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Principal’s Foreword

hard to believe that we are moving towards the end of another academic year at CTC. It only seems like yesterday (and certainly not last summer!) that I wrote an article for the College Magazine in which I paid tribute to CTC’s founder Principal, Roger Osborne, and to his dream of creating this great place of learning of ours. If anything, the past year has again demonstrated just how committed and determined we are at CTC are to the continued pursuit of academic First of all, I let say well done to the excellence. was me reminded of this in March when I attended the annual awards ceremony at the College Magazine team for putting together to all students, staff and their House of Lords for students who sat A level andBest GCSEwishes examinations at colleges belonging to CIFE yet another excellent edition. I hope that you families and have a wonderful Christmas and (the Council for Independent Education) in 2011. Around 20 independent schools and colleges belong will enjoy reading it and that you will show it New Year. CIFE so if I tell you that a quarter of the academic prizes awarded that day went to CTC students toto your friends and family. you will appreciate how proud and privileged I felt to be present. Such awards serve as a reminder not onlybusy of the dedication students staff, but also of just how much can be Another autumn termand gotefforts off toofa our great Mr Di and Clemente achieved through the pursuit of one’s academic goals and start with our three-day induction Principal ambitions. With this in mind, I wish all CTC students a very successful examination programme for new students. A lot of fun period and look forward to celebrating your achievements you later as thisthe summer. As for this latest edition of the College Magazine, I would was had by allwith concerned important like to congratulate everybody involved in and it and to thank them for all our focus on studying and business of getting to know the College sitting examinations we also enjoy being of a close-knit, friendly and international community. each other got underway. Well done to part all for I have been thisget year to visit,and on behalf of the College, countries as diverse as China, making everyfortunate effort to involved a Latvia, word Cambodia, Estonia and and in each of them I was made aware of the high regard in special of praise to and our Vietnam new GCSE CTC is held alumni and, specifically, of how great that sense of ASwhich students for by theparents, very students positiveandand community and valued. It is a very special feature of daily life at the College and one enthusiastic wayintegration in which isthey have settled into which lifewe and must their always studies workathard CTC. to maintain.

For our A2 students much of the focus this term has understandably been on the process Well done to the Magazine team and best wishes to all for the summer! of applying to university and, yet again, we have a strong field of applicants with which to impress some of the UK’s finest higher education establishments. Dr Drew and I have greatly enjoyed meeting many of them on our mock interview programme (which is ongoing, by the way, so come on and sign up!) and we have every confidence in the eventual outcome. Speaking of outcomes, what about those achieved by last summer’s leavers? Another terrific set of examination results was celebrated at our Annual Awards Ceremony in November at which MacCarthy Awards were presented to those students who had achieved 4 A/A* grades and, in the case of Artjoms Iskovs (pictured to the right with CTC’s Chair of Governors, Dr Christine Humfrey), an outstanding 5 A*s. Artjoms, of course, was heavily involved in the production of last summer’s Student Magazine for which he also received a special award. Other awards were presented for academic excellence in each subject and for extra-curricular achievements. Full details (and more photos) can be found on our website and in the College Magazine.

We have much to look forward to in the coming months, including the arrival in January of around 30 new students who have enrolled on our 18-month A level programme. I wish them the best of luck and I am certain that they will find CTC a welcoming, friendly and happy place in which to attempt to fulfil their tremendous academic potential.



ake a Walk in my Boots

a Duke of Edinburgh Experience


the ear-piercing sound of the alarm clock roused me from my deep sleep. I struggled out of bed, running towards the annoyingly humming alarm clock. ‘ 6:00, 20/ 10/ 2012, SAT,’ it proclaimed!

You like something to drink? “ I gave him a swift answer, “No, I’m fine.” “ It’s free,” he continued. “ Yes, hot chocolate please, “ I replied without hesitating a second!

A big smile came onto my face. “Yes! It’s The school’s mini-bus arrived at the station finally Saturday!”I shouted to myself, switching the to pick us up about an hour later and we headed to alarm off. Blackland Farm where we were going to do all our activities. The day I had been looking forward to had finally come. I had never gone camping before in When we got there, we realised we were my life and I was equally anxious and excited to not the only group who were going to camp. There finally get it under way. I washed my face, brushed were also a few groups of students from other my teeth, had a shower, stuffed myself with six schools. Some were with their instructors while pieces of toast (The most I have ever had), some were just on their own. clambered into my camping attire (mostly the When we got to the place that we were cheapest equipment I could get online), went going to pitch the tents, the other group which had through my checklist for the last time and headed come with the mini-bus had already set up theirs. to East Croydon Station. Mr. Torres and a few others had already gathered at East Croydon all looking fresh and clean in their brand new D of E clothes except for the used, but good (they truly are) rucksacks provided by the college. Eight of us, including Mr. Torres, took a train journey to East Grinstead, the site of our camp, while the rest of the group took the mini-bus from college.

