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September 2013 • Canyon Lake, Texas • Volume 7, Issue 9 Postal Patron Postal Patron

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September 2013


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September 2013

H arvestfest 2013



October 2


GVTC Auditorium ~ 36101 FM 3159

Delicious Stew Dinner with Cornbread, Drink & Dessert Homemade Cake Auction, Silent Auction & Raffle

Entertainment by The Heart of Texas, A Men’s Championship A Cappella Chorus

T he

Heart of T exas

$15 Tickets on Sale at The Museum, The Chamber of Commerce & at the Door


The Heart of Texas (HOT) Chorus, one of the premier choruses of the Barbershop Harmony Society, will perform at the annual Harvestfest celebration sponsored by The Heritage Museum of the Texas Hill Country. In the pursuit of perfect harmony, the members of HOT travel from north of Austin and south of San Antonio – and most communities in between – to attend weekly rehearsals at Texas State University in San Marcos. The chorus is the performing group of the Central Texas Corridor Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society whose goal is to preserve the barbershop style of singing – an American original style that goes back to the late 1800s and vaudeville stages of the early 1900s. While the core of this group has its roots in the barbershop style, their repertoire includes a wide variety of musical genre including inspiration, gospel,

and modern. The Society is the largest all-male singing organization in the world. Established in early 1994 under the principles of Total Quality Management, the HOT vision serves as a model for a new generation of barbershop choruses, from meeting the standard of excellence in singing and performance to the exceptional organization and operation of the chorus itself. In competitions with choruses throughout southwest Texas, the HOT Chorus has won its Division championship many times. It has gone on to win at the District Competitions, comprised of choruses from all of Texas, Arkansas, parts of New Mexico and Louisiana. They have gone on the International stage representing this entire Southwest District of the US, placing in the top 10 choruses in the world. A true chorus of champions, we wel-

come the Heart of Texas Chorus to Harvestfest 2013. On October 2, witness the delightful proof that discipline required for excellence can be invigorating, good natured, and just plain fun. Perfect harmonies peppered with bursts of talent by outstanding soloists keep the audience immersed – the only disappointment of the evening is that it has to end. Enjoy a delicious dinner and an entertaining show while supporting The Heritage Museum of the Texas Hill Country. We hope you join us.

Harvestfest will be held from 5:308:30pm on Wednesday, October 2, at the GVTC Auditorium on FM 3159. The event includes a homemade stew dinner with cornbread and dessert, a raffle, a homemade cake auction and a silent auction. $15 tickets are available at the museum (830-899-4542), the Canyon Lake Chamber of Commerce (830964-2223) and the door. • 830-899-4542 • New Winter Hours: 1-5pm, 7 Days a Week Page 3 September 2013

Canyon Lake Views

A Day at Work

One day an electrician friend and I were discussing the value of different kinds of work. He said that society may think computers – and the workers who keep them running – are critical to the jobs we do every day, but to consider how valuable they’d be without electricity. Electricians win. We all think that all the time and effort we spend every day at our jobs has little affect on the world or the grand scheme of things; we tend to minimalize what we do. But every spoke of the wheel contributes to carrying the load to its destination. Without store clerks, oil field roughnecks and delivery drivers, Exxon couldn’t pull off what they do; management couldn’t do it alone. Honoring the contribution of the common worker formed the basis for the Labor Day holiday we celebrated this month. Commend yourself. Like Labor Day, back to school days signal summer’s end; the seasons formally change on September 22 when fall arrives. CISD welcomes one brand new elementary school this year and two brand new principals including CLHS’s, who, as I write this, must have plenty of brand new tasks to complete; we wish them well. But all that pales next to the day in September that changed the world that we knew – forever. The impact of 9/11 overshadows it all, affecting our lives to this day. And so we focus our attention on the day we will never forget. Diane Schaule is our Canyon Lake Community Profile this month. She was working at the Pentagon when 125 lives were lost there that day; 23 co-workers perished, barely 150 feet away. To honor First Responders as well as the 2,996 lives that were lost, the community gathers every September 11th at 9am for the Freedom Walk across Canyon Dam. It is decidedly a nonpartisan, non-political event; out of respect, some local offices close to make the walk. The tragedy affected us all – separately as individuals and collectively as a civilized and caring society. For perspective, remember that we weren’t even there. The events of 9/11 made its mark on us nationally as well with repercussions that threaten our democracy of today and more so, of tomorrow. Do we really know what ‘we’ traded away for the promise of safety? When the actions of terrorists created such fear nationwide that we traded our freedoms for the Patriot Act, our democracy may have died that day. I worry that the War on Terrorism may have been lost at the same time we were told it began. See you on 9/11 at 9am at the dam. Your job that day is to leave your politics at home, because that’s where I’ll leave mine. What a refreshing idea! We direct mail to over 10,000 addresses every month!

• call 512-644-2093 • visit • email info@Canyon Sue Sweat, Publisher Please recycle your post office box duplicates!

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Canyon Lake Views


Open Air Market Open Every Saturday ~ 9am until 5pm

Fischer & Canyon Lake Artisan & Farmers Market 1.3 miles East of Canyon Lake High School Join us at 6341 FM 32, Fischer, Texas 78623

830-935-2781 Larry & Jo Jackson A Family Owned Market

Like us on facebook! Jackson Open Air Market

Want to save a dog or cat TODAY? Tee it up for BAHS at the 2 nd Annual “Pars 4 Paws” Golf Tournament! WHEN: 1PM Shotgun Start on MONDAY, Oct 14th WHERE: River Crossing Club (RCC) FORMAT: 4 player scramble Sign up before September 30 th and pay only $90 ($100 after 9/30). BAHS is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 Corporation. All donations are tax deductible. Entry Fee includes: Taco Buffet Bar at the Awards Presentation Prizes for 1st gross,1st – 3rd Net and LAST! Raffle Prizes (50/50 & Merchandise) Contests: Putting, Hit the Circle and entry to our onsite Pet Adoption Event! SIGN UP: Send us (1) your name, (2) handicap or average score, and (3) a list of your team’s three members (or indicate if we should pair you up). (4) Include a check payable to BAHS and mail to: Pars 4 Paws 375 Fossil Hills Loop, Spring Branch TX 78070 or email

BAHS is located at 3563 Kingsnake; P.O. Box 50; Bulverde TX 78163; Phone 830-980-2247 For information and downloadable entry form


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September 2013

Canyon Lake Community PROFILE

Diane Schaule

by Sue Sweat

It is an honor to introduce Diane Schaule as our Canyon Lake Community Profile. She has been active in the annual Freedom Walk across the dam, since she moved to Canyon Lake. On September 11 at 9am, the community meets at Overlook Park for the nonpartisan gathering to remember those lost and to honor First Responders of the past and of now. It is a day she does not want us to forget. At work at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, Diane had been working 150 feet from the point of impact. Twenty six of her coworkers died; the rest of them, similar to us but ten fold, were never the same. Unconcerned about herself, Diane’s focus is to honor the thousands of innocent victims who lost their lives that day – the day we were all changed forever... the day we will never forget. Diane attended high school in Parma, Ohio – the city she considers her ‘hometown.’ She attended Kent State University for a couple of years. To frame the era in 1970, she was in town but not on campus when National Guardsmen fired on protesting students, killing 4 and wounding 19. But she was preoccupied with a young soldier in Vietnam. In 1979, Diane married the father of her son, Glenn, in Virginia. Career-wise she was transitioning out of the clerical field and into the professional field we would call human resources. In 1984, she became part of the Pentagon staff but her marriage had not survived. Norm was on his 3rd tour, working at the Pentagon in 1991. Unknown to her, every morning for most of a year, he rode the same metro train as her; he would wait until she boarded to get on. They were the only two on the train car one day. With any seat to choose from, he sat next to her. They got to know each other and married in 1994; her son, Glenn was finishing high school; Norm’s son was grown. Until recently, the Pentagon has been known as the largest office building in the world since it’s groundbreaking ceremony on September 11, 1941. Exactly 60 years later, there were 20,000 military, civilian and contract employees working there daily including heads of branches of the military and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld. At 9:37am, everybody was packed in the few offices with TVs, immersed in and confused by unfolding details soon after the Trade Center was hit. They heard an explosion they assumed was a bomb. The airplane loaded with 500 gallons of jet fuel, the third of four hijacked, descended 2,200 feet at maximum power (530mph!), slamming in at only 14 feet above ground. From impact, it took eight tenths of a second for the tail section to penetrate three walls and land 310 feet deep into the wall. Not counting those on the plane, 125 died in the Pentagon —55 military and 70 civilians. “We stood there for a minute,” Diane said, until someone said, “we should get out.” Diane remembers no evacuation notices, or fire drills over 20 years. They filed out orderly, stumbling out

