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Cover: Photography Jolijn Snijders Styling Jordy Huinder Illustration GOOD WIVES AND WARRIORS Make up Carlijn Beukers @ B Creatives Model HESTER @ MTA Models

Carlijn Beukers


Natalie Symes Ella Milenova


Niels Erik Toren


Jolijn Snijders, Anouk Morgan, Zeb Daemen, Thanos Tsakonas, Allard Honigh, Julie Pike, Nicole Maria Winkler, Stefan Ruitenbeek, Lina Persson, Michael Smit


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Letter from the Editor Back Staged Fun Into the night by Ella Milenova Wassup Rocker by Thanos Tsaskonas Metallica Fashion Editorial by Jolijn S. & Good Wives and Warriors 26 Step into the world of Antistrot 32 Break In Fashion Editorial by Zeb Daemen 42 I Don’ t Wanna Be A Wallflower Fashion Editorial Jolijn Snijders 52 Darkraum by Debbie Wester 58 Tonight We Play Dress Up Beauty story by Allard Honigh 62 Fear & Loathing in Tokyo Column by Niels Erik Toren 64 One of the Boys by Michael Smit 70 Interview with Julie Pike 82 Fashion Looks 90 Shopping 92 Distant Dreamer Story by Anouk Morgan 98 Sasa Kovacevic by Debbie Wester 102 She’s Losing Light Fashion Editorial by Stefan Ruitenbeek 112 Work by Lina Persson 118 Metal Was Her First Love Beauty Editorial 124 Interview with Nicole Maria Winkler 134 Interview with Ian Stevenson 140 We Own The Night Fashion Editorial by Jolijn Snijders


contributors JOLIJN SNIJDERS

Founder / Photographer Growing up in The Netherlands with punkrock kids and bands, Jolijn Snijders lives & breathes rock and roll. At gigs she got handed down countless cut & paste fanzines, flyers and homemade coversleeves. “Everything is independent and DIY, you get inspired by everything around you”. Jolijn wanted to create a similar ‘homemade’ zine, one where upcoming talent and established artists meet, mixing art, photography & fashion. Driven on discovering cool mad artists, spotting new talent became her mission and started Ilovefake Magazine in 2005. After graduating Art Academy she worked in advertising for clients such as Guess and Hilfiger. Now the life-source of Ilovefake, and making a living as a photographer with published work by Celeste, Karl Lagerfeld, Indie, Blend, Ellegirl, Ozon & Neo2 Magazine, etc.


Mad as a hatter Jordy lives and works in Amsterdam as a fashion stylist. During his studies as a Fashion Designer at the School of the Arts in Utrecht, he lived in London where he interned for none other than punkrock queen Vivienne Westwood. After that followed an internship at high fashion glossies ELLE and Marie Claire magazine. Currently Huinder is freelancing as fashion stylist for countless magazines. Next to his freelance job he works hard as the new Fashion Director for Ilovefake Magazine.

DEBBIE WESTER Fashion Editor

Fascinated by fashion, rock, tattoo’s and undergroundscene Debbie worked for the clothingbrand Gsus and started a few years later as a fashioneditor for the program RTL Boulevard. There she devised items that contained subjects like fashion, art, design, music and lifestyle and did interviews as well. Wester met a few of her heroes like Helena Christensen, Walter van Beirendonck, Viktor&Rolf, Dita Von Teese and Cassetteplaya. Now she’s a freelance fashion-editor and interviewed new upcoming designers for the Offschedule event and CODE mag.

RUBEN DEBUCK Fashion Editor

Ruben’s childhood took place in a small Flemish fishing village by the sea. He went to a cookery school and proved to be a talented cook and confectioner. When he was 18, he had enough of cooking and chose to take a different route. He began to stitch party-dresses for his 3 younger sisters, something for which he was spotted by The Face magazine as upcoming talent. Ruben was absorbed in fashion and fashion magazines and started organizing fashion events and shoots. Eventually, he was approached by New Models (Brussels) who offered Ruben a job as a model scout and stylist. Ruben’s work has been published in Quest, Metal Magazine, Ozon, Vice, Oyster and many other magazines. 4


Stefan loves Fake. What’s Real anyway? He also loves Girls without make-up and Computer games with Bazooka’s, Al Gore, Honda Civics, Orange’s, Monkeys, Potatoes, Funny Walks, Certain Colors, Throat Singers, Jolijn For Creating Such A Great Magazine,The 80’s in the 90’s and the 90’s in the 80’s, Girls with lots of Make-Up, Split Seconds, Clouds, Musicians but some are dead and His Mother who is alive and just passed her drivers license. He likes LuxaFlex too and the effect of freshly brushed teeth. He also Hates. Its not a good thing but it happens. He hates brushing his teeth. For this issue he shot a cool fashionstory for us in the cold, cold night in Amsterdam.


Columnist / Pose Puppy As tasty as fresh fruit and as new as tomorrow. Moreover he has travelled half of the known galaxy and he has been in bed with numerous women who were all just as creative as himself - now that’s having high standards! Although he blends in just fine in his current climate; a hot, spicy and impulsive jungle which critics claim to be the fashion industry. He is ready to (d)evolve and enter the realm with yet to be discovered advantages. A world the infamous they call:”the real world”.

ZEB DAEMEN Photographer

As a kid Zeb was hooked on cameras, taking pictures by the dozen. If the cameras didn’t have a film in it, he imagined how they would turn out. After studying Graphic Design, he worked at a graphic design studio. Meanwhile he got involved with the Fashion Academy in Antwerp, where he photographed friends student collections. Zeb was quickly hooked on fashion and photography Now working as a selftaught photographer, always looking for the next muse, his latest work can be seen on the cover of Weekend Levif and previously in the TOKYO issue. You can now check out his new fashionstory for Ilovefake magazine shot in Paris!


Photographer Born in 1975 in Scotland, and raised in Denmark, Julie Pike followed her education at the Academy of Art College in San Fransisco. Julie is currently living in Oslo where she works as a freelance photographer with a strong emphasis on fashion. She has worked for magazines such as VICE, Bon, Elle, Nylon, Oyster, S publication and Mirage Magazine and has had exhibitions in Oslo, New york and recently showed her work at the Vice Fashion Photo Expo in Amsterdam.


