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Established in 1982, the Alumni Affairs Office (AAO) is committed to developing a connected alumni community and promoting alumni's sense of belongings to their alma mater. Our missions are:

To encourage alumni support on the mission and vision of the University

To engage alumni to contribute to the University in various capacities

To facilitate alumni to help promote good relations between the University and the general public

To strengthen alumni involvement in advancing the development of the University



新冠疫情肆虐全球三年,各行各業飽受衝擊,校友 事務亦當然不能完全倖免。縱使面對荊棘滿途, 有賴眾多校友組織及廣大校友的支持,校友事務處在 多方面仍有良好的發展及成果,故2022年仍是機遇

一段時間籌備,得到眾多研究院校友組織和熱心 校友 參與,以及中大校友會聯會的全力支持,「中大 研究院校友會聯會」在12月圓滿舉行成立典禮和 晚宴。其成立亦標誌着研究院校友事務發展已踏進 一個新紀元,將必更進一步發揮團結研究院校友的 力量。

年初疫情反覆,校友事務處靈活調整策略及工作,於 2月成功繼續以線上方式進行「中大青年校友職業 發展日」。值得欣慰的是,隨著疫情在下半年開始 緩和, 其餘三個萬眾期待的重點活動,包括「中大 創業日」、「傑出校友訪問計劃」及「中大校友日」, 均能以實體活動形式與大家見面,每一場的出席者

都非常雀躍,場面熱鬧。當中發生不少小插曲,如有 活動開幕禮巧遇颱風襲港,幸能瞬間轉為線上舉行, 並 喜出望外地錄得極高出席人數。除此之外,校友 事務處全年舉辦數十項線上線下活動,供本地及海外 校友透過各種形式參與,凝聚不同組別的校友。

2022年亦是強化校友團結能量的一年。「校友傳承 基金」連續第九年透過畢業紀念班籌款委員會於 校友日為大學籌得100萬港元善款,而該基金至今 已累積超過1,100萬港元捐款。儘管社會經濟存在不 明朗 因素,校友仍然不畏艱難開展籌款活動為母校 真誠奉獻,實在令人感激。另一件喜訊就是,經過

在加強校友聯繫的同時,我們亦進一步發展不同 媒體,包括YouTube、LinkedIn等海內外主流社交 媒體,務求全天候為校友提供更精彩的資訊體驗, 凝聚廣大校友社群。

2023年,中大將迎接創校60周年的重要里程碑。 為隆重其事,大學邀請了各主要校友組織的會長或 代表組成大學60周年校慶工作委員會屬下校友慶祝 活動工作小組,並早於 2022年2月着手籌備一共20項 的校友慶祝活動,讓廣大校友一同感受到歡樂氣氛。 在此,亦特別感謝中大校友評議會,慷慨贊助製作 校友慶祝活動精美紀念品,惠及校友。

我們在分享校慶喜悅之時,也期待和各位校友一同 歡喜迎接中大進入新的發展階段,共譜輝煌新篇。



As the global pandemic persisted for 3 years, it continued to wreak havoc on people from all walks of life. Thanks to the exceptional commitment and support of all alumni associations and alumni, we have achieved several remarkable accomplishments despite all the impacts of the pandemic. Without doubt, 2022 was a year full of challenges and opportunities.

While the COVID-19 epidemic situation in Hong Kong remained volatile in early 2022, we responded swiftly to ensure the alumni activities could continue to be conducted by leveraging digital tools with versatility. One of the examples is staging the CUHK Young Alumni Career Day in February 2022 virtually with innovative features. A silver lining began to appear in the second half of 2022. The return of long-awaited physical flagship events since the pandemic, including “CUHK Entrepreneur Day”, “Distinguished Alumni-in-Residence Programme”, and “CUHK Alumni Homecoming”, brought joy to alumni and the CUHK community. Apart from these events, a wide variety of online and offline events were held throughout the year, to allow alumni worldwide to participate in.

2022 was also a year of strengthening alumni unity and solidarity. Despite a multitude of uncertainties in a volatile socio-economic climate, the staunch support of CUHK alumni allowed us to conclude once again the CUHK Alumni Torch Fund’s fundraising campaign with donation of HK$1 million for the ninth year in a row. Since 2014, more than HK$11 million has been raised for the fund.

There were also many grateful moments throughout the year. With the keen participation of various graduate school alumni associations and kind-hearted alumni, as well as the support and encouragement received from The Federation of Alumni Associations of CUHK, “The Federation of Graduate School Alumni Associations of CUHK” was founded in September 2022 and an inauguration ceremony was successfully held in December 2022. It will definitely better facilitate our effort in connecting our alumni of graduate school with greater strength in the long run.

Meanwhile, we have been capitalising on the myriad of media platforms to disseminate instant and interactive information, including YouTube, LinkedIn and other mainstream communication means.

The University’s 60th anniversary celebrations in 2023 will be a major milestone in CUHK’s history. To celebrate this momentous occasion, various alumni associations are invited to form an Alumni Sub-group of the Working Group on 60th Anniversary CUHK and to prepare the celebration of CUHK’s 60 th Anniversary with a total of 20 remarkable events in full swing. Special thanks go to the CUHK Convocation, for their kind sponsorship towards the production of commemorative magnets to alumni participants of each alumni celebratory event.

CUHK is truly where great minds shine. Let us share with you the joy of CUHK’s 60th Anniversary and embark on an exciting new chapter in the University’s history.


Highlights of the Year

2022年仍是充滿挑戰及機遇的一年。在眾多校友組織及廣大校友的支持下,校友事務處迎難而上, 於年內繼續取得良好發展:

2022 was a year full of challenges and opportunities. Thanks to the staunch support of many alumni associations and enthusiastic alumni to AAO, good progress had been made in 2022:

為「中大校友傳承基金」累積籌得 金額 (港元)

Accumulative donations for CUHK Alumni Torch Fund (Hong Kong Dollar)


No. of alumni participated in various online and physical events






Produced 63 videos for the AAO YouTube channel, and accumulated over 3,650 subscribers and annual views reached



Reachable contacts



Alumni Events / Programmes


Including 4 flagship events, namely “CUHK Young Alumni Career Day”, “CUHK Entrepreneur Day”, “Distinguished Alumni-in-Residence Programme” and “CUHK Alumni Homecoming”, a wide variety of online and offline events were held throughout the year, enabling alumni worldwide to participate.

