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US Headquarters Toll-Free: 800 523-5647 European Headquarters: U.K. 44 1480-471471 Toll-Free: 44 0800-515673 International Sales: 336 379-2000 3330 West Friendly Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27410 www.neofloor.com

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1 Acts Tough.


Feels Soft.

3 Thinks Innovative.


Feels Smart.


Beautiful. Flexible. Creative. Safe. Quiet. Durable. NeoFloor is a remarkable hybrid floorcovering from Lees that gives you the softness and safety of carpet, the durability of vinyl, with none of the drawbacks. NeoFloor is beautiful to look at, safe and comfortable to walk on, easy to design with and easy to maintain. NeoFloor accentuates our desire to be your “Single Source, Total Solution” by combining performance, design and innovation with a product that solves today’s complex maintenance needs.


Healthcare. Corporate. Education. Airport. Transport. The combined benefits of NeoFloor give you design options you simply never had before, with a broad range of patterns and colorways in both roll and tile formats. It’s tough enough for any environment, but offers a soft feel and sure footing. And it’s perfect for creating intricate cutins such as logos, letters and symbols. NeoFloor gives you a beautiful installation that lasts – exactly what you expect from Lees carpet.

7 Hygienic

Practical Easy to install • “No fray” construction means that factory finished edges can be butt joined without overlapping, cutting or trimming. • No need for hot welding or seam sealing. Simple To Clean • Clean regularly using upright vacuum cleaner. • Where thorough wet cleaning is required, machines used to clean smooth and textile floorcoverings can be used on NeoFloor. • Dries quickly after wet cleaning. • No need for extensive use of cleaning chemicals. The Practical Floorcovering Solution • Suitable for any application where a hardwearing, hygienic floorcovering is required. • Hospitals, schools, nurseries and daycares, long-term care facilities, hotels, restaurants and airport terminals are just a few of the areas where NeoFloor is already in use.

NeoFloor pile is made from Dupont® Nylon 6.6 fibers — the best fibers for high traffic areas, due to their durability, soil resistance and appearance retention.

Resistant To Microbial Attack • Product construction ensures excellent resistance to fungal and bacterial growth. • Broadloom product features Bioguard® by Lees. Can Be Cleaned Thoroughly And Simply • Thorough wet cleaning is possible where necessary. • No need for special machines – use standard cleaning methods as for smooth floorcoverings or carpet. Pile Construction Makes Soil Removal Easy • The straight upright NeoFloor fibers release dirt easily, whereas the loops and twists of carpet trap the dirt. Completely Waterproof • Both the fibers and the backing are completely waterproof. • The impervious backing ensures that nothing penetrates to the subfloor. Stain Resisting • Most spills can be removed from NeoFloor without permanent damage.

The smooth, straight fibers of NeoFloor release the dirt.

8 Durable Durable Product Construction • Waterproof backing – protects subfloor and does not promote the growth of mold. • Maintains dimensional stability – does not curl, shrink or stretch. • Approximately 70 million straight standing fibers per square yard (10 times more than carpet) guarantees toughness. • Only the best Dupont® Nylon 6.6 fiber is used to provide durability, resilience and soil resistance. • Manufactured using Electrostatic Flocking technology.

Versatile NeoFloor has approximately 70 million fibers per square yard - the result of a manufacturing process known as Electrostatic Flocking.

Create A Truly Individual Floor • The “no fray” construction of NeoFloor, together with the vast array of colors and designs, provide the perfect medium to create individual logos or complete custom floor designs. Suitable For Many Different Applications • Proven performance in healthcare, education, leisure, corporate facilities, transport, retail and public area applications worldwide.

Ideal For Heavy Foot And Wheel Traffic Locations Mold and Mildew Resistant Excellent Appearance Retention • Robust product construction and carefully selected materials ensure that NeoFloor looks as good as new for years when properly maintained. Lifetime warranty against wear, static, edge ravel, delamination and wear layer (zippering wet or dry).

Wide Product Selection • A broad range of designs and colorways. • Broadloom and tile formats available.

Resistance to crushing.

Rotary Printing • Print penetrates fiber substrate. • Dye site filled for improved soil resistance.

Use NeoFloor to create custom logos or unique floor designs.

9 You’ll still use your existing maintenance equipment, just not as often.

The real beauty of NeoFloor™goes beyond its durability, traction and handsome appearance. Because when it comes to care and maintenance, NeoFloormakes life easy. • Basic, regular maintenance requires

• Spots and spills are easily contained

• NeoFloor dries quickly, even after wet

only an upright vacuum cleaner with

and removed using a scraper blade

cleaning; floor fans can reduce drying

an agitator brush. NeoFloor’s smooth,

or squeegee, water and paper towels.

times to as little as 20 minutes.

upright fibers easily release dirt and

NeoFloor is extremely durable, so

dust particles.

there’s no need to be gentle when

Water or grease-cutting solutions work

scraping either liquids or solids.

very well.

• Vacuuming captures dust and dirt, while sweeping

• Where thorough wet cleaning is required,

• No harsh cleaning chemicals required.

• No stripping required.

can negatively affect indoor

virtually any machine designed to clean

• No waxing required.

air quality.

smooth and textile floorcoverings can be

• No scuffing problems.

• NeoFloor’s remarkable soil

used. NeoFloor is completely waterproof,

release attributes eliminate

so feel free to wet clean as often

mopping and spray buffing.

as necessary.

10 Installation and Repairs. NeoFloor is likely to be the easiest floorcovering you’ll ever install.

Simply use our specially formulated

NeoAdhesives™ to apply NeoFloor on smooth concrete or underlayment. NeoFloor’s “no fray” construction means that factory finished edges can be butt joined without overlapping, cutting or trimming. There’s no need to seal or weld seams. When required, NeoFloor is fast and easy to patch. A simple double-cutting process lets you replace large areas, and smaller spots can be quickly patched and pattern matched with a cookie-cutter. With NeoFloor, repairs are nearly invisible.

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