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Chen Tang CV Work Samples March 2013 m +86.18621054011 e

关于我 ABOUT ME I strive to be a T-shaped architect & person. My passions involve being constructively challenged, jumping at new experiences, exploring the world like a pro, learning from different types of people and radiating positivity onto others. I’m a confident natural leader that is always contemplating more responsibility as I continue to mature as an architect. - 唐琛 Chen Tang

工作经验 RELEVANT WORK EXPERIENCE Architect – HASSELL (1,000+ Employees Worldwide) Shanghai | November 2011 - Present HASSELL is an international design practice with 14 studios in Australia, China, South East Asia and the United Kingdom. (Ranked top 30 Internationally) Achievements: • First Prize in Shenyang Hutai Project and Hangzhou Xintiandi Project – both currently commissioned and progress. • Key design input and quality control of renderers & modelmakers in various competitions and conceptual design stages of commissioned projects. • Most active member of the HASSELL design culture team organizing guest events and events every Friday afternoon. Architectural Designer - ANS International Consulting Pty. Ltd. (~150 employees) Shanghai | August 2010 - August 2011 My period at ANS involved working closely with two strong senior designers on the “competition” team and, with the help and support from the rest of the architecture team and Principal, we were highly successful. I would also aid the team with presentations and sometimes even with making graphics for PR. Achievements: • Established Adobe Indesign standards and templates to the team • Significant contribution on six (6) winning competition submissions and one (1) runners up • Organised various social team-bonding events Intern - Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tongji University (500+ employees) Shanghai | May 2010 - August 2010 My internship involved me working very closely with a dutch architect, Patrick Lenssen, who has a strong track record of winning successful competitions during his 10 years in China. This short period of experience has been crucial to my development in China as I was able to see first hand how a LDI operates. Draftsperson - Peter Wu and Associates’ (5 employees) Brisbane | October 2009 - May 2010 Documentation of single detached residential projects and townhouse developments ranging from 6 units to 50 houses in Archicad & Autocad. Other roles include meeting with clients to discuss changes/amendments & general admin tasks.

教育 EDUCATION Bachelor of Architectural Design University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia February 2007 – December 2009 技术 SKILLS COMPUTER Photoshop Indesign Illustrator Rhinoceros 4.0 AutoCAD Sketchup Microsoft Powerpoint Word, Excel & Project LANGUAGES English - native 中文 (Mandarin) - spoken fluently

一. 16 PIER - PHASE 2 Competition - 1st Prize ANS February - July 2011 Bund, Shanghai After the conclusion of the phase 1 competition, the clients acquired a further 3 blocks of land behind the 16 pier site. The brief was changed based on feedback from the government and now has to integrate the new acquired land. The design began from scratch but retaining key ideas from the first phase competition. After a series of meetings and feedback from the client the final design was realised. The new 16 pier would consist of only two platforms; the ground level still being the terminal (with a multilevel circulation system to the basement). The cultural and landscape elements are fused into the first floor creating a promenade extension from the existing bund with various public facilities and cultural motifs. Sky bridges and an underground plaza link the pier and buildings behind. 贡献 CONTRIBUTION Roles: design input (modelling) diagrams (Illustrator) resolve plans & sections (AutoCAD, Illustrator) quality control of digital images presentation design of A3 booklets, A0 boards (Photoshop & Indesign) branding image selection project decription text (English)

All renderings of the option I worked on mostly during this project. In total, we provided 2 options for the building facades and 2 options for the ferry terminal.

二. 16 PIER - PHASE 1 Competition - 1st Prize ANS September - December 2010 Bund, Shanghai The competitive brief involved a modern transformation of an old pier originated during the early settlements of Shanghai. Our proposal includes three (3) distinct functions, each allocated to its own platform. The ferry terminal on the ground level allows for maximal efficiency and corresponds most successfully to buoy regulations. The second platform is an extension of the bund promenade but includes more green space for the public. The top platform consisted of cultural elements, restaurants and kiosks, provides shading for the second platform, whilst its plan is shaped to direct views towards architectural sculptures in Pudong. 贡献 CONTRIBUTION I worked on this project as part of a newly formed competition team, consisting of three (3) members including myself. This was a great learning opportunity as I got to work senior architects on a very linear level. Roles: design input (modelling) diagrams (Illustrator) resolve plans & sections (AutoCAD, Illustrator) presentation design of A3 booklets, A0 boards (Photoshop & Indesign) physical modelmaking for informal client meetings image selection project decription text (English)

Some images of the conceptual process and final renderings of each level of the terminal.

