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The Newsletter of CTC Wessex Cycling

Colin Barrett in Denia

Spring 2014

St Aldhelms Church, Limberlost. See Page 14

Inters Christmas Lunch. See Page 5

Spring 2014

The Quarterly Magazine of CTC Wessex Cycling in Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch Well, for a Spring issue this is a bit Christmassy, but I have been provided with loads of Christmas Party photos such that I cannot leave them out. I’m sure those of you “lucky” enough to be in the photos printed will be pleased to see your shining faces beaming out. The Gridiron committee has already met and laid down a new route and set plans for the 2014 event in October. Dave Langley and I have got together and posted up a new, much more sophisticated web based entry system this year which is up and running on the website now. What I call sophisticated is that the changes should be invisible to the user, but Dave’s programming behind the scenes this year means that not only does the entry list get constructed from your keyboard entries but the PayPal payments also feed in automatically and tie up the total entry as valid. I’ve seen it work - I still marvel at it. Don’t forget, entry is limited to 1000 again this year and it is web based entry only, so get your entry in as soon as you like please. Club members have been on tour to Denia, Costa Blanca in January. One who was there is your ‘coverman’ this issue; Colin Barrett sporting our Club strip! Hopefully Ralph will write something on the tour for the next issue. Ralph Huckle has also been busy promoting our club clothing and revising the booking form. He has obtained great discounts and subsidy and urges that this is quality kit at great prices. Take a look on page 18. Sometimes I get asked to include references in this Magazine and then forget why or where it came from. Here is one, can’t think why, but it looks harmless enough so here it is of Exmouth.


Calendar Dates For 2014 Apr 12th Apr 13th

Hardboiled 300km Dorset Coast 200km Dorset Coastlet 100km

Shawn Shaw Peter Loakes Peter Loakes

01202 685014 01305 263272 01305 263272

Apr 13th May 4th May 11th May 11th May 11th May 11th TBA TBA May 24th Jun 28th Sept 7th Sept 7th Sept 7th Sept Sept 7th Oct 12th

Porkers 400km New Forest Challenge 50km New Forest Day Out 100km New Forest 150km New Forest Excursion 200km Dorset Downs 100km Dorset Downs 150km Brimstone 600km Devon and Dorset Downs New Forest Challenge 50km New Forest and Coast 100km New Forest Century 150km New Forest On/Off Shore 200km Dorset Dirt 50km offroad The Gridiron 100km

Shawn Shaw John Ward John Ward John Ward John Ward Justin Oakley Justin Oakley Shawn Shaw Peter Loakes John Ward John Ward John Ward John Ward Ken Reed John Jackson

01202 685014 01590 671205 01590 671205 01590 671205 01590 671205 07968 213833 07968 213833 01202 685014 01305 263272 01590 671205 01590 671205 01590 671205 01590 671205 01305 772654 01590 683815

Informal Wayfarers Rides to Burley This ride happens every Saturday and is completely informal. There is no leader and no back up, but generally an experienced cyclist somewhere around. The route is designed for beginners but joined in by all abilities. Start 08:45 at Waitrose Supermarket, Christchurch every Saturday or 09:00 at The Oak PH, Burton Or make your own way to the Old Farmhouse Tea Rooms, Burley for 10:00

Committee meetings at The Conservative Club, Kinson. Next committee meeting: 21st May 2014 at 19:30 Committee meetings 2014: 20th Aug; 22nd Oct (AGM) ; 19th Nov Secretary: Mike Walsh: 17 Grove Gdns, Southbourne Rd, B’mouth BH8 9JQ TEL: (01202) 429985 Email Editor: Keith Matthews: 10 Hill View Road, Ferndown, BH22 9QY TEL: (01202) 855001 Email “CycleInk” is the Newsletter of CTC Wessex Cycling, a Member Group of the Cyclists’ Touring Club. Published four times a year for members. Views expressed are not necessarily those of the club. Contributions and Photographs: The committee meeting date is the deadline for Newsletter contributions. Contribute by any way you like. Photographs are welcome in any form.

Cycle Ink #172


Christmas With the Inters After a thoroughly enjoyable time thanks to the hard work of Dennis we met up with a large gathering of old Cycling companions at the Potterers Christmas Lunch. With plenty of excellent festive fare and a satisfactory pile of cycles parked outside, I had the good fortune to attend the Inters Christmas Lunch a short while after.

