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2205 Forest Drive SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403 Volume 55, Number 2 October 24, 2011

Governor unveils education plan for Iowa Alyssa Christian Editor-in-Chief In an effort to continually improve Iowa education, Gov. Terry Branstad and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds unveiled an education reform blueprint on Oct. 3, “One Unshakable Vision: World Class Schools for Iowa,” which, although seen as necessary, leaves issues unaddressed. “It’s a comprehensive vision of what [Branstad] would like to see reformed about Iowa education. There are many, many components to it and there’s much that it leaves out, as well,” described Pete Clancy, a Washington High School language arts teacher. The education blueprint looks to tackle several issues, including the creation and attraction of quality educators; the implementation of a four-tier teacher compensation and leadership system; the measuring of student achievement through standardized assessments, including the mandatory testing of all Iowa 11th graders with the ACT or SAT; ensuring third grade literacy; developing parent involvement and encouraging educational innovation. Despite its far-reaching goals, many questions are left unanswered. “It’s a very ambitious plan, but no mention of where the money is coming from,” said Clancy, “Another big issue that is disturbingly unaddressed is the issue of special education. Where does the blueprint mention how special education should be reformed or what should even be done with special education?” Another controversial issue for teachers is the idea of merit-pay, the concept that teachers are paid according to the quality of education they provide.

This would be measured through standardized student testing and peer teacher evaluations. “I am interested in this revised teacher pay, but I think there are some major shortfalls in the revisions Branstad would like to make,” said Clancy. “Nothing in the plan talks about how instruction is different and there has

“Students can do so much in the classroom and teachers can construct brilliant lesson plans that can’t be measured on a Scantron test where you fill in the bubbles.”

Pete Clancy

been research that shows paid-performance or merit-pay actually has no effect on student achievement…. There’s no correlation between merit-pay and student performance,” said Clancy. “I would like to see more time for collaboration. We did a career ladder grant in Cedar Rapids three years ago and how we used the money, we did pay teachers more, but… we paid

our very best teachers to go in and release teachers to have time to collaborate,” said Tammy Wawro, President of the Cedar Rapids Education Association. “I would like to see more time given to all teachers to become highly-qualified, not just singling out who we think are highly-qualified and paying them more. I would like to see that money spent to help our teachers collaborate, that’s my passion.” Improving teaching quality is a central goal of the education reform plan. “One big focus of the blueprint is to attract more people to the [teaching] profession… making it not necessarily more difficult, but certainly more rigorous to become a teacher. I’d be interested to see how that plays out,” said Clancy. Despite the many objections that the blueprint presents, it contains elements found agreeable by educators; especially those concerning parent involvement. “The section on parent involvement is great, talking about how schools need to be working more closely with parents- establishing something that we actually already do in Cedar Rapids, having a parent liaison as a school employee, somebody whose job it is to be a contact person for parents, to help parents with their needs and helping them navigate what can be the very confusing world of a school district,” said Clancy. However, it is agreed that there is a widespread call for change and greater student and educator involvement. “I just think student and teachers who are at the heart of the

discussion need to be at the table while these decisions are being made,” said Wawro. “It seems like the people further away from kids are making decisions and I think the further you get away from kids, you forget,” said Wawro. “I would put more in there about creativity. Students can do so much in the classroom and teachers can construct brilliant lesson plans that can’t be measured on a scantron test where you fill in the bubbles. Such a focus on that type of evaluation and assessment for both students and teachers is going to make education worse,” said Clancy, “so I would add more of the creativity bit to it.” In regards to what effect this plan would have on Cedar Rapids Schools if passed as legislation, opinions are mixed. “I think there are different parts that could be dramatic to us and we don’t even really know [what they are,]” said Wawro. Clancy questions the future of the plan. “I don’t think it will [be passed as legislation.] I think, right now, education reform is a fad. It’s always around and this is unfortunate that we can’t really talk about changes to education; it gets too politicized. And when that happens… even the great parts of the blueprint are going to get lost in the political system,” said Clancy. The blueprint will be considered for legislation when the Iowa House and Senate resume their sessions in January. Graphic by Luke Godlewski

Currently, Gov. Branstad’s education blueprint for Iowa schools is “just a bill.”

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Sangamithra Sathian | October 24, 2011

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Monday, Oct. 24, 2011 PTA Health Sessions @ History Classes Grinnel College Visit, 10:00AM @ Counseling Office Dartmouth College Visit, 2:00PM @ Counseling Office Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2011 PTA Health Sessions @ History Classes University of Dubuque College Visit, 9:00AM @ Counseling Office Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2011 Early Dismissal, 12:30PM @ CR Wash Football Varsity Sub-State Football Moms, 3:00PM @ Cafeteria Thursday, Oct. 27, 2011 Leadership Retreat, 4:00PM @ Wapsi PTA Health Sessions @ History classes Choir Concert, 7:00PM @ Auditorium Swimming & Diving:Girls Varsity Regional Volleyball Varsity Regional Friday, Oct. 28, 2011 Leadership Retreat, 4:00PM @ Wapsi Iowa Caucus, All Day @ CR Wash Saturday, Oct. 29, 2011 Iowa Caucus, All Day @ CR Wash Cross Country Boys & Girls Varsity State @ Ft. Dodge Swimming & Diving Girls Varsity Regional

