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Highly Recommended How Securus Comes Through For Correctional Facilities

When partnering with an inmate communications company a lot of variables come into play. Call rates are a factor… The support and service you receive is a factor… The commission revenue you will earn is a factor...

While Securus certainly excels in all these areas, the RFP responses you see can often sound the

same… That makes it hard to know just what

you’re going to get once the formal sales proposal process is done. Will you be satisfied with the

services you receive? Will those products do the

things you expect them to? Are you going to have

buyer’s remorse 6 months into the contract? Will

the proposed technology be “old” before it’s even installed? It can be a gamble.

In addition to having a great product and a

reputation for doing what we say we’ll do, there

is one other thing that really sets us apart: our

customers like us… they really like us. Over

the years, we have literally collected binders of

reference letters from facilities telling us about the amazing obstacles our people have overcome, sharing how our technology has made their

facility operations easier and how we’ve become

their trusted and highly reliable partner. The

book you hold is just a sample of those many

recommendations. It is a collection of facility letters that explain why they recommend

Securus so highly.

With more than 2,000 facilities vouching for the

work we do and the service we deliver, it is our

hope that their experiences can you give you a

glimpse into just what YOU can expect when you

select Securus. As you’ll discover in the following pages, Securus stands in a league of its own.

connecting what matters

highly satisfied

More than 2,000

correctional facilities

trust Securus for their

inmate communication

needs. Many have worked with us for

years and years and tell others just how

satisfied they are with the service Securus provides.

“The Hale County Sheriff’s Office has utilized the services of Securus for inmate phone services for at least the last fifteen years and has always been satisfied with their equipment, professional manner, attention to detail and the continuing updates that have been included. Our working relationship has been a very rewarding experience and we look forward to working with them in the future.” Lt. Albert Bonner, Jail Administrator

Hale County Sheriff’s Office Plainview, TX

“Not only does Securus provide an account manager that is dependable but also a very dependable field agent who makes us feel like we are a top priority if we should need service equipment at our jail.” Beth Davis, Jail Administrator

Smith County Sheriff’s Office Carthage, TN

“We are very satisfied and pleased with what Securus has provided to our facility in the way of service, technology and calling rates which does not burden the friends and family members.” Captain Scott

Montgomery County - Troy, NC

Kenny Bradshaw, Jail Commander

Cochise County Jail - Bisbee, AZ

“In short, I would like to recommend the Securus organization and their employees for any facility that is in need of a hard working, dedicated, and professional team with a great product.” Captain Daniel Thomas, Chief of Security

Baker County, Macclenny, FL

highly satisfied

“...and through those years Securus has not only provided us with the services to meet our needs but recommended the products and additions that will best benefit us.”

highly satisfied

highly satisfied

To whom it may concern, I am pleased to be able to write this letter of recommendation for SECURUS Technologies. They have been our vendor for several years for inmate phone services and have always delivered exceptional customer service and a stable product. They often survey us as a customer to find ways to make their product better and listen to what we have to say. I look forward to partnering with them in the future.

Clark Nethers #C1313 Detention Supervisor Irving Police Department 305 N. O'Connor Rd Irving, TX 75061

highly satisfied

highly satisfied

highly satisfied

highly satisfied

highly satisfied

highly satisfied

connecting what matters

extremely reliable The best things in

life can be depended

on. When it comes to the technical support

of your contract, our facilities describe

us with one word: excellent.