Ted, Koichi and I chose a spot and pitched our tent which was meant to accommodate only two people but none of us wanted to sleep alone so we just decided that all of us were going to jam into the tent. After we finished setting up the tents, the mini-bus took us to a lake in the park to go kayaking.

After 35 minutes on the train ride, we Kayaking! Only two, or three of us had done finally arrived at East Grinstead, a beautiful, green it before and most of us (including me) had no idea area with a station little bigger than the W.H what a kayak was. At least we knew a kayak was Smith at East Croydon. We laid down our rucksacks on the floor outside and waited for the mini-bus to supposed to go on water! arrive. After a brief introductory talk by the kayak instructors, all of us grabbed a kayak and Mr. Torres came and asked me, “Would


an oar, feeling nervous, contemplating whether we might drown but, as always, we pretended to be a hundred and one per cent confident. Nevertheless, some of the girls were starting to panic even before getting into the water. I don’t know about the others but I just imitated those rowers on television and propelled my kayak forward but I knew it was obviously bearing to the left more than necessary. “Bwamm!!” a loud splash right behind my head. I looked back. Osama became the very first lucky person to savour the spine-tingling coldness of the water as his kayak capsized. Actually, he got his wish as he had been telling us he wanted to test the water, just before we embarked!

as close to the wall as possible and worked out the easiest route towards the top in my mind. I tried once again. FAIL - the only word that could describe my rock climbing experience. It was the very first time in my life that I realised I needed to work on my upper body strength. It was already dark when we got out of the rock climbing building. Only then, I realised I had forgotten to buy a torch. It was pitch-black and one could barely see a step ahead. Only one of my lovely tentmates had brought a torch. The habit of sharing became necessary again this time.

Here comes the best part of D of E expedition. Barbecue night! The £ 5 we had to give for the barbecue dinner was more than worth it. Nevertheless, we were doubtful at first and ate pot Throughout the next twenty or so minutes, noodles before the barbecue was ready. It was indeed there was a shouting frenzy among the girls except a feast when it finally arrived as there were chicken for Aileen who looked extremely comfortable with her drumsticks, sausages, jacket potatoes and corn which kayak. tasted amazingly delicious. I am even getting hungry as I am writing this now. However, none of my tentThen, we had a water polo match with the green jackets versus the multi-coloured jackets. I was mates or I remembered to bring a plate. This was the first time in my life that I realised how important it is on the multi-coloured side. We were defeated 3-2 to recycle things. We washed up the pot noodles and with Pearl scoring the winning goal for the green fork we had used earlier to have barbecues. We jackets. Two more fell into the water during the game. First it was Koichi, then Leon. This shows what gobbled everything up as we were really exhausted. It was an unbelievable experience to eat a barbecue a great and fierce water polo match it was. inside a wooden hut with many friends while the rain was drizzling outside with the bulb inside the hut just We were soaked when we got back to our campsite and changed but none of my tent-mates or I bright enough to distinguish one thing from another. had brought an extra pair of socks. It was not an issue for two of us but Koichi had a blister on his leg so Mr. Torres had to give him a pair of socks. We had canned food and some cookies for lunch then took a nap as our bodies were already aching from over-excitedly rowing too long during the water polo game. After a few hours, we started walking around the park. The walk was not tiring but it was great fun and such a re-vitalising walk through the muddy tracks and meadows of unpolluted, beautiful countryside. The walk took about two hours in total. We began doing team building exercises in two different groups once we got back to the campsite. They were nerve racking, quite challenging but really enjoyable once we had worked them out. The part most of us were waiting for finally came after the team building exercises. Indoor rock climbing seemed fairly easy when I was watching. Others did it in style, especially when the girls climbed up as if there was no gravity to deny their ascent. When my turn came, I strutted towards the rock face and let the instructor tie the ropes around my belt. I gathered all my strength, clung onto one of the handles and began my climb. I put my two feet on different steps and tried to balance my body. I tried to reach another handle to continue my climb. It was actually a step backward rather than a step forward. I fell back as I was not strong enough to lift my body. I tried to climb again. The result was no different. My blood was starting to rush around my body with adrenaline pumping into action. I tried to get my body5

Once we were full, our bodies began reminding us that they needed a sleep. The problems actually started from that point.

