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Volume 6, Number 11 2022 Fall/ Winter Edition


Rondalyn Abode, Director of Development


Janice Roberson Connolly, MBA Director of Marketing & Design











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12 years ago, I was sitting in a hotel room in Chicago at the CCDA conference using my subscription to Tulsa County land records to look up details on a property for Philip Abode. I had just been getting to know him, and he told me he had been driving past this property for the past couple years praying that Crossover Bible Church would be able to buy it someday and put a community center and a neighborhood on it. I saw Philip’s faithfulness in leading the church and completely agreed with his vision for community development. Leah and I had purchased a property three years previously in north Tulsa and had been gathering a group in our house Saturday mornings for four years praying for north Tulsa, so when Philip asked me to change my plans and join him in starting Crossover Community Impact, I recognized it as God’s answer to my prayers.

We began to share with people the big vision, but we knew (and they knew! haha!) we were starting from scratch. So we started small. One football team. One small after school program, etc. We were blessed to have help from folks in Tulsa and other cities who did the things we wanted to do, and we kept at it. We worked out the kinks and saw God answer our prayers again and again. But there is only so much you can do with a couple employees! So God answered other prayers of ours and kept bringing more and more tremendous folks to team with us! The articles in this Special Edition of the IMPACT Magazine highlight this!

A promise in John 15 has become my default belief from all that God has done with Crossover – If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you. By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit and so prove to be my disciples. Last week I saw Philip walk the community center construction site. Concrete has been pouring in the ICF (insulated concrete forms) 30 feet high and steel is “flying” as the superintendent says. In one sense it is just a building – but to us it is much more – it is tangible proof of God’s faithfulness to fulfill his promises to give to us everything we need to bear fruit and prove we are Jesus’ disciples.

Thank you for joining us in this important community development work.


INSTAGRAM communityimpact

Grateful for you, Justin Pickard Executive Director

Crossover Community Impact

What’s Inside Features 4. Crossover Preparatory Academy 6. CPA Senior Spotlight 8. Crossover Schloarship Fund 10. Crossover Kids Program 12. StreetLeader Program 14. Crossover Internships 16. Crossover Sports Association 18. Crossover Bible Church 20. Crossover Development Company 22. Crossover Health Services 24. Crossover Preparatory Academy 26. Crossover Community Center 28. Crossover Community Impact 30. Crossover Community Impact: IMPACT Report Cover Photo: Crossover’s Timeline Come & Tour Every Wednesday and Thursday 8:15 a.m.- 9:15 a.m. 5424 N. Madison Ave Tulsa, OK 74106 RSVP (T) 918.856.5377 x106 We would love the opportunity to get to know you! Please join us for a tour to learn about our efforts to make an impact in north Tulsa. Our Work in the Hawthorne Neighborhood!

Crossover Prep Academy

When we started the Crossover Lions youth football team in 2012, I had a strong sense that God wanted us to begin the comprehensive approach to serving our community that Justin and I had spent so much time talking, dreaming, and praying about. I was so convinced that 2012 was the time to start our program that nothing could stop me including seven weeks of radiation and chemotherapy. We started our first practice, while I still had a few more weeks of

treatment to go. I remember walking around our practice field at Hawthorne Park with an umbrella to protect my radiated neck from the sun. Even though we started with just one football team, I believed that God wanted to take that team and do so much more with it than win a youth football championship. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to win a championship, and thankfully we did win it! But that year began Crossover and everyone involved down a path that we didn’t realize we were on.

Crossover Community Impact 4
Crossover PREP
Pictured Above: 2022 HCAA State Football Champion, Crossover Prep. Pictured Above: Tulsa Public Schools Middle School Championship Team, 2018 (8th Grade).

When we started the Crossover Lions, I hoped that an all-boy private school would become a reality. But at that time, we thought we were going to start young (kindergarten) and work our way up going through middle school and possibly going into high school. Everyone we talked to told us that running a high school just cost too much. So we thought starting with elementary and seeing what happened would be the wise thing to do. The one thing that always saddened me about that strategy though was seeing our parents get excited when we talked about the vision God had given us to start a school just to get letdown when we told them that their son would be too old because we were starting with kindergarten.

We also had trouble finding a leader for the school. Justin and I had several guys that we talked to about starting an all-boy elementary school who just didn’t sense God calling them to that. The school basically got put on the back burner as something that we “would do” someday. That all changed in 2015 when Cameron Walker, our Director of Development, told me about St. Benedict’s Prep, a 7th-12th allboy school that has achieved amazing results in Newark, NJ. Seeing that there was a school sending 98% of their students to college with 87% finishing college that started in 7th grade and not kindergarten, changed everything for Crossover. Instead of the school becoming something that would start someday, we realized that we had to start the school in 2017 because that was the year that the guys from our original team would start the 7th grade! It became so much of a priority that I decided to step in as the executive director to make sure that we could start on time. Shortly after that, God brought Dr. John Lepine Sr. our way to serve as principal. This year Crossover Prep will see its first seniors walk across the stage to get their diplomas and be launched into the world as Crossover Men. Of our eight graduates, two played on that first team and two more joined our championship team as third graders. I definitely didn’t see things shaping out this way, but now that we’re here, I wouldn’t change a thing!

Pictured Above (l) The First Crossover Lions’ Championship Football Team, 2012 (Mighty Mite); (r) 2015 Crossover Lions’ Championship Football Team (5th grade).

Crossover PreparatoryAcademy

Philip Abode is the Lead Pastor of Crossover

Church, the Executive Director of Crossover Preparatory Academy, and the Visionary behind the Crossover Community Center that is slated to open its doors in September 2023. He is also the Head Football Coach for Crossover Prep’s first Varsity Team and the first state champions for the Crossover Lions!

If you would like to learn more about Crossover Prep Academy, please go to

Crossover Scholarship Fund

These students are our future health professionals, social workers, teachers, policy makers, and military men and women—they are the future of our nation.

We must do more. And with your help we can. If you would like to learn more about the Crossover Scholarship Fund, please go to http://crossoverscholarshipfund. org.

