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Collier Lee Rowe, Jr. Emerging Public Relations Professional



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Business Card Âś


Collier Lee Rowe, Jr. 640 W. Wrightwood Ave., #304 ∙ Chicago, IL 60614 ∙ ∙ 301.905.8101 Objective

To obtain a position in public relations, customer/employee relations, marketing, promotional planning, or publicity with a growing company where I can contribute my strong organizational, motivational, communication, and leadership skills.


Columbia College Chicago 2009 - 2011 B.A in Marketing Communications – Concentration in Public Relations Arts Entertainment & Media Management Minor – Fashion Business Management Magna cum Laude - Cumulative GPA: 3.89 - General interests in Communications, Fashion, and Entertainment. - Specific interests in Public Relations, Fashion Business & Entertainment Marketing. University of Maryland – College Park School of Letters and Sciences; Honors Finance and Business Administration Concentration

2007 – 2009

Experience Express Arlington, VA / Chicago, IL Sales Lead Manager June 2011 – April 2012 - Coordinated with retail management team in timely execution of store operational functions; Store open/closing, Register balancing and accuracy, Marketing updates, etc. - Ensured superb customer experience and drove top-line sales growth daily. - Consistently met customer experience satisfaction scores and sales goals. - Developed associate talent in optimal customer service and sales techniques. - Utilized sound judgment to quickly and effectively resolve general issues as well as elevated customer problems and complaints. - Analyzed sales data to pinpoint areas of opportunity and execute tactics of resolution. Express Arlington, VA / Chicago, IL Fashion Expert/Assistant Management Dec. 2007 – June 2011 - Styled Customers; stay current with seasonal trends and store merchandise. - Consistently engaged with customers to uncover specific needs and build rapport. - Facilitated new hire orientations, associate observations and retraining. - Ensured optimal customer service experience & drove profitable sales. - Assisted with monthly floor visuals updates and store layout changes. - Advanced register trained for efficient transaction, returns, and exchanges. District of Columbia Housing Authority Washington, DC Intern/Administrative Assistant –Development/Modernization June 2007 – Aug. 2010 - Assistant-directed and supervised over 80 agency Summer Youth Employees. - Shadowed Project Engineers, Architects & PR Director with project assignments. - Increased productivity workflow of important government departmental documents. - Created new organizational method for storing schematics and contract books. - Scheduled and transcribed meetings; provided timely responses to phone and e-mail communication and written correspondence. Takoma Academy Takoma Park, MD Counselor Office Administrative Assistant Oct. 2005 – June 2007 - Conducted career and academic interest assessment counseling. - Assisted with resume building and college admissions applications processes. - Assisted with SAT/ACT and College Prep registrations and proctors. - Scheduled appointments; provided timely responses to phone and e-mail communication and written correspondence. Highlights


- Columbia Deans List: Fall 2009, Spring2010, Fall 2010, Spring 2011, Summer 2011 - Express Corporate Elite Idea Initiative Contributor – Communications (2012) - Express Chicago District YTD 3rd Top Ranked Customer Sales Leader (2011) - ‘Outstanding Customer Complements Award - Express’ (2008, 2009, 2010) - Bank Of America Shamrock Shuffle and Chicago Marathon Volunteer (2010, 2011) - ‘Eco Columbia’ Sustainability Water Essay Winner: Vol. 2, Iss. 2 (2010)



Connect. Collaborate. Create.

Overview: This is a media relations/publicity program designed to raise awareness of the


functions and benefits of Talent Pool, a new online networking and collaborative initiative open to the Columbia community. Situational Analysis: The Career Initiative department of Columbia College Chicago is launching a new college-wide website that allows students to showcase themselves and their work. The idea of Talent Pool is to allow employers looking for student workers to browse through the immense talent Columbia College Chicago has to offer and locate students for jobs. The site also allows students to network and collaborate with other students in both similar and different fields of study. Students design their own Talent Pool profiles by creating a professional biography, specifying the type of work they are interested in, indicating specific words to define their professional and career interests, and uploading up to five professional creative works that visually defines who they are to the public. A Launch Party will be held to promote and explain Talent Pool to the public, as well as to allow users to receive one-on-one assistance with developing their personal pages. Goals / Objectives: -




To increase awareness of Talent Pool to Columbia students. To optimize channels of communication between students of all different majors at Columbia College Chicago. To promote the usefulness of Talent Pool to past, present, and future students of Columbia College Chicago. To promote the Talent Pool event launch party; Wednesday March 30, 2011 at 618 S. Michigan Ave – Stage Two from 12:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. To encourage students, staff, and faculty to create their own profiles.