A legend in memoriam Reid Rossberger Staff Writer On Wednesday, Oct. 5, at the age of 56, Steve Jobs, the Co-Founder and ex-CEO of Apple, succumbed to respiratory arrest in his Palo Alto home. Jobs was diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer five years ago. Steve Jobs and childhood friend Steve Wozniak are credited with introducing the world to the first successful personal computer, the Mac II. The computer was extremely popular and known for its ditching of the “command only” system as it introduced a user friendly interface. After a brief hiatus from Apple, Jobs bought a little known division of Lucasfilm and renamed it Pixar. He then convinced Disney to produce “Toy Story”, which brought in over $361 million dollars in its worldwide theatrical release. Jobs then sold Pixar to Disney for $7.4 billion. Steve Jobs eventually returned to Apple and reestablished the company, making it a powerhouse in consumer technologies. Jobs revolutionized the way consumers listen to music after Apple launched the iPod and iTunes software in 2001. Over 220 million iPods have been sold since its introduction, easily the most popular mp3 player on the market. Along with the iPod, Apple has also introduced the iPhone and iPad, both extremely popular devices. Apple products are a trend among most students; Washington High School students are no exception to that. “Even without their creative genius, the inspiration is still there for Apple to make great products,” said Sofie Lenzen, ’13, an avid Apple user. In 2005, Jobs spoke publicly for the first and only time in his life to the graduating class of Stanford University. He talked about the value of life and the eminent end to that, death. “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life,” said Jobs.

Sunday, Oct. 30, 2011 Iowa Caucus, All Day @ CR Wash Thursday, Nov. 3, 2011 PPA Auction, 5:00PM @ Main Gym Friday, Nov. 4, 2011 ACT Registration Deadline Saturday, Nov. 5, 2011 SAT Test

Thursday, Nov. 10, 2011 Wizard of Oz, 7:30PM @ Auditorium

Above : Although not as extravagent as Princess Diana’s memorial, the notes and flowers left outside of an Apple store in Manhattan demonstrate the extent of Jobs’ influence and genius. Right : Jobs at The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in 2007


Briefs by Michael Andersland Staff Writer

Round trip ticket around the world-------------------------------- Jean Beliveau’s small business went bankrupt in 2000. Depressed, and unsure of what to do next, Beliveau set an enormous goal for himself: he was going to run around the world. Beliveau left his home in Vancouver Canada on August 18, 2000, his 45th birthday, with CAN$4000. During his journey, which has taken eleven years, Beliveau was mugged in South Africa, fell seriously ill in Algeria, was escorted by armed soldiers in the Philippines, and was detained for no apparent reason in Ethiopia, but released the following day. During the journey Beliveau ended up spending eleven times the money he started out with, relying mainly on the generosity of strangers.Although he claims to be penniless after the journey, he has said to have returned with a much more valuable wealth of knowledge and experiences.

(cc by acaben)

Monday, Nov. 7, 2011 1st Day of New Sports Season

Security measures taken too far---------------------------------------------------- Sixty eight huge granite balls, or “spherical bollards” have been placed around the entrances to the Staffordshire Place offices in Staffordshire, England. They are supposedly an essential element in protection against terrorists and ram-raiders, people who would drive a car through a building window in order to get in and steal valuables or money. The bollards are several feet in diameter and, certainly, aren’t cheap. A single stone costs about £587 (nearly US$1000). There is still much dispute among the Staffordshire County Council on whether the purchase of the bollards was good idea; many believe that it was a poor choice because a bank would be a more likely target for ramraiders than the offices of the Staffordshire Place.

Lost and far from home------------------------------------------------------------------------ A small penguin was recently discovered very far from home: frolicking in the waves at a beach in Portsmouth, England. It is believed that the penguin has somehow come to England from its natural environment on the shores of Africa, 6,000 miles away. It is only the latest in a line of several reports of exotic creatures far from home. A few months earlier, a full grown emperor penguin, nicknamed “happy feet,” was found on the shores of New Zealand, having traversed the expanse of ocean between there and Antarctica. Last August, there were reports of a crocodile swimming somewhere in the English Channel, and only after several beaches were closed was it confirmed that the “crocodile” was actually a mere piece of driftwood.

Anna Hazare wins battle against corruption------------ Anna Hazare was once contemplating suicide, even going to far as to write a short essay on why he wanted to end his life. Hazare was frustrated with life but after reading a book by Swami Vivekananda, he felt that he had found his purpose: serving others. More specifically, Anna Hazare fights against corruption. Soon after, he formed his group, Bhrashtachar Virodhi Jan Andolan, or People’s Movement Against Corruption. His primary targets are politicians he believes to be corrupt, and his weapon of protest is the hunger strike. Though some of his opponents have even called this method “blackmail,” his methods have definitely worked for him. His efforts have resulted in the passing of the Jan Lokpal Bill, an anti-corruption bill drafted by his organization, on August 27, 2011.

