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Year in Color

Rita Ghazar



Rita Ghazar Garzota Dr Valencia, CA 91354 (661)993-1575

Objective To obtain a position in communication and entertainment. Education Saugus High School, 2011- Present 3.5 GPA Diane Christiansen Coaching 2008-Present Experience Retail, Hallmark, Santa Clarita • May 2013- Present. Communication, organization, and computer skills Diane Christiansen Intern, North Hollywood • December 2013- May 2014. Assistant to coach during children acting classes and improvisation courses. Relevant High School Studies Yearbook, theater 1, advanced theater, English Honors, Awards, and Memberships Finalist in Santa Clarita Art Festival. 2010 Award based on creativity and originality through pho tography. Young Actors. 2009 Award based on dramatic work in a student film.



I first got into yearbook because my close friend convinced me in the eighth grade. To be honest I was not that excited to be in the class when I made it and she didn’t. As the year went on I began to really love and enjoy the progress of the pages. When I returned during the second semester of my junior year, I realized that a lot had changed since I was a freshman. I learned a lot about interviewing. As a freshman, I mostly focused on body copy, but since I joined the people section when I returned, I was able to focus a lot of my time of getting the perfect quote. Regarding deadline I learned that to get work in on time, I need to constantly be aware of when work is due. Many times I did not realize how much work I actually had when in reality I had many things on my to do list. Another main aspect to getting the book produced is teamwork. Whenever I was unable to make it to an event, I needed to communicate to people in my section to make sure that a topic was covered. Another thing I learned was sales. When I heard people talk about the yearbook I would encourage them to not wait to purchase one. When it came to dedication and journalism, I learned that in order to produce a yearbook it requires a lot of time and hard work. Many times I would stay in at lunch to make sure that I was able to finish all aspects to the page to meet the deadlines.

Overall all of my learning experiences have benefited me and ultimately all connected. I believe I was an asset to the staff because I replaced a position in the section that needed to be filled. Instead of increasing the work load for the other people section members, I was able to take on some of the work. As the semester went on, I found myself dealing with a few issues. A major problem that I ran into was not misunderstandings of when deadlines were. Some of the times we were told that a page was due at the end of the week when in reality they were due the next day. We ended up having to scramble a page together to meet a deadline. Now I realize that instead of waiting for an editor to tell me the due dates, I need to take responsibility into my own hands and be more aware of deadline. Overall I feel like I handled it well. When I became aware of the actual deadlines, I did all I could to finish the work. Even though I had some issues, I really do think that this class is beneficial. It allowed me to break out of my shell while improving my writing and photography skills. I have also learned so many valuable computer skills.

Self Analytical Reflection



Design Reflection For my theme I chose to do “Year in Color.� I wanted to incorporate bright flashes because I felt like it demonstrated a burst of energy and optimism. The font I chose expresses a fluid and loose feel. I searched pinterest for days until I finally saw a picture of the galaxy. I spent a few days trying to find a way to make the theme work in an original way. I finally realized that to make it work I needed to make it seem like it fluidly fit into the page instead of just a flash of light on a white page. I used the black background to provide a contrast against the bright colors. What I really like about the theme is that it relates to a student’s life through a personified way. I realized that bright flashes are similar to high school students because of the way they show excitement. Many times in high school we have a long period of time when nothing happens until something eventful occurs like football games, dances, and rallies. The excitement creates a spark in our lives that gives the students something to look forward to.

Reflection 1 I would definitely say that my best piece this year was my spring sports page, boy’s track that I worked on with Desiree Valle. At the time, I was also working on an interrupter for February, so I was trying to balance all of my work so I didn’t fall behind. Since it was coming up to a major deadline, we all felt like the pages might not turn out as good as they could be. For the first two weeks of working on the page, we were really struggling with getting action shots that captured the events. Once I finished all of my other work, I really began to focus on the sports page. I went out twice a week for three weeks to the track field to try to replace the photos. I thought that the pictures were going to come out awful, but when I returned to the computer lab and uploaded the photos, I was surprised to see that the pictures were good. I was really pleased because I did not think I was capable of taking pictures that actually showed the action. What I really learned was that I need to go out several times to capture an amazing photo. I felt really stressed out because I felt like the pictures were going to degrade the page. So now I know that I cannot settle just because we are limited on time. Now I feel really excited about the page. I did not want to print anything that I wasn’t proud of, so I am really ecstatic to have the books be distributed with my name being on the track page.

Reflection 2 A piece of work that still needs some work is the February interrupter I worked with Alex Victoria on. The page focused on vacation disasters. We were able to find many stories, but I did not really like how it ended up looking. Our initial idea was to try to get pictures of the vacation and put the stories into a speech bubble. As we got more into the progress, we began to notice that it was not translating well. Then we tried to change it to overlapping cobs. We did it on half of the page and still were not pleased with how it looked. At the end, we had cobs of each person placed next to the area they went to with a speech bubble coming off or it. The page ended up looking really scattered and a little misplaced. The only thing I really liked about the page was how many colors were incorporated into it. The colors made my eye follow each story around the page.

Reflection 3 Skipping to the Finish Line When I took this picture, I waited an hour for them to come out. I was told that they were not going to jump that day, but I stayed just to make sure that I was not going to miss anything. I am really proud of it because I was able to capture the action while he was in midair. Also I loved how he was in the middle of the photo because it draws my eye right when I look at it. It also showed how he was about to come down which made it more interesting. Most of the other long jump pictures I was able to get were them barely getting off of the ground or just landing.( Y-drive, Jump with Joy What I really liked about this photo is that it showed the other side of track. Instead of putting in a picture of them pole vaulting I wanted to show how they all stood together as a team. I also really liked how I got it to be them laughing while they waited for their turn. Another thing that I thought was interesting was the way all of the lined up poles drew my eye to the photo. ( Y-drive, sports, spring sport, boys track, rita).

Shooting High Getting this picture was very difficult because I didn’t know where to stand to get a good angle. I tried moving around and spent 20 minutes just trying to find where to capture the picture. After trying many places, I finally found that if I stood on the side I would be able to see their faces right as they were turning to jump. This track event was the most challenging for me because since they are turning as they jump, I didn’t know how to be get a useable picture. The photo draws my eye right when I look at the picture. I didn’t find myself lost as to where to look, which is another thing that I really loved. Out of everything, I am mostly proud because I did not know I was capable of taking this picture and was really surprised with the way it turned out.

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Reflection 4 Creating a Story I really liked this senior interview because I feel like the photo attracts the attention of the reader. The photo pulls you in to see what she might be talking about. Also I really loved how the bright blue contrasted against the dark background. Another thing I really loved was how her quote. I spent a lot of time trying to get a quote that would really explain how she got into childcare. She kept giving me simple answers that did not really explain how she began. It was a lot of listing facts and no real story to her passion. I was proud with the end result because after several interviews and photo changes, I finally feel like it makes an impression on the reader. (Y7. Sidebar Writing)

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Interrupter Layout Inspiration

Set it Up When I saw this sidebar, I was really drawn to how it was elongated. I thought it could be pushed into the dominant photo so that it could connect the two pages. I really did not want the two separate pages to look like they did not belong together.

Write it Out Something that I thought looked interesting was the overlapping text. The text can be boring sometimes and not really attract the reader, so I felt like the overlapping created a better visual.

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