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Who is Crunkatlanta? I am Eric aka Crunkatlanta & - The Internet Promoter, the one that is in love with Hip Hop. Follow me on Twitter @crunkatlantaMag . Born and raised in Detroit, MI. Yep, I'm from Seven Mile Rd and GreenfieldWhuddup Doe!! My first inspiration to get involved in the industry was when I found out that nobody heard of any Detroit rappers outside of Detroit ( Michigan). My first gig was with a friend (“T”) that I assisted with promoting Cam’ron back in 1997. From there I found what my purpose was supposed to be. My all time fantasy career was to become a quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons. Once that dream was cut short from not getting the response back from -tryouts and competition over the years. I became hooked on music and brand marketing. ( Promo page )

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2018 This magazine is to bring awareness to artist with little to no platform.

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The Ohio Players Project The overall vision of the Ohio Players Project is encapsulated in the following statement: A Steele Films LLC. works to impact the world by sharing human stories with universal unifying themes such as love, joy, and heartbreak. We hope to enlighten and uplift our beloved Greater Dayton Regional Community and State of Ohio by sharing the experiences, culture, history, and lasting impressions made by its people with the international community. A Steele Films LLC. seeks to acquire funds to run a proposed motion picture entitled “The Ohio Players Project.� The Ohio Players Project will be filmed in Dayton, Ohio, and will immediately create jobs and internships for the local residents during the pre-production, filming, and post-production of the film. A Steele Films LLC. plans to use the project as a platform to make a positive impact in the Greater Dayton Regional Community by providing jobs, positive international promotion of our beloved State of Ohio and City of Dayton in the motion picture industry, and internship opportunities for our Dayton Public School students and college students. A Steele Films LLC. is in the process of hiring staff to open a local office to manage the direction of the Ohio Players Project locally. The movie is presently in the pre-production phrase, and is being shopped to various Hollywood studios and television networks. We have found tremendous support from the State of Ohio and local government agencies who understand the importance of the project and potential economic impact. The State of Ohio Film Commission is considering The Ohio Player Project with a Grant that will be a supplement and aid in the ongoing work of the project. Film Dayton and The City of Dayton Office of Economic Development have also provided proof of support. Also of great import is the support and engagement of Curtis Symonds who has over 30 years of international level television network experience as Executive Vice President of BET and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Blaq Pyrates were originally known as the Trapville Pyrates and was founded by Ali "Obawale" Rahman, Artist Name Fetty Cash aka Zodoq Banks, in 2003. It included his 2 brothers Amin "Obayemi" Rahman, Artist Name DaRuddOne, Karim "Obatunji" Rothwell, Artist Name Primo Dollars The Blaq God aka Marty MacFly an devoted cousin Hayward Hollingsworth, Artist Name Koolgi Kid. In 2007, because of the negative use of the word trapping and due to the bad connotation of the word Black (b.l.a.c.k.), the name was changed to the Blaq Pyrates (b.l.a.q.) and the Group’s name was converted into an acronym: B.L.A.Q. P.Y.R.A.T.E.S. (Brothers Linked Amongst Qualifications) (Protect Your Riches Alias Through Extreme Status). The Emblem was created by the DaRuddOne & converted into an electronic graphic by Lord Jafar Kellam. In 2009, Koolgi Kid left the Pyrates to start another group & was replaced by neighborhood friend, Michael Childs, Artist Name Nephew "2Cupps" Shawty. In 2010, a cousin and supporter of the cause, Jeffrey Alexander, Artist Name Jonny Papez "The 7", became a member along with devoted friend in the light & musician Kendale Gibson, Artist Name York "Dalightman" Ill, "In 2015, formerly signed to the label Sonic Wave International, became the final capstone member of the group. In 2017, the group became a corporation and formed the Independent Record Label Blaq Pyrate Nation, LLC and named Fetty Cash aka Zodoq Banks as CEO. Also, in the same year, the group started the Publishing Company, Blaq Pyrate Nation Publishing, with the goal of publishing their own music, as well as, the music of other up and coming independent musicians. June 2017, the Blaq Pyrates were decided the winners of the Rapco Radio/Albany Sony Distribution Competition Showcase Tour and also became the recipients of a Sony Music Distribution Deal.