News | 3

Sangamithra Sathian | October 24, 2011

Class of ’15 officers: off to a great start Kiran Misra Staff Writer

After much anticipation and excitement, the freshmen have chosen the four students that will represent Washington High School’s freshman class this year. All the candidates campaigned hard: Fruit RollUps were given out, eyecatching posters were displayed throughout the hallways, and candy was distributed. Out of all the candidates, the four victorious leaders were Laurel Dusek, who was voted president while Molly O’Meara was picked as vice president with Andi Lawrence as secretary and Molly O’Donnell as treasurer. After experiencing all of the hard work that class elections require, Dusek, O’Meara, Lawrence, and O’Donnell are looking forward to a successful year

Graphic by Luke Godlewski

of fundraising and fun for the class of ’15. Erika Derrick, Student Senate teacher, is the designate staff member in charge of officer elections. She ensures the validity of the entire process as each winner is decided entirely by class vote. Candidates are also required to have filled out an application explaining why they want the position and to have collected 30 signatures from their classmates prior to getting their name printed on the ballot. Derrick added, “the collecting signatures is not only so you know people will vote for them, its so the candidates can get out there and talk to people.” This year’s candidates have proved that have done just that. Bridget Williams, ’15, commented on President Laurel Dusek. “She is really involved with a lot of activities and she has had a lot of experience with leadership positions, so I think she will do a really good job,” Williams said. Williams also added that most candidates solicited votes through the distribution of candy rather than discussing or announcing their plans for the freshman class. Molly O’Meara, vice president, has also had experience in leadership positions; she was a member ofher middle school student council. In an effort to get more involved in extra curricular activities at Washington, she has already become a member of Interact, freshman volleyball, Amnesty, and C.D.O., in addition to being

an officer. O’Meara has big plans for the officers this year. “My biggest goal is to be the best freshman class officer that Washington has had, with the help of Mr. Clancy of course!” said O’Meara. Andi Lawrence, secretary, echoed these sentiments. She plans to really take into account the desires of the rest of her classmates; she plans to organize freshmen activities on, “whatever the class wants.” Being a part of Wash’s diving team and Committee WHS has allowed her to meet a lot of people and hear about their ideas. Molly O’Donnell, treasurer, is also already very involved at Washington. She is a member of the dance team and Vivace, and is planning to be a part of the tennis team this spring. Yet, she wanted to get even more active in the school. “I wanted to become class treasurer because I thought it would be a great way to get involved. [My plan] this year is to have fundraisers to raise money so our class can so lots of fun things.” said O’Donnell. Laura Vestle, ’12, Student Senate President, eplained the typical duties of a class officer. “Mostly, freshman sell baked goods to raise funds for their class. The money they earn now will go towards their prom and WPA,” said Vestle. The officers are off to an ambitious start, they are planning their first meeting on Wednesday to plan out fundraisers and activities for the class in this coming year.

The big picture

A picture is worth a thousand words. These photos are representations of headline news, in graphic form.

cc by NASA Goddard Photo and Video

Earth’s population will reach 7 billion this month.

cc by Search Engline People Blog

Google Buzz was officially killed; the social network program failed to attract an audience.

MLK remembered in D.C.

Sangamithra Sathian News Section Editor

Washington D.C. is the home of monuments; a memorial honoring the great Martin Luther King Jr. can now be added to tourists’ list of must-see attractions. Although the memorial officially opened Aug. 22, 2011, the dedication ceremony was held on Oct. 16, 2011, where President Obama and other key individuals in Mr.King’s life delivered the speeches and address. The idea of a statue was made into a reality by the Alpha Phi Alpha Frater nity of Boston Univesity. King was a member of the fraternity while he was a student, and continued to be involved with the fraternity even after his studies. The sculpture was produced in China and cost an estimated $120 million USD and stands at 30 feet. Sculptor Lei Yixin refers to his sculpture refers to the memorial Stone of Hope. The memorial is also the fourth statue that is located at or near the National Mall, that does not honor a president. The stone structure forms close ties with words from the “I Have a Dream” speech: “Out of a mountain of despair, a stone of hope,” said King.

“Out of a mountain of despair, a stone of hope.”

-Martin Luther King Jr

cc by Something Original

The Martin Luther King Memorial stands proud and as remembrance

4 | Opinions

Grant Kamin | October 24, 2011

Surveyor Staff Editorial

Twitter drama is like the fresh smell of coffee in the morning to the generally dull and uninteresting Twitter community. It gives those not involved something to voyeuristically observe and comment on while it temporarily lasts, and usually becomes quite the sensation. It’s no doubt: Twitter drama is hilarious. Unless you live under a rock or don’t have a Twitter account (same thing basically), you might be a bit out of the loop as to what exactly Twitter drama is referring to. The short story is that someone or some group of people made a few fake Twitter accounts, and they blew up. Especially that of “TheRoast_ofCR” which tweeted things “roasting” everybody they could, exposing their most intimate details to the public. To put this in perspective, within in 24 hours the account had 1,200+ followers whereas according to The Guardian the average Twitter account to date only has 126 followers. One of the benefits of Twitter is that it is public, instantaneous, and allows people to show to the world truly how unintelligent they are. This stage onto which the age old computer law of “Regular person + anonymity = straight tool” could play caused quite the ruckus in the Cedar Rapidian teenage world, and often worked its way into the

classroom. This progression from the normally secluded Twitter life to the classroom is where the line must have been drawn in regards to taking legal action. For most people, it’s far too easy to say that the person(s) who created the account deserve to be punished. For those people it seems logical since that morally it is wrong to disclose such information to the public, that there is a law to protect against these violations. On the other hand, there is no absolute definition of cyberbullying yet seeing as it is hard to encompass the every aspect of what it could mean, and those definitions which are out there, don’t seem to quite articulate it perfectly. Although, the world in which we live and function as a society today agrees that this action may be viewed as immoral, we would argue to take the latter and claim there is no objective morality. Without the constraints of social responsibility, we merely act like sub-atomic particles, coming into and out of existence without time, cause, or effect. In essence, our lives, our actions, and our existence have no meaning. What we define as moral relies heavily on which the context we place it in order for it to have any significance. The job of the government is not to make laws that make morality