中大創業者聯盟第五輪「Happy Hour」創業訪談系列

CUHK Entrepreneurs Alliance (CUEA) “Happy Hour”

Entrepreneurial Talk Series

由中大創業者聯盟各成員輪流安排嘉賓講者,讓志 同道合的中大創業人交流及聯誼。

‧ 第五輪活動合共舉行了10場講座,由6月開始逢第一個



‧ 嘉賓講者各涉獵不同的創新創業範疇,從科技到保育、 教育到社創、初創到二代創業,不同領域的創業人為一

眾師生校友帶來新的啟發。活動場地則結合線上及線 下,方便參加者參與

“Happy Hour” Entrepreneurial Talk Series is organized by members of the CUHK Entrepreneurs Alliance. Guest speakers are invited to gather with like-minded CU entrepreneurs.

A total of 10 talks were held in the 5th round every first Friday starting from June and every Friday in September, with each member of the CUHK Entrepreneurs Alliance taking turns to invite guest speakers wide range of innovation and entrepreneurship topics were covered by the guest speakers. Entrepreneurs from a variety of fields were able to inspire students, faculties, and alumni. The events were held at different venues, combining online and offline components, to facilitate participants to join at their convenience

訪談重溫 Talk Highlights

‧ 邀請到 23位 中大傑出創業校友、教職員作嘉賓 講者及


‧ 近670位中大校友、師生登記參與

‧ 發布於校友事務處跨平台專頁上的活動重溫,半年內

共累積逾 2,700次 觀看,獲得超過 330個 讚好及互動

‧ 與多個校內部門和校友組織合作推廣及促進中大創新創


23 distinguished CUHK alumni and staff were invited as guest speakers and moderators to share their insights

‧ Nearly 670 CUHK alumni, staff members and students registered to participate

‧ Recaps posted on AAO's social media platforms accumulated over 2,700 views and over 330 likes and reactions in half a year

‧ Collaboration among various internal units and alumni bodies to promote and foster CUHK's innovation and entrepreneurial culture

包括「中大青年校友職業發展日」、「中大創業日」、「傑出校友訪問 計劃」及「中大校友日」4個年度重點活動在內,校友事務處全年舉辦數


CUHK Young Alumni Career Day 2022

專為本科畢業 10 年內的年青校友而設的職業發展及諮詢


A career planning and development event specially targeting young alumni graduated in the recent 10 years.


‧ 網上舉行,校友不論身處何方也能參與講座直播及個人化


‧ 以 「職場Eas y Mode」 為題,啟發年青校友提升個人競爭 力,探索職涯的可能性

‧ 獲20個本地校友組織支持及協辦

‧ 3場 主題講座,涵蓋投考政府工攻略、未來職場自我增值的 技能及海外工作機遇

‧ 舉辦逾100節單對單職業諮詢

‧ Conducted in online mode so as to facilitate young alumni to join anywhere

‧ Themed as "Easy Mode” and aimed at bringing insights to young graduates

‧ Co-organized and supported by 20 local alumni associations

‧ 3 thematic online talks covering tips in job hunting, pursuing a career and working overseas

‧ Over 100 one-to-one career consultation sessions and CV Clinic


‧ 吸引逾400位年輕校友及中大學生登記出席

‧ 獲60多位 校友擔任講者、主持及學長,傳承職場


‧ 藉活動連繫眾多本地校友組織,並安排多場單對 單諮詢環節,讓學長能切身地與學弟學妹傳承及 分享珍貴的職場經驗

‧ Attendance of more than 400 young alumni and students

‧ Received support from more than 60 alumni in serving as speakers, facilitators and mentors

‧ Engaged various alumni associations and experienced alumni, who could share their precious working experiences in the industry with fellow graduates

/ 履歷表診症室環節


CUHK Entrepreneur Day 2022


Being held for 8 consecutive years, CUHK Entrepreneur Day is an annual one-stop platform to nurture entrepreneurship and innovation among alumni, students and staff on campus and promote CUHK’s distinctive entreprenuership ecosystem.


‧ 各項活動恢復以實體形式在校園舉行,線上


‧ 近60個中大校友及師生創業項目展覽,現場 劃分5大創業展覽區

‧ 日內瓦國際發明展得獎項目展覽, 2個 金 銀得獎隊伍現場展出項目

‧ 3場由校友及師生主講的創業主題講座、1場

專題講座以及1場創業大師班 X Happy Hour

‧ Various activities were held in physical format plus online exhibition to engage both in-person and virtual attendees

‧ Nearly 60 entrepreneurship and innovation projects showcased, covering 5 major themes in the physical exhibition

‧ Physical exhibition of the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions, particularly showcasing 2 award-winning projects

‧ 3 thematic seminars on entrepreneurship and innovation, 1 keynote seminar and 1 master class crossover with CUEA Happy Hour

‧ 第6屆 「中大創業大賽」吸引 34隊 創業隊 伍報名參賽,終極

8強 於決賽爭奪冠軍殊

榮及總值10萬港元獎金;今年初賽增設4個 獎項—「社會影響力大獎」、「可持續發展 大獎」及「創新創意獎」以鼓勵創業隊 伍

多元發展,以及「最受歡迎大獎」。此獎 項由網上參加者及決賽現場觀眾投選,得 獎者超過600人投票支持

‧ 創業團隊與投資者交流環節

‧ 兩大獨角獸及另外兩間科創企業於創業項目 互動展示區展現中大多元創科實力

‧ 單對單創業諮詢,為有意創業及處於創業不 同階段的校友師生提供交流諮詢的機會

‧ 6間 校友初創企業參與人才配對環節,為 中大人開拓加入初創的渠道

‧ 8 start-up finalists, out of the 34 participating teams, competing for championship and awards valued HK$100,000 in the 6th CUHK Entrepreneurship Competition. 4 new awards, “Social Impact Award”, “Sustainable Award” and “Creative Award” and “Most Popular Award” were added this year

‧ “Meeting with Investors” for start-ups to explore the collaboration opportunities with alumni investors

‧ 2 CUHK unicorns and 2 alumni startups showcased their innovative products in the Interactive Display Zone

‧ One-to-one consultation sessions for alumni with an interest in start-up business and those at different stages of entrepreneurship

‧ 6 alumni start-ups joined Talents Matching and provided working opportunities for alumni



‧ 超過 1,000位 師生校友及公眾人士報名參與以實體模式舉辦的創 業日;實體活動的總登記人次接近3,700

‧ 線上平台總瀏覽次數超過10,000

‧ 與研究及知識轉移服務處、創業研究中心、創新科技中心、前期創 業育成中心、創業創新副修課程、博群全人發展中心、校友組織以 及中大深圳研究院等合作推廣中大創業文化

‧ 成功展示中大人創業意念及成果

‧ Over 1,000 alumni and visitors registered for the physical Entrepreneur Day; nearly 3,700 registrations for all physical activities

