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Janice Lahoda photos

Brad and Janice Lahoda had a surprise on their front yard this weekend, just in time for Thanksgiving dinner. The family didn’t partake in the potential feast that arrived in their front yard, but rather enjoyed the show.

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2 – cRowSneSt PASS HeRALD – Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Recycling in Alberta options The Alberta government is partnering for pilot projects DaviD SelleS Pass Herald Reporter

The Alberta government and Alberta Recycling are partnering on a new pilot project at Alberta landfills. Jean Waldner, Office Supervisor for the Crowsnest Pincher Creek Landfill, says the project involved recycling new electronics. "It's an electronics expanded program through Alberta Recycling and previously, we would take things like computer equipment, monitors and TV’s and bigger electronics. We've always taken those items. With this new program, it's a two year pilot program that the government has provided the funds for and Alberta recycling is working with all the different landfills and we'll be collecting smaller appliances separately." The list of new acceptable recyclables has a broad range. "Things like an old drills or other tools, toasters, microwaves or satellite dishes, things that

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normally wouldn't be recycled. Other things like irons and curling irons as well are included in this program. Before they just went into the waste. Now they are trying to keep all those smaller items out of the waste stream.” Waldner says the landfills are working in conjunction with Alberta Recycling. "We are working with Alberta Recycling. We have different bins and bags that when people come to our recycling building, they can keep all that separate, give it to us and we'll make sure that it gets taken to our recycling facility and make sure it stays out of the waste stream. That's the whole idea of this." Due to it being a pilot project, Waldner says keeping track of everything is important. "It's a two-year pilot program. That's why we have to do counts and keep everything separate. The government will do a study and will find out exactly how much of this waste stream has been

kept out of the landfill and if it's worth it." As for other recyclables, Waldner says their new facility allows them to recycle many different items. “We built a new recycling building in 2017. We always have taken used oil, oil filters, oil containers, cooking oil, paint, household waste, batteries and those types of items. That's why we built this new building so that we could expand it and take more quantities of items like those. That's also where we store bigger electronics and we bale cardboard. We will take clean tin cans. Unfortunately we don't take plastic. We have no place to sell plastic or glass so unfortunately that is still being landfilled. We are working and trying to find some different venues for that." The Alberta government will re-assess the expanded electronics recycling program in two years to see if it is something worth continuing.

Stairway to Heaven Construction of the St. Theresa Catholic Church in Hillcrest circa 1925. The church was demolished in 1963. Gordon Ulrich photo

Wednesday, October 14, 2020 - Crowsnest PAss herAlD - 3

In the lIne of fIre Between October 5 and October 12, Crowsnest Pass RCMP responded to a total of 52 calls for service including the following reported incidents. Two (2) assaults, one (1) break and enter (other), four (4) t h re a t s / h a r a s s m e n t s , three (3) mischief (vandalism), two (2) thefts, three (3) disturbing the peace, two (2) other criminal codes, six (6) other provincial statutes, four (4) driving complaints, three (3) motor vehicle collisions, six (6) assistance to general public, five (5) suspicious occurrences, four (4) 911 calls (invalid), four (4) animal calls, one (1) municipal bylaws and two (2) lost and found. Theft On October 4th, 2020, there was a complaint of theft from work trucks parked on main street Blairmore. There was theft of power line tools and an orange Stihl chainsaw. The total ap-

proximate value is $4000. MVC On October 5th, 2020, at approximately 4:30 PM, there was a report of motor vehicle collision on highway 3 near Lundbreck, police attended. A 66-year-old male from BC showed signs of alcohol consumption. He provided samples of his breath resulting in charges of impaired driving. He was released on documents for Court. Break and Enter On October 5th, 2020, there was a complaint of a break and enter of a bar in Bellevue. Damage was done to the property and theft of liquor in amount of approximately $1000. The break and enter occurred sometime within the past week. Suspicious Persons On October 7th 2020, there was a report of suspicious persons in east Coleman area. Police attended and found a male and female with out-

~ rCMP news ~

standing warrants. Stolen property was recovered which had owner’s serial number on it. The female was arrested and the male fled the scene. Theft On October 7th, 2020, there was a complaint of theft from a work site at Burton Creek area. Theft of cable and cable reels of approximately $5000 in value were taken. The cable has Dynamysk and a large N painted on it. Mischief On October 8th, 2020, there was a complaint of mischief to a vehicle parked on 21st Avenue in Blairmore. Found Items RCMP have two found bikes, which were found in Blairmore area in the past couple of months. There is also one found ladies gym bag with clothes in it and a laptop that was found on 27 Avenue in Bellevue. Reminder to property owners to lock your

The Simple Raven’s Post by Avner Perl

When to step on the brake? I was so tired as I have never been before. Another great effort and a few thrusts with my great big black wings raised me up into another air stream where I could coast for a while, but the air stream highways were not behaving in a normal way. Again I plunged in a downward vortex, speeding towards the scorched earth below. There was nothing green and familiar. There were no other ravens in sight or any other living birds. Pain… burning my lungs, hurting my muscles, eyes dry and my cry was raspier than normal. I must have left the river I was following and now I was flying above a human city all black and dead. Nothing moved. My long fall was going to crush me to the ground, I didn’t care, but I heard the familiar swish of my wings and I was again rising to where the air was not so poisonous. A tall metal frame rose to meet me. It used to be one of the human skyscrapers once shiny with glass. I grabbed onto a beam and rested. There was nothing around that I could eat. A strange way to end life, even for an old raven. I had a thought that persisted and I hung on to it. It’s a dream. Only a dream. I moved and felt my familiar bed and blinked. On the opposite wall, I could see the door frame and through it the hallway night light. Thank you, Lord, I heard my human mouth whisper. It was only a dream. I know that we always dream, but since that night I never had another dream that I can remember. I never realized how important this blue water world is to a human, or even a to a raven, until I had that dream of the end of it. There was a strong emotional reaction in my brain. Before this, I believed that we would not be stupid enough to destroy our only planet, but now I believe it. Humans began existence as a single cell organism around four billion years ago according to science. Some religious scholars estimated Adam and Eve starting “life as we know it” at creation less than twenty thousand years ago. It doesn’t matter when, what matters is until when. In both cases, we were given intellect, consciousness, and free will. Each of us can choose to end life at any point and figure out how to do it. Nature is built around “natural” selection. The fittest reproduces and others disappear. The old testament glorified those who won wars, but we see some hints of compassion and cooperation in some ancient books. Still, competition is the driving force. Also, the idea of ethics and morality has seeped in. Cities and countries