~ We will never forget..

the door as heroes were running toward then and the building to help. Diane saw no plane parts — or evidence of a plane, but she would not see evidence of a disintegrated one either — nor was she looking for or expecting to see one. As they were first evacuating, the front of the building was in enflamed; some people were cut, disoriented, with clothing torn. Military police had arrived to help immediately. Communications were already cut off. Officials around the cordoned off site continued to push the employees and crowd of onlookers further and further back until “we were across the Potomac River,” she explained, “.. in a parking lot. A truck parked there had their doors open and radio on ... it was the first time we heard about a plane.”Later the truck got them -- overpacked -- close enough to their cars to get home. As thousands were walking across George Washington Parkway to leave New York, Diane described side roads as “chaos at a standstill,” with every face in a daze … in any place she gazed. They were back at work the next day at a different location with no computers and no files. New computers with no data arrived a week later. Six weeks later, with toxic mold brewing, they were allowed back in the seeping water and greasy soot in Hazmat suits to retrieve personal items. She recalled one manager, buried in the rubble for hours, never emotionally recovered to return to work; others were walking casualties with rampant PTSD. Diane retired from civil service at the GS-15 level, the equivalent to full Colonel – and Norm retired as an Air Force Colonel, They walked out together April 20, 2004 looking forward to retirement, wherever that might be. With Norm a Texan at heart from his college days, they came to Canyon Lake for the first time together; on their second day, they bought the home where they now live. Diane was delighted when her new nextdoor neighbor invited her to a style show sponsored by the Pilot Club. Suzanne Higgerson had not attended one before. They were so warmly received, they attended more often and have both since become active in many organizations. Diane attended the Texas Master Naturalists classes, they joined the Canyon Lake Republican Women – Diane is past President of all three. She is a current Board Member of the Canyon Lake Resource and Recreation Center (CRRC), and Secretary for the Canyon Lake Noon Lion’s Club, where Norm is the new president. She is the yearbook coordinator for the Morning Glory Garden Club and in her 8th year helping to organize the Freedom Walk. With CLRW, she is also co-Chairing Jerry Bob’s Fish Fry. While it is true she stays busy with all of that, she has discovered a bond with jewelrymaking that she has learned she can’t stop. She has discovered an artist inside. Visit www.dianeschaule. com and see her creations and you’ll understand why.

~ C A N YO N L A K E V I E W S ~ S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 3 ~

Canyon Lake Views

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September 2013

Avoid a potential disaster: Establish a buy-sell agreement by Douglas Schroeder

A buy-sell agreement is a binding document that obligates one party to sell and another to buy a portion of, or the total interest of a business upon the occurrence of a specified event. A specified event can be such things as death, disability, divorce, retirement, default by an owner and so on. If one of these events should occur and there is no buy-sell agreement in place, what do you expect would be the result? To answer the question, let’s look at an example. Bill and David are 50/50 owners of a successful Hill Country helicopter rental business. Both are pilots and both have built the business together from the ground up. One day on his way home from the office, Bill gets hit by the proverbial bus and passes away. Due to his untimely death and not being married, Bill’s three children are now the beneficiaries of Bill’s half of the business. For the example, assume the three kids have nothing to do with the business; they don’t know anything about managing a business and none of them are pilots. Because Bill and David didn’t create a buy-sell agreement, 50% of Bill and David’s business is now split three ways between Bill’s kids and they have just as much say in the business decisions as David does. Talk about a potential disaster. If you’re a business owner, tailor the example to your specific situation. Maybe your partner is married and you’re now visualizing your current partner’s spouse as your new business partner. Whatever the situation may be, a little planning now can avoid a lot of problems down the road. The two most common buy-sell agreements are cross pur-

chase and redemption agreements. A cross purchase agreement is designed for one person to buy out the other person’s interest if a special event occurs. A redemption agreement is set up so that the business itself makes the purchase. Both provide flexibility on the details of price, one-time payment or installments over time, and types and terms of the special events that trigger the agreement. Insurance is commonly used in the agreement to ensure there is cash available when the special event occurs. If this column hits home for you, seek professional advice. If you take care of it now, the process and cost will be nothing compared to the alternative. Neither Cetera Investment Services, nor any of its representatives may give legal advice. Consult legal counsel for advice and information concerning your particular circumstances.

Douglas Schroeder is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and Financial Advisor for FVP Investment Group, located at First Victoria National Bank in New Braunfels and Canyon Lake. He provides objective advice on investments, financial planning, estate planning and business succession planning. To learn how Doug can help you, call 830-608-5517 or email

Securities and insurance products are offered through Cetera Investment Services LLC (doing insurance business in CA as CFGIS Insurance Agency), member FINRA/SIPC. Cetera is not affiliated with the financial institution where investment services are offered. Investments are: *Not FDIC/NCUSIF insured *May lose value *Not financial institution guaranteed *Not a deposit *Not insured by any federal government agency. -------------------------------------------------------------

Your Personal Wealth...

At First Victoria, keeping pace with your personal and professional banking needs is what we’re all about. That’s why we offer a unique and different brand of banking.

Gets Our Personal Attention.

Stop by or call to learn more about how we can create financial solutions for you.

Katherine Leitzke Assistant VP/Banking Center Manager 830.964.6601

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Douglas Schroeder, CFP ® Certified Financial Planner TM/Financial Advisor 830.608.5517

Formerly known as PrimeVest Financial Services 2013 FVNB Corp. First Victoria National Bank Member FDIC Equal Housing Lender

Canyon Lake Views

In addition, FVP Investment Group, located conveniently in First Victoria, provides you with the opportunity to have convenient access to a wide range of investments. 1

Securities offered through Cetera Investment Services LLC, member FINRA/SIPC. Investments are: • Not FDIC/ NCUSIF insured • May lose value • Not financial institution guaranteed • Not a deposit • Not insured by any federal government agency. Cetera is not affiliated with First Victoria National Bank.


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September 2013

Sell your home quickly!

36th Season

by Betty Giannonne

Pricing strategies. Pricing your home is a complex task that requires the expertise of an experienced real estate professional. Consider the following: If the listing price is set too high, potential buyers may be deterred from considering your home. Arriving at the optimal price requires evaluation and understanding of current market conditions, and the marketable features of your home. The closer your home is priced to fair market value when it first comes on the market, the more likely it will sell quickly at the highest price. The higher your home is priced above market value, the fewer number of buyers will look at it. Your Realtor should advise you of many factors when assisting you in determining a listing price for your home. Some of these factors include: (1) Determining the selling price of recently sold properties with attributes similar to yours. (2) Arriving at a listing price that is attractive enough for buyers to request showings and make acceptable offers. (3) Determining what properties are competing for the attention of buyers right now. (4) Determining what properties have not sold. This is a good indicator of what prices buyers are unwilling to pay under current market conditions. Skillful negotiation. When offers are presented, your Realtor should advise you and help obtain the best possible price and terms. Understanding the various standard contract forms and the vast array of contractual issues is key to negotiating the best terms to meet your individual needs. Ensuring that buyers are qualified and knowledgeable about available financing alternatives is of the utmost importance in negotiating a successful sale. Your Realtor should promote your interests and assist in developing a clear and binding contract. Transaction management. Many details must be attended to before a sale becomes final, including inspections, loan documents, contingency removals, and insurance. Experienced Realtors know how difficult and time consuming this process is, and thus, handle the scheduling of inspections, review documents, and make sure all of the required disclosure forms and pamphlets are provided in a timely fashion. A Full Service Realtor will be available to assist and manage this full spectrum of skills, and keep you informed throughout the selling process. Excerpts from Prudential Don Johnson Co. Blog

Betty Giannone and her husband, Steve, have lived in the Hill Country and worked in the real estate industry for over 25 years. They specialize in marketing and transaction management for both the seller and buyer. For more information, feel free to call or email them. Prudential Don Johnson Co. RealtoRS®

Canyon lake & Bulverde

Betty & Steve Giannone RealtoR®

David Mairs Music Director

Music of the Spheres Bruch: Scottish Fantasy Holst: The Planets Charles Yang, Violin Dr. Eric Schlegel, Astrophysicist


Sunday, September 15, 2013, 4 p.m. Jackson Auditorium, TLU, Seguin

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September 2013



Where did diseases actually come from? Part 3

Cheryl Roe Massage Therapy 830-660-4006

Lane Sebring, MD A letter mailed tobyPresident Obama

$39 First Time Swedish Massage (Regular $45)

$54 First Time Medical Massage Dear President Obama, (Regular $60)

We are all aware of your desire

By Appt Only • 14812 South Access Road, Canyon health Lake care. and the Bldg need Ato• change

