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Cover Chocolate Coffee Egg by pastry chef Thomas Racquel Right Stéphane Tréand MOF made this chocolate showpiece using the Waves ShowStopper™ (SS01) page 7 and an Amazon Leaves Showpeel™ (ST006-available online). Copyright © 2014 The Chicago School of Mold Making and Casting for the Arts, Inc. No part of this catalog may be reproduced in any form without written permission of the CSMMCA. Minilog design Beatrice S. Schneider



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New Silicone Molds ShowStoppers™ -Stéphane Tréand . . . . . . . . 4 Sphere Molds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Jumble Mats . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Gear Molds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Marvelous Miscellaneous Molds . . . . . . 18 Egg Molds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Jimmy MacMillan - Flavor Bars . . . . . . . . . 21 Vincent Pilon - Pastry Vines . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Stéphane Tréand - Coral Casting Mat . . . 24 Custom Mold Making Services . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Proud Sponsors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Right: Stéphane Tréand MOF made this intertwined

sugar Heron Showpiece using the Heron ShowStopper™ (Herons SS03) page 7, Amazon Leaf Showpeel™ (ST006 - available online) and lightly tinted sugar spheres (S1) page 9.

VIOLET molds are made of FLEXIBLE platinum silicone max temp 450° F/232° C BLUE molds are made of FIRM platinum silicone max temp 300° F/148° C


StĂŠphane TrĂŠand MOF made this centerpiece using the Wave ShowStoppers, Amazon Leaves Showpeels, and MiniBug Collection Showpeels.

Waves SS01



Silicone Molds

Flames SS02

Materials & Supplies

Herons SS03

Casting Mats Build a Better Showpiece Given the warm welcome Showpeels received a few years ago, Stéphane Tréand MOF and the Chicago School of Mold Making teamed up once more to create a series of new silicone tools for making pastry displays. These new mats are called ShowStoppers. The ShowStoppers started with Chef Tréand’s three designs of Waves, Flames and Herons. At the Chicago School of Mold Making, the designs were handcrafted into silicone casting mats. Made of food-contact safe platinum silicone, ShowStoppers are about the size of a large sheet pan (16˝ x 24˝). The indentations create beautiful beveledged contoured castings that are about 3/8˝ thick. The individual cast pieces are designed to make a base, center structures, height elements, connectors and flourishes, all from the same mat. The individual pieces can be put together any way the chef sees fit, allowing for maximum creative variety. And because of their compact size, ShowStoppers are ideal for the traveling chef!

refrigerate to set; if filling with sugar or isomalt, the mat should be allowed to cool before un-molding. Once set, the silicone is teased away from the casting, then carefully de-molded by letting the mat drop over the edge of the work space and coaxing out the castings. Working from the outside edges inwards will result in fewer broken pieces (the shapes that do break are easily mended). The un-molded cast pieces can be quickly assembled into amenities, centerpieces or showpieces. Using these versatile ShowStoppers, chefs can cast and quickly construct beautiful sugar or chocolate displays. With relative ease, amazing presentations are possible.

To ensure successful designs, Chef Tréand spent last year on the road with the ShowStopper prototypes while teaching in Bahrain, Malaysia, Japan, and Australia. The pastry chefs attending his classes were the first to test (and buy) the ShowStoppers. They loved how easy they were to use and how many different designs could be achieved with just one mat.


First, place your mat on parchment paper atop a flat work board (not in a sheet pan). If filling it with chocolate,



A ShowStopper is a single silicone mat with multiple, thematically shaped cavities that when cast in chocolate or sugar provide pastry chefs with a variety of cast shapes to quickly produce amenities, centerpieces or showpieces.


ShowStopper™ Violin Let the Violin Showstopper add elegance and musical flair to your sugar or chocolate work! Designed to fit into a half sheet pan, the vibrant shapes are full of energy and excitement, perfect for parties, concerts or musical events. Mold Size: 15˝x 11˝(38 cm x 28 cm) Cavities are ¼˝ (6 mm) deep.

cm 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


ShowStopper™ Couples The Couples Showstopper is a design that evokes true romance! At 13¾”x 10½” this silicone mat fits nicely into a half sheet pan. It’s easy and quick to make a memorable showpiece to celebrate an engagement, wedding or anniversary. Mold Size: 13¾˝x 10½˝(35 cm x 27 cm) Cavities are ¼˝ (6 mm) deep.

