘和摩天大楼,也不介意堵车和污染问题的 话,具有悠久历史和丰富文化底蕴的中国“帝都”北京,绝对是你不容错过的目的地。

For the lovers of big cities their hustle and bustle and tall skyscrapers, Beijing is a destination not to be missed.

到住宿,北京的选择多如牛毛,这完全取决于你自己的选 择,是奢华还是廉价,全都是个人喜好。我们选择万达索菲 特大酒店作为北京的第一个落脚点,主要是因为这家酒店距离机场只 有半小时(是的,这个距离在北京已经很近了),以这里为起点了解 北京,真是再合适不过了。 尽管每天都有往返北京澳门的直达航班,但是我们选择在香港中转, 不仅时间更灵活,机票也便宜一点。入住酒店后略感疲惫和饥饿,于 是光顾了酒店中的“和瑞”法式餐厅,享受一顿可口但是价格不菲的 法餐。酒店不远处就有北京数一数二大的购物商场,什么大牌子都 有,如果你不喜欢购物,大可以选择附近的咖啡厅消磨时光。 杰出的礼宾服务是索菲特大酒店的最大特色之一。员工随时准备为客 人提供帮助,向你介绍如何以最佳方式抵达目的地,推荐一些特别的 旅游地点,还将你的目的地打印在一个小地图上,方便你乘坐出租 车。法国姑娘 Juliette 是酒店中的工作人员,她非常清楚如何让我们 满意地度过北京第一夜,还主动向我们提供了很多的建议。 索菲特周边有很多北京的标志性建筑,非常值得一看。北京最高的建



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here are plenty of choices when it comes to accommodation; it really is a matter of preference. We chose Sofitel Wanda, as the first place to stay. The hotel is a mere (yes, I really do mean a mere), a half-hour away from the airport. The location is a great starting point to know the city. Although there are daily flights directly form Macau, we chose to departure from Hong Kong as the scheduling offers more choices and the tickets are slightly cheaper. After the check-in, being a bit tired and hungry we went to the hotel’s French restaurant “Heritage” where we enjoyed a nice but valuable French meal. Then we went for a walk, turned left and 10 minutes later found Central Square Shopping Centre where you can find all the big chains. If you are not in shopping mood you can just relax for a while and have a drink in one of the various little cafés around. One of the best features of Sofitel was the concierge. The staffs were always ready to help. They would explain what’s the best way to get where you want, suggest great places and print you little maps so

筑国贸三期就位于这附近,置身位于80层的云酷酒吧,可以一览北京 的全貌。云酷是北京中产阶级典范在此聊天、喝酒、听音乐的最佳社 交场所之一。价格可以接受,整体的氛围比较奢华。

老北京新北京 来北京怎能不逛故宫、天安门广场、长城、吃北京烤鸭?这就像到罗 马一定要瞻仰主教一样。你可以选择自己游北京,或者雇一个导游( 这种方法更节省时间,更能了解北京的深厚历史)。故宫每天的游客 成千上万,真是一个很漫长的步行游览过程,很多建筑看起来都是一 样的(噢,我不是建筑家),就像中国游客看到很多欧洲皇宫都是雷 同的一般,而且这么美丽的地方竟然有些地方有日久失修的感觉,让 人感觉遗憾。需要注意的是,内部的一些景点还需另外买票。售票处 在正门,购票的人总是排起一条条长龙,你可以在这里提前选择游览 路线。

you can show the taxi drivers. Juliette, a French girl working at the desk, understood perfectly how we wanted to spend our first night in Beijing and went out of her way to give us directions. Sofitel is also just a few minutes away from some Beijing’s iconic architectural buildings, which is a must-see place. One of them is the phase 3 of the World Trade Centre – the tallest building of this city –where you’ll find Atmosphere, arguably the nicest place for a nightcap. The bar is located at the 80th floor and gives you a panoramic view of the city. Atmosphere is one those places where wealthy society meets for chatting, drinking and enjoying live music, it’s affordable with a touch of luxurious ambience.

Getting around To be in Beijing and not go to the Forbidden City, Tianmen Square, and Great Wall or try Beijing duck is as like to be in Rome and not see the Pope. | June 2014



享受指南 relax 游览完故宫,再钻进故宫周边的胡同转转,看看胡同里很多风水讲究 的四合院,再到后海欣赏一下牡丹花园,品尝美食美酒歇歇脚,或只 是拍些照片。 天安门广场上悬挂着毛主席画像,对于我这个外国人来说,其值得留 影的价值远高于光是观赏广场本身。广场的安检措施非常严格,广场 中竖立着两个巨大的屏幕,有人说这屏幕是为了让人们欣赏日落。每 天晚上6点,士兵会在广场举行降旗仪式,吸引众多人群来此旁观。 接下来的目的地是颐和园,我们在北京的第二个落脚点就在这里。想 要全面欣赏北京的风土人情至少需要几天的时间,这个城市太大,要 一次过走完是不可能的,因为那非常耗时。但是有几个地方你必须要 去(就如所有旅游书所说),比如国家美术馆、798 艺术区、南锣鼓 巷或者步行爬长城。当然了,在这个古老的都市中有太多赏心悦目的 景点、太多趣味横生的活动,不一而足。 如果你愿意给钱请一个私人导游,那么会更省心(某程度上更省钱) ,北京的消费水平在某些领域有时候比香港或者新加坡更高,私人导 游可以为你省下砍价的时间和金钱。

You can choose to explore the city by yourself or hire a guide (sometimes preferable if you want to save time and learn more about the city’s rich history). With an average of more than hundred thousand visitors a day, the Forbidden City is a huge walk. The buildings complexes are similar if you’re not an expert. There are areas where you have to pay extra if you want to get in. Stepping into one of the various queues and chooses your plan of visit at the front tickets’ desk. After visiting to the Forbidden City don’t miss to get inside of the Hutongs, the old quarters built around the principles of Feng-shui, just next to the City. Have a glimpse of Peony Garden and of Hou Hai Area where you can stop for a meal, a drink or just take some photos. Tiananmen Square is more valued for its Mao’s picture than for the Square itself. Tight with security checkpoints the Square is dominated by two large screens that, some say, have been installed for residents to appreciate the sunsets. The Raising of the Flag is the most expected moment and crowds will join to watch this ritual taken on by the soldiers of the Red Army at 6 pm. We left the Summer Palace for the second part of our stay in Beijing. To see everything the city has to offer your need to stay for a few days, as distances are big and time consuming. However don’t miss out on the National Art Museum or the 798 Art District or walk-up to the Great Wall. There is plenty more to-see and to-do in the capital of the middle kingdom. If you are willing to pay for private tours that can be a great option since it can save you a lot of time and in the end, money. Beijing can be an expensive city at the level of Hong Kong or Singapore.