Crossover Community Impact 5

Senior SpotLight

The founding class for Crossover Prep has been exceptional, and they have truly set the standard for all of the students at the school! Everything they have done from mastering the first Manhood Hike to winning the first football championship in every league they’ve participated in has been a reason for us to support, encourage, and celebrate them. These students have truly displayed the power of the school’s mantra, and they embody each of the characteristics of a Crossover Man. 5 of the 8 seniors were a part of the inaugural class for Crossover Prep, and we are convinced that the future for each of these young men is bright! Below, you will learn a bit more about our graduating seniors, and we hope that you will be excited about the next steps for these young men.

Israel Armstead

Israel was one of the students that helped start the Crossover Lions’ Football Program in 2012, and he has been a part of Crossover Prep since it started in 2017.

He has played basketball and football every year that he has attended the school. His proudest accomplishment is winning the football state championship, and he will miss the bond that he made with the crossover family. Israel was Crossover’s first Homecoming King, and he plans to attend Langston or Oklahoma State University for Nursing and to play football.

Philip Brown

Philip has attended Crossover Prep since the 9th Grade in 2019, and he has started on the varsity football team for 4 years. He is a member of the lions basketball team and is currently participating in the Crossover Mentorship Program. His proudest accomplishment is becoming a man and completing the Manhood Hike. Philip will miss the brotherhood he built with the crossover family, the accountability, and being pushed to be the best man he can be. After graduation, Philip plans to go to college for physical therapy and athletic training.

Crossover Community Impact 6
Crossover PREP
Pictured Above: Group Photo of Crossover Prep’s Inaugural Class, not pictured Jamin Holliday

Jamin Holliday

Jamin was the first student to apply to Crossover Prep, and he has attended Crossover Preparatory Academy since the 7th grade. He was the first game changer for the Crossover Lions’ Football Team as a second grader, and he played football for Crossover Prep for 3 years. He is currently attending Tulsa Tech for his CNA certification. Jamin’s proudest accomplishment is his development as a godly leader, a man of good character and reputation. Though Jamin is graduating, he has no intentions of missing anything about Crossover because he plans to stay connected as a Lions’ alumni. Upon graduation, Jamin plans to go to college to establish a career in the medical field.

Hamadi Miller

Hamadi has attended Crossover Preparatory Academy since the 8th Grade or since 2018. He has started on the varsity football team for 4 years, and he is currently participating in the Crossover Prep Pathways Program. Hamadi’s proudest accomplishment is completing the Manhood Hike, winning the 8th grade TPS football championship, and becoming a state champion! After graduation Hamadi plans to go to trade school.

Malik Salim

Malik has attended Crossover Preparatory Academy since the 7th Grade, and he has started on the Varsity football team for 4 years. He served as School President for three years and was a member of the Lions Basketball Team. Currently, he is in the Crossover Prep Pathways Program and on the Student Leadership Council. Malik’s proudest accomplishment is completing the Manhood Hike, winning the 8th grade TPS football championship, and becoming a state champion. Malik will miss his Crossover family, being a brother to the little ones, playing with coach T, and cracking jokes with coach Phillip, but someday he hopes to come back and visit the new Crossover building. After graduation, Malik plans to go to trade school to get a degree in automotive engineering.

Quincy Johnson

Quincy has attended Crossover Prep since the school started in 2017 or for 6 years. He has participated in Band and Tennis during his time at Crossover Prep. His proudest accomplishment was being chosen to be the supervisor of the Fresh Team for the school. He will most miss the Academic Coaches at Crossover Prep. He plans to attend Tulsa Community College to take advantage of the Tulsa Achieves Program to attain his associate’s degree in business then he plans to attend Oklahoma State University for 6 years to get his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing.

Ian Pickard

Ian was a part of the inaugural class of Crossover Prep. He also joined the Crossover Lions Youth Football Team as a 3rd grade student. He volunteers at Crossover Bible Church, and his greatest accomplishment during his time at Crossover Prep was being a Team Leader for 3 years! He will miss the community at Crossover Prep, and he will also miss Mr. Justin’s tea. More than anything, he will miss the other students who are at the school. Upon graduation, he plans to attend Tulsa Community College to take advantage of the Tulsa Achieves Program then he will complete his bachelor’s degree at John Brown University.

Reese Warner

Reese has been a student at Crossover Prep for 2 years, and during this time he has been the Crossover Man of the Month multiple times. He is currently a StreetLeader in the Crossover Kids Program at Hawthorne Elementary School through Crossover Community Impact. He was most proud when he was awarded the Heart of a Lion Award. He will miss all the fantastic teachers at Crossover Prep most. Reese is currently in the computer repair course at Tulsa Tech, and he plans to further his education in that field.

Crossover Community Impact 7

God’s timing is everything! Who would have ever thought at the start of a global pandemic I would be joining forces with a great team of people, to me, known as the “Crossover Family”. Fifteen years ago, I had the pleasure of sitting down with the pastors of Crossover Bible Church, Pastor Marshall Gordan and Co-Pastor Philip Abode. We were discussing the dynamics of north Tulsa and effective ministry outreach to high school kids, never knowing our paths would cross again.

I grew up in a home where service to the community and to your fellow man were paramount and preached from the crib to the grave. I saw my parents love people unconditionally and choose to see the best in people even when they did not see it in themselves. I was always amazed how “love” could transform a situation, person, or an outcome. It would have been awesome if I had only seen it once, but I saw the power of love work repeatedly in my parents’ ministry for over 43 years. I also saw it in action while working with YoungLife, an outreach ministry to high school students. It does not take a rocket scientist to see love’s transformational power at work, when God is at the center of it all.

Over a year ago, through a mutual friend, I was invited to come and see convocation at Crossover Prep. I was amazed at what I saw and experienced. I saw young men leading the charge! They were sharing announcements, speaking on current events, singing praise and worship songs, encouraging each other to be great, and proclaiming “I am my brothers’ keeper”! I thought, “This is amazing!” I wished others could see and feel what I felt that day.