LAST NIGHT IN PARIS So there I am at Gare du Nord, carrying my black heavy loaded suitcase - filled with all the necessities to create a nice shoot rolling along the smooth pavement of this busy Paris station. I inhale a quick smoke and watch my bags carefully before I get into the taxi to Rue de Legendre, where my shabby little hotel awaits me. I amuse the driver with my Obama conversation and without a good tip - because I’m too broke for the ride anyway - I get out of the taxi and look up and down at what is supposed to be my hotel. The road I am standing in looks empty, dark and is one of the forgotten streets of Paris. This was two weeks ago, when I shot two stories for the night issue against the backdrop of Paris. Before France, I’ve also been to Hamburg to shoot the “We own the night” story with lovely stylist Sue & make up mister Nick! Now I am back in Amsterdam for a few weeks doing regular shoots and such, all this while I feel I am missing something. So I start to think that this might be a good time again to pack my bags with photographic litter and profanity and head back south to Paris again. I miss the neat pavement, expensive taxis and corner tourists eating their cheap crepes and baguettes. The endless walkarounds around Opera and Bastille, Getting into overhyped clubs with too many doorbitches, Getting lost and found again in the subway system, which takes me right back to Monica’s terror scene in “Irreversible”. At night I was chilling in the most charming of all places, fast forward a few hours later I found myself lost in an unfamiliar street somewhere in the dirty Porte de Clichy area, or in a empty hotelroom, that seemed so much smaller at first - Is it expanding or am I really that alone? It’s all 6

one big adventure, to get yourself into situations that don’t come with a simple manual. My only guide in this city is a borrowed Kerouac book, and my mobile / internet phone, as they accompany me at night like a true friend, ignoring the occassional stranger on the street. I am thrilled like a child to be on another journey soon again and I will happily accept the enivatable exhaustion of carrying pounds of excess baggage around. Travelling makes me feel like I’m doing something worthwhile, I am addicted to the rush of moving around, dipping yourself into the heart of the city, getting that welldeserved culture overdose, plunging into the unknown,.. you catch my drift, it gets your heart racing and inspiration going on overdrive, same goes for staying up late a night, enjoying the quiet, when you know everyone’s asleep. In any case, there are many more endless nights to come in Paris, it will all hit me like a truck again soon I guess, but for now I need some rest. This issue was once again a handful, so I welcome these few days where I will enjoy my calm nights, listening to Roxy Music’s “f there was something“ on repeat and watching Californication Hank Moody where are you?-, my braincells non-activated, phone on mute, this is a rare night to remember, and couldn’t have come sooner to the rescue. Jolijn Snijders - Editor In Chief



FUN back staged fun






Welcome to the night train people, no stops until we reach oblivion. So buy the ticket, strap it to your chest, touch off, land, lose your head, leave your body, take this ride with us. and so are you. “Mine is the night, with all her stars.” Edward Young When you go out to the beach, to pursue love and joy, to chill out and get stoned and listen to some hippie playing Bob Dylan tunes on a Spanish guitar, the sun is slowly sinking into the ocean and the earth loses its grasp on the light, and while all that remains is a camp fire, you fall asleep with a smile on your face. When the sun fades away and you just entered dreamland, I’m out on the street, surrounded by the neon lights. Ready to possess the night, I clutch my fingers around it’s waste and fuck it all up again. Yeah, hit the booze baby, hit the nightclubs, hit the bouncers, hit the tunes and slowly turn into a freak. And in the words of the wise doctor Hunter S. Thompson –rest in peace – I’m proud to be a freak. At night, I leave the limiting human form and turn once again, like nature designed me, into an animal. Hunting, craving danger and with my eyes on the northern star.

At night, I will dance, vomit, fuck, drink until there is no alcohol left, go crazy. No more control, no more fear, leaving all anxiety behind, I love the night. The night sets me free. And then during the day, I feel afraid. I have the willies; shaking, twitching, heart rhythms which drive me to the epicenter of panic. And then, when the light is dimming outside, the comforting sight of dancing stars start to appear on the blackening sky, my hangover disappears and I am ready. House music is slowly playing on the background, let’s charge into the darkness. In search of fearlessness, hope and the true nature of our existence. Let the caveman out, dive into bushes and do things you would never dream about when it’s daytime. So now, please. Take this ride with me. Go out there, tonight, in search of your true nature. The art of living doesn’t involve the façade of being a man or merely a woman bound to the borders of social acceptance, the art of living is being pure. In touch with your emotions, with the true survival instinct we all have. Even if you get arrested for jumping on taxis and bouncing off of windscreens, howling like a wolf, don’t feel bad, the night caught you and made you the creature you are destined to be. You are merely the product of your instinct, nighttime impulses will make life changing decisions. For without the risk of losing yourself in the heat of the night, there is only the cold truth, that you can gain nothing out of nothing. It is during night time that the most wonderful things in your life will happen, so fuck sleep, and seize the night with me. “I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.” Vincent Van Gogh






WASSUP ROCKER Â photography thanos tsakonas photographer assistant Joanna Triantafillou model andreas kostopoulos @ ace models













METALLICA Photographer Jolijn SnijderS Styling Jordy HuindeR Illustrations Good Wives & Warriors Make up & Hair CARLIJN BEUKERS @ BCREATIVES Models Mirte & Hester @ MTA








Dress STella mc cartney Shoes Vintage gucci Legging H&M





Dresses PINKO Panties H&M








ANTISTROT was founded in 1997 as a group of friends making illustrations together based on their own set of rules, or lack of them. Now they are a collective of artists working and painting together, showing their work around the world, from Amsterdam to Miami and New York and not soon enough in Tokyo. Silas, a painter, and also member of Antistrot gave us some insight. Interview JOLIJN SNIJDERS Photos by SILAS & ANTISTROT