It is a daunting but absolutely necessary task you must undertake. What we are currently doing is financially Professional Service unsustainable and not only that, as I shall explain,DHA the health care that we using a patented blend of organic-certified & bronzers provide is not GIRLS NIGHT IN very good. I am a true believer in capitalism. But capitalism is not an isolated mathematical discipline. It exists in a ~ a spray tan party societal context. And as such, it is subject to moral principle. But all at discounted true morality requires long-term thinking, a moral law that is obvirates!* ously ignored by some of our most powerful Greed and Forcapitalists. appt, call Call for details have overtaken our honest ingenuity, our hard work, corporatism 210-383-3211 *Offer exp. 9/31/13 our respect for our fellow man and, as I am sure you well know, our Norvell Sunless Solutions: A natural-looking 'just off the beach' tan in the privacy of your own home! federal government. As a practicing primary care physician with years of experience in traditional medicine and, I believe more importantly, considerable experience in alternative and antiaging medicine, I bring a broader perspective and a different health paradigm. I believe this informaCanyon Lake tion will be useful and, should you choose to consider it, could proENERGY MEDICINE (830)935-4008 duce a country with a level of health far beyond yours or anyone else’s wildest imagination. I humbly offer as follows. I can teach you and my fellow physicians in ten minutes how proper dietary changes cure the vast majority of adult diabetic paSandy tients in five Patin to cert.1999 six weeks – and it is not the American diabetes diet. Healing Touch, I am not the only physician who can do this butbrochure our letters to the Trauma Touch, cert.2001 Request medical journals have been ignored. You see, our medical journals have been taken over by the pharmaceutical industry. Research of our top medical journals shows a 95% conflict of interest. A former Lake editorViewsin chief 4ofColor the New England Canyon Process AdJournal 3 1/2"ofxMedicine 1 1/2" has stated, “The pharmaceutical industry owns our medical journals, nothing gets published support except what that they spiritually-based group for approve.” women In another fi ve minutes I can teach my fellow physicians how to clean out the come grow and connect with others through coronary arteries of their patients that have & cardiovascular disease. meditation, conversation, laughter fellowship. This “miracle method” utilizes simple nutritional supplements and For more inFormation was taught to us by Linus Pauling, a two-time Nobel Prize winner, but was completely ignored by the medical community. Why? It is Call • Carole Kennedy, the patients themselves that prove this method works. I can teach my spiritually-based mentoring fellow physicians how to keep their patients healthy and functioning for a much longer period of time so that we as a people remain productive longer while dramatically reducing the need for medical intervention in later years. As an antiaging physician I do not seek to extend maximum life expectancy, I seek to extend health and functionality until the end at a ripe old age. I can show you how the vast majority Dr. Raymond Oliviero, DPM of disease is caused by our diet, a diet17080 that Texas is at absolute odds with our genes. As 46 • Spring Branch, TX 78070 such, real health can never be expected until this is changed. You Specializing in Diabetic and Geriatric Foot Care see, the problem is genetic but Ingrown it is not our genes that are bad but a Pediatric, Toenails, Sports Injuries, Corns lifestyle that chooses toCalluses, ignore Planter our genes. Fascittis, Hammertoes, Flat Feet Wart Removal, Fungalin Nails Treatment The number three cause of death the- Lazer United StatesAvailable behind heart Ankle Sprains, Pain, Custom Orthotics disease and cancer is the proper use ofHeelprescription drugs. Vioxx Participating in Medicare/Diabetic Shoestroke Program killed at least 100,000 people from heart attack and and hunOther Convenient Officereceived Locations a letter just dreds of thousands moreTwo injured. I know you Oak Parkway, off US 281 Downtown, S. New Braunfels Ave. 830-885-2733 two days after youStone were elected signed by more than 100 researchers 210-496-3338 210-533-3668 Evening and Weekend atAppointments the FDA. They said theyMajor wanted you& Most to Insurance know Accepted that their managers Credit Cards were changing the wording of their research and approving drugs

mobile spray tanning

Healing Touch



Crystal Podiatry

Canyon Lake Views

Canyon Lake Views

In my two previous columns, I discussed by Lane Sebring, MD the addition of grains to our diet at the beginthat they had disapproved. A former directorEra. of the FDA stated, “the ning of the Agricultural It dramatically reFDA is incapableduced of protecting us nutritional from another Vioxx…. the FDA our total intake by blocking should be closed of down rebuilt.” Please take him we up on this. the absorption the and more nutrient-dense foods continued the grains numberthemselves two cause ofare death in the Uniteddepleted. States, but to Cancer eat; in is fact, quite nutrient if you ask what percentage of cancersbegan in thewith United areofcured Chronic diseases in humanity theStates advent agby chemotherapy? The answer, 2.2%. In 1950 cancer wasn’t even in riculture; the grains grown were never human food before. the top 10 causes of death. What are we doing? The cost of cancer This introduction of a genetically mismatched food necessarcare is astronomical or should we now say, TARPanomical? So ofily led to chronic diseases and malnutrition. ten most chemotherapy treatments do not seek to cure the cancer but The second insult, or second wave of insult to humanity, to extend life. If you are a pharmaceutical company, that is a much was thebusiness development smarter model. of large cities where sanitation was a severe problem due to overcrowding, the sharing of bankrupt viruses The pharmaceutical companies are in trouble. They are and bacterial infections, and frequently contaminated on new ideas. Pfizer sought to purchase Wyeth because it hadwater a new supplies. vaccine that looked promising. Vaccines have become a real moneyThe wave of insult industry. was the development ofgovernment processed maker fornext the pharmaceutical They work with or manufactured which depletedtomost of the extent nutrients agencies to try and foods make them mandatory the insane that the is original food. to get 56 different vaccinations by the time aof child now required next high waveschool. of insult a lack of crop rotation the theyThe graduate Andwas unless a mother protests veryand loudly, these vaccinations the day we are born. Each has depletion of the start minerals in after the soil. Broccoli, forvaccine example, ahas purposeful included in the example, half of irritant the calcium it had asinjection recently(for as the 1960s.mercury) to stimulate immune response, irritants enter our cells The nextanwave of insult wasbut thethese development of synthetic and permanently promote infl ammation every get sick. foods such as margarine, hydrogenated fats,time andwe highly manuThe World Health Organization hascorn said flakes that heavy factured purification foods such as and metal many toxicity cheesises. in A some responsible for at least 90% the chronic newway manmade molecule has to be of proven toxic diseases to prehumans experience. Doctors are not Shouldn’t taught thisitinformation in vent it from being manufactured. be the otherand way fact have had their licenses removed for trying to reduce a patient’s around? A new molecule should be proven safe in order for heavy-metal burden by the safest and most effective method which it to be manufactured. We are now forced to deal with a coris chelation. nucopia of new toxins we have little ability to defend against. Recently, under oath, patients testified that they paid their insurThe next was and taking mothers outsick of had the home and ance premiumsinsult for years when they got their insurputting them in the workplace so that fast foods became ance canceled. At the same hearing, under oath, the CEOs of althe most insurance a necessary elementtestifi of human major companies ed thatlife; theythese wouldare notquite stop dethis void of variety and nutrition. Nutritionists now say the chilpractice. dren today system will not their own because they Theofpresent is outlive not acceptable and parents very often not accessihave had good ble butnever I would say, withnutrition. some courage on your part and the backing I’ve heardweit could said create that the healththat industry cares the nothing of the people, a system incorporates great virtues of capitalism andthethefood caring attempts of socialism while about your food and industry cares nothing about avoiding the obvious of each. I have some ideas. your health. That’s pitfalls some food for thought. Respectfully, Lane Sebring MD

Lane Sebring, MD, practices integrative and alternative Dr. Lane Sebring practices integrative and alternative medicine medicine, including bio-identical hormone replacement and including bio-identical hormone replacement and preventive preventive medicine with a practice emphasizing nutritionmedand icine with a practice emphasizing nutrition and personal responpersonal responsibility. He can be reached at 512-847-5618 sibilty. The Sebring Clinic is located at 16811 Ranch Road 12 in at The Sebring Clinic, located on the northside of Wimberley Wimberley. For more information, call 512-847-5618. at 16811 Ranch Road 12.