doors and vehicles. Also mark your belongings and record serial numbers of tools and other important items. Be aware of a new scam. Victims get phone calls from someone pretending to be from Service Canada or another government agency, saying their social insurance number (SIN) has been blocked, compromised or suspended. The call might be one of the latest variations on caller ID in which fraudsters disguises the number seen on the ID display in order to trick victims into answering phone. The person will ask for SIN and other personal info, such as date of birth, address, etc. Victims who provide personal info are at risk of identity fraud. Anyone with information regarding any crime is urged to contact the Crowsnest Pass RCMP Detachment at 403-562-2867, or Crimestoppers to remain anonymous at 1-800-422TIPS.

DiD you know?

October the 10th was national metric day.

HWY #3, Frank • 562-8043

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took advantage of the weak and were told to repent or be destroyed. Two thousand years ago a powerful religion was created advocating sharing and cooperation as the solution for human misery. It was named Christianity and took over the world, gaining more followers than any other theory of governing. In recent history, people harnessed competition to be the driver of growth. It worked like a charm and soon altered Christianity, but the basics remained in human consciousness. We are the product of the conflict between two fundamental theories. Co-operation and empathy versus predatory competition. Do we starve people into working for our benefit or do we care for the least amongst us, trusting that all human life is beneficial? So far, our drive towards populating the earth and conquering nature to serve humans excelled. The competition proved to be a substantial driving force useful in many ways. Where there is no competition there is stagnation. The problem is that we did not set a high limit shutoff safety device. The race towards power derived from winning drove most of the benefits from human’s work and world resources into a few hands who have no sympathy for the majority of less competitive people. Hunger and sickness are used as a driving force. When a pandemic hit, the world was thrown into a backspin. The few who own most wealth (1%) naturally devastated the many with no consideration for their wellbeing, and everyone took sides. President George Bush summarized the situation preemptively. “You are either with us or against us.” Those who struggle to survive realized that being with “them” means the looming end of many lives of people whose labour is no longer needed while forgetting that they are also the consumers. The rich countries failed to win wars against poor countries. All we can do is keep people sick to sell medicines, keep people poor, and use trillions of dollars to bomb them, and destroy the environment, settling our future generations with paying to fix it. We are also good at pretending that we are not, but COVID exposed our weaknesses. Right at this moment, authoritarian regimes are using the rich private sector players against our liberal democracies to their advantage with China and Russia at the top of the list. We need to restrict private greed’s reach and power over governments. In the post COVID era, the “free world” must take charge, unite efforts and work towards shaping our world to be the haven of humanity that it was designed by God or nature to be. It is too late to always play the assumingly safe center position. I see two shadows passing on the ground and lift my gaze to the sky above. Two ravens are dancing the mating game above the green mountains. They trust that we humans will keep this gift we call world safe for their hatchlings, and ours. Will we have the guts to do it or will we sell out to selfish, greedy short-term profits. Will we build a better Christian world or avoid conflict and lose the world? Here is a link to my blog: https://thesimpleravenspost.blogspot.ca/ Feel free to check other articles and comment.

4 – crowsnest PAss HerALD – Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Wednesday, October 14, 2020 - Crowsnest PAss HerALD - 5

Council decides on fate of former Crowsnest Centre land in Blairmore DaviD SelleS Pass Herald Reporter

In the spring of 2020, Council approved to proceed with a comprehensive marketing strategy for the remaining lands of the Crowsnest Crossing site. With the Hotel Study and the Retail and Commercial Market Gap Analysis complete, the next step is to complete some concept designs and then this will be packaged up and a commercial broker will be retained to sell the property. Two new concepts have been explored along with the original concepts prior to moving ahead with this project. The concepts have tried to integrate the various pieces of the site including existing accesses and the pathway. The two new concepts also considered future access alignments and specific lot configurations to maximize effi-

A&K GenerAl


403-563-7285 • jfilipuzzi@shaw.ca

ciency for lot design and building arrangements. The third option, which shows the original concept, is for comparison purposes and shows the most likely scenario if the lots were sold individually. All of the options include a 2-acre site for a hotel, which was the size that was advised from the

hotel study. Council made the decision to go with option number one. Mayor Painter says council felt it was the best layout for the space. "We chose option one. We thought that it was the best possible plan we could come up with. It had good continuity through the site and con-

These three maps are concept drawings that council chose from for the Crowsnest Crossing Site. Council decided to pick option one for the site. Official drawings based on option one for the site will be created in the future.

necting to the Crowsnest Landing Site to the Mac's Store and the Tim Hortons. We also liked where it came out onto 107 Street across from the hospital, which makes good sense. Overall, we saw it as our best option." The decision by council to choose option one was unanimous.


oliver on october 26th!