10 11 12 13 14 15


ShowStopper™ Bouquet The Bouquet Showstopper is bursting with possibilities! At 13½”x 11” this silicone mat fits easily into a half sheet pan. Any situation where flowers are ideal, this design steps up the celebration making it easy to quickly construct a beautiful amenity or centerpiece. Mold Size: 13½”x 11”(34.5cm x 28cm) Cavities are ¼” (6 mm) deep.


16 17 18 19 20

in ½


ShowStopper™ Waves (with four inclusions)

Waves SS01

The Wave ShowStopper is inspired by the powerful motion of the rolling seas. These deceptively simple curves and curls bring an elegant touch to any presentation. ShowStoppers are 16˝ x 24˝ (41 cm x 61 cm) and come with instructions.


ShowStopper™ Flame (with four inclusions) 3˝


Flames SS02

The Flame ShowStopper is a shape reflected by the unpredictable nature of fire. With smooth lines and sharp corners, these pieces will demand and hold attention. ShowStoppers are 16˝ x 24˝ (41 cm x 61 cm) and come with instructions.



ShowStopper™ Herons (with four inclusions)

Herons SS03

The Heron ShowStopper brings an entire mythos to the table. As symbols of love and fidelity, the herons add a touch of grace, while the defiantly swooping wings lift the drama to new heights. ShowStoppers are 16˝ x 24˝ (41 cm x 61 cm) and come with instructions.



ShowStopper™ Extra Inclusions for: Waves – SS01inc, 6 pieces Flame – SS02inc, 10 pieces Herons – SS03inc, 8 pieces

SS01inc SS02inc SS03inc


Casting Tips for ShowStoppers™ Casting is a skill and some pieces will break – but it will get easier as you become more familiar with using the mold.

Keep it movable

By placing a sheet of parchment paper under the ShowStopper, you easily rotate the mold as you fill it. At about 11˝ x 15˝ and 16˝ x 24˝, ShowStoppers are easy to pack (between two pieces of cardboard). Please store them flat, otherwise they will warp!

Loose parts

All ShowStoppers have ‘floating’ inserts to allow for easier demolding of dynamic designs. Arrange them any way you see fit, or keep them on their registration lines.

Important Details:

Tease the silicone away It is always easier to

remove the cast pieces from the mold if you tease the silicone edges away from the casting before trying to lift the castings out. If you lift the mat and flex it to un-mold, the pieces will break.

the mat over the table’s edge and manipulate the silicone away from the casting. Working from the outside of the ShowStopper toward the center is best. Whichever portion lifts out of the mold first, will be the easiest to remove.

Replacement inclusions

As the inclusions are not attached, they might get lost. We offer replacement inclusions in case this should happen.

Handmade in the U.S.A. of food-contact safe platinum silicone Designed for casting chocolate and sugar Temperature threshold: blast freezing to 450° F./ 232° C max.


Let gravity work Slide

All Six ShowStopper™ Designs

Violin SS04

Bouquet SS06 Couples SS05

Waves SS01

Flames SS02

Herons SS03


Summertime Fresh cm 1

take a new look at the classic sphere

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


Encapsulation with Sphere Molds


Pastry Chef Jimmy MacMillan used gellan to cast .5˝ mandarin gelée pearls. He then spooned a few into a 1.5˝ sphere mold. After resealing the mold, he filled it 12 with white chocolate panna cotta. Download the recipe and article at our web site, under Educate ‘Articles’. 13 14

Watch top pastry chefs create these delicious desserts in the awardwinning first series of the Chicago Restaurant Pastry Competition on Meg Galus

Sarah Kosikowski

Jove Hubbard

15 16 17 18 19 20


Photographed by Anthony Tahlier

in ½


Two-part Sphere Molds

Made with durable Flex & Bake platinum silicone, these food-contact safe molds can be used for baking up to 450° F./ 232° C. These sphere molds can also be frozen in blast freezers and liquid nitrogen.