“The technical support we receive when we have questions or concerns about the inmate phone system is without question the best we have experienced from any of our vendors. The technicians we talk with are always pleasant and demonstrate a commitment to customer satisfaction that is rarely found nowadays.” Captain Douglas E. Schnurr, Jail Administrator

Scott County Sheriff’s Office Shakopee, MN

“I would strongly recommend Securus to any corrections facility that is looking for a reliable phone system for their inmates.” Captain Mike Kyle, Jail Administrator

Ashland County Sheriff’s Office Ashland, OH

“Through their years of service they have shown to be reliable with good service and cutting edge technology.” Captain Kelli Stephens, Jail Administrator

Grayson County Sheriff’s Office Sherman, TX

“Their advanced technology, reliable service and support, as well their financial offerings have over the years been our reason[s] for continuing this long standing business relationship.” Don Hall, Jailer

Rowan County Detention Center Morehead, KY

Roger LeVick, Sheriff

Jackson County Sheriff’s Office Altus, OK

“The technician that serves our area is very professional and efficient. She is very prompt. If we ever have a problem with the telephones, we get a response within the first hour... The personal attention and service that Securus provides to our facility far exceeds any other service that we have in our facility.” Mary Najar, Detention Supervisor

Los Alamos Detention Center Los Alamos, NM

extremely reliable

“I recommend Securus Technologies to all facilities in search of a quality phone company that provides exceptional and reliable products, offers highly responsive service, and continues to understand the needs of their customers.”

extremely reliable

Saline County Sheriff’s Office

Glen Kochanowski Sheriff

To: Securus Technologies Date: July 13, 2012 For at least eight or nine years I have dealt with Evercom Systems and Securus Technologies. During those years, it has been a pleasure to deal with the technicians I speak to when there is a problem here at the site. They are polite and very good at their jobs. Of course, there are a few that are my favorites! Since switching over to Secure Call Platform and all the improvements made, I really enjoy being able to make my own work tickets by signing into the Facility Portal. It’s not that I don’t like dealing with your technicians. I’m just not a “phone” person. During our transition from no Area Representative to Mark Cundiff, our tech, Bob Tritsch, helped us so much when we needed something other then our phones fixed. Bob has always went the “extra mile” to help us. Buck Ryan has been a great help to us when needed. Nicole Clark, our new Area Representative, has made a great impression on Captain Soldan and I. She has done a terrific job working with us and helping us get all the new improvements we look forward to having in the near future. Securus Technologies is, by far, a great company to work with. Their employees know what they are doing. Their equipment is excellent, as is their upkeep of the equipment. At the Saline County, KS, jail, we are excited about the improvements about to be made for us by Securus. We are happy that they have worked with us so we are able to get the improvements in our jail.

extremely reliable

Securus keeps in the loop regarding the latest technology and is there to offer that technology to their customers.

extremely reliable

extremely reliable

extremely reliable

extremely reliable

connecting what matters

exceptional people

Businesses are known

by the company they

keep. Securus is proud

to have some of the

industry’s most highly

regarded professionals

working with us.

But don’t just take

our word for it…

“Our account manager, Mike Stump, is friendly, approachable, and available with a good eye for detail.” Lt. Burns, Jail Administrator

Muskegon County Sheriff’s Department Muskegon, MI

“They [Rob Mouritsen], [Greg Nicholson] have been great people to work with and have followed through with everything that we have talked about plus some. They are more than willing to do what they can to help us and always stop by for a face-to-face visit when they are in the area.” Lt. Tiffany Duncan, Detention Manager

Plate County Detention Center Morehead, KY

“Another key factor in our satisfaction with Securus is the consistency of your service staff. Lisa Hunter and Dale McGrath know our site, our needs and it’s refreshing to see a familiar face.” Don B. Satterfield, Warden

Dorchester County Department of Corrections Cambridge, MD

“Paul Cappiello and his staff have always been very responsive to our needs and requests, and make frequent on-site visits to answer questions and resolve issues.” Paul A Lawson, Deputy Director

Okaloosa County Department of Corrections Crestview, FL

Captain Daniel Muldoon

Park County Sheriff’s Office

“It’s the support behind you that keeps us most happy. Mainly it’s your field support person, Lori Simmons, who on a moment’s notice responds quicker than we expect (although now she’s spoiled us and those have become our expectations) or is proactive to finding issues before we do.” Jann Gartman, Warden

Lea County Detention Center -Lovington, NM

exceptional people

“Tracy is always approachable and even when she is out of state she will respond quickly to any emergency we may have.”