objective; it should be there to serve as a protection and service of the people against oppression. The First Amendment is our foremost form of protection from said suppression and placing limits on it, whether it is considered right or wrong, should not be left up to governing officials. In these cases morality becomes too subjective. It is easily manipulated and when placed in government creates a system in which those who get elected can easily enforce their beliefs to the general public, which are largely based off religion. For better or worse you should have the right to state your beliefs, even those which may seem offensive to our present mind set. This ability to state what you please without implication would undoubtedly cause chaos. And on the long road down to oblivion, it might actually inspire people to become more free thinking and educate themselves about issues in a society in which most of our views are spoon fed to us by media figureheads. It is not a question of morality as to whether there should ramifications for the Twitter-fest. Morally, publishing information about other people’s lives in a way that is graphic and attacking is very wrong as we all know. But imposing such laws does not change the opinions of those who would choose to make such

comments, it just creates a way in which people can have their views, righteous or not, to be suppressed. You may be thinking by now that we’ve completely over-looked the social ramifications of what no restrictions on the First Amendment might be, and in the much greater part we have. I do think it is important to walk away from this whole experience with the understanding that bullying is not acceptable, especially that based off race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, country of origin, social class, etc. There are so many better reasons to dislike other people that those reasons just seem ignorant and uncreative. Be nice on Twitter, and if you can’t be, at least try not to bring it up when our teachers are talking. Refrain, and let them share their educational gold so in the spring we can all proudly walk out of this school with this year wimpering in fear of our old selves. The ITEDs are the only thing that should worry about being roasted.

6 out of 6 editors agree with this editorial

Opinions | 5

Grant Kamin | October 24, 2011


Toddlers in Tiaras, Trouble?

I will shamelessly admit that I have an unhealthy obsession with the TLC Australians series “Toddlers and Tiaras”. This very Staff member of the month controversial show has been a major topic New chapstick in recent news, but not for the same reason Pumpkin spice lattes I watch. Many people are horrified that Hand sanitizer young girls would be subjected to such Sanju’s haircut Molly Brown things as pageantry, but as much as I like Crushing IC schools Staff Writer to laugh it off with a joke, I honestly think 4G in CR that there is nothing wrong with these mothers and daughters. Bros People normally complain that the mothers exploit their Grandmas Birthdays! children and steal their innocence. They have called this a form Wear purple day of child abuse. Honestly I find that description disgusting. I Animals pelts feel as if that belittles ya’know, ACTUAL child abuse. These Velcro mothers are not hitting their children or physically harming Drake bag snatching them in any way. Some psychologists argue that the mothers Hawkeye football are abusing their children psychologically. To this I raise my Step team question: Do you really think it’s a problem caused by the Letters to the editor mothers or is it caused by the values of current society? Goldfish I whole heartily believe that the problem lies within McMann’s haircut the values of our society. Nowadays physical appearance has Optimism become a new standard. From the talk of John Edward’s pricey haircut rather than his public policy to the gossip over Michelle Obama’s sleeveless dresses rather than, well, anything relevant Wild bears to the news. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr All parents groom their children for success. I don’t see Finals? that much of a difference from the moms on T&T and the man All State PSAT at the Y who pushes his children to excellence at swimming. Sandwich eating The reason these moms have attracted such a negative view, Grades (bad ones) is because they are simply preparing their daughters to be Unknown stickiness successful by the standards of their own views. Unknown smells People need to remember that the toddlers on this show, Shoe laces for the most part, love getting dressed up for pageants, or as Sequined Uggs my favorite contestant Makenzie Meyer would say “Diva 9-9-9 = Sim City? No more film photography Day”. What three year old child didn’t play dress up? Sure the No sinks to spit mucus into kids throw fits, but who as a child didn’t? The only difference is that these children are being filmed whilst they demolish Applying to college NBA lockouts things. Some of the children I teach swim lessons to act much Misleading apple orchards worse than these pageant princesses. I have children from


good families that come into my lessons and scream when they aren’t immediately praised. Most people think that these children will grow up to be monsters, again I disagree. These children will most likely be embarrassed by the way they acted and will learn from it. If every fit I threw as a child was documented and shown to the world I’m sure people would want Domestic Health Services to contact my mother immediately. The reason I stopped throwing fits as a child wasn’t because I saw that it was “bad”, but my brothers would make fun of me. The truth is that Graphic by Tori Wheeler these children are learning valuable lessons. They don’t throw fits on stage (or at least if they do they don’t win) and they realize that there is a certain way that you are supposed to act when others are watching. This being said, the toddlers are simply learning how to advance in life, which is a most valuable set of skills to have. If you were looking for a satirical article that pretended to defend these kids and really make fun of them, I’m sorry. I honestly believe there is nothing wrong with pageantry. No one condemns the Academic Decathlon. This is because it values intelligence rather than beauty, but if people really do want to rid the world of toddler beauty pageants they must realize first what they do actually value. When a baby is born, who goes up to the parent and says, “OMG she’s totes a genius.” No one. It’s more along the lines of “CUTE BABY!”. Pageants have turned out some great results, such as Washington High School’s own, Olivia Baker, who placed second runner-up for Miss America. So America, if you’re looking to place some blame, look in the mirror, and take off your own make-up. Our nation cannot continue to chastise these toddlers and their mothers until we stop putting physical beauty above all else, and realize that we are part of the problem.