Since June the Blaq Pyrates have Spotlighted Tour Performances in

Atlanta, Georgia/Columbus, Mississippi/Charleston, S Carolina/Tuscaloosa, Alabama. .

I'm Not Racist... kING dREAMS paints an in-depth picture of what he feels is are overlooked & forgotten issues in black culture (BlackBrother to BlackBrother). He breaks down the harsh realities in the minds of two totally different outlooks of black brothers from the same place & same struggle but ultimately envision life’s possibilities at opposite ends of the spectrum. “I’m Not Racist” in this regard sheds light on how even being the same color, same race and having similar upbringings can cause division simply thru ones everyday lifestyle choices, and visions. Based on who, what, when, where, why and how they escape the setbacks helps pave the yellow brick road for their future. Finding a wayy out the ghetto & the urban underworld we call the streets from the perspective of these two black souls can lead to saving each other’s lives or taking them, see why? | Stay Safe, - GOD BLESS. (BlackBrother & BlackBrother)






"TYME SEEKERS" were est. 2010 from Los Angeles, California.


The group is made up of three different members, Robert Espino "Bob Logic" , Edward Madrid "Ed Dilla", & Jay Lara. It is no surprise that Robert Espino evolved into "Bob Logic", when at 5 years old he grabbed away the microphone while his father's cumbia band was performing and tried to sing. Growing up with music in his blood, in 1999 "Bob Logic" started freestyling and performing at house parties/ open mic events. With his raspy but smooth, soulful lyrical style, he began writing and recording his music in 2001, collaborating with other artists in various hip-hop groups in addition to working as an independent artist. While performing at an event, "Bob Logic" met fellow hip-hop lyricist "Ed Dilla". Recognizing that they shared the same drive and determination, they later formed the group known as "TYME SEEKERS". Edward Madrid was walking home from a party his freshman year of high school, when a friend started to beat-box. Edward started to freestyle and instantly "Ed Dilla" was born. Over the next five years, "Ed Dilla" collaborated with other artists, performing at house parties and attending freestyle battles. In due time,"Ed Dilla" began writing and recording his lyrical style. In 2009, "Ed Dilla" won 3rd place in a battle contest sponsored by Power 105.9. Around the same time, "Ed Dilla" met fellow artist "Bob Logic" while performing at several shows together. Jay Lara picked up his first guitar when he was 13 years old. Growing up with different musical influences he felt like there were no boundaries. He formed his first rock group when he was 20 years old. Remembering all the music that he was inspired by, he decided to expand his vision and formed the label Natural Recordings. Jay met "Ed Dilla" when Ed was only 17, which eventually led up to Jay recording "Ed Dilla" for his very first time. Their bond continued to grow and eventually "Ed Dilla" introduced Jay Lara to "Bob Logic", to form the group known as "TYME SEEKERS".



Pure Powers Dropping his third official music video in less than a month, Bay Area hip-hop artist Pure Powers is showing his how serious he is about his work ethic in 2018. In between touring with producer Shlump, Powers has been releasing new music and preparing his new album Year Of The Peacock featuring big name guests Grouch, Zion-I, Scarub, Z-Man, and production from Shlump, Mikos Tha Gawd, and Stylust Beats and more! For his latest visuals, Pure Powers captures what it was like living every day of his 16-year-old life in Hawaii on the island of Maui, reminiscing on what it was like to fall in love with a girl who was only on the island for a family vacation. Shot & directed by Will Rushton on Big Beach Makena where the story takes place, "Love Somebody" is an uptempo, dance groove that would make even Pharrell envious. Emotional yet uplifting, Powers and director Will Rushton pick the perfect visuals to match the reminiscent vibe of his latest single. Watch "Love Somebody" below and also be sure to catch up Pure Powers' new visuals "I Can" and "Don't Wanna Go" as well! Social Media