‧ Online platform attracted over 10,000 visits

‧ Joint effort with internal units and alumni bodies to promote entrepreneurship and innovation on campus

‧ Successfully showcased the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit borne by CUHK members



Distinguished Alumni-in-Residence Programme 2022

以「培育·追夢·未來」為主題,邀得三位嘉賓校友蒞臨 校園,進行為期四天的一系列活動,如客席講座、參觀、 夜話等,以不同視角分析人才培育與發展,助年輕人追 夢,並透過學長計劃,為同學提供專屬指導,以期能夠 擴闊及深化此訪問計劃對中大社群的影響。



The incumbents of the year


Alumna Cindy Chow Lok Mei Ki (1992 / 聯合 / 工商管理)


(1992 / United College / Business Administration)

Executive Director, Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund


Alumna Jenny Chiu Wai Han

(1993 / 崇基 / 社會學)


(1993 / Chung Chi College / Sociology)

Executive Director & Senior Director – Human Resources, New World Development Company Limited


Alumna Norris Lam Man Ngar (1997 / 新亞 / 工商管理)


(1997 / New Asia College / Business Administration)

Partner, Forbes Global Steering Committee Chairperson, Youth Arch Foundation Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award


Opening Ceremony cum Keynote Speech – Inner Drive to Pursue Dreams


Dream-Chasing Tour: Visit Alibaba's invested Start-ups


With the theme of "Nurture · Dreams · Future", this 4-day event specially invited three outstanding alumni to share their insights on talent development through an array of activities including guest lecture, visits, night talk and mentorship programme, in order to deepen the influence of the event to the CUHK community.


Grace Tien Hall Presents: Norris Live

客席講座:打造超强團隊・實戰 秘笈

Guest Lecture: Secrets of Building

A Powerful Team


Guest Lecture: Success at School = Success in Life?

探索人才培育搖籃基地 - 參觀及 客席講座@K11 Musea

Discover the Cradle of Talent

Cultivation – Site Visit & Guest Lecture @K11 Musea


DARP Mentorship Programme


‧ 為期4天,舉辦9項活動

活動參與人次近1,000 為大學構建平台,讓學生、教 職員及校友社群加強聯繫

‧ 9 major events in a 4-day itinerary

‧ Nealy 1,000 participants

‧ A platform to strengthen the bonding among CUHK members



CUHK Alumni Homecoming 2022

這項最大型且富傳統的校友活動恢復以 全實體形式舉行,吸引逾 3,800位 報名 者踴躍登記出席,了解大學近況及最新 發展,並共同迎接大學創校60周年之喜。

This largest traditional alumni event organized by AAO had resumed to stage physically on campus, attracting over 3,800 registered participants to learn the latest developments of the University. It also served as a preamble of CUHK’s 60th anniversary celebration in 2023.

專題參觀導賞 ThematicTours

校友街頭音樂表演 AlumniBuskingPerformances

大學圖書館 University Library 文物館 Art Museum 氣候變化博物館 Museum of Climate Change 開幕禮 OpeningCeremony


HealthTalk andVisit @ CUHK Medical Centre

中大入學分享— 與中大學生對談



晨興 Morningside


在「2022中大校友日畢業紀念班籌款委員會」群策群力下,超過540位校友捐款合 共100萬港元,支持「中大校友傳承基金」,連續第9年籌得100萬港元或以上。

The “2022 CUHK Alumni Homecoming Special Anniversary Classes Fundraising Committee” successfully raised HK$1 million from over 540 donors for the CUHK Alumni Torch Fund this year.

崇基 Chung Chi 新亞 New Asia 聯合 United 逸夫 Shaw
敬文 CW Chu


中大校友事務處致力建立強大的聯繫 通訊平台,透過多元化的渠道與校友 保持聯繫,同時發掘及報導校友的超卓 成就和生活點滴,從線上到線下宣傳 及推廣校友事務。


傳與影片製作,連同各項校友活動的 宣傳及回顧,今年共製作超過 60條

《中大校友》季刊 (備網上版)

“CU Alumni” Quarterly Magazine (also available online)




No. of alumni interviewees:

片, 類別包括校友訪問、

校園街訪、 校園風景、生活日誌、 創業分享、藝 術對談及校友服務等。

AAO is devoted to building a wide range of effective communication platforms for our alumni. Not only do we endeavour to keep alumni abreast of their alma mater, but we also seize every opportunity to feature the outstanding achievements, contributions and CU life of our alumni. To strengthen communication with our alumni community, extensive online and offline communications efforts have been made.

Together with promotional videos and recaps of different alumni events, AAO produced over 60 videos this year. Various categories include alumni interviews, student interviews, campus scenery, vlogs, entrepreneurial sharing, art discussion and alumni services.

人物專訪短片 Magazine Interview Videos





《中大校友》YouTube 播放清單 “CU Alumni” Playlist

《中大校友》網上版 “CU Alumni” Magazine Online Version

The interviews of CU Alumni magazine have always been popular among alumni. Though pandemic still affects our normal life, Alumni Affairs Office continued to produce 13 interview videos to spread CUHK alumni stories via various social media platforms. Alumni interview articles were also separated in bite-sized sections and published on social media, providing alumni readers an additional way to share the inspiring stories.

到各個社交平台,為校友讀者提供 額外的閱讀方式,全天候均能細閱 精彩校友故事。


/ 校友會 / 校友的消息

No. of news updates on the University / alumni associations / alumni:



多元化專題採訪 / 報導

No. of featured topics/reports:

達 10多個 主題,包括:創新及科技系列、YouTuber校友上位秘訣、 聯合國校友的多元思維、挖掘數據的科學家、中大六十周年校慶等。

More than 10 feature / series, including: Innovation and Technologies Series, CUHK YouTubers, CUHK Alumni working in United Nations, Data Scientists Across Countries and CUHK 60th Anniversary, etc.

Popular Column - College Hostels Through the Decades

於2021年首次推出的「大學生活老幼記」宿舍專題欄目得到一眾校友喜 愛,收獲大量好評。今年《中大校友》繼續推出逸夫及晨興書院宿舍專 題訪問短片,邀約不同年代校友,分享彼此校園生活趣事。

The special column launched in 2021 was highly appreciated by alumni and received a significant amount of positive comments. This year, CU Alumni magazine continued to launch interview videos of Shaw and Morningside College alumni. Alumni from different generations were invited to share interesting stories about their campus life.