Publics: ¶

The targeted audience for this plan includes members of the Columbia College Chicago community, specifically those who could contribute to and would benefit from having Talent Pool’s profiles. This would include: o Students  

Year (Freshman, Sophomore, Juniors, Seniors, At-Large, Graduate) Major/concentration


o Faculty – Utilize Talent Pool for more networking aspects.  

Full-time Adjunct

o Potential Employers – Utilize Talent Pool to find volunteers, interns and potential employees. Messages: Talent Pool is an initiative of Columbia College Chicago’s Career Initiatives and Portfolio Center. We want the public to learn and understand a few important details about Talent Pool. -

Talent Pool is a free new service aimed at assisting students, emerging and more established professionals find work. An online database designed to showcase student skills and works to potential employers. Talent Pool allows you to promote your work through social media outlets. Open to all students of all majors: past, present, and future. Creating a Talent Pool profile makes you and your work more visible to the work.

Strategies /Tactics: Explaining Talent Pool and promoting its launch using: -

Portfolio Center Blog, Career Initiative and Portfolio Center webpages o Official Columbia College Chicago webpages:  

o Social Media outlets   !/columcareer

We can use these websites to reach out to students. Using the blog and the Columbia websites, we can post information about what Talent Pool is weeks before the launch party. It would have general questions and answers about what Talent Pool does and how it works, along with how to create effective biographies and portfolios. The blog could update weekly or biweekly with posts about important tips to creating a portfolio and networking. The Facebook sites would update catchy statuses reminding students to come to the event. They could be things like, “Jump in the Pool, the water is warm”, “Don’t get lost as sea, Talent Pool’s here to the rescue”, and “Drowning in the sea of job searching? Talent Pool will help you stay afloat!”.


Once the launch party happens, we can continue using the websites as online sources for students who didn’t attend the event to learn how to create their own profiles. There would be an instructions video and how-to screen shots with step-by-step information. -

Columbia Student News site: o


Columbia Radio Station: WCRX 88.1


Columbia Television Programming: o Frequency TV o Metro Minutes


Columbia Chronicle

To effectively reach students on Columbia’s campus, it’s very important to have media coverage. Before the launch party, we could pitch stories to campus print, radio, and television news outlets. For radio, we could contact a student DJ at WCRX 88.1 to do an on air interview about what Talent Pool is and the actual launch party. It could be as long as a full interview or as short as a quick 30 second reminder for students to come. For television, we could contact Frequency TV Metro Minutes to pitch a feature story for one of their segments. Similar to radio, it could be a full interview on camera or just having the anchor remind students about the event. For the Chronicle, we would pitch a press release and pitch letter to get full featured story. We would contact a campus reporter/editor and see if they would want to do an interview to get more Pool and the launch party.

into or if they would just want a written document entailing everything about Talent



Overview: This is a public relations program designed to raise awareness of the different functions and benefits of the programs, events, and features that encompasses the Portfolio Center. Situational Analysis: Columbia College Chicago Career Initiatives is a student-oriented program that assists with the student short and long-term employment, job searching and connecting, career exploring, and portfolio development. Career Initiatives embodies three separate independent programs that have their own specific functions in helping students prepare for their future: Student Employment, Career Development, and the Portfolio Center. The Portfolio Center does several key things to help shape the work students have done in their classes into a highly effective portfolios. First, the Portfolio Center has a lot of information about portfolio strategies; such as what employers need to see from jobseekers and a plethora of portfolio samples to look at. Second, they can help with documenting, recording or packaging the work that will go into a final portfolio to make a presentation looks very professional. Third, they can help get individuals in touch with professionals in their field of study to gain insights, practice presenting works, and begin networking. Goals / Objectives: The main focus of this plan is to raise awareness to the publics of the different services, events, and programs the Portfolio Center offers. Overall, we want key publics to learn and understand that the Portfolio Center helps to professionally organize your body of work, as well as know about and use the different facility services.