Sebring Clinic "The New Medicine" e"

Lane Sebring, MD 512-847-5618 Traditional, Alternative, and Integrative Medicine

16811 Ranch Road 12 • Wimberley • Across from Skyline Drive

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by Ryan Bullock, DVM Last month, I discussed how important and useful pet health insurance is for you and your pet. Pet health insurance allows pet owners to use some of the latest advances in veterinary health care to increase their pet’s quality of life or even save their pet’s life. But with so many providers now available, the thought of investigating them all might make your head spin. So, I’m going to do my best to give you the highlights of the top five pet health insurance providers as decided by Below are their findings on each. #1  Healthy Paws – Pros: Thought to have the best coverage for the unexpected; low cost deductibles from $100; will cover up to 90% of actual vet bill, covers accidents/illnesses without restrictions on hereditary conditions; covers medications, advanced testing and hospital stays. Cons:  Does not cover routine care and will not pay for vet exams or preexisting conditions. #2  Embrace Pet Insurance – Pros: Covers accidents, illness, genetic and chronic conditions; they offer wellness plans that cover routine care, if you have a younger pet – Embrace is a fantastic choice!  Cons: They have age limitations on older pets (but once your pet is covered they are covered for life), they offer drug coverage as an add on (not included with the rest of the policy). #3  Trupanion – Pros: Low cost deductibles; will cover up to 90% of vet bill, covers medications, advanced testing, and hospital stays; no caps on payout amounts. Cons:  Animals not spayed or neutered in the first year are considered breeding animals and cost more to insure. #4  Pets Best Insurance – Pros: Up to 100% reimbursement; low annual deductible from $100. Cons: Doesn’t cover congenital (hereditary) conditions; will not cover items deemed “preventable”; will not cover parasites (fleas, heartworms, roundworms). #5 ASPCA Pet Insurance – Pros: 90% reimbursement; low annual deductible from $100.  Cons: They will only pay $3,000 per incident unless you purchase one of their top two policies. We’ve decided to pick Embrace as the insurance provider to recommend. We think they provide great overall coverage, but are an especially great value for younger pets. We feel strongly that starting your pet on insurance when they are a puppy or kitten is important to make sure they have coverage their entire life and that you get the cheapest rates. If you have a middle aged or senior pet, I would also look closely at Trupanion.

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Ryan Bullock, DVM and Keith Leakey, DVM, are the owners of Canyon Animal Clinic and Canyon City Animal Hospital, full service primary care veterinary hospitals. Jeff Quinn, DVM, and Stephanie Horstmann, DVM, complete the veterinarian staff. For information, call 830-964-3696 at 1834 FM 2673 in Sattler, 830-964-3551 at 13755 FM 306 in Canyon City or visit

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by Mark Hannah

With school in full swing and fall around the corner, this month I’d like to talk about something one of my clients brought to my attention during a visit. She said that she reads Canyon Lake Views each month and that she has learned a lot from it. She takes the tips and recommendations to heart and tries to simplify her life and save money at the same time. One article she read was about organizing the tools and items that are necessary to complete minor repairs, hang pictures, etc. She gathered and organized her items, found a specific place in her home to keep them, and kept them clean and orderly. While most people find scheduling repairs to be inconvenient, this client looks at small repairs as an adventure. She has both the tools and the time so she tackles what she can and doesn’t consider it a failure if she can’t complete them all. There is a feeling of accomplishment and pride that comes with being able to take care of things yourself, not to mention the money that she ends up saving. She also keeps a list of items that she needs to have repaired by a handyman so that she can have all of the repairs completed during one visit which also ends up saving her money. Many people will find more time on their hands with the kids back in school so why not use that time to organize and simplify your life? This client is a pleasure to work with because, when she schedules a handyman visit, she has already completed certain repairs, has prepared a list of remaining items, and doesn’t end up feeling flustered because she can’t remember what it was that she needed to have done. When I write an article, my goal is to give you information that will save you time or money and sometimes both. Make time this month to gather the things you can use to make small repairs, clean and organize them, and give them a specific place in your home. You can then start writing a list of items to repair and tackle what you can. Remember, don’t let small things become a big issue, contact a professional handyman and check it off your list.

rille G •• •••

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Mark “Hank” Hannah, a Canyon Lake area resident for 12+ years, is the owner/operator of Handy Hank, a professional handyman service who is on time and offers a straight price - your satisfaction is his main concern. Services include general handyman repairs, interior and exterior painting, pressure washing, drywall patches, hauling, and much more. Call 830899-5199 to schedule an appointment.

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September 2013

Alzheimers and exercise

by VJ Tiller According to Beth Howard, in the February March 2012 magazine, Alzheimer’s isn’t inevitable. Many experts now believe you can prevent or at least delay Alzheimer’s disease even if you have a genetic predisposition. Reducing Alzheimer’s disease risk factors like obesity, diabetes, smoking, and low physical activity by just 25% could prevent up to a half million cases of the disease in the United States, according to a recent analysis from the University of California, San Francisco. Ask your doctor about medications, like statins, that can also be the root of memory problems, says Dr. Andrew Weil, the respected integrative medicine M.D. known worldwide. If you only do one thing to keep your brain young, exercise, says Art Kramer, Ph.D., Professor or Psychology and neuroscience at the University of Illinois.  Higher exercise levels can reduce dementia risk  by 30 to 40% compared with low activity levels, and physically active people tend to maintain better cognition and memory than inactive people. Working out helps your hippocampus, the region of the brain involved in memory formation. As you age, your hippocampus shrinks, leading to memory loss. Exercise can reverse this process, research suggests. Physical activity can also trigger the growth of new nerve cells and promote nerve growth. Research shows that even 15 minutes of regular exercise three times a week helped maintain the brain. Older women who participated in a yearlong weight-training program at the University of British Columbia at Vancouver did 13% better on test of cognitive function than a group of women who did balance and toning exercises.    Discovering your mission in life can help you stay sharp, according to Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center, which studied more than 950 older adults regarding this. Participants who approached life with clear intentions and goals at the start of the study were less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease over the following seven years! Seek out new skills. New kinds of learning spurs the growth of new brain cells. When you challenge the brain, you increase the number of brain cells and the number of connections between those cells,” says Keith L. Black, M.D., chair of neurosurgery at CedarsSinai Medical Center in Los Angeles . But it is not enough to do the things you routinely do—like the daily crossword. You have to learn something completely new to you like a new language or a new form of bridge or a new form of exercise like Tai Chi,  for example. Villa Jean Tiller has a BS in Behavioral Science and a Masters of Divinity Degree. She practices whole body health daily combining socialization, exercise, good nutrition, environment, and spirituality and will help you with a suitable exercise program, good nutrition plan and a healthy outlook. For information, call 830-964-6046. VJ’s HOLIDAY CHALLENGE with PRIZES starts October 1st No Contract ~ 1st Week FREE

VJ’s express Wellness CenterCenter VJ’sFitness Fitness express Wellness PACE Adjustable Hydraulic Resistant Resistant Equipment Circuit • PACE Adjustable Hydraulic Equipment Circuit Strength Training • Body Conditioning • Tai • Strengthening/Conditioning forChiFunctional Living Yoga • Silver Sneakers SilverSneakers • Line Classes Dancingfor•Seniors Tai Chi and Gentle Yoga

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by Eduardo Chamber

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Keep cash comin’ in year ‘round by Richard Ferrell

Whether it’s a rush of tubers coming to the Guadalupe River or families staying at a local B&B, seasonal businesses are often faced with the challenge of generating a year’s revenue in just a few months. But there are some ways to keep the cash coming in all year ‘round. To keep the money coming in, even after the key season has passed, you may need to think creatively, learn more about the needs of your customers and test new ideas – even if they may seem a bit zany. Here are five ideas for getting started. 1. Add complementary products and services. One of the most obvious ways to move into a new season is to add products and services to serve the other seasonal needs of your customers. 2. Extend your season. A common mistake among seasonal businesses is to not broaden their selling season by kicking off their marketing earlier and holding sales or promotions immediately after the close of the season. You might find that your marketing opportunities and season was longer than you thought. 3. Generate off-season excitement. In addition to extending your traditional season, try to become good at generating events and excitement during the slower months. 4. Look for niche markets. Seasonal businesses can often find successful income supplements serving niche markets. A bakery that does brisk business during the holidays or during a peak tourist season may find success in its slow months by developing products that sell evenly over the course of a year to a smaller audience, such as gluten-free or sugar-free products for an example. 5. Go where the season is. You have to stop thinking of yourself as solely a seasonal business. Your customers have different needs all year. You just need to find a way to serve those needs in a way that fits with your existing business. So remember to keep the money coming in, even after the season has passed, you must be and think creatively, learn more about the needs of your customers, test new ideas, and get good at running promotions.

Sc Sc


Sc Sca Damuth Homes, Inc.