This was ably arranged by our own John E, after a brief run and as can be seen from the photo, all were on their best behaviour - for a short time anyway. Peter, our all-year-long suffering proprietor at our favourite tea stop at Dylans restaurant, made sure our plates were supplied with the appropriate goodies and had even laid on a special trophy to be awarded to the most deserving rider of the year which is still being heatedly discussed! It is on gatherings such as this that I wish Christmas could go on for ever and we can only thank the people who put themselves out to make it happen.

Big Bob 5

Cycle Ink #172

Oh Come All Ye Cyclists

By Jo Gordon

As soon as we entered the Horns Public House, Burts Lane, Wimborne on the dot of 12 on Christmas Day we were all greeted merrily from the bar by the manageress and her staff. The Christmas tree sparkled, the fire blazed in the hearth, the chosen tipples were speedily produced and it really did feel very festive and cheery.

Just in case more arrived we went through to the large bar area to see another lovely Christmas tree and could gaze on an amazing chocolaty Yule log. John Hayter and Rosalie had cycled bravely through the floods, but I have to admit that Mike and I had not, with the excuse that we had brought Mike’s mum with us - not sure what David and Doreen’s excuse was - probably good common sense. This small party comprised the total of the CTC Wessex Cycling Group but it is still amazing how much even such a select group can chat happily away for over an hour. With memories of previous years of jostling cyclists heading to the bar, meeting up with some folk not often out riding and of course mixing with old friends and new, perhaps from other groups also, it did seem a little sad that the second year in a row attracted so few of us. If your memories of the latter day Horns puts you off - rather shabby, not so friendly - do put it on your calendar for 2014 and come along and see how it has changed. It was a great start to Christmas but it would be even better to share it with more of you. Hopefully see you next Christmas Day!

Jo Cycle Ink #172


Right to Ride Report - February

By Paul M. Turner

Poole Upton Road is to be upgraded for cycling from the Park & Ride station –Creekmoor to the estates around Fleetsbridge to connect to the Castleman Trailway and NCN Route 25 as well as a link to Broadstone Way with better signage. Danecourt Road Scheme - cyclists have felt vulnerable turning right from Danecourt Road into the link though to North Road. Vehicles travelling in the opposite direction sometimes come across the centre line. The proposed scheme is designed to try to create some space for of right turning cyclists. Nuffied Road Scheme - to improve the access to Nuffield Industrial Estate by bike from the cycle routes at Fleetsbridge The Loire roundabout. Coy Pond Road & Dalling Road Scheme – Bourne Valley I objected on behalf of Wessex CTC as this bridge is valuable traffic-free route to Bournemouth for Wallisdown, as well from Poole, though Coy Pond Road. A line of bollards will be retained.

© Paul M Turner 2013


Cycle Ink #172

Junction of Wimborne Road – Tatnam Road – Garland Road - Shawn Shaw reported that this junction is dangerous for crossing Wimborne Road. He has reported it to Poole Cycling Officer for further consultation. Poole Town Centre Schemes - Suggested schemes include: b Covered cycle parking at Kingland Crescent entrance to Dolphin Centre and junction of High Street/ North Street and near taxi rank on George roundabout (need access from road though railings.) b Link from rail station to bus station via Kingland Crescent (potentially right by railway track but there may be land ownership issues) b Chapel Lane to Globe Lane b Opening Dolphin centre 24/7 b Bike hire using local cycle shops b The right for cyclists to pass through first set of light on Fernside Road b Reinstate two way cycle link on Heritage Trail between Market Street and Hill Street. b Removal of railings on Kingland Road and the George roundabout. b Removal of railings and public realm improvement at High Street/ North Street/ Lagland Street b Improvements to town centre subways including under railway to Vanguard Road. Signing improvements

Bournemouth Ringwood Road – Poole Lane Toucan is operation and Duck Lane zebra - for schools in area. Stour Valley Cycle Route is in Phase 1 Muscliffe to Berry Hill Sewerage works is underway and should be completed by May/June 2014. Curzon Road contra-flow and St George’s Ave exemption from the NO ENTRY sign has not been approved! - Why? Privet Road cycle contra-flow is complete. Bournemouth Town Centre – new paving slabs and cycling signs have been installed through the Lower Gardens where the old ones have faded. Boscombe Regeneration Scheme – Bournemouth Council has consulted public realm improvement around the Boscombe Precinct including removing railings etc. There are aslo proposals to modify St Johns Road junction including enhanced cycle facilities. I am a part of this consultation but it is ongoing ending early March.