Publics: The targeted audience for this strategical include members of the Columbia College Chicago community, specifically those who need assistance with creating and developing their portfolios. This would include: 

Year (Freshman, Sophomore, Juniors, Seniors, At-Large, Graduate) 


o Students Although students from all years will be included in our planning, we want to make note to really promote and explain to freshman, sophomores, and juniors that it is equally important for them to start working on their portfolio’s early.

Major/concentration – All Majors and All Concentrations 

Due to many misconceptions a large number of students have regarding the necessity and importance of having a portfolio, we want to especially target students in majors that wouldn’t typically find it important to have a portfolio – Marketing Communications, Radio Broadcasting, Dance, Education, and AEMM.

o Faculty  

Full-time Adjunct

o Potential employers

Messages: -

It is very important for all students to have a portfolio.


Talent Pool is new service to showcase student skills/works


Start early, build body of work


Networking is a very important aspect of making connections, gaining information and contacts, and finding work. The Portfolio Center will make sure you that when you network, you have the portfolio and materials to make a great impression and network effectively. The Portfolio Center is well-versed in the mechanicals of making an effective portfolio.


Strategies: ¶

Explaining and promoting the Portfolio Center, its services and events. Media Relations Connecting with and pitching to Columbia College and local South Loop Chicago


news outlets about what the Portfolio Center is, some highlights of their past success and information about upcoming plans and events. Outlets include: -



Columbia Chronicle


Red Eye


Columbia College Chicago Television Programming: o Frequency TV o Metro Minutes

Special Events Representatives of the Portfolio Center would attend Career Initiative, Portfolio Center, and other career oriented events to promote Portfolio Center. While at these events, the representatives could provide information about what the portfolio center does and upcoming planned event. Attending these events will provide tangible examples of how the Portfolio Center and having a portfolio will help with students futures’. -

Talent Pool Launch – Wed., March 30th- 618 S. Michigan-Stage Two: 12pm.


CNN Event – Tues., April 12th - 623 S. Wabash Suite307: 5pm.


Networking and educational events o The C Marketing Event - Fri., April 1st - 1104 S. Wabash - Conway Center

Social Media Utilizing the internet and Social Media to reach students about Portfolio Center events. -

Using Career Initiative and Portfolio Center webpages o Official Columbia College Chicago webpages:  

o Social Media outlets  !/columcareer





SITUATION ANALYSIS In 2007, the clothing brand Express was sold to a private equity firm, branching off from the Limited Brands Company and becoming an independently owned retailer and clothing line. This division allowed Express more creative licensing for developing their product and business. Since that time, Express has hoped to reinvent its image and become a much more prestigious and high-end brand but is still affordable. They want to become well-known for outfitting younger hip trendsetters as well as older working, yet still trendy, adults. Express hopes to accomplish this in hopes of expanding the Express name, broadening its customer base, and increasing its profits.


To increase Express market share among younger adults 35%.

To increase Express market share among working adults 35%.

To increase Express product recall among all consumers by 20%.


To market Express as a higher-in brand name.

To brand Express clothing as hip and trendy, yet versatile and practical.

Generate attention among consumers of the Express name and brand.

Generate a large customer base with current and new Express shoppers.

TARGET AUDIENCE The target markets in this plan are middle and upper class working individuals; both men and women, 20 – 40something years of age. These individuals enjoy trendy, fashionable apparel and accessories and live in denser cities and suburb. The target audience enjoys purchasing stylish deigns, with great quality materials and craftsmanship,(similar to runway garments and looks) but at much more reasonable prices. The individuals in the Target Audience are upper middle and high working class. They have the income to afford high in and more expensive apparel.



The research methods for this campaign will involve gaining feedback from both Express customers as well as other trendy shoppers to gauge their feelings and attitudes about the Express brand. The research would be conducted after the initial execution of the campaign began as to see if the marketing in magazines, television, e-mail, and other media outlets placed by the public relations team is effective. Surveys would be conducted online as well as in Express stores asking questions pertaining to whether these consumers feel the brand Express is being elevated to a much more sophisticated and high-end brand. In stores, computer screens with a survey would be set up that would allow customers to answer questions and receive an incentive for participating; either a free lower prices item or a coupon. We would promote a website in magazine advertisements that has a survey with similar in-store survey questions that consumers who may not shop at Express as frequently can answer as well. The incentive here could be coupons for Express or other promotions and prizes that could be given.