A short introduction: Who are you and what do you do? I am Silas.. 32 years young and I make a living by painting and illustrating. How did you start your career and what were your first projects/ ideas? After I graduated at the Willem de Kooning academy in 2000 I started sending mailings to all kinds of magazines hoping to get some work as an illustrator... This worked out pretty okay for me.. And when I was without a job I made paintings and tried to sell them for a good price..   You are a member of Antistrot right? How did this group of crazy artists meet? Yep! We met at the academy in Rotterdam. We had a lot of interests in common and we all became friends... Fed up with all the strict rules, such as: showing a lot of sketches before you make your illustration, we decided to make our own magazines, in which we could print and say what we wanted to. After we graduated we still hung out together and then we started drawing together... The 6 of us sat around a big table and we drew at the same time on the same piece of paper. this was really a fun thing 28

to do and we became better and better at it... So I guess we did not stop doing that ever since... But nowadays we are more into doing big paintings and murals. Do you see life in greater detail than others? Well.. maybe.. I see great detail.. that I know! But life’s a tricky bitch. I like to just go with the flow... like pal says: life’s just a game...      How does a collaborated painting usually come together? We come together in ‘het strotpand’ (our house) where we have all the things we need to make a painting (such as gallons of paint, brushes and a library with hundreds of books, magazines and comics). When we start on a blank canvas we first paint a certain form with 2 or 3 colours to use as a background for the real painting. Then we individually look for a cool picture (out of a old comic, pornographic magazine, fashion magazine, photobook or whatever..) and we just go for it. There is always the discussion of who is doing what where. The rest goes naturally: we improvise and react on eachother. For instance when someone paints a big mummy someone else draws a dog on his lap that’s licking his penis. The

cool thing about this is that first there was only this mummy, but then with the dog on his lap you suddenly are looking at a weird scene. And so the painting grows with funny, scary, sexy or whatever elements. Most important is to keep the modulation in balance and knowing when to stop... Who influenced you? I was influenced by VC Johnson and Jim Phillips (Two brilliant illustrators: one for Powell Peralta skateboards and one for Santa Cruz skateboards). When I was 11 I fell in love with the prints of the skateboards hanging on the wall in the local shop in my town. This is why I started drawing and skateboarding. I even have a big tattoo on my arm of my first skateboard print by jim phillips. But I am also influenced by Don Lawrence, Joe Sorren, Mark Ryden, Tim Burton and many more..  What music do you listen to while working? All kinds of music... I like rock, punkrock, electro, italo, black metal, sixties.. I even listen to hip hop now and then...  Who would you like to work with? Joe Sorren 



ART What projects have you done that you are most proud of? I did a big mural with Michiel Walrave (also an antistrotter) in ‘het Zeeuws Museum’, but the thing that I am most proud of is our Antistrot solo exhibition (titled: ‘what we do is secret’) at our New York gallery in may this year. The exhibition looked so good! It was a big success for us. A night you’ll never forget....? A really cool party last year at Tommy Lee’s ‘rockbar’ in Miami where I went to with the Antistrot crew. It was so stupid, funny and cool at the same time. Lots of models, free wodka, good music and shitty american weed... At one point Pharrel Williams was sitting next to us playing his PSP and 15 minutes later Paris Hilton entered the club. Everybody was dancing on the tables and we were drunk as hell (Check our miami report on antistrot or onYoutube....) What do you think about one night stands?  I never had one so I couldn’t tell... i guess i am a long relationship-guy..  A night on the (train) yard sounds adventurous, share us one of your stories

So they were Anti Terstroet. But antistrot sounds better. Personally I liked that teacher! I thought his teaching was pretty good. Who do you work for, or what are your favorite projects or clients?

Future goals?

What would be your dream project?

Breaking stuff is cool!

To do a solo exhibition in New York and an Antistrot exhibition in Tokyo (This is gonna happen!!!)

More info about Antistrot and Silas can be found via:

Where do you find inspiration? I find it in films, books and magazines... and sometimes museums or exhibitions... Artists that inspire(d) you? The same artists that influenced me and the rest of the Antistrotters. The best day in your life,  what could it be? The day my baby is born.  What has been your favorite artwork until now?

Where did you grew up and what was it like?

What kind of project are you guys working on now?

I grew up in Middelburg. the capital of the province Zeeland. It was the best! Nice nature... In the summer we always went to the beach or to the lake. And when I was 12 years old I started skateboarding. We had the coolest club of friends and all these guys I still see and they are all still my best friends... Skateboarding made me the person that I still am today.

First we have an exhibition at ‘de Vishal’ in Haarlem (23rd Nov until 28th Dec). We’ll be exhibiting 3 of our newest paintings. and the 25th of Nov we are flying to Miami to do a huge mural at ‘Aqua Art’. Art Basel Miami is the most important artfair of the USA and ‘Aqua Art’ is part of that artfair where our New York gallery (Sara Tecchia gallery) has a booth in which our paintings will be shown. Besides doing a mural we are also gonna do crazy performances... So I can’t wait to step on that plane to the sunshine!

Nothing... Some of us could not get along with a teacher called ‘Terstroet’. 30

Eru and Emu (Japanese twins who sometimes collaborate with us. They have their own clothing brand called ‘Dranheal’... Also Dutch Dolls, Sander Brouwer, Rotkop...

I am with an agency called Artbox and they set me up with cool projects. I like commercial projects, because they pay good money, but I like making paintings more, where I am not restricted to rules or anything..

Are you referring to graffiti bombing at night?... I used to do a little when I was 18 till 24 years old. Not so much to tell... running from the police... a night in a police cell... That kind of stuff... Antistrot is not into graffiti... and do not call us urban!

What is an Antistrot :)?

Any cool artists that we need to check out?

‘Anthologia’ by Joe Sorren... and my original page from the comic ‘Storm and the dogs of Marduk’ by Don Lawrence..

To keep growing as an artist and to be a good daddy Famous last words?




BREAK IN Photography ZEB DAEMEN Styling by Ruben Debuck @ C’est Chic Styling Assistant Daan Mertens Hair and Make-up Sabine Peeters @ C’est Chic Models SEPPE & WENCECLAS @ New Models ALEXEI @ Vision 32

Alexei wears Jacket by Songzio, Black ski mask Filippa K, Top by Julius, Trousers and Shoes Raf Simons Seppe wears Latex hotpants with white stitching daniel herman, 7/9 Trousers Songzio, Trenchcoat Ek TonGpraset, Necklace Postweiler Hauber Leather motorcycle gloves Filippa K


Wenceslas wears Bermuda and vest both by Kris Van Assche Latex tanktop Daniel Herman


Seppe wears Sleeveless jacket gold zipper Songzio Body-suit by Thor Bjorn Uldam, Trousers Raf Simons, Leather gloves Filippa K


Seppe wears body thor bjorn uldam, latex cardigan daniel herman, shoes Raf Simons, Sunglasses Stylist’s own Wenceslas wears Oversized T-shirt Postweiler Hauber, 7/9 trousers Songzio, body accessory Postweiler Hauber, leather handcuffs street