Paul M. Turner

CTC Right to Ride Representative – Poole & Bournemouth

Cycle Ink #172


Sartain Cup

By Terry Walsh

At the coffee stop at the Crow Farm Shop during the Dawdlers Thursday ride on 27th February our President, Terry Walsh presented the Sartain Cup to Jeanette King.

This was awarded to her for her many years of support to the Member Group in its many guises and her many roles. The delayed presentation was received with surprised gratitude by Jeanette who declared that it was her first award. The others on the ride applauded her during the award presentation among some obvious frivolity. The Crow Farm Shop is a new venue for us: Ringwood, BH24 3EA TEL: 01425 473290


Cycle Ink #172


By Big Bob

I am sorry to have to bring this up but someone has got to get of the bike and confront this head on. I do this in response to the various emails I have received from our brothers and sisters in the Wessex, Jubilee and Arrow road clubs regarding my thoughts on the above subject. We fly, we swoop, we shout with joy as we soar over hill and dale, all care banished in the surge of the bike and the banter of a like minded group, and then . . . and then . . . the effing chain breaks! To be fair, it could be a gear cable, brake cable, seat post or a hundred other things and all life and happiness grinds to a standstill. You stand gazing at the bike looking as bereft as 4 pints Dave without a glass. I remember standing in such a fashion in Templecombe when the balls fell out of my bottom bracket en route to Glastonbury. After the inevitable sympathetic noises my riding companions disappeared into the distance as I forlornly waved farewell. There followed the trudge to the railway station and the complicated train journey back to base. What can we learn remedially from these violent halts to our chosen way of life and reason for living, I tell you . . . sod all! You can examine and replace every component and item on your beloved steed on a fortnightly basis and something in the middle of nowhere will still go wrong. You can acquire all the maintenance skills in the world, you may even be able to remove and replace socket screws with your buttocks but something will still go wrong. Accept it, go with it, like all of life’s bad patches it will pass and when the good times start rolling again gaze sympathetically at the lycra-clad figure hunched sadly over his bike at the side of the road vaguely fumbling with some useless multi-tool which promised to do everything but unblock the kitchen sink in the advertisement but in truth will do nothing. I do hope these few words will assist you hard riding club-men out there in your mental approach to the subject but in my experience cycle maintenance comes a pretty close second to catching “ bird flu� as a life experience. But enough of these sober reflections we are destined for happier things. I refer of course to Le Hotel du Velo Sportive our cycling retirement centre. Since we last spoke there has been a general buzz of excitement around the corridors, halls and lounges of our much loved old manor house. Those of you