6 – crowsnest PAss HerALD – Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Editorial There are a lot of people that don’t like me. I get that concept. I’m opinionated and I use my voice. When you are both those things, you tend to set yourself up for criticism. For that reason, people usually either really like me or really don’t and you know what? I’m okay with that. Now, add into the picture the fact that I run a newspaper and you really are just setting yourself up for target practice. My mom and I are very similar. You either liked or hated Gail. Rarely was their ever an inbetween. The thing with Gail though is that she was a fighter. She would stick up for any cause or person she believed in. If she was on your side, you had a valuable ally, but get on her wrong side and... Sam Marra and my mom were on council together and they didn’t agree on much and to be honest, they were not friends. However much they didn’t like each other, Mr. Marra, as I referred to him, was always super good with me. He was kind and thoughtful and I considered him my friend. He never took his dislike for my mother out on me. Many people did, but not him, and I remembered and respected that about him. I think my mom did, too. What I hate about who I am is when people take their dislike about me out on my kids. My kids are neutral. They don’t know me as ‘that woman’ that has opinions. They think of me as their mom, who would walk over fire to save them. They just love me. So for someone to take their dislike of me out on my kids is a really crappy thing. They shouldn’t have to defend their mother or her opinions in the paper to anyone. I just want to get this straight. When I write an editorial, I’m writing it. Not my staff, not the news in the paper, ME. Please try to remember that. It’s my opinion only and no one else’s. My editorials are supposed to question you, the reader. They’re supposed to bring up debate, both for and against. They’re supposed to allow comment. They’re not supposed to be an avenue for any adult to belittle my child, to make them feel guilty for not defending their mom in a room full of adults snubbing their mom or this paper. Please try to remember that. My kids are good people. I have raised them to be strong, to question things, to have opinions. I didn’t raise them to have to defend me. Also, because we are a paper, we give first right to stories and photos of events that are advertised in our paper. We try to cover everything, but sometimes, with conflicting schedules, we will cover the events that bring on revenue and help us pay our bills. Sometimes, it’s taken for granted that advertising on Facebook is enough, but then we get a call to cover an event because said group wants coverage. Well, if it’s not advertised, sometimes we either don’t know it’s happening or we just can’t make it covering events that were advertised. With one reporter and a limited budget, it’s just economics and nothing personal. So, please, if you have an issue with me, take it up with me. Don’t get mad at David if he can’t make an event because I sent him somewhere else. Don’t get mad at my kids because they are just kids and they love their mom. How about just talk to me? I’ve been in this industry a long time. My skin is thick and my shoulders broad. How about just be a decent person!

Letters to the the Editor Policy: The Pass Herald welcomes Letters to the Editor that examine issues, but reserves the right to edit for length, libel and syntax. Writers must sign letters and include first and last names, address and telephone number. Address and telephone numbers will not be published. Only in exceptional cases will the Pass Herald withhold the name of the writer and in those cases the writer must disclose his/her name, address and telephone number to the Editor. Electronic email will be considered an electronic signature. Letters to the Editor do not reflect the opinion of the Pass Herald. Letters cannot exceed 1,000 words. We have limited space, but we do enjoy printing every article. So please, to allow everyone to express their opinion, keep the letters short and to the point. We do have the right to refuse any letter that in our judgement may contain libel or libelous opinions. Should a litigation result from your letter, you as the writer are responsible but so is this newspaper as the publisher. The Pass Herald is a family owned community newspaper and therefore reserves the right to refuse any advertisement that in our opinion does not follow our mandate. We cannot accept advertisements or letters criticizing or disparaging other advertisers, companies or individuals or any advertisements directed to a religion or race.

Why can’t university students attend classes but school kids can? Dear Editor; I have a deep concern regarding the wisdom of Alberta Education not allowing university and technical school students

to physically attend school. The universities and technical schools are saving thousands of dollars on maintenance, electric-

ity and heating expenses yet there has been an increase in the tuition and adult students are expected to pay this increase and still teach themselves.

Why is it children from Kindergarten to Grade 12 can be allowed to go to school but adults cannot?? Sharon Groat

October is Breast Cancer screening awareness month Community Update - AHS

Breast Cancer Screening Awareness Month is every October, and women are reminded to get checked for breast cancer. Breast cancer is still a problem in Alberta and the most common type of cancer for women. In fact, one out of every eight women will be diagnosed in her lifetime. And each day a woman in Alberta will die from the disease. But breast cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence. If we can catch it early, we can treat it and beat it. Screening mammograms are a way to do just

that. Using special x-rays of the breast that check for signs can help find breast cancer two to three years before it can be felt by a woman or her doctor. Mammograms are the best test we have for breast cancer, and the only test that has been shown to lower the chance of dying by 30 per cent. Thanks in part to screening mammograms, most women (almost 90 per cent) are now surviving breast cancer. Should you get a mammogram? Women ages 50 to 74 should plan to have a mammogram once every two years, and can self-refer. Women in

Bricks & Bouquets

their 40s can speak to their doctor, and get a referral for their first screening mammogram. Screening mammograms are available at many clinics in Alberta. To find the closest screening mammography centre near you, call Health Link at 811 or Screening Programs at 1-866-727-3926. Screen Test is a service that brings free screening mammograms to rural communities with two mobile clinics. To find out when the next clinic is in your area, call 1-800-6670604 (toll free). What else can you do to prevent breast cancer?

You can talk to your doctor about your family history of breast cancer and know your risk. Know how your breasts normally look and feel, and get them checked if you find anything unusual. And of course a healthy lifestyle is important. Limiting alcohol and smoking can also help lower your risk. Prevention is the best protection. A screening mammogram can save your life. Get a screening mammogram in October. To find out more about breast cancer screening in Alberta, visit www.screeningforlife.ca.

This is your column, THE  READERS, use it but please don’t abuse it. All Bricks &  Bouquets are expressions from OUR READERS and do not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of THIS newspaper. If you wish to expressly thank someone, please use our CARD OF THANKS section of this newspaper. We appreciate you making this column a success, and keep sending us your Bricks and Bouquets. All Bricks and Bouquets are kept on file at the Pass Herald.