跳出閱讀框框 Beyond Reading

《入職聯合國的獨門秘笈》、《聯合國歐洲經濟委員會統計主任 - 司徒偉傑校友見面會》

Career Opportunities in the United Nations and “Meeting with Jackie”

在聯合國歐洲經濟委員會任職統計主任的司徒偉傑校友,於 1月受邀舉辦了一場網上講座,為校友講解聯合國青年專業 項目。鑒於活動反應熱烈,校友事務處於8月再度誠邀剛回 港的司徒 校友在中大舉辦一場見面會,與有興趣了解聯合國 工作的校友面對面交流。

《入職聯合國 的獨門秘笈》

Recap of Career Opportunities in the UN

《司徒偉傑校友 見面會》

Recap of Meeting with Jackie

In January, Jackie Si-Tou, an alumnus who works as an Associate Statistician at the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, was cordially invited to hold an online talk to introduce the United Nations Young Professional Programme. In August, as Jackie returned to HK, he was invited again to hold a meeting at CUHK to share more information with alumni who are interested in working in the UN.



YouTube Channel & Social Media Platforms


「2022的中大」CU in 2022


Bring back memories from current campus life!


“Wisdom of Life” Series


Inspiring life experiences in 3 minutes.

「創業 / 就業」

Entrepreneurship & Career Series


Explore potential in entrepreneurial development and career advancement!



以生活角度對談藝術,認識中大文物館的主題 展覽。

Learn arts from perspectives of life and delve into diversified exhibitions of the Art Museum, CUHK.

為加強與校友的聯繫,校友事務處積極發展 YouTube

頻道,各色各樣的影片系列娛樂與資訊兼備,配合多個 社交平台宣傳,全面滿足校友的不同喜好。


Alumni Affairs Office strives to enhance communication with alumni and has proactively developed our YouTube Channel and social media platforms to disseminate information and engage the alumni community. Several video series have been produced to meet varying preferences.

立即收看 watch now


YouTube Channel


Video uploads in 2022


Video views in 2022

訂閱人數 Subscriber

63 285,226 +55%


Social Media Platforms

追蹤人數 Followers Instagram

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5,967 YouTube



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“Roll Call Alum”

與中大傳訊及公共關係處合作,每月專訪一 位在不同領域有傑出成就的校友,在中大網 站及校友電子月報發佈,與校友社群分享他 們的故事。

Collaborating with Communication and Public Relations Office, the project features each month the story of an alumnus / alumna who excels in one’s own field and shares it with the alumni community via the University’s website and the monthly e-newsletter “Alumni Matters”


A Quest for Hygiene


Franco Lam takes cleaning business to new heights


Everywhere and Here


The glocal life of World Bank economist and CUHK alumna Juni Zhu

整形俠醫 Healing Inside Out


Reshaping lives with Peter Pang

「榜上友名」 "Roll Call Alum"



Alumni Affairs Office Website

‧ 海內外校友網絡版圖

‧ 連接社交平台

‧ 免費於「職場漫遊」刊登招聘訊息

‧ 快速瀏覽




‧ The global alumni network

‧ Connect to our social media platforms

‧ Free job postings on “Career Corner”

‧ Quick access to

CU Global Activity List for Alumni (CU GALA)

“CU Alumni” magazine

online version

Photo & video gallery


“Alumni Matters” Monthly E-newsletter

最新發行量 Circulation


No. of news updates

‧ 適應性網頁設計,圖像豐富

>149,253 > 274

‧ 提供大學資訊、校友專訪、校友活動、 校友優惠及進修機會

‧ A responsive design with vivid visuals

‧ Providing “University News”, “Roll Call Alum”, “Alumni Activities”, “Alumni Benefits” and “Study Opportunities”

中大校友電子月報 "Alumni Matters"

@link校友電郵及雲端儲存空間服務 @link email service and 1TB Cloud

Storage Service

為與校友保持聯繫,大學向畢業校友提供免費校友電郵 ( ) 及1T B OneDrive雲端儲存空

間服務。這些服務大受校友歡迎,有接近 60,000名 校友 登記使用@Link校友電郵;另共錄得接近 53,000名 校友 登記免費電郵轉遞地址服務 (

To stay connected with our alumni, application for @Link email service ( and 1TB One Drive cloud storage service is open for all alumni. These services have been well received by alumni, with nearly 60,000 alumni opting-in @Link alumni email service and nearly 53,000 alumni registering for the free forwarding email address (

校友事務處網頁 AAO Website

Alumni Groups and Networks

中大校友組織網絡無遠弗屆。 84 個本地校友組

織,以及 47 個在境外 30個國際城市成立的校友 組織,組成了一個多達 131 個校友組織在內的 強大網絡,它們與校友事務處緊密聯繫,以凝 聚各地校友為使命。

CUHK has an extensive global alumni network, consisting of 131 CUHK alumni organizations, of which 84 are based in Hong Kong and 47 are located in 30 cities in other parts of the world. These alumni organizations work hand in hand with AAO in advancing their mission to foster closer ties with alumni.

即將成立校友會 / 網絡的城市

Cities where alumni assosciations / networks will be established

Edmonton 温哥華 Vancouver 卡城 Calgary 多倫多 Toronto 芝加哥 Chicago 紐約 New York 三藩市 San Francisco 矽谷 Silicon Valley 洛杉磯 Los Angeles 檀香山 Honolulu 西雅圖 Seattle
香港 Hong Kong 波士頓 Boston 華盛頓 Washington 侯斯頓 Houston 倫敦 London 巴黎 Paris 阿姆斯特丹 Amsterdam 瑞士 Switzerland 柏林 Berlin 斯德哥爾摩 Stockholm 成都 Chengdu 武漢 Wuhan 珠海 Zhuhai 澳門 Macau 深圳 Shenzhen 北京 Beijing 上海 Shanghai 廈門 Xiamen 台北 Taipei 廣州 Guangzhou 沙巴 Sabah 新加坡 Singapore 吉隆坡 Kuala Lumpur 墨爾本 Melbourne 悉尼 Sydney 奧克蘭 Auckland 布里斯班 Brisbane 東京 Tokyo 21


CUHK Convocation


‧ 2022籌款活動共籌得款項


‧ 籌得款項用作支持中大推動社會責任




‧ 創新創業小組協助舉辦多場「HappyHour」創業 訪談系列講座,邀請校友講者分享創業經驗及 故事。小組亦與教育事務小組聯辦「中大生物 醫學工程學系」簡介會,接待理科高中生,參觀 實驗室,與教授及畢業同學交流

‧ 校友聯絡推廣小組組織一眾組員於2022中大校 友日「慢」遊校園各處,加強聯繫

‧ 教育事務小組舉辦「科普元宇宙」網上教育研討會

‧ 再次贊助於校園舉行的「香港中文大學校友評議 會盃足球賽」


‧ 2022續設獎項予在社會服務、校內服務及創意 方面有傑出表現的中大本科生

‧ 設獎學金獎勵清貧及學業成績有進步之中大本科生


‧ 2022設獎學金嘉許具優異學業成績及非學術特 質及能夠擔當學生大使的非本地研究院新生,以 推廣中大及中大校友評議會,貢獻母校

Fundraising Campaign

‧ The 2022 fundraising campaign raised HK$280,000 with the objective of supporting the University to promote social responsibility and sustainable development as well as funding the annual general meeting of the CUHK Convocation.