My jeans were already soaked and I had not brought spare trousers. It would have been a disaster to sleep in wet pants and the rain was also leaking from the top of the tent. I had no choice but to curl up inside my sleeping bag with just boxer shorts. It actually felt great to sleep inside a tent when the only thing surrounding you is nature, with a forest within a few metres and wet grassland underneath your sleeping mat. I suddenly imagined myself in the place of soldiers on a battlefield. They would have been worse off of course but my thoughts just drifted confusedly and I fell into a sound sleep within a few minutes. Complaints from my tent-mates erupted as I woke up the next morning They told me that I had been talking in my sleep the whole night. I did warn them the night before but they never thought it would have been that bad. I am really sorry, Ted and Koichi. All the D of E participants began washing in the only loo, named ‘Woodpecker’, and, as usual, none of my tent-mates had brought either toothpaste or a toothbrush, but I had brought these this time so they used my toothpaste and their fingers as toothbrushes. I realised that D of E was teaching really valuable lessons for life. First, recycling pot noodles as plates and then the fact that fingers pre-dated toothbrushes and they can be used in unexpected ways. We had buttered bread, a can of Red Bull and cookies for breakfast then we began packing up. Wet clothes, dirty socks, unfolded sleeping bags; a heap of mess awaited us in our tent to be cleared up. It was really easy to take out the sleeping bags but it was so difficult to fold and put them back in. We just stuffed everything into our rucksacks. We began our journey back to East Grinstead Station on foot, taking a longer, narrower and muddier path. We thought it was going to be really exhausting but Mr. Torres gave us breaks throughout the journey. After about a three hour walk, we finally reached East Grinstead Station with our trousers and boots totally covered in mud. As we had come to East Grinstead, our group went back to East Croydon by train and the others went back by the college mini-bus. It was only on the train that we noticed that we really stank and I was even sorry for other travellers. We finally arrived back at East Croydon Station at 2pm on the 21st October, bringing a successful end to our extremely enjoyable and exhausting journey.

Have Fun! Join D of E! Zeyar Myo Tin. 6


he Casual Vacancy is JK Rowling’s first adult novel and it is safe to say that she did not disappoint!

et in the fictional town of Pagford, Rowling Scommunity tells the story of the members of this small with each person having his own

and is also being bullied which drives her to self -harming. Or there is Andrew Price who is the victim of an abusive father and Krystal Weedon whose mother, Terri, is addicted to heroin.

storyline which cleverly interlinks with the main narrative of a Village Council election caused by the death of Barry Fairbrother. Although on the one hand this makes for an interesting read where one is able to get a detailed view of each character’s life, on the other hand this also makes the novel quite puzzling at times and I found myself constantly confused about who characters were till the end! Having said that, if anyone can make a battle for a Village Council election a gripping read, JK Rowling can!

All of these teenage characters are going through so much yet on the exterior they appeared to be fine. This made me think that we live in a society where people are judged all the time for their actions but this is somewhat unfair as we do not know the troubles they face .

Overall, I would recommend The Casual Vacancy because it is a really dynamic book that pulls at Rowling also explores the dynamics of the Village your heartstrings – I was even reduced to tears at Council election caused by the death of Barry the end when Krystal and her 3 year old half Fairbrother who left a ‘casual vacancy’ (deemed brother Robbie die! Whether or not it is a literary to have occurred on the day of a local masterpiece is debatable but one thing is for councillor’s death.) In the midst of this race to sure; JK Rowling knows how to tell a good story. be councillor, Andrew Price decided to hack into the council website using a simple ‘SQL’ injection By Pokua Addei he learned at school and creates a post under the name ‘The Ghost of Barry Fairbrother’ exposing his father as the corrupt and abusive man he is in the hopes that this will ruin his chance of election. Sukhvinder Jawanda follows suit and accuses her mother of being in love with Barry Fairbrother. Then it is revealed that Howard Mollison has been having an affair with his business partner, Maureen. Rowling covers a wide range of themes and social problems in The Casual Vacancy from OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), class and prostitution to rape and self - harming through each character’s storyline. I think Rowling covered these in a sensitive yet graphic way so that the reader could understand the full extent of their severity. Personally, this made reading the book for me a bit of an eye opening experience as it hardly ever occurred to me that people at school may be putting on a happy expression, but we never know what troubles they face. Like Sukhvinder Jawanda, a Sikh girl, who never wins her parents’ approval or support 7

A little bit of Shakespeare ‘ Extracts from short stories by the G.C.S.E group inspired by a line from

Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ “My dearest partner of greatness…” Rose had bold, bright eyes which were brown, like delicious, chocolate icing oozing down the sides of a scrumptious cake! Those eyes were full of life and music, as if signalling mysterious notes! Her hair, a dazzling chestnut, was always in pristine condition, not a provocative curl out of place! Now any light that had shone in her eyes had vanished! Her hair was dull, scraped back into a messy bun. Sitting in the gloomy, eerie room only made matters worse. It was cramped, dark, the curtains firmly drawn. It was a suffocating prison, no light but a flickering, harsh, bare, bulb … Rebecca Tuttle “

“Nothing is but what is not” I see a man collecting money for charity, an older man with cavernous rings under his eyes, teeth missing, his face partly covered by a scruffy beard. I see scars on his neck and hands. He is thin as if his body had retained the bare minimum of flesh. His red shirt and blue trousers are full of holes and stains. He stops to ask for money for some obscure charity, unknown to me! A syringe obtrudes from a back pocket, surrounded by a brown stain. ‘Got a dollar for the strays of Toronto?’ As he thrusts the mug of small change into my face, I notice lesions on his arms – he has tried to hide these with black dust. ‘I have nothing on me.’ I hurry on… Darius Tarbiat.