Letter to the Editor

Dear Surveyor Staff, Hi my name is Monique Ritzman. I’m a senior and I read Molly Brown’s article titled “Student Section Etiquette.” I didn’t like how she bashed the cheerleaders when we’re just doing the cheers. We did not steal any cheers from Camp Wapsie. None of us have ever been to Camp Wapsie. We know that “Rowdy” is spelled wrong in the cheer. It’s simply only misspelled to rhyme with rowdy. If you don’t like the cheers, don’t participate with us. Also, some of the rules I think are wrong. No juniors are allowed in the senior area. No one really pays attention to the game anyways so making rules isn’t going get anyone’s attention. Next time you feel like making false statements about the cheers, keep it to yourself. You really made people mad with this being published. I don’t know how this ever got published because of all the false statements. Monique Ritzman

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6 | Focus

Harrassment via internet spreads through Cedar Rapids

Whether students published, followed, or even got “roasted” themselves, most heard about the Twitter accounts that were created for harassment of peers. Each of these accounts became highly popular within just a few hours of being created, with some gaining over 1,000 followers within a few days. and were constantly updated with new tweets that targeted students from the area with sexually explicit and derogatory comments. The accounts have been contraversial, bringing up questions of free speech and personal protection from harrassment. “I enjoyed the accounts because they got everyone talking about the same thing for once,” @MadelineBerg said Connor Lockwood, ‘13. Staff Writer “Some of the tweets weren’t just about things people had done, but about how they look as well. This makes me against the accounts because some kids might actually take the tweets seriously and do something to hurt themselves,” said Mallory Marshall, ‘12. Specific accounts were made for each Washington, Kennedy, and Linn Mar high schools, targeting students from their respective names, These accounts were deleted more quickly, however, than one account, @TheRoast_ofCr, whose publisher(s) targeted students from throughout the area and was active for almost a week. Although Thadius Paisar, Wash’s Resource Officer, could not say whether the police force was still investigating to find the person, or persons, behind the Twitter accounts, he said that, if the creators of the accounts were caught, “They could be charged with harassment.” Pasiar also could not specifically describe the actions of the police force due to these accounts, but did describe how he personally investigated into whether or not the creator was following Twitter’s official User Agreement Policy. By the time that the law enforcer whom Paiser had contacted respondeback, however, the account had already been shut down. @TheRoast_ofCR deleted all of their posts after about a week of tweeting constantly about their subjects. The account itself was soon after deleted. However, one of last comments made by this publisher confirmed that the creator has yet to be identified.

@ToriWheeler Graphic Artist

( In response to the accounts created to harrass students, other Twitter account @CR_urbeautiful:

Mission accomplished everyone :) #shoutout to every girl that spoke up and stood up for themselves <3 you all are so beautiful!!!!! :):)

Francesca Hidalgo-Wohleben | October 24th, 2011


What’s Cyberbullying?

Photo illustration by Megan Anderson


@EvanFisher Staff Writer Technology has connected society in the past couple of years and though the advancements have many benefits, this has also led to creation of a new form of harrassment; cyberbullying. says that about 58 percent of kids admit that someone has said mean or hurtful things to them online. More than four out of ten say that it has happened more than once. This issue has spread throughout the country, recently gaining involvement from students in the Cedar Rapids area. “The situation has proved to be fairly serious, but it was handled quickly,” said Jennifer Byers, a counselor at Washington High School. Byers suggests to talk to family members or counselors, save messages, and not to retaliate if cyberbullied. “Cyberbullying is a serious issue, and is even correlated with suicide,” said Byers. Kierra Poe, ’14, was a victim of this recent Twitter incident. “(When I saw the message) I was shocked,” said Poe, “and it was very hurtful. I now know this is a serious issue.” Poe believes the one responsible should be suspended from school at the least.

@AmyParker Staff Writer

Cyberbullying is the use of the Internet, cell phone, or other related technology to deliberately, and repeatedly cause harm to another person. Cyberbullying has many unique characteristics that detach it from normal bullying. These include the anonymity of the harasser, the accessibility of technology that can be used to hurt others, and the fact that anything posted on the internet will always remain there. “It’s harder to defend and forget,” said Meghan Mattison, ’13, about cyberbullying, “Everyone can hear the words, and it never goes away.” With technology continuously progressing, bullying behind the screen has become easier than ever, resulting in a very hostile mode of harassment. In response, many awareness campaigns, as well as legislations, have arisen to battle against cyberbullying. Legislation in the United States has become geared at penalizing cyberbullying and nine states have started to take legal action by creating policies in attempt to stop it. Cyberbullying can have crucial consequences, like by being charged a fine or even imprisonment as a result. In addition to responses by the legal system, schools throughout the nation have begun to create policies regarding cyberbullying to make sure it does not disrupt learning or the environment that the students are living in. “It should be construed as a form of harassment. I don’t think anyone should get away with it.” said Heather Adams, a Science teacher at Washington High School.