Richard Ferrell is the Executive Director of the Canyon Lake Area Chamber located inside the Visitors Center at 3934 FM 2673. For more information or to volunteer, call 830-964-2223 or toll free 800-528-2104 or visit

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You make us strong! 114372 3x3 bw 1/28/08 9:23 AM Page 1 Gruene Harley Davidson Aqua-man Water Jim & Carol Bisset - Friends 114372 114372 3x3 bw 1/28/08 9:23 AM Page 1 Comal County Habitat for Humanity 114372 3x3 bw 1/28/08 9:23 AM Page 1 3x3 Canyon Lake Cabins & Cottages 114372 3x3 bw 1/28/08 9:23 AM Page 1 Page CERTIFICATES 1 AVAILABLE AG Hill County – Geoff Harris114372 114372 3x3 bw 1/28/08 9:23 AM• GIFT bw 114372 Home Focus • MOTORCYCLE FRIENDLY 3x3 114372 Bezdeks Rentals 114372 3x3 bw PARTIES, REUNIONS RETREATS Talk with a Wells Fargo 114372 3x3 1/28/08 9:23 AM & Page 1 bw Creek Hollow Cabins 3x3 3x3 830-964-3600 • 12381 FM306 banker and get bw • Canyon Lake • Las Barcas bw Talk with a Wells Fargo just what you need. bw GVTC Talk with a Wells Fargo banker and get 114372 Brauntex Talkjust with aWells Wells Fargo banker and local get with asomeday? Fargo you need. WhyTalk wait forwhat Talk with your Canyon Lake Masonic Lodge banker and get banker and get just what you need. 3x3 just whatbanker, you need. Wells Fargo callyour today. Lone Star Float House Why wait for someday? Talkneed. with local just what you St. Andrew Lutheran Church wait for someday? Talk with your local Wells Fargo banker, callWhy today. Why wait for someday? Talk with your local Canyon Lake •local 830-964-2265 bwwait Why for someday? TalkWells with your Fargo banker, call today. Wells Fargo banker, call today.

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... there’s The Heritage Museum ofno theplace Texaslike Hill Country is hosting their home ... major fundraiser of the year: Harvestfest, October 2 at GVTC. (Details on page 3.) Mark your Calendars now!


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When fleas arrive: Stop that! by Terry Schroller You just got back from wherever with Fido and Fifi in tow. They were fine when you left on your “insert correct response” – walk, trip to the park, visit with the kids, vacation…etc). Now you’re back home and your pups are scratching, digging, and hopping around. Upon further inspection, you find stuff on their backs and collar areas that resembles dirt. Much to their dislike, you decide to water torture them with a bath. But what’s this? As their fur begins getting wet, what you thought was dirt is now taking on a reddish tinge. It can’t be! Not on my dogs! Look there’s one now, and another, and another! OMG!! Folks, I am here to tell you, if you have not had fleas yet, you’re probably going to before it’s all over with. Start with rain all the way into the middle of July, add an increasing number of hosts – meaning fur bearing thingies of all kinds, combine with perfect ambient conditions (real-time temperature combined with humidity levels), then add in nomadic mammals and we have ourselves a “Perfect Storm of Flea Infestation.” Do not panic! Meet two of your new best friends – Dawn dishwashing liquid and your vacuum cleaner. Vacuum the bejeebersYour out ofOld every area your darlings frequent. That includes sleeping, eating, and lounging areas, as well as vehicles you Antifreeze Won’t transportWork! them in. Wash bedding or super heat it in the clothes dryer, cleaning the filter frequently. Bathe pets often – once or twice weekly with the Dawn liquid. Do not poison them with shampoos for fleas and ticks, as most of them contain some sort of insecticide that if used too frequently, may harm them. Dawn is very gentle and desiccates the adult flea’s exoskeleton very quickly. What about the outside Bugman? Oh Boy! First make a decision for an area of containment for control. Keep it fenced, mowed, treated and raked. Treat with a water soluble granule that works wet or dry like Over & Out. If you have a wood deck that things fall through or your pet gets under to cool off, it must be treated and raked. If you have a pier and beam foundation or a mobile home and allow animals underneath…Forget it! Stop that!! Seek professional help. Terry and Valerie Schroller, owners of Alternative Pest Control, have been in the pest control business since 1976. Their license categories include General Pests, Termites, Weeds and Lawn and Ornamentals. For more information, call 830-8995400, email Val at or contact them through their website.

830-899-5400 Email your questions and concerns. This information is for you.

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Clean Up & Haul Off • FREE Removal of Large Appliances & Metal

Furniture buying tips by Angela Lujan



carpenter antS / beeS

Jamie Riley, Owner • 210-789-4577 • Canyon Lake Locally Owned/Operated• ScorpionS / centipedeS / SpiderS / MoSquitoS

Get an Owner, not just an employee! coMMercial / reSidential

pest, termite & lawn

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Furniture can impact your comfort and effectiveness. Knowing this can make furniture purchases a bit challenging. Look beyond buying trends and buy furniture based on quality and usefulness. Know your constraints when it comes to furnishings. Consider your space, budget, or any other special needs. Then you can begin to explore your furnishing possibilities. Knowing your style gives you greater flexibility and confidence. You then have the ability to tie in seemingly dissimilar pieces of furniture to create a very personal area. Quality is one of the most important attributes of your purchase so learn to judge a piece for quality. Have you ever found two furniture pieces almost identical with a huge price difference? It boils down to quality, which determines how long your item will last and also retains its look. Quality also determines how comfortable the item is so familarize yourself with cushion density and wearability. Check for sturdiness on wood pieces, and if doors and drawers are properly aligned. Drawers should open and shut smoothly. Most sofas are selected on how the fabric looks and feels. While it’s important to know what’s inside your sofa, also consider what’s on the outside. Consider how much care it will take. Will it withstand heavy use or direct sunlight? Select a fiber that will not only look good, but one that would also wear well in your personal situation. Check the finish of wood pieces by running your hand over it to feel any imperfections. It should feel smooth and pleasing to the touch. Even distressed furniture should have texture, but no rough patches. The good news is that mistakes are entirely preventable. When you start paying attention to your needs before you buy furniture, you are less apt to make them. You don’t want to replace your new piece anytime soon, so do your research. Search the internet, talk with sales personnel, or contact a knowledgeable interior designer for help. Angela has a Master’s Certification in Drapery Design with many years experience in the window fashion industry and interior design, offering full design services. She is the owner of Window Gallery, located at 1867 FM 2673 in Sattler. Stop by to see the beautiful furniture options in her boutique along with home accessories, drapery, and Hunter Douglas energy efficient products. Call Angela at 830-964-3343 for your free in-home consultation. Window Gallery is in association with WCAA and an IDS Partner.

Open 7:30am til 2pm, Wednesday thru Sunday extraordinary Breakfasts Served All Day • Lunch at 11

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PALMS for the

onral aslo SeCo

SpSeecptacular tember

Texas Hill Country

Huge Selection of Texas Natives

Palm Trees • Shrubs Evergreens • Fruit Trees Shade Trees • Xeriscaping Pottery • Fountains

Over 4 Acres of Plants for Your Landscaping Needs!

y& Delivern ti Plan tingeAvagilable Delivery & Planbl availa

sale Agaves $20 (re g $24.99) Fruit and Citru s Trees

25% OF F

3 Gal Pride Of Barbad $16.99 (reg $19.9 os 9)

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paradise palms at york creek garden 8212 IH-35 at York Creek • Open Monday-Saturday 8am-7pm & Sunday 9am-6pm Just 4 miles North of the new Buc-ees • Exit 195 N • North of New Braunfels

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Sermon SerIeS

Vital Issues & Christian Belief Sundays at 10:30 AM

God’s Answers for Today’s Issues Sept 15th: Peace in Christ Sept 22nd: Why Was Jesus a Carpenter? Sept 29th: Contentment in Christ Oct 6th: Why Should We Confess Our Sins? October 13: The Wind of Revival

Hill Country Bible Church 20885 FM 306 at TaMarack Drive canyon Lake


A universal hero by Dr. Franklin D. Watts

I’d like to tell you about one of my great heroes, William Wilberforce. Born in 1759, he was a British philanthropist, social reformer and member of Parliament. But he is remember best for his 26-year-long crusade to outlaw slavery in Great Britain. This was accomplished three days before his death in 1853. Wilberforce was a wealthy man with no need for an expectation of earning his keep and could have lived a live of leisure. But, under John Wesley’s influence, Wilberforce became a Christian and then a member of the Clapham sect, a group of Christian Parliamentarians who dedicated themselves to working for prison reform and the improvement of education and health care. Informed by his Christian conviction regarding the equality of all human beings, Wilberforce stood firmly against onslaughts of criticism and opposition from Parliament, the business community, and even from some members of the clergy. Wilberforce’s accomplishment inspired and motivated the America abolitionists including Charles Finney and Harriet Beecher Stowe. His life is a shining example of an evangelical Christian who was not interested only in heavenly reward, but worked passionately and tirelessly for earthly social reform. He was tough minded with an iron will and he took on one of the most egregious practices of society – the reduction of human beings made in God’s image to the level of chattel property. Wilberforce’s life story is one of the greatest episodes of the practical application of Christian theology to the problems of society. He should be a hero for Christians and secularists alike. May his number increase! Dr. Franklin Watts, Pastor of Hill Country Bible Church, received his doctorate from Vanderbilt University. He is also a social work consultant for nine nursing homes. The church is located at 20885 FM 306 at Tamarack Drive (across from Papa Gallos). Contact him at the church office at 830-935-2945 or by cell 210-415-2365.