The message we want to convey to our audience is that Express is a fashion forward, hip and trendy, yet versatile brand. Although the brand isn’t quite on the level of other high-fashion designs such as Gucci or Dior, we want Express to be categorized up there with stores and designs such as Theory, Marc Jacobs, and Escada. We want consumers to see Express apparel as high quality, luxurious, easily adaptable, and moderately affordable. We also want it to be well known that our stores carry a wide range of appeal that fulfills many, if not all, occasions; and whether trendy, practical, chic, or casual, we want consumers to choose Express first for all their apparel needs. For consumers who know Express as it was back in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, we want them to know that our products have dramatically changed to became fashion forward and chic.


COMMUNICATION VEHICLES The best way for our message to be communicated will be though advertisements and promotions in the media. This includes fashion magazine campaigns, stories and layouts, , radio and television commercials, and internet ads. Another great way for communicating and promoting our message as well as the brand itself will be to have out clothing and accessories highlighted on popular fashion television programs, such as Entertainment Tonight, the Style Network, Project Runway, and Americas Next Top Model. This could range in anything from wardrobing television personalities on different shows to having different items specified and highlighted as ‘need to buy’ seasonal items on style guide shows. Our target audience watches a lot of these fashionable television programs and reads these fashion magazines, so utilizing these media vehicles will communicated to our audience successfully.

TIMING To fall in line with the fashion industry, all fashion lines, campaigns, and photo shoots need to be completed at least 3 month in advance. This means that if the campaign was to kick off beginning with Spring 2010, planning and art direction needs to begin in December so that the spring seasons clothing line should already be made so that advertisements and promotions can be put out now to be already well known and in rotation by spring. Every element in the scope of assignment would incorporate the new spring line. For a reasonable timeline, it should take an entire year for completion of the entire campaign. This way, Express will be able to promote their new seasonal line at the change f every season and show its trend-setting ability and versatility. The full spreads in Marie Clair and GQ would be in March/April issues to show the spring line. Another spread would later be done in a September issue of Vogue or Elle to show the fall line. It would take maybe 1 month to revamp the Express website and would be updated on a continuous basis. The entire campaign to remarket and rebrand Express will not be a quick or necessarily easy task. Although it may not take long to launch advertisements, magazine spreads, and fashion shows, the success of the entire campaign comes afterwards in seeing if we have successfully changed consumer’s views of the Express Brand.

PROJECT TEAM Michael Weiss – [Express CEO] Spokes person In this particular campaign, there aren’t many key distinguished roles. Individuals necessary for the implementation of this campaign would be: - Marketing Team: in charge of new marketing and promotions strategies. - Visual Directors: to modify in-store displays in becoming more high-fashioned - Event Planners/ Planning Team

BUDGET Photo shoots each season for media advertisements = $5,000 per photo shoot (up to 5 shoots) o Includes: Models, Photographers, Printing, Retouching, Props, Set Assistants, Stylists

Promotional Event including Celebrities = $10,000 o Includes: Venue, Advertisements, Media, refreshments, Assistants, Gift Bags

Seasonal Fashion Shows = $25,000 o Includes: Venue, Lighting, Music, Stylists, Stagehands, Models, Accessories, Refreshments, Advertisements and Promotions, Makeup, Decorations, Directors, Gift Bags

Online / Email = $2,500 o Includes: Web Designers

Research = $5000


Total: $65,000




Edward Nardoza, Editor-in-Chief, and Woman’s Wear Daily


Express Rebrands Image: Exudes High-Fashion

Dear Mr. Nardoza, I know that as the editor and chief of a renowned publication that focuses on the fashion industry, you strive to cover exciting relevant fashion related news stories. Some valued


information that I thought would pertain to your publication is that the well-established clothing brand Express is expanding their brand and launching a new promotional campaign to create a higher-in brand image. The campaign will involve an extensive launch of new advertisements, new endorsements, and a high-fashioned fashion show at September 2010’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Unveiling the campaign, Express CEO Michael Weiss will be holding a press conference detailing information in New York City this February15, 2010 at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I’ve enclosed information regarding Express’ new campaign as well as a news release below. Feel free to contact me at 301/905-8101 if you have any questions. I will touch base with you in a few days to see if you have any questions. Sincerely, Collier Rowe 301/905-8101 ¶


