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Odeprev: the Future is Now! / no. 282 / may 2012


4 get ready: the sports in focus contest is coming up!

Odebrecht Informa magazine launched yet another photography contest directed at Members of the Odebrecht Organization: Sports in Focus. Learn the rules and participate!

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> 6 fast news

16 fonte nova arena receives

positive evaluation from fifa

Engineers, technicians and international consultants from FIFA and the Local Organizing Committee (COL) positively evaluated the Fonte Nova Arena construction work after an inspection completed on April 26.

> 20 corinthians stadium integrates fans and workers

On May 5, nine Corinthians fans, chosen through a promotional event at the club, were the first to sit in the seats installed in the East grandstands of the stadium.


next edition:

may 29, 2012

24 odeprev: the future is now!

To support Members’ post-career phase in such a way that each can construct his or her own future through work, Odebrecht created Odeprev in 1995, which offers and administrates the Organization’s Complementary Pension Plan.

> > 30 fast news – leadership 34 from urban cleaning to adventure, using

“green” plastic

The plastic of a renewable origin produced by Braskem was used to manufacture containers, which are being distributed in Rio de Janeiro, as well as kayaks used in “Ecomotion,” an adventure trip held in Goiás.


> 38 fast news – communities editorial staff ODEBRECHT NEWS is an internal newsletter published by the Odebrecht S.A. Business Communication Team Responsible Journalist: Fabiana Cabral Editorial Office: Avenida das Nações Unidas, 8.501, 32º andar, São Paulo Phone Number: (55 11) 3096-8171 Suggestions: Website: share this newsletter at your company or your project!

> odebrecht informa magazine

Get Ready: the Sports in Focus Contest is Coming Up!

On May 21, Odebrecht Informa magazine will launch, for the third


at Odebrecht Organization

chosen theme this year

Members: Sports in Focus.

is Sports. Similarly to last

As the 2012 Olympic

year, there will be a photo

consecutive year, yet

Games are being held

another contest directed

in London, England, the / no. 282 / may 2012

contest. Images of any

sports practice in the

Amateur photographers

the participant explains

communities in which the

can participate with a

the context of the image

Odebrecht Organization is

maximum of three photos

in terms of the local

present will be accepted.

in two categories: Camera


The following may be

(from 3 to 12 megapixels)

portrayed, for example:

and Cellular Phone (from

chosen by a commission

soccer games, baseball

2 to 5 megapixels). The

made up of Members and

or rugby organized at

second category will

a guest photographer,

stadiums; a game of

allow for the entry of

will be published in

chess or dominoes in

images manipulated

Edition No. 161 of

the city’s public square;

using applications such as

Odebrecht Informa. A

kids playing soccer in an

Camera + and Instagram.

larger selection of images

improvised field; a lone

The photos must be

The winning images,

will be published on the

sailor; and sports activities

first-of-a-kind (never

magazine website.

at the construction sites,

before published) and

industrial units, etc. There

taken in 2012. Each one

open from May 21 to June

is certainly no lack of

should be accompanied

22. Stay tuned for new

options for those planning

by the author’s name, a


to take photos and

title and brief description


of its content, in which

Registration will be

RETROSPECTIVE OF PREVIOUS CONTESTS The first Odebrecht Informa contest was held in 2010. In “Tell your Story at Odebrecht,” some 200 participants sent texts on their careers with the Organization. In 2011, the Organization promoted the contest “Photograph your Community.” In over 300 photos that were entered, Members portrayed cultural aspects of the cities in which they work and with which they normally interact. In 2012, the contest is once again photography-based. You can also participate by sending in photos showing the practice of sports in the community in which you live and work. / no. 282 / may 2012


> Fast Notes

New Partnership for the Enseada do Paraguaçu On May 4, the Enseada

naval industry and the training of

COSCO KHI Ship Engineering Co.,

do Paraguaçu Shipyard

local labor with a high degree of

Ltd. (NACKS) and Dalian COSCO

(EEP), formed by Odebrecht


Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd.

Engenharia Industrial, OAS and

The announcement came

UTC Engenharia, announced the

21 days after signing the Letter

Japanese company Kawasaki

of Intent with Sete Brasil – an

invest approximately R$ 2 billion

Heavy Industries (KHI) as its new

investment company specialized

in Bahia. The development,

technological partner in the

in managing a portfolio of assets

located in the municipality of

construction and integration

geared toward the oil and gas

Maragojipe, will occupy an area

of offshore units, such as rigs,

sector in the offshore area in

of 1.6 million square meters.

specialized ships and drilling

Brazil –, for the construction of six

The construction work, which


pre-salt drilling rigs for Petrobras.

is currently in the earth leveling

Kawasaki will have EEP as

phase, should be completed in

With the creation of the joint

(DACOS). Created in 2010, EEP will

venture, Kawasaki became

its third international partner,

2014. Once it begins operating,

EEP’s permanent partner, with

since it already had a successful

the shipyard will be able to

30% interest, guaranteeing

technological transfer experience

process 36,000 tons of steel per

technological transfer for the

through joint ventures with two

year for the manufacturing of

development of the Brazilian

shipyards in China: Nantong

different types of vessels.