BOUQUETS - To the town workers for doing a great job fixing the hole in front of my house before winter hits.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2020 - crowsnest PAss HerALD - 7

John Pundyk.CoM

Simply Selles


Musings from you local reporter

This year has been a strange one. With Covid affecting our day-to-day lives, sometimes it’s felt like this year would never end and yet I feel almost surprised that it’s already Thanksgiving. I have a lot to be thankful for this year. I was blessed and thankful I could stay employed throughout the pandemic while also being able to explore the community throughout the summer months. I’m thankful I was still able to travel to Ontario this summer for my brother’s wedding as well after my family became uncertain if we’d still be able to go. The thing I’m most thankful for throughout this year so far has been the time I’ve spent with my family and friends. I’m blessed to have found a job so close to home that I’m able to drive the short hour and a half back to Lethbridge to see them on weekends. I had the chance to spend more time with them this past weekend. I was able to spend Friday with some friends playing an afternoon of Spikeball. It was a great way to start of my weekend. Saturday was spent at home with some of my family enjoying a more relaxing day. Sunday was our Thanksgiving dinner day. Everyone from my family, other than my brother and sister-in-law in Ontario, were there to celebrate together. I was able to enjoy my mom’s turkey and stuffing along with all the other great dishes my siblings made and we had a great afternoon and evening together. Monday was another relaxing day spent with my parents and a friend I went to the driving range and hit a bucket of balls with my budy before enjoying the rest of the day with my parents. I’m so incredibly blessed to be part of such a loving family. I hope everyone else had a great thanksgiving with family and friends.

Royal LePage South Country Real Estate Services Ltd. coleman Fantastic location among Douglas Fir trees in Pineview. Spacious 3 + 1 bedroom, 2 + ½ bathroom home has incredible mountain views to the south and north. Newer windows and roof. Updated mechanical. Beautiful yard with back lane access. 24’ X 48’ solarium. Close to all amenities and 4season mountain adventures. $389,000 CALL JOHN MLS

26 KananaSKIS coURT Spectacular south-facing mountain lot. Northside of the valley, off Alberta Forest Trunk Road, and Forest Reserve. Sun exposure all year round. Suitable for a walk-out bungalow looking towards the South Range and the Flathead. No timeline to start building. 1/3 acre with all required services: water, sewer, power, gas, cable, telephone. $127,000 CALL JOHN MLS

14 IRonSTone 4 bedroom, 3 bath Ironstone Lookout end unit. Open floor plan. Vaulted ceilings. Master bdrm with large walk-in closet and ensuite. Fully developed basement with media room and wet bar. Two gas fireplaces. Central air. Central vac. Large double car garage. Main floor laundry. All appliances. Fantastic view of Crowsnest mountain. CALL JOHN MLS

coleman Six bedroom, 5 bathroom home facing the Flat Head Mountain Range. Incredible views. 2 gas fireplaces. High ceilings 3 levels. Tremendous B&B potential. Large decks. Two soaker tubs. 4 pc ensuite in the master bedroom. Two-piece ensuite in a bedroom on lower level. Laundry room on each floor. Great for growing family and entertaining. Attached double car. $629,000 CALL JOHN MLS

BelleVUe commeRcIal Commercial land with east and west bound access on busy Hwy 3 corridor. Located at first entrance to Crowsnest Pass with access to municipal water and sewer. Tremendous traffic count in front of the property. Zoned commercial and suitable for many different activities. $190,000 CALL JOHN MLS


York Creek Lodge is now accepting applications for residency. We provide meals and snacks, weekly room cleaning, foot doctor clinics, medical clinics, resident laundry, and caring staff 24 hours a day who are dedicated to your wellbeing and comfort.

Newly refreshed 2 bedroom, main floor apartment condominium. New flooring, paint and newer appliances. Unit is close to laundry room and steps from the backdoor to the parking lot. Affordable, high quality accommodations in beautiful Crowsnest Pass. $105,000 CALL JOHN MLS

Current residents will be given priority on the move to the new Peaks to Pines Lodge in Coleman.


To guarantee your room in the new building, become a resident today! Please call the Resident Care Manager (Crystal) at 403-753-8050 for more information.

PRIme BUIlDInG loTS Timberline ridge in Bellevue offers a sunny location, beautiful mountain views and wide paved streets. These prime building lots are available at affordable prices, from $68,000 to $140,000. Large and fully serviced lots have underground power, easy topography, and are ready for the spring building season. Crowsnest Pass offers unparalleled value in the Canadian Rockies. Active, friendly community. CALL JOHN FOR MORE INFORMATION MLS

562-8830 jpundyk@shaw.ca 31 IRonSTone Beautiful bungalow under construction at Ironstone Lookout. Open floor plan with luxurious finishes. Magnificent mountain views. Unobstructed vista to the south. Two bedrooms up and two down. 3 bathrooms. Kitchen with quartz counter-tops. Spacious media room. Large double car garage and driveway. Hardwood and tile flooring. Main floor laundry. Tremendous value for a luxurious home. Choice of finishes if bought early in the process. The purchase price does not include GST. $419,000 + GST CALL JOHN MLS

BlaIRmoRe One of a kind historic brick home located on an extra-large corner lot in Blairmore. This five-bedroom, four-bathroom home was built in 1920 with brick.. Self-contained apartment on second level. Amazing decks and backyard. Huge lot. Possibility of building another home without compromising the existing living and outdoor spaces. 24’ x 38’ garage, large garden shed and fenced RV parking. Phenomenal value and potential. $499,000 CALL JOHN MLS

BelleVUe Fantastic opportunity for commercial location along busy Highway 3. East and West bound traffic access. Currently occupied as a successful fly-fishing shop, known to fly fishermen throughout Canada and the U.S. Can be sold as a business to someone wishing for a change of pace or for a property that can be re-purposed. C1 zoning allows for different opportunities. High traffic volume in front of the property. $435,000 CALL JOHN MLS

coleman Solid 2 bedroom home with a newer 16x26 garage. Located on corner lot, very sunny Coleman location. Great mountain views. Fenced yard and RV parking. Affordable mountain get-away or revenue property. Very solid foundation for home in this price range. Crowsnest Pass offers tremendous opportunity for mountain enthusiasts. $135,000 CALL JOHN MLS