Seppe wears Black sweatshirt with straps by Petar Petrov, Black coated shorts by Juliu , Leather gloves Filippa K Wenceslas wears T-shirt with straps by Songzio, Short by Raf Simons, Leather fur gloves Delphine De Somer Alexei wears Sleeveless jacket with metal buckles Songzio, Leather pants thor bjorn uldam,Hotpants american apparel Opposite: Wenceslas wears Trousers Raf Simons, Oversized tshirt Postweiler Hauber, Elastic body accessoire postweiler hauber, Leather handcuffs street


Seppe wears body thor bjorn latex cardigan daniel herman Simons, Sunglasses Stylist

Wenceslas wears Oversize weiler Hauber, 7/9 trou body accessory Postweiler leather handcuffs street


Wenceslas wears Sleeveless black trench by Songzio, Black Lace pants H&M, Shoes Raf Simons

bjorn uldam, herman, shoes Raf tylist’s own

ed T-shirt Postusers Songzio, ostweiler Hauber,






Embroidered gold sequins dress LANVIN black patent leather shoes LANVIN



This Page: Grey satin-silk and black lace dress VERSACE Golden metal necklace H&M Opposite: Technical black silk skirt, ‘Art-Deco’ necklace and bracelet LANVIN Black tank top STYLIST’S OWN



Embroidered bolero47 LANVIN Grey tank top H&M



This Page: Embroidered black cotton t-shirt. LANVIN Opposite: Jacket STYLISTS OWN Embroidered black cotton t-shirt. LANVIN Black lace pantyhose H&M Grey patent leather shoes STYLISTS OWN




This Page: Embroidered gold sequins dress and black patent leather shoes. LANVIN Opposite: Embroidered black cotton t-shirt. LANVIN






Dutch artist Daniel Liddiard alias Darkraum likes to play hide and seek in his own mind to create designs inspired by robots, body modification, physical and mental abuse, monsters, heroes and chaos. For him fashion is about trying to express whatever is going on inside the head and translating that to an exterior that can communicate feelings and thoughts to others. And with a look that develops over the five coming years he expresses awareness and individuality to mankind. Interview DEBBIE WESTER Photos by Tanya Huettner Hair by Yannis Kyriazos

More a day or a night person ? “A night person for sure. The absence of light makes me feel lighter, more focused, faster, energized and I find it easier to conceive good ideas and find inspiration during the night”. You work, besides being an artist, also as a ‘doorbitch’. How did you end up in this nightlife? “No, not a doorbitch, because being a bitch is easy, being a courteous host which is respected and implements his or her authority in a just manner is difficult. It started at Cub 11 where I worked as a restaurant manager. At times I would fill in a doorshift during club hours working the register. I must say that I was appalled about how certain colleagues (doorbitches) treated some visitors. Being unnecessarily rude and abrasive and simply abusing their authoritive position. I addressed my findings to my bosses who reacted in disbelief. However after two months of keeping a close eye on the doorbitches, two of them were fired. I convinced my bosses Club 11 needed a more deserving and more welcoming clubhost. They asked if I was up for the job and I said yes. Most memorable ‘doorbitch’ moment for you? “Outside at Club 11 when I got beaten down by 4 drunk aggressive hooligans. My 4 security colleagues where chatting inside. They responded too late and the damage was done. Also the queuing guests didn’t come to my aide. Without apologies from my security colleagues I immediately went back to work. I remained icy calm on the outside, but on the inside I was livid.”

Tell me more about Darkraum. When and why did you start designing prints and shirts? “It started somewhere in 2005. I’ve always been into unique items and Cub 11 was unique in every way. So it seemed a logical idea to make one of a kind T-shirts for the headlining DJ’s and producers. I presented my idea to Brian Boswijk (creative director) and he approved. It was a win-win situation. The DJ would receive an unexpected gift in which they could recognize themselves. As I often work with portraits. A “11” would usually be incorporated in the design, thus making sly promotion for Club 11 and I would take pictures of the artist and my T’s which was great for my portfolio.” What does fashion mean to you? “That’s a hard question. I believe fashion should be about trying to express whatever is going on inside your head and translating that to an exterior that can communicate feelings and thoughts to others. Fashion in that sense is just a means that could well be replaced by art, poetry, music or visuals. So I guess fashion is all about self-expression, liberating the mind and celebrating your own and others unicity. In a deeper sense fashion to me is a statement of individuality and confidence. Which is quite ironic, because a lot of people also use fashion to diminish their own individuality and cover up their insecurities. Using fashion to cover up your own fears and insecurities doesn’t seem very fashionable to me. I find it difficult not to be judgemental about the way fashion is often misused to endorse products, sell more cd’s, more generic clothes, more perfumes, more whatever. 53



“Whereas most children try to avoid dark places I went out looking for them.” Targeting your insecurities or your genitals. Too bad most of it is fake as hell. So I guess I hate fake. But I don’t lose hope. There are plenty of confident individuals out there that can actually think for themselves, love fashion in its true sense and see the irony of know what? ILOVEFAKE”. What’s the story behind your designs? “I draw inspiration from the darker regions of human existence. The most predominant themes of my work are transformation and alienation. I am often influenced by robots, body modification, anatomy, physical and mental abuse, monsters, heroes, fear, fearlessness, power, patterns, repetition, confusion and chaos”. Where do you find inspiration? “Mostly in my fantasy and subconscious. To engage myself in a creative flow I usually turn off the lights, close the doors, turn off my music and lay myself down on the floor. Then I close my eyes and try to rid myself of every thought. This preference for dark spaces became apparent in my childhood. Whereas most children try to avoid dark places i went out looking for them. Hence my alias ‘DarkRaum’. Your own look is quite extraodinary, can you explain the long beard, mohawk...? “I was looking for a strong unique timeless all natural look that expresses awareness and individuality. This is how I came up with a look that I would develop over the 5 coming years. In the first two years I would grow my hair, symbolizing change. 54

In the third year I would streamline and style my beard, symbolizing focus. In the fourth year I will connect the two ends of my beard to two strains of my regular hair, symbolizing balance and continuity. In the fifth year I will streamline the entire look, symbolizing awareness”. Worst fashion nightmare ever? “Plenty. However i think the worsed recent fashion mishap must be the skinny pants. A pair of pants designed for models and the lucky few. Now if you’re into showing of your body shape, whatever shape you might have, by all means go ahead. However if you’re squirming your way into them just because you spotted a trend, you must be a complete moron to think it’s fashionable to showcase your cellulite, your complete lack of ass, your chicken legs, O-legs or X-legs or your She-Ra thighs. Muffin top XL anyone”? Future plans? “A DarkRaum clothing collection and a DarkRaum videoclip”. If night falls... “I’m on fire.......”