Cycle Ink #172


who are able to remember further back than last week will no doubt recall that earlier last year, knowing their interest in all things cycling, we made an application for a support grant from Sky Broadcasting in order to assist us in our usual precarious financial struggle. I am more than pleased to confirm that mainly due to the efforts of our House Committee Treasurer Mike W, aided by the feminine favours enthusiastically bestowed by some of our more forward ladies during the Sky Team’s brief visit, this has been granted. Not as much as we would have liked, it’s true, but enough to keep us reasonably solvent. In return (and this is the rub) Sky, knowing our love for all things cycling, have requested we provide a demonstration Four Man 4K Track Pursuit Squad to show in a Masters Revolution Meeting at the Manchester Velodrome. As my normal cycling style is a few quick strokes and I’m knackered I have enthusiastically offered to be “Man One” to start the sprint but there is a reluctance, to say the least, in volunteers to fill the remaining three positions. Our own Derek P, would make an ideal “ Man Two” but he made it clear it was not possible due to the recent acquisition of a new lady causing saddle comfort to be a dubious matter at the moment. When I asked him which was more important, the glory of riding “Man Two”, or any new lady, he merely looked at me in a pitying way. Bob Ch, normally keen to help in all matters, tendered his apologises quoting an old war wound. Intrigued I politely enquired which war and was promptly told his first marriage! Deflated, I wandered into the bar area and was lucky enough to collar Alan G, sat at a table contemplating his wallet. He patiently listened as I made my request but reluctantly rebuffed me quoting his dislike of blood sports. This was no blood sport I argued but as he irritably shot back knowing his luck it soon would be! So it went on, even Colin B, who I ran into in the card room could not be persuaded. Although in all honesty he did say he would gladly participate but his love life had to come first. So, feeling a little dejected, I meandered up the main staircase for an early night with a mug of tea and a copy of Cycling Weekly. And then the breakthrough came, no, not in bed unfortunately but the following morning while drinking a mug of coffee in the conservatory. Three of our resident ladies stood in front of me and made an offer which although mind boggling initially glowed with merit the more I thought about it. In a nutshell they had heard of the multiple rejection I had received over fulfilling the request made by Sky Broadcasting and realized the honour of “Le Hotel” was at stake. As no men were prepared to come forward it was down to the ladies to rise to the occasion. I pointed out that a man-only team had been requested so how could we get around that? Nothing to it I was assured, with some bits flattened, hair tucked up in a skullcap under the aero helmet and a


Cycle Ink #172

judiciously placed banana. Job done! And that was how Ann D, Jo G and Kathy M, became man two, three and four respectively. During the next few days, whilst practicing on our grass track, I felt more and more confident. Calling on all their years of cycling experience they began to move as a well oiled machine. In a matter of days we had transferred to Manchester and the hallowed Velodrome itself for final practice sessions, mixing with Sky riders during the day and evening. During one of these sessions, while doing my best as “man one” on the front of our little team my unease first started as I surely thought I heard a low wolf whistle from Chris Hoy. This was closely followed by a somewhat louder approving whistle from Dave Brailsford the team Director of all people! Before we even completed the third lap I could feel the wave of male testosterone in the air. Fast forward and that’s why I’m sat in my rooms back at the sanctuary of Le Hotel du Velo Sportive with my head in my hands trying to block the noise of three irate husbands namely Alan, Mike and Kevin pounding on the door demanding to know where their wives are. Probably shacked up in some luxurious hotel in Scunthorpe having the time of their lives with Dave Brailsford, Mat Hayman and Chris Hoy for all I know. I will never understand women and I wash my hands of the whole business. All I want to do now, when I can escape, is cycle up onto the downs breathe deeply and gaze down at the soothing green of the valley and up at the pure blue of the . . . no I can’t say the word! Stick to the country life.

Big Bob

Mountain Bike Rides in The Purbecks and Wareham Forest A couple of hours exercise with skills instruction to help you progress and gain confidence on Tuesdays @ 10am Ideal for beginners and improvers (age over 16) £10 pay on arrival Please contact me to reserve your place or for more information. Steve 07900 418240 I am an MIAS qualified guide

CTC Lothians & Borders Lothians & Borders Rally, Mortonhall Caravan & Camping Park, Edinburgh

Friday 23rd May to Monday 26th may 2014

Contact for Details: Peter Valente 0131 334 1786

Cycle Ink #172


“Bob” Disposal Experts

By Bob Chitt

Does anyone remember this incident in 2011? Bob Chitt reminds us of it, and comments that he is still here, as is Bob Harris, Bob Frew and Bob Courtney! He thinks they might be all safe after a few years, but I’m not so sure after Bob C’s little incident in February! Best wishes for a speedy recovery Bob.

Bob C From Alan and Ann Dodson; they send this Helms cartoon which is so appropriate this year! I’m sure Johnny Helms won’t mind us using this just this once.


