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Forget all you know about electrostimulation and electromagnetic stimulation (EMS). The Neuro-Muscular Stimulation (NMS©) by Cryoskin is a new technology for muscle development. It combines a complex form of deep electric pulse called neuro-muscular pulse with high intensity electromagnetic fields, allowing to obtain target results: mass gain, strengthen, sculpt, tone, firm…

NMS© by Cryoskin® is the only technology in the world allowing to burn fat (subcutaneous or visceral) and build muscle simultaneously*. You can work the glutes, thighs, arms, calves, abdominals and obliques, and combine up to 4 muscle groups at the same time.

A New Technology for Non-invasive Body Shaping.

2 *A healthy diet and lifestyle must be followed alongside and after procedures to help maintain results.

Why is NMS© different?

The Neuro-Muscular pulses allow to obtain an equivalence of contractions much higher than other devices using simple electrostimulation or electromagnetic fields.

So far, electrostimulation devices brought limited results in terms of muscle growth because of the low intensity and the form of the electric current used. In fact, various electrostimulation devices require to be used combined with a specific workout (active electrostimulation), that can be very demanding and unpractical. More recently Electromagnetic Stimulation (EMS) devices appeared on the market. This technology conveys an electromagnetic wave to the skin and creates a vibration that is very visible but superficial.

With NMS©, the combination of Neuro-Muscular pulses with high intensity electromagnetic fields (2 Tesla) allows to obtain results never achieved before. A 30-minute session generates 50,000 muscle contractions, equivalent to 50,000 crunches or squats. These contractions are called supramaximal, referring to high tension muscle contractions that exceed the highest amount of tension your muscles can exert and hold under normal conditions (maximal voluntary contractions).

Neuro-Muscular pulse

High intensity electromagnetic fields


Under the impact of repeated contractions, muscle fibers break down to rebuild, increasing in size the days after. This process is often associated with accumulation of lactic acid in the muscle that can cause muscle aches. It is recommended to do stretching after the session as for any other sport practice during which the muscles are strongly solicited. Also, it is mandatory to avoid any sport during 24 hours after an NMS© session to allow muscles to rest and repair. NMS© supramaximal contractions cannot be achieved with a classical aesthetic body contouring procedure. Also, the results you can obtain with NMS© in a few sessions would require weeks of intense workout. Contraindications are minimal. The procedures are not suitable for people with cardiac insufficiency, implanted devices (pacemakers, etc.), cancer, or for pregnant women.

How does it work?

Supramaximal contractions build muscle cells both in size and quantity much more quickly than voluntary muscle contractions. In fact, NMS © protocols not only initiate the growth of muscle cells (muscle hypertrophy), which is the growth of existing myofibrils, but also, they add muscle cells (muscle hyperplasia), which is the creation of new protein strands and muscle fibers.


The Science.

Muscle is an organ made up of soft muscle tissue, blood vessels, and nerves. It works to produce strength and movement. The nerves supplying the muscle are connected to the central nervous system and allow motor neurons to control muscle contraction. In fact, when we decide to contract a muscle, an electrical signal goes from the motor neuron to the muscle and commands the contraction.



Stimulation (NMS ©) imitates this natural mechanism, but in a much more complex and powerful form. In fact, the Neuro-Muscular signals hit the muscle with very high intensity to induce supramaximal contractions. Also, thanks to the NMS © technology, we can monitor different parameters such as frequency, depth, contraction time, pause time and ramp in order to work on the muscle in different ways. These specific settings are unique to NMS © and constitute a strong competitive advantage vs. other technologies.

When the NMS © programs impose supramaximal contractions to the muscle, there is, at the same time, a metabolic exchange in the surrounding fat tissues that release the energy reserves stored in the fat cells in order to nourish the muscle. These rapid metabolic reactions in fat cells reduce body fat. It is worth mentioning that thanks to a pulse depth of 650 microsec. (15-20 cm / 7-8 inches), NMS © is the only technology in the world capable of reducing visceral fat.

Not only does NMS © work on fat and muscle, but it also activates more than 350 muscle protective ligaments contributing to the body’s overall strength and resistance.


Fast and Lasting results.

NMS © programs are so efficient you see results from the first session. We usually recommend to undergo 2 sessions per week for 2 or 3 months to obtain a complete body transformation. We do recommend to continue NMS © trainings on a regular basis as a gym routine.