TONIGHT WE PLAY DRESS UP. photography Allard Honigh styling Jordy Huinder make up ANNA H. models 58IRIS, MARTHE, WILLEMIJN @ SPS ModelS

Long shirt malousebastiaan Belt MODEL’S OWN Grey panty H&M





Jacket with zipper LEW

T-shirt by LEW


FEAR AND LOATHING IN TOKYO Written by Niels Erik Toren Photo claudia demian


The smell of decay is in the air. I’m walking around with this disintegrating body of mine and a soul ripped to shreds, but apart from the aching liver and the massive conscience hanging above my head like the sickle of death-I’m fucking perfect. I keep finding myself wondering why all of the bad things taste oh-so-good? Over the past few weeks I have been able to identify the indicators which tell me how far along the road I am. It’s the road that leads inevitably towards death-at some point--but which, in turn, is way more fun to be on than the ordinary road most of the people with nine to five jobs are on. It’s a bumpy ride--even my editor told me so--screeching, wiggly, and of course you miss some heartbeats now and then because you are scared shitless, but the positive will always outweigh the negative. I have the feeling I am living life more naturally than a lot of other people. I have total freedom and the only danger

I face is the fear of an abrupt and likely death, which keeps me on edge and keeps my struggle to survive alive. Two months in Tokyo. This means that I’m relying on my survival instincts. There is no control and no authority except for the saneness of my mind and the limits of my body. And you might think I have already lost my mind. It would be easy to do here in downtown Tokyo, with the neon lights fucking up my vision. But no, my dear and fiendish readers, I’m seeing more clearly than ever before. When the scent of your shit stings your nostrils and makes you feel sick and when that smell can be best described as the smell of a new and successful instrument of biological warfare you know-believe me, you should know--that there is something rotting in Denmark. Another good indicator of this rottenness might be when you start to imagine things and see them, too. So when I’m

empty for as far as you can possibly see. They don’t touch. Instead, they look down at the floor and mind their own business. So, when you’re dancing naked on the street (obviously on some sort of illegal substance): don’t worry. Nobody except a police officer will ever pull some Nazi stunt on you--like turning you in. But it’s this last bit that is exactly what will change you forever: There is no getting caught. Because, see, you are already caught in this web of weirdness. There’s no way you can run from the neon lights. No way you can escape the sound of the street or the beat of the night. Everything is possible in Tokyo. So when you come here, you can choose to either adjust to Tokyo or just try to hold on to your own hometown lifestyle. Acclimatizing isn’t hard. It happens pretty fast since after a few days--or a few hours, even--you figure out that your lifestyle completely sucks or is inadequate to handle the limitless opportunities which are being offered to you constantly in this new place. In the end, it is only natural that you change in order to experience Tokyo to its fullest, right?

in the 7/11 convenience store, weary as fuck, and I look at the rack full of noodles in front of me and suddenly some boxes--which I swear I could see about a second ago--are gone, I start to doubt my sanity. And fuck me, this happens a lot nowadays. How it all went down: When you first arrive in Tokyo, you feel captivated by its enormous size and magnificence. This is the brightest city on the planet and, believe me, that’s fucking bright. Then there are the people. You can’t get around them. I mean, they’re everywhere; thousands of these little Asian folks strolling around, racing into buildings, swarming around like ants on the clean and tidy streets. All of them are obedient to the voice of the law and to tradition. No one dares to drop his can of Coke on the street and nobody dodges lights--even when the whole street is

So now, here you are. Unpacking your bags and jet-lagged out of your freaking mind. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. You hesitate, but you answer anyway. And there you go: before you realize what the fuck is happening, you’re in a club sipping free drinks and dancing with the most beautiful girls in the world. Now, I’m not saying all the girls are craving sex, but girls tend to get bored fast and, even in a city as captivating as this one, boredom will strike you.  So when you and your fresh ass walk in: Entertain. Enter-fucking-tain them and enjoy it while it lasts. Appreciate the fact that it is highly unlikely that you will ever dance with girls this fun and attractive with an abundant supply of booze nearby. This is one of those peaks in your life that you will never experience again—or at least not in exactly the same way. So yeah, don’t think about the ordinary hill top you’re going to have to return to. Try to enjoy the lack of oxygen here, where you are now: on top of the world. I have a friend, here . He’s been in Tokyo for exactly two weeks and five days and

right now he’s in the back of the agency van and he’s going mad, insane—I’m talking asylum material, folks. I try to calm him down, but the leeches are probably on him already, scratching skin away. He’s holding his body as if it will fall apart if he doesn’t, frighteningly touching all parts of his head, as if maybe he already has lost a bit. The truth is: he’s right. He has lost his mind. Okay, sure, this is just an temporary fit--I realize it--we have them constantly, but still. It’s pretty fucking scary. He whispers that he feels trapped inside this empty life, inside this van, and he wants to run in the middle of the streets completely naked while we ride alongside him and play White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane. I can’t help but wonder about how we have become these delusional alcoholic fools. Are we really going properly nuts or is this what it feels like to go cold turkey on the suffocating rules of Western Civilization? In a way, I know that it’s really a bit of both. The sleep deprivation doesn’t help and the alcohol only turns the heat on more. But at least I am right. I have total freedom. Total control. I am in charge, for the first time in my Western life--in my life of  slavery to consumerism, of fiending for material wealth for no reason at all. I am afraid: yes. I am crazy: fuck yes. But people, at least I have a drink in my hand. I met real love and real beauty. Had a bed to sleep in and the choice to do whatever the fuck I wanted to do, even if I didn’t have the money to pay for it. Oh, and I am getting paid for it… Total freedom is more captivating and frightening than anything else, especially for someone who grew up in a world where it was mandatory for everyone to make a choice: to choose or die. But that is not a real choice. That is a lie. Nobody presented me with choices I have here because there isn’t anything to choose from: Only infinite opportunities and impulsive reactions. Day to day living? What about second to second living? “A few dogs in Tokyo and a trillion other fools...”