Pop-Up Sphere Mold .25˝


(6.35 mm) with 330 cavities 2˝

Mold Size: 10.75” x 4” 27.3 cm x 10.16 cm


Sphere Mold .5˝


(13 mm) with 134 cavities ½

Mold Size: 9.25” x 8” 23.5 cm x 20.3 cm


Sphere Mold .75˝ 5˝



(19 mm) with 82 cavities Mold Size: 10.5” x 7.75” 26.7 cm x 19.7 cm


Sphere Mold 1˝


(23 mm) with 54 cavities Mold Size: 9.6” x 8.5” 24.4 cm x 21.6 cm


8˝ (continued next page)



Sphere Mold 1.25˝

cm 1

(32 mm) with 32 cavities Mold Size: 10.3” x 7.5” 26.2 cm x 19.1 cm

2 3 4 5


Sphere Mold 1.5˝ (38 mm) with 28 cavities Mold Size: 10.8” x 8.75” 27.5 cm x 22.25 cm

6 7 8 9 10


Sphere Mold 2˝ (51 mm) with 6 cavities Mold Size: 15.25” x 2.5” 38.5 cm x 6.25 cm

11 12 13 14


Sphere Mold 5.75˝ This large 5¾˝ (14.6 cm) diameter solid silicone sphere mold is designed for showpieces. It can be banded together to make a full sphere or used open-faced to create beautiful hemispheres. Mold Size: 7.125” (18 cm) diameters.



Also available in 8” (20 cm) Mold Size: 9˝ (23 cm) diameters.

15 16 17 18 19 20

A Slice of National Pride For the Gelato World Cup, James Frederick Coleridge presented Team Canada’s gelato cake with a maple leaf in each slice. Custom molds make a difference.

James Frederick Coleridge can be found at www.Bella


Jumble Mats

cm 1

Jumble Mats are half-inch thick silicone mats with no bottoms that create basic geometric shapes. Cast clean circles, squares or ovals that you can tailor with the inclusions to make elegant eclipses, ellipses and frames. With these molds, you can make a variety of pastry displays with cast building blocks (mix and match for maximum variety).


Circle Jumble Mats (with four inclusions) Great for casting crescents, off-set rings or other round shapes. With this one mold, you can make loads of amenity or showpiece building blocks. Exterior of mat is approximately 11” x 16¼˝ x ½˝ thick. 23 cm x 41 cm x 1.27 cm thick Largest circle is 7½”(19 cm) diameter.


Square Jumble Mats (with four inclusions) Perfect for quickly casting clean and sharp angles. Simply reposition the movable inserts to modify. Exterior of mat is approximately 11˝ x 16¼˝ x ½˝ thick. 23 cm x 41 cm x 1.27 cm thick Largest square is 5˝(12.7 cm) tall.


Oval Jumble Mats (with four inclusions) Elegantly shaped ellipses and crescents are quick and easy with this mat. Exterior of mat is approximately 11˝ x 16¼˝ x ½˝ thick. 23 cm x 41cm x 1.27 cm thick Largest oval is 11˝(28 cm) tall.

Jumble Mat Replacement Inclusions are also available for each separate set.

JMat-inc01 – Circle, JMat-inc02– Square, and JMat-inc03– Oval


2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Sugar showpiece by Stéphane Tréand MOF


cm 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Chocolate Showpiece by Stéphane Tréand MOF


Photo by Steeley Bob

in ½






Gear Molds Gear molds are great elements to create the look of an engine mechanism or a sugar time machine showpiece. These half-inch thick silicone mats create basic geometric shapes specially designed for ease of casting and unmolding. With these casting building blocks, you can make a great variety of pastry displays (mix and match for maximum variety). Made of food-contact safe silicone. Wash before use. Do not heat above 450° F. / 232° C.