Cycle Ink #172

Enigmas All Around Us

By Shawn Shaw

“As we bicycle the lanes and byways we see all manner of things to raise our curiosity and we promise ourselves to find out more, and sometimes we actually do!” Led by Bob Chit on 2 Jan 2014, the Potterers passed the Church of St Aldhelm at Limberlost. Nestled in a grove opposite the modern woodland burial site just off the A350 and Randalls Hill the church is accessed by Lytchgate and a corridor of chest high laurel hedging. Beyond a second gate, the church is cradled central of a stonewalled court. Here modern bustle fades and birdsong punctuates the breeze. Picture on inside front cover. A chipping path leads to the iron gated south porch: your approach is watched over by the gallery of faces of the corbel table under the roof. Well executed but lacking definement, the faces are akin to pumpkin at Halloween: round and rudimentary. A corner stone is inscribed showing the church and land to have been ‘Offered by Lord Eustace Cecil and dedicated by the Bishop of Salisbury May 31st 1898’. The small print adds the Architects and the Builders names. Lord Eustace Cecil, brother of the 3rd Marquess of Salisbury was the father of Evelyn Cecil. In 1898 Evelyn wed and was elected MP for Hertford: he was the first to make use of a motor car in a British General Election campaign. A Private Secretary to the Prime Minister (his uncle), a Member of Parliament 1898 - 1929, Sir Evelyn Cecil PC(1917) GBE(1922) combined a long career in public service with directorships of numerous City companies and investment trusts. Ennobled in 1934 as Baron Rockley, he took his title from Rockley Sands on the edge of Poole Harbour which he had bought in order to prevent an industrial development. His descendents also had careers in the City with the 3rd Baron, James Hugh Cecil, rising to be Chairman of Kleinwort Benson and as such a joint leader of the Kleinwort team advising the government on the sale of shares in British Telecom.

Cycle Ink #172


The neatly clipped and well managed churchyard at St Aldhelm has, at the East End, memorials to members of the family. The stone carved with an artist’s palette is to the portrait artist Maud Steel (youngest daughter of the First Baron). On the north side, behind the church is a small gate which gives access from their Lytchett Heath Estate. Easily overlooked, this church, standing four square squat amid the trees in a secluded corner of a Dorset estate cements links to a renowned political dynasty; from Lord Burghley and his son, Robert Cecil, 1st Earl Salisbury, Secretary of State to Elizabeth I, through James the 7th Earl and 1st Marquess of Salisbury (1798) and the 3rd Marquess (thrice Prime Minister) to the 7th Marquess of Salisbury. As Viscount Cranborne he was memorably sacked by Wiliam Hague (just before Christmas!) from his post as Leader of the Conservative Peers during the Blair Reform of the Upper House. Hague had not been consulted and left ignorant of the agreement reached with Lord Cranborne and statements in the Commons had left Hague ‘embarressed’. Lord Cranborne accepted responsibily saying he had “rushed in, like an ill-trained spaniel”. The agreement to 92 hereditary peers accepting Life Peerages went ahead and as Baron Gascoyne–Cecil, Viscount Cranborne remained in the Upper Chamber. It was the 2nd Marquess, the father of Lord Eustace, who by Royal Licence of 22 March 1821 subsumed his wifes family name with his own to be styled Gascoyne-Cecil. The ‘Rockleys’ have reverted to Cecil perhaps to distinguish their branch from the Cranborne cousins or maybe it is ‘good form’; the accepted custom. It is the minor branch though that contains The Man Who Saved Rockley. Is there more to tell? [Citation: Picture of Lytchett Heath - Upton Millennium Project Genealogy Obit. 3rd Baron Rockley: The Telegraph 9Jan2012 – Colour snaps: the contributor].

