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Step By Step: Souffles

story and photography by RENEE KOHLMAN

A soufflé is like magic. Eggs and a few pantry ingredients are transformed into a lofty masterpiece just by incorporating air. Puffed to perfection, a soufflé really is quite the sight to behold before it collapses with the first spoonful. While there are a few rules, a cheese soufflé is quite simple to prepare, and makes an impressive brunch dish, whether it is for Easter Sunday, or a lazy weekend morning.

gently folded together before baking. The word soufflé means “to breathe” or “to puff”, which is what those beaten egg whites do to the base once the soufflé hits the high heat of the oven.

The soufflé has two components: a base, which includes the yolks; and glossy, beaten egg whites. The two parts are

The base of the soufflé can be sweet or savoury. If it is sweet, it can be made from a fruit purée or melted


chocolate. These make a spectacular, showstopping dessert. Savoury soufflés usually incorporate cheese, vegetables, and seafood, and are fabulous for brunch or a light lunch. The base for a savoury soufflé is a cooked sauce of butter, milk, egg yolks, and some sort of starch, like flour. Regardless of whether the soufflé is sweet or savoury, jaws will drop as you present your dish to the table. Soufflés are so spectacular they have their very own baking dish created

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