Photo illustration by Megan Anderson

ts were created to counter these harmful messages by tweeting positive things )


@DrPlagman Your such an amazing principal & you inspire warriors everyday! You have been the most biggest role model ever #SpreadinTheLove

8 | Profiles

CJ Cooper | October, 24 2011

Scank races to Quarter Midget victory

MJ Kamin Staff Writer

Racing Quarter Midgets isn’t something that comes up in everyday conversation at Washington High School, but that isn’t the case for Chistopher Scank, ’15. Scank has raced Quarter Midgets since he was seven years old while also battling Legg Calve Perthes Disease. Legg Calve Perthes disease is when the blood supply is lost to the top of the hip, therefore it dies off. Even though it hasn’t affected his racing, Legg Calve Perthes has forced Scank to quit basketball, which he played for many years at the YMCA and McKinley Middle School. However, he doesn’t have any trouble doing everyday activities. “It’s made it so it’s harder to run, I can’t run as fast. Other than that, it hasn’t really impacted [my life] too much,” said Scank. Quarter Midget racing takes place in scaled down customized cars on dirt or paved oval tracks. Since there aren’t any tracks in Iowa, Scank often spends his weekends traveling to Illinois, Minnesota, or Indiana. There is a max of ten people in one race, but they don’t stack up well to Scank. According to Scank, there are about 10-15 races that he has won. He won and placed third at the Grand Nationals and has many other

wins at regional races. Winning isn’t the only thing that pleases Scank, though. “[My favorite part] is just the fun of it. When you are out on the track, it is just you competing against other people,” said Scank. “When he wins, it’s such a rush, and he is so pumped. That’s my favorite part, seeing him pumped like that,” said Lee Scank, Christopher Scank’s father. The biggest conflict of Quarter Midget racing is the availability of races. Scank would be one of the top drivers in the nation if there were tracks in Iowa, but because of the travel, it makes it much harder. According to his father, his son has what it takes to become a professional driver, and may become one someday. “That’d be nice,” said Scank in response.

An exceptional catch, on and off the field Shanay Gonder Staff Writer Around the halls of Washington High School lurks a bachelor whose physique may confuse him with a pro-athlete, not a recent graduate of middle school. German born freshman, Reagan Wilson, ’14, aspires to play football in college and appreciates a girl, who like himself, is taller and athletic. Wilson is interested in someone he can have fun with and describes his dream date as a day of surfing off the coast of a tropical island. Football-loving Wilson is unattached and undoubtedly, an exceptional catch. Shelly Wilson, Wilson’s mother, describes her son as being, “Very happy and always extremely concerned about others.”

Photo Illustration by Lauren Johnson

Freshman Favorites Favorite Color: Blue Favorite Outfit: Sweatpants and a sweatshirt Favorite Food: Spaghetti Favorite Sport: Football Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite Season: Fall Favorite Hobby: Sleeping Favorite Movie(s): “Fight Club” or “The Last Samurai” Favorite Class: Physical Education (P.E)

Graphic by Tori Wheeler

A&E | 9

Kitty McGurk surveyorwhs.a& | October 24, 2011

Kitty McGurk A&E Editor

Wretched Wednesdays

As I lay in my bed with my feet tucked up to my body and my hands protectively clenching my sheets, all I can think about is one thing… ”American Horror Story.” Aired on Oct. 5, 2011, this show completely took the FX channel on a run for their money. The first episode ensured disturbance with repulsive and twisted characters and plots. The series revolves around the Harmons, a family consisting of two parents with afflicted pasts and a rebellious daughter. In attempts to reconcile their past, the family moves from Boston to Los Angeles. The family chooses a hauntingly beautiful Victorian house because due to the previous owners deaths, which occurred in the house, it is a steal…a steal the family will soon find out wasn’t worth taking. The family is welcomed to the neighborhood by a demented

mentally challenged girl who offers comfort by informing them that they will “die in there.” In addition, the wife hires a housemaid who in her eyes appears

for the first time since, but is truly being impregnated by a man dressed in a black latex suit. Within a day, the entire family is flipped upside down. When a show offers you perplexing and perverted scenes in every episode, it becomes difficult to not get attached. Scary movies these days are just not what they should be… the characters are awkward and most of the time you end up laughing more than anything. If you’re easily frightened by and think that “Paranormal Activity” and “Final Destination” are the most hair-raising things you’ve ever seen, stay away from this show. If you’re looking to curl up next to your mom every Wednesday at 9 and have revolting dreams every night regarding men in black latex suits trying to impregnate you… join the club.

“The first episode ensured disturbance with repulsive and twisted characters and plots.” to be an old weathered woman, but in her husband’s eyes is truly a sultry temptress equipped with your typical naughty maid outfit and feather duster. This character adds an interesting twist thanks to the husbands lingering past of cheating on his wife after a disturbing miscarriage. This miscarriage is also revisited by the show when the wife believes she is enjoying intercourse with her husband

Mom bumpin’ music

John Kopec Staff Writer

Grant Gregory Staff Writer The group Neon Indian is about as well known as Mr. Harte’s cell phone blocker; nearly invisible... however, both of them DO exist. The group had relative success with their single “Deadbeat Summer” which struck a chord with teenagers who don’t do anything all summer but sit around enjoy themselves. In addition to this EP, they acquired general fame with their album “Psychic Chasms;” a dizzying album filled with synth overlays and intense vocals that make heads spin. This is all surmounting to the hardly anticipated album recently released entitled “Era Extrana.” “Era Extrana differs from Neon Indian’s previous work in that it is less lo-fi. In return, it is more produced and the sounds he implements typically are a little more poppy, with more zing to them. However, his style of lethargic, drawn out synth loops still exists. Specifically the song “Polish girl” is a perfect representation of Neon Indian’s maturity as a music group. The dizzying, deep synth sound still exists… yet the song has a specific energy to it, that even my mom couldn’t resist bumping her head to.

Gamer Revolution

It is interesting to note, however, the popularity of the group seemed to peak with their album “Psychic Chasms” and there doesn’t seem to be as much interest in their new album. It would be assumed that this is specifically due to the fact that the new album is almost a complete rendition of their older album with just more advanced recording techniques. Neon Indian coined the genre “chill-wave” and it seems as though they have already ridden the chillwave for too long. Considering other bands are stepping in, picking up the throne and taking chill-wave to new levels… it will be interesting to see the outcome of this group. Nonetheless, for right now it is just interesting to put on some big headphones, kick back and let the wacky synth band pull you in.