Star Gear

Gears 01

Add this mechanical look to your sugar or chocolate centerpiece. But don’t stop there: If you look closely, you will see other useful shapes within the gear; use the center star, the middle arches or the outer ring individually as accents for your pastry creations. Size: Approximately 6” in diameter x ¼” thick 15.24 cm in diameter x 6 mm thick

Clock Gear

Gears 02

It only takes a few castings from this gear mold to create the look of a clock mechanism. Each gear tooth is smooth and rounded to mesh easily with one another. Try dividing the gear casting into sections to make playful, abstract shapes for accents and decorations. Size: Approximately 7” in diameter x ¼” thick 18 cm in diameter x 6 mm thick

Daisy Wheel ½


Gears 03

More funky shape than actual gear, this mold is great for adding a quirky effect to your showpiece or dessert. With a little imagination, you will find lots of uses for this mold. Cast flat, you can make a mini chocolate plate to serve your dessert on. If sugar is your thing, make a bouquet of sugar flowers or contour the outer edges to create a unique bowl to cradle your super hip VIP dessert. Size: Each wheel is approximately 4” (10 cm) in diameter.



Gears 04

Watch Gears Create the look of an engine mechanism quickly and easily with this mold. Each gear tooth is smooth and rounded to mesh easily with one another. Try dividing the gear casting into sections to make playful, abstract shapes for accents and decorations. Size: Diameters 6.5” , 3.5” , 2.4” x ¼” thick 16.5 cm, 9 cm, 6 cm x 6 mm thick

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Gears 05

Action Gears Specially designed for ease of casting and un-molding, the thin lines of the mold allow the silicone to effortlessly peel away from your chocolate or sugar casting. You are not going to believe how easy these molds are to use! Approximate size: Diameters 6” , 3.8” , 2.7” x ¼” thick 15 cm, 9.5 cm, 7 cm x 6 mm thick





Party Text These handy little molds let you spell out your wishes with ease. Cast them in fondant, isomalt/sugar or chocolate. It’s great to have a few made in advance. (Each Sold Separately.)

“Happy Birthday” Size: 5.68” x 1.4” x .1875” thick 14.4 cm x 3.6 cm x .5 cm thick

“Congratulations” Size: 5.68” x 1.4” x .1875” thick 14.4 cm x 3.6 cm x .5 cm thick

“Happy Anniversary” Size: 6.45” x 1.4” x .1875” thick 16.4 cm x 3.6 cm x .5 cm thick (Shown in reverse for legibility)

8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20


Metal Construction Set (two molds)


This two-piece set gives you a template to start building. The diamond plate textured mat is perfect for chocolate, sugar, or fondant. Then create beams, walls, ribbons and add the nuts & bolts (created with the second mold) to tie it all together.




Metal Mat is 12.25˝ x 25.25˝ (32 cm x 64 cm) Bolt Gang Mold 1.5˝ x 10˝ (3.8 cm x 25.4 cm)

Champagne Bottle

Bottle is 12˝ (30.5 cm) tall with maximum diameter of 3¼˝ (8.25 cm). Comes with acrylic supports and extra-wide rubber bands.

Acrylic Showpiece Turntable





This two-part Champagne bottle will amaze your guests. Cast from an actual Champagne bottle, the mold has flawless details that when cast in chocolate or sugar will keep your guests delighted!




The 20˝ diameter base has a built-in turntable to allow full 360° rotation. Useful for construction in the round, especially when space is limited. Its large diameter and ½” finger lift beneath the base make it easy for two people to lift, stabilize and carry the showpiece. Its ¾˝ thick acrylic will support a jumbo showpiece without bending. Base: Polished white acrylic with beveled edge. 20˝ diameter x ¾˝ thick (50.8 cm x 1.95 cm) Provides ½˝ (1.27 cm) gap from base to table. Steel ball bearings support several hundred pounds.

Caramel Bites


Make perfect 3/4” caramel squares without the rounded bevel you get when cutting with a knife. Our unique peel away design won’t distort soft caramel allowing you to cast 35 square “bites” at a time. Exterior of mat is approximately 11˝ x 16¼˝ wide x ½˝ thick. 23 cm x 41 cm x 1.27 cm thick.