ONE OF THE BOYS. photography Michael Smits model Jorden @ New Models











JULIE PIKE Interview Jolijn Snijders Photographs JULIE PIKE



JULIE PIKE IS A PHOTOGRAPHER LIVING AND WORKING IN OSLO, NORWAY. HER WORK IS REAl, FLIRTY and soft, sometimes reminding us of a young corinne day. Julie’s strong in portraying young girls in a GENUINE way, her sweet stories have us mesmerized for more... Who are you and where are you from? Julie Pike. Born in Scotland, raised in Denmark, educated in San Francisco, now lives in Oslo ,Norway. How did you start your career as a photographer? I had a part time job at a professional photo lab, just to pay the rent, when I started at the University of Oslo. Soon the hours at the lab became much longer than the hours at the school, so I decided to study photography instead. I went to San Francisco to pursue my passion of photography at the Academy of Art College.


Do you now see life in greater detail than most people? Well, I rather say, that I sometimes get so hung up in small details in for instance a movie, that I have to rewind about a hundred times.. Can it be hard as a photographer, and do you ever have times where you can take a super photograph on the first shot, and sometimes have to take a number of shots until your satisfied? I guess every profession/lifestyles has their ups and downs. If I have one of the down-days, I will never just continue shooting..I’ll take a little rest and it usually helps me back on track.

For you, what is the most beautiful thing to photograph and why?

at the same time her photos can be both playful and spontaneous.

People or nature. The two things I love the most..

Film director : Sofia Coppola because the amazing feel she has in her movies, the sweet, soft and at the same time daring and the light!

Is there anywhere in the world you would like to go and photograph? Lofoten in Norway, Iceland and Africa to mention a few places and countries..

For you, what is the best way to relax? I’ll go to my cabin up in the mountains.

Do you have a specific favourite colour to photograph?

Why is the photograph important in modern day life?

Limegreen or ligth blue I think.

Hard question. For me its a way to stop and capture the small moments, a way to treasure the already passed minutes.

Three people you would love to work with? Charlotte Rampling, Sofia Coppola and lets not forget Kate Moss... and many many more. What projects are you working on now? I’m putting together an exhibit and this week I’m doing another shoot for the spring 09 Mirage Magazine. Which persons style do you admire? And why? Photographers : Corinne Day because she has a true vulnerability in her photos and

Where do you find inspiration? Absolutely everywhere! What can you see out of the nearest window to you? Our garden table full of rain. What would you say is your favourite time of the day and why? Early in the morning, before anyone else is up or late at night. Especially midsummer, when the sun never really leaves us at night.














Glasses Ferrari Suit Corné Gabriels Bow STYLIST’S OWN


SoRock star s are the vamp ires of nigh t. eat l ‘I’l l phis tica ted, but with a tota cool you aliv e’ atti tude . This look s is a will it mix of edgy eleg ance . Wish ing neve r be dawn agai n.


GLAM TRASH With this daring, glamourous outfit it’s definitely a night out. Be aware of Goldie in her fancy tights, sunglasses and dark lipstick. I love the combination of different gold materials and eccentric silver shoes. She may look too cool to handle but is ‘Sin City’ adventurous in her heart.

Glasses Tom ford Top laura dols Shawl Conny groenewegen Dress and shoes Iris van herpen Panty H&m




DOT DOT DOT Comic book heroes run around in colourful, sexy tops and tights saving helpless citizens. Bright and sweet but knowing how to rule, they own the world around them.


Top BAS KOSTERS Trousers BAS KOSTERS Shoes SAnne schrijver

OUTTA SPACE! Clean but boyish with a soft, silver hammerpants and star printed jacket. Bright blue shirt showes a modern touch. Get yourself all starred up and send yourself to another galaxy!

Jacket HANS UBBINK Shirt FILIPPA K Trousers ivo mittelmeijer



Be a real gentleman but not the cold harsh boring type. Show off your sense of style and humor by wearing cool colour combinations. A hard blue jacket with a polka dot printed blouse and black pants will do the trick!

Coat HUGO BOSS Shirt FILIPPA K Bow & Cumberband LAURA DOLS Trousers LAURA DOLS



SEDUCING AMY This is an inspiring look; You’re never too stylish and glamourous for a fancy night out. Love the red colour and layers off the dress, seduction is bound to happen when wearing a dress like this. Eye-popping and sweet like candy, with cool accessoires as the icing on the cake.

Photography Jolijn Snijders Styling JORDY HUINDER Make up & Hair DOMINIQUE SAMUEL Models VINCENT @ TJMM, SARIE@ MICHA Models





Heaven is close by with this dazzling dress filled with stars. The cool make-up and crazy accessoiries makes you ready for a party like no other, wishing it was new years eve already!!

Dress LIFU HSIAO Shoes JOLINE JOLINK Dress Panty S’nob H&m



All CornĂŠ Gabriels


Cool matc hing top and pant s with the purp le mix make s it fulg urou s. The swee t blus h on the chee ks shou ld be seen more to make us all smil e and have fun. 89



X M AS GI F TS ! Top by SEE BY CHLOE Black wool jumpsuit by YVES SAINT LAURENT


Lubitel 166 Lomo Camera




Looker by Richard Kern One of our favorite photographer has a new book!

Bracelets by EMILIO PUCCI

jacket by MARC by MARC JACOBS



The perfect gift for Xmas! by ABSOLUT VODKA




A magazine Curated by Riccardo Tisci Probably the most beautiful magazine I’ve seen in a long time. Pick it up at the better magazine shop or via

PURPLE Night magazine






















SASA kOVACEVIC Pictures by Koomi Kim and Shuichiro Miura Interview Debbie Wester


Serbian designer Sasa Kovacevic began his studies in fashion in Belgrade and afterwards in Berlin. His work shows a great virtuosity and blend of his Serbian roots and popular folklore with references to fetishists and theatre along with large doses of baroque and ambiguity. The whole concept is based on tradition, ethnography, anthropology, history and clothing. His label ‘Sadak’ deals with clothing, which is distinguishable and not only by whom they are made but also by their artistic and aesthetic value. Fantastique and extravagant! More a day or night person? “Totally a morning person, my day starts at 7h drinking first coffee and jumping on work. I guess when I was little, around 5 years old, my parents used to throw me out of house early in the morning (5h!) because I was yelling and singing too loud. So since than I am always awake about 7h o clock in the morning, singing and working of course!” How did you ever got interested in fashion? “Through my work in National Ensemble in Belgrade (Serbia) i was able to sneak inside huge theatre costume rooms after my dancing classes. I loved every single peace that we performed in and that made me decide to prepare myself for university to study history of costume. Later I applied for the University in Belgrade for Fashion and Design and later i moved to Berlin to continue”. What does fashion mean to you? “For me, fashion in it’s complexity should embrace tradition, history, sociology of clothing, power of appearances, body-psychology exigency and never the last artistic and esthetic value”. Do you see fashion in a different way because of your Serbian background? “Yes I do....for me it’s very important first to know who am I (my identity through history, art, anthropology) and my perception towards fashion. I was born at 1977 in G.Milanovac, South-west from Belgrade. I grew up in a very small environment where 100

