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V A N C OU V E R to PE M BE RTO N A trip up the Sea to Sky

Lights, Camera, Action! The BCFB Awards and Product of the Year Event

Giving Back - DTEC Software’s Nourishment Campaign

Spicy Filipino Chicken Adobo + more yummy recipes

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LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! Product of the Year Event


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Sea to Sky VANCOUVER TO PEMBERTON A trip up the Sea to Sky


on the cover Ed of BReD, an organic sourdough bakery located in Creekside Village, Whistler.

Photography by Darby Magill,

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Recipe - Pumpkin Spice Soft Cookies


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The legal landscape for Canada’s food industry can be challenging. We can help you navigate. Our firm’s food, beverage and agri-business team advises local, national and international producers, processors and retailers of food products on a broad range of corporate, commercial, regulatory and risk management issues. If your business is going places, we can help you get there. Fasken is your agribusiness, food & beverage legal team.

Ally Bharmal Partner & BC Leader Agribusiness, Food & Beverage +1 604 631 4987

Help protect your workers from slips, trips, and falls Storing tools and equipment properly, wearing the right footwear, and holding handrails are just a few ways to help prevent workplace incidents.

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LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! - Product of the Year Event

BACK TO BUSINESS It’s time to explore the world again and reach further. Whether you want to discover unique markets or find ways to connect with new customers abroad, Export Development Canada can help you find new paths to grow your business internationally with confidence. Let’s get back to global business, and see what the world has to offer.

Our Fall 2021 issue is centred around health - how food and natural health products play a central role in mental and physical health. We feel this theme is more important than ever. The products made by our members help with both our physical and mental health, which are very much intertwined. We don’t always talk about the importance of food beyond our basic nutritional needs, but it’s so much more than that, which underscores just how important our industry is. People have a psychological, chemical and physical connection between what they eat, the way it makes them feel and their mental health. Anxiety and depression are among the most common mental health conditions worldwide, which has seen a dramatic increase during the pandemic. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression could be one of the top health concerns in the world by 2030. Nutritional psychiatry is an emerging area of research specifically looking at the role of nutrition in the development and treatment of mental health problems. Imagine the power of being able to address something as important as mental heath through food! Beyond that, food also serves as a powerful community-builder. It brings people together by bridging cultural and generational divides. Think about the times we have spent hanging out with friends around a dining table, connecting with our family each day, or enjoying a romantic dinner with our favorite person. Food helps us to slow down, talk, laugh, and to share. It’s about far more than filling our stomachs. Food also fills our hearts and our minds.


I love to cook. I could never make it a career because I’m painfully slow at it, but my passion for it has little to do with the food itself, but the satisfaction of making it for the people I care about and creating an opportunity to spend time with them. I’ve been in this industry for nearly 30 years, and the older I get the more I feel connected to others by it. I love to hear about new products being made by our members, and new companies emerging with innovative food or beverage solutions. I even love hearing about meals prepared by my team at BCFB, or restaurants or shops they’ve gone to. Even these small things create connections between people – and there’s power in that. Food is a beautiful thing, and is important to all of us in many (and different) ways. As we move beyond this pandemic (we are moving past it, right?) I think about these things as we all have such an important role to play in helping people in ways we don’t always consider. Our industry helps people in many ways, but it also brings us together.


James Donaldson, BC Food & Beverage CEO

FALL 2021

In the meantime, enjoy this issue of Cultivate! We’re very proud of it and hope you are too.

ENERGIZED AND READY TO THRIVE Join us for a day of meaningful connection and shared experiences, inspirational speakers, chatting over lunch or an afternoon cocktail, laughter, networking and building community in ways that matter to you.





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The 14th annual BC Food & Beverage Awards - held virtually for the second year - showcased some of the best of BC including products, companies, and the people in the food and beverage space. From sourdough spaghetti to vegan gyozas, and rising entrepreneurs to longstanding industry leaders – this year’s award winners were selected from the 168 nominations by a panel of judges. During this year’s Awards Show – sponsored by FASKEN – 16 trophies were handed out, including the new Community Impact Award that went to Vancouver-based, Soul Bite Food. With 65 years in business, Sunrise Soya Foods was this year’s inductee into the BC Food & Beverage Hall of Fame.


‘Gnubees+’ by GnuSanté Creations wowed the judges at the Product of the Year pitch and took home the coveted Gold Award for Product of the Year. Followed by Kaslo Sourdough’s ‘Sourdough Spaghetti’ winning Silver and Modern Meat’s ‘Modern Gyoza’ securing Bronze. BCFB Awards Show host, Fred Lee, kept the show fun and fresh for the third year in a row and chatted with special guests including Minister of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Lana Popham.

2021 Award Winners Product of the Year Gold: Gnubees+ by GnuSanté Creations Product of the Year Silver: Sourdough Spaghetti by Kaslo Sourdough Product of the Year Bronze: Modern Gyoza by Modern Meat Innovation Award: Organika Rising Star Award: Aki Kaltenbach, of Save Da Sea Foods People First - Health, Safety & Culture Excellence Award: Golden Boy Foods Best in Brand Award: Leadership Award: James Pratt, of Rhema Health Products Export Award: Libre Naturals Sustainability Award: Cascadia Seaweed Community Impact Award: Soul Bite Food Hall of Fame Inductee: Sunrise Soya Foods Associate Member of the Year: DTEC Processor Member of the Year: Long Table Distillery Processor Member of the Year: Big Mountain Foods Processor Member of the Year: Prairie Goodness


“ This is amazing – to be a part of such a wonderful group of

finalists has been extraordinary and receiving this award is such an honour. Thank you to the judges and thank you to everyone at GnuSanté who has gone above and beyond to make Gnubees+ an amazing product that people are loving! ” Autumn Kendrick of GnuSanté Creations


! n o i t c A , a r e m Lights, Ca We asked Food and Lifestyle Blogger, Karen Ann Davidson to tell us about her experience as a judge at this year's Product of the Year filming event. We appreciate Karen's involvement with the awards this year, as well as her ongoing support of BC's food and beverage industry.

