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RCA is a part time public interdistrict magnet high school for Fairfield County students interested in the performing arts. We promote voluntary integration by encouraging collaboration and cooperation among our socioeconomic and ethnically diverse member school districts. Our students are at their district high school each morning to attend core classes such as math, science, English and history, then the district transports them to RCA every Monday through Thursday from 1:45 to 4:30 p.m. A student’s studies at RCA are the equivalent of two elective courses per year.

OUR MISSION The mission of Regional Center for the Arts (RCA) is to bring together people of diverse cultural heritage to develop, in all students, the knowledge, skills, attitudes and selfdiscipline to reach their fullest artistic potential, to live a productive life and to contribute to society as creative, engaged citizens.

RCA was established in January of 1990 by the superintendents of Bridgeport, Fairfield, Monroe, Stratford and Trumbull to provide a performing arts program for talented high school students. Thirty dance and music students were selected to start classes at the Arnold Bernhard Center at the University of Bridgeport. The goal of the program was to help promising high school students from the greater Bridgeport region to explore and develop their artistic abilities by working with master artists and other talented students from the area.

was asked to In 1995, C.E.S. Bridgeport to to the promagnet school.


In 2003, RCA moved to a larger space on 30 Lindeman Drive inTrumbull to accommodate over 175 students from districts in coastal Fairfield County.

That same year, C.E.S. received the news that their grant application to the state of Connecticut to construct a brand-new, state-of-the-art facility at 23 Oakview Drive in Trumbull had been approved. The plans included classrooms and studios for multimedia students, musicians, actors, singers and dancers, a black box theater, and a 250-seat theater with a proscenium stage. Construction of the building was completed in 2008. Today, there are over 230 students attending RCA, from 18 high schools in lower Fairfield County.


In 1993, Cooperative Educational Services (C.E.S.) administer the program for the five school districts. moved the program from the University of downtown Bridgeport and theater was added gram. In the fall of 1996, RCA became a


DANCE Students gain the skills necessary to further their dance training in college by studying ballet, tap, and other forms of dance. Modern dance provides the basis for the techniques students use in other styles.

THEATRE Students acquire the basic skills necessary to be a successful actor. All students will prepare for and perform a variety of materials as part of their class work including monologues and scenes.

MUSIC students acquire the skills necessary to be a successful working musician. In addition to technical skills, students also learn about the business of music and the importance of presenting themselves as a professional.

CREATIVE VIDEO PRODUCTION Students develop the basic skills in story writing, storyboarding, directing, scene development, prop and scene set up, filming, sound, effects, transitions, and editing.

MUSICAL THEATER Students acquire the basic skills to become a successful musical theater performer including instruction in acting, singing and dance. All students will prepare for and perform in scenes as part of their class work.

Admission to the Regional Center for the Arts is open to Fairfield County high school students with an interest in the performing arts, regardless of previous training.

Prospective students can apply online at


RCA is a public school of choice for families in Bridgeport, Darien, Easton/Region #9, Fairfield, Greenwich, Monroe, New Canaan, Norwalk, Ridgefield, Shelton, Stamford, Stratford, Trumbull, Weston, Westport and Wilton.


Students at RCA are taught by professionals active in the performing arts industry. RCA faculty has extensive experience in acting in soap operas, primetime television series, on stage, on Broadway, off Broadway, in professional dance companies, operas, as well as symphonies and professional ensembles. RCA faculty is involved in a number of projects. Many are active performers, some teach at the collegiate level, and others organize and promote arts education programs throughout the region. All have worked in the performing arts industry for many years, and have dedicated their life and work to acting, dance, music, production, and/or musical theater.


In 2007, RCA opened a $21 million AIA award-winning performance facility. Students now study in a building equipped with professional dance studios, classrooms for music, musical theater and voice, soundproof music rooms, a video production lab, a black box theater, and a 250-seat theater with catwalks, a proscenium stage, and a control booth with professional lighting and sound equipment. Our students learn in a dynamic environment while using state-of-the-art resources and technology on a daily basis.


Whether you’re interested in being a member of an improv comedy troupe, a ballet dancer in The Nutcracker, a skilled drummer, a movie producer, or the star of a Broadway show, you will learn effective communication skills and build lasting friendships with students from throughout lower Fairfield County. Talk to your guidance counselor about RCA, or call us at 203.365.8857 to schedule a visit!



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