half of my family was communist and the other half orthodox Christian whiched ended finally up in: “I will be a good pioneer and a good fellow Christian”. At that point I was not sure exactly what both of ideology’s were about, but my family was happy that I was wearing red stars in school and a cross at home. Later my country went though terrible wars which made us separate, sad and hopeless. In 1999 I moved in Belgrade where I experienced bombing from NATO, 78 days of hell and crazy party time. At that moment me and most of my friends decided not to hide in atom shelter’s but rather have fun. In one sentence growing up in Serbia was an experience more than ever”. What’s the story behind your designs and how would you describe your signature? “I would define it as eclectic. It’s a combination of different elements: traditional, historical, anthropological and social. My idea was to offer alternative way of wearing, identifying and changing. The story depends... the particular one “Lapot” is based on old Serbian tradition, all other collections are based on my own identity”. Your designs are kind of fantasy and dark, crafted and you work a lot with volume...Why is that? “I would not say that they are dark, they are present and real. I’m fascinated by mystical tales which are very popular in general Slavic mythology and I read it a lot. It helps me a lot to understand their structure, function and meaning. They help me also to express in creating ideas and most of them I mix with fiction and ethnological facts which reflect on me like

some insane SF. When I am working on my ideas I am always giving myself a certain complicated assignment so that my collection on the end is voluminous and abstract”. Where do you find inspiration? “Everywhere around me, reading books, seeing people on the streets, seeing exhibitions...It’s always coming unannounced through my way of thinking”. Most memorable fashion moment for you? “Regarding my fashion career I think there will be more pivotal moments in future but one of them was the participation for a fashion show in Spain. At that moment I was only studying 3 years but made me decide to start my own label”. Worst fashion nightmare ever? “ I guess, not finishing my collection on time..!” Anything or anyone special you want to work with in the future? “That would be Matthew Barney and Björk” If night falls..... “..I’ll be there because the night belongs to us.......”.

“I experienced bombing from NATO, 78 days of hell and crazy party time”.


SHE’S LOSING LIGHT. Photography Stefan Ruitenbeek Styling Jordy Huinder Model willemijn @ sps models


top Samsøe Φ Samsøe legging AMERICAN APPAREL


this page: dress PINKO legging AMERICAN APPAREL shoes Sanne Schrijver opposite: dress Iris van Herpen legging AMERICAN APPAREL



top Laura Dols trousers FILIPPA K gloves VINTAGE LAURA DOLS


top Tiger of Sweden jacket Modstrom trousers Individuals shoes Sanne Schrijver




this page: necklace DOM panty JOLINE JOLINK shoes Sanne Schrijver opposite: dress Iris van Herpen legging AMERICAN APPAREL



this page: dress Iris van Herpen legging AMERICAN APPAREL opposite: top MODSTROM legging AMERICAN APPAREL




LINA PERSSON ‘Five cities, five nights, five beds, ...still me in the morning’.







117 photos LINA PERSSON



Metal was her first love. Photography Jolijn Snijders Styling Jordy Huinder Make Up & Hair CARLIJN BEUKERS @ BCREATIVES Model DANA @ SPS MODELS


Jacket Margit Brandt 119








123 Dress Pinko


When did you start your carreer, how did you get into it?

Who do you work for / favorite projects or clients?

When I was younger I actually wanted to become a womenswear designer but I discovered that I was way too impatient to even finish one garment. I tried different things then. I bought my first SLR camera two years ago. That’s sort of how I got into photography. I like quick turnovers and fast results.

I only work for and work with people with similar creative visions.

Please describe your average monday for us? Mondays are pretty busy usually. But so are weekends really. I don’t really distinguish between weekends and weekdays anymore. When not studying at college I am usually behind my computer - Editing pictures, planning shoots or doing research. How would you describe your style? I like to idealise people in my photography. I like to portray models in the way you look up to an older friend - the one you always admired. Airbrushing and heavy retouching is not my cup of tea. I love freckles and moles. I am mainly concentrating on photographing girls at the moment. 124

I love nature and animals. I miss that a lot in London... and beautiful people. Photographers that inspire(d) you?

What are you most proud of until now? I am happy and very thankful about a lot of things. I am not the proudest person though.

Why Fashion? Why not?

Where do you get your inspiration?

What would you do if you weren’t a photographer? I would probably live in a little hut in the Alps together with two horses, dogs, cats, hens, cows, goats and a bearded guy with long hair. I still wanna do that though.

Ryan mcginley is my hero. Bob richardson. Sarah moon. Richard kern. Wendy Bevan. The best day in your life, what happened or what could it be? Tramping through Iceland in the summer on little Icelandic horses could be quite fantastic I think. I have had pretty good days in my life already... I hope there’ll be more to come. Favorite magazines and why?

What are your parents like, do they support you in what you do? My parents are the most fantastic, inspiring people. when raising my own children I hope to do half as good a job. I owe them a lot. What do you think about the model / fashionindustry? There are some amazingly creative people out there. Don’t go with the flow. It’s what you make out of it.

Purple magazine is great because it has a certain integrity to it. The best night in your life? Oh the nights you don’t remember clearly are always the best ones. What would you consider a perfect night on the town? I prefer nights in the countryside. Nights in tents. With rain and mud.