BlaIRmoRe commeRcIal Opportunity for first class office space in busy downtown Blairmore location. Currently used as a mine office, but may be re-purposed into any other commercial use. Excellent main street location. Current zoning is commercial. $104,000 CALL JOHN MLS

lUnDBRecK HoTel Live and work next to magnificent Alberta Rockies in Lundbreck. Large cinderblock building includes a restaurant, tavern, seven rooms, plus spacious manager's suite. 1.57 acres of land allows for plenty of parking. Large lawn. Huge garage. Close to Crowsnest/Castle rec area. Affordable opportunity for a new lifestyle. $210,000 CALL JOHN MLS

24 IRonSTone 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom, bungalow with vaulted ceilings and open floor plan. Hardwood flooring, alder wood cabinets and quartz counters. Stainless steel appliances and gas fireplace. Master suite with large walk-in closet and 3-piece bathroom. Double car garage. Main floor laundry hookups and downstairs laundry. Spacious family room downstairs with wide stairway. Ample parking and beautiful green space. $334,000 CALL JOHN MLS

KananaSKIS WIlDS South facing, stunning mountain views and mature douglas fir trees. Great building site. All services, including water, sewer and high speed internet at property. Special mountain community, northside of the valley above Coleman, just off Kananaskis Hwy. Beautiful 1/3 of an acre fully serviced lot. $119,000 CALL JOHN MLS

New ShowhomeS

8 – Crowsnest Pass HeraLD – Wednesday, October 14, 2020

“The Chair” A new book by Rick Gillis

Now aVaiLaBLE at tHE CrowSNESt PaSS PUBLiC art GaLLEry GiFt SHoP

Our Home Page

A collection of nine short stories by the author of “The Boy Who Couldn’t Die and “Buckskin Girl and Blackheart” LiMitED EDitioN oF FirSt PriNtiNG. JUSt iN tiME For CHriStMaS GiFt GiViNG! Ph: 403.320.9704 • rrgillis@telusplanet.net



Glen Girhiny on october 26

• Former business owner on Main Street Blairmore • Volunteered on Ducks Unlimited for 30 years • Member of EDC Committees, Historic Society Board • Lifelong resident of Crowsnest Pass

Last year I didn’t have a chance to see what fall was like in the Crowsnest Pass because of the snowstorm at the end of September. This year however, I now know just how beautiful the area is at this time of year. The different colours and backdrops of the mountains make this area an amazing one to be in during the fall months. 

David Selles photos

Wednesday, October 14, 2020 - CrowsnEsT Pass HEraLD - 9

To the Electorate of the Crowsnest Pass Municipality: Submitted

Crowsnest Candy Co. This weekend saw the soft opening of the Crowsnest Candy Company in Blairmore in the Steiger Floors building. Owners Val Gingrich, left, and Yvonne Gingrich, right, stand in front of one of the many candy displays. The store is open 7 days a week from 11 am - 7 pm. Lisa Sygutek photo

My name is Oliver Strickland. I am running for Councillor in the upcoming 2020 Municipal By-Election. I have lived in the Crowsnest Pass for the last forty years. I have worked as a mine supervisor, successfully operated a small business here and I currently work for a local Property Developer and as a local Realtor. With the Crowsnest Pass on the verge of growing and expanding I feel that I can bring lots of experience to the table and the ability to communicate with all User Groups, Community Members and Public Works to be able to articulate their concerns to council. I have seven years of experience on our Economic Development Committee, the last three years as Chairman. I have experience of working closely with our Mayor, Council, and town Administration. The Economic Development Committee accomplished

many tasks with in the community such as, being part of the new tourism website gocrowsnest.ca, adding the "welcomes you" signs at the highway entrances (with the East sign we added trees and landscaping), help with the new patio bylaws and establishing a sign bylaw. I have attended numerous Trade Shows to promote our Community and local groups. I gained experience in advancing ideas into practical works. I was a Health Foundation Trustee for three years before moving onto the Economic Development Committee. In the Health Foundation, I helped organize the Annual Kathy Allsop Memorial Golf Tournament which raised a substantial financial contribution to our local hospital. In those forty years I have seen our community survive numerous ups and downs because the Pass is a unique and special community. I be-

lieve that we have the ability to build on our history, tourism and industry combined. We are one of the better remaining places in Alberta, offering a mountain environment and a welcoming community, a place where people can work, play, and put down roots to live economically. I am passionate about where and how the Pass can develop and how we can prosper in the future. With my experience, I know that I will fit well with the existing Mayor and Council. On October 24th Vote for OLIVER STRICKLAND.

10 – Crowsnest Pass HeraLD – Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Crowsnest Pass Municpal council briefs and updates DaviD SelleS Pass Herald Reporter

The following topics were discussed at the Regular Council Meeting on Tuesday October 6, 2020. Oldman River Regional Services Commission Municipal Development Plan – Ryan Dyck, Planner ORRSC The Oldman River Regional Services Commission (ORRSC) has requested to present the final draft of the Municipal Development Plan for Council review and feedback. Once the final review has been completed, the Municipal Development Plan can be advanced to the next stage to proceed to First Reading of the Municipal Development Plan Bylaw at a future meeting of Council. After hearing the update, Council was pleased and has decided to bring it to the MPC for

some feedback before moving forward with first reading in the near future. Interim Alberta Police Advisory Board Survey Administration was contacted by AUMA to participate in a survey for the Interim Alberta Police Advisory Board on 2021/22 provincial policing priorities and the buildup of the provincial police service. The survey is in part due to the strong advocacy from AUMA that Alberta municipalities should have meaningful input into setting policing priorities and determining how new police resources are distributed. As part of the advocacy, the Minister of Justice and Solicitor General has established the Alberta Police Advisory Board to give municipalities a stronger voice in RCMP policing oversight