住宿好建议 WHERE TO STAY? 北京万达索菲特大酒店 Beijing Wanda Sofitel 北京市建国路93号万达广 场 C座 93 Jianguo Road, Tower C Wanda Plaza, Chaoyang District Tel: + 8610 85996666

颐和安缦酒店 Aman Resort at the Summer Palace 中国北京市海淀区颐和园宫 门前街1号 Summer Palace No.1 Gongmenqian Street, Yiheyuan, Haidian District | Summer Palace, Beijing 100091, China Tel: +8610 5987 9999



六月 2014 |

奢华舒适爱好者的选择 安缦颐和酒店 For the lovers of luxury Aman Resort and the Summer Palace 颐和园的风光在北京可谓首屈一 指,是很多游人必来的景点,因 此也是一样的人山人海。因此, 游颐和园最奢侈的方式,莫过于 在凌晨尚未开园的时候在此闲庭 漫步,在湖边驻足,等待日出。 你可能会问,怎样才能做到这一 点? 在这260年历史的世界遗产景点旁 伫立着安缦颐和酒店,共有 53 个 房间,每晚房价在 5000 — 20000 元人民币之间。它就是颐和园的 一部分,散发着优美而闲适的氛 围,仿佛穿越回到慈禧太后掌权 的时代。 现在来揭晓前面那个问题的答 案:这个奢华酒店中有一个独家 通道,住客能通过一扇秘密的大 门直通颐和园,这可是酒店客人 专属的特权。安缦是一家跨国高 档酒店和度假村连锁品牌,秉承 着一个独特的运营理念:精致豪 华,现场所见,果然不同凡响, 既有东方韵味又有西方的传承。

The Summer Palace is one of the most beautiful spots in Beijing. Crowded, as all tourist places, this is a must-see place to visit. One of the best ways to do is by strolling around and admires its lake while waiting for the sunrise, early in the morning before the doors are open to the public. How, you may ask? Just next to this 260-year-old World Heritage site resides Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing a resort of 53 rooms ranging from 5000 to 20000 RMB a night. Part of the Summer Palace is its charming and relaxing ambience that brings you back to the times of the Empress Cixi. Now to the big reveal: At this city resort they have a privileged way to let you get into the Summer Palace by opening a secret door for you at any time you like, a perk reserved for hotel guests only. Aman Resorts is an international chain of fantastic resorts with a very specific philosophy: boutique luxury. | June 2014



享受指南 relax

永利理疗康体中心呈献尊贵丝绒疗程 Signature Silk and Cashmere Awakening by the Spa at Wynn


澳门新知 New in Town

新推出的“丝绒焕活疗程”设计灵感源于丝绸与 羊绒的轻柔质感,真是说起来都跃跃欲试!丝绸 羊绒这两种超柔软面料始终贯穿整个疗程,资深理疗师为 宾客带来长达90分钟的洗涤身心之旅。在疗程开始时先去 除老化角质,淨化皮肤表层,随之用预先温热的丝绸手套 轻轻按摩肌肤,使肌肤渐渐恢复活力。然后以温暖的莲心 油按摩全身,深度舒缓肌肉,再以矜贵羊绒丝绸包裹全身 作升华护理。最后结合乳木果油及以莲花萃取精华提炼而 成的护肤霜滋润肌肤,使肌肤重现亮丽光泽。 另外,永利理疗康体中心的装潢亦为宾客带来焕然一新的 观感。其设计以米白、金黄和焦糖色为主调,走进中心, 两旁设计精美的灯饰吸睛度十足,而牆身则挂上从伦敦 Fromental特别订制,绘绣了锦鲤图案的真丝画,在水波 纹的光影效果衬托下更显恬静幽雅。清新的白橡木製品及 米白和焦糖色的地毯,配以特别订制的装饰配件及家具, 为理疗康体中心增添优雅舒适的氛围,体现了永利澳门一 贯对精巧细节与奢华气派的一丝不苟。


he smooth sensations of silk and cashmere are the inspiration behind the new signature treatment. Bringing these two luxurious fabrics together, the experienced therapists at The Spa at Wynn have created a 90-minute journey that begins with a purifying exfoliation and a light massage using warm silk gloves to gently revive and rejuvenate the skin. This is followed by a deeper, soothing full body massage of warmed lotus oil, heightened by a luxurious application of a cashmereinfused silky body wrap. The treatment concludes with a rare and refined body cream of lotus flower extract and shea butter for an illuminated glow. The Spa at Wynn itself also features a fresh new look for guests. Lighter and brighter in tones of cream, gold and caramel, guests are led into the spa by exquisitelydesigned lanterns. Bespoke Fromental silk wall covering feature panels decorated with koi are accentuated with wave projector lights to create a rippling water effect and a feeling of tranquility. The new look is designed to give guests a sense of lightness and openness from the moment they enter the sanctuary of the spa, from the caramel and cream carpets to the refreshed limed oak woodwork. The update reflects Wynn’s trademark attention to detail and sense of luxury, using speciallycommissioned custom fittings and furnishings to enhance the sense of indulgence throughout.



六月 2014 |


Where to Try? the spa Wynn 永利酒店大楼一楼 1/F,Wynn Tower, Wynn Macau, Rua Cidade de Sintra,NAPE. the spa-6:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Spa Therapy-9:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. (853)89863228


OD Port Portals 亮相马洛卡 Mallorca on the mind, OD Port Portals opens

费尔蒙酒店集团迎来华南首家酒店 The first Fairmont to be opened in South China FRHI酒店集团 (FRHI) 旗下豪华品牌费尔蒙 酒店集团,联合由骋望集团和香港德泰集团 有限公司合资的广西德泰置业有限公司,于 今日宣布将在中国广西壮族自治区首府南宁 开发一座新酒店。南宁费尔蒙酒店是该品牌 在华南的第一家酒店,将加入 FRHI 酒店集 团日益壮大的亚太区豪华酒店及公寓行列。 南宁费尔蒙酒店预定于2019年开幕,将设 350间豪华客房及五家各具特色的餐厅。 Luxury hotel and resort brand of Fairmont under the FRHI Group will open a new facility at Nan Ning, the capital city of Guang Xi Zhuang Autonomous Region, according to an announcement made today by the Fairmont and the Detai Property Ltd. Guang Xi, a joint-venture of Cheng Wang Group and Tecstar Limited Hong Kong. The new hotel with 350 deluxe rooms and 5 restaurants is expected to be operated in 2019. Being the first property of Fairmont in the South China, it is also a part of the development plan of the FRHI to expand its coverage of luxury hotel and apartment in Asia-Pacific.