What would you consider a perfect night on the town? I prefer nights in the countryside. Nights in tents. With rain and mud. Lots of beautiful music. Vodka/cola out of plastic bottles. And holding hands with barely legal boys. Name a few people that you would like to work with? I wanna keep on working with the scientists, because i love them to bits. Lara Stone maybe. Ryan McGinley. Mischa Barton (my guilty secret). What projects are you working on now? I am working on a lot of different things at the moment. I have a lot of unfinished ideas and concepts in my head just not enough time. I might do a series on cats next for my personal work. Future goals? I purely wanna make a living out of what I love to do. Famous last words? It’s not over yet. More info: 126

“I prefer nights in tents, drinking vodka out of plastic bottles, holding hands with barely legal boys� 127






“I would live in a little hut in the Alps together with two horses, dogs, cats, hens, cows, goats and a bearded guy with long hair.� 131





IAN STEVENSON Ian Stevenson’s work is TYPICALLY ENGLISH, IT’S hilarious without TRYING TOO HARD. His SIMPLE LINE illustrations cover a women’s bathroom wall, SEVERAL gallerieS AND NOW ILOVEFAKE MAGAZINE’S NIGHT ISSUE. We WERE CURIOUS ABOUT HIm.. AND HIS NIGHTLY ESCAPADES. Who are you and what do you do?

ple who just have a style.

I am Ian Stevenson and I will have more if there is more. Is there any more?... and I also draw.

Who influenced you?

How did you start your career and what were your first projects/ideas? It all started a many moons ago when I stopped working as a designer in a full time job and started listening to the ideas that were in the undeveloped part of my mind. My hand started to move in new ways and that’s when things got interesting. What kind of project are you working on now? New screen prints and compiling a book of my favourite photos from one of my projects that involves drawing on rubbish. I’m also working on new exhibitions and new animations too. Do you see life in greater detail than others? I think some people think I’m strange but it all seems quite normal to look at the world like I do, I know no other way. Have you collaborated with other artists? Yes many times and it’s great to see how the work develops together and new things are created that neither artist initially intended. I do enjoy working with people who have great ideas and not with peo134

I am influenced by the gravitational pull of the moon and the mystery of the stars. What music do you listen to while working? I’ve not been listening to music lately because I’ve been moving studios and have preferred having the tv on instead but when I return to music it will probably be via a variety of internet radio stations or something new. Who would you like to work with? Animators and an orchestra. What projects have you done that you are most proud of? An animation entitled “Stare Into The Sun”. It was challenging to create a whole world and story that worked with the music. A night you’ll never forget....good or bad? I always forget the night time but I do remember a day not too long ago (this morning). I had settled down at the computer with a cup of tea and then the door bell rang... I answered it and signed for a package and then heard a noise... yes it was the door to the flat closing and I had no keys, jacket, phone or shoes. After about 15 minutes thinking of a plan I decided the best thing to do was walk to the charity shop on





“I think some people think I’m strange but it all seems quite normal to look at the world like I do.” the main road and buy some shoes. It was strange passing people without my shoes on but I focused on walking like everything was normal. I arrived with wet socks and eventually paid £3 for some shoes after explaining my story to the lady. With my new shoes I went for a walk around the streets and then to the cafe with some paper I also bought and enjoyed myself with a pen. I would recommend this adventure to everyone. Where did you grew up and what was it like? I grew up in Leicester and then had to leave to learn new things from the outside. Any cool artists that we need to check out?? Neil Buchanan (Art Attack), Rolf Harris’ work in the late 80’s and Eva Anderson age 5. Who do you work for, or what are your favorite projects or clients?

Where do you find inspiration? I get the ideas from inside my head. I’m not really sure where they come from probably just everyday life, things just appear and then I have to get them out before I have too much in there. Artists that inspire(d) you? I always enjoyed Hanna Barbara, Jim Henson and Oliver Postgates’ creations very much when I was younger and still do. I really enjoy any artist who is innovative and original and it’s a annoying that there are many people around today who copy other artists. They have no shame, jumping on the latest trends and these types of people do not inspire me. The best day in your life, what could it be? There would be talking animals, general singing, choreographed dancing, karate, flying, robots, dwarfs and finished it all with a few pints of beer.

My clients have included Microsoft, Perrier, Universal, Paul Smith and MTV. I’ve enjoyed working with them as they get in touch knowing what I do and want my thoughts too. I have created books, prints and exhibitions with many great companies including Picture On Walls, Concrete Hermit and Pictoplasma. I also work on many of my own projects and do things that wouldn’t get commissioned. It’s great to work with people who aren’t afraid to do something different.

What has been your favorite artwork until now?

What would be your dream project?

Help I’m trapped.

I would like to be invited to draw the queen and then we could both enjoy a cup of tea and slice of carrot cake or maybe an iced finger.

I’ve enjoyed all of it but I like the more challenging projects and developing the drawings into new are areas and situations. Future goals? It would be great to do an animated series and more of everything also too please. Famous last words?

For more info about Ian:


“I get the ideas from inside my head.. Things just appear and then I have to get them out, before I have too much in there.�





n w o e W t h g i n e h t Photographer Jolijn Snijders Styling SUE DIETZ @

Make Up & Hair NICK ASSFALG @ Styling Assistant Daniela Pollehn Models LILLITH, DENNIS s., renee, victoria, paula k, anastasia @ Place models


Overall by Henrik Vibskov Boobtube by American Apparel Leather Necklace by Stylist`s own Hat Vintage




DENNIS wears Jacket by MICHALSKY Trousers by WOOD WOOD T-Shirt by AMERICAN APPAREL Shoes by CONVERSE 143

PAULA Wears: Dress by Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Lace Glove Vintage, Lace Socks Vintage







Overall by Henrik Vibskov, Boobtube by American Apparel Belt Vintage, Leather Necklace by Stylist`s own Hat Vintage Shoes by SINELA


DENNIS wears Jacket by MICHALSKY 148by WOOD WOOD Pants



t-shirt STYLIST ’S OWN


Models LILLITH, DENNIS S., RENEE, VICTORIA, PAULA K, ANASTASIA @ Place models, Special Thanks to JAN ERIC & YANNIS @ Place Models Hamburg & LIGANORD Agency




STOCKISTS Bas Kosters Catta Donkersloot CornĂŠ Gabriels Sanne Schrijver Sebastic via Dutch Fashion Foundation

Blue Blood BRZ Francisco van Benthum Lew Modstrom Malousebastiaan T Rex Tiger of Sweden via Ganbaroo PR

Ferrari Tom Ford



via So PR Django Steenbakker Filippa K Hans Ubbink Hugo Boss Iris van Herpen Ivo Mittelmeijer Joline Jolink Made Margit Brandt Pinko S’Nob Spijkers & Spijkers

via Spice PR

American Apparel Anneloes van Osselaer Cold Method Conny Groenewegen Der Komissar Dom H&M Individuals Ivo Mittelmeijer Joline jolink Laura Dols Laundry Industry






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