and resource deployment. The Interim Board is the first phase of the implementation and will focus on establishing the operational board's structure and scope. The Interim Board is made up of four representatives from the RMA Board, four representatives from the AUMA Board and one representative from the Alberta Association of Police Governance Executive. Once the Interim Board has completed its mandate, it will reach out to municipalities looking for nominations to serve on the operational Police Advisory Board. Council spent some time during the meeting completing the survey together. Community Peace Officer Enforcement Administration is requesting that Council provides broad guidance for areas of community

concern they would like the Community Peace Officer program to focus on. Administration understands Council's desire to have the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass represented as a clean, safe and desirable place for our residents and visitors. The Community Peace Officer (CPO) program works very hard to support this. With the relaunch of the CPO program, Administration would like to discuss with Council any areas of particular focus and attention so that an aligned program can be delivered. This calibration process should aid in more efficient operations and reduce any uncertainties there might be. It is well understood that in functioning Municipal enforcement, that implementing pressure to comply with bylaws and Provincial statutes often

results in various emotions from the public. Administration would like to check in with Council, prior to working at full capacity, to see how we can best support their community vision. It was brought up by multiple Councillors that they would like to see the Peace Officers engage with the community and get to know residents early in their stay. Mayor Painter also mentioned he would like to see some door knocking type of engagement with the community, spend a majority of their time in community standards and enforcement and then the rest of their time being on residential streets. Bellevue Mainstreet and 22 Avenue Blairmore Underground Utility Conditions Council asked Administration to complete a review of 213 Street in Bellevue and 22 Avenue in Blairmore to determine the condition of the utilities for each project and whether they should move ahead with surfacing improvements. The intent of the review was to estimate a remaining service life for the deep utilities to determine if the provision of surface improvements could be considered prior to deep utility improvements and whether there would be significant throw away related to future replacement of the deep utilities. For 22 Avenue the project extents are from 113 Street to 125 Street and the surface improvements include curb, storm upgrades, sidewalk on one side, asphalt surfacing, boulevard improvements, pathway connections at each intersection, illumination adjustments and pavement markings. For 213 Street the project extents are 21 Avenue to 27 Avenue and the surface improvements include streetscaping, curb, storm upgrades, sidewalk on both sides, asphalt surfacing, boulevard improvements, pathway connections at each intersection, illumination adjustments and pavement markings. Based on information available from roadway assessments, sanitary sewer inspections, future planned utility improvements and

known servicing issues/constraints, an option that includes replacement/rehabilitation of utilities prior to roadway rehabilitation will minimize the throwaway costs related to future utility upgrades. In both cases, it is expected that utility replacements would be required prior to the end of life of the surface improvements. After discussion, Councillor Glavin made a motion that Council take some time to decide on where they see the priority being and that the decision can be made at the next council meeting. That motion as carried. Forest Protection Area (FPA) Jurisdiction Administration has been actively pursuing an alteration to the urban service area within the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass. This has not been an easy process due to longstanding legislation throughout various levels of government. The geographical relationship between the Municipality and the FPA, in todays era, has become complex and provides an unnecessary level of confusion within our Municipality. The Forest and Prairie Protection Act identifies the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass as an "urban municipality" however the Crowsnest Pass Regulation identifies "urban municipalities" as Blairmore, Coleman, Bellevue, and Frank with all other areas categorized as "improvement district areas". The MGA gets involved as well but to a lesser extent. While these three sources of legislation do not contradict each other they do compete with each other. Administration has been able to work successfully with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AAF) and Municipal Affairs where there now appears to be an agreeance of mutually agreed upon, FPA boundary lines. This will alter the authority having jurisdiction for the majority of our populated areas, from the FPA to the Municipality. It should be recognized that there will be no decrease of fire protection for our population with this proposed change. Cont’d on page 15

Wednesday, October 14, 2020 - crowsnest pass HeraLD - 11

Crowsnest Pass Herald

HALLOWEEN COLOURING CONTEST Name:___________________________________________________________aGe:_____________ aDDReSS:______________________________________________________________________________ PHONe:___________________________________emaIL:_______________________________________

Please mail or dropp off entries to: Crowsnest Pass Herald, Box 960, Blairmore, aB, T0K 0e0 Deadline for entries is October 26th, 2020

12 – CROWSNEST PaSS hERald – Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Wednesday, October 14, 2020 - crowsnest PAss HerALD - 13

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Residential & Commercial Excavating Landscaping • Snow Removal





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14 – Crowsnest pass HeraLD – Wednesday, October 14, 2020

office adminisTraTor

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To inquire about the availability of an apartment for rent in Blairmore call 403-562-8144. 1 TFN/NC

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In Memoriam

the Quad Squad is looking for a self-motivated individual to assume the duties of Office Administrator at our office in the Crowsnest Pass. the Applicant should be familiar with accounting programs, paying invoices etc, and computer skills. the ability to work with Microsoft word, excel, webpage, Facebook, and the current email program, raffle and grant applications, related general office and secretarial duties, knowledge of local AtV trails an asset. to work in harmony with the Board of Directors, and to interact with the General Public and Government Officials.

if you are interested, please send your resume to www.quadsquad.ca For more information please contact Gary Clark, President at 403-753-0029. This competition ends October 30th, 2020.

Thank You

In loving memory of our dear son and brother Martin, who lost his life in a car accident on October 15, 1976 at the age of 16 years.

There’s a face that is haunting us ever, There’s a voice that we’re longing to hear, There’s a smile we’ll remember forever, Though we try to forget every tear. There’s a sad but sweet remembrance, There’s memory fond and true There’s a token of affection, dear and heartaches still for you. Forever loved and sadly missed always by your families

In Memoriam In loving memory of

20-24 hrs. per week to care for a 22 year old young lady affected by Cerebral Palsy. Some household duties required as needed, Must provide recent references, resume and police vulnerable check. Please call 403-753-5303. Location: Blairmore, AB. Available to work evenings and some weekends.

this position is for three days a week, Wednesday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Starting wage is $16.00 hour.