Design Hotels™ 在马洛卡岛上的首家酒店 OD Port Portals 开业在即,准备好迎接来 自世界各地的富豪和时尚大腕,全年为邻近 的旅游胜地 Portals Nous 服务。这间摩尔风 格的酒店位于岛上一处私享码头处,将阿拉 伯宫廷式的奢华和现代酷感完美融合。作为 OD Hotel 的第三家酒店,OD Port Portals 延续了该集团在伊比萨另外两家酒店的华丽 气质,同时又展示出了尊贵自信的独特魅力 (房价 80 欧元至 450 欧元)。

Design Hotels™’ newest member on the island of Mallorca, OD Port Portals has opened its polished doors, welcoming international jet setters and the design savvy, year-round to the neighborhood of Portals Nous. Moorish casbah luxury and contemporary cool meet at the most exclusive marina on the island. As the third property from OD Hotels, OD Port Portals embodies the same exuberant energy as its sister properties in Ibiza, while confidently asserting its very own brand of savoir faire. (Rates from EUR 80 – 450.)

大连城堡豪华精选酒店 今年下半年开业 The Castle Hotel Da Lian Opening soon 喜达屋酒店与度假村国际集团旗下的豪华精 选品牌宣布,俯瞰大连星海湾的著名欧式风 格城堡正被改造为大连城堡豪华精选酒店。 酒店计划于2014年下半年开业,继天津利顺 德豪华精选大饭店、上海衡山路十二号豪华 精选酒店、上海红塔豪华精选酒店、三亚御 海棠豪华精选度假酒店之后,大���城堡豪华 精选酒店将成为中国北部沿海城市大连的一 座迷人地标性建筑。 The Luxury Collection of Starwood announced that the Castle Hotel which is undergoing the renovation will open at the second half of 2014. Being in a historical European-style castle overlooking the Xing Hai Bay, the new accommodation will be

a charming landmark of the coastal city of Dalian after the Luxury Collection Hotels in Tian Jin, Shang Hai and San Ya. | June 2014



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澳门蒙地卡罗前地203号 Largo de Monte Carlo, 203, Macau (+853) 2888 3388

新濠锋 ALTIRA 澳门氹仔广东大马路 Avenida De Kwong Tung, Taipa (+853) 2886 8888

皇冠度假酒店 CROWN TOWERS 澳门路氹城邻近路氹连贯公路及澳门 科技大学之地段(新濠天地) Estrada do Istmo, City of Dreams, COTAI (+853) 8868 6888

永利澳门万利酒店大楼 Encore at Wynn Macau 澳门外港填海区仙德丽街 Rua Cidade de Sintra, Wynn, NAPE, Macau (+853) 2888 9966

澳门四季酒店 FOUR SEASONS HOTEL 路氹填海区,路氹连贯公路以西,望 德圣母湾大马路以南,地段1第6区 和第7区 Estrada da Baía da Nossa Senhora de Esperança, COTAI (+853) 2881 8888

新葡京酒店 GRAND LISBOA HOTEL 澳门葡京路 Avenida de Lisboa, Macau (+853) 2828 3838

澳门威尼斯人酒店 THE VENETIAN MACAO 路氹填海区,路氹连贯公路以西,望德 圣母湾大马路以南 Estrada da Baía da Nossa Senhora de Esperança, COTAI (+853) 2882 8888

澳门美高梅 MGM MACAO 澳门孙逸仙大马路1101号 Avenida Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, 1101, NAPE, Macau (+853) 8802 8888



永利澳门 WYNN MACAO 永利澳门酒店, 澳门外港填海区仙 德丽街 Wynn Macau, Rua Cidade de Sintra, NAPE, Macau (+853) 2888 9966

★★★★★ 金都酒店 GRAND WALDO HOTEL 澳门路氹莲花海滨大马路 Dique Oeste Roundabout, facing Galaxy complex, Taipa (+853) 2888 6888

金丽华酒店 GRAND LAPA 澳门友谊大马路956﹣1110号 Avenida da Amizade, 956-1110, Macau (+853) 2856 7888 grandlapa





渡假城 Avenida Marginal Flor de Lótus and Estrada da Baía de Nossa Senhora de Esperança, COTAI (+853) 2888 0888

大马路 Avenida Marginal Flor de Lotus, Galaxy Macau, COTAI (+853) 8883 6888

澳门十六浦索菲特大酒店 SOFITEL MACAO AT PONTE 16 澳门火船头街及巴素打尔古街内港 12A号至20号码头之间 Rua das Lorchas and Rua do Visconde Paço de Arcos, Ponte 12A, Macau (+853) 8861 0016

澳门大仓酒店 HOTEL OKURA MACAO 澳门路氹城莲花海滨大马路 Avenida Marginal Flor de Lotus, Galaxy Macau, COTAI (+853) 8883 8883

澳门文华东方酒店 MANDARIN ORIENTAL MACAO 澳门外港新填海区B区B2街区B地段 Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen, NAPE, Macau (+853) 8805 8888



澳门内港巴索打尔古街 Rua do Visconde Paço de Arcos, Macau (+853) 2838 3838

濠天地 City of Dreams, Estrada do Istmo, COTAI (+853) 8868 1234

皇都酒店 HOTEL ROYAL MACAO 澳门得胜马路2号-4号 Estrada da Vitória, 2-4, Macau (+853) 2855 2222

新世纪酒店 NEW CENTURY HOTEL 氹仔徐日升寅公马路889号 Avenida Padre Tomás Pereira, 889, Taipa (+853) 2883 1111

葡京酒店 HOTEL LISBOA 澳门葡京路2﹣4号 Avenida de Lisboa, 2-4, Macau (+853) 2888 3888

六月 2014 |


澳门金沙城中心康莱德酒店 CONRAD MACAO, COTAI CENTRAL 澳门金沙城中心 Estrada do Istmo, Sands Cotai Central, COTAI (+853) 2882 9000

澳门威斯汀度假酒店 THE WESTIN RESORT MACAO 路环黑沙马路1918号 Estrada de Hác-Sá, 1918, Coloane (+853) 2887 1111

澳门凯旋门酒店 L’ARC HOTEL MACAO 澳門新口岸皇朝區城市日大馬路 278號 Avenida 24 de Junho, 278, NAPE, Macau (+853) 2880 8888