Wood County



Thomas Reichert SHERIFF

September 14, 2012 To: Whom it may concern - Securus Technologies Inc. Ref: Bob Starr. Dear Sirs; This is a letter to compliment Bob Starr on the service he has and continues to supply to your client, The Wood County Jail. Over the 35 years I have been in law enforcement, working in technology and equipment areas in the jail, dispatch and general radio communications, I have worked with numerous field techs and support specialists. Bob is in the top tier of the service reps I have worked with. He is always pleasant and desires to work with us and the staff. He seems to understand security needs and is never pushy or rude with the staff and always quick to respond to problems and corrects the problems quickly working “with” the staff. We regularly have other phone system vendors come in making offers. I always recommend staying with your company due to the fine technical service we receive and Bob Starr is a big part of that.. Sincerely;

Sgt Michael Malooly Wood County Jail (715) 421-8743

exceptional people

400 Market Street  P.O. Box 8095  Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin 54495-8095  Telephone (715) 421-8700  Facsimile (715) 421-8775 City Hall Plaza  630 S. Central Ave., Suite 220  Marshfield, Wisconsin 54449-4196 Telephone (715) 384-5345  Facsimile (715) 384-4602

exceptional people

exceptional people

exceptional people

exceptional people

Wood County



Thomas Reichert SHERIFF

September 14, 2012 To: Whom it may concern - Securus Technologies Inc. Ref: Rachel Stone. Dear Sirs; This is a letter to compliment Rachel Stone on the service she has and continues to supply to your client, The Wood County Jail. I have been employed in law enforcement for over 35 years with 29 years in the jail. Due to being involved in technology areas I have dealt with various vendors in the jail, dispatch and general radio communications since 1988. There have been good vendor reps, bad vendor reps and a few great vendor reps. Rachel is in the great vendor rep status easily. She is definitely in the top 3 that I have dealt with or continue to deal with. She represents your company very well, keeping us informed of new technology that you can provide and the only limiting factor in looking at implementing it is my time to look into it. Not her time to meet with us. She is very personable and easy to discuss things with. She is always very pleasant and never talks down to us. It actually seems more like a team atmosphere where we are working together for the best of our agency and your company. That is very refreshing. We regularly have other phone system vendors come in here making offers. I always recommend staying with your company due to the fine service we receive and a big part of that is due to Rachel Stone.

Sgt Michael Malooly Wood County Jail (715) 421-8743

400 Market Street  P.O. Box 8095  Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin 54495-8095  Telephone (715) 421-8700  Facsimile (715) 421-8775 City Hall Plaza  630 S. Central Ave., Suite 220  Marshfield, Wisconsin 54449-4196 Telephone (715) 384-5345  Facsimile (715) 384-4602

exceptional people


connecting what matters


Installing or changing

out technology can

certainly be a trying

process. Securus has built a reputation for

installing systems

with tight timelines

and introducing new

innovations at just the

right time.

“Securus, was able to meet the aggressive timeline challenge of switching services from the previous provider, and installing telephone service in just 30 days.” William D. Gore, Sheriff

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department San Diego, CA

“With this upgrade we thought we’d be getting the latest and greatest inmate phone system. We did not expect how quickly this system would impact our investigative organization.” Dean R. Schroeder, Director Corrections

Stephenson County Sheriff’s Office Freeport IL

“The transition is now complete and it was virtually flawless. With the short turn around time for implementation of the project, it was done with almost no complaints from inmates and their families.” Charles Adams, Assistant Chief Deputy

Collin County Sheriff’s Office McKinney, TX

“In the hard economic times within all county government, Securus has provided our county’s general fund with a measurable financial benefit. Not only in cost saving to the budget, but also through the revenue generated has enabled us to provide improved inmate services.” Tim Donnellon, Sheriff

St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office - St. Clair, MI

Paul A. Lawson, Deputy Director

Okaloosa County Department of Corrections Crestview, FL

“[Securus] has worked diligently on both updating our software and helping us with any upgrade questions we may have.” Lt. Dave Harrison, Jail Commander Sgt. Thelma Gowans, Assistant Jail Commander

Tooele County Sheriff’s Office Tooele, UT


“Installation of the new equipment and transfer of service from the previous contractor to Securus was with minimal interruption. Securus continued to issue inmate phone cards and worked diligently to install an automated system for friends and families to acquire information about inmates.”







connecting what matters

service oriented

Things won’t go right

100% of the time.