For Immediate Release December 3, 2009

Contact: Collier Rowe, Jr. Phone: 301.905.8101

Express Forecasts High-Fashion


-- Express to Launch New Promotional Campaign in Expanding Brand into New Market --- Express CEO announces Brands Reinvention to Become More High-Fashion – New York – In focusing on becoming a much more prestigious brand, Express is launching a brand new promotional campaign aimed at reinventing its image. In commemoration, Express CEO Michael Weiss will be holding press conference unveiling detailed information regarding the new campaign this February15, 2010 at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City. Express will be focusing on building its quality and value, similar to that of major designs and designers like Theory, Marc, Jacobs, and Escada. Beginning this Spring 2010, the will begin extensive television, radio, internet, and other print media advertisements featuring models and trendy Express appeal in high-fashioned, Avant-garde styling. The campaign is also set to launch of major fashion events and shows, incorporating major fashionable celebrities and at large national and international fashion events. “The Express brand is expected to expand greatly and transition smoothly into highfashioned designs” says CEO Michael Weiss. “An entirely new image will be seen in our clothing quality, designs, styling, and stores. As our apparel styles and quality have adapted to that of high-end fashion, our promotion and advertisement focus will be modified as well.” In declaration of their new high-fashion image, Weiss also announced Express that will host a major fashion show at Bryant Park - amongst internationally known high in designs and designers - September 2010 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, with a spring ready-to-wear men’s and women’s line. “We want the brand to become synonymous with luxurious, fashion forward, high quality, hip, trendy, chic, and above all reasonable,” Weiss said. For more information, contact Collier Rowe – Express Public Relations at 614/415-4000 or visit Express is an American specialty fashion retailer marketed as modern yet sophisticated style for young fashion-forward men and women. Driven entirely by original design and operates over 550 stores in the United States. In 2007, Express branched off and became its own privately owned company, with the intent of renovating their brand image. Today, Express as added a variety of new trendy and fashion-forward items to its merchandise, all the while maintaining its mission of providing great customer service. ###


Express Forecasts High-Fashion -- Express to Launch New Promotional Campaign in Expanding Brand into New Market --- Express CEO announces Brands Reinvention to Become More High-Fashion –


Express CEO Michael Weiss


Holding a press conference unveiling details of Express launching a brand new promotional campaign. February 15, 2010


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City.


Express is focusing on becoming a much more prestigious brand. They will be



building on its quality and value, striving to compete with major designs and designers like Theory, Marc, Jacobs, and Escada.

Beginning this Spring 2010, the will begin extensive television, radio, internet, and other print media advertisements featuring models and trendy Express appeal in high-fashioned, Avant-garde styling. The campaign is also set to launch of major fashion events and shows, incorporating major fashionable celebrities and at large national and international fashion events. In declaration of their new high-fashion image, Express will host a major fashion show at Bryant Park - amongst internationally known high in designs and designers - September 2010 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, with a spring ready-to-wear men’s and women’s line.