Crossover Community Impact 8
-MATTHEW 25::35
Major Gift Offerings

Scholarship Fund


Fifteen years later, Philip, now the Senior Pastor at Crossover Bible Church and the Executive Director for Crossover Prep, and my paths crossed again. We had lunch one day and he shared the vision he had for the north Tulsa community and Crossover Preparatory Academy. He asked me if I’d be interested in being a Prom King candidate in an Adult Prom fundraiser that would benefit the young men. I told him that was not my cup of tea, but I would love to serve in some other capacity. Months later, there was a need for someone to help raise money for the Crossover Scholarship Fund in a full time capacity, so that no student, despite their family’s financial circumstances, would be prevented from obtaining an impeccable private school education.

Today, I am the Major Gifts Officer for Crossover Prep with an emphasis on raising ample money for the scholarship fund ensuring the young men (and soon the young women of north Tulsa) receive a quality education. Earlier I mentioned God has a way of orchestrating things. My wife and I are two years in as empty nesters and there’s no greater joy than to give back to my community. I am reminded of the scripture found in Matthew 25: 35- 40. “I was hungry, and you gave me meat, I was thirsty, and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you took me in”. It goes on to say

when you do it to the least of these you have done it unto me.

I am looking forward to seeing all the exciting things God has in store for Crossover Prep this year and the years to come as we seek to serve Him through this work!

Derrick Hill is a graduate of Oklahoma State University, with a bachelor’s degree in Business. He’s been married to his sweetheart, Tia, who is his daily inspiration and his always future “expectation,” for 23 years! They are the parents of two incredible sons, Justice and Daxton “Dax” Hill, 22 and 19 years old, who are active in professional and collegiate sports. He enjoys attending his sons’ games, exploring the outdoors, hanging out with his wife and playing musical instruments. Most recently, he has become the Major Gifts Officer for Crossover Prep. He’s been involved in ministry all his life, and he enjoys witnessing God’s hands at work in the lives of His beautiful creation.

To learn more about the Crossover Scholarship Fund and the most IMPACTful state tax credits available, please go to

This article was written for the Fall/Winter 2020 Edition.

Crossover Community Impact 9
The Crossover Scholarship Fund provides a tuition-free education for the students at Crossover Prep! Picture left: Hill encouraging a Crossover Prep student; Picture Right: Mr . Hill engaging with Mr. Taylor.

Crossover Kids

Full STEAM Ahead

One day my mother told me that my siblings and I were going to be in a Summer Camp program called Crossover Kids. I felt happy because I would not have to be at home during the summer playing with toys that I really did not like to play with. At Crossover Kids Summer Camp, we did a lot of fun activities like STEAM. In STEAM class, we built a replica of the Crossover Community Center out of 4,000 LEGOs. We learned about construction, too. I learned how to construct with toys (LEGOs) while following a blue print among other things.

My teacher at Crossover Kids Summer Camp was Ms. Courtney. She was nice and funny! She always made jokes. When I met her again at the Crossover Kids After-School Program, I was so excited because she was one of my favorite college staff members at Summer Camp!

Being a part of Crossover has helped me make new friends and has made my life more fun. It has also given me nice, trustworthy

people to talk to when I am upset, mad, or crying. During the summer, I remember a time where one of my friends thought her parent had forgotten about her birthday. So, my other friends and I went to our college staff leader and asked if we could throw a party for her. She said yes; so, we did! We had cookies, and we gave her presents. We all went home happy that day!

At Crossover, we care about each other and help each other out. I would describe Crossover as fun, as funny, and as a place that has nice people. It is also the best after-school program out of all the after-school programs! I want to thank the people who make Crossover possible because they are helping make a change in the community.

Crossover Community Impact 10
Our STEAM-based After-School and Summer Enrichment Program at Hawthorne Elementary School. Pictured above: (L) Ahzeah with College Intern, Courtney Wright; (R) Ahzeah giving an “A+ attitude.”

Ahzeah Walker is a 5th grade student at Hawthorne Elementary School. She first became part of the Crossover community during the Summer of 2019 by attending Summer Camp with her younger siblings. Ahzeah, as well as her brothers, Ronald and Romelle, and sister, Roniyah, are bright and happy children who enjoy being a part of the Crossover Kids Summer Camp and After-School Program. It’s been a joy to have their family participate in Crossover Kids!

To learn more about our STEAM-based After-School and Summer Day Camp at Hawthorne Elementary School, please go to

This article was written for the Spring/Summer 2020 Edition.

Crossover Community Impact 11
Pictured Above: Crossover Kids Summer STEAM program in action.
At Crossover, we care about each other and help each other Out. -Ahzeah W.



Community Impact StreetLeaders work as counselors, tutors and mentors for our elementary age students within the Crossover Kids program. Pictured above: Jamin with Crossover Prep friends at school and the Gathering Place. Pictures below: Jamin with his family.

Crossover Prep Student Becomes A StreetLeader

My path to the StreetLeader Program differs from most. Crossover Preparatory Academy prepared me to be a StreetLeader actually, and it taught me how to communicate with the Elementary-aged students in the Crossover Kids Program. Our principal, Dr. Lepine, recommended that I work in the After-School and Summer Day Camp Program to be better prepared for my future educationally or academically. He said that they would help with ACT practice, and it would help me develop practical skills for future work places. I began working the job, not as a real employee, but as a volunteer for two weeks. During this time, I was able to get used to the atmosphere and environment.

I started to talk to the other StreetLeaders that I would be mentoring with. They would ask me, “When are you going to start working here?” or they would say things like, “ I hope you are in our group!” I did not know if they were buttering me up at the time or if they were actually welcoming me and hoping I was in their group! Once Mrs. Elizabeth, the Crossover Kids Director, emailed me and told me I got the job everyone made me feel so welcomed, and I felt excited for my first day! After working there for a couple of weeks, I was accustom to the schedule and how everything functioned- it became very normal quickly. My favorite part of the day was when we got to play and interact with the kids and really have fun with them, because as much as they hated to do school work after school, I did too. Playing dodgeball, basketball, sharks & minnows, etc. made a huge difference for all of us, and it really helped us to develop our relationship. We were able to work hard and play hard!