Quail Egg Molded from real quail eggs, these eight little eggs are perfect for bite size portions or to be included inside another shape. Sweet or savory they are perfect for bite-size portions or embellishments. Includes acrylic compression plates.


1 2 3

Size of each Egg (approximate): 13/16” x 7/8” wide (5.7 cm x 4.1 cm)


Large Egg


Cast six eggs at one time. This mold is suited for hot or cold items, solid or filled, pastry or savory, and comes with two acrylic compression plates and rubber bands. Size of each Egg (approximate): 2¼” x 1 5/8” wide (5.7 cm x 4.1 cm)



Hive Mold Designed for award-winning UK Chocolatier and Confectioner, Ruth Hinks for her plated dessert at the World Chocolate Masters, this modern ‘beehive’ is perfect for a mousse or frozen dessert. This two-part, fitted silicone mold allows you to cast six contoured ovals at the same time, adding a sleek and modern look to any plate. Size of each Hive (approximate): 2¼” x 1 5/8 ” wide (5.7 cm x 4.1 cm)

6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20


Jimmy MacMillan Plated Dessert Bars Developed with Pastry Chef Jimmy MacMillan of, these new molds are designed for modern techniques. Made with Flex & Bake™ silicone, they are food-contact safe and can be used for baking up to 450° F. / 232° C and also work great with blast freezers and liquid nitrogen.

Micro Flavor Bar


The Micro Flavor Bar creates bars that are 2” x ½” x ½” deep. With 33 cavities this micro flavor bar is ideal for shortbread cookies, crumble bars, brownies, mousses and frozen items. Mold perimeter is 7¼” x 6¾” x 5/8” thick. 18.5 cm x 17 cm x 1.6 cm thick

Flavor Bar


Chef MacMillan uses this mold to construct his desserts from oven to freezer without having to handle individual pieces. Ideal for layering, this mold can shape anything from hydrocolloid set items to a crisp crumble or caramelized fruit. Size: 16 cavity mold creates bars that are 2” x 1 ¼” x 1” deep (5 cm x 3 cm x 3 cm deep). Mold perimeter is 9¾” x 6¾”. 25 cm x 17 cm

Photo by: Daniel De Los Monteros


Vincent Pilon - Pastry Vines Pastry Vines are a new line of silicone molds developed by Master Chocolatier Vincent Pilon and The Chicago School of Mold Making. Instead of the time intensive Robot-Coupe method, all you need to do is pipe in tempered chocolate and carefully unmold. Each of the four different styles lets you quickly cast dramatic elements that bring volume and height to your showpiece. Easy to use with chocolate or sugar.



Set of three Spikes Approximate Size: 16” long, tapering from .55” to .16” 41 cm long, 13 mm to 4 mm 13” long, tapering from .46” to .16” 33 cm long, 12 mm to 4 mm 9.3” long, tapering from .32” to .1” 24 cm long, 8 mm to 2.5 mm

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Set of three Waves Approximate Size: 13” long, tapering from .6” to .2” 33 cm long, 15 mm to 5 mm 10.85” long, tapering from .45” to .2” 27.5 cm long, 11 mm to 5 mm 8.85” long, tapering from .45” to .17” 22 cm long, 11 mm to 4 mm



Set of two Curls Approximate mold sizes: 12.25” long, tapering from .6” to .16” 31 cm long, 15 mm to 4 mm 7.50” long, tapering from .4” to .14” 19 cm long, 10 mm to 3.5 mm

9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16



Set of three Whips Approximate mold sizes: 24.35” long, tapering from .75” to .2” 62 cm long, 19 mm to 5 mm 21” long, tapering from .5” to .2” 53 cm long,13 mm to 4 mm 17.5” long, tapering from .6” to .2” 45 cm long,15 mm to 5 mm

17 18 19 20

Chocolate Showpiece by Master Chocolatier Vincent Pilon


Stéphane Tréand Coral Casting Mats


Designed by Stéphane Tréand MOF to complement his line of Oceana themed Showpeels, these organic coral shapes are perfect for making aquatic displays.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Stéphane Tréand MOF


CastMat01 Coral Casting Mat-11½˝ As this casting mat does not have a bottom, place vinyl, a textured mat or a transfer sheet beneath the silicone. By expanding or compressing the side walls of the mat, you can make coral of different shapes and sizes. Makes an 11½˝ x 8½˝ (29 cm x 22 cm) casting for amenities .