They just don’t. But our approach to making it right is a reason that

many of our facilities

renew their contracts

time after time.

“Securus has always been attentive to our needs and consistently keeps us updated on the newest technology designed to improve our operations and revenue.” Lt. Diana Rabago,

Benton County Sheriff’s Department Corvallis, OR

“There are several telephone vendors out there but when you find a company that is honest and is willing to take care of you to the best of their ability you stay with them. This is why Kittitas County has continued to work with Securus Technologies.” Paula Hoctor, Jail Commander

Kittitas County Corrections Center Ellensburg, WA

“I am a firm believer in customer service and Securus seems to pride itself in providing great customer service. In this day and age of ever-changing technology, Securus has stayed ahead of the game by consistently looking for ways to make it easier for inmates, inmate’s families, and most of all, Sheriff Department’s personnel.” Michael D. Downey, CJM, Chief of Corrections

Kankakee County Sheriff’s Office Kankakee, IL

“This is the way business should take place. When a problem arises, there is someone there to take care of it.” Sgt. J Bolgiano

State of Alaska, Department of Corrections Anchorage AK

Don “TJ” Rich, Jr., Detention Administrator

Quay County Detention Center Tucumcari, NM

“Securus has provided consistent and dependable service and has dealt promptly and professionally with any interruptions to service or problems.” William D. Gore, Sheriff

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department San Diego, CA

service oriented

“She [Lori Simmons] went so far as to call Mr. Bebenco on Saturday while he was out of town on personal business and he dropped everything he was doing and tried to find the parts also. My server was fixed in just a few days due to their efforts. This is the dedication and customer service that we have become accustomed to from Securus and its employees.”

service oriented

service oriented

service oriented



1935 1 Ave. Longview, WA 98632 Phone (360) 577-3094 • FAX (360) 501-6245 E-mail:

December 13, 2010

To Whom It May Concern: Cowlitz County has contracted with Securus Technologies since August of 2004. We recently renewed that contract in May of 2009. We also recently upgraded to the S-Gate platform. This was a very successful change for us and we have been pleased with the service and support we received before, during, and after this change. It is very helpful to us, and outside agencies, to be able to access our phone system from multiple computers, as well as sites. The technological upgrades provided by the S-Gate platform have made many things simpler, as well as introduced services that were not available before our upgrade. The recording quality was greatly increased, as well. Our local service technician has always been very helpful, timely, and efficient. The customer service representatives that have handled our work orders are also quick to respond and remedy any situation I have. Overall, I have been very pleased with the service we have received from Securus Technologies. Sincerely,

service oriented

Amy Anderson Captain

service oriented

service oriented

connecting what matters

strategic law enforcement partner The best compliment we ever receive is to hear we are helping

solve crimes and

working in tandem to

keep facilities and our

communities safer. It’s

why we do what we do.

Securus works diligently

to introduce the

services that will make

the greatest impact,

increase revenue and

improve facility morale. Those services are

different for each facility we partner with.