“Fair is foul and foul is fair” The three warriors knew that if they attacked individually, failure was inevitable. They must combine their efforts if they were to destroy the demon. The demon crouched, in preparation for its frenzied assault! Rynd stood stalwart – his shield before him. A wave of sound crashed onto the shield. It vibrated madly. Inukee placed his hands on the ground – a fierce wall of fire leapt up. Belinia fired as many arrows as her nimble hands could muster. Hundreds of flaming hot bolts streaked through the air! She retrieved four tiny arrows and re-launched them. In the blink of an eye they grew to the size of harpoons, a mystical net forming between them …’ Brandon Nathaniel Miakiat Tan ‘

“Present fears are less than horrible imaginings” Harsh sirens were ringing in the distance. I was supposed to be picking up my son from school, but I was lying helpless on the rock hard road! My car had flipped over. At first I could feel an ominous, numb sensation in my back. But in time this turned into agonising pain. Doctors and medics carried me, helpless, to the back of an ambulance. If I could have felt my spine, I’m sure the proverbial shivers would have run down it! Perhaps I would never see my son again. Bright hospital lights blinded me as a doctor approached my bed. Surely he would re-assure me, tell me my injuries were superficial? But no! ‘Damaged spinal cord…paralysed for life…never walk again…’ Osama Nesar

“Present fears are less than horrible imaginings” ‘Inside the park contained swings, monkey bars and slides. At the end were three unique, strange

trees. The spaces between were exactly the same, the effect perfectly symmetrical. These trees seemed to have a purpose. Was it to test your strength and courage? They were iconic, impossible to ignore! Children surged into the park, among them three young boys looking for a challenge! ‘Shall we climb those trees?’ demanded a high voice. ‘Three of us, three trees,’ responded another. The third drew back fearfully while his friends shot up the trunks, agile as cats! He hung back –the challenge seemed intimidating, impossible... Louis Omofia


World Poetry Day Date? Thursday 4th October. Time? One o’clock. Venue? The library. This can only mean that it’s World Poetry Day ! With the library full of students and teachers alike (including Mr Cutting who judged the competition) it was time for World Poetry Day to commence. The theme this year was stars and all the poems had to relate to stars in some way, whether it be abstract or literal. There were many participants this year with each one reading out their poem in the library. Every participant was rewarded with a sweet (gasp - food in the library!) and a round of applause after reading their poem. It was very interesting to hear the different ways people incorporated stars into their poems. With Mr Cutting commenting on “the way the entries were able to create memorable images, sounds and rhythms in their poems.” However, although every poem showcased the

Natassia Chin reading her winning poem ‘Show Time’. powerful emotion through lines such as “I’m sorry… you are just a light, up in the heavens, shining so brightly.” Likewise, Show Time by Natassia Chin incorporated “sophisticated control of vocabulary, creating a ‘coalescing aurora’ to depict the ‘sights, sounds and textures of a night-time display of lights .’

Louis Omofia reading his poem ‘Reach for the Stars’, which was the runner-up in the GCSE group. Mr Cutting described the poem as “dynamic…full of energy and lively speech rhythms.” Well-done Louis!

highest calibre of talent, there could only be one winner – well, technically two. A winner for the GCSE group and a winner for the A- level group. The winners were Lone Star by Osama Nesar and Show Time by Natassia Chin respectively. Mr Cutting said of the task to choose the winners “It was difficult to choose overall winners, especially since the standard was generally so high.”

Both poems were a representation of how creativity can spawn many ideas from one source. Natassia and Osama were able to put their own unique spin on stars and this serves as a reminder/representation of how diverse the world is. We can all see the same things, yet the way we view them can differ entirely. This diversity is especially evident in Cambridge Tutors College – a place with many nationalities. We can learn from one another simply by listening to each other’s points of view and finding out about each other’s cultures. Overall, World Poetry Day was celebrated all over the world, but the best celebration definitely happened at Cambridge Tutors College! Many thanks to all the students who participated , to Mr Cutting for judging it and to Mrs Carroll and Mrs Das Gupta for organising it. By Pokua Addei

Nevertheless, Omar Nesar’s Lone Star described by Mr Cutting as “a beautiful poem expressing loss in a in a genuine and heartfelt way” expressed deep,


Lone Star

I remember the first day I saw you. I said I would take care of you, I’m sorry. We used to scare each other at night. We used to play and fight. We would eventually resolve everything until it was all right. Now I try and find you, but you are not in sight. I look outside my window at night. Looking at the stars whilst talking to myself. Small brother, I’m sorry I didn’t take care of you. I’m sorry that you are now just a light. Up in the heavens, shining so bright.