On the day before Christmas break, I worked my first Christmas party! The

kids were so happy that they did not have to work and could just focus on having fun! The other StreetLeaders and I had our practice ACT Exam on that Saturday because Mr. Jeremy Williams, the StreetLeader Coordinator, wanted to show us how it would be to take the real test. He also wanted us to be prepared, so that when the time came we would excel, so that our ACT scores would increase. We take the ACT Aspire Test to measure our academic growth at Crossover Prep, but it is not the same thing as taking the real exam. My scores from the practice sessions to the practice exam increased, but I knew that my score still needed work. Ultimate -

ly, I realized the job as a StreetLeader was not just helping me communicate with the kids in the Crossover Kids Program, but it also helped me increase my GPA and my ACT scores simultaneously. I really enjoyed working at the After-School Program! I was sad that we were unable to have the Summer Day Camp this year, and I am looking forward to working in the Program after this pandemic.

Jamin Louis Holliday was the first student to apply for Crossover Prep, he was the first “Game-Changer” on the Crossover Lions’ first Championship winning Football Team, and he was part of the first class of Crossover Prep students to become StreetLeaders! His heart to teach, tutor, counsel, and mentor the students at Hawthorne Elementary School has made him an invaluable addition to the team. As the baby of the “Holliday Tribe,” he will do big things, and he has and will continue to make his extended Crossover family proud!

To learn more about the StreetLeader Program, please go to http://crossoverimpact. org/StreatLeader/.

This article was written for the Fall/Winter 2020 Edition.

Crossover Community Impact 13
Pictured above: Jamin with his friends at Crossover Prep.
My favorite part of the day was when we got to play and interact with the kids and really have fun with them...”
-<Jamin H.

Internship Program

During my senior year in college, I became student body president. I had this grand vision for my term: I’d use my position—and our sizable budget—to throw a benefit concert and address the injustice of food insecurity, my current passion. Sounds great, right? One problem: my people weren’t on board. In fact, half the people I appointed had voted for the other girl and weren’t interested in my agenda. I stubbornly pressed forward and was bitterly disappointed with the end result. To make matters worse, I felt insecure and resentful for the rest of my term. Pity party of one, please! It was the greatest failure of my life to date, and it was God-ordained.

The following year, as I reconciled that experience, I realized Lao Tzu was right. I failed because I was focused on what I wanted to accomplish, instead of what my team could be equipped to do. My people were my job, and I completely missed the point.

Fast forward a few years: I was working at the local food bank, while my husband taught at a high school—both located on the north side of Tulsa. We’d lucked into a sweetheart deal and bought a house on the south side. It was the right call at the time, but not where we wanted to live. We wanted to end up on the north side with the people we’d grown to love.

We became parents a couple years into marriage and shortly after, the opportunity to help start Crossover Preparatory Academy came along. John and I felt certain that God was calling us to sell our home and leave our church community.

As we prepared for another child, we moved to the north side, where we planned to build a house. Around that time, I read Washed and Waiting by Wesley Hill. I was captivated by Hill’s story: he had a struggle somewhat resolved through his decision to live with close friends, who adopted him into their family and helped satisfy his need for intimate

companionship. As I considered this radical re-imagining of family, the desire to welcome others into our home took root.

As John and I designed our house, we added an apartment space on the second floor for someone needing a family. We didn’t build that first house because of issues with the lot (no sewer!) and found ourselves waiting. While we were waiting, I was offered the job of co-directing Crossover’s internship program. I jumped at the chance to help build the program: it beautifully combined our desire to co-house and my love of ministering to women.

We designed a second house with the program in mind, a two-flat, and realized we’d have to make some compromises. We couldn’t afford to build what is essentially two houses in one and also build the house of our dreams. The Lord gently asked us to surrender the material things we had our hearts set on and graciously reminded us that we were building His house, not ours.

To learn more about Crossover Development Company and its revitalizing work, please go to

Crossover Community Impact 14
Katie Lepine is the Director of Sojourner House, Crossover’s Women’s Internship Program. After graduating from the University of Tulsa with a degree in marketing, she worked in the non-profit sector. She is a young woman who pours herself out daily in service to others. She has been married to John for 7 years, and they have 3 adorable kiddos! Please keep John, Katie, Jack, June, and Ruby Lepine in your prayers, as well as the members of Crossover’s first intern cohort: Mikayla Titus, Courtney Wright, Kylia Clark, Ellie Pickard, and Jennifer Schwickerath. by Katie Lepine Restoring our community through urban ministry, discipleship, and intentional Christian community. Picture above: The Lepine Home with the Girl’s Intern Home on the top floor

-<Lao Tzu

We moved in last December—with a third child—and welcomed our first intern six months later. Five young women now call “Sojourner House” home. It is overwhelming to look back and see how God worked everything for our good: learning the truth of Lao Tzu’s words the hard way, leaving a beloved church family, and a derailed first attempt at house-building. At the time, those frustrations felt like failures, sacrifices, and obstacles, but now I see that

if not for those disappointments, we would not have taken on this work in the first place, built a house to suit the program’s needs, or come to know the five souls who now have a place at our table. Sojourner House is truly the Lord’s house.

This article was written for the Fall/Winter 2020 Edition.

Crossover Community Impact 15
Go to the people. Live with them, learn from them, love them. Start with what they know, build with what they have. But of the best leaders, when the work is done, the task accomplished, The people will say, “We have done this ourselves.””
Pictured above: College Interns with Katie Lepine


Training with CSA

Iwas introduced to Crossover Sports through the Track and Field program in 2014 when I was 7 years old. My parents, Jason and Tomika Gray, volunteered to help coach the track team with other volunteer coaches, and they have continued to coach all these years.

The Crossover Sports program has given me opportunities to travel the U.S., to make new friends, and to meet Olympians! Through the support of the community and sponsors, our team has traveled to California, Florida, Missouri, Texas, Kansas, and North Carolina. I have

been able to meet former Olympians: Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Carl Lewis, Tommie Smith, John Carlos, and Vashti Cunningham.