In loving memory of

Martin Graf

Part Time: position available

With deep appreciation and gratitude, our family wants to thank Fantin’s Funeral Chapel staff: Shane, SheilaRae and Darrell for their guidance and support to our family in our time of grief. We especially want to acknowledge Shane for his top-shelf professionalism, tenderness and comfort to our family throughout this entire process. We also want to express our sincere thanks to the many friends, extended family members, and members from the CNP community who have reached out to share their condolences and their memories of Jo-Anne with us. Your tributes, prayers and thoughtfulness have brought great strength to us in our grief. We also want to thank all of those able to attend Jo-Anne’s Celebration of Life on October 9. Your kindness in honouring Jo-Anne’s life and supporting our families will be remembered always.

~ The Paulsen and Dobek families

Help Wanted ChRiS’ ReStAuRANt Looking for a part time waitress and a casual part time dishwasher. Must apply with resume. 7802-17 Ave, Coleman NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND CLAIMANTS Estate of ROSIE GETTMAN, who died on September 26th, 2020. If you have a claim against this estate, you must file your claim by November 16th, 2020. and provide details of your claim with

David Gettman 156 Norwich Cr. Sherwood Park T8A 551

If you do not file by the date above, the estate property can lawfully be distributed without regard to any claim you may have.

ricky SyGutek In loving memory of our dear brother Ricky, who left us suddenly on October 15, 1976 at the age of 16 years I have not turned my back on you, so there is no need to cry. I'm watching you from heaven, just beyond the morning sky. I've seen you almost fall apart, when you could barely stand. I asked the Lord to comfort you, and watched him take your hand. He told me you are in more pain, then I could ever be. He wiped his eyes and swallowed hard, then gave your hand to me. Although you may not feel my touch, or see me by your side. I've whispered that I love you, while I wiped each tear you cried. So please try not to ache for me, we'll meet again one day, beyond the dark and stormy sky, a Rainbow lights the way. Always in our hearts and thoughts, we love you dearly Gary, Lisa and families


And so much more!

“May you always walk in sunshine”


Get Your croWsnest pass Herald online 

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PAss HerALD - 15 Wednesday, October 14, 20203” - crowsnest wide version


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Council briefs cont’d from page 10 There are strong mutual aid agreements in place between AAF, the Municipality and our neighboring communities, if required. With the proposed alteration, the Municipality will be able to assess and control our fire control levels that are specific to us rather than a larger region such as the FPA. Of note, the Municipality will always work harmoniously with AAF for the greatest level of public safety. An increase in jurisdiction will result in increased work levels for Crowsnest Pass Fire Rescue with additional fire permits, fireworks permits, and emergency response. Councillor Filipuzzi put forward a motion in support of the new FPA maps. That motion was carried. Bylaw 1055, 2020 – General Committees Bylaw – Third Reading Council has had con-

siderable discussion on the General Committees Bylaw over the last two years on the mandates for each of the advisory committees that will be within this bylaw. After the August 18, 2020 Council discussion, Administration amended the proposed bylaw to remove the two committees that are still being discussed so that the bylaw can move forward for the remaining committees. Administration will schedule time for Council to have further discussion on the Governance and Priorities Committee as well as the Protective Services Advisory Committee and then if needed, draft an amending bylaw to include them within 1055, 2020. Council gave first reading on September 1, 2020 and second reading on September 29, 2020. While there is still discussion occurring around the man-


dates of the Governance and Priorities Committee and the Protective Services Advisory Committee, this has prevented the bylaw from proceeding for the other committees. To allow Council adequate time to deliberate on how they see these two committees in the future, Administration has amended the proposed bylaw by removing these two committees at this time. After a decision has been made, an amending bylaw can be drafted to include them within the General Committees Bylaw. Councillor Ward had given some proposed amendments at the September 29, 2020 Council meeting. Administration would recommend against some of the updates, as the position identified within the amendments as manager would not actually be a manager and this could create confusion. The cur-

rent wording cites CAO and CAO is defined as CAO or designate. If preferred, Administration would suggest modifying the other Schedules to instead also refer to CAO for all of the committees, so that they had similar wording. The additional item is to remove the Socio-Community and Economic Effects Advisory Committee until a later date. Administration would support this request. After discussion, Councillor Ward made a motion that when the bylaw tourism levy comes back, council will address the expenditure of funds raised and marketing of the community and if council so desires, readdress the community marketing advisory committee terms of reference. That motion was carried. Councillor Ward also made a motion for third reading and that motion was carried.

Betty MacDonald (née McNeil) March 24, 1931 - October 7, 2020

We hold you close within our hearts, and there you shall remain. It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Betty MacDonald from Sherwood Park, AB. Betty was born and raised in Hillcrest, Alberta to Phillip and Christina McNeil. During her early years, she enjoyed climbing Turtle Mountain, visiting Castle River, and going to the Beaver Mine rodeos. She fondly remembered fishing and camping trips, dances and movies, wearing saddle shoes, bell-bottoms, and hot pink and lime green capri pants. She moved from Hillcrest to Calgary in 1950 to earn her Teaching Certificate. There, she made many long-time friends; including one of the most influential persons in her life, her future sister-in-law Isobel McNeil (McKendrick). The first year she taught, she was in a one-room schoolhouse in Pincher Creek and was paid $119/month. Betty taught from 1950-1989. She was a much beloved grade 1to 3 teacher in Hillcrest, Pincher Creek, Fairview, Whitehorse, Grande Prairie and Sherwood Park. Betty will be forever missed by her husband Bob, her children Larry (Monique), Peggy, Don and Neil, grandchildren Dustin (Cecilia), Ali (Brett), Naomi, Sarah, Zach, Brody and Sophie (Zach), great-grandchildren Raina and Joey, brother Phillip McNeil and many nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by her parents and siblings Sr Teresina (Sisters of St Martha), Slim (Hugh), Joe, Mort, and Red (Alex) McNeil. Funeral will be held on October 25, 2020 at 4:30pm at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Sherwood Park. Note: Limited seating due to Covid-19, please RSVP with family. The funeral Mass will be live streamed https://www.olph.ca/video/ . In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Alzheimer's Society of Alberta. Funeral preparations by Glenwood Funeral Home and Cemetery in Sherwood Park, Alberta.

