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FOUNDER THE ART OF PLATING Devoted to the exhibition of gastronomy as a form of high art, focusing on the process and artistry involved in creating modern haute cuisine Age 27 Residence Beverly Grove Education Full Sail University Industry Food Founded 2014 In the Morning I work most of the day so the only time I have for myself is in the morning. I make sure to read the news, drink coffee, and exercise before checking my emails. Before Bed I like to read and then set my intentions for the next day so I can wake up with a clear direction. Advice Ask why. Everything you do should have a meaningful purpose behind it that supports your vision. Success Having a fulfilling purpose that enables you to live your happiest and most authentic life. Mentors Matthew Zehner, CEO of ZehnerGroup–a former employer who, even after I left to start my own business, generously continued to be a great source of advice, encouragement, and support personally and professionally. Local Companies You Admire Hedley & Bennett, Juice Served Here, Entity Mag

App You Can’t Live Without Evernote Awards & Honors Best Instagram of the Year 2016 (Pixel Awards), Nominated Best Social Media in Art (Shorty Awards), multiple Gold and Silver awards for Art Direction w3 projects Cause Closest to Your Heart Engaging kids from an early age about what quality food is so they are empowered to make better and healthier lifestyle decisions as they grow up. Importance of Philanthropy Giving and helping one another is a foundation of any successful society. I truly believe the only way a community can thrive is if there’s unity and everyone is being supported. Key to Work: Life Balance Learning to say no and only taking on projects that don’t feel like work.

Age 33 Residence Culver City Education USC (BA), University of Oregon (MBA) Industry Nonprofit Founded 2003 In the Morning Make a bottle for my baby girl, make a coffee for myself, and then take her and our pup for a long morning walk. Before Bed Give my beautiful bride a smooch. Advice Focus on the process and control the controllables. Success Success is the collective sum of little victories that happen along the process. Mentors John Owen, Donny Killian Local Companies You Admire I’m a bit biased because my wife works there, but WINC, LAFC, and LA 2028. Apps You Can’t Live Without MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, Google News (to replace FB & Instagram), and Fantasy Premier League Awards & Honors “Does the first ginger moustache hired by Movember in the U.S. count?” Cause Closest to Your Heart This one’s easy...the Movember Foundation. It’s not a job—it’s a passion. I am honored to be part of a global community of 5 million people who have raised over $775M and funded 1,200+ projects for men’s health, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and suicide prevention in men and boys. Importance of Philanthropy There is no better way to provide personal mindfulness, community social connectedness, and a general belief in the greater good of society than philanthropy. Key to Work: Life Balance Open communication with those around you and a strong sense of self to know the triggers that overwhelm you in head and heart.

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