Collier Rowe – Express Public Relations at 614/415-4000



[Answered by CEO/ Spokesman Michael Weiss] Q: Why is Express now deciding to embark on this new campaigning? A: When Express first opened for business back in 1980 under Limited Brands, it was positioned to target primarily the working class woman. Although it carried quality business attire, it was far from trendy and fashion-forward. Since then, before branching off from Limited Brands, we’ve consistently repositioned our focus to adapt to a broader market. Even though we were a popular brand, myself and Express directors felt as though our brand’s essence was high fashion and wanted its public position to follow suit. Upon our independence, we felt it was time to properly market ourselves into the higher-fashioned chic and trendy market. Q: What exactly is this campaign consisting of? A: Beginning this Spring 2010, we will be launching full on Express advertisements, featuring models in trendy high fashion outfits, on all media outlets; such as televisions and radio commercials, internet ads, mall posters, bus and billboard ads, and fashion magazines. We will be getting full spreads in a popular fashion magazine, such as Marie Clair, Elle Girl, and GQ, of the new Fall / Winter Express line, styled to be ‘high-fashioned’ to show Express’s fashion-forward products; launch major promotional event / contests incorporating major fashionable celebrities and television personalities indorsing and wearing Express products; hosting major fashion shows in New York, Chicago, and LA to show new Express seasonal ready-to-wear apparel; Launching huge Express e-mail system that consistently sending out updates on promotions, new products, and coupons for valued customers; sponsoring popular styling shows many younger adults watch on Style network or Entertainment Tonight so Express product would be incorporated in their styles and/or wardrobes; and highlighting online and in store’s when major celebrities currently are photographed wearing Express clothing to events and when Express clothing and accessories are mentioned in popular magazines and televisions shows ‘Styling Tips / What to Buy / Looks for Less’ guides, to spotlight the trendiness and popularity. Q: What does the company hope to gain as a result? A: With this new campaign, we want make the Express brand much more high-fashion appealing while moving it into the high-fashioned market. We don’ t want to move away from our loyal loving customers, but instead we want to expand to add additional high-fashioned consumers. Q: Has Express taken into account the fact that consumers are becoming much more conscious of their spending with the economy not at its greatest? A: We have. We know consumers are currently searching for cost effective means when it comes to their purchases. The economic standings aren’t exactly stable right now. But on a positive note, however, they are stabilizing. Many of the designer and higher-end fashion brands have seen a slight downfall in sales, just as everyone in the market has, but the majority is still doing very well. We aren’t so much changing our products or prices as we are expanding to a broader market with more expensive and trendier preferences. Q:Is there a plan to alter Express’s clothing? A: Not at all.. We already currently hold steadfast to designing, manufacturing, and selling quality stylish merchandise. We aren’t going in any complete new direction with our product. We will be keeping our extensive variety of apparel. OF course, we will be consistently adding new items to appeal to trendier and fashion forward styles . With our currently clothing, we are only styling our looks to be more high-fashioned.

SPEECH Where: When: Who:

New York Mercedes Benz Fashion Week February15, 2010 Michael Weiss

Thank you all for coming today. My name is Michael Weiss and I am here today on behalf of the clothing brand Express. Roughly two and a half years ago, we at Express made the decision to purchase the shares of our company and separated from the Limited Brands Corporation. Our intention in the division was to make Express an independently operated company. It was with our independence that we were given liberty to creatively advance our product development and the opportunity to further


expand the Express brand. And in 2007, we began working in our reinvention. As CEO of Express and a highly renowned figure in retail apparel and fashion, I am familiar with the large and ever changing world of fashion. With this in mind, our focus for the company has adapted to become a much more prestigious and high-end fashion brand. Our focus is to become a much more prestigious brand, similar to the value of major designs and designers like Theory, Marc, Jacobs, and Escada. So beginning this Spring 2010, Express will be launching new high-end / high-fashion advertising and promotional campaigns. As our apparel styles and quality have adapted to that of high-end fashion, our promotion and advertisement focus has modified as well. Along with television, radio, internet, and other print media advertisements, you can expect to see a number of Express spreads in a variety of major popular high fashioned magazines. In addition to advertisements, Express will be launching major fashion events and a customized trendy online /e-commerce web page. And in assertion of our transition into a highfashion design brand, Express will host a major fashion show here at Bryant Park - amongst internationally known high in designs and designers - September 2010 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, with our spring ready-to-wear men’s and women’s line. In all, the Express brand is expected to expand greatly and transition smoothly into highfashioned designs. An entirely new image will be seen in our clothing quality, designs, styling, and stores. We hope the brand will become synonymous with luxurious, fashion forward, high ¶

quality, hip, trendy, chic, and above all reasonable. With the direction of our image and product, I am 100% confident in this campaign’s and Express’s success.


“Lends a Helping Hand” 512 Easton Parkway, Columbus, Ohio Start: November 22, 2009 End: January 10, 2010


:60 seconds We invite you to join Express in lending a helping hand. In conjunction with the Salvation Army and the Lend-A-Hand Youth Rehabilitation Non-Profit Program, Express will be hosting a charity clothing drive to help the less fortunate. Help supply a means of resources for homeless youth by visiting any area Express retail location and donating your gently used articles of clothing between November 22nd and January 3rd. All donated apparel will be recycled and distributed to local area Salvation Army youth shelters and programs. For every article of clothing donated, Express will make a $10 contribution to the Lend-A-Hand program in providing housing, meals, and other necessary services for disadvantaged young people. And as a special thank you, you will also receive an Express 10% discount coupon for every 10 articles of clothing donated. Turn your gently used and unwanted clothing into beacons of hope for someone less fortunate. Providing support for today’s disadvantaged youth will help them gain success for a brighter tomorrow. For more information, please visit With your care and support, Express can succeed in helping transform Homelessness and Despair into Hope.