The morning of the BC Food & Beverage Awards was absolutely beautiful. It was the perfect day to go into Vancouver and get a super fun series of events started. I arrived at the theatre just prior to the call time for the BC Food & Beverage "Product of The Year" presentations. What’s the first thing I did? I hugged people, shook hands with people, did some introductions, and started to get acquainted with those around me. Right off the bat, the energy was amazing. As I wound my way through the theatre, I found the set. It was full of bright lights and a sexy BC Food & Beverage mural for the background created by none other than the talented, Great Little Box Company.  The set was exactly how I pictured it and more.


There was panel style seating with 5 chairs across from a stage serving as the presentation area for the products. There were both stationary and mobile cameras, which was so neat to see in person. The production staff from Picnic Creative were delightful as they mic'd me up and ran sound checks, and the bright lights were fixed to highlight the product on a high round table. It was really hard to contain my excitement. You guys, I even had my own name plate in front of me, just like on the TV show, Match Game!


I must say that it meant so much to me to be sitting on a panel with accomplished food industry professionals.  I've kept the solid practice of never being the smartest person in the room and if you are that person, perhaps you need to visit another room. There's been many variations of this quote used over the years and it's one that has served me well—today was no exception. It was me that was learning, listening, and understanding from my peers as well as welcoming with open arms the BC food producers who had come to share their passions with us.  You know that Oprah GIF where she’s waving her arms in the air? That’s exactly how I felt!

FALL 2021

Once the camera started rolling, it was finally time for the presentations. Each food producer was given 10 minutes to present and for us to have a question-and-answer session, timed precisely by the Picnic Creative team. Yes, the intensity and nerves were high in the beginning, but it all ended up being such an enlightening experience to be a part of.

our table

Between acknowledging the fabulous food products coming from beautiful British Columbia to witnessing the belief, dedication, and commitment each food producer showed, I can't even begin to describe how much it made my heart burst wide open. The stories, the fun candor, and the genuine sense of the company vibe I felt is something I will always cherish.  You know what else I also embraced during this experience? The unexpected. Prior to coming to the presentations, I did some research and there were some products I was looking forward to trying. To my surprise, the products I was most looking forward to turned out to be some of my least favourite performers of the day, whereas the products I was feeling ‘meh’ about turned out to be in my top 3!  Funny how expectations work, hey?

Now, onto what I loved about the presentations. I can’t knock the genuine passion that each food producer displayed which strongly translated to their food product.  Many great products are coming out of our province that we should all be so proud and excited about. Each company has a niche that they wholeheartedly believe in. A driving force throughout the entrepreneurial journey is the belief in what you are creating. The finalists for this year's awards wowed me with their drive and belief in their creations, something that inspires me to continue pouring my heart out into what I’m creating as well! For that I say, THANK you.  Let's meet our Gold, Silver and Bronze winners!

GOLD Gnubees+ by GnuSante Creations Operated by owner Ron Kendrick and his daughter Sarah, Gnubees+ is a naturally flavored kid-friendly nutritional beverage with protein and fibre. The company was developed in Vancouver in 2012 and continues to make what's good for you, taste good! Not only do kids love how tasty it is, it is also made with ingredients and packaging that is wonderful for our environment.

s r e n n i w e meet th SILVER Sourdough Pasta by Kaslo Sourdough Silvio and Gabrielle Lettrari are the owners of this second-generation family business located in West Kootenays. Together, they've run Kaslo Sourdough bakery for over 20 years, providing healthy options and solutions for wheat-intolerant individuals.




Modern Gyoza is made with seasoned modern crumble, a ground beef substitute rich in protein. Tara Haddad is the CEO/Founder with over 20 years of experience building successful companies with her background in entrepreneurship. Her team creates a selection of healthy, gourmet vegan options, all which are crafted from natural ingredients.

FALL 2021

Modern Gyoza by Modern Meat

Judges - from left to right: Daryle Nagata, Karen Ann Davidson, Ryan Moreno, Alexandra Gill & Ken Clark

Completing our list of finalists for the 2021 Product of the Year are: 18

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix by Susgrainable Health Foods Founded in 2018 in Vancouver, the founders of this company spent over 2 years developing a process to quickly dehydrate barley from craft breweries. They’re fueled by their passion for beer and use their ability to turn beer waste into baked goods that people can benefit from.

The Meadow by Spread 'Em Kitchen


Founder and CEO Melissa of The Meadow makes cashew cheese and plant based dips that can now be found nationwide. From a home kitchen in 2015 to a 20,000 square foot state of the art facility in 2019, this company has quickly grown to serve foodies, both plant-based and not, nationally!

Plant-based Protein Bars by Next Level Foods Eric Lofgren is not only the founder, but a recovering engineer who set out to develop plant-based protein bars that don’t include any mystery sugars or ingredients. The bars are gluten free, nut free, made with dates, coconut, and locally sourced organic pumpkin seed protein powder.

Wagyu Burger by Hiro Wagyu Ltd. While some brands claim to be Wagyu, they often contain less than 50% or less Wagyu in them. Hiro Wagyu beef contains more healthy fat than any other breed. Located in Abbotsford BC, Hiro Wagyu is proud to provide one of Japan’s national treasures to others.

Lemon Turmeric Energy Drink by Moonshine Mama's Kitchens Inspired by a desire to cure herself from the nourishment found in nature, CEO/ Founder Melinda Divers is sharing her antiinflammatory, antioxidant-rich turmeric based elixirs to the rest of the world.

Maple Peanut Butter & Almond + Seed Butters by FATSO Jill Van Gyn set out to create a low cost nut butter packed with more nutrition into one spoonful than any other nut butter on the market. From that mission came her FATSO nut butters, launched in 2016. Fatso is made from healthy fats and whole ingredients, and they don’t contain palm oil or sugar.

Blueberry Lassi by Plant Veda Foods Ltd Founded by CEO Sunny Gurnani, Plant Veda is a milk alternative offering wholesome plant based dairy made with organic cashews. The company uses innovative technology to produce, develop and sell plant-based dairy alternatives including: cashew cream, cashew milk and probiotic cashew Lassi.