Shawn 15

Cycle Ink #172

MINUTES FOR COMMITTEE MEETING 'CTC WESSEX CYCLING' Wednesday 19th February 2014 19.30 1. PRESENT – Dave Langley, John Jackson, John Ward, Kevin Moore, Mike Walsh, Jim McDonald, Bob Chittenden, Jo Gordon, Keith Matthews and Julian James. Observing – Ralph Huckle 2. APOLOGIES – Paul Turner, Bob and Joan Courtney, Terry Walsh and Stephen Gray. 3. MATTERS ARISING – none 4. TREASURERS REPORT – Mike reported that with the £200.00 due from the National Office and a refund from the CTC Tour Leaders Training Programme as Paul Rush had found the redtape too onerous to continue the funds are a healthy £2,500. Stephen Gray may be interested in pursuing the above stated programme now that Paul's efforts may have smoothed the way. 5. NEWSLETTER – Keith need more contributions this issue There are two advertisers curently with room for more. 6. RIGHT TO RIDE – Paul had said that he would be sending his report through – Keith to contact 7. RUNS LEADERS REPORTS Jim McDonald – Thursday Potterers. The average attendance at starting point and coffee stops stands at 15 over the last 8 rides. This figure includes those meeting the group at coffee and non-riding members. It does not take account of the ride to the Christmas lunch and the blank on Boxing Day. Those continuing the to the lunch destination has varied between 4 and 12.The recent poor weather has of course affected attendance and led to the curtailment of some rides. The New Years Day walk around Wareham had to be abandoned due to heavy rain, but the buffet lunch kindly laid on by Bob and Jean was greatly enjoyed by a capacity crowd. Recruitment of rides leaders is currently proving to be problematic due to the loss of established leaders and the weather as mentioned above. The forth coming programme will include the annual freewheeling contest, a joint group meet with the Rouleurs and a car assisted ride. Dave Langley – Thursday Rouleurs - November 2013 to February 2014 Summary numbers: average = 6, maximum = 12, total different riders=22. Ride leaders: different leaders=3, rides without pre-allocated leader=4. General Observations: Numbers lower over this period mainly due to weather but a few brave stalwarts manage to keep numbers up for most rides. Increasingly difficult to get ride leaders; same 3 people tend to lead 2-3 rides each. No car-assisted rides during this 3 month period due to lack of daylight hours and adverse weather conditions. Proposing to swap next two rides with easier one from Wilton to Upavon and Westbury in March and then harder one from Bishops Waltham to Alresford and Petersfield in May; no opposition so far. Christmas Meal 54 people came to joint Potterers/Rouleurs Christmas meal on Thursday 19th December at Bournemouth Sports Club. Sunday Rouleurs - November 2013 to February 2014 Summary numbers: average = 4, maximum = 8, total different riders=10. General Observations: Majority of riders return home after coffee. Small number go on to meet Inters at lunch time but not on every Sunday. Losing some of the faster rides occasionally to BJW club runs, reliability trial rides or Audax events. Jeanette King - Dawdlers. Well, the Dawdlers, like every other group, have suffered because of the weather. However, the runs are still going ahead where possible and on the driest routes we can find! Numbers have been down, but the stalwarts turn up, it's just a matter of talking to each other and coming to an executive decision on the most suitable destination on the day. We have got our runs organised for the next quarter, hopefully managing longer runs in better weather. Enthusiasm for the rides continues as ever. Bob Courtney - Sunday Inters. The group has been out and about on the last ride programme of Sun rides making the best of what has been on occasion appalling weather conditions which has caused even the upbeat cheeriness of your average Inter to wilt a little. Numbers have varied accordingly. Shawn Shaw - Saturday Bun Runs. Feb and three brave chaps met up in Wimborne Square. David, Steve and I thought Compton Abbas Airfield to be the best bet. To Witchampton was a good steady not too busy run. Past the church and L up the middle hill we chanced Long Crichel to the ridge above the Gussages. Roads were pretty clear of water but gritty run off needed caution. Farnham was closed. We went through on road so broken that it could be classed as a bridleway. Back on the ridge road we pushed up hill on Common Drove skirting Ashmore to the Airfield. Returning through Tollard Royal the road had been closed due to damage to a cottage. Through rain into 6D Handley all was now clear but the wind was getting stronger and the front wheel wavered now and again in the gusts across the bows. Passing Cranborne House to Edmonsham into Horton on through Holt and another Bun Run was done to the satisfaction of all. Great day out!