Sub-Committees’ Events

‧ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Sub-Committee assisted in organizing “Happy Hour” Entrepreneurship Talk Series. Effort was also made to join hands with Education Sub-Committee to co-organize talk on “CUHK Biomedical Engineering” for senior secondary school science students

‧ Alumni Relations Sub-Committee arranged on-campus walk activity on 2022 Alumni Homecoming day

‧ Education Subcommittee organized an online seminar on “Popular Science: Metaverse”

‧ Sponsored CUHK Convocation Cup Soccer Match

“Outstanding Services and Creativity Student Awards” and “Academic Improvement Award”

‧ Awarded undergraduates with outstanding performances on social services, community services and creativity

‧ Provided scholarships to needy students who have shown great academic improvement

CUHK Convocation Postgraduate Admission Scholarships

‧ Set up to award non-local postgraduates with outstanding academic and non-academic achievements who are willing to serve as student ambassadors



The Federation of Alumni Associations of CUHK (FAA)


為了加強和研究院校友之間的聯繫, 聯會自2021年起積極討論研究院校友 加入聯會事宜。透過多方努力,研究 院校友會聯會於2022年9月正式成立,

Establishment of The Federation of Graduate School Alumni Associations (FGSAA)

To strengthen bonding with Graduate School alumni, FAA has strived to facilitate the new establishment of The Federation of Graduate School Alumni Associations (FGSAA) since 2021. In September 2022, FGSAA was officially founded. FAA members and alumni friends were invited to join the inauguration ceremony to witness its establishment.


th Anniversary Annual Dinner cum Inauguration Ceremony 2022

主題新穎,吸引到一眾中大校友 及其親友參加。

Online Talk

At the end of April, FAA organized an online talk on the management of parent-child conflicts during the COVID-19 pandemic which attracted

In October 2022, the FAA 45th Anniversary Annual Dinner cum Inauguration Ceremony 2022 could finally hold physically, bringing together University Officers and FAA

CUHK Alumni Homecoming 2022

The CUHK Alumni Homecoming 2022 was held successfully with assistance from FAA and various parties. Many CUHK alumni came back with their family and friends to revisit the campus and reminisce their good old memories.



Health Talk

In mid-December, FAA co-organized a health talk on Dry Eye Disease with FGSAA. The invited speaker is from CUHK Medical Centre and this health topic attracts over 110 alumni and friends to register.

聚餐晚會 上半年疫情嚴峻,許多實體活動被 迫停辦。及至10月,疫情緩和,聯會 終能舉辦一場實體聚餐,讓眾多大 學高層和聯會成員得以共聚交流。
並欣喜能協助其順利舉行。不少 中大校友於當日連同親友重返母 校。
同籌辦「齊來認識乾眼症」實體健康 講座,邀得中大醫院眼科醫生主講。
講座吸引超過 110 位中大校友及其親 友報名參加。


Establishment cum Inauguration Ceremony of The Federation of Graduate School Alumni Associations of CUHK (FGSAA)

研究院校友會聯會於2022年9月初順利成立, 而成立暨就職典禮晚宴亦已於12月14日晚上 圓滿舉行。當晚邀得財政司司長陳茂波校友 及校長段崇智教授為主禮嘉賓。現時研究院

校友數目已有 14萬多 ,佔校友群總體比例逾

半。而研究院校友會聯會之成立必定 能更有 效聯繫及凝聚中大各研究院校友,促進會員與

母校及其他中大校友組織之聯繫,支持母校的 活動及策略性發展,以至加強會員對母校的歸 屬感。

The Federation of Graduate School Alumni Associations of CUHK (FGSAA) was formally established in early September 2022. Its inauguration ceremony was successfully held on 14 December in the same year with alumnus Mr Paul Chan, the Financial Secretary of HKSAR, and Prof Rocky Tuan, the Vice-Chancellor of CUHK as the guests of honour. FGSAA is dedicated to connecting and uniting with more than 140,000 graduate school alumni, enhancing the relationship among members, alma mater and other alumni associations, as well as strengthening the sense of belonging of its members to the alma mater.



‧ 環球行政人員工商管理碩士校友會

‧ 資訊與科技管理理學碩士課程校友會

‧ 行政人員工商管理碩士課程校友會

‧ 體育運動科學系碩士課程校友會

‧ 研究院課程校友會

‧ 研究院舊生會

‧ 文化管理碩士校友會

‧ 工商管理碩士校友會

‧ 學生活動教育文學碩士課程畢業同學會

There are 9 graduate school alumni association members in the FGSAA which include:

‧ OneMBA Alumni Association Asia

‧ MSc in Information and Technology Management Alumni Association

‧ EMBA Alumni Association

‧ Alumni Association in Department of Sports Science and Physical Education Master Programmes

‧ Alumni Association of Graduate School Programmes

‧ Alumni Association of the Graduate Studies

‧ The Alumni Association of Master of Arts in Cultural Management

‧ MBA Alumni Association

‧ Master of Arts Programme in Student Activities in Education Alumni Association



CUHK Alumni Torch Fund

校友傳承基金為一個特別的校友網絡,其 執行委員會致力籌辦活動支持中大年青畢

業生在就業及創業方面的發展,其中大型 活動包括「中大青年校友職業發展日」及 「中大創業日」。




日畢業紀念班籌款委員會」新設立「最高 籌款金額班別獎」及「最鼎力支持班別獎」


之畢業班別。2022年共獲超過540位校友 捐款合共100萬港元,捐款人數是自基金


籌得100萬港元或以上的款項。基金至今 已獲得 超過2,800位校友 捐款支持,累積


The “CUHK Alumni Torch Fund” is a special alumni group. The Executive Committee of the Fund coordinates activities to support the career and entrepreneurship development of young alumni from CUHK through the two large-scale events “CUHK Young Alumni Career Day” and “CUHK Entrepreneur Day”.