Karen Ann Davidson As Owner and Creative Director of the fast-growing online food and lifestyle destination Karen Ann Davidson, Karen spends the majority of her time curating a unique blend of world-class food-centric blogs, photography, videos, recipes, and more. This includes both immersion in her local Vancouver foodie scene, as well as content from her global travels. As someone whose first question upon arrival at a new destination is always “Where is the closest farmer’s market?”, Karen is quick to identify the best and most authentic takes on local cuisine, no matter where she lands in the world.

photo by Jack Church, on Unsplash


“We are fortunate to be in Squamish, a strong and vibrant community that we are very proud to be a part of ”

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VA NC OUVER TO P E MBE RTON A trip up the Sea to Sky.




FALL 2021

The drive along the Sea to Sky Highway is a top bucket list destination when in BC. The scenic route takes you along Canada’s Pacific Coast, through mountains, and around lakes from Vancouver to Pemberton and beyond. Whether you’re visiting the area or planning a little weekend getaway, there are plenty of breathtaking views to be seen, outdoor adventures to be explored, and local products and restaurants to try!

l e ts g o

TOP LEFT Sarah Goodman of Chiwis, photo by Audrey Thizy BOTTOM LEFT Alice + Brohm store front RIGHT Graze Wilder

Heading out from Vancouver, the best way to start your trip is with a stop at the Cypress Mountain Lookout in West Vancouver. From this viewpoint you’ll experience a panoramic view of Vancouver! If you’re looking for a bite to eat before hitting the road, there are some great spots up there including the Cypress Creek Grill eatery, an open concept food court featuring hand-crafter pizza’s, grilled burgers, soups, and chilies. Next on our list is Lions Bay, a small community located between Vancouver and Squamish. There you can find the Lions Bay loop that offers several hiking trails to explore that pass Crystal Falls and viewpoints of Howe Sound. The loop starts from the General Store and Café, a Sea to Sky icon offering coffee and a seasonal menu. The General Store promotes local products including artisan bread, fine meats and cheeses, West Coast Souvenirs and a liquor store offering local beer and wine.


Based in Lions Bay, Eric Lofgren created Next Level Foods, offering plant-based protein bars to meet the growing needs of consumers living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that is plant-based, and free of common food allergens and added sweeteners. “The Lions Bay General Store and Café were the first to carry my product on store shelves, and have been super-supportive throughout, continuing to prominently display all seven of my protein bar flavours,” says Eric, “It is the perfect place to grab a next level bar to take on your hike - as well as for stopping in at the end of the day for an après pint of cold, craft beer while enjoying the view of Howe Sound.” Also located in Lions Bay you will find Tunnel Point, a great spot to stretch your legs and check out another view. On the other side of the highway, you can hike Tunnel Bluffs, a 11.5km roundtrip intermediate hike that takes you through the trees, across creeks, over log bridges, and up to a spectacular view point. Make sure to pack lots of water and snacks for this one!

Squamish On the way up the Sea to Sky to our next stop in Squamish, you will find gorgeous viewpoints and beaches including Porteau Cove, Furry Creek Beach and Lookout, Britannia Beach, as well as a short trail to Shannon Falls, BC’s third tallest falls and a popular picnic spot. After that, we’ve made it to the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish! The 10-minute gondola ride takes you up the summit where you will find hiking trails, restaurants, and dozens of veiwpoints - don't forget to take lots of pictures! At the peak of the gondola, you can grab a beverage, fresh baked pastries, and sandwiches at the Co-Pilot Café in the Summit Lodge. You will also find Backyard Bites located in the Backyard Plaza where you can enjoy an assortment of hot food options! Be sure to check out any of these Squamish food spots and local products:



GRAZE WILDER @grazewilder on Instagram or

41060 Government Rd, Brackendale, BC Located in the beautiful Squamish Valley, Hop Creek Farms is a 33-acre farm that sustainably and ethically raises 100% grass-fed/grass-finished beef, 100% grassfed/grass-finished lamb, pastured pork, and pastured chicken. There are two creeks that intersect and run through the farm property, Dryden Creek and Hop Creek, which is what inspired the name. Order online or drop by their Farm Stand to see their selection. CHIWIS KIWI CHIPS Squamish-based, Chiwis Kiwi Chips is a proud Sea to Sky company, created out of a love for snacking and adventure. “Kiwi chips were a snack that I made at home and brought along on hikes, camp trips, basically anywhere I would go that required a portable delicious snack,” says Founder and CEO of Chiwis, Sarah Goodman, “as a nutritionist I am always looking for treats that would be filling, nutritious, and will give my never-ending sweet tooth what it wants without a bunch of junk and added sugars.” Order online or find a store near you on the Chiwis website. ALICE + BROHM ICE CREAM CO. TWO SQUAMISH LOCATIONS

1861 Mamquam Rd Unit 9 & 38129 Second Ave. A small ice cream business, spreading goodness and making memories with local berries and some of BC’s best dairy. Founders Matt and Katie felt a New Zealand style ice cream would fit well in the Squamish community. Matt was born and raised in New Zealand and his love for ice cream can be found in every area of the business. Katie, raised in the BC interior, finds importance in relationships and sustainability in the local food industry. The business started in 2017 when the two remodeled a 1972 Boler trailer and purchased an authentic real fruit ice cream machine from New Zealand. That is just a small piece about how Alice + Brohm was created, make sure to check them out! They now have 2 locations in Squamish.

email to order On a sunny spring day in 2021, best friends of 24 years Emily and Rosie were hiking in Whistler discussing their dreams of heading home to Squamish for a luxurious charcuterie and cheese feast. Realizing they had found a gap in the market, this conversation quickly led to their launching of Graze Wilder (named after Emily's newborn, baby Jack Wilder). "We've been blown away by how supportive the Squamish community is, it truly is the best place to have a small business. There is a lot of change happening right now and it's so exciting to be a part of. Each week another new eatery is popping up, there's a real feeling that we're all in it together and everyone wants one another to succeed,” says Emily. "We personally deliver our graze boxes and boards which gives us the chance to meet our grazers; whether it be a Friday date night by the river, professionals gifting to their clients, graduation parties or more recently, brides on their wedding day." Rosie adds. ANDREW WATSON DESIGN 38936 Queens Way #13, Squamish, BC BC Food & Beverage have been happy to work with Squamish based boutique award design studio, Andrew Watson Design, who created the BCFB Award trophies. They specialize in the custom design and creation of unique hand-crafted awards, trophies, and plaques. “We are fortunate to be in Squamish, a strong and vibrant community that we are very proud to be a part of,” says Kristy Pahl, HR Director at Andrew Watson Design, “when we aren’t designing and handcrafting awards, the team enjoys all the playfulness that Squamish brings including mounting biking, hiking, rock climbing, and snow sports.” For staff lunches, the team frequents local restaurant, Luz Tacos, and for treats, they are often found at Tall Tree Bakery, Sunflower Bakery, or Fox and Oat for delicious doughnuts.