Coral Casting Mat - 18˝ CastMat02 This 18˝ tall mat will need a vertical stabilizer for your showpiece (angled section in upper left corner of mat). When cast and placed behind the coral, it provides an excellent vertical support to hold the coral upright. To create more three-dimensional depth to your showpiece, Chef Tréand has included two smaller coral arms. These can be cast and attached to the front or back of your coral structure. Makes an 18½˝ x 14˝ (47 cm x 36 cm) casting for amenities.


Visit “Showpeels” to see demonstrations.

9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Chocolate Showpiece by Master Pastry Chef Stéphane Tréand MOF


Custom Mold Making “We make professional-quality silicone molds every day, satisfying customers worldwide. To us, custom mold making is more than just a job. It is an investment in a relationship.� -Michael Joy

Sculpting & Model-Making Services If you have an idea but do not know how to translate it into a three-dimensional form, we can make a mold from an existing object or hand-sculpt an original model from a drawing or photograph.

Silicone Molds For Production Quality and efficient production are goals for any business. Using silicone molds to add custom shapes to your product list can help you attract a variety of new clients. Like our ready-made products, all of our custom molds are made of food-contact safe, platinum-cured silicone.

Silicone Molds For New Products & Special Events Award-winning chefs are finding new ways to incorporate casting into their menus and special events. If you are an entrepreneur or corporate chef and need something that does not yet exist, we can sculpt your ideas and make well-designed, high quality molds. The molds are certain to produce clean, detailed castings while making your production tasks more efficient. We will help you push the envelope without pushing the limits of your staff. If you have questions about custom molds, please call us at 708-660-9707 or contact us via e-mail:

Beautiful things take time to make. Please plan ahead. 26

Customize Your Ideas We have worked with many students, entrepreneurs, professional chefs and CEO’s to help make their ideas into tangible forms. Perhaps you want a chocolate logo, a specialized tool, or maybe, you strive to win the gold. Whichever it is, we will do our best to help you succeed! All it takes is, one-two-three:

1. Contact

When you contact us, we will ask you the following questions:

A. What do you want molded? B. Do you have the object/model you want molded, or does it need to be created? C. Do you have an artwork (logo, sketch or photograph) TM that we can use for reference? D. What is the dimension of the object you need molded? E. What is the mold going to be used for? (Chocolate/Sugar/Baking/Ice/Other) F. How many food items do you need to cast at one time? G. When do you need the molds?

2. Approve

Once we fully understand your project, we will:

A. Provide a written estimate with production lead times and a payment schedule. B. Help modify your designs to ensure easy and efficient casting of your products. C. Upon firm order, we provide a sample mold (or model) for you to examine, test and approve before any production molds are made.

3. Deliver

We will make you strong, durable molds accord- ing to your specifications and ship them to you. International orders are welcomed.


Custom Gallery We have had many great opportunities to create beautiful molds and tools for a recognizable roster of clients. In the following pages, please enjoy some highlights that may give you ideas of the possibilities for your projects.

Below: Executive Pastry Chef Christophe Feyt, used our custom mold services to create these impressive amenities for VIPs involved in the opening of the Michael Jackson One show at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Right: Executive Pastry Chef Nathaniel Reid contacted us to create a way for him to present his re-imagined traditional “Charlotte”. He wanted to turn the cake ‘insideout’ by making the outside designs with the cake’s contents. We created a mold that he could use to add his personal touch to his Signature Strawberry Charlotte. To see more, please visit


Nathaniel Reid


Pastry Chef Sherry Yard created “Oscar in 3D” for The Governors Ball following the 84th Annual Academy Awards® from Hollywood, CA on February 26, 2012. She sculpted the dessert on the left and molds were used to make the individual servings for the 1,500 guests. The 3D mousse desserts were a whole new concept in sensual enjoyment!