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Nov 17, 2020


AWC & ABC Region 1

The Coast Hotel

Nov 18, 2020


AWC & ABC Region 2

Strathmore Civic Centre

Nov 19, 2020



Bowden Community

Nov 23, 2020


AWC & ABC Region 4

Bonnyville Centennial Centre

Nov 24, 2020


AWC & ABC Region 5

Westlock Inn

Nov 26, 2020


AWC Region 5 & ABC Region 6

Rycroft Ag Centre

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16 – CrowSneSt PASS HerALD – Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Carson Gunn and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome DaviD SelleS Pass Herald Reporter

ical school. Gunn says that according to Carson's doctor, it will never make it to the medical textbooks either. "Dr. Hoffman says it will never happen because there are too many types of disorders that are not covered. It is a disease but it's not really considered one to the medical world." In a GoFundMe set up by Travaglia, she writes, “Chronic fatigue syndrome is a disease that affects 580,000 people in Canada and 1 million people in the United States. CFS lasts for about five years in the average person, but it can take as long as 20 years to recover from. That is a quarter of someone's life lost to a disease with no treatment or cure under Alberta Health Care.” Gunn says that Carson is the one who looked into CFS and found a specialist to see who then pointed them in the direction of another doctor. "Carson tracked down a specialist. Dr. Stein in Calgary. She specializes in this disorder. She assessed him and checked him out and then recommended to see Dr. Hoffman who's an inte-

The Gunn family has been going through a long and difficult process. Their son Carson was recently diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Carson's father Doug Gunn says that it's taken a heavy toll on his son. "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has made it so he can't do anything. He's bedridden. He can't even stand up. His body won't create energy anymore. It most likely started from a virus but he has numerous triggers they call them. There's a bit of mold, he's got high aluminum and other chemical sensitivities. Gunn says multiple things lead to where Carweeks with treatments son is today. and now he's home until "It sounds like numore treatments happen merous things caused in Calgary." this. The doctor in CalThere is no set time gary who's been treating frame for Carson's recovhim says it's a number of ery at this point. things that piled up and "There's no timeline then his thyroid had some with this. Its just treatissues and he was taking ment until he gets better." thyroid meds and that These treatments was kind of the start of it." aren't cheap either. Gunn says Carson Since Dr. Hoffman is passed out at work and private, the Gunn family that's when symptoms rehas had to pay for all his ally started to show. treatments. "At work near With no the end of Februtimeline on a re"Our main goal is to raise awareary he kind of had covery, the ness too. People don't even know a crash and passed Gunn's are about it. I had never heard of it out and he's never fundraising to been the same until Carson was diagnosed." help pay for Carsince that very son's treatments. moment. He has- Doug Gunn So far, funds n't worked since have been raised that moment and through the Gowas unable to walk for 2 grated medicine special- FundMe set up by months and he's been ist. He does a mixture of Travaglia and also bedridden for 4 months.” medical and health food through her work at the Gunn says one of the and even naturopath. Canadian Brewhouse in most frustrating aspects He's kind of a mixture of Lethbridge. of this is that it took so everything to treat very Their total goal is curlong to get a diagnosis. similar things to this. He's rently at $60,000 and they "Doctors don't even good but he's not as in have managed to raise know about it. Not one tune with it as Dr. Stein just over $30,000 so far doctor here or in Leth- but Dr. Stein doesn't treat through the GoFundMe bridge would even recog- him. She doesn't have a and another $6,000 nize his symptoms. They place or way to treat him." through the Canadian said there's nothing According to Gunn, Brewhouse. wrong with him. It was there are many different Gunn says the family pretty frustrating they types of treatment that feels blessed at this time said it was all in his head. Carson is receiving. with the support they've This is a guy who can run "He's been getting received. an ultra-marathon. It's not treated through drugs, "We've been lucky in his head," said Gunn. supplements, through enough with friends and "You can find all diet and even something relatives dropping of kinds of information on- called neurotherapy cheques at the house. It's line. Anyone who wants where they put a cap on been good. We've done to Google it it's all there his head to stimulate the okay. It's been pretty nice but doctors still don't brain." compared to where we'd know anything about it. The treatments have be without these donaIt's pretty sad." meant lots of travel for tions." Carson's girlfriend Gunn. Gunn says there are Ciana Travaglia, says it's "I've been back and also plans with Pure not even taught in med- forth to Calgary for six Country for a fundraiser

Carson Gunn has been living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the last number of months. It wasn’t until recently that he was officially diagnosed and began expensive treatments in Calgary. Carson is resting at home currently but will have to return to Calgary for more treatments and tests in the near future. Submitted photos

for Carson. While their current goal is $60,000, Gunn says costs could climb higher with the uncertainty of Carson's recovery. "We don't know what the end result is going to be. We just have no way of knowing. In three months is Dr. Hoffman going to want all these tests again? We just don't know. It depends on Carson's progress," said Gunn. "We're going to need more. Another $20,000 or

another $40,000. We don't even know. This could go to $100,000." Gunn says he just wants people to become more aware of this as a whole. "Our main goal is to raise awareness too. People don't even know about it. I had never heard of it until Carson was diagnosed." In raising more awareness, Gunn and Travaglia says he hopes diagnosis can occur earlier than with Carson's

case. "It took a month to get into Dr. Stein and then it took another month to get into Dr. Hoffman. Meanwhile his health is deteriorating. If we could've had some answers two months before he first saw this doctor, wouldn't that be nice?" said Gunn. "We want to help other people than just Carson because it's not fair for people to have to suffer with no help," said Travaglia.

Profile for crowsnestpassherald

Crowsnest Pass Herald  

October 14, 2020

Crowsnest Pass Herald  

October 14, 2020