our province

Whistler Next to visit is Whistler, located in the beautiful Coast Mountains, the little town is home to many great shops, restaurants, museums, events, and festivals to explore. No matter the season there are plenty of things to do in the outdoors including hiking trails and snow activities. With the many spots to stop along the Sea to Sky Highway, a highly recommended place to check out is Brandywine Falls, just south of Whistler. There you will find the iconic waterfall that plummets down 230 feet, as well as hiking and mountain bike trails to explore. Be sure to check out Tourism Whistler for more activity options!

BReD MADE BY ED 206-2067 Lake Placid Rd, Whistler, BC


We had the chance to chat with Ed and Natasha, the founders of BReD, an organic sourdough bakery located in Creekside Village, Whistler. Ed, has been a chef all his working life, studying at catering college in the UK and working at prestigious eateries in England, New Zealand, and Australia before working at Alta Bistro in Whistler. Ed created a sourdough culture while working on organic vegetable farms with his wife, Natasha, on Vancouver Island in the summer of 2014, and took it back to Alta Bistro where he set up a bread program. Natasha had worked various food and beverage jobs to supplement her income during her teaching career and had dreamt of opening a plant-based eatery, so she and Ed decided to sell their house, leave their full-time jobs, and set up a 100% plant-based organic sourdough bakery together in Creekside Village which opened in March 2019. “We have an amazing customer base of young professionals, athletes, and families who support us all year round buying their weekly bread, and morning coffee and treats,” says Ed, “there is often a line-up for hours until we sell out every day and other local entrepreneurs have opened up with complimentary businesses in the neighbourhood, like a vegan salon and a day care. We feel accepted by the long-term Whistler residents, which is especially amazing for a vegan business - and an achievement in any ski town!”

Creekside Village was the original base of Whistler Mountain and site of the first gondola, the ‘Creek’ as locals call it, is the first point of entry to the resort of Whistler Blackcomb and is a convenient alternative to the often crowded Whistler Village.

Pemberton After grabbing some plant-based fuel from Natasha and Ed, its time to hit the road again to our final stop, Pemberton, just north of Whistler and about a 2.5-hour drive from Vancouver. From spending the day at One Mile Lake, exploring Nairn Falls Provincial Park, or checking out some of the local food and beverage spots, the community of Pemberton has a lot to offer.

MILE ONE EATING HOUSE 7330 Arbutus Street, Pemberton, BC Mile one is a rustic, casual restaurant known for its menu of comfort food and a passion to support and showcase local products. You will find over 35 different BC craft beers, 6 regional wines, local coffee and teas, as well as a showcase of local retail items from artisan sausage to goat’s milk soap. The restaurant represents their vision of the beginning, end, or middle of one’s journey. The name ‘One Mile’ refers to the mile marker you would find while exploring the outdoors in Pemberton.


WHISTLER HARVEST 104-7322 Old Mill Rd., Pemberton, BC Whistler Harvest is a vertical farm, based in Pemberton, operating in the sea to sky region. They offer cultivated mushrooms and grow it yourself kits. They are proud to provide locally grown, pesticide free, non-gmo, healthy foods for their communities. NORTH ARM FARM

LEFT BReD store front, photo by Callum Hayes TOP LEFT BReD - bread peel, photo by Darby Magill ABOVE Next Level Epic Earl Grey protein bar


North Arm Farm is a family owned and operated certified organic farm located in Pemberton. Stop by the farm to check out their store, bakery and restaurant open for all day breakfast and lunch. They also offer u-pick strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and pumpkins. Be sure to check out their website to see what’s in season! 

FALL 2021

1888 Highway 99, P.O. Box 165, Pemberton, BC

“This campaign is a celebration of being in business for 25 years and our ability to be able to give back to our community,” page 31







photo by Pawel Czerwinski, on Unsplash



THE Organic SUPER HERO of Frozen Treats 28

Deebee's Organics


Story by Sierra Simpson

Victoria-based DeeBee’s Organics makes premium organic superfruit freezies made with 100% fruit juice. With the goal in mind of having a modern clean label, their fruit freezer pops contain no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives.

DeeBee’s Organics founder, Dr. Dionne Laslo-Baker, is also a medical scientist, focusing on the impact of environmental toxins, especially in the food chain, on child health. She is a PhD medical researcher in the field of maternal-fetal toxicology, her doctorate focused on the effects of exposure to chemicals during pregnancy on fetal development. Dionne’s passion for the health science of organic food drives her mission behind her company to create delicious snacks that are good for you. It wasn’t just Dionne who created DeeBee’s though – she had some innovative help from her kids! One afternoon in 2012 her kids were in the kitchen – one making tea, the other making popsicles. There was an argument about who mom would help when her eldest said with excitement, “Mommy, let’s make teasicles!” Just like that, a lightbulb went off in Dionne’s head. “In that moment I realized that nobody was making something like this and I’m going to start a company making healthy snacks,” says Dionne. That was the start of DeeBee’s Organics! Though their products no longer include any tea, they use organic fruit and botanicals to craft their award winning frozen FruitPops and shelf stable SuperFruit Freezies.

