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Advisor: Duane Zobrist

As the first year of being the Area 4 Advisor comes to an end, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all those who have made the 2013-14 year a success. The youth officers Henry Gunther, Virginia McGhee, Hampton Zobrist and JV Hooks stepped up to the plate and hit a home run. The Area 4 VOA was nonexistent only a year ago. Each of these officers showed real leadership and completed their assigned responsibilities flawlessly. We produced more newsletters than the other areas in our region, we hosted a training conference, put on a successful fun weekend, implemented VOA norms and were leaders in the Council Venturing Standards of Excellence. Behind those VOA members were their advisors, Steve Myers and John McGhee. Both Steve and John helped the youth they were advising to be successful. Steve played double duty as he advised both JV and Hampton. He helped each of them identity their duties and the steps needed to take for success. Steve also put together a membership roadmap that will help move Venturing to significance in our area councils. John helped Virginia design and host the Area 4 White Water Weekend. It was a memorable weekend and the start of a great tradition. My hats off to each of you who helped move Area 4 towards success. Thanks you for your dedication to scouting and the Venturing Program. You have set a high standard for the 2014-15 officers. You have truly left Area 4 a better place!

Thanks For a Great Year As the 2013-2014 term comes to a close, there is a lot of things to be proud of. With your help, Area 4 pulled itself out of a dangerous decline in Venturing by establishing an Area 4 Venturing Officers association and beginning the reorganizing of Venturing in the Area. Throughout West Virginia and Ohio, Councils have increased their push for Venturing program and some have begun promoting council Venturing Officers Associations. For me, its exciting to see such an increase in Venturing Program. Active Venturers like you give me confidence that our amazing program will only grow from here. For the 2013-2014 Area officers, there were a lot of new things that we had to learn. I could not be more proud of how quickly we adapted to everything and fit right in with all of the other areas in the Central Region. Thank you for your support during that transition period. Now, we leave you in the motivated, determined and capable hands of Nate Steele (The Central Region Area 4 Venturing President for 2014-2015) and the new Vice Presidents (their names will be announced soon but at the time I wrote this the selections had not been made public). I ask that you show these new officers the same support that you showed me, Virginia Mcghee, JV Hooks and Hampton Zobrist. We could not have accomplished all that we did without your help. I am so thankful for your service and I am excited to see the continued progress Area 4 has in the next year.


President-Elect: Nate Steele

Area VLA Recipients

The recipients of the Area Venturing Leadership Awards, as chosen by a committee, were Henry Gunther, Virginia Mcghee, JV Hooks, and Hampton Zobrist. Virginia was awarded her VLA during the Area 4 New River Adventure. Henry was awarded his during the Great Trail Council 100th Anniversary Camperall.

Nate is an 18 year old Venturer from Crew 447 in Muskingum Valley Council located out of Zanesville, OH. Over his past 8 years in Scouting, he has earned his Outdoor Bronze, Council VLA, and Eagle Scout Award. He is an outdoor enthusiast with over 300 nights of camping. Nate has held numerous leadership positions including Crew President, VOA VP of Administration, SPL, Lodge Chief for Netawatwees Lodge-424, and is the 2014 Muskingum Valley Council NYLT Course Leader. He is currently a senior at Bishop Rosecrans High School and is active in many clubs throughout the school including NHS, Key Club, and Ski Club. He will be attending OSU in the fall of 2014. He is looking forward to serving as the Area 4 Venturing President and his goals include 1) grow Venturing Membership, 2) Establish an effective means of communications and 3) Make the Area 4 VOA the number one resource for all of the Council VOAs in Area 4.

Area 4 Fun Event

President: Henry Gunther VP-Administration: JV Hooks VP-Program: Virginia McGhee VP-Communications: Hampton Zobrist


Issue No. 5 May Edition @area4venturing

Central Region Venturing Area 4 Newsletter - June 2014  

Area 4 is in the states of Ohio & West Virginia

Central Region Venturing Area 4 Newsletter - June 2014  

Area 4 is in the states of Ohio & West Virginia