Crossover connects our community by offering a variety of sports to families. Our volunteer coaches push athletes to be their best on and off the field. Our coaches reward our all A and A and B honor roll

Crossover Community Impact 16
We are committed to producing athletes that excel both on and off the field.
I love having the opportunity to train with other athletes around Tulsa.
-Trinity G.
Pictured above: Trinity with Olympian John Carlos and fellow Junior Olympian Jason Gray.

athletes with a certificate signed by all of the coaches. Every week the coaches reward the most hardworking and dedicated athlete. The “athlete of the week” award drives us to want to be the best. We work hard to be our best not just because of the reward, but we strive to prove to our coaches that we want to win even in practice.

At the end of the track season, athletes have the opportunity to compete at the USATF Oklahoma State Championship, Regional Junior Olympics, and National Junior Olympics. Being able to participate in the Junior Olympics is a huge accomplishment! I have been the Region 9 Champion in the pentathlon and have qualified for the National Junior Olympics 5 times.

I love having the opportunity to train with other athletes around Tulsa, but my favorite part of Summer track is that I get to compete with my little brother Jason Gray. He is an awesome distance runner and very competitive. He has competed at nationals 3 years.

Being a Crossover Lion has taught me to never give up. Our coaches and team managers are always there to support our team

win or lose. At the end of practice, we have our “Lions’ Circle.” Our coaches and managers tell us how we did in practice and what we need to work on. A coach picks an athlete to pray before we leave. I enjoy the Lions’ Circle because it gives me a moment to reflect on my performance.

I would like to thank all of the coaches, managers and sponsors that have supported the Crossover Lions’ Track Team. Your commitment to our growth means a lot and makes a big difference!

Trinity Gray is a decorated track and soccer student-athlete. She is a hard-worker who pursues excellence not only on the field, but also in the classroom. As a soon-to-be Freshman, she has been in advanced placement classes since she was in the 5th grade, and she will be an exceptional Chemical Engineer who truly works at everything as working unto the Lord. Her family is the core of the Track and Field program for the Crossover Lions, and she is a huge part of why Crossover has expanded to include Soccer!

To learn more about Crossover Sports Association, please go to

This article was written for the Spring/Summer 2020 Edition.

Crossover Community Impact 17 SPORTS
Pictured above: Trinity with her brother, Jason, and during her first track season.

Crossover Bible Church

When we returned from seminary in 2005, I was determined tobe a part of a church that made a tangible difference in our community. Twelve years later, I still have to pinch myself when I think about everything that we have seen God do over the years. One of the things that we say a lot at Crossover is that “God does the heavy lifting”. He has done some pretty heavy lifting when it comes to everything from enabling us to swap land that we paid $110,000 to purchase in exchange for property that cost almost $1 million to Him bringing the right people at the right time to join our team (our non-profit’s executive director has a Masters from Harvard and our school’s principal has a PhD…see what I mean). And even though we have seen God do a lot, I cannot help but feel that He is just getting started with Crossover!

As a church family, we truly believe that God wants us to focus on restoring our community by making disciples while loving and serving our neighbors. And just so you know what I mean when I say, “Restoring our Community,” we believe that God wants to see north Tulsa become a place with a reputation for having Healthy People: people who are healthy spiritually, emotionally, and physically; Faithful Families: husbands and wives who are faithful to their marriage vows, who

are faithfully raising their kids to love God; Peaceful Neighborhoods: neighborhoods where community happens and where people love their neighbors as they love themselves; and Thriving Institutions: schools that work, opportunities for jobs and home ownership, and where there is a great relationship between the community and the public sector.

Unfortunately, Healthy People, Faithful Families, Peaceful Neighborhoods, and Thriving Institutions are not the first things that come to mind when most people think of north Tulsa. By God’s grace, we hope to see that change some day. And believe it or not, we have developed a simple strategy for our church to see that happen. Our strategy includes four components: Gather, Go, Grow, and Gospel Works. As far as I am concerned, seeing restoration in our community is as simple as that. Keep in mind that I said “simple”, not easy.

As a church family, we Gather weekly to worship God and celebrate God for who He is and what He has done. It warms my heart to see a diverse church family singing with one voice to God, letting Him know that we offer ourselves as A Living Sacrifice (one of my favorite songs) in light of His mercy.

Crossover Community Impact 18
Restoring our community by making disciples while loving and serving our neighbors.

And we Go together on mission to help folks get connected to God and His people, through what we call Missional Teams. I like to think of a Missional Team as an outward focused family. That might sound like something fancy, but we mainly enjoy some great food once a week together, see how everyone is doing (celebrating the highlights and praying for the lowlights), and encourage each other as we try to reach others.

And we use Huddles as a safe place for 3-5 men or 3-5 women to be open and honest about their struggles and to help each other Grow toward spiritual maturity. We regularly meditate on the passage from the previous week’s sermons. I will be honest with you, I do not always look forward to meeting with my Huddle on Saturday mornings (sometimes as early as 7am), but I cannot think of a time that I have regretted going. The accountability and support that I get from the guys in my Huddle and that they get from me has made all of us better men.

And the last part of our strategy is engaging in Gospel Works (gospel motivated good works). Everything we do through Crossover Community Impact (CCI) gives us a tremendous opportunity to tangibly love

-Philip Abode

and serve our community. Believe it or not, over 50% of Crossover’s members either work or volunteer for a CCI program or is married to someone who does. That is a lot of love and service coming from a church of under 200 people!

I am convinced that as more and more of the Crossover family engages in our strategy: Gather, Go, Grow, Gospel Works, we will see more and more restoration in our community. Please pray for us as we seek to faithfully journey down the path that God has placed us on.

Philip Abode has been married to his wife, Rondalyn, for 15 years, and they have two children that look just like him. Philip wears many hats in the Crossover Family, but the one for which he is most esteemed is Pastor of Crossover Bible Church.