澳门圣地牙哥古堡 SÃO TIAGO DA BARRA 澳门西湾民国大马路圣地牙哥古堡 Avenida da República, Fortaleza de São Tiago da Barra, Macau (+853) 2837 8111

濠璟酒店 RIVIERA HOTEL 澳门竹室正街2号和高可宁绅士街7 号至13号 Rua da Boa Vista, 2 , Rua do Comendador Kou Hó Neng, 7, Macau (+853) 2833 9955

丽景湾酒店 REGENCY HOTEL 氹仔史伯泰海军将军马路2号 Estrada Almirante Marques Esparteiro, 2, Taipa (+853) 2883 1234

★★★★ 金皇冠中国大酒店 GOLDEN CROWN CHINA 氹仔鸡颈马路临近澳门国际机场I 地段 Estrada da Ponta da Cabrita, Adjacent to Macau International Airport, Taipa (+853) 2885 1166

金龙酒店 GOLDEN DRAGON 澳门马六甲街 Rua de Malaca, Macau (+853) 2836 1999

君怡酒店 GRANDVIEW HOTEL 氹仔柯维纳马路142号和佛山街16号 Estrada Governador Albano de Oliveira,142, Rua de Fat San, 16, Taipa (+853) 2883 7788

HARD ROCK HOTEL 澳门路氹城邻近路氹连贯公路及澳门 科技大学之地段(新濠天地) Estrada do Istmo, City of Dreams, COTAI (+853) 8868 3338

澳门金沙城中心假日酒店 HOLIDAY INN, COTAI CENTRAL 路氹城路氹连贯公路第5及6部分 Estrada do Istmo, Sands Cotai Central, COTAI (+853) 2828 2228

澳门假日酒店 HOLIDAY INN MACAO 澳门北京街68-86号 Rua de Pequim, 68, Rua de Xangai, Macau (+853) 2878 3333

竹湾酒店 POUSADA DE COLOANE BEACH HOTEL 路环竹湾海滩旁边 Cheoc Van Beach, Coloane (+853) 2888 2143

望厦宾馆 POUSADA DE MONG-HA 澳门望厦山 Colina de Mong-Ha, Macau (+853) 2851 6688 index/240

利澳酒店 RIO HOTEL 澳门高美士街33号及宋玉生广场 682号 Rua de Luís Gonzaga Gomes, 33, Alameda Dr. Carlos D’ Assumpção, 682, Macau (+853) 2871 8718

澳门罗理基博士大马路70号 – 106


号 Avenida do Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues, 70-106, Macau (+853) 2878 2288

澳门氹仔莲花海滨大马路 Avenida Marginal Flor de Lotus, COTAI (+853) 2883 8333


皇家金堡酒店 HOTEL CASA REAL 澳门新口岸罗理基博士大马路1118 号 Avenida do Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues, 1118, Macau (+853) 2872 6288

总统酒店 HOTEL PRESIDENTE 澳门友谊大马路355号 Avenida da Amizade, 355, Macau (+853) 2855 3888

骏景酒店 TAIPA SQUARE 沙维斯街骏景酒店 Rua de Chaves, Hotel Rossio da Taipa, Taipa (+853) 2883 9933

★★★ 格兰酒店 BEST WESTERN HOTEL 氹仔美副将马路及嘉乐庇总督马路 交界地段 Estrada Coronel Mesquita, Estrada Governador Nobre Carvalho, Taipa (+853) 2882 1666

财神酒店 HOTEL FORTUNA 澳门广州街63号 Rua de Cantão, 63, Macau (+853) 2878 6333

东望洋酒店 HOTEL GUIA MACAO 澳门地厘古工程师马路1号至5号 Estrada do Engenheiro Trigo, 1-5, Macau (+853) 2851 3888

莱斯酒店 HOTEL ROCKS 靠近友谊大马路的澳门渔人码头 Macau Fisherman’s Wharf, Avenida da Amizade, Macau (+853) 2878 2782

环球酒店 HOTEL MONDIAL 澳门巴士度街1号,侧门设于罗沙达 街40号 Rua de Antonio Basto, 1, Rua de Alve Rocadas, 40, Macau (+853) 2856 6866

万事发酒店 MACAO MASTERS HOTEL 澳门火船头街162号 Rua Das Lorchas, 162, Macau (+853) 2893 7572

京都酒店 METRÓPOLE HOTEL 澳门南湾大马路493号和501号 Avenida da Praia Grande, 493-501, Macau (+853) 2838 8166

新丽华酒店 SINTRA 澳门约翰四世大马路及苏亚利斯博 士大马路 Avenida de D. João IV, Avenida Doutor Mário Soares, Macau (+853) 2871 0111




澳门高美士街230号 Rua de Luís Gonzaga Gomes, 230, Macau (+853) 2880 0888

澳门上海街51号和北京街106-I号 Rua de Xangai, 51, Rua de Pequim, 106-I, Macau (+853) 2878 1888

澳门友谊大马路 Avenida da Amizade, Macao (+853) 2888 6688



澳门北京街199号 Rua de Pequim no. 199, Macau (+853) 2878 1233

澳门商业大马路288号 Avenida Comercial de Macau, 288, Macau (+853) 2888 9988

澳门维多利亚酒店 VICTORIA HOTEL 澳门黑沙环拱形马路118号 Estrada do Arco, 118, Macau (+853) 2855 6688

SPAs 新濠锋 “澄” 水疗 Altira Spa 氹仔广东大马路 Avenida de Kwong Tung, Taipa (+853) 2886 8886

菩提水療 Bodhi Spa 澳门康莱德酒店3楼 Estrada do Istmo, Sands Cotai Central, Conrad Macau, Level 3, COTAI (+853) 8113 6188

澳门四季酒店水疗中心 Four Seasons Spa 澳門 望德聖母灣大馬路澳门四季酒 店水疗中心 Estrada da Baía de Nossa Senhora da Esperança, Four Seasons Spa, COTAI (+853) 8112 8080 | June 2014



享受指南 relax 金丽华酒店水疗中心 Grand Lapa

金都水疗 Grand Waldo Spa

喜来登炫逸水疗中心 Shine Spa for Sheraton

澳门悦榕 Spa, Banyan Tree Spa


澳门路氹莲花海滨大马路 Dique Oeste roundabout, facing Galaxy complex, COTAI (+853) 2888 6888

澳门氹仔岛路氹金光大道 Estrada do Istmo, Sands Cotai Central, Sheraton, COTAI (+853) 2880 2000