Terrell Jordan, also known as, Mike Philly is a Detroit native currently living in Atlanta, GA pursuing his music career. His whole life has been a struggle as he was thrown into the foster system at a young age after witnessing the murders of both of his parents. One thing that always remained, was Mike’s smile and optimism for a better day. A father of two boys and a big brother to 9, Mike Philly grew up faster than the average person and the studio has always served as the perfect outlet for an emotional release. Mike Philly has since dropped 2 mixtapes, Pregame The Mixtape Before The Mixtape & Schools In Session and has toured throughout various high school’s and colleges and most recently performed for West Coast legends Too Short & Rad Kass in California for Coalition DJs New Music Sunday. 2018 will be an aggressive year for the 23-year-old rapper as he releases his new project, Rich Rollin’.

Money Mu is an Atlanta based artist who is catapulting to notoriety with his smash hit single "Hittin'" produced by Mondo. He's been honing his craft for the past five years and is fully developed and sharing his amazing talent with the world. His infectious hit single - "Hittin'" spread voraciously through the clubs thanks to Dj Ant Durty and has found a home on the FM stations in Atlanta - thanks to Streetz 94.5's FlyGuyDC and Ferrari Simmons. "Hittin'" is spreading through the internet as well. If the last month has been any indication of how 2018 will go for Money Mu - this is definitely his year.



Chuckie Links w/ J Balvin On “Machika” Featuring Anitta and Jeon Co-produced w/ Frequent Collaborator ChildsPlay There are few producers in the world that have pioneered defining sounds in Hip Hop, Latin and Dutch House on a global level. Chuckie & ChildsPlay bring it in a massive way with J Balvin for his new single “Machika” featuring Brazilian superstar Anitta and Aruban newcomer ‘Jeon’. The two production powerhouses do not disappoint on the follow up to what was arguably 2017’s biggest song “Mi Gente”. CLICK HERE to Listen to “Machika. Music is a universal language that brings all walks of life together. With that in mind, Chuckie and ChildsPlay seamlessly blend elements of reggaeton, Hip Hop and Dutch house with J Balvin’s in your face lyrics on “Machika.” ‘Jeon’ adds an undeniable element to the chart topping single with his infectious cadence and unapologetic attitude. Signed to Chuckie’s CSN publishing company, the rising vocalist shows a bright future and is another diamond in the rough that the Surinamese talent spotter has found. ChildsPlay are coming off their biggest year to date, multiple gold and platinum singles, collabs with artists like Alkaline, Trinidad James, Mr Vegas, T Pain and many more, having toured around the world with over 150 gigs and released records on labels such as Spinnin, Mad Decent, BreadNButter. With their own label “Bricks” signed to Sony the Amsterdam work horses show no signs of slowing down with over 2 Million fans across 61 countries on Spotify. they are planning a full scale assault of the radio charts this year as well as keeping their feet firmly in the clubs where they have made their name. Chuckie prides himself on being a master behind the boards and dubbed “The King of Mixing” when spinning a world class DJ set to his massive rabid fan base. His career has always been about pushing boundaries and daring to do what many aren’t. As a producer, the South American producer is a 2-Time Mobo Award winner, has numerous MTV Awards under his belt millions with Platinum records. He has work with the likes of 50 Cent, Trinidad James, Lupe Fiasco and Too $hort while officially remixing P. Diddy, Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Enrique Iglesias, Gloria Estefan, Pitbull, Sean Paul and many more.