If you would like to learn more about Crossover Bible Church, please go to:,

Crossover Community Impact 19
Our church strategy includes four components: Gather, Go, Grow, and Gospel Works.
I believe that God wants to see North Tulsa become A place with a reputation for having healthy people...”
This article was written for the Fall/Winter 2017 Edition.

Did you know that only 3.9% of construction workers in the City of Tulsa are African-American? What about the fact that the percentage of carpenters is even less at 3.5% even though 14.9% of the City of Tulsa’s population is African American?*

Over the years I’ve had a hunch that African American men were not successfully getting construction jobs. I often wonder, “Why is this a problem?” especially since construction jobs are good paying jobs that help men provide for their families.

I know this personally since all six of my Dad’s brothers worked in construction related fields. Actually, anyone who knew my Dad, knew that although he was an attorney, he was really a construction worker at heart. My Grandfather was a construction superintendent, so my Dad grew up working on his jobs. I’ve often joked that my brothers and I wished he would take up golf instead of constantly tackling construction jobs at home! My friends in high school would say, “Justin, what’s the matter, you can’t come on Saturday? Are you sheet rocking again?” and start laughing at me. But this points to another advantage of construction jobs – you learn skills and confidence to help you build equity in your own properties. My wife, Leah, and I bought and remodeled our first house while I was in undergrad at TU,

and we have remodeled two other houses and a commercial building since.

When you fast forward to the way Crossover Development Company (CDC) has been tackling the need for quality housing in north Tulsa by both remodeling and building new construction homes, you begin to see what an opportunity construction jobs, specifically carpentry jobs can be in our community. If we spend $60,000 remodeling a house, $40,000 of that goes to labor, and we do our best to see those dollars create jobs for men in north Tulsa. Charles Wilkes, CDC’s Operations Manager, and I are happy to see our current crew of

four carpenters, as well as great electrical, plumbing and HVAC subcontractors benefit from this development work! Moreover, in addition to on-the-job training, CDC is utilizing the NCCER carpentry educational curriculum to train CDC’s construction employees. NCCER carpentry certification is a nationally recognized certification that employees can take with them to obtain a livable wage wherever they might be in the future.

Dr. John Perkins and Dr. Wayne Gordon write, “Many charity programs, though well-intended, strip people of their dignity by doing for them instead of empowering them to do for themselves.” The unemployment rate in our neighborhood is 16.9% (several times higher than the rest of Tulsa). If men and women have jobs with livable wages, then they don’t need continued charity. Please pray and support us in our efforts to address this need in our community. We long to see our construction job training program grow and expand to include additional crews as the size and number of our development projects grow. Lord willing, many families will be blessed by construction just like mine has been.

To learn more about Justin’s labor of love as the Executive Director of Crossover Community Impact, Crossover Health Services, and Crossover Development Company, please go to

Justin Pickard has been married to his wife, Leah, for 17 years, and they have 4 children. They were both greatly impacted by short-term missions trips to inner city St. Louis and the philosophy of Christian Community Development and its thought leaders. God used those trips to prepare them for the work He had called them to in north Tulsa, called Crossover Community Impact. They have shepherds’ hearts that always means both their home and their hearts are full. Revitalizing our community through economic and housing development.
Community Impact
Pictured above: The CDC Team revitalizing homes in the Hawthorne neighborhood This article was written for the Spring/Summer 2019 Edition.

My involvement with Crossover first began as a church member during my Family Medicine Residency Training with In His Image, in early 2011. I was newly engaged to Rebecca, a young woman that grew up in an urban church that intentionally sought to address issues of race and injustice in Chicago. We started attending Crossover Bible Church after some of our residency colleagues told us about it. At the time, I was already living in the Hawthorne neighborhood with a roommate, and my eyes were being opened to some of the areas of restoration needed in our community. I witnessed firsthand that despite the efforts of my roommate and I to have Bible study and mentor young men, the daily realities of their lives were more than we could handle in a few hours a week. Crossover had a God sized vision to comprehensively address disparities in education, housing, health, and other fruits of systemic injustice along with Bible study that I thought would be effective.

As a board member of CCI (Crossover Community Impact), I saw the Lord blessing the work of Crossover over and over again. It has been faith building to see the vision of CCI grow from PowerPoint presentations in 2011 to tangible efforts bearing fruits of restoration in 2021. It continues to leave me in awe of Jesus when I think of how He has brought the right individuals at the right time to develop the right ministries. This relatively small, young church in North Tulsa has already planted another church, New City Fellowship Tulsa, in my current neighborhood. That church planting was prioritized in the midst of all the needs is indicative that leadership knows this work has to be centered in making disciples of Jesus.

Crossover Community Impact 22
We are committed to living out Christ’s compassion, dignity and healing in our community through healthcare.
my hope is that the care we give is saturated with the love of jesus in such a way that people feel heard, seen, and valued.”
-John A.

While the ministry accomplishments are impressive, I think the people are what kept us in Tulsa. We felt welcomed as a newly married couple. Our church family loved us as we went through losses and as we welcomed our children. People from Crossover continue to be dear friends and sources of inspiration to us.

Because of Crossover’s impact in my life, I just started at Crossover Health Services as a staff physician. I am part of a team that loves our community and each other. My hope is that the care we give is saturated with the love of Jesus in such a way that people feel heard, seen, and valued. As we continue to build this trust with our neighbors, it is my desire that Jesus would be known more fully in our lives and in our patients’ lives.

In a recent encounter, I saw a person living with HIV that had stopped his life saving medicine. He told me he was frustrated that he did not feel that his concerns were being addressed at his previous clinic. He is not my first neighbor that has ex-

pressed this grievance with our medical system. I believe he was brought to our clinic by God’s hand at this critical time in which we may be able to reduce the chance of more serious complications and this encounter is a reminder of the vital work of Crossover in our community.

Dr. John Abraham is the newest Staff Physician at Crossover Health Services as of March 1, 2021. He is married to Dr. Rebecca Beran Abraham, and they are quickly approaching their ten year anniversary this July! They have three beautiful children, Joshua age 7, Jasmine age 5, and Annalise age 3, and they are all a part of the New City Tulsa Church plant in their neighborhood. Dr. Abraham is a constant reminder of God’s grace and his compassion reflects the very soul of Jesus.