Launching Dreams An initiative at DeeBee’s, the DreamLauncher program, was created to help Deebee’s employees give back to a cause that is personally important to them. The company also matches any donations or fundraising made through their annual employee initiatives. This employee-driven program ensures each team member can achieve their philanthropic goals, providing paid time off, resources and financial support, and designated charitable contributions linked to their employee stock option program (ESOP). “Every team member that's with the company for one year becomes part of the ESOP, this allows us to all feel like we're in this together and share in the financial success,” says Dionne. DeeBee’s also gives a portion of equity rights to each employee’s give-back dream. Deebee’s is proudly a certified B Corporation company – committed to high standards of social environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. DeeBee’s is founded with the soul purpose of creating more good in the world. They do so by the ways they look to minimize their environmental footprint, the way they treat their staff, to the charitable initiatives they support. They are also a certified Women-Owned business. In addition to that, 68% of the DeeBee’s team identify as women!

To learn more about DeeBee’s Organics and their awesome products visit: 



Bridging two worlds

From the Philippines to Canada Bukobaba - Premium Coconut Essentials Story by Sierra Simpson



Bukobaba “Buko” means “young coconut” in Tagalog. Tagalog is an Austronesian language spoken as a first language by the ethnic Tagalog people of the Philippines. “Baba” is a term of affection roughly translating to “Baby” and is the nickname Raquel grew up with. In her family, the little cousins are also nicknamed, “Baba”.

The Vancouver-based company, Bukobaba Essentials is a family-owned business that specializes in providing healthy premium coconut food and wellness products to markets in Canada, while also working directly with local coconut farmers in the Philippines. Each product is sustainably sourced, and hand-crafted in small batches. Founder and owner of Bukobaba, Raquel Stewart, was born in Las Piñas, Philippines, though she grew up in Vancouver, she maintains strong cultural ties with her birthplace. Back in 2016, Raquel’s mother, Joy, became very sick and was told by her doctor she would need to go on multiple hormone replacement medications, which did not appeal to Joy. Right away, Joy started researching for alternatives and with the help of her naturopath, she discovered how what we eat plays a huge role in healing the body. Fast forward to the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 when Raquel and her family we’re visiting extended family in the Philippines, they visited an organic coconut farm, and learnt about a method of extracting premium coconut oil that retains the valuable micronutrients and fatty acids. “There was a spark in me while I was at the farm, and I knew that I had an opportunity to support these amazing coconut farmers and their families, and bring Canada high quality Philippine coconut products,” says Raquel, “We are the bridge between Philippine coconut farmers and our customers here in Canada. I truly believe we all have a purpose and the power to do good in this world, and I believe Bukobaba is a vessel to do just that.” In March of 2019 Bukobaba Essentials was incorporated. Since then, they have introduced many other high quality coconut products such as coconut jams, coconut vinegars, coconut sugar, and more. All Bukobaba’s products are made with 1-3 ingredients and are vegan friendly, paleo friendly, gluten-free, and GMO free.

“ I love our coconut jam, it’s like a vegan caramel, and I just eat it by the spoon. It’s so delicious and it brings joy to my life.”


Spicy Filipino Chicken Adobo recipe

(Soy Free) Adobo… the famous unofficial national dish of the Philippines. Savoury, tangy, and the perfect amount of heat, this saucy dish pairs beautifully with a hot bed of steamed or garlic rice. This dish gained popularity because of its delicious flavour, and ease in preparation.

Chicken and Marinade


5-6 pieces of organic chicken legs or thighs


1/3 cup of Bukobaba Amino Sauce 1/4 cup of Bukobaba Black Vinegar 1/4 cup of Bukobaba Cider Vinegar ½

tbsp pink Himalayan salt


tbsp whole peppercorn, or sub

2 tsp coarse cracked pepper


tsp of thyme


bay leaves, fresh or dried


chili pepper, sliced or diced


garlic cloves, minced

Combine chicken and marinade ingredients in a bowl. Marinate in the fridge for at least 25 minutes, or overnight for the best flavour.

Sear: 1.

Heat 2 tbsp Bukobaba Virgin Coconut Oil in a skillet over high heat. Remove chicken from marinade, and place in the skillet. Be sure to reserve the marinade.


Sear both sides until browned – about 1 minute on each side. Do not cook the chicken all the way through.

For cooking


Remove chicken from skillet and set aside.


tbsp of Bukobaba Virgin Coconut Oil



small brown onion, sliced or diced


garlic cloves, minced

1 ½ cups of water


Heat the remaining oil in skillet. Add garlic and onion, cook 1½ minutes.


Add the reserved marinade and water. Bring it to a simmer then turn heat down to medium high. Simmer for 5 minutes.


Add chicken smooth side down. Simmer uncovered for 20 to 25 minutes (no need to stir), turning chicken at around 15 minutes, until the sauce is reduced and thickened and chicken is tender. If the sauce isn't thick enough, remove chicken onto a plate and let the sauce simmer by itself.

Serve with steamed rice and sliced green onion or scallions

To learn more about Bukobaba Essentials and their amazing products visit, 

Nourishment Campaign Story by Sierra Simpson


FALL 2021



DTEC Software (formerly known as distrib-u-tec) is a fully integrated ERP food industry specific accounting and operational based in BC created the initiative called the Nourishment Campaign. “This campaign is a celebration of being in business for 25 years and our ability to be able to give back to our community,” says June Nicolay, CEO and Founder of DTEC, “We’ve always given back to our community, but for our 25th year, we wanted to make it a bit more substantial. ‘Nourishment’ for us pertains to your mind, body, and soul. What are we nourishing? All three components as a whole person.” At BC Food & Beverage, we were fortunate to be a part of the campaign where DTEC gifted memberships to emerging BC food and beverage companies. But this was just a small portion of what DTEC has done to give back to the community.

“Our community is who we serve, where we live, our work team members, and likeminded groups who are working in tandem to meet common goals. When we wish to give back to our community, we look at all these sectors to arrive at our give back campaigns.” 34

says June Nicolay


d n i m

The ‘Mind’ portion of the Nourishment Campaign includes the spring of 2022 launch of a brand-new customer portal, that offers training videos and additional information that DTEC has gained for the past 25 years of serving the food industry that will assist their clients to move forward with streamlining their business. “This self-help portal will be accessible for our clients so they can go in and basically use all of that information on their own time,” says June, “For example, say you’re onboarding new staff to your organization that need to learn new software and new standard operating procedures, they will have access to these white papers and videos. It’s convenient to have a portal for them to access their own training.” Lifelong learning and shared knowledge are parts of DTEC’s corporate identity.