Osama Nesar GCSE First Prize


Show Time A coalescing aurora dances across the inky blue sky Green and pink and a myriad of colours; yet this is merely the opening act.

The velvety snow forms the stage, flanked by curtains of muted emerald firs. A cacophony of murmurs from shy inhabitants of the woods serves as the orchestra, setting the scene for something amazing.

But then. The aurora fades away and the moon retreats behind a cloud, allowing the real attraction to shine. The orchestra is hushed in light of the stars.

And do they shine-They gracefully twinkle and speak of planets yonder Of the infinite amongst space The stars will guide you homeIf you remember to look up and watch the show.

Natassia Chin A level First Prize



n the 28th November, CTC students had a trip to Guildford’s Spectrum Ice Skating rink! The evening was hilarious as a few of us fell a couple of times! Elina (who is a pro at skating) helped many of the other students to ice skate. Even though we all were completely exhausted by the end of the session, it was worth our while! Overall going ice skating has been a great experience for all of us, hopefully we can go again next year!


Christmas All Over the World


t’s going to be Christmas in a few weeks. Everyone is busy with their Christmas shopping, many have already booked their trip back home for Christmas, and as always, the excitement is getting stronger and stronger as we are fast approaching the day! Here, we have interviewed a number of students from different countries and let’s see how they are going to spend these holidays.

Christmas trees come into my mind whenever I hear the word ‘Christmas’. I used to go out with my friends during Christmas back in Hong Kong. There are lots of decorations outside the shopping centres and I used to have a great dinner with my family. You can give anything to me for Christmas. I hope A2 students all achieve great grades for the January exams. Elden Tse (Hong Kong). Russian people celebrate Christmas, especially in the last week of December. They go to pubs and drink lots of alcohol and other people are playing with fireworks at night so it is a big celebration. I used to spend my Christmas with my family and relatives. We gathered at home and had a Christmas dinner. Then, approximately at 23.30, the President gives a speech on TV and all of us are holding glasses, adults are drinking wine and children have water or juice. To be honest, I have lots of wishes for this Christmas and the main one is probably happiness for everyone. I mean l hope everything will go well for people that I know. Anonymous (Russia). The majority of people in Nigeria are Christians and do celebrate Christmas and so do I. I am staying in England this Christmas. It will be less celebratory for me here, obviously. My wish is to enter the year 2013 with happiness and for others to do so too. Marizu Onwu (Nigeria) I think Christmas is a time to get together with family and friends since it is a public holiday in Singapore and presents are given! However, in Singapore, sadly, the atmosphere isn't as festive as in other countries I have been to, especially in Europe! The main shopping regions like Orchard Street, are usually where all the decorations are hung and are the places where people visit during Christmas! It's kind of a tradition; we enjoy a meal together as a family on that day! And also last year, we had a party which was a fun time for many of us as it was our first! I hope that all my friends and family around me will be able to stay healthy! Well, it’s really sad to see someone close to you ill! Marvin Ng (Singapore) 14

Christmas is the day when Jesus Christ was born and many Italians follow Christianity so our people celebrate Christmas. Most Europeans also celebrate Christmas. However, our family do not give much importance to it. I am spending my Christmas here. There isn’t much difference between England and Italy during Christmas although people here sing much better! My only wish for Christmas is to secure an offer from LSE. I hope everyone has a fun time. Anonymous (Italy).

It is a big festival in Western countries. The trees and Santa Claus are the first things that come into my mind. Many children are excited to receive gifts from Father Christmas. Christmas is not an important day in my country. In Asian countries, we often celebrate Lunar New Year, which occurs in January or February. However, many young people often give gifts to their friends and family and also have reunion parties on New Year's Eve. Because we believe in Buddhism, the Christmas celebration is not popular in my country. Yet we give gifts to friends and family at Christmas. I think I would like a box of chocolates and a Christmas stocking. I will send you all a big hug at Christmas and may Christmas spread cheer in your life. Thuy Dung Nguyen (Vietnam ) We don’t celebrate Christmas in our tradition but now the young people celebrate for fun. Shopping malls do promotions and Sales during Christmas. I am going back to China for the Christmas holidays and I may eat Chinese food because I miss it so much. My grandma is a Christian and she will sing some songs with her friends on Christmas Eve. I hope I will receive some small Christmas presents! Wenjia Zhang (China).