三. WUHAN PUBLIC SERVICE CENTRE Competition - 2nd Prize ANS November 2010 Wuhan, China Having only two (2) weeks to complete the submission, very definite design goals were established early in the design. Being a Chinese government building, it had to convey power and strength, we deviated from the standard monolith structure and focused on a solution incorporating a low-rise structure that still could convey the same feeling. We set out to convince the judges with case studies of worldfamous government buildings. Our idea revolved around a powerful forecourt and mountainous backdrop, with a smooth organic modern form. 贡献 CONTRIBUTION I worked closely with a senior design architect and a chinese team, assisting with sub-consultants and presentation roles. Roles: resolve plans & sections (AutoCAD, Illustrator) diagrams (Illustrator) presentation design of A3 booklets, A0 boards (Photoshop & Indesign) image selection project decription text (English) case studies & detail technology drawings quality control of renderer & modelmaker

Some final renderings of the submission. Great experience as it was the first time where I was given the responsibility to control the rendering quality

四. TIANJIN SHIPYARD Competition - 1st Prize ANS & Tandem January - February 2011 Tianjin, China The Tianjin Shipyard project was a highly successful collaboration effort between ANS and Tandem in a planning competition. It was a great experience to collaborate internationally and still produce a high standard of design and packaging in rushed China paced competition. The location of the site between the CBD and the first encounter with water informed the idea of Waters Edge. Where the urban nature of cities dissolve at the edge of the water, both figuratively and literally at the waters edge to form a strong public hub with various functional zones. 贡献 CONTRIBUTION My main roles on the project included solving key buildings in the masterplan for renderings and preparing and branding the overall presenation. Roles: design input (modelling) diagrams (Illustrator) presentation design of A3 booklet (Indesign) image selection project decription text (English) branding (concept & logo)

activity during summer months

activity during winter months

A selection of final renderings from the final submission. Diagrams and full bleed Masterplan by Tandem.


WATER’S EDGE “the edge is an important location; not definitively one state or the other, a place charged with possibility”

五. XUHUI PLAZA Competition - result pending ANS June - July 2011 Xuhui, Shanghai Our proposal integrates commercial space, leisure space and green space into one concentrated area. Two architectural styles are transfused in the design. The old shanghai lilong facade found in the lower levels of the design creates maximum street elevation; thus more retail exposure. The upper level consist of contemporary open plan office spaces which can be subdivided and leased - these spaces are interlinked via pedestrian bridges. The proposal focuses on highlights five (5) key features: 1) a multi-functional square 2) unique key building 3) contemporary shopping street 4) intimate alleyways 5) active rooftops 贡献 CONTRIBUTION Roles: design input (ideas, references) resolve plans & sections (AutoCAD, Illustrator) presentation design of A3 booklets, A0 boards (Photoshop & Indesign) image selection project decription text (English)



六. YUYAO WANDA PLAZA Competition - 2nd Place HASSELL Nov - Dec 2012 Yuyao, China The competition involved facade design for a typical mall layout plan of a huge Chinese developer Wanda. Although the scope of the project were limiting both in form and budget for facade, we aimed to create something that best breaks down the monolithic mall form. The images shown is of one of two options we submitted which delineates the 200m facade through the using a cost effective method. The incorporation of a dynamic effect through a systematic grasshopper pattern with functionally justified cantilever spaces on the main facade was able to successfully breakup the main facade. 贡献 CONTRIBUTION Being my first project at HASSELL I worked hard in both the conceptual stage and production of the presentation. Roles: design input (modelling) diagrams (Illustrator) presentation design of A3 booklets, A1 boards (Photoshop & Indesign) image selection project decription text (English)

Inspiration images and some final renderings of the option I worked on.

七. HANGZHOU XINTIANDI Commission from Competition HASSELL Dec - 2012 - Ongoing Hangzhou, China

商场 Shopping Mall 楼层 Floors: 5 楼高 Height: 26m 面积 Total GFA: 96,416m2 办公 1 Office Tower 1 楼层 Floors: 16 (5 podium) 楼高 Height: 75m 面积 Total GFA: 23,062m2 公寓 1 Soho Tower 1 楼层 Floors: 15 (4 podium) 楼高 Height: 75m 面积 Total GFA: 21,323m2

Located in a new development zone in Hangzhou, the Hangzhou Xintiandi will provide a new retail hub and shopping mall for the city of Hangzhou. This project was an interstudio project between the Hassell HK and Shanghai office. HK took the lead the design role and the Shanghai team was in charge of the technical resolution.

办公 2 Office Tower 2 楼层 Floors: 16 (5 podium) 楼高 Height: 75m 面积 Total GFA: 23626m2

出售商业 Retail for Sale 面积 Total GFA: 14841m

贡献 CONTRIBUTION This project was highly important to my personal development. I was part of the process from the initial competition stage into the DD stage working on resolving plans, cores and retail allocation strategies. The process allowed me to articulate initial conceptual design into its next stage.