Next to be nourished is the body. For this portion of the campaign DTEC focused on the food and beverage industry across North America. DTEC realizes that in order to provide nourishing food on every plate, they must support their local food supply chain. They came up with the idea to sponsor memberships for BCFB to help small and emerging BC-based companies that need mentorship and access to peer activities in order to thrive and grow. This year, DTEC gifted 12 BC Food & Beverage memberships to these upand-coming businesses for the inaugural year. “We would like to continue to do this every year,” says June “that is the direction that we want to go. With a national client base, we will also be sponsoring memberships for similar non-profit organizations across Canada.” DTEC also plans on supporting community kitchens and other similar organizations with preferred local rates and software deployment programs. This would be with the goal of assisting growth within localized regions.

Our BC Food & Beverage industry would not have the world class reputation it does without the strength of our tremendous community. “The generous support DTEC offered with their sponsored membership program spoke exactly to what makes our community thrive: when one of us succeeds, we all succeed,” says Alisa Hutton, Director of Membership and Programs at BC Food & Beverage, “DTEC has a deep understanding of the importance of businesses having access to education, resources, and support to help them succeed. This act of kindness has created a wonderful ripple effect and we have more partners who wish to offer support in the same way.” After learning more about DTEC’s Nourishment Campaign, BC Food & Beverage has created the ‘BCFB’s Paying it Forward’ program that we are excited to launch in 2022. “We say at BCFB we provide you with the right ingredients for growth, DTEC and their contribution to our community is one of those ingredients,” says Alisa, “if you would like to give back and be a part of our Paying it Forward Program, please reach out!”



The third part of the Nourishment Campaign is ‘soul’ which is focussing on mental health. The need to nourish our souls has become even more apparent during covid, and the social isolation and anxiety that many experience daily navigating this changing landscape. “We also have an endless cycle of people growing up in homes, where there’s not enough love and nourishment in order for them to grow into a whole person,” says June. DTEC has embraced the arts in its many forms of music, visual, written word, dance, and theatre. “Local access to the arts in our community is very important to mental wellness, and for our youth to have positive examples of beauty in their lives. There is scientific research that proves music and art therapy is something that assists people with mental illness challenges,” explains June. The company decided to fund Opera Kelowna, which included a mini-match campaign earlier this year, where DTEC matched any funds donated dollar-for-dollar to Opera Kelowna. They also put together a contest where anyone that donated would be eligible to win an aria sung to them by the opera and a gift basket full of BC-based products. Since art organizations suffered from the closure of live performance venues, DTEC was happy to help fund them during these difficult times. As another part of the Nourishment Campaign, DTEC is sponsoring the Kelowna Art Gallery exhibition called ‘A Year From Now.’ This exhibition is an introspective look from the Kelowna Art Gallery’s permanent collection that we’re hand-picked by local artists and curator, Wanda Lock. “Five poets were retained to write about the collection,” says June, “The art galleries across the nation have provided safe environments for refection, access to beauty, and collective thought at a time where we have been denied in person activities.”

DTEC is also supporting the Okanagan Symphony Orchestra School Program that offers students an introduction to musical instruments, as well as an initiative for Youth Orchestras across BC. Orchestral training programs with mentors, weekly rehearsals, concerto solo opportunities, a new professionally coached chamber music program and the opportunity to compose work for the orchestra are all part of the OYSO program. “Youth Orchestra organizations in British Columbia were not able to perform any of their year end shows this past year so they joined together and had a piece composed,” says June, “The players were recorded individually, recordings were mixed together, and the final piece was broadcasted on Mental Wellness Day.” This project is called The Apollo Initiative and the orchestras, supporting youth mental wellness, raised over their goal of $10,000. June and the team at DTEC hope this article will be a call to action to other corporations to realize that if we all work together collectively and give back, we can accomplish some great things in our community.  To learn more about DTEC visit:

IMAGES & ART PAGE 31 Takao Tanabe, Summer Moon (Vancouver), 1966, oil and lucite on canvas. Collection of the Kelowna Art Gallery. Gift of the artist, 2001. PAGE 32 BOTTOM LEFT Aganetha Dyck, The Helmet, 2000, hockey helmet and beeswax on wooden beehives. Collection of the Kelowna Art Gallery. Gift of Deborah Dyck, 2005. PAGE 32 TOP Steve Mennie, Random Motion, 1993, silkscreen on paper. Collection of the Kelowna Art Gallery. Gift from the Estate of Jann L. Bailey, 2018. PAGE 33 TOP Landon Mackenzie, Houbarts Hope (Yellow) Crimson Lake (detail), 2001-2003, synthetic polymer and appliqués on linen. Collection of the Kelowna Art Gallery. Gift of Landon Mackenzie, 2020. ABOVE Okanagan Symphony Orchestra

“Everything is connected, and we are learning more and more about how the foods you eat affect your wellbeing”

page 36






FALL 2021



photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash



Unlocking the Nutritional Value of Milk story by SIERRA SIMPSON



Based in Abbotsford, Vitalus Nutrition has grown from a small family owned and operated business to a trusted international supplier of dairy ingredients. Their history goes back to 1988 when they were part of Vanderpol Eggs and Vitalus’ current president and CEO, Phil Vanderpol, was selling concentrated egg whites in Japan. The customer they were working with inquired about whey powder which was a new ingredient that was just coming into the market at the time. With the demand, Phil and his team developed the technology to concentrate whey using what they had discovered from producing the concentrated egg whites. Just like that, in 2004 Vitalus Nutrition was born. Vitalus transforms highquality Canadian milk into specialized ingredients such as milk protein concentrates, milk protein isolates, galacto-oligosaccharides (fibre/ prebiotic), and value-added cream products. Vitalus’ passion in the health space is their purpose of unlocking the nutritional value of milk. From early life to an active lifestyle to healthy aging, they know how their ingredients fulfill the functional and nutritional needs of each market segment. “Everything is connected, and we are learning more and more about how the foods you eat affect your wellbeing,” says Laura Bergen, Marketing Specialist at Vitalus, “Experts and nutritionists are continuing to learn more about how the food you eat has an impact on immunity, mental health, and healthy aging.”