I remember Jesus when I hear the word Christmas. People very seldom celebrate Christmas in our country but I celebrate because I am a Christian. We usually celebrate in the Church or have a party at home. I will celebrate this Christmas with my family in London. Merry Christmas! Anonymous (Malaysia ) Some people celebrate Christmas in our country. There is also something called the Thadingyut festival when people pay homage to the elders. We play with fireworks in Thadingyut. I am going back to Myanmar this Christmas. I am very excited to meet my parents again and finally to eat really delicious food. Have a great winter break guys. Koichi Niino (Myanmar).

We all wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Have FUN!! 15

Fascinating Facts Accounting: The word bookkeeper (along with its associate bookkeeping) is the only unhyphenated English word with three consecutive double letters. Biology: The roar we hear when we place a seashell next to our ear is not the ocean or the blood surging through the veins in our ear, but the sound of the surrounding environment resonating within the cavity of the shell. When you blush the lining of your stomach also turns red! (At least no one can see that). Sports: Most football players run an average of seven miles in a game! (Except for the goal keeper that is.) Marketing: When Colgate started marketing toothpaste in Spanish speaking countries they met with a particular obstacle. In some dialects the word Colgate sounds like the Spanish for ‘go hang yourself.’ (That could have been nasty.) Art: Picasso’s full name has 23 words in it, which is Pablo Diego Jose Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Maria de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santisima Trinidad Martyr Patricio Clito Ruiz y Picasso. (He is probably very happy he is now only known as Picasso!) Business Studies: It is said that if Wal-Mart was classified as a country, it would be the 24th most productive country in the world. Facts compiled by Kay Zin Win. (Asides by Mrs Carroll) Disclaimer: Whilst we believe these facts to be true we accept no responsibility if you know otherwise!!


The True Meaning of Christmas The calendar has turned another page. As days goes by, Christmas is approaching us while we are busy living our lives every day. Lots of people seem to celebrate Christmas just because this is regarded as a tradition. Nonetheless, the majority of the population may not have the faintest idea of the true purpose of the Christmas Celebration. This article aims to provide an overview about the purpose of commemorating one of the most widely celebrated festivals in the world.

Besides that, the Christmas celebration gives us an opportunity to step aside from our normal hectic lives. Apart from celebrating, we should spend a considerable amount of time juxtaposing the positive and negative actions done throughout the previous year. After that, we must resolve to adopt a more positive vision for the following Christmas. This is a time for us to repent, however, do not be too pessimistic, identify the problems and move on gracefully.

Undoubtedly, Christmas is a wondrous time of the year. It is the period that we can relax and make hopeful resolutions as a New Year approaches. The malls are usually transformed into beehives of activity, where rushing crowds shop joyfully in an environment of carols and sparkling lights. A spirit of joy and a sense of positivity grips people’s hearts as everyone is looking forward to a happier and brighter tomorrow.

Christmas, I believe is also an opportunity for us to enjoy a family reunion. For family members who work overseas, it is a time for them to reunite and discuss any challenges that they face. Those who have thrived and gained considerable success should share their happiness with the family as I believe joy is contagious. As a matter of fact, Christmas can also enhance relationships by spending time together and listening to each other.

Yet on the other hand, Christmas is not all about celebration and joy. It is imperative for us to be aware of the spiritual side of the festival. Christmas has always been seen as the annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ. By remembering the sole purpose of this celebration, we can bring out our inherently caring element while preventing ourselves fostering a sense of greed. The over-exposure to a multitude of different gifts tends to cultivate a negative mind-set, especially in the young. For instance, children, or to some extent adolescents, begin to make demands as Christmas approaches. Thus, the spiritual meaning of Christmas must be instilled in people’s minds in order to create a more harmonious and happy celebration.

All in all, the majority of people today celebrate this spiritual festival thoughtlessly and without having consciously comprehended the true meaning of it. Christmas is not merely a commercialized celebration. It is a time for us to remember the significance of having a positive outlook in our family and embracing a sense of renewal.