It’s not an exaggeration to say the cover shooter mechanics behind the making of “Gears of War 3” have both revolutionized and prompted the third person shooter genre. “Gears of War 3”, released Tuesday, Sept. 20, concludes an excellent trilogy with mindblowing action that keeps players eminently satisfied. “Gears of War 3” plunges players into a harrowing tale of hope, survival, and brotherhood. At the same time, combat has been dialed to perfection, blending an apocalyptic tone and suspense-filled game play, sending “Gears of War 3” to the top of the leader boards. “‘Gears’ has blown my mind in the past three weeks I’ve played it, ” said Zach Gothard, ’13. “I swear I haven’t set down the controller since the midnight opening.” “Gears of War 3” tells a story of survival, emphasizing the last remnants of humanity as players follow Marcus Fenix and the rest of the Delta squad.

Much like in the previous “Gears of War” games, everything seems solemnly desperate and dire. While in the game, you go from ambush escapes to scrounging for ammunition, resulting in gruesome ammo-less bayonet fights. “My love for ‘Gears of War 3’ is like my love for boogers, you keep picking it ‘till you get it, then you don’t know what to do with it,” said Heath Clark, ’13. “Gears of War 3” is exactly the way fans expected it to be and more, reinforced and perfected. It’s not the game of the century, but it is an incredible accomplishment and full of excitement for almost any action game fan. The revolutionary third person shooter came to a superb climax and is everything a powerful trilogy could ask for.

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Chloe Kohl | October 24, 2011

Welcome to Daytrotter

Daytrotter playlist: where to start

Chloe Kohl A&E Editor Every week, artists occupy the gutted out barn that is now Horseshack, a recording studio in Rock Island, Illinois. With Iowan employees and Midwest familiarities, Mr. Daytrotter supplies its music hungry audience with free downloads, insightful bios, and colorful caricatures all on the website Daytrotter. com. The website is a kaleidoscope. The home page is teaming all sorts of sessions; a display of old, new, and favorites. Each band and each session have a personal bio about the music and the session. The artists also get a cartoon impersonation of themselves, usually very colorful and trippy and they represent the feel of the music. The sessions always start with a greeting from the band, which is a little

personal hello and always a “Welcome to Daytrotter.” The tracks are primitive from the barn’s bare-floor style of recording, which makes the sessions raw, down home, and simple. Often, you’ll find that the first take is used, with all of its imperfections and even re-starts intact. The bands that end up recording are passing through Illinois and stop by for a session. This come and go mentality ensures diversity in genres. There is, of course, native artists, but with so many sessions the

ratio isn’t overcome by the locals. These sessions stimulate the people to purchase the records of the artists they’ve found on Daytrotter. The name recognition alone could merit a purchase, especially since often you can find some of their albums at resale at Half Priced Books. Once bands have the Trotter stamp, a sort of cult status takes over. The staff is very dedicating in engaging the audience, from the comments and conversations on the site to the “What are you listening to, Trotters?” questions on Mr. Daytrotter’s Facebook page, the fan base keeps this

Khaira Arby reigns fair Chloe Kohl A&E Editor The Queen of Desert Blues may sound elitist, but soulful songstress Khaira Arby deserves her title of reigning supreme. From Timbuktu and fluent in 14 different languages, Arby uses her music to spread social messages across her country and across the world. Arby sings her praises with her weathered hands Arby’s international album, Malian musicians. This translate foreign words “Timbuktu Tarab” was album can be ordered into passionate, wordreleased last year when online at JDub records less meanings. She she had her first tour site or at Amazon. usually sings of unity, in America. Howwomen’s health ever, most of her other and prayers for her albums are harder to country and the obtain, the internet not world. even being a viable Her strong source. culture and even Despite this stronger presence, rarity, she recorded an Arby is a wave album with The Sway of change in her Machinery. A Jewish voice alone. Her band from New York, sweet motherly they took a pilgrimage presence and take to Mali and recorded Arby’s tradicontrol attitude leave music with Arby on the tional singing style her with the crown on album “House of the allows her a big, strong her head, and there it Friendly Ghosts vol. voice that can reach will remain. 1” along with other impossible notes and

“Arby is a wave of change in her voice alone.”

endeavor afloat. There is something for everyone. There’s sessions from folky people like Bon Iver and Andrew Bird, but there’s also rocking sessions from Andrew W.K. and Band of Skulls. For country, there’s Justin Townes Earle and our very own Iowan William Elliott Whitmore. It ranges from Local Natives to Atari Teenage Riot, allowing the exploration for music a person may never have experienced. In a world where free music usually means illegal and downloads mean shallow listening, brings all the elements together, free of charge. It takes a dedicated staff of music lovers to keep this operation thriving, and a fan base so dedicated that ever listener becomes a fellow Trotter.