:30 seconds We invite you to join Express in helping provide resources for homeless youth by donating your gently used clothing during our charity clothing drive event. All donated apparel will be recycled and distributed to local homeless youth shelters. And as a special thank you, you will receive a 10% discount coupon. Turn your gently used and unwanted clothing into beacons of hope for disadvantaged youth. For more information, Visit Your support will help Express succeed in helping transform homelessness and disparity into hope.

:10 seconds Join Express in lending a helping hand to homeless youth by donating your gently used clothing during our charity clothing drive event. Visit for more details


For Immediate Release February 21, 2011



Connect. Collaborate. Create.

Collier Rowe Phone: 301/905-8101

Columbia College Chicago Career Initiatives Launches Innovative Website to Link Students and Employment CHICAGO -- Columbia College Chicago’s Career Initiative department is launching a brand new online initiative webpage program, Talent Pool, aimed at allowing students to share their creative and find work. Talent Pool is an online directory where both emerging and established Columbia College Chicago professionals can feature their information, skills, and creative works. The first of its kind for any college or university in the United States, Talent Pool allows potential employers to browse through the immense talent Columbia College Chicago has to offer and locate students for work. Different from Web Agent and other sites for mostly visual creative based works, Talent Pool is open to students of all class standings and all concentrations, both alumni and current. The program allows Columbia Professionals to differentiate their works and skills from generality by specifying and structuring themselves under ‘tags’ and ‘filters’ in which their work and skill set specialize. Talent Pool also allows students to connect with students in other concentrations that they normally wouldn’t be able to. “Talent Pool is a great networking and collaborating tool for Columbia students,” saed Columbia College Portfolio Center Assistant Director and Talent Pool co-creator Caroline Juhlin. “We created this site with the mindset and understanding that when it comes to employers looking for potential employees, talent finds talent. The site should prove to be an effective tool for our schools rising professionals to jumpstart their careers - a benefit to students and employers.” The kick-off event for Talent Pool will be held Wednesday, March 30, 2011 at 618 S. Michigan Ave in Stage Two from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. To create an account or register for the kick-off event, please visit For more information on Talent Pool or the kick-off event, please visit or contact Collier Rowe at (301) 905-8101.

Founded in 1890, Columbia College Chicago is the largest and most diverse private arts and media college in the nation with more than 120 academic programs and nearly 12,500 students. It offers an unparalleled array of courses with exceptional technological resources in the heart of one of America's greatest cities. ###


For ImmediateRelease November 11, 2010

Contact: Collier Rowe Phone: 301/905-8101

Whole Foods Health Starts Here Initiative Pushes for Employee & Consumer Health AUSTIN – For Team Members who want to improve their health easily and naturally, Whole Foods Market is launching its "Health Starts Here" initiative at all 289 locations in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. To reiterate the company's commitment to its long-time core value of "Supporting Team Member happiness and excellence", Whole Foods Market's Health Starts Here initiative includes two internal programs that directly benefits Team Members. The Team Member Healthy Discount Incentive offers increased discounts for full- and part-time Team Members who do not use nicotine products and satisfy certain healthy biometric criteria for blood pressure, total cholesterol levels and Body Mass Index. Team Members already receive a 20 percent discount on purchases at Whole Foods Market stores as an employment benefit, but now, those who voluntarily opt to participate in the incentive plan could receive up to an additional 10 percent discount. The Total Health Immersion Program offers Team Members intensive health and wellness education programs geared toward sustaining long-term, positive lifestyle changes, including healthy eating, fitness and empowerment. There will be two rounds of immersion programs offered annually at three different locations in the United States. Participating in the immersion program will allow Team Members, who qualify and who are ready to take charge of their own health, to receive more direct support in making positive lifestyle and dietary changes under the guidance of a medical professional, and at no cost to them. "Over the years, we realized that providing the healthiest foods available is simply not enough”, says Margaret Wittenberg, global vice president of quality standards and leader of Health Starts Here at Whole Foods Market. “We are now deepening our commitment to healthy eating by providing incentives and support tools to better engage our employees and help them improve and maintain their own health and vitality. We hope that these new programs in our Health Stars Here initiative makes our employees strive for improved lifestyles.” For more information, visit or call 512-477-4455. Founded in 1980 in Austin, Texas, Whole Foods Market is the leading natural and organic food retailer. As America's first national certified organic grocer, Whole Foods Market was named "America's Healthiest Grocery Store" by Health magazine. The company's motto, "Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet"™ captures its mission to ensure customer satisfaction and health, Team Member excellence and happiness, enhanced shareholder value, community support and environmental improvement. Thanks to the company's more than 55,000 Team Members, Whole Foods Market has been ranked as one of the "100 Best Companies to Work For" in America by FORTUNE magazine for 13 consecutive years. In fiscal year 2009, the company had sales of $8 billion and currently has more than 280 stores in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. ###