路氹塡海区, 莲花海滨大马路东面及

马泷综合康健医疗中心 Malo Clinic Spa Macau

美高梅 Six Senses Spa at MGM Grand

华酒店 Avenida da Amizade, 956-1110, Grand Lapa Hotel, Macau (+853) 8793 4824 grandlapa/

怡.水疗中心 Isala Spa


澳门氹仔路氹连贯公路新濠天地君 悦酒店 Estrada do Istmo, City of Dreams, Grand Hyatt Hotel, COTAI (+853) 8868 1193

澳门水疗中心 Macau Spa 路氹塡海区,路氹连贯公路以西, 望 德圣母湾大马路以南, 地段1第6区 至第7区 Estrada da Baía de Nossa Senhora da Esperança, Venetian complex, COTAI (+853) 2881 8888

心5楼 Estrada da Baía de Nossa Senhora da Esperança, Venetian Complex, Grand Canal Shoppes, Level 5, COTAI (+853) 8862 2688 welcome/index-zh.html

Nirvana Spa 澳门南湾大马路403号中国法律大 厦地下 Avenida da Praia Grande, 403, China Law Building, G/F, Macau. (+853) 2833 1521

Rock Spa 澳门路氹区路氹连贯公路新濠天地 Estrada do Istmo, City of Dreams, COTAI (+853 ) 8868 7801 Website:

澳门孙逸仙大马路1101号 Avenida Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, 1101, Macau (+853) 8820 3333

So Spa 澳门内港巴索打尔古街 Rua do Visconde Paço de Arcos, Macau (+853) 8861 0016

永利理疗康体中心 The Spa at Wynn 永利酒店大楼一楼, 澳门外港填海区 仙德丽街 1/F, Wynn Tower, Wynn Macau, Rua Cidade de Sintra, NAPE, Macau (+853) 8986 3228

澳门文华东方酒店水疗中心 The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Macau 澳门文华东方酒店3楼 Avenida Dr Sun Yat Sen, Mandarin Oriental, Level 3, NAPE, Macau - Tel.:(+853) 8805 8588



六月 2014 |

望德圣母湾大马路南面 Avenida Marginal Flor de Lotus, Galaxy complex, COTAI (+853) 8883 6888

「漾日」水疗中心 The Spa at Crown 氹仔路氹连贯公路新濠天地 Estrada do Istmo, City of Dreams, Crown, COTAI (+853) 8868 6883 crown-spa

万利理疗康体中心 The Spa at Encore 万利酒店大楼一楼, 澳门外港填海区 仙德丽街 1/F, Encore at Wynn Macau, Rua Cidade de Sintra, NAPE, Macau (+853) 8986 3228

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第二语言:英语和普通话 Secondary languages: English, Mandarin Chinese

旅游热线 Tourism Hotline Tel:(+853)28 333 000

气候 Weather 澳门全年气候温和,平均气温约20ºC (68ºF)。夏天温度较高。 The climate is a fairly warm tropical climate. Annual average temperature is about 20°C (68°F), with temperature rising higher (over 30°C)/86°F) in summer.

电力 Electricity 澳门的电压是采用220伏特的交流电,频率为50赫兹。电插座通常 是方形或圆形的三脚插座。 Electricity in Macau is at 220V, 50Hz. The power plugs used in Macau are of the three-pin, square-shaped or round-shaped type.

WiFi任我行 WiFi任我行服务为澳门巿民及旅客提供免费无线宽频互联网接入服 务,只要看到「WiFi任我行」标志,即代表你已身处服务覆盖范围 内,便可以免费使用无线宽频服务(WiFi) The Macau SAR Government has provided citizens and visitors with free wireless Internet access - “WiFi GO”. Available daily from 8:00 to 1:00 the following day, users can use a non-encrypted connection (network name wifigo) or encrypted connection mode (network name wifigo-s). User name and password are wifigo, for 45 minutes per session in high density areas throughout the territory.

医疗/医院 Health and Hospitals

澳门仁伯爵综合医院 São Januário Hospital 仁伯爵山山顶 Estrada do Visconde de São Januário, Macau 8390 5000/ (+853) 2831 3731

镜湖医院 Kiang Wu Hospital 澳门莲胜街Estrada Coelho do Amaral, Macau

澳门国际机场 Macau International Airport 澳门国际机场位于氹仔,离外港客运码头只需十五分钟的车程,到 关闸只要二十分钟的车程,距路氹边境只有五分钟的车程。机场二 十四小时运作。(853) 2886 1111 各大酒店均有接机服务,旅客可提前预订或抵达时再作安排。 出租车(的士)备有空调且价格相宜,旅客可在澳门国际机场的士候 客区乘车。除了车资外,另收附加费5元,大件行李则加收每件3 元。 机场与市区之间有公共汽车连接:AP1,MT1,MT2,N2及26号,沿途 经过几家主要的酒店。 The airport is located on Taipa Island and is 15 minutes from the Macau Ferry Terminal, 20 minutes from the Barrier Gate and 10 minutes from the COTAI Frontier Post. It operates 24 hours/day. (+853) 2886 1111 Taxis are air-conditioned and relatively inexpensive, and are freely available at the taxi station outside the Airport. There is a surcharge of MOP 5 from that location and each piece of luggage carried in the trunk costs MOP 3. Special bus services (marked AP1, MT1, MT2, N2 & 26) serve the airport. These buses cross the city and stop at the major hotels.

国家和地区号码 Country and City Code 电话:拨号前+853 Phone: +853 - this functions as combined country and city code

邮政编号:澳门地区没有邮政编号 Postal Code: Macau does not have a postal code

运输快递 Courier and Shipping UPS 客户中心 UPS Customer Center 澳门慕拉士巷35-43,49 号,澳门工业中心地下D, E Travessa de Venceslau de Morais, 35-43 & 49, Centro Industrial de Macau, G/f, D&E, Macau (+853) 2875 1616

(+853) 2837 1333 /

星期一至星期五 Mon-Fri: 09:00 - 19:00 星期六Sat: 09:00 - 17:00 星期日及公众假期Sundays and Public Holidays: 休息Closed

货币 Currency

联邦快递 FedEx Stations

1美元约=澳门币8元 1 US Dollar = (+/-) 8 Patacas (MOP)



星期一至星期五Mon-Fri: 09:00 - 20:00 星期六Sat: 09:00 - 17:00 星期日及公众假期Sundays and Public Holidays: 休息Closed

100 HKD = MOP 103

兑换外币二十四小时服务:澳门国际机场银行、葡京酒店 24 hour currency exchange counters: Macau International Airport (Taipa Island) and Lisboa Hotel (Macau)

Av. De Marciano Baptista, 54/F, Edf. Hung On Centre, G/f, J

主要银行:大西洋银行,中国银行 Main Branches: BNU, Bank of China | June 2014



澳门必备 Essentials

入境签证 Passports and Visas 大多数旅客(欧洲,澳大利亚,新西兰,美国,加拿大,南非)无 需签证逗留30天至90天,其他人一般可逗留30天。 Most travelers (EU, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, South Africa) can enter and stay in Macau for 30-90 days with a valid passports. Others can get a 30 days visa on arrival.