HICKS CONSTRUCTION Free Estimates • Licensed and Bonded

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September 2013

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Driver’s license revisited


Making your home beautiful ~ one floor at a time!

by Charles Sullivan

It’s a serious issue. Everyone needs to make a copy of their driver’s license. If you have had a moving violation, you’ll need it to check DPS records to see if you have any surcharges due. If you do, pay them or face the possibility of being jailed for “Driving While License is Invalid.” I think these surcharges are the worst form of double jeopardy. In addition, because our Legislature allows the notification to be by regular US Mail, they don’t have to follow Texas Rules of Civil Procedure. One real horror story involved my client who moved to Louisiana, after getting and paying a ticket for no proof of insurance. When she moved back to Texas, she discovered a surcharge was due, which she also quickly paid. Six months later, it still showed her license was invalid. This is sickening. She had her three young children in the car – and she was arrested. Thankfully, we are trying to work this out with the State, but if she is convicted, her driver’s license will be suspended for two years – four times longer than the six months she would have had it suspended for a DWI. This makes no sense, period. I hope to have a client one day who can afford to challenge the Constitutionality of this arrest and double jeopardy, but fear it would go all the way to the Supreme Court! If you have been ticketed anytime in the past, it would be a good idea to log on and check your status and possibly avoid be1/8 2010 VGuide @ $130 -- cgGaramond Bold is font ing charged with a crime and the associated costly fines. Maintain a copy of your driver’s license so you’ll have the audit number you may need. You can check your record online at you’re A T TorO R N E YEnter S the Ainformation; T L A ifW 1/12number for CLViews locked out, you can use the audit to gainColumn access. April10 At least Ofc:where 830-899-3259 learn you stand so you can take proactive action, if it’s 8115 FM 2673 needed. Cell: 210-863-6340 Canyon Lake On another note. If a contractor takes money from you up front and does not complete the work, you have two options. You can sue for Breach of Contract, or call the police agency in your area and request the contractor be charged with theft. There’s no guarantee, but the Comal County District Attorney’s office is very thorough when it comes to this type of behavior, as well they should be. Contractors that are stealing your money should be treated as a crooks, simply because that’s the only way to describe them.

Store: 830-964-2407 Cell: 210-846-7538


a full service flooring store

carpets, laminates, ceramic & porcelain tiles, natural stones, wood floors & more

Jim & Joyce Dannehy 1395 Sattler Rd, Suite 5 • Canyon Lake Next to Mountain Valley Pharmacy

“When you want quality, call a pro.”

Pro Quality Water Systems

Randy Lawrence

512-618-1334 830-822-3533

A full service water treatment company specializing in customer service & integrity

Certified by the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality Class III License # WT0002693

at affordable prices

Low pricing on all Hunter Douglas, Graber, TimberBlind

• Quality American products with lifetime warranties • Blinds, Solar, Roman & Cellular Shades, Plantation Shutters

Call today for a free estimate & consultation. an ic er Am Bu y 512-847-8970 M ad e!

Superior Service before and after the sale • Fast delivery & installation in two weeks or less!

Sullivan & Associates, PLLC

Charles Sullivan is the founder of Sullivan & Associates, PLLC. His practice is primarily in business, personal injury, real estate litigation, family, criminal and specializing in probates, wills, and trusts. For more information, he can be reached at 830-899-3259.

Sullivan & Associates, PLLC AT T O R N E Y S


Ofc: 830-899-3259 Cell: 210-863-6340


8115 FM 2673 Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake Views

H E AT I N G & AIR CONDITIONING residential • commercial


Kyle Brennan, Owner Lic.# TACLA28573E

Carpenter Hardware We sell expert help for your home since 1973

Rainwater Tanks

830-899-2112 7719 FM 2673 • Startzville • Canyon Lake Quality Workmanship ASE Certified 30 years Experience

Computer Diagnostics A/C, Brakes, Tune Ups 4x4 & Diesel

Hillside Auto

830.899.2525 • M-F 8-5 All Makes & Models Foreign & Domestic

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Kirby Westmoreland, Owner 7735 FM 2673 Canyon Lake 78133

September 2013

carpe porc wood



&C Community & T Community & Th e



JUST for Kids &the Community SponsorS

1805 FM 2673 | CANYON LAKE, TX 78133 (830) 907-3100 | FIRSTVICTORIA.COM

Security State Bank & Trust The Hill Country’s Bank

Member FDIC

Since 1941®

Canyon Lake • (830) 906-2700

CASA’s Last Advocacy Training for 2013

The most recent class of Court Appointed Special Advocates was sworn in July 30. The last training sessions of the year will begin in September in San Marcos and New Braunfels. The July class of advocates will soon be assigned to children who have been removed from their homes because of abuse and neglect that are now placed in the state’s care. As advocates, the volunteers will get to know everyone in the children’s lives in order to provide recommendations to the family court judge. They speak up for the children in court and advocate for the child’s best interest. In 2012, CASA volunteers served 372 children in the four-county service area of Caldwell, Comal, Guadalupe and Hays Counties, but there were an additional 408 children who did not have the voice of a CASA. Volunteers are assigned to one case at a time; therefore, CASA can only serve as many children as there are volunteers. Please don’t wait until next year; a child needs you now. If not you and you know someone who would make a great CASA volunteer, please share these training dates.

New Braunfels CASA office • 830-626-2272 • 18125 FM 306 • Across from Hancock Plaza

Wednesdays • September 11th to October 9th • 1pm-5pm

San Marcos CASA office • 512-392- 3578

Tuesdays • September 10th to October 8th • 4:30-8:30pm Thursdays • September 12th to October 10th • 9am-1pm

NEW unique

Classes meet once a week for five weeks.

items for the

If you would like to become a volunteer or learn about additional ways to support CASA, please visit, or call 512-392-3578 or 830-626-2272.

unique in you!

Mid-Texas Symphony Children’s Concert

The Mid Texas Symphony (MTS), organized at Texas Lutheran University, is now beginning its 36th season. As one of their many outreach programs, MTS annually sponsors the Childrens’ Concert for New Braunfels and Seguin area children to reinforce music and lessons that relate to music. Grade 4-5 students from districts in New Braunfels, Canyon, Canyon Lake, Bracken, Schertz-Cibolo, Wimberley, Blanco, Seguin, Navarro, Marion and numerous private schools will attend one of two concerts scheduled on Tuesday, September 17th at the New Braunfels Civic Center. For more information, call 830-372-8089.

Get the latest fashions in scarves, jewelry & junior jeans

What Goes Around Comes Around resale boutique

The Berry Oaks Shopping Center

New & used Clothing Home Decor • Furniture Jewelry & accessories Hair Bows & Tutus Women’s Camo Wear & More

19851 Hwy. 46 West Suite 104 Spring Branch, TX 78070 (830) 438-7690

A unique home furnishing and gift Just West of US-281 near thelots Pharmacy boutique with of Choices & More!

monday-saturday 10AM-6pm • closed sundays Monday-Saturday 10aM-6pM • Closed sundays

Canyon Lake Views

210-867-2841 8695 FM 2673, Startzville • Next to the lauNdroMat • MoN-Sat, 10-5

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Rodeo Styles Are In!

September 2013

Leaving the nest … for the moment

by Steve Sherman Smart storage. Shelf boards and brackets expand storage capaYour new college freshman can’t wait to bolt from home and enjoy independent dorm life. In bilities to make a small space look larger. Use them to hold books, preparing for the college move, he or she prob- picture frames, video games and CDs. • Large plastic storage containers that fit discreetly underneath ably didn’t given any thought to those many “exthe bed are perfect for stowing away clothing and extra blankets. tras” needed to make that dorm more livable. Extra credit. Many stores carry small coffee makers, toaster ovIf these items weren’t considered before the first trip to school, they will probably be on a list the freshman will bring his first week- ens and small microwaves for when hunger strikes during those end home. You can get the most important, most often overlooked late-night study sessions. • A small desktop or standing fan helps cool a tiny dorm room. items in one stop at your local hardware store. In addition to items • A long mirror visually makes a small room look bigger. they won’t forget – the computer, CD player and mini-fridge – make • A stepstool makes it easier to reach high shelves in typically room in the car going back for what they forgot they’ll need: Test-worthy tools. A hammer and a box of nails or drywall an- tiny dorm closets. They’re all available from your local hardware store. You’ll feel chors make hanging pictures and calendars on the walls easier. Double-sided tape or poster putty makes removal of posters from better if your child is better prepared, and he or she may actually thank you for thinking of them! And don’t fret, they will be back… walls less damaging. • A flashlight and multiple packs of batteries come in handy if Steve Sherman is a Store Manager at Canyon Lake ACE Hardware. dorm electricity goes out. Extra batteries can also be used for all For more information, call 830-964-2797. those extra electronics. Wimberley Ace Canyon Lake Ace • Standard or cordless screwdrivers make putting together furniPhone: 512-847-2356 Phone: 830-964-2797 ture easier and help bookshelves and nightstands stay sturdy. 14307 Ranch Road 12 1150 FM 2673 • Extension cords and multi-outlet surge protectors are a must. Wimberley, TX 78676 Canyon Lake, TX 78133 Not only do they help expand room layout possibilities, but they also help protect valuable electronics. Unbeatable Customer Service, Selection, Competitive Prices, • Electrical wiring, extra cables and splitters are essential for and Close to Home multiple high-tech systems in a room like the stereo, TV, DVD The helpful place. Mon–Sat 8AM–7PM & Sun 10AM–6PM player, computer and video game console.