Cycle Ink #172


January! A wash out: 4th weather awful so reschedule to the 18th. 07:30 sat indoors listening to the rain teeming down and aware of the forecast for more rain and strengthening winds it was time to pull the plug and e-mail all that the ride was not going to happen. Knowing roads to be flooded along our intended route to Stur Newton a ride on the ridges to Compton Abbas was intended but that would have left us exposed to the winds so right decision. But now I'm looking at a bright sky and we've had no more rain since the e-mail went out; feeling like a wimp!!! However the wind IS bending the apple tree low in Linden Lea and wimp or not it would have been a struggle home. December: It's hard work when the cleats don't lock. Puts a lot of strain on the 'other knee'. My left just would not lock in today and my left foot waved about as it momentarily lost contact. What should have been a pull up became a lift off and clatter as contact was made at the top of the circle. However, we three (Steve and MikeG and me) kept it going and followed the usual route. Fortunately the spits and spots early on came to nothing and the head wind was hardly there at all. Steve was out for a short ride as he had commitments to meet. He turned to follow the ridge across the top of Milton Abbas; always a lovely road to use and would make the most of his short day. So to the warm welcome we have come to expect we two enjoyed bun and drinks in the old chicken shack. Returning and passing Trish's Field a familiar figure flashed by the other way. Soon he was following our wheels. He hadn't gotten to the start until 09:30 and had made his own way out and seeing us returning decided to have company for the return. So three it was today; a 'pick and mix' but three. And the cleat? Well that was resolved at the turn. When I looked I saw that it had been fitted upside down! Not something I care to dwell on really. Bob Chittenden – Sunday Potterers. Bob and Derek share the runs leader duties alternating Sundays and with the bad weather this year numbers have varied between 0 to 8. Diversions have had to take place to avoid getting washed away Keith Matthews – PHSG rides are sufficiently attended with the usual fluctuations. 8. FREQUENCY OF RUNS LISTS – Terry and Mike Walsh had wondered if the runs lists were not planned so far ahead whether there would be more take up for ride leaders as they thought it may be difficult to commit to a date up to three months in advance. Jim said he already had comments about how frequently the runs list seemed to come around! John Ward thought that riders should just pick a date and arrange the ride themselves, letting the runs leader know for the list, Keith agreed with this. Jackie already does this with the Inters. Mike thought we should all have a think, perhaps ask among the group and further discussion next meeting. 9. SHIELD AWARD – last years figures have still not been published due to CTC revamping so the award cannot be presented to anyone at the moment. This will go onto the August agenda for further discussion. Julian will speak to Jim Brown. 10. ANY OTHER BUSINESS – Jeanette said that the new Radio Wimborne broadcasting for limited hours a day on 92.3FM would like someone from the group to talk on air. GRIDIRON – John Jackson reported that Colbury are no longer willing for the Gridiron to use their hall so a new route incorporating Boldre Memorial Hall, Pilley will now be the second stop. The new route has to cross the A35 and John is ordering new very visible signage to hopefully make the public aware of riders crossing this road. The route is 102.5Km with fairly even spacing for each section. He gave thanks to Dave and Keith for all their hard work on the internet and on- line enteries are up and running. October 2015 Gridiron he would like to see significant changes to the route to move away from the Brockenhurst area as cyclists are now so unwelcome there. The move would be towards the north and west. He would like a good size headquarters with ample hard car parking. He would like the committee to come up with ideas of venues to include catering facilities also. The group has steered clear of the New Forest Charter and Code and will continue to do so. John Ward said that the Audax UK are seeking an organiser for the National 400 in 2015 they wish to hold in the south and would supply monies and underwrite expenses if anyone would be willing to and host. Paul Turner said Geoff Clark who is organising the New Forest Rally on 24th July to 2nd August would like to know if any of our group would help lead some rides in and around the Forest on tracks plus roads. Rides of 15 miles for children and families and 20 – 40 miles for adults. John Ward has done many rides around Avon Tyrell which is an area specified by Geoff and he is happy to share his knowledge. Mike gets sent information about rides by CTC and commercial organisations – it was thought that the CTC rides should go on the website and the commercial ones looked at in a case by case. Mike thanked the organisers of the Christmas lunch for their valiant efforts and this was heartily agreed by all. 11. DATE OF NEXT COMMITTEE MEETING – Wednesday 21st May 7.30 Kinson Conservative Club. The meeting closed at 21.05


Cycle Ink #172


By Ralph Huckle

The Club is still offering kit at heavily subsidised prices. Quality kit at bargain prices! Take a look at the website under For Sale and check out the order form to see what's available. Go to: Get your order in while the offer is still on ! To download the sizing chart and order form.

Ralph Cycle Ink #172


CTC Wessex Christmas Lunch 19th December 2013 A lively and sociable meeing for all the Wessex CTC cycling groups. Bob Courtney thanked David Langley for his organising skills! There were about 60 are lunch at Chapel Gate, the home of

Bournemouth Sports Club. The catering was excellent!

Š Paul M Turner 2013



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