Over 20 alumni representatives are recruited annually from different homecoming anniversary classes to raise funds for the University. The “2022 CUHK Alumni Homecoming Special Anniversary Classes Fundraising Committee” successfully introduced a new fundraising incentive. The graduation classes with the highest amount of donation and the largest number of participated alumni were awarded respectively with a trophy. HK$1 million from 540 alumni was raised in 2022. Since its establishment, the fund has received donations from more than 2,800 alumni with an accumulated donation amount of over HK$11 million.



CUHK Entrepreneurs Alliance (CUEA)


聯盟的產生是為進一步集結創業日各合辦單位的力量,讓中大的創業創新文化及思潮更有效地 繼往開來,積極拓展未來的發展。

Supported by AAO, CUHK Entrepreneurs Alliance (CUEA) is formed by the CUHK Alumni Torch Fund, various entrepreneurship-related internal units and alumni bodies. CUEA is formed to further the existing constructive partnership with all the organizing units of “CUHK Entrepreneur Day”, creating a persistent wave of positive and win-win synergy in driving the growth and further development of CUHK entrepreneurship.

‧ 中大校友傳承基金

‧ 中大研究及知識轉移服務處

‧ 中大創業研究中心

‧ 中大創新科技中心

‧ 中大前期創業育成中心

‧ 中大創業創新副修課程

‧ 中大深圳研究院眾創中心

‧ 中大創業校友會

‧ 中大校友評議會

‧ 中大博群全人發展中心

‧ 中大校友事務處

‧ CUHK Alumni Torch Fund

‧ Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer Services (ORKTS), CUHK

‧ Center for Entrepreneurship (CfE), CUHK

‧ Centre for Innovation and Technology (CINTEC), CUHK

‧ Pre-Incubation Centre (PI Centre), CUHK

‧ Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor Programme (EPIN), CUHK

‧ Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub (InnoHub), CUHK Shenzhen Research Institute

‧ CUHK Alumni Entrepreneurs Association (CUAEA)

‧ CUHK Convocation

‧ I·CARE Centre for Whole-person Development, CUHK

‧ Alumni Affairs Office (AAO), CUHK

創業 校友會


Local Alumni Associations Gathering 2022

本地校友組織年度聚會旨在讓各校友組織會長藉此活動聚首一堂,加深 彼此認識、聯繫情誼以及交流會務。

Local Alumni Associations Gathering successfully created a platform facilitating all local alumni associations to foster their relationships as well as to strengthen the bonding among themselves.


‧ 來自49個本地校友組織的60多位校友會會長及代表出席

‧ 邀得大學校長段崇智教授及副校長陳德章教授蒞臨簡介大學最新發展及大學60周年慶祝活動

‧ 新增互動抽獎環節,加深在場校友領袖彼此的認識

‧ Over 60 presidents and representatives from 49 local AAs attended this event

‧ Vice-Chancellor Prof Rocky Tuan and Pro-Vice-Chancellor Prof Anthony Chan introduced the University’s latest development and CUHK 60th anniversary celebration events

‧ Newly added an interactive lucky draw session as an ice breaker game



CUHK 60th Anniversary Celebration


友活動工作小組和多個校友組織及校友事務處由2022年初至今,正如火如荼籌備 一連串精彩的校慶校友活動,讓中大校友與友好一 同感受到歡樂氣氛,眾志成城共譜大學新章。

CUHK is setting sail for its 60th Anniversary Celebration in 2023. The preparation of a full range of celebratory alumni activities led by Alumni Sub-Group under Working Group on 60th Anniversary as well as various alumni associations and AAO has been in full swing


‧ 20項校慶校友活動

展開長達一年的校慶校友活動,精采項目包 括音樂會、大型展覽、體育競技、不同主題 的遊覽參觀等

‧ 精美校慶校友活動紀念品 校友評議會慷慨贊助,特別製作一套8款的 「中大校園景致立體磁貼」,以紀念大學60 周年。校友凡參與每一項校友慶祝活動,都 可免費獲贈一款

‧ 校慶網頁



‧ 20 Celebratory Alumni Activities

Our celebrations include music concerts, large-scale exhibitions, sporting competitions, and tours, etc.

‧ Commemorative�Souvenirs

CUHK Convocation generously sponsors the production of 8 styles of 3D magnets featuring different CUHK major landmarks. Each alumni participant will receive one when participating in alumni celebratory events

‧ Celebratory Alumni Website

A dedicated website was launched in December 2022 to keep members of CUHK community and friends abreast of the details

校慶校友活動 Celebratory Alumni Activities



Other Alumni Networks


‧ 隨著疫情稍緩,在9月舉辦「2022本地校友組織年 度聚會」外,亦於12月藉中大校友日當天舉行由大 學副校長陳德章教授宴請之「校友組織午餐聚會」, 讓一眾校友會聯誼交流,數位適逢在港的海外校友


‧ 不時與校友評議會、校友會聯會、書院校友會,以 及各地校友會聯繫,讓他們得知校友事務處及大學

的最新消息及項目,增進交流及參與度;亦廣邀他 們參與2023年中大創校60周年校慶之籌備及宣傳工作





‧ 加拿大愛民頓、美國西雅圖及波士頓、德國柏林、 荷蘭阿姆斯特丹、瑞士斯德哥爾摩、瑞典及馬來西 亞吉隆坡等多地設有校友網絡,鼓勵他們長遠發展,


‧ 支援「環球校友諮詢委員會」(2020-23),並協助年 內2場線上會議,及積極籌備2023年年初於新加坡 舉行的海外會議。該委員會由中大校長段崇智教授 擔任主席,成員包括 12位 來自全球各地、從事不同 行業和畢業於不同年代的傑出校友。冀以他們的專 長、經驗,以及網絡,為大學提供策略性建議,支 持大學未來發展

向各海內外校友會提供免費Zoom及Microsoft帳戶 ‧ 為促進各校友組織加強聯繫,校友事務處連同資訊 科技服務處向各海內外校友組織提供免費且無限使 用上限的 Zoom會議帳戶 ,2022年錄得 29個 校友組 織續訂服務。此外,現更提供免費的微軟Office 365 帳戶,當中包含 免費50GB郵箱 + 1T B OneDriv e + 其他微軟旗下的雲端服務,如網頁版Office套件等, 以滿足校友組織對雲端儲存、信息傳遞及網絡溝通 渠道日益增長的需求

Uniting Alumni Associations Worldwide

‧ On top of the “2022 Local Alumni Associations Gathering” in September, a lunch was also hosted by Pro-Vice-Chancellor Prof Anthony Chan for our local alumni associations leaders on the CUHK Alumni Homecoming in December. Those representatives from overseas alumni associations who visited Hong Kong at that time were also invited to attend this friend-building event as well