办公时间 Working Hours:09:00-22:00 (+853) 2872 6416

费用 Fees 个人:100澳门元,十二岁以下儿童收费减半。 家庭护照:200澳门元 团体:团体签证必须由澳门的旅行社申请办理,人数最少十人,费 用每人50澳门元。 中国大陆居民出境后如需再入境,必须重新申办来澳旅游签证。 入境签证可透过中华人民共和国驻外使领馆向治安警察局出入境事 务厅申请,并应在有效期内使用,否则即告失效。持有人准予在签 证上所注明之期限在澳门逗留。 需要签证的旅客可在抵达澳门时办理,但某些国家的旅客须事先获 得入境签证。 Individual – MOP 100, children under 12 years of age pay MOP 50 Family Passport – MOP 200 Group – MOP 50 per person for groups of 10 or more and children age 12 or under. If coming from China and planning to re-enter, you will need a Chinese multiple-entry visa. Visas can be obtained from the Immigration Services through Embassies/ Consulates of the PRC and should be used within the validity. Visas may be applied for upon arrival at the Immigration counter, however some countries are required to apply for an entry visa before embarking to Macau. Details: (+853) 2872 5488 /

关闸 Border Gate Areia Preta, Macau

办公时间 Working Hours::09:15-13:00, 14:30-18:00 (+853) 2843 9310

澳门国际机场 Macau International Airport Taipa

办公时间 Working Hours: 09:00-13:30, 14:15-19:30, 20:15-22:00 (+853) 2886 1436

澳门渔人码头 Macau Fisherman’s Wharf Outer Harbor Macau

澳门孙逸仙大马路澳门渔人码头罗马表演场十七号铺 办公时间 Working Hours::10:00-13:00, 14:00-18:00 (+853) 2872 8981

氹仔临时客运码头 Taipa Temporary Ferry Terminal,


办公时间 Working Hours::09:30-13:00, 14:30-18:15 (+853) 2885 0438

香港 Hong Kong

渡轮 Ferries 喷射飞航 TurboJet 营业时间:7:00-23:59 每15分钟从澳门或香港出发. 后:00:30,1:00, 1:30, 2:00,2:30,3:00,4:00,6:00,6:30

外港客运码头 Macau Ferry Terminal, Outer Harbor


香港大屿山香港国际机场一号客运大楼第五层抵港层接机大堂服务 柜台A06 Service Counter A06, Arrival Hall, Level 5, Terminal 1, Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau, Hong Kong

Operation: 7:00-23:59 between Macau and Hong Kong, departing every 15 min After midnight: 00:30,1:00,1:30,2:00,2:30,3:00,4:00,6:00,6:30 (+852) 2307 0880

办公时间 Working Hours:09:30-13:00, 14:00-17:45

金光飞航 Cotai Jet

336-337 Shun Tak Center, 200 Connaught Road, Central Hong Kong

营业时间:06:00-09:00每1小时,09:30-23:00每30分钟 23:00后 23:59, 01:00, 03:00

(+852) 2857 2287

Operation: 06:00-09:00 departing every hour, 09:30-23:00 every half hour, after 23:00 - 23:59, 01:00, 03:00 (+853) 2885 0595 (+852) 2359 9990

旅游问询处 Information Center 议事亭前地利斯大厦 Largo do Senado, Edifício Ritz, Macau

办公时间Working Hours::09:00-18:00 (+853) 8397 1120



六月 2014 |

(+852) 2769 7970

信德中心 Shun Tak Center 香港上环干诺道中200号信德中心336~337室 办公时间 Working Hours:09:00-13:00, 14:00-18:00

直升机 Helicopters 空中快线:09:00, 10:00-22:30每30分钟 Sky Shuttle: 09:00, 10:00-22:30 departing every half hour

飞行时间:15分钟 Flight Duration: 15 minutes (+853) 2108 9898

邮政服务 Postal Services 澳门邮政总局 Central

巴士服务 Bus service 澳门半岛:澳门币3.20元


Macau Peninsula: MOP 3.20

Largo do Senado, Edificio Sede da DSC, Macau


星期一至星期五Mon-Fri:09:00-18:00 星期六 Sat:09:00-13:00

Macau – Taipa: MOP 4.20


(+853) 2832 3666

Macau-Coloane: MOP 5.00

外港码头分局 Marine Terminal Post Office


地址:外港码头入境大堂 Address: Arrivals, G/f , Macau Ferry Terminal, Porto Exterior, Macau

星期一至星期六Mon-Sat:10:00-19:00 (+853) 2872 8079

Macau-Hac Sa: MOP 6.00

澳门至机场,机场至澳门:澳门币4.20元 Macau-Airport: MOP 4.20

澳门至氹仔可乘坐:11,22,25X,28A, 30, 33,34 和MT4 Macau-Taipa Bus: 11, 22, 25X, 28A, 30, 33,34 and MT4

机场邮政分局 Airport Post Office

到机场可乘坐:AP1, MT1, MT2, N2, 26和36号


往返澳门、氹仔和路环:21A、25、26、26A、50、MT3和N3 Macau-Taipa-Coloane: 21A, 25, 26, 26A, 50, MT3 and N3

Address: Macau International Airport, Departures, 1st Floor, Taipa


To Airport: AP1, MT1, MT2, N2, 26 and 36

(+853) 2886 1465

水坑尾邮政分局 Rua do Campo 地址:澳门水坑尾街162号公共行政大楼地下 Rua do Campo, 162, Ed. da Administração Pública, Macau

星期一至五Mon-Fri:08:30 - 19:00 (+853) 2832 9334

路环邮政分局 Coloane Post Office 地址:路环打缆街邮政局大楼 Rua da Cordoaria, Ed. Direcção dos Serviços de Correios, Coloane (+853) 2888 2010