To learn more about Crossover Health Services and its work to eradicate health disparities, go to

This article was written for the Spring/Summer 2021 Edition.

Crossover Community Impact 23
Pictured above: Dr. Abraham at CHS. Dr. Abraham with his wife, Dr. Rebecca Abraham, his sister and children. Dr. Abraham with Crossover staff during a training class.

Counseling at Crossover Prep

North Tulsa has always been a special part ofmy life, namely because I grew up here, but it was painful to watch as our community suffered from an infestation of gangs, drugs, over-policing, neglect, and a general lack of opportunity for those who aspired for more. My initial plan was simple, enter into the military for a few years and come back and work for

the Tulsa Fire Department. I left in July of 1998 and returned 11 years later. While away, God developed my perspective, provided me with opportunities, and new experiences; then directed me to return home and help restore my community. Upon my return, I wondered what, if any, possible difference I could make. After working in healthcare for 13 years, I shifted careers and began working as a Peace Officer for the State of Oklahoma in Corrections. It was there God revealed to me that our community was in critical need of comprehensive restoration; and that engaging in one area alone, would not be enough or effective.

While working on a Master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling, I came across some unsettling data. According to the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights, it was reported, that the number of African- American male students that are suspended from school each year is staggering. Research has proven that once a child is suspended from school, their chances of engaging in deviant behavior, becoming violent, using illicit drugs and engaging in sexual activities increases dramatically. With a lack of economic resources, disparities in educational services, broken homes, and the introduction of drugs and gangs, these children can become easy targets for criminal activity.

Crossover Community Impact 24 Crossover
Pictured above: Jaron with his wife and son We are committed to developing educated, godly young people who love north Tulsa.

Several studies have indicated that education is one the most important factors in reducing crime, undesirable behavior, and improving the quality of life of individuals in under-resourced communities, like mine. This is why I chose to become the Counselor at Crossover Prep Academy. After having attended Crossover Bible Church and having coached my son with the Crossover Lions, I knew that I wanted to be actively involved in changing the educational outcomes for male students in our community. Having an environment where scholastic achievement is praised as we help young men reach their God-given potential is the best way to address our community’s issues from my perspective. Significant life events such as graduating school, obtaining gainful employment, and family formation are directly related and interdependent. We have the opportunity to help young men experience these life events.

Ultimately, it is my desire to address the mental health needs of north Tulsa residents, which I believe are interconnected to the physical, economic, and spiritual needs of my community. I firmly believe that having professionals who grew up in and live in north Tulsa providing Christian counseling services to address the socioemotional and developmental needs of the community will be a game changer. This is why I can’t wait to become a provider for Crossover Counseling Services. However, Crossover Counseling Services alone would not be enough to effectively restore the community; but when combined with Crossover Bible Church

(faith), Crossover Preparatory Academy (education), Crossover Community Impact (community development), Crossover Health Services (health care), and Crossover Sports Association (youth development), we can effectively address the Mind, Body, and Spirit of north Tulsa residents for community restoration.

Jaron Shaw is a man of action that develops his skills and abilities to match his passion for change. As the Counselor at Crossover Prep Academy, his care for others is seen in his desire for their best, and his work to address the socioemotional needs of people in north Tulsa through Crossover Counseling Services will be a great way to change mental health outcomes for individuals in the community he loves. He and his wife Latoya, have been married for 13 years, and they are so grateful for their little guy Josiah, and their little lady, Zyyah, who will make her entrance in February 2019!

If you would like to learn more about Crossover Prep Academy, please go to

This article was written for the Fall/Winter 2018 Edition.

Crossover Community Impact 25
Pictured above: Jaron at Crossover Prep; Jaron with his Army Brothers
having an environment where scholastic achievement is praised as we help young men reach their god given potential is the bthe best way to address our community’s issues from my perspective. ”


About six years ago Bob Nichols asked if I would come to a Crossover Community Meeting. Bob is a person difficult to say no to (actually, Bob is a person you just want to say yes to); so, I agreed. At that first encounter with Crossover, I knew this ministry was the one God was calling me to. After many years associated with Young Life, God opened the Crossover door so wide, it was obvious I needed to be there.

Crossover’s visions of restoring north Tulsa in all realms — spiritual, education, health/wellness, social and economical is I believe, the absolute best approach to reach this vision. Its strongest appeal is that the people who work in a Crossover ministry must, if possible, live or move to north Tulsa. The staff, support and donors are, to me, an outstanding example of fulfilling I John 3:17. And that commitment shows on the faces of everyone I know there — one just falls in love with each and every one of them.

My initial interest in Crossover was in the restoration of homes and neighborhoods generally around our future community center west of Peoria and 36th St. North. Because of my real estate background and homebuilding in north Tulsa, the purchasing, refurbishing, selling and upgrading of homes were “right up my alley”. However, it didn’t take long to realize and embrace the larger scope of Crossover’s Ministries, such as:

Crossover Kids and the StreetLeader Program — Crossover actually hires high school teens to mentor elementary-aged kids, which offers some part time income plus provides younger students a helper and role mode. One of the most impactive and innovative ministries I’ve ever seen!

Crossover Health Services — This self-sustaining facility serves 150 patients per week and houses the friendliest and most loving people in all of Tulsa.

Crossover Preparatory Academy - A vital key to restore north Tulsa is increasing educational outcomes for junior high and high school students. Three years ago, Crossover Prep began with 30 seventh grade boys and now has 100 sixth through ninth grade boys. In a few years we’ll be serving around 315 kids with an outstanding staff of 50. If you ever need to be uplifted, - it’s guaranteed when you come for a tour!

Our future plans are 6-12 grades for both boys and girls serving a school of over 630 students!

Crossover Community Center — This will be the hub of all our ministries; housing Crossover Prep, Crossover Bible, community gatherings, sports activities and the administration for our community development activities. As of April 2020, we have $13 million in funds fully and/or tentatively committed for this $15 million project. One of my jobs at Crossover, as the Co-Chair of the Capital Campaign, is to ask for your support. We really need to finalize the entire funding and if you know of anyone who may be interested in supporting Crossover’s vision please call me.