P O O L S • S PA S • PAT I O S • F O U N TA I N S • S U M M E R K I T C H E N S • L A N D S C A P I N G • P O N D S









Fossil Creek Pools Canyon Lake Views


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office 830-228-5060

September 2013

Iced Coffee or Tea to Cool Summer Blues Free Wi-Fi


pson Poppy Twhnoemr O

18100 FM 306, Canyon Lake

Breakfast Tacos, Kolaches, Croissants, Lunch & More

Bill “Bear” Middleton Guitar Lessons

Recognizing Peter Parziale with a special award are (L to R) Adopt-a-Highway Chair Ernie Pavlock, incoming Octagon President Jeremy Millford, incoming Senior VP Cati Harrington, and Peter, Owner of Parziale’s Pizza

Beginner to Advanced All Ages accepted “You're never too old to learn”


30 years experience including the

Canyon Lake

Parziale Recognized by Optimist Club

Grand Ole Opry


Massage Therapy & personal Training Licensed Massage Therapist #033592 Certified Personal Trainer

Spring Branch Fall Market Day, Oct. 5


Adopt-a-Highway projects can be a hot and dirty job, but the satisfaction of keeping your stretch of road pristine and giving back to the community overcomes all of that. The bonus for the CLHS Octagon Club, is that they are also rewarded by a very special Optimist. He is known as "Pizza Man" by his teammates of the "Blow Hard Team" that inflates the tunnel at the varsity football home games. Peter Parziale wanted to make the highway clean-up even more fun for the kiddos and decided to throw a special pizza party after each event. Their next clean up is Saturday, September 14th. Put on a good pair of shoes and join them! For more information, call Suzanne at 830-935-2578.

America’s Authority on Fitness AmericAn council on exercise

18200 FM 306, Suite 180 at Canyon Park Rd • Canyon Lake • Former Location of Bicycle Shop

Building services Home Building • Remodeling • RepaiRs

Hey Bill, Fix it!

KitcHens & BatHs FRee estimates & shop drawings Bill Barnett, owner 830-832-3118 We say what we do, and we do what we say! Locally owned & family operated since 1986

Iverson FencIng

Specializing in: RESIdEnTIAl & • Farm & Ranch Fencing coMMERcIAl • Privacy Serving the • Wood & Chain Link Tri-County area • Pipe Fences Since 1997 • Wrought Iron FREE ESTIMATES David Iverson 830-899-4164 • Welding Locally owned & Cell 830-743-5442 • Hole Digging operated • Repairs

License #M38706

The Bulverde/Spring Branch Area Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring their Fall Market Day on Saturday, October 5 from 10am-4pm at the Old HEB parking lot off US-281 at Hwy 46W and Bulverde Crossing. Over 80 local vendors and artisans featuring jewelry, gifts, accessories, food items plus kids’ projects and the Blue Lions Train makes it fun for the entire family. For more information on vendor booths or the event, call 830-438-4285.

POW/MIA Ceremony at VFW Post 8800

The POW/MIA ceremony will be held on September 23 at 7pm at VFW Post 8800 in Startzville. The ceremony is open to the public as well as other VFW/Auxiliaries. All veterans are encouraged to attend. Light refreshments will be served. ROTC Units from CLHS and SVHS (Army, Navy), as well as Boy Scout Troop 222 will participate. VFW Post 8800 is located at 7755 FM 2673 behind Hillside Auto. For information, call 830-899-7774 after 2pm.

Habitat for Safe Seniors Needs You

Habitat for Safe Seniors has successfully distributed over 520,000 pounds of food inside six months to clients in need–100,000 pounds more than any other year. Funds for food are depleted, and they’re working on a wing and a prayer. Heat is taking its toll on volunteers as well. They also need a few good people to volunteer on Fridays at 8am for food distribution and in their Thrift Store (Thursday, Friday and/or Saturday). Call 210-347-8207 for more information.



Now catering

*commercial *repair * residential

Canyon Lake Views

OPEN 7 Days a Week all parties and events! Beer available 10103 FM 2673 • Canyon Lake (Startzville) • 7am-9:30pm

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September 2013

A Cut Above the Rest

NEW LOCATION is below the New Bulverde/Spring Branch EMS/Fire Station ~ at the bottom of the hill ~



   




NEW LOCATION Our Spring Branch Location has Moved to 490 Rodeo Drive 490 Rodeo Drive 3550 N Loop 1604 East Spring Branch San Antonio Near new EMS/Fire Station Between Redland & Bulverde Roads

(830) 228-5858 or 5848

(210) 495-8873

Open Mon–Sat, 7:30–4:30 Closed Sunday

Open Mon–Fri, 8am–4:30pm Sat 8am–2pm, Closed Sunday

Open to the Public

Military & Contractor Discounts

You Pick Up or We Deliver • New Earth Soils & Compost

All Types Turfgrass High Quality • Competitive Pricing • Delivery Available Knowledgeable Staff • Conveniently Located

                    

Patio Flagstone • Retaining Wall Blocks • Building & Chopped Stone Decorative Landscape Rock • Sand & Gravel • Decomposed Granite Road Base • Top Soil • Weed Free Soil • Garden Soil

Church in the W ildwood Assembly of God Called, Committed, Caring

Service Times

“Cedar Removal Specialists”


Come Grow With Us (830) 899-2149

Sunday School 9:30 am Worship Service 10:30 am Children’s Church 11:15 am Spanish Worship 4:00 pm WEDNESDAY NIGHT

227 Charter Oak Drive Canyon Lake, TX 78133 FM 2673 @ Oaks subdivision entrance

In the Word 7:00 pm Youth Service 7:00 pm Bible Quiz 7:00 pm THURSDAY NIGHT

Email: or

Royal Rangers 7:00 pm Missionettes 7:00 pm FRIDAY NIGHT

Spanish Bible Study 7:00 pm

Pastor John Massey • Canyon Lake Views


Certified Arborist

Tree Trimming & Pruning Low-Impact Land Clearing Full Landscape Services • Oak Wilt Treatment Cedar Fencing • Lawn & Landscape Maintenance