澳门巴士公司 Bus Company 维澳莲运公共运输 Reolian Public Transport Co, Ltd. (+853) 2877 7888

澳门公共汽车有限公司 Sociedade de Transportes Colectivos de Macau. S.A.R.L (+853) 2885 0060

租车服务 Car Rental 华国旅游社有限公司 Vacations International Travel Service (Macau) Limited 金丽华酒店停车场Hotel Grand Lapa, Garage, ZAPE, Macau (+853) 2833 6789

百路达自动车租赁有限公司 Burgeon Rent A Car Limited 澳门东北大马路海名居第2座地下及阁仔O,P,Q铺 Avenida do Nordeste, Edifício La Baie Du Noble, Block 2, G/f, O,P,Q, Macau (+853) 2828 3399

宏益汽车租赁服务有限公司 Vang Iek Rent-a-Car Service Company Ltd 地址Address:澳门提督大马路69至71号地下

澳门新福利公共汽车有限公司 Transmac Transportes Urbanos de Macau. S.A.R.L

Avenida Almirante Lacerda, 69-71, G/f, Macau (+853) 2899 1199

广东话课堂 Important Names

(+853) 2827 1122

出租车(的士) Taxi Service 黑的士和黄的士 Black/ Yellow Taxi 澳门的出租车有两款,一款是黑色车身奶黄色车顶,而另一款是鲜 黄色。出租车起程价(首1600米)收费澳门币15元,之后每230米加 收1.5元,停车候客收费每分钟1.5元,如有大件行李,每件加收3元。 从澳门往路环或在澳门国际机场的士候客区乘车,除了车资外,另 收附加费5元;氹仔往路环加收2元附加费。但由澳门往氹仔或由两 离岛返回澳门,则无须加收任何附加费。 There are two kinds of taxis: black and yellow The flag fall charge is MOP 15 for the first 1,600 meters. MOP 1.50 will be added for every 230 meters afterwards. If stopped, MOP 1.50 is charged for every minute.

出租车叫车服务 :(+853) 2851 9519, 2893 9939, 8500 0000 及2828 3283。 To call for a taxi: (+853) 2851 9519, 2893 9939, 8500 0000 & 2828 3283.

妈阁庙/ A-Ma Temple:- “Ma Kok Miu” 民政总署/ Civic & Municipal Affairs Bureau- “Man Zheng Zhong Chu” 新马路/ Av. Almeida Ribeiro- “San Ma Lo” 大三巴/ St Paul’s Ruins- “Tai Sam Pa” 葡京/ Lisboa Hotel- “Pou Keng” 港澳码头/ Macau Ferry Terminal-“Kong Ou Ma Tau” 关闸/ Barrier Gate-“ Kwan Tchap” 东望洋炮台/ Guia Hill-“Tchong San” 文化中心/ Cultural Center-“Man Fa Tchong Sam” 机场/ Airport-“ Kei Cheong”

实用网址 Useful Sites | June 2014



澳门必备 Essentials 往返巴士时刻表 Shuttle Bus Schedule 澳门威尼斯人 Venetian Macau To the Venetian 前往威尼斯人 Monday – Sunday 星期一 — 星期日 澳门国际机场 Macau International Airport 10:00 – 22:30 (每15-20分钟一班 every 15-20 minutes) 港澳客轮码头 Hong-Kong Macau Ferry Terminal 9:00 – 00:00 (每5-15分钟一班 every 5 -15 minutes) 氹仔客运码头 Taipa Ferry Terminal 7:30 – 1:00 (每 5-15 班 every 5-15 minutes) 1:20 – 1:40/2:20 – 2:40 (每7 -15 分钟一班 every 7-15 minutes) 拱北关闸 Gongbei Border Gate 9:00 – 00:00 (每 5-15 分钟一班 every 5-15 minutes) 澳门金沙酒店 Sands Macao Hotel 10:00 – 00:00 (每 5-15 分钟一every 5-15 minutes) 由威尼斯人出发 From the Venetian Monday – Sunday 星期一 — 星期日 澳门国际机场 Macau International Airport 10:00–22:30 (每15-20分钟一班 every 15-20 minutes) 港澳客轮码头 Macau Ferry Terminal 9:30–00:00 (每15-20分钟一班 every 15-20 minutes) 氹仔客运码头 Taipa Ferry Terminal 6:35 / 7:25-22:35 / 23:05-23:55 (每 5-15 分钟一班 every 5-15 minutes) 00:05–00:35 / 2:05–2:35 (每15 分钟一班 every 15 minutes) 莲花大桥 Lotus Port 9:309–19:30 (每10-15 分钟一班 every 10-15 minutes) 拱北关闸 Gongbei Border Gate 9:30 – 23:30 (每 5-15 分钟一班 every 5-15 minutes)

澳门银河 Galaxy Macau 前往澳门银河 To Galaxy Macau 澳门国际机场 Macau International Airport 10:00–23:00 (每 15-20 分钟一班 every 15–20 minutes) 港澳客轮码头 Hong Kong – Macau Ferry Terminal 9:00–23:45 (每7-10分钟一班 every 7-10 minutes) 氹仔客运码头 Taipa Ferry Terminal 8:00–00:00 (每 10-15 分钟一班 every 10-15 minutes) 拱北关闸 Gongbei Border Gate 9:00–23:45 (每10-15分钟一班 every 10-15 minutes) 莲花口岸 Lotus Border Gate 9:30–20:00 (每15-30分钟一班 every 15-30 minutes) 议事厅前地广场 Senado Square 10:00–21:45 (每10-15 分钟一班 every 10-15 minutes) 氹仔旧城 Old Taipa Village 11:00–21:00 (每10–15 分钟一班 every 10–15 minutes) 星际酒店 StarWorld Hotel 10:00 – 23:45 (每 7-10 分钟一班 every 7-10 minutes) 金沙城中心 Sands Cotai Central 10:00 – 23:00 (每 10-15 分钟一班 every 10-15 minutes) 澳门威尼斯人 Venetian Macau 10:00 – 23:00 (每 10–15 分钟一班 every 10–15 minutes) 新濠天地 City of Dreams 11:00 – 23:00 (每 10 – 15 分钟一班 every 10–15 minutes) From Galaxy Macau由澳门银河出发