Photos Courtesy AMPAS(R)


Photos Courtesy AMPAS(R)

Pastry Chef John Kraus uses these custom molds to create maple cream filled Bavarian pastries for his shop in Minneapolis, Patisserie



Left: For the IKA Culinary Olympics, the United States Culinary Arts Team contacted us to provide molds to help them present more effectively. We made a useful array of molds and acrylic portion templates that Pastry Chef SSG Billy Daugette used to create the plated dessert shown. Meanwhile the ACF National Team USA had custom molds made to shape their dessert. With three cavities and a dynamic shape it was a huge success. Shown below, Timothy Bucci and Jennifer Kopp plating their presentation.


Executive Pastry Chef SĂŠbastien Thieffine called us to make several custom orange molds for the Ritz-Carlton Resorts of Naples to welcome visiting officials to the Orange State. Crafted from real, carefully-selected oranges, the molds were used to hollow-cast chocolate oranges, which were then airbrushed and sprayed with orange scent. Chef Thieffine then filled each orange with bite size chocolates.


The Peninsula Hotel-Chicago celebrated their tenth anniversary with great style. One of the amenities they offered their guests was chocolate foo dogs. The results were so impressive other properties were soon calling to order their own custom amenites.

From their logo, a popsicle mold was made that presented the ice-cream equipment company, Frigomat, with style.


Above: Dutch Master Chef Rudolf Van Veen and his showpiece chocolate Lady Gaga, embellished with beautiful sugar work. Below: Canada’s Gelato Master Chef James Coleridge made this beautiful gelato mushroom for the Gelato World Cup, in Rimini Italy. The judges were impressed that even the bottom was made of gelato.


Pastry chef David Ramirez used this mold (left), to cast a chocolate statuette, dusted with gold luster for a metallic effect. The statuette was made for the cover of Orlando’s 2011 Dining Awards Magazine.

Chef Ramirez also recently produced 10,000 chocolate cars in three weeks for a promotion at the New York Chocolate Festival.

David Ramirez can be found at


For a 25th wedding anniversary, a happy couple wanted to share the celebration of their sweet adventure with their friends. From the party invitation to the final white chocolate baby elephant (in its own wooden traveling crate), the gift delighted the guests and thrilled the joyful couple.


Godiva, the well loved US brand, needed something that would make a visual impact for their traveling chefs. After sculpting and molding the 18� statue, their chefs could cast a solid chocolate Lady Godiva to embellish and incorporate into large showpieces as time and place allowed.


We are always looking to work with passionate chefs who have good ideas that contribute to the industry, and help them bring their ideas to fruition. If you have some great ideas, we would like to hear from you. (Strict confidentiality is always observed.) Always looking for new ways to present classic desserts, Pastry Chef and international consultant Martin Chiffers brings a global perspective to both competitions and consumer markets. With his years of experience and his well-honed eye for detail, Chef Chiffers creates beautiful and delicious desserts. With a style of pureness based on the art of simplicity, he understands that a good dessert must have a balance of texture, taste and appearance. When Chef Chiffers saw an opportunity to improve a popular ring design, he contacted us to help give his idea shape. Including an additional groove to the classic ring shape allows Chef Chiffers to add a gel or a cream, creating a ‘selfsaucing’ dessert. For more information on Chef, visit


For the World Chocolate Masters, Pastry Chef and Chocolatier Luis Robledo Richards came to us with a strong design concept to help build his interpretation of the theme “Architecture of Taste”. Representing Mexico, Chef Robledo’s chocolate showpiece exuded modern elegance as he incorporated clean lines, dramatic spoon-like curves and undulating base elements for a stunning combination of organic and constructed elements. Chef Robledo even incorporated movable strands of molding chocolate. His efforts earned him the Social Media Award for most ‘favorite’ voted showpiece. For more information on Chef, visit


Australian Chef Ryan Stevenson represented Belgium for the World Chocolate Masters 2011. His “Warrior� depicts an Aztec legend where the warrior receives the cocoa bean from the God, Quetzalcoatl.