The team at Vitalus is inspired every day to improve the lives of their customers, people, and community. They hold pride in having their high quality, specialized ingredients which boost nutrition in products such as infant formulas, RTD’s, yogurts, and bakery products. Through their wellness program, Vitalus encourages healthy living in the workplace, as well are providing access to resources to strengthen physical and mental wellness. We asked the team at Vitalus if they had any favourite products, but they can’t just choose one! What they did tell us though, is that they have a new and exciting product in the works, VITAGOS™ powder, which is an ingredient that is a galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) abundant, soluble prebiotic/fibre. GOS plays a very important role in supporting the plethora of gut bifidogenic bacteria. Supporting a healthy microbiota is just one way of supporting a healthy gut. “There is new research that is coming out on gut health being linked with benefits like feeling your best mentally and physically,” says Laura, “This research makes VITAGOS™ an exciting ingredient that is poised to be included in products that will make a difference in our local and global communities.” To learn more about Vitalus and their products visit: 

PUMPKIN spice SOFT COOKIES Soft and chewy pumpkin spice cookies containing 1g of VITAGOS™ per two servings.




Combine the flour, cornstarch, cream of tartar, baking soda, salt, and spices.


In a mixer bowl beat together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add the egg, pumpkin, VITAGOS™, and vanilla and continue beating at low speed.


Slowly add the dry ingredients until the formation of a sticky dough.

14 g of VITAGOS™


Cover the dough and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.


large egg


When ready to bake, pre-heat the oven to 350°F (177°C).


tsp of vanilla extract


tsp of cornstarch


Combine the granulated sugar and cinnamon for the coating.


tsp of ground cinnamon


Shape the dough into small balls and roll into the sugar-cinnamon mixture.


Place the dough balls onto a parchment-lined baking sheet and flatten slightly.

1/4 tsp of sea salt


Bake for 8-10 min until the top of the cookies are set.

1/8 tsp of ground clove

10. Cool and store in an airtight container

For the cookie dough: 335 g of all-purpose flour 125 g of pumpkin puree 140 g of brown sugar 110 g of granulated sugar 75 g of unsalted butter,

softened to room temperature

3/4 tsp of baking soda 1/2 tsp of cream of tartar 1/2 tsp of ground nutmeg

For the cinnamon sugar coating:

FALL 2021


1 1/2 tsp of ground cinnamon


55 g of granulated sugar



Creating Wellness Within E veryone's Reach




Starting in 1990, Organika has grown from a small line of supplements to an always-evolving collection of the highest quality, better-foryou natural health supplements and functional snacks, distributed in retail outlets throughout Canada and in more than 25 countries worldwide. 30 years ago, the founder of Organika, Tom Chin, fell in love with natural healing from a holistic remedy that helped cure his kidney stones. After that experience, Tom was inspired to help others and started selling a small range of supplements out of the back of his van. The company has thrived and now grown into providing hundreds of products, including some of Canada’s most loved wellness and beauty enhancers. Organika’s passion is to help Canadians live healthy and to be the #1 guide to natural health in the country. Community building and education sit at the core of Organika’s approach to marketing its products, with the mission of inspiring Canadians to lead a healthier lifestyle. With their extensive digital marketing strategy to educate people about new products and emerging health trends, Organika also cherishes their strong community engagement ranging from local health practitioners to influential individuals to create brand awareness of an estimate

of over 5 million people. When the pandemic hit last year, Organika was on board to help where they could. This included supporting and inspiring their nationwide community of brick-and-mortar retailers, who faced significant decrease in distribution. The team at Organika also delivered 18,000 of their FAV Keto Mini Cookies to frontline workers all over Metro Vancouver, donated over $100,000 worth of products to Mama’s for Mama’s, helping children and mothers Canada in-need, and ran a pen pal initiative, sharing kindness through hand-written letters to seniors in care facilities. Organika was the winner of the 2021 BC Food & Beverage Innovation Award. This award is given to a company that demonstrates innovation in any aspect of the company and is seen as a leader and benchmark to the industry. To learn more about Organika and check out all their amazing products, visit 



We asked an Organika team member what their favourite products are, because obviously we want to try them for ourselves! “I love our Enhanced Collagen and Instant-C” said Krista Cline, Community Lead at Organika, “the collagen helps with my skin health from spending lots of time in the sun and I boost my collagen formation with Instant C, which also helps support my immunity!” Another new favorite is the newly launched Electrolytes + Enhanced Collagen in two flavours; mixed berry and strawberry peach. “The Electrolytes + Enhanced Collagen maximizes your daily hydration with 0g of sugar and contains Canada’s #1 collagen powder,” says Krista.


cocoa powder


Cocoa powder is a lower calorie and lower carb option compared to solid chocolate. A tablespoon contains only 12 calories, less than 1 gram of fat, 3 grams of carbohydrates and almost no sugar.


335 g of all-purpose flour


Add the oats, milk, yogurt and chia seeds together in a glass jar; mix together, then cover and refrigerate overnight.


In the morning, fold in the cacao powder, collagen, and maple syrup. Add the sliced cherries and as many FAV cookies as you’d like. You can also add more yogurt or milk if desired.

¾ cup rolled oats 1

cup milk or milk alternative


cup greek yogurt


tbsp chia seeds


tbsp cacao powder


tbsp Orkanika Enhanced Collagen Boost

1-2 tsp maple syrup 1

mini bag (30 g) of FÄV mini cookies

Sliced cherries

Tip: layer the oat mixture with yogurt, cherries and cookies in a glass or jar for a pretty presentation!



tsp olive oil

Half a white onion, chopped


teaspoon minced garlic


sprigs of thyme



4-5 large carrots, washed and 2

Bone Broth


cup of plant-based milk

(coconut and oat work great)

2-3 tbsp chopped fresh dill tsp paprika

Salt and pepper to taste


Add oil to a medium heat sauce pan, and saute chopped onions for 3-4 minutes, until soft and translucent. Add in minced garlic and stir for another minute.


Add thyme, carrots, and paprika, and stir quickly, just until combined.


Cover the mixture with vegetable and chicken bone broth. Bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer and cover with a lid to let simmer for 25 minutes, until the carrots are soft and can be easily mashed with a fork.