Lenard Hu


Award Night 2012 Subject Prize Winners Accounting Art Biology Business Studies Chemistry Computing/ICT Economics English as a Foreign Language English Literature French Further Mathematics

Veronica Tse Aneeka Shah Ee Cheau Yap Bhavin Patel Yiwen Tong Artjoms Iskovs Roberto Tjandra Weijin Tan Laura Robertson Nichola Kar Yee Wong Yulun Wang

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Jean Koh Mari-Liis Maarend Vu Anh Dong Doan Nichola Kar Yee Wong


Lawrence Okorogheye

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Eric Tiw Haojie Michael Tung Edgars Kronbergs

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Eric Tiw Haojie Alexander Blinov

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McCarthy Award Winners Artjoms ISKOVS

A*, A*, A*, A*, A*

Quynh Chi LE

A*, A*, A*, A, a

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A, A*, A*, A, a


A, A*, A, A*, b

Thi Khanh Linh LE

A*, A*, A, A* Dist

Thuy Dung NGUYEN

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Qifang WAN

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Yulun WANG

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Xiaowu ZHENG

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Hong Minh Chau NGUYEN

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Jieke PAN

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Wan Ting Crystabelle TAN

A*, A, A*, A

Wei Jing TAN

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Nu Hai Anh TON

A, A*, A, A*

Thi Ngoc Linh TRAN

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Suhao YAP

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Nay Chi Thet Htet CHIT

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Mai Anh DINH

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Yat Mun Kimberley FOK

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Phuong Duy NGUYEN

A, A*, A, A 19

Wing Shan YIP

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irst impressions of Croydon by 1st year students at CTC. Mr. Cutting’s English Language / IELTS preparation classes

Zhaoyang LIU

Phomsvanh BOUNVILAY (Sam)


… Yiting JIN (Eastina)

Yiming YUAN (Yolanda)


Thi My Hanh LE


Hung Minh


Around the World in 80 words Fair Verona

Arab Spring – Cairo


Each step I take on the cobbled streets echoes with the history they have seen, of lovers past and to come. The streetlights, aglow against the azure sky streaked with argent clouds, illuminate labyrinthine paths that entice us forwards on this balmy evening, revealing magical vistas. A sleepy piazza here, a dusty shop front there. Eyes shut: a dollop of heaven on your tongue – ah Tiramisu – hands wandering over weathered bricks. This is fair Verona, where we lay our scene.

A journalist poked a microphone into my chest. Sand insinuated its way into the dry air, impeding my vision. The blurred waving of flags created an unlikely coalition of red, white and black! Fighter aircraft glided above us. The insistent droning of vehicles usually echoed in my ears but that day voices of anguish, protest, resilience were more overpowering. Anything and everything became a potential platform. We all wanted our voices to be heard. Justice must eventually triumph! Tahir Square was alive!

Standing alone on the edge of a cliff, I face the snow white mountains around me, breathing the fresh, cool air. I feel free, tempted to let go, to leave all my problems and confusions behind. The atmosphere breathes freedom and love – love of Nature and Life. Its beautiful landscape and its blinding whiteness are breath taking. The wind is so freezing I can hardly breathe – it’s numbing my lungs. Why am I here? Escaping reality?

Natassia Chin

Anastasia Kokoshynska

Eeruj Shaikh

Estonia Everything is quiet, not a soul disturbing the solitary peace. The crisp scent of ancient fir and pine, the rich soil, velvet moss, the yielding bog softly enveloped in fog, the air empties the mind of worries and troubles. With the purity of the wind, you recognise your true essence again: the inherited wisdom and humility within yourself. Peace and the assurance of eternity are Nature’s gifts in Estonia. Amii Leppik 22

Ghana – The Doors of No Return

Antarctica – the Hunt

The Doors of No Return. Once upon a time they were a poignant reminder of the horror that awaited some. Yet now they hang large, brown and old on their hinges. I wonder how many, just like me, passed through these doors, never to return? The thought moves me. Cape Coast Castle – standing in those dark and unforgiving dungeons, as they would have done in their hundreds all those years ago, is overwhelming. I feel lightheaded, nauseous. I want to leave- they could not; they were slaves.

Red eyes hounded us. Devoured us. Their owners hunted us. Silence became us. The rest were consumed under the icy blankets that should have protected them. Laughter, cold menacing laughter. ‘That was a great catch, Jim. Lousy animals.’ Footsteps – haunting sounds of death. ‘I see her! Get her!’ I paused, confronting those bleak, white fangs of the devils. Tonight I’m at one with the other bears lying naked in the freezing hell of Antarctica. A loud crack! I howled: something answered.

Afua Pokua Addei

Deborah Abara

Dust: LIMBO They say don’t stare into the light! To my left the volcanic fire erupted scorching lava. I could not withstand the blistering heat. My blood too boiled with rage against all the wrongs of my past. Yet on my right, tranquillity cooled the flames of my soul. The reflection of green birds chirping by refreshing, gushing springs was a descant of calm reassurance. Am I no more than the dust? Am I out of this world, trapped in Limbo? Amina Haider 23


oet’s Corner



Like a child the sun plays hide and seek,

Christmas is what makes all the children sing,

As during this season the sun does not seem to reach its peak.

As for presents, they demand everything.