‧ CUHK Convocation, FAA, College AAs and other AAs worldwide were kept abreast with the latest news and activities of the AAO and the University at-large. Many of these AAs were also engaged in the preparation work of the CUHK 60th anniversary celebration activities to be held in 2023

‧ The “Alumni Entrepreneurship Foundation”, the “Federation of Graduate School Alumni Associations” and the “Alumni Association of Mathematics and Mathematics Education” were formed to promote alumni fellowship

Other Alumni Networks

‧ There are alumni networks in Edmonton, Canada; Boston & Seattle, USA; Berlin, Germany; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Stockholm, Sweden; Switzerland and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. These networks are encouraged to turn into an AA formally in the long run when they grow from strength to strength

‧ 2 meeting sessions of “Vice-Chancellor’s Global Alumni Advisory Board” (GAAB) (2020-23) were held successfully with the help of AAO. AAO also actively assisted with the preparation work of the overseas meeting of GAAB in Singapore in 2023. Chaired by Vice-Chancellor Prof Rocky Tuan, GAAB consists of 12 distinguished alumni from different parts of the world and different industries to provide strategic advice to CUHK in fulfilling its vision and goal

Provide free licensed Zoom and Microsoft Accounts to both local and overseas Alumni Associations

‧ To facilitate communication needs, AAO and ITSC have provided Alumni Associations with free and unlimited licensed Zoom Meeting service. 29 Alumni Associations renewed their accounts in 2022. A free Microsoft Office 365 account, which includes a 50GB mailbox + 1TB OneDrive + other services subject to the license term of Microsoft e.g. Microsoft Forms, online Office and etc, is also available to accommodate needs of AAs



26萬位 中大畢業生資料,包括高達91.6% 的有 效聯絡方法。不斷更新的資料庫讓我們能有效地發掘、聯絡及邀請 來自不同地域、不同專業界別的校友,支持大學及校友會的活動。

Alumni Database



/ 課程 Faculties / Departments / Programmes

校友組織概況 ALUMNI NETWORK 校友組織數目 Local
Overseas Alumni Groups:131 校友組織數目 Local and Overseas Alumni Groups 本地 Local 84 47 海外 Overseas 131 總數 Total 64% 36% 100% 校友組織類別
Halls 地域 Geographic Locations 其他 Others 6.11% 45.80% 3.81% 2.29% 35.88% 6.11% 註 Note:以2022年12月31日計算 Figures as at December 31, 2022 畢業生修讀學位分佈 Distribution by obtained Degree and Diploma 畢業年代分佈 Distribution by Graduation Year 1950’s 1960’s 1970’s 1980’s 1990’s 2000’s 2010’s 2020’s 年代 本科學位畢業生 Bachelor’s Degree 研究院學位 / 文憑畢業生 Postgraduate Degree and Diploma 專上學院統一文憑畢業生 Joint Diploma (1963 - 1967) 大學成立前原成員書院文憑畢業生 Pre-University College Diploma 46% 53.31% 0.13% 0.56% 20,00040,00060,00080,000100,000120,000 46% 53.31% 0.13% 0.56%
Alumni Groups by Category 書院
/ 學系
Studies 專業 / 興趣 Professions / Interests 宿舍
Graduates in total:

As of December 2022, AAO maintained over 260,000 graduates’ records in our database. 91.6% of graduates could be reached via their up-to-date addresses/emails. With such an effective database, it has facilitated us to solicit support for various University-wide programmes and AA activities from alumni of different geographical locations, professions and fields.


Degrees / Diplomas 書院 / 學院 / 學系 Colleges / Faculties / Departments

專業界別 / 行業 Professions / Industries


Years of graduation


參與校友會事務 Involvements in AAs

聯絡通訊 Contact information




《中大校友》/ 「榜上友名」專訪

Distinguished interviewees for “CU Alumni” magazine / “Roll Call Alum”


Alumni in various professional fields


Alumni with diversified background to meet with University Officers


(最新優惠 / 免費電郵 / 生日禮遇)

To get them updated of alumni priviledges information


To inform alumni of the latest news from the University


To notify alumni of the latest news from the Alumni Associations


To support fundraising campaigns on University’s projects

參與校友活動 / 學長計劃

To join alumni activities / Mentorship Programmes


/ 中大交換生

To receive CUHK delegations / outbound exchange students



位於富爾敦樓地下的「校友會會議中心」支援校友組織召開視訊或實體 會議。隨著疫情放緩,「校友會會議中心」亦再度成為接待海外校友會 代表的首選場地之一。

Located at John Fulton Centre, the “Alumni Associations Centre” equips with state-of-the-art devices for alumni associations to convene virtual and physical meetings. With the mitigation of the pandemic, it once again serves as an ideal venue for receiving the representatives of our overseas alumni associations.

自2018年起,校友事務處於每年暑假為2至4名中大本科生提供實習 機會,今年共有2位中大學生參與為期6星期的實習工作。

Launched in 2018, AAO Summer Internship Programme has provided meaningful training for 2 to 4 CUHK undergraduate students every summer. There were 2 students who participated in the 6-week internship to gain invaluable experience in alumni project-based work in 2022.


‧ 提供機會參與不同類型校友活動

‧ 指導及提供行政工作體驗

‧ 增加對校友事務及校友組織網絡認識

‧ Access and exposure to various alumni activities

‧ Coaching and administrative training opportunities

‧ Understanding of alumni affairs and alumni associations network of CUHK


‧ 協助校友活動宣傳影片拍攝

‧ 參與宣傳工作及管理社交媒體

‧ 完成資料搜集及撰寫文案

‧ Assisted in producing alumni event promotional videos

‧ Supported promotion and social media management

‧ Achieved research and copywriting assignments



事務處不時透過電郵、郵寄刊物,以及Facebook、YouTube 等各大社交平台,發放校友活動和校園資訊, 讓畢業生 時刻與母校保持聯繫。為了幫助新畢業生應對充滿挑戰的 就業前景,校友事務處特別於2023年4月初舉行「2023

中大青年校友職業發展日」,提供專為新畢業生而設的職業 發展及諮詢活動,以提升其職場競爭力。在此之前,校友



Welcome New Graduates Career Corner

Over 11,000 graduates joined the CU alumni family in 2022. To keep them abreast of the latest news of their alma mater, AAO shares the updates from the University and upcoming alumni activities with them via email, printed publications and different social media platforms including Facebook and YouTube from time to time. AAO will specially organize the CUHK Young Alumni Career Day in April 2023 so as to enhance fresh graduate competitiveness. Furthermore, AAO also appealed to alumni employers to post job opportunities of various natures targeting for CUHK graduates in the "Career Corner", to which an excellent response was received.