As an ending to this article, I leave two thoughts:

1 . Years ago, at a Young Life committee meeting we were trying to decide on the distribution of support for the different Young Life area ministries. During the presentations Derrick Hill, the Young Life Director for a north side school said, “Let me ask, if Jesus were to come visit Tulsa, do you think he would come to south Tulsa or north Tulsa?” Needless to say, he got the funds he asked for. That question has never left me. Derrick is now on staff raising funds for Crossover Prep.

2. As I said in my first sentence acknowledging Bob Nichols, I will say in my last — Thank you Bob!

In Him, Sam Rader

Sam Rader and his wife, Barbara, moved to Tulsa in 1978 with their three daughters (Shelley, Stacey and Sarah) who have blessed them with 14 grandchildren. They started a real estate brokerage now known as Coldwell Banker Select. They have been members of Tulsa Bible Church since 1979 and both were active in Young Life many years — Sam as a committee member and Barbara in Mentor Moms. The Raders have been a huge blessing to Crossover and you can see the fruit of their labor of love for north Tulsa daily.

To learn more about the Crossover Community Center and all of the amenities it will add to the community, please go to

Crossover Community Center

Crossover Community Impact 27
This article was written for the Spring/Summer 2020 Edition.

Crossover Community Impact

Ten years ago, my 33-year-old husband had just completed 7 weeks of radiation and chemo simultaneously. He had lost 20 pounds in 4 weeks, and he subsequently received all of his nourishment through a PEG Tube. He had the inside of his throat irradiated, so it was painful to swallow anything including his own saliva. The Co-founder of Crossover Community Impact and future Executive Director was in Boston pursuing a Masters in Urban Planning. Despite all of these things, Philip was convinced that God had called him to start the Crossover Sports Association or the Crossover Lions’ first football team with a group of 2nd grade boys from Hawthorne Elementary School and Crossover Bible Church. He had an umbrella over his head because he could not be directly in the sun after his treatment, and he had stopped talking let alone preaching for months because of the level of pain the treatment created. God gave him just enough of what he needed to coach that championship winning football team, and He continues to provide what Philip needs for this great work!

Ten years later, we are preparing to launch those second graders into the world as high school graduates from Crossover Prep. The first group of football players will now be the first group of graduates from the all-boy tuition-free private school that was created to provide the opportunity for them to reach their full potential as young men who love God and love north Tulsa. Philip continues to coach these young men in football and in life. God has done great things as we reflect on the big ways God has done a big work in and through us. We are humbled that we get to be a part of watching a miracle unfold as God brings our vision of restoring our community to fruition. In 10 years we have seen the Crossover Sports Association (2012), the Crossover Kids and StreetLeader Programs (2013), Crossover Health Services (2014), Crossover Development Company (2015), and Crossover Preparatory Academy (2017) make a tangible difference in the lives of people in our community. We look forward to seeing even more change, and we are floored by the fact that you have chosen to be a part of this great story of support and change.

Please consider partnering with us again to see more change occur in our community. We are trying to raise $100,000 for Crossover Community Impact and all of its programs. We are also trying to raise $1.4 Million for scholarships for the 115 students at Crossover Prep through the Crossover Scholarship Fund. We would love it if you would help us reach these goals to serve our community best.

Grateful for grace and you,

Rondalyn Abode Director of Development

Crossover Community Impact 28

Thank You 2022

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Also, a special thank you to those who personally made an IMPACT through your donations, time and resources! We couldn’t do this without you! Happy New Year!
IMPACT REPORT Our vision of “Restoring Our
will be fulfilled when north Tulsa is
families, peaceful neighborhoods, and thriving institutions. Youth Sports/ Youth Development Healthcare Economic Development Housing Education Restoring Our Community RESTORING OUR COMMUNITY 1/3 of student population part icipation 100 90+ STEM Experiments Annually of 3rd grade participants have been promoted since the Crossover Kids Program began 3000 Volunteer Hours Annually All-Boys School & All-Girls School Two Schools, One Message Offers 1 on 1 Mentoring and Academic Coaching 2019 OCPA Private School of the Year 6th-12th grade tuition-free private school 2022 High School HCAA 2A State Football Champions “We apply a comprehensive approach to a targeted geographic area (the four-mile radius around Hawthorne Elementary School) to restore our community.” $8.2 Million raised through Donations, Foundation Grants, and the Crossover Scholarship Fund to provide a tuition free education.
full of healthy
BASEBALL BASKETBALL FOOTBALL TRACK & FIELD CHEERLEADING L SOCCER* * FUTURE PLANS TO ADD Mentoring & Job Training Job Hours 100% High School Graduation Rate Patient visits annually 2,125 Hours of medical care access Patient Panel 8.4 year life expectancy disparity down from 14-years because of healthcare access. Expanding services to provide behavioral health services through Crossover Counseling Services. Partnership with Regent Bank that provides for renovations and mortgages to increase Home Ownership opportunities! CROSSOVER Our StreetLeader Program is quickly becoming one of the largest private employers of teens in north Tulsa. 5000+ 7000+ Crossover Sports Association Over 850 kids involved 500 hours of community volunteer coaching annually Over 100 hours of activity per athlete 17 Employees; 3500+ Hours Worked Annually $477k of Labor Dollars in Home Revitalization 43 Employees; 30,000+ Hours Worked Annually $4.2 Million of Labor Dollars in Education 29 Employees; 15,000+ Hours Worked Annually $1.7 Million of Labor Dollars in Healthcare 139 Employees; 16,800+ Hours Worked Annually $1.9 Million of Labor Dollars in Community Development $89k+ 8, 500+ Annually in Youth Wages Annually
When you invest in the vision, you do more than touch individual lives... every contribution ripples outward to create “social return” —the positive impact on north Tulsa and the entire Tulsa community.
more information:
Dream for the Future...
(918) 856-5377 Our
Our Vision for 36th S. North
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