NMS © sessions are indicated for women and men who wish to improve their physical condition.

You have the choice between 5 programs: Contouring, Muscle, Cellulite, Recovery and Drainage. You can also combine them to achieve more complete results.

Work on multiple muscle groups.

6 Abdominals + Obliques
Calves Arms Thighs Glutes


Indicated for controlled muscle development and generalized toning, this program was created specifically to burn fat, increase blood flow, warm muscle tissue and speed up all the reactions necessary to obtain a more efficient muscle contraction. This program is ideal for women wanting fine and shapely muscles to recontour their silhouette, and men looking for muscle cutting.


This program produces short bursts of energy without traumatic or violent movements associated with conventional weightlifting methods. The parameters used by this program allow a deep and intense muscle contraction. The muscle fiber breaks down to rebuild. It is worth mentioning that this program targets specifically the creation of fast-twitch muscle fibers that are necessary for muscle hypertrophy and strength.

Triceps Glutes Hamstrings Calves Abs Obliques Quadriceps Great adductor Biceps


This program produces gentle muscle contractions to aid recovery from muscle fatigue and to help regain muscle strength after workouts, competitions or other physical activities. This program can also be used to train people in need of functional muscle recovery after a long period of muscle inactivity.


This program utilizes the NeuroMuscular signals to induce a contraction of the lower limbs muscles that will result in a pumping effect of the blood system. The results are very good as 30 minutes of this drainage is the equivalent of a 4-hour walk . This program is ideal for women suffering from heavy legs and water retention.


Cellulite appears when the adipocytes located in the hypoderm get bigger and gather by clusters. These clusters pressurize the skin leading to the creation of the orange peel aspect. At the same time, hypoderm inflates compressing blood and lymphatic vessels, causing a lack of drainage and accumulation of fluids and toxins. The Cellulite program tones the upper layers of the muscles, reducing the size of the adipocyte’s clusters. At the same time, it stimulates the oxygenation of the connective tissue, draining out fluids and toxins and reducing cellulite dimpling.



The intensity of the Neuro-Muscular pulses is gradually increased during the session without the sensation of brusqueness or overstrain

On top of the 5 programs, you can customize sessions depending on your specialty (aesthetics, sport, specialized massages, etc.); for example: pelvic floor strengthening, post pregnancy muscular reinforcement, back pain prevention, relaxation, etc.

Operated by Android tablet

No more heavy equipment, complicated software and obsolete techniques. Numerous studies and tests allowed us to miniaturize our technology to the maximum in order to offer a reliable and successful device to the aesthetics market. NMS© is controlled from an Android tablet, so that professionals can move freely in the treatment room, knowing at any time the state of his or her client, and controlling the defined program, intensity, time...

Work simultaneously on 4 muscle groups with 2 applicators and 16 sensors Adjust the intensity for each muscle group separately to isolate your objectives Change the parameters using the tablet at any time during the session to increase the results
You can work up to 4 muscle groups simultaneously among the most important: glutes, thighs, arms, calves, abdominals and obliques. This is the big difference with other devices on the market that work on one zone at a time.


• NMS © is designed to naturally improve physical condition and beauty while perfectly respecting the human body’s physiology

• NMS © cooling system works with air, no need for cooling liquid

• No use of consumable s or any spare parts to replace regularly

• Durability of the device with no limit in the number of sessions operated

• Sof tware update by downloading the latest version on the Android Google Play

• 2-year international guarantee for the device and 1 year for the accessories

• Made in France, complying with European standards. Quality certified by an external body

NMS© Personal Underwear

The NMS© personal underwear is the outfit to wear during an NMS© session. Its composition allows excellent conductivity and emission penetration. It is washable and strictly personal to guaranty a perfect hygiene. It is opaque and resistant to respect the user’s privacy during the procedures.

Covid compliance

As applicators and sensors are placed on belts which are positioned on the NMS© personal underwear, there is no direct contact with the skin of the client. This ensures the maximum hygiene and the respect of Covid protocols.

Because NMS © is made in France with the best components and because we provide high-quality maintenance, we are committed to providing you with peace of mind, so you can focus on client care, rather than on the equipment.
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