Overshadowed by the clouds, while the ground fills with snow This is a whole new season, a whole new show. It is unique in nature and part of our nature But its sheer beauty does not mask the cold breeze. In the distance you may hear a sneeze. As many scamper to get gloves, Some embrace a mug of coffee, as still no sun above. So keep warm in the coldest season in the year.

During the build- up to this shared delight, Christmas comes with frosty nights. This makes many engage in a snowball fight. Some just dream to see Santa Claus As the pavement becomes a snowy floor. During this period many family members come together to meet As they all gather on that Christmas day to eat! So, yes Christmas comes now at last! It seems to come quickly compared to the past. It is coming after that long wait,

Some may cling to the warmth of family near.

Christmas will come and for many be great!

Enjoy this unique period, it cannot hurt like a splinter.

Both poems by Esimiegbegbemi Michael Okorogheye

Just wrap up warm and do not forget it’s WINTER!


Led by Gabriella and Jess, the Cambridge Tutors College Glee Club is thriving with lots of members and even more music!


odelled on the popular TV show ‘Glee’, a Glee Club is a group that sings mostly popular songs. With a good proportion of boys to girls our Glee Club is open to numerous song possibilities and may even be performing later on during the year. The first thing on the agenda was to welcome and introduce any new members who were met with a round of applause. Then it was time to get technical and do some vocal warm up and breathing exercises. These included establishing the right posture for singing in order to get the best out of your voice which meant standing straight with your shoulders not moving at all. There were also vocal warm ups such as singing scales and saying “aaaaah” emphasising the “a” to project the sound. With the formalities over, it was time for the singing to commence. This week’s song was In the Jungle from “The Lion King”. This song is a timeless classic which brings back very fond childhood memories! The song was split into two parts – the boys harmonised whilst the girls sang the verses.

The meeting couldn’t end without a performance and each meeting a group performs a song that they have prepared and this week’s group performed The Rose by Westlife in what was a very entertaining performance, featuring harmonies from boys and girls. Glee Club is held every other Thursday after school in the hall. So if you enjoy singing, want to meet new people, or both, give it a go!

By Pokua Addei and Radhika Patel



he melodious voices, swishing dresses, soulful renditions of songs and the upbeat dance performances left me mesmerized when I attended the CTC informal concert for the first time last year. When I was informed that I had to write an article regarding the concert, my excitement and curiosity grew tenfold. I could not control my eagerness to find the answers to the questions which were repeatedly running through my head such as who were going to perform, what numbers would they be performing and so on? I arrived more than five minutes early for the performance and settled comfortably with my brownies and pineapple juice, both waiting to be devoured while I was enjoying the performances. While some performers were confident and set to go, others expressed some form of anxiety and trepidation as they had to go on stage, especially the new AS students. However, the warm atmosphere of CTC helped all the performers relax and perform to their potential. The concert started with a bang as the opening performance was by Vu. He captivated the audience by his brilliant performance. Soon, love was spread in the air by Sara as she took over the stage and sang a beautiful Spanish song. Having been a fan of Spanish songs, her performance didn’t fail to impress me. Next, I was in for a treat from Bryan as he sang a country song. Even though it was the first time I had watched a country performance live, I was enthralled by the beat and tune. Pearl sang a lovely song beautifully and gave the audience yet another treat. Deborah’s singing was an out of the world experience and her voice was amazing. While I was waiting for another song to be performed, I was in for a pleasant surprise as it was a dance performance by the CTC Dance Group (Chee Ling, Elina, Isabel, Re Gin and Pui Yi) as they call themselves. Their lively performance made the audience applaud and keep to the beat along with them. It was a great end which made my day. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking the contributors for their awesome performances and showing their talents. They had obviously rehearsed thoroughly. Thank you guys! I’m looking forward to the next CTC concert and am sure that it will be amazing; it has always been. By Kay Zin Win



id you see the Presidential debates in October? If not, CTC has the next best thing: the Debating Club


ere you can hear about climate change, the question of genetically modified crops and heated discussions about drugs. All the hot topics and so much more are aired at the Debating Club, where opinions are like swords striking through the air.

So far the topics that have been tackled are platonic relationships, whether prostitution should be legalised, love and arranged marriages and, soon to be , honour in times of war. These topics were debated in teams of two, by a main speaker and a secondary speaker, making the case for or against in a total of 8 minutes for each team. After the debate itself, a number of questions are asked, either by the audience or by the opposing team. Eeruj and Natassia, ensure that rules are respected and that the debate is insightful and helpful rather than a cacophony of words. Debates here are truly an art and this is where words matter. If you are willing to defend your point no matter what, bring your confidence and your lunch at 1.00 pm, to the Lecture Theatre, D22 , every other Thursday. The only downside is that not enough people have joined to make it as interesting as it could be. Bring friends to witness a clash of opinions and, if you want, even participate yourself. Become the master of the debate! By Cristian Urigiuc



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