六月 2014 |

澳门国际机场 Macau International Airport 10:00 – 23:00 (每15-20分钟一班) every 15–20 minutes) 港澳客轮码头 Hong Kong – Macau Ferry Terminal 9:00 – 00:05 (每7-10分钟一班 every 7-10 minutes) 氹仔客运码头 Taipa Ferry Terminal 8:00 – 23:30 (每 10-15 分钟一班 every 10-15 minutes) 拱北关闸 Gongbei Border Gate 9:00 – 00:05 (每10-15分钟一班 every 10-15 minutes) 莲花口岸 Lotus Border Gate 9:30 – 19:30 (每15-30分钟一班 every 15-30 minutes) 议事厅前地广场 Senado Square 10:00 – 21:45 (每10-15 分钟一班 every 10 -15 minutes) 氹仔旧城 Old Taipa Village 11:00 – 21:00 (每10–15 分钟一班 every 10–15 minutes) 星际酒店 StarWorld Hotel 10:00 – 23:45 (每 7-10 分钟一班 every 7-1 0 minutes) 澳门威尼斯人 Sands Cotai Central 10:00 – 23:00 (每 10–15 分钟一班 every 10-15 minutes) 新濠天地 Venetian Macau 10:00 – 23:00 (每 10–15 分钟一班 every 10–15 minutes) 新濠天地 City of Dreams 11:00–23:00 (每 10 – 15 分钟一班 every 10–15 minutes)

新濠天地 City of Dreams 前往新濠天地 To City of Dreams Gongbei Border Gate – 9:00 – 21:30 (every 8-15 minutes) 21:30 – 00:00 (every 30 minutes) 拱北关闸 — 9:00 – 21:30 (每8-15 分钟一班) 21:30 – 00:00 (每30分钟一班) Four Seasons – 10:00 – 23:00 (every 5-15 minutes) 四季酒店 — 10:00 – 23:00 (每 5-15 分钟一班) Galaxy Macau – 11:00 – 23:00 (every 10-15 minutes) 澳门银河 — 11:00 – 23:00 (每 10-15 分钟一班) Lotus Border – 9:00 – 20:00 (every 20 minutes) 莲花口岸 — 9:00 – 20:00 (每 20 分钟一班) Macau Ferry Terminal – 9:00 – 00:00 (every 8 – 15 minutes 00:00 – 1:15 (every 30 minutes) 外港客运码头 — 9:00 – 00:00 (每 8 – 15 分钟一班) 00:00 – 1:15 (每 30 分钟一班) Macau International Airport – 8:45 – 22:45 (every 5-25 minutes) 22:30 – 00:15 (every 50 minutes) 澳门国际机场 — 8:45 – 22:45 (每 5-25 分钟一班) 22:30 – 00:15 (每 50 分钟一班) Hotel Sintra – 11:00 – 23:00 (every 12-20 minutes) 23:00 – 00:00 (every 30 minutes) 新丽华酒店 — 11:00 – 23:00 (每 12-20 分钟一班) 23:00 – 00:00 (每 30 分钟一班) Macau Tower – 12:00 – 21:00 (every 30 minutes) 澳门旅游塔 — 12:00 – 21:00 (每30 分钟一班) MGM – 11:00 – 21:45 (every 20 minutes) 美高梅 — 11:00 – 21:45 (每 20分钟一班) Old Taipa Village – 9:00 – 20:00 (every 12 minute) 氹仔旧城 — 9:00 – 20:00 (每12 分钟一班) Taipa Ferry Terminal- 8:45 – 22:45 (every 5-25 minutes) 22:45 – 00:15 (every 50 minutes) 氹仔客运码头 — 8:45 – 22:45 (每 5-25 分钟一班) 22:45 – 00:15 (每 50 分钟一班)

Narit Jindajamorn /

Venetian – 10:00 – 23:00 (every 6-12 minutes) 威尼斯人 — 10:00 – 23:00 (每 6-12 分钟一班) 由新濠天地出发 From City of Dreams 拱北关闸 Gongbei Border Gate 9:00 – 21:30 (每8-15 分钟一班 every 8-15 minutes) 21:30 – 00:00 (每30分钟一班 every 30 minutes) 四季酒店 Four Seasons 10:00 – 23:00 (每30分钟一班 every 30 minutes) 澳门银河 Galaxy Macau 11:00 – 23:00 (每 5-15 分钟一班 every 5-15 minutes) 莲花口岸 Lotus Border 9:20 – 19:20 (每 20 分钟一班 every 20 minutes) 外港客运码头 Macau Ferry Terminal 9:00 – 23:30 (每 8 – 15 分钟一班 every 8 – 15 minutes 23:30 – 1:45 (每 30 分钟一班 every 30 minutes) 澳门国际机场 Macau International Airport 9:00 – 22:30 (每 5-25 分钟一班 every 5-25 minutes) 22:30 – 00:15 (每 50 分钟一班 every 50 minutes) 新丽华酒店 Hotel Sintra 11:00 – 23:00 (每 12-20 分钟一班 every 12-20 minutes) 23:00 – 00:00 (每 30 分钟一班 every 30 minutes) 澳门旅游塔 Macau Tower 12:00 – 21:00 (每30 分钟一班 every 30 minutes) 美高梅 MGM 11:00 – 21:45 (每 20分钟一班 every 20 minutes) 氹仔旧城 Old Taipa Village 9:00 – 20:00 (每12 分钟一班 every 12 minutes) 氹仔客运码头 Taipa Ferry Terminal 9:00 – 22:30 (每 5-25 分钟一班 every 5-25 minutes) 22:30 – 00:35 (每 50 分钟一班 every 50 minutes) 威尼斯人 Venetian 10:00 – 23:00 (每 6-12 分钟一班 every 6-12 minutes)

新葡京酒店 Grand Lisboa 前往新葡京酒店 To the Grand Lisboa 拱北关闸 Gongbei Border Gate 9:00 – 23:30 (每6-8 分钟一班 every 6-8 minutes) 港澳客轮码头 Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal 9:00 – 1:00 (每 6-8 分钟一班 every 6-8 minutes) 氹仔客运码头 Taipa Ferry Terminal 10:00 – 18:30 (每 20 分钟一班 every 20 minutes) From the Grand Lisboa* 由新葡京酒店出发* 拱北关闸 Gongbei Border Gate 9:00 – 23:30 (每6-8 分钟一班 every 6-8 minutes) 港澳客轮码头 Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal 9:00 – 1:00 (每 6-8 分钟一班 every 6-8 minutes) 氹仔客运码头 Taipa Ferry Terminal 10:00 – 18:00 (每 20 分钟一班 every 20 minutes) *Ticket required *需要购票 | June 2014



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MACAU Center 澳门市中心 MACAU strip 澳门新填海区 TAIPA village 氹仔旧城区 Cotai Strip 路氹金光大道

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