1. Re: Stacks- Bon Iver 2. Wide Eyes- Local Natives 3. Waking Up Drunk (Spider Bags Cover)Titus Andronicus Local Natives

4. Death by Diamonds and Pearls- Band of Skulls 5. Mama’s Eyes- Justin Townes Earle 6. Everywhere I Go- Lissie 7. I Can See the Pines Are Dancing- AA Bondy

AA Bondy

8. Spot- Otouto 9. Old Devils- William Eliott Whitmore 10. Bowls- Caribou

*All photos from

William E. Whitmore

Sports | 11

Joe Berry | October 24, 2011

Winter athletes eat up and work out for upcoming season

Gavin Jones Staff Writer

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that swimming and basketball are among the most strenuous sports at Washington High School, but with the expectation of being in top physical shape set so high, what do the athletes do in the off season to stay in peak physical condition? According to, a swimmer in the off season should try to exercise at least five days a week, and swim three times, completing about 6,000-8,000 yards weekly. They also suggest strength training twice a week. A swimmer’s diet should include eating well-balanced meals with lots of fruits and vegetables. Green Tea is also suggested for an extra energy boost. Josh Hughes, ’13, has been swimming competitively since he could walk. “I just love the feeling when I get in the water,” Hughes said. “It

just makes me feel like the achievements I can make are limitless.” Hughes was a member of last year’s state qualifying 200-meter relay, the 200-meter freestyle relay, and the 400-meter freestyle relay. Hughes also qualified for state in the 500-meter freestyle this past year. “When it comes to eating during the off season really anything goes. I just have to always stay hydrated and eat high protein materials like eggs and whey products, I also swim competitively for IFLY club swimming and lift twice a week to stay in shape,” Hughes replied when asked about his diet and training in the off season A basketball player’s diet is much different then a swimmer’s, also according to Professional trainer Alan Stein says that a basketball player should drink 60 oz. of liquids a day and should eat six meals a day consisting of fish, protein, and carbs. Brock Butterfield, ’13,

What to watch this winter instead of the NBA Hockey NCAA Hoops NASCAR Winter X-Games Ice Fishing Cedar Rapids Titans

Middle School Basketball

Winter Miles

Race Walking CC by por brylle

October Pick’ems Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Michigan Wolverines

New England Patriots vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

St. Louis Cardinals vs. Texas Rangers

Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Michigan State Spartans

Joe Berry- Shoe Strings. Michigan wins, 72-0. Gavin Jones- Hawkeyes = Sloppy Peter Holmes- Offenses go wild until Robinson breaks his leg on the final play, Iowa 77-76.

Joe Berry- Cards manage to come from behind...again. After starting off down 4 games, STL wins it all in game 7. Gavin Jones- Mmmmm...Pujols. Peter Holmes- Doesn’t matter, can’t wait ’til baseball ends.

You can see both the men’s swimming and basketball teams in action Nov. 22, and Dec. 12 respectively.

Photo by Katie Nunemaker

Zach Weston, ’14, lifts weights in preparation for the swim season.

Excerpt from the Warrior men’s basketball team’s fall conditioning schedule

Photo courtesy of

Horse Racing

has been playing basketball competitively since the first grade. He played varsity basketball for Wash this past year. “I don’t only play basketball because I love to win and beat Kennedy, I also play because I love my teammates and coach Metzger’s a cool dude,” said Butterfield. Butterfield lives basketball year round, keeping him physically and mentally ready for the winter. “I just play basketball all the time whether it’s on the court or on Xbox, I play all the time. I play competitively with the Pump N’ Run and also do the Warrior summer league.” When asked about his diet in the offseason Butterfield was amused. “What diet? My metabolism works towards my advantage when it comes to food. I mostly just eat a lot of Burger King, and I lift three times a week with Coach Metzger and Pershing so I can get ‘big’ for the upcoming season.”

Joe Berry- Brady’s hair wins, Patriots lose. You know what it is. Black and Yellow, 23-0. Gavin Jones- Brady is way to sexy too lose. Patriots, 35-12. Peter Holmes- Brady is not my type.

Joe Berry-Sparty is busted for steroids, Michigan State forfeits. Gavin Jones- Michigan State. Halloween is my least favorite holiday. Peter Holmes- After 12 overtimes, officials call it a draw at 0-0.

NBA in lockout, entire season in jeoprady Peter Holmes Staff Writer Better start watching more hockey, because this year’s NBA season is in jeopardy of being cancelled. Multimillion dollar players and league executives have failed to make any success in negotiations regarding the salary cap structure. For the first time since the 19981999 season, one hundred scheduled games have been cancelled, and possibly more to come. Little to no progress has been made since the start of the lockout in July. NBA Commissioner, David Stern commented, (according to Yahoo! Sports) “With every day that goes by, there will be further reductions on what’s left of the season. We remain very, very apart on all issues,” commented NBA Commissioner, David Stern (according to Yahoo! Sports). Fans everywhere

“We remain very, very apart on all issues.”

-David Stern NBA Commisioner

long for that excitement and anticipation of last season’s transformed league during which big name players teamed up, historically weak franchises were reborn, and the prodigious matchups created unbelievable games. According to, the playoffs accounted for the highest average viewer rating of games on cable television. Nobody will forget Blake Griffin’s monstrous dunks in his first year, or Dallas’ magical championship run—led by their scoring

machine, Dirk Nowitzki. Not to mention Kobe Bryant and the fading Lakers, the promising Memphis Grizzlies, and the three stooges down in Miami. With no training camps to attend, players have time to do other activities. Steve Nash can be seen practicing with the U.S men’s soccer team, a passion of his since childhood. Several players, including Kobe Bryant and Deron Williams, have chosen to take their talents overseas. Others have held charity events, played in amateur leagues, or just spent more time with their families. The time off will have major consequences for the players. Playing in the back yard just isn’t the same as the competition with other professional athletes every night. The NBA has taken a major step back. It will be interesting to see if it can ever fully recover.

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2nd Annual W


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CR Washington Surveyor October 2011  

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