Team USA’s Bill Foltz was awarded “Best Sugar Showpiece” at the Coupe du Monde 2011 with this dynamic sculpture depicting a water sprite emerging from the water churned by the blades of a turbine generating energy.


Custom Savory

With the recent shift in how food is presented and combined, we have been welcomed into kitchens of creative chefs that are taking advantage of modern technical innovations and creating dishes that excite our taste buds and capture our imaginations. Helping these visionaries bring their ideas to fruition has been a pleasure and we eagerly welcome the possibilities that lay ahead. Please enjoy these highlights; Before opening his much anticipated restaurant, , Chef Curtis Duffy approached us with a novel task. He wanted to create thin-walled ice cylinders in which to serve his Kampachi dish. No easy task, but the team at the Chicago School of Mold Making came up with an ideal solution. The result was an ice cylinder strong enough to hold up from kitchen to table, yet delicate enough to crack with a spoon and be enjoyed as part of the dish (Kampachi Salad-golden trout roe, tuna, and pomelo sections with Thai basil in a cylinder of ginger-flavored ice). An ingenious idea in the world of shaping food.


Iliana Regan’s restaurant, Elizabeth, was hotly anticipated for its focus on sustainable and foraged ingredients. After her successful supper club, Iliana wanted to offer the same kind of magical experience to diners at her restaurant. She succeeded, and was awarded a Michelin star. We really enjoy her imaginative presentations and were excited to make a mold of the Thumbelina Carrot she supplied. With a well-developed sense of rustic cuisine, it’s refreshing to see modern techniques used to support her theme so well.

“At the beginning of the meal, we present our diners with a clarified chilled carrot and ginger soup encapsulated in a cocoa butter shell. It is served on moss and wood to represent the journey through farm and forest we hope to take the diner on during the meal.” Iliana Regan Elizabeth Restaurant


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Watch four top restaurant pastry chefs vie to impress the illustrious judges with their dessert presentations. This series, produced by Pastry Chef Jimmy MacMillan (JMPurePastry), offers a great behind the scenes look at what chefs are doing to push the limits of plated desserts. With re-discovered techniques, chic plating, top quality ingredients and equipment, it’s an insider’s look at what up-and-coming chefs are doing in their kitchens. ‘Taste’ the plates not just with your eyes but also through the insightful comments of the judges. We are hosts and proud sponsors of all three seasons of this award-winning web series. Visit ‘Chicago Pastry Competition’ and join the fun!



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August 24-26 in Atlanta,GA With seven different competitions, there is something for everyone! The National Showpiece Championship The Art of Cake Chocolatier of the Year Signature Plated Dessert Competition Student Chocolate Challenge Pastry Atlanta Pastry Cup - Verrine

Most Excellent chocolate showpiece by chef instructors Nancy Carey and Andy Chlebana.


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We strive to provide superior food-contact safe silicone molds as well as instructional demos, videos, photo inspirations and the latest news to help give shape to your ideas. is your source! Find us on Facebook! Our page features the incredible work of worldrenowned chefs using our products. There, we also announce discounts exclusively for our Facebook fans. Good for your creativity and great for your wallet. You don’t want to miss this; come “like” us! ChicagoSchoolofMoldMaking/Facebook World culinary events are spectacles of talent and passion which we are honored to be a part of. We have found that supporting good people with great ideas is an excellent way to help the culinary trade thrive. Keep up with the latest news at our Events page! Our Pastry & Savory Postcards are little gifts from far away, showcasing what champion chefs are creating from around the world. Join our creative director Beatrice Schneider behind the scenes as she shares her unrestricted access to the world’s top culinary competitions. Learn from the Pros! Our website is full of free video demonstrations, tutorials and articles from some of the best in the industry. All this valuable information, right at your fingertips!


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