For ImmediateRelease March 6, 2010

Collier Rowe Phone: 301/905-8101

Turtle Bay Theater Society Produces New Version of Classic Evita Chicago -- The prestigious Turtle Bay Theater Society will be presenting the musical Evita at the Hale Hall Drama Center beginning April 15 at 8:00pm. The community production casts local actors; including both young, rising performers as well as older, more experienced thespians. After its opening night, the production will play once a day, every night, until the 19th, with additional 2:30 matinee showings on Saturday and Sunday. “Each year we look to diversify our productions by choosing different plays with concepts different from what we’ve done in the past,” explains director Dale Levenson. “We wanted to do a strong and empowering play with a deep cultural connection, and Evita seemed to be just the right choice. I am certain our talented cast and remarkable sets will do this phenomenal Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice musical justice.” The original musical Evita concentrates on the life of Argentine political leader Eva Perón, the second wife of Argentinean president Juan Perón. The story follows Evita's early life, acting career, rise to power, charity work, feminist involvement and eventual death. It was made a Broadway hit in the 1970’s and remade into a cinematic hit starring Madonna in the 90’s. Local residents are in excitement and expectation of the cultural inspired performance. Many are looking forward to lead actress, Laura Jenson’s, portrayal of Eva Peron. “The Turtle Bay Theater Society always produces spectacular plays and musicals,” exclaims Chicago area resident and local theater enthusiast Rachel McAdams. “I was amazed at the terrific acting and elaborate set designs in last year’s production of ‘Candice’. Laura Jenson did an exceptionally amazing job in her leading role as Conegonde. I am really looking forward to seeing her portrayal of Eva Peron in Evita.” To purchase tickets or for more information about the Turtle Bay Theater Society, contact Alix at 309-333-9900.

The Turtle Bay Theater works to bring theater to the community, providing a theatrical outlet that allows all residents to participate. ###


December 3, 2009 President Barack Obama White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Washington, DC 20006 Dear Mr. President, I want to first congratulate you on all the success you have had since taking office. With your one year anniversary approaching, I hope you can look at back and take note of the enormous impact you have had on our great country in such a short period of time; while at the same time pressing forward and pursing an aggressive agenda assuring healthcare for Americans. However, I do have a concern about you policy about Afghanistan to deploy 30,000 American troops there. What concerns me is that this plan contradicts what you presented in your presidential campaign. Back then, you pressed for ‘No more troops’ and for the troops who were currently deployed to be brought home. Frankly, when you took office, I honestly expected immediate action to take place and the majority of – if not all – U.S. troops be returned. My attitude towards an immediate pull out later changed as you persuasively explained your intentions of slowly and gradually returning our soldiers. Ever since your time in office began, I have been consistent with supporting of many of your more unpopular and controversial actions. I applauded your Universal Healthcare Bill and supported the Bailout decisions. But this time, I am finding it slightly more difficult to agree with your plan of action. Like Americans for 8 long years, I am upset that we have been fighting overseas in a war that isn’t our own. Many times it becomes hard to see the positive aspect our presence in this foreign country is having when all that is mentioned are staggering death tolls and rising war expenses. In your speech, I was relieved and very pleased to hear you emphases that our troops would be withdrawing from Afghanistan by July 2011, but I am still very unease with the fact that more troop are needed. Although I am not completely in favor of this plan, I know that you are a wise man with balanced judgment; and I am confident in your leadership. If sending more troops is what you determine to be necessary, I implore you to be cognizant to its effectiveness and willing to make alterations as the situation changes; and above all, I truly hope you stand by your word and withdraw our troops by 2011. Continue your great work and God Bless. Sincerely,

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