“ When it comes to working with contract service providers there is no question that the Securus Technologies contract to manage our inmate telephone system is the most complex and successful allinclusive solutions network we rely on for a variety of day-to-day issues.” Patrick Branson, Deputy Warden of Operations

North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Bismarck, ND

“Over time our needs have changed and Securus has always remained a committed partner to the city.” Eileen Sprinkle, Colonel Chief Deputy

City of Newport News, Office of the Sheriff Newport News, VA

“We have done business with Securus for more than 20 years. We began when the company was known as RC&A and have found their services to be very good. We have always been happy with the equipment and service we have received. The staff, both on site and technical support, is always cheerful and work in a professional and timely manner. Our district representative Michael Stump is always ready to help and works very hard to keep us updated on any issues that concern our service from the company.” Mark Sabian, Jail Administrator

Montcalm County Sheriff’s Office Stanton, MI

Don B. Satterfield, Warden

Dorchester County Department of Corrections Cambridge, MD

strategic law enforcement partner

“The Dorchester County Detention Center has been a very satisfied customer of Securus Technologies for the past 19 years. We have not only come to expect but feel assured that we will continue to receive excellent service. Your local management team is paramount to the smooth operation of the inmate telephone system. As long as Securus continues to provide the best technology and excellent service to the county we look forward to a continued relationship and long lasting partnership.�

strategic law enforcement partner

strategic law enforcement partner

strategic law enforcement partner

strategic law enforcement partner

strategic law enforcement partner

strategic law enforcement partner

connecting what matters

unmatched technology

With literally hundreds

of technology patents, and people that are

second to none, it’s no wonder Securus has built a reputation for

technology that is always new and consistently

upgraded. We invest

in technology to keep you one step ahead.

Our industry recognized

systems are responsible

for better inmate

management, more

thorough investigations

and increased access to


“ The service provided by Securus Technologies has been impeccable. Their attention to new technology provided to our agency has been great. Any time a problem existed the service repair team was quick.” Kenneth L. Moore, Sheriff

Fannin County Sheriff’s Office Bonham, TX

“...we would not have the operation we do today if it wasn’t for them. They have a way of making us feel as if we are their only customers.” Stacy Crosbie, Special Services Division

County of Worcester, Office of the Sheriff West Boylston, MA

“As Director of Technical Services for The Hamblen County Sheriff’s Dept. I would like to take this opportunity to say that Securus Technologies continues to rate high with our department. Simply put, our department not only receives the promised product, it recieves more. We are proud to be part of a growing and progressive company such as Securus.” Lt. Craig Cloer, Director of Technical Services

Hamblen County Sheriff’s Department

“We feel that Securus Technologies’ patented 3-way call detection technology and the anywhere, anytime access to the SCP is unmatched.” Capt. Jon Haugen

Churchill County Sheriff’s Office Fallon, NV

R.N. Van Wickler, Superintendent

Cheshire County Department of Corrections Keene, NH

unmatched technology

“The transition from our previous inmate telephone provider to Securus Technologies was quick, efficient, and professional I am especially impressed with how you can link us with other technological needs for our department such as inmate visitation, inmate management systems and the like, while maintaining a strong revenue stream for the county. During the three year break that Securus was not in our facility it’s fair to say, ‘we missed you guys’ .”

Commonwealth of Massachusetts




FAX (508) 856-0465 TTY (508) 854-1888



DIRECT (508) 854-1824 FAX (508) 852-8754 LGALLANT@SDW.STATE.MA.US

December 15, 2010 Ms. Trisha Kelty-Auger Securus Technologies, Inc. 43 Jewett Street Pepperell, MA 01463 Dear Ms. Kelty-Auger, The Worcester County Sheriff’s Office has been a proud customer of Securus Technologies for many years, and through those years you have not only provided us with the services to meet our needs but have extended services that have gone above and beyond what we could have imagined. You take the time to understand our facility, our employees, and our inmates in order to give us the products that will best benefit us. We have recently upgraded to the SCP platform, which has been an unbelievable asset to our Investigations Unit and myself. Many cases and charges have resulted from information obtained from the Securus System, not only for the WCSO, but also for outside law enforcement agencies and District Attorney Offices as well. We have now just become the trial site for the new Word Spotting Feature, which I have no doubt will be a great investigative tool. The main component of our relationship with Securus Technologies, to me, would have to be you and your service technicians. Beginning with Dennis Rose and now Joe Viera, we would not have the operation we do today if it wasn’t for them. You have a way of making us feel as if we are your only customers. unmatched technology