Roc Nation signee, Neisha Neshae's record "I'ma Go Crazy" has started to pick up quite a buzz in the past month. The audio of the record just passed the 1 million view mark on YouTube this past weekend!!! The official music video is coming soon... Stay Tuned. ICYMI, check out "I'ma Go Crazy"



CRUNKATLANTA MAGAZINE Recording Artist Styngray Releases Visual for Chart-Climbing Single "Till the Casket Drop" First Kings Entertainment and recording artist Styngray have recently released a new single and video entitled “Till the Casket Drop”. The single debuted at #108 and has climbed to #83 on Digital Radio Tracker’s top 150 chart for independent artists. The single, produced by up and coming producer AMP is garnering over 800 spins a week. The video, directed by Crucial Flix, was shot in Atlanta, Georgia and is a tasteful compliment to the single. Styngray states “they don't have to sell drugs to make it”, referring to those hustling to support their ambitions. The anthem encourages artists to fight for their dreams. Styngray is a seasoned artist with a unique sound that is rooted in his love for hip-hop music and culture.


About Styngray Styngray has gained recognition for his music by receiving an award of honorable mention from the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for the song entitled “I Want You”. He also received radio play and listener requests from college and major radio stations such as Foxie105fm (Columbus, Georgia), Chicago’s Power 92fm, and 107.5 WBLS in NYC. The single Against All Odds charted at #2 in the nation on the college radio charts. You can see and hear more from Styngray by visiting and by following him on social media @StyngrayChosen (Twitter / Instagram). For bookings, drops, features and/or interview requests contact First Kings Entertainment. Booking Contact: / (917) 202-8642

DJ Noize - Hot Right Now #14 | Urban Club Mix December 2017 | New Hip Hop R&B Rap Dancehall Songs by DJ Noize


DJ NOIZE DJ Noize - Hot Right Now #15 | Urban Club Mix January 2018 | New Hip Hop R&B Rap Dancehall Songs by DJ Noize


PAYROLL CRUNKATLANTA MAGAZINE "Big Bossin, Vol. 1, is a ridiculously solid piece of crisp, precise, nasty rap music that called back on the classic West Coast G-funk of the ’90s… On the first Vol. 2 track that they’ve shared, Payroll and Cardo team up with Bay Area legend E-40, who sounds right at home next to them. This is an excellent, unpretentious slow-creep rap song." – STEREOGUM (January 26, 2017 – New York, NY) Acclaimed Detroit MC Payroll Giovanni and Four-time Grammy®-nominated multi-platinum producer Cardo Got Wings - who this week saw his “God’s Plan” beat for Drake shatter the single day streaming records at both Spotify and Apple Music - have now joined forces with Def Jam Recordings to release their much anticipated, BIG BOSSIN VOL. 2. (Please see track listing below). Payroll & Cardo “Big Bossin Vol. 2”:

Among the featured guests on Payroll & Cardo’s BIG BOSSIN VOL. 2 is Def Jam superstar Jeezy on “Dopeman Dreams.” (Payroll is featured on “In A Major Way” from Jeezy’s brand new album Pressure. Also featured on VOL. 2 is prolific Bay Area rapper E-40 on “Mail Long,” which Stereogum called “an excellent, unpretentious slow-creeping rap song.” VOL. 2 is the follow-up to 2016’s critically acclaimed BIG BOSSIN VOL. 1. The New York Times stamped the project on their “Best Albums of 2016” list while Pitchfork proclaimed, “On Big Bossin Vol. 1, Detroit underground hero and Texas-based producer Cardo Got Wings work together to make a smooth, technicolor tribute to classic LA gangster rap.” The union of Payroll & Cardo is one of hip-hop’s unique collaborations in recent years. Cardo, who grew up in Minnesota and Texas, hasn’t let off the gas since his breakout moment providing production for Wiz Khalifa, a move that led to certified hits for everyone from Travi$ Scott to Kendrick Lamar (Damn, for which Cardo received two of his four Grammy® nominations). Detroit-bred Payroll has spent the past few years carving his own specific lane of rhymes representing the city’s hustler lifestyle. Through his solo work and with his crew Doughboyz Cashout, Payroll has received significant stamps of approval from the likes of Jeezy and local Detroit hero Big Sean.