Add in plant based milk of choice, fresh dill, and salt and pepper, stir to combine.


Remove thyme sprigs, and transfer the entire mixture to a stand blender. Blend for about 1-2 minutes, until all lumps are gone and a smooth texture is achieved.


Serve in bowls and enjoy with extra dill on top!

For more recipes from Organika visit their blog


FALL 2021



Think classic carrot soup, but leveled-up with some fresh dill, and an added nutritional benefit with Organika’s Chicken Bone Broth.

cups of vegetable broth

1 ½ cups of Organika Chicken

We can’t wait to see you in person at Process Expo.

Our team has so many innovative applications to show you. Come visit Reiser at Process Expo | Chicago | November 2-5, 2021 | Reiser Booth 15013 Reiser Canada • Burlington, ON • (905) 631-6611 Reiser • Canton, MA • (781) 821-1290 Reiser UK • Milton Keynes, Bucks • (01908) 585300 2021

Cooking Up New Products for Food Companies The Prairie Research Kitchen – a growing culinary research hub – has become an important new resource for Western Canadian agri-food companies bringing new products to market. The newly outfitted research labs are located in the same building as Red River College’s School of


image: Lentil perogies (dough and filling) developed at Prairie Research Kitchen (PRK)


FALL 2021

Hospitality and Culinary Arts in downtown Winnipeg.


The proximity to Red River College’s culinary school is no mistake; it’s the Prairie Research Kitchen’s secret ingredient to success. Students and chef instructors work closely with the Prairie Research Kitchen’s team of research chefs and food scientists, giving clients and partners the benefit of a large and diverse research team. “It’s really a win-win situation,” says Mavis McRae, Director of the Prairie Research Kitchen. “Working with the School of Culinary Arts not only means there are more hands on deck for our projects, but we also get the additional talent and experience of chef instructors and students – making us an accessible option for small- and medium-sized enterprises. In return, students learn valuable skills they can take back to the classroom and into their future careers.”

Culinary research and culinary arts: the perfect recipe The culinary research program at Red River College (RRC) started about seven years ago, officially opening its dedicated space as a Technology Access Centre (TAC) in 2019. To date, the research team has worked with more than 70 clients on rapid prototyping, ingredient applications, consumer research trials, recipe development and food photography. The Kitchen’s modern, collaborative space is the perfect laboratory for the research team’s unique blend of food science and culinary arts. Complete with modular spaces to accommodate project-specific equipment as needed, the space is furnished with everything clients need to take their products to the pilot plant scale of the food development process.


“In addition to our own facilities, our connection with the College means we can access other RRC departments to leverage additional resources,” says McRae. “We can connect clients with skills and expertise in manufacturing, IT, business, life sciences, marketing and graphic design, to name only a few.”

image: Joseph Alex, Instructor, Culinary Skills, with dishes featuring traditional Indigenous ingredients, topped with a sweetgrass-infused wild blueberry sauce.

Working with BC food companies The Prairie Research Kitchen team has worked on a wide variety of food products but has developed a speciality working with plant proteins and pulse products in recent years. One such plant-based product comes from Big Mountain Food Products Ltd., a family-operated food business based out of Vancouver. Big Mountain makes allergen-free, plant-based food products such as veggie links and grounds. "We are very pleased with the product development work Prairie Research Kitchen has done. Historically, we have worked with organizations outside of Canada on innovation projects. We are happy to have access to this resource to bring our R&D back into Canada. We look forward to launching the products we have worked on with Prairie Research Kitchen. Jasmine Byrne, Vice President Another innovative BC based food company, Save Da Sea, reached out to Prairie Research Kitchen for help adding plant-based omega-3 fatty acids to their plant-based smoked salmon. Flaxseed oil was selected as an excellent vegan omega-3 source to enhance the nutritional profile of their vegan seafood product. “The culinary research team at the Prairie Research Kitchen was incredibly helpful in Save Da Sea's research for plantbased smoked salmon. The team assigned to the project were thorough and helped support our R&D in an early stage when we didn’t have the resources in house.” – Aki Kaltenbach, Founder Many small- and medium-sized BC companies are discovering the benefits of working with the Prairie Research Kitchen. The past year has provided proof that work can continue effectively in a remote way as long as our team can work their magic in the kitchen. Video conferencing and couriers enable the results to reach clients.

image: Kyle Andreasen, Research Coordinator (front),

Anna Borys, Research Assistant (middle), and Heather Hill, Research Manager (back) in the PRK R&D kitchen.

" We are happy to have access to this resource to bring our R&D back into Canada. We look forward to launching the products we have worked on with Prairie Research Kitchen. "

Applied research support The Prairie Research Kitchen has access to applied research funding available for colleges and Technology Access Centres. For example, the Tech Access Canada Interactive Visits program provide eligible clients with up to 20 hours of researcher expertise to tackle a research and development challenge. Additionally, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) grants are available for more complex research projects. This support is invaluable for incorporated businesses to leverage resources available for innovation activities.


Research supporting wellness

image: Anna Borys (back) and Heather Hill (front) in the PRK analytical lab.

The concept of food as medicine has been with us for decades, but has gained increasing importance during the pandemic as many consumers are focusing on their health and wellness. Boosting immunity and reducing inflammation are top health concerns consumers look to achieve with food. Gut health is also gaining prominence as its link to brain health and wellness has been recognized in scientific papers. Products featuring prebiotics and probiotics continue to be developed. These functional ingredients, along with many others, help consumers take charge of their health when many things feel out of their control.

FALL 2021

The researchers at Prairie Research Kitchen (PRK) get a front row seat in the development of new ingredients and products for health and wellness. Plant-based foods and ingredients have been the fastest growing category over the last few years. The majority of this demand is expected to be comprised of pea, canola, oat and potato but also includes a range of plant proteins with fava bean and hemp, the fastest growing meat and dairy alternative proteins launched globally from 2017 to 2019. PRK has been successfully developing culinary applications for these Canadian crops.

For more information, please visit


Companies who are formulating their products to address the latest culinary trends – or maybe trending in their own direction – can access the knowledge and expertise of our research team to bring their vision to a tangible, testable product. 

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