I look forward to all the new improvements in the Securus technology and the continued relationship with you and your service staff. Stacy Crosbie Special Services Division

unmatched technology

unmatched technology

unmatched technology

unmatched technology

June 18, 2012 To whom it may concern: I would like to offer this letter of reference and recommendation for the comprehensive services provided by Securus Telecom relating to our overall telecommunications services in our Detention Centers. I have been working with Securus now for 9 years and found their service and dedication to excellence is above par. The products and services that Securus provides are superior to any other vendor; which shows in the number of patents they hold in the industry. I am very appreciative of their expertise, assistance, and ongoing support over the years. Their technical and management staff truly exhibit a relationship based philosophy and Securus has become a trusted vendor. In closing I would like to recommend Securus Telecom to any facility that needs an allinclusive telecom system supported by a dedicated professional team.


Kathleen Casey Kathleen Casey

unmatched technology

Detention Communications Coordinator Enterprise Technology Division Broward County Sheriff’s office


connecting what matters

more efficient

Correctional facilities

are under constant

pressure to do more

with less. That’s why all our development focuses on helping

you achieve exactly

that. Whether reducing workloads, improving

staff morale or just making processes

easier, Securus

makes your platforms and operations more

efficient‌ so you can

do more with less.

“...this product was a huge success in managing our incoming calls. Initial reports had our incoming call volumes being 85% handled by this system. Staff time saved by the product can be measured in hours per day.” Larry Malcomson, Jail Administrator

Brown County Sheriff’s Office Green Bay, WI

“It [Securus phone systems] allows us to minimize inmate traffic in the halls and maintain the security and safety of this facility...the amount of time it clears up for us to fulfill other job duties is priceless.” Tim Weaver, Jail Administrator

Rice County Detention Center Lyons, KS

“ Colusa County Jail has contracted with Securus for inmate telephone services for several years now. When Securus enhanced their system to the S-Gate Call Platform, the transition was very smooth and without any major interruptions.” Miguel I. Villaseñor Lieutenant, Correctional Division

Colusa County Office of the Sheriff Colusa, CA

“Securus provides impressive technology for investigative tools far beyond just inmate phones and in addition provides solutions that improve efficiencies for my staff. The amount of time that AIS saves my staff on their day to day operations is immeasurable.” Captain Gary Gittins

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Golden, CO

Jeff Hayes, Programs Lieutenant

Butte County Sheriff’s Office Oroville, CA

“In sum, this service has become a tremendous asset to my law practice. I only wish additional jail facilities would have the foresight and intuition to implement such a convenient and useful service.” Robert A. Spelke, PLLC Attorney

Warsaw, VA

more efficient

“The S-Gate Call Platform is easy to use and provides all the necessary tools to monitor and record inmate calls for investigative purposes. Training provided by Securus for new users is excellent and has been provided to all Butte County Law Enforcement Agencies at our request.”

more efficient

Rice County Detention Center 1482 West Hwy 56 Lyons, KS 67554 January 28, 2011 SECURUS P.O. Box 1010 Selma, AL 36702 Dear SECURUS: For over 10 years now Rice County has had the privilege of receiving your telephone service. We can say without question that the services and products you have provided us with are consistent and trustworthy. Our facility is pleased to continue to remain a loyal customer and partner. The phone systems placed in each housing unit, and made easily accessible to the inmates, is a convenience we are truly grateful for. It allows us to minimize inmate traffic in the halls and maintain the security and safety of this facility, which is what we are all about. It also makes our daily routines less frantic! Our inmates are able to handle their own communication needs without officer assistance. The amount of time it clears up for us to fulfill other job duties is priceless! . Inmates easily switch from calling collect to using the phone cards you provide us with when they find out how much they save per minute on their calls! So we know they, as well, are pleased with your services. The system used to monitor inmate calls is simple to use and has provided us with important information and also at times has kept our officers safe by giving us the ability to provide proof in many legal situations. I’m tempted to continue listing all the excellent services you provide us and how they improve our quality of life. Instead I’ll just sum things up by saying thank you. You may simply feel that you are providing us with a simple communications service but we would like to let you know that we feel the benefit of these services in our daily routine and are honestly grateful for our partnership with you.