公寓 2 SohoTower 2 楼层 Floors: 20 (4 podium) 楼高 Height: 75m 面积 Total GFA: 30,845m2

办公楼大堂 Office Tower Lobby

公寓大堂 Soho Tower Lobby

办公 3 Office Tower 3 楼层 Floors: 16 (5 podium) 楼高 Height: 75m 面积 Total GFA: 23,062m2

Roles: diagrams (sketch & photoshop) resolving podium floor plans (AutoCAD) resolving office tower cores (AutoCAD)

公寓 3 Soho Tower 3 楼层 Floors: 20 (4 podium) 楼高 Height: 75m 面积 Total GFA: 26,060m2

历史文化区 heritage culture zone

公园动线 park circulation

中心 big centre

文化动线 culture circulation

地铁 y wa sub

主要公共动线 main public circulation

中心 big centre

Some diagrams, plans and final rendering of the project. The project is still ongoing and due to lots of changes, these plans and diagrams are not necessary the final outcome of the process.

八. BEIJING ZHONGYU GARDEN Competition - result pending HASSELL April - May 2012 Hangzhou, China The site location diverges from existing Convention Centres in Beijing. Located on the east side of the city centre between the 3rd and 4th ring, the surrounding urban grid is comprised of residential and commercial developments and serveral high-end restaurants. The site has enormous potential to become a staple for the Western suburbs as well as the whole city. Devating from conventional urban grids, the whole design becomes unique in its orientation. Deviations are influenced by site requirements, efficiency and aesthetic elements. Hotel, Conference Center, F&B, Offices and Retail must be merged together to form larger volumes. We see this as an opportunity to create something timeless through the composition of functions which in-turn will be reflected in the volume and materials. Interconnectivity between different functions also create more streamlined user experiences and synergy. An urban plaza pedestrian street provides both customers and employees with a high quality semi-private intimate space; providing the city of Beijing with a unique commercial destination.

33.686 m2






. Rd







. Rd


19.283 m2

Roles: design input (modelling) diagrams (rhino & Illustrator) presentation design of A3 booklets, A0 boards (Photoshop & Indesign) image selection project decription text (English) multimedia directing and script quality control of renderer & modelmaker

26.453 m2







. Rd







48.991 m2

. Rd


8.740 m2

18.394 m2

A sample of diagrams and final renderings part of the final submission.

äš?. NANJING ZIJIN TECH PARK Competition round 1: one of two teams shortlisted round 2: second place HASSELL Aug - Nov 2012 Nanjing, China Flow, naturally occuring in minerals (nature) and an important element in technology - is the main concept for the design. A seemingly smooth flowing design is sometimes taken for granted, when everything just works! But when it is the underlying concept for the design, the positive outcomes increase exponentially. Alluring and efficient pedestrian flows increase the developments efficieny, maximise the retail exposure and thus generating more lease value for the development. A flowing design also means providing a pleasant and unique sequence of spaces, being considerate of surrounding context and providing diverse cultural destinations that people are willing to travel to see. A fluid flow is realised through an internal pedestrian street with strong destination nodes at either end. In the north, U-lake and hotel facilities and in the south-east, a green lifestyle hub. The pedestrian street idea also creates more retail frontage than traditional malls thus increasing retail value of the development. č´ĄçŒŽ CONTRIBUTION Roles: design input (modelling) diagrams and concept (Illustrator & text) quality control of digital images presentation design of A3 booklets, A1 boards (Photoshop & Indesign) image selection

A sample of diagrams and final renderings part of the final submission. All images are from the first round of the competition. Two (2) tower designs were proposed.

十. HAIKOU CANCER HOSPITAL Competition - last place HASSELL June - July 2012 Hangzhou, China After an initial brainstorming workshop with an expert in hospitals from the Brisbane office in Australia. We decided to take a big risk through changing the standard connotations towards the form of a hospital. Our expert, whose past projects have all been very standardized hospitals resolved the plans by dividing the functions into long strips that ran accross the site. By solving the functions in this way, intimate balcony, courtyard and garden spaces are created for patients, visitors, doctors and nurses anywhere in the hospital. Through the composition of facades, there is great control of public, semi-private and private functions. Furthermore, through challenging the traditional hospital image, both everyday patients and longterm cancer patients are not reminded the fact they are sick... rather, they will be able to focus on the process of healing. 贡献 CONTRIBUTION On a really tight one month schedule with a small team of three people, this project involved many extra personal commitments. However, I personally found it very rewarding being given extra responsibitlities and trust. Roles: design input (modelling) quality control of digital images presentation design of A3 booklets, A1 boards (Photoshop & Indesign) quality control of renderer & modelmaker

Some final renderings that I am quite proud of as I have a heavy contribution towards the final image of the design.

Chen Tang Portfolio - March 2013 Update