校友事務處官方網站設有「職場漫遊」平台,好讓校友更易獲得由校友企 業以至其他機構提供的各類型職位空缺資訊。與此同時,「職場漫遊」亦 為中大校友企業提供免費刊登招聘訊息服務,協助尋找合適的人才,尤其 是來自中大的學弟學妹。「職場漫遊」自推出後已獲 300多間 企業使用,


Career Corner, an online platform which displays various job vacancies from numerous employers, is available on the Alumni Affairs Office's official website. Alumni employers are highly encouraged to make good use of this free platform in offering job opportunities to our alumni, especially young graduates. Since its launch, Career Corner has been widely used by more than 300 companies and posted thousands of job opportunities.


Collaborations with Internal Units



‧ 於各平台如《中大校友》季刊、校友電子月報、電



‧ 為校內10個創業相關的單位及校友組織成立中大創


‧ 廣邀校友僱主支持「中大支援基金 CU RElief Fund」

的「商界暑期實習計劃」及「商界短期工作機會」, 為學生及畢業生提供合共92個實習 / 工作機會

‧ 協助各書院、學院、研究院學系成立校友會

‧ 定期安排來自跨年代之不同書院、專業及行業的校 友與大學主管人員會面交流

‧ 與拓展及籌募處配合,呼籲校友支持不同的籌款項 目,以支持大學發展

‧ 配合學術交流處之學生交流計劃,邀請海外校友接 待及協助前往當地作交流生的中大學生

AAO maintains close collaborations with internal units to engage alumni for achieving the strategic goals and development of the University:

‧ Promoting events / campus news through “CU Alumni” magazine, “Alumni Matters”, mass emails, etc.

‧ Promoting entrepreneurship and innovation on campus through forming CUHK Entrepreneurs Alliance with 10 entrepreneurship-related internal units and alumni organizations

‧ Appealing to alumni employers for support on “CU RElief Fund” by providing internship or career opportunities to students and new graduates, resulting in 92 internship or job vacancies

‧ Giving advice on the establishment of AAs of various colleges / faculties and Graduate School’s departments

‧ Arranging meetings and networking gatherings between University’s officers and alumni from different sectors and professions

‧ Encouraging alumni to support fundraising projects of the Office of Institutional Advancement

‧ Collaborating with Office of Academic Links to invite overseas alumni to receive and provide assistance to CUHK students on exchange




本處活動的校友嘉賓之名單,分享予8個學院及研究院,讓各學院 清楚掌握到其所屬校友在參與校友事務方面之情況。

Cooperation with Faculties

To enhance information exchange, the Alumni Affairs Office regularly shares with 8 Faculties and the Graduate School the list of alumni who have participated in our activities every three months. This allows them to have a clear understanding of the involvement of their affiliated alumni in alumni affairs.

Other offices


Colleges 學院 Faculties 其他部門


Our heartfelt thanks for the staunch support from our alumni in 2022:

‧ Over 7,362 alumni participated in various online and physical alumni events

校友們的熱心支持及參與,讓校友事務在 2022年持續發展,特此予以鳴謝:

‧ 逾7,362位校友積極支持及參與各項線上線下


‧ 逾134位各行各業資深的校友協助擔任校友活

動包括中大青年校友職業發展日、中大創業 日、「Happy

‧ Over 134 professional alumni from various sectors and industries served as speakers, moderators or mentors at alumni events including Young Alumni Career Day, Entrepreneur Day, “Happy Hour” Entrepreneurial Talk Series, Alumni Homecoming, etc., while a number of them also participated in the interviews of “CU Alumni” magazine and “Roll Call Alum”





‧ 15位畢業班代表校友 組織成2022年「中大校

友日畢業紀念班籌款委員會」,令「中大校 友傳承基金」成功向逾540位校友籌募合共


第9年籌得100萬港元或以上,而捐款人數更是 基金成立以來第二多。基金自2014年成立,

已經 獲得超過2,800位校友支持,捐款總額累


‧ 84個本地校友會及47個海外校友會


‧ 逾60位來自不同書院、行業、畢業年代及校友


‧ 15 alumni representatives of their classes joined 2022 Alumni Homecoming Special Anniversary Classes Fundraising Committee and successfully raised HK$1 million for CUHK Alumni Torch Fund from over 540 alumni / units. Over HK$11 million has been accumulated with the contribution of over 2,800 donors since the establishment of the fund in 2014


Looking Ahead

2023年將是節慶歡騰的一年,也是充滿 挑戰的一年。我們將全力以赴,繼續深耕 細作,致力匯聚不同專業背景的校友, 傳承回饋母校與社群的精神,及促進大 學 的長遠發展。我們的團隊將在2023 年開展以下一系列的計劃:

一連串中大60周年校慶校友慶祝活動 中大60周年校慶活動即將展開,我們會 致力推動歷屆校友積極參與各項校慶活 動及以不同形式回饋母校,為大學注入 新的活力,展望將來

加強推廣及建立更緊密的聯繫 社交媒體是在這個資訊爆炸時代主流宣傳 渠道。適逢中大甲子校慶,我們將繼續 利用數碼媒體力量,緊密連繫校友與 大學,鞏固全球校友網絡。我們亦會繼續 借助不同類型社交網站,不斷擴大接觸 層面,建立更强大的校友網絡


藉一連串創校60周年校慶校友活動及宣傳 活動,強化校友對母校的歸屬感,並加強 校友推動大學發展

2023 will be a year of celebrations and new challenges. We are going to move full stream ahead and devote our utmost effort to supporting the CUHK 60th anniversary and engaging alumni from different professional backgrounds while encouraging them to give back to the alma mater and fostering the long-term development of the University. In 2023, our team will kick-start the following plans:

A Series of CUHK 60th Anniversary Celebratory Alumni Activities

We are dedicated to engaging the alumni at large and getting them excited about the upcoming 60th anniversary events as well as drawing their support for the University.

Promoting the University and Fostering Closer Connections

Social media has become a mainstream marketing channel nowdays. As CUHK is stepping into the sixth decade, we will harness the power of this kind of trendy digital platform to generate a strong sense of connectivity and bonding between the University and alumni around the globe. In order to build an even stronger alumni network, we will continue leveraging various online channels and extending the reach to a wider audience

Strengthening Alumni Involvement

Through an array of CUHK 60th Anniversary Celebrations and publicity work, we are committed to promoting alumni’s sense of belonging to their alma mater. Substantial effort will also be made to strengthen alumni involvement in advancing the development of the University

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