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September 2013




M 2673 n Lake




PC & MAC Consulting & Repair


• Tue, Sept 10, 4:30−8:30pm. CASA Advocate Training begins, S.Marcos, 830-626-2272. • Wed, Sept 11, 1-5pm. CASA Advocate Training Begins, NB ofc. 830-626-2272. GARY POSS ~ OWNER • Wed, Sept 11, 9am. Freedom Walk across Canyon Dam, a nonpartisan event. No campaigning Rec Center closes Public for walk. Cold-water served. Shaded seating. Barallowed. is open to the Opens 10am • Thur, Sept 12, 9am-1pm. CASA Advocate Training begins, S.Marcos. 830-626-2272. • Thurs, Sept 12, 6-8pm. Conversational Spanish begins every Thurs at TPML • Sat, Sept 14, 6-9pm. Jerry Bob’s World Famous Catfish Fry, Silent Auction at the Rec ve et ffff oo rr ee ig nn wa Center, CLRW 830-935-2956. v te er ra an ns so o ig wr as rs • Sat, Sept 14, 7pm-10:30. Starlite Ballroom Dance Club (Hawaiian). 210-658-7667. VFW Post 8573 • Sat, Sep 14, 6:15pm. ‘Round the World Smorgasboard, Fischer Community Center, ~ S AT T L E R ~ SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 7th RR32 @ CR 484. Bring international dishes & exchange cultural tales! 830-935-4702. GUMBo Cook-off & IfSept you’re a veteran andSymphony, need helpJackson getting throughSeguin. red tape, • Sun, 15, 4pm. Mid-Texas Auditorium, 830-372-8089. CoUnTRY MUSiC STREET DAnCE all day. MARk SEBBY performs at noon. 1/8 2010 VGuide @ $130 -- cgGaramond Bold is font at the free Veteran Peer 36101 Network! 6-8pm,Terry Girl Scouts’ rally, GVTC, FM 3159, NB. Gumbo for sale (donations) after 4pm judging. Proceeds: bAmC’s Fisher House & St. Jude’s Ranch • Mon, Sept 16, Call Entry Sign Up 10am-Noon $25 • 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Prizes & best Showman’s Trophy • Tue, Sept 17. Mid-Texas Symphony’s Children’s Concert, NB Civic Ctr. 830-372-8089.  SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 21 • 11am Roll Out. For all Vets out there ... • Sat, Sept 21, 11am Roll Out. Wounded Warriors 6th Annual Bike Run, Sattler VFW Post eterans are encouraged to stop by! RUn WoUnDED WARRioRS BikE A $8TBBQ dinner TOR NGun ERaffles, Y SAuction A &TMusic,L830-964-3334. AW 8573, Plates, ACTively veTerAn projeCTS, veter $8 BBQ Plates after Run,SupporTing 3 Gun Raffles (52 tickets ea), Auction & Music Outside under the Oaks. 1/12 for CLViews Column loCAl ChAriTieS, C.l.A.S.S. & SCholArShip FunDS • Mon, Sept 23, 7pm. MIA/POW ceremony at VFW 8800 Startzville April10 Entry $10 Sign-In 9:30-11:00am • 3-$50 Drawings for Winning Riders V 8115 FM 2673 •Ofc: Tues, 830-899-3259 Sept 24, 9:30am. CLRetired Teachers at TPML. 16311 S. Access, 830-935-2652. 830-964-3334 • 14625 @ FM 2673 Veterans are encouraged to River stop by Road ... Bar Open to the Public! 830-964-3334 • 14625 River Road @ FM 2673 Cell: 210-863-6340 Canyon Lake • Tues, Sept 24, 6pm. CRRC Volleyball registration. Girls 4th-6th grades. 830-964-3003. Actively supporting veteran projects local charities, C.L.A.S.S. & Scholarship Funds • Tues, Sept 24, 5:30-7:30. Canyon Lake Chamber & Wimberley Chamber’s 1st Joint NooN to MidNight daily Mixer at Brewsters at The Junction of RR12 & FM 32. 830-964-2223.


Sullivan & Associates, PLLC


Bar Open to the Public

7:30pm Wednesdays SAVEDarts• Tournament Wed, Oct 2, Harvestfest 2013/Heritage Museum, GVTC. 899-4542. Memorial Day Flagpole Ceremony on May 27 830-964-3334 • 14625 River Road @ FM 2673 • Sat, Oct 5, 10am-4pm, Bulverde/Spring Branch Area Chamber Fall the AmericAn mAde Chamber Market Day. 830-438-4285. DATES Products of Texas

Evergreen Calendar

• Custom sign Work • Business & Home Wooden (Cedar, Oak...), PVC, High Density Polyurethane

• Home & garden Décor • Custom Wood Products • Plaques (military, baby, wedding, retirement & more) • Light Furniture repair


Tim Maroney, Owner • Canyon Lake Wimberley Market Booth #154 ~ 1st Sat, Mar-Dec all products crafted by the vision-impaired • please, no calls after 6pm

EaGlE SEPTEMBER Senior Programs MounTain

Community Bldg • 125 Mabel Jones, off S. Access Rd • All are Welcome! · Mon, · Mon, · Wed, · Mon,

Sept Sept Sept Sept

9   1pm- Wii Bowling tournament 16  1pm- Mon. Matinee  (Quartet, Maggie Smith) 18  10:30am-Lunch Bunch (Blanco Bowling Club Cafe) 23  1pm-Medicare Made Clear :Benefits and options explained (No plans or prices discussed.) · Mon, Sept 30  1pm- Guest Speaker Craig Hensley, Tx Parks & Wildlife (call for more info)  Every Thurs, 11-3pm, Pot Luck Lunch, Games

• Flags & Flag Poles • Patriotic Gifts • Knives & Cutlery

512-847-0010 • 800-385-5605

Mondays Oct 14-Dec 2,9:30-11:30am, “Matter of Balance” award winning

Mon-Thu 9-5Managing • Fri tilFalls 3 • for 333 FM 2325 • Wimberley program, older folks to increase activity 830-964-2937 • • (aka CRRC Senior Center)

EaGlE MounTain • Flags & Flag Poles • Patriotic Gifts • Knives & Cutlery

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Mon-Thu 9-5 • Fri til 3 • 333 FM 2325 • Wimberley Canyon Lake Views



loCAl ChA • Every Sun, 10:30am. Sunday Sermon Series at Hill Country Bible Church, 830-935-2945. • Every 1st & 3rd Sunday, 2pm. Contagious Conversation, spiritually-based support 830-964-33 group for women (all ages). At times we need a place to unwind. 830-865-3866. • Every 1st & 3rd Mon, 6:33pm. Optimist Club meets. TPMLibrary. 830-935-2578. • Every 1st Mon, 1pm. BINGO at Senior Center, Community Bldg. 830-964-2937. • Every 1st Mon, 10:30am. Pilot Club meets. TPMLibrary. 830-832-0340. • Every 4th Mon, 6pm. St.Thomas Cancer Support Group, Ed. Bldg. 210-382-5889. • Every 1st & 3rd Tue, 4:30-6:30pm. CLArea Writers Group meets at TPML. 830-964-3744. • Every 3rd Tues, 7pm. Native Plant Society, Lindheimer Chap meets. GVTC. 935-4699. • Every 3rd & 4th Tues, 7pm. Wii Bowling, VFWPost 8800, Startzville. 830-899-7774 after 2. • Every Tues & Wed, Noon to 1pm. The Solutions Group of AA meets at the First BaptistChurch of Canyon Lake, 13085 FM 306, For info, call Stan at 830-388-6084. • Every Wed, 7:30pm. Dart Tournament, Sattler’s VFW 8573. Public welcome. 964-3334. • Every 1st Wed, Noon-1pm, Voices Tour, CASA’s NB office. Lunch incl. 830-626-2272. • Every 2nd Wed, Noon-1pm, Voices Tour, CASA’s SMarcos office w/lunch. 512-392-3578. • Every 3rd Wed, 10am. CL Republican Women meet at TPMLibrary. 830-899-7555. • Every Thur, 7-9pm. Celebrate Recovery; pizza at 6:30. Cowboys for Jesus 830-832-8302. • Every Thur, Noon-1pm. CLRotary meets at TPML. Lunch included ($12). 830-935-2728. • Every Thur, 7-11pm. Steak Night, Midnight Express. 830-964-3700. (Karaoke Friday) • Every Thur, 7:30pm. BINGO, VFW Post/Startzville. Kitchen opens 6pm. 830-899-7774. • Every Thur, 11-3. “Dam Seniors” pot luck lunch, games. 830-964-2937. • Every 1st & 3rd Thur, Noon. CLNoon Lions Club at CLGolf Club, 830-899-4406. • Every 3rd Thur, 10am. Friends of Tye Preston Memorial Library meet. 830-899-4015. • Every 3rd Thur, 7pm. Texas Master Naturalists/Lindheimer meets. Agri-Life Bldg, 325 Resource behind Moe Schwab Recycle Center. 830-620-3440. • Every last Thur, Noon-1pm. Learn about New Life Children’s Center. RSVP 964-4390. • Every Fri, 5pm-830pm. Burger Night at VFW Post 8800/Startzville. 830-899-7774. Mon-Thu 9 • Every 2nd Fri, 10am. Democratic Women of Comal County meet at TPML. 830-832-4957 • Every Sat, 9-5. Jackson Market, new open air pavilion featuring local vendors, artists & craftsmen across from El Rancho Cima on RR 32 (1+mile east of CLHS), 830-935-2781

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September 2013

1st Saturday March ~ December

Wimberley Market Days

The Hill Country’s LARGEST Outdoor MARKET DAY 2nd LARGEST in Texas ~ Gates open 7AM

475+ Booths of Stuff You Can’t Live Without

Antiques • Collectibles • Jewelry Arts/Crafts • Bird Houses • Plants Handmade Soaps • Clothing Food • Toys • Furniture Windchimes • Live Music 3 Large Parking Lots Clean Restrooms Large Item Carry Out Service Cold Beer, Wine and Margaritas Friendly Vendors FREE ADMISSION & Much More

products, vendors, booth numbers, concession menus & more!

Sponsored by: Wimberley Lions Club FM 2325, Wimberley, info


Canyon Lake Views

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September 2013

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Canyon Lake Views September 2013  

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