BIG BOSSIN VOL. 2 track listing: 1. RAPPED MY WAY 2. STACK IT, STASH IT featuring Jade Jones 3. THING OR 2 4. MAIL LONG featuring E-40 5. 5’s AND 6’s 6. IN MY LIFETIME 7. DOPEMAN DREAMS featuring Jeezy 8. GOOD DAY TO GET MONEY 9. PLUG YOU featuring Cashout Calhoun & Overlord Scooch 10. 10 YEARS, 1 SUMMER 11. SO YOUNG 12. IN ME, NOT ON ME 13. TURN YA PHONE OFF featuring Yhung TO 14. CHILLS 15. DEEP 16. BYLUG OUTRO featuring Big Quis, Clay Baby, Dre Armani, Overlord Scooch, BMO Maine, Doughboy Roc & HBK



Str8ca$h Str8ca$h better know as O.T. Dennis has been writing music since 2001. Music writing and recording songs started off as a fun hobby until he realized the potential in his music. Str8ca$h represents small town Arcadia, Florida because he spent most of his childhood there. With a powerful message in every song and exquisite metaphors Str8ca$h put together and became Owner and CEO of the infamous SLYDEGANG ENT. In late 2017. After a lot of hard work and dedication Str8ca$h has successfully published his record label and succeeded in being an official BMI member. You can find music from Str8ca$h and other Slydegang members on every major music site including YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc... by typing in "Slydegang" on any music app or browser bar. Str8ca$h has released two world wide albums titled "Locally Hated" and "Hurricane Slydegang ". Str8ca$h will be releasing his hit single "KLEEN" in February, 2018. Str8ca$h is making his mark mainly in the southwest Florida area but he has traveled and performed shows in Georgia, Maryland, Delaware along with a lot of major cities in each state including Miami, Atlanta, Tampa, Baltimore etc. Currently, Str8ca$h resides in Arcadia, Florida and is ready to jump on any and every stage to get the crowd going.. For booking contact O.T. Dennis @ or add O.T.Dennis via Facebook


Linzie Smith


CRUNKATLANTA MAGAZINE Mr. Floss A Lot is a rapper and a producer from Detroit, Michigan that was signed to In Da Zone Records. Mr. Floss A Lot debuted with his debut cd in 1999 titled "Floss Pretensis" which featured members of Rock Bottom (Bathgate & Rod Dae). Then In 2000 Mr. Floss A Lot produced and was heavily featured on Platinum Side's album "The 21 Count Indictment" which also featured the two members from Rock Bottom as well as Big Herk. As time passed and with Mr. Floss A Lot out of the spot light in 2006 he released and produced an album with the group Y.B.I. and their album "Supply & Demand" which featured major artists such as The Game & Royce Da 5'9".

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Mercedes Ashley is a professional adult entertainer that has been featured in over 180 adult films and has been featured in popular magazines such as Penthouse, Gents, Club International, Hustler, Black Tail and Black Gold Magazine. This aggressive hot-blooded Puerto Rican woman hit the adult industry by storm giving the industry a new taste of lively, hot, dominant sex scenes. To find out more about Mercedes Ashley, feel free to drop her a line and visit her websites or simply type her name in any major search engine and you will find all her movies and her fanatical XXX adult film career will speak for themselves. Not only is she a talented film star, by day she is also a notorious website developer, graphic artist & IT specialist. The woman is the epitome of a triple threat, possessing beauty, intelligence and talent. Compared to other women, knowing her will be an enlightening experience that cannot be duplicated. You can’t get anymore woman than Mercedes.


Private Companion Hosting/Appearances Feature Dancing/Strip Club Appearances Bachelor Party Appearances Private Online Webcam Shows Phone Fun Webmaster Web Development & Interactive Media Student Social Network Management/Advertising Student

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