Tim Weaver Jail Administrator

more efficient

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

more efficient

more efficient

more efficient

more efficient

connecting what matters

go-to information source Listening to one call can be powerful. But analyzing 5

million a day helps move investigative

mountains. Hundreds and hundreds of

investigations have

been assisted by the

technologies that

Securus provides.

Whether it’s our people who have helped to

steer investigations in the right direction or

an innovative service

that identifies a lead,

one thing’s for sure: Securus proves its value every day in prosecuting and

preventing crimes.

“Major intelligence failures are usually caused by failures of analysis, not failures of collection” – Richard Heuer Jr. CIA Analyst & author of Psychology of Intelligence Analysis

“ ...through these calls we were able to locate Ms. Walker who had avoided investigators attempting to secure her presence at trial. We were also able to introduce the calls at trial and the jury found them very strong evidence of the defendant’s guilt. I am confident in saying that without these recordings we would not have been able to secure a conviction of the defendant.” Thomas J. Spota, District Attorney

County of Suffolk Office of District Attorney Riverhead, NY

“Our detectives have used Securus technology to solve crimes that otherwise may have gone unsolved, including major felonies such as drug crimes, robberies and even murders.” Tommy W. Allen, Jr. Sheriff

Sheriff of Anson County Wadesboro, NC

“The Securus telephone system was instrumental in us apprehending the bank robbery suspect. The Securus telephone system is a vital investigative tool that we use frequently. The support staff from Securus Technologies has also been very helpful anytime a question arises.” James Tricoli, Detective Corporal #889

Special Investigation Division Passaic County Sheriff’s Office

Terry Ogden, Captain

Wayne McCollum Detention Center Waxahachie, TX

“Securus technical representatives worked tirelessly with the Story County Sheriff’s Office investigative staff to collect data for the criminal investigation. The audio recordings of phone calls made of these subjects were the key to their prosecution and conviction.” John Asmussen, Jail Administrator

Story County Jail Nevada, IA

go-to information source

“Many cases and charges have resulted from information obtained from the Securus system, not only for the Sheriff’s Office, but also for local law enforcement agencies and the District Attorney Offices as well. They have also been a great asset in jail disciplinary cases.”

go-to information source



400 FAUNCE CORNER ROAD NORTH DARTMOUTH, MA 02747 TEL. (508) 995-6400 FAX. (508) 995-3326

December 1, 2010 Ms. Trisha Kelty-Auger Territory Manager Securus Technologies, Inc. 43 Jewett Street Pepperell, MA 01463 Dear Ms. Kelty-Auger, The Bristol County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) has been a very satisfied customer of Securus Technologies for over 12 years. Over that time the BCSO inmate telephone needs have changed and Securus has always accommodated our requests. For example when the BCSO needed a simpler way to refresh the PAN lists Securus worked with us to automatically empty PAN lists on the first day of every month. With the care and custody of over 1400 inmates in two facilities this was an excellent solution to an otherwise timeconsuming task. And the investigative tools are instrumental in the day-to-day operations of the two Sheriff’s investigative divisions, Internal Affairs (IA) and Special Investigations Unit (SIU). Numerous cases and charges have resulted from information obtained through the Securus inmate telephone system. A key element in our continued association is the exceptional relationship with you and your service staff (Herb Lee, Ralph Sawtelle, Jose Vieira, etc.) that we have not only come to expect but feel assured we will continue to receive. Your local management team is paramount to the smooth operation of the inmate telephone system installed at the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office facilities.


Wayne Genereux

ADS/ Information Systems

go-to information source

As long as Securus continues to improve their technology and their excellent level of service the BCSO and staff will consider Securus Technologies a valued partner and looks forward to a continued relationship.

go-to information source

go-to information source

go-to information source

go-to information source

connecting what matters

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