From left to right: Nobumitsu Kambayaschi, Executive Vice President of Kawasaki; João Argollo, Director of UTC Engenharia; Fernando Barbosa, Managing Director of EEP; Satoshi Hasegawa, President of KHI; Norberto Odebrecht, Honorary President of Odebrecht S.A.; Marcio Faria, Entrepreneurial Leader at Odebrecht Engenharia Industrial; Agenor Medeiros, Director of OAS; and Ricardo Pessoa, President of UTC

6 / no. 282 / may 2012

First Turbine Installed at Manuel Piar Hydroelectric Power Plant In April, Odebrecht Venezuela installed the first Kaplan turbine at the Carlos Manuel Piar Hydroelectric Power Plant, located in Tocoma, in Bolívar State. According to Héctor Navarro, the country’s Electric Energy Minister, the turbine is one of the world’s most powerful, capable of generating 216 MW. “We have the Kaplan turbine in Venezuela, the most powerful in the world, whose technology is also being used in other Latin American countries,” said the minister during the event that marked the installation of the first piece of equipment. From July of this year to April 2014, workers will complete the mechanical assembly and operation of 10 turbines of the same type. Argenis Chávez, from the state-owned company Corporación Eléctrica Nacional (CORPOELEC), stated that the Hydroelectric Complex will have the total capacity to generate approximately 2,160 MW of energy, which will be added to the Venezuelan electrical system. The plant is also helping to promote the hydroelectric development of the Baixo Caroní Basin, also located in Bolivar State. With the operation of the Carlos Manuel Piar Hydroelectric Power Plant, Venezuela will reach a total of 17,000 MW of energy power.

The Kaplan turbine was the first installed at the hydroelectric complex in Tocoma

Braskem Launches New Polyethylene for Lid Production Braskem launched a new resin

produced at the polyethylene unit in

developed to serve the mineral water and

Rio Grande do Sul. “In addition to the

juice lid market. Produced with bimodal

organoleptic advantage, the new resin has

technology, the material allows for excellent

an injectability that is 60% better compared

processability and prevents the transfer of

to the previous generation of products for

the odor and flavor to the bottled product.

this application,” said Marcelo Yamane, from

Called GE7252, the resin was developed

the Product Development area at Braskem.

by the Injection segment team and is / no. 282 / may 2012


> Fast Notes

An Important Milestone for the Caracas Subway Line 5 After 18 months of work, the TBMs (also called “tatuzões”) working on the Caracas Subway

of the Caracas Subway and Members of the company.

Line 5 – a project currently being undertaken by

Extending more than 12 km and with 10

Odebrecht Venezuela reached the Zona Rental

stations, the Caracas Subway Line 5 will benefit

/ Plaza Venezuela ditch, the connection with the

500,000 people per day, helping improve traffic

Lines 3 and 4 of the city’s subway system.

in the city, and will connect the subway network

With the popular nicknames Juana Ramírez La Avanzadora and Manuela Sáenz La Libertadora,

to the neighboring state of Miranda. Of the initial project, which included six

the equipments excavated a 4,354-meters

stations, another four were added: Montecristo,

tunnel, which extends from the UNEFA ditch. The

Boleíta, El Marqués and Warairarepano.

celebration of the record included the presence

According to Juan García Toussaintt, two stations

of Juan García Toussaintt, Venezuela’s Minister of

– Bello Monte and Miranda II – will be completed

Ground Transport, Haiman El Troudi, President

in 2014.

Members celebrate the arrival of the TBM to the Zona Rental / Plaza Venezuela ditch, which will connect Line 5 to Lines 3 and 4 of the Caracas Subway

8 / no. 282 / may 2012

Moatize Expansion Project Visited by Mozambique’s President

The President of Mozambique, Armando Guebuza, is honored by the Members of the Moatize Expansion Project

On May 3, the President of the Republic

site. Armando Guebuza also visited the Cateme

of Mozambique, Armando Emílio Guebuza,

resettlement site, where he toured the Health

and his group visited the Moatize Expansion

Center, primary and secondary schools, the

Project, undertaken by the company Vale and

Model Farm and spoke to the population. “The

developed by Odebrecht International.

population of Cateme is producing wealth

Accompanied by representatives from

for the country,” said the president. “The

different companies, the authorities went to

community has reached a good point and

the main overlook of the construction project,

everything that it produces, if well produced,

which offers a panoramic view over the entire

will be sold,” he said. / no. 282 / may 2012


> Fast Notes

Braskem Project Celebrates Records in Workplace Safety The Braskem Camaçari Project, developed

According to Américo Paulo Paim Souza, the

by Odebrecht Engenharia Industrial in the

Safety, Health and Environment Manager, the

Bahia city, reached 2 million hours worked

records demonstrate that the corrective and

without time loss accidents and one year

preventive actions taken have been successful.

without accidents of any nature in the Pyrolysis

According to Souza, the commitment to

Furnace services.

the standards and procedures and the new

The activities in the Pyrolysis Furnaces – critical equipment in the Braskem UNIB production chain – are considered crucial

processes implemented guaranteed the teams’ success. He also emphasizes that the duty, however,

for the project scope due to their frequency,

has yet to be fulfilled: “Our duty is continuous,”

nearly uninterrupted, and high level of

he explained. “The zero accident record is an


infinite goal.”

Members of Odebrecht Engenharia Industrial celebrate the Workplace Safety records achieved

10 / no. 282 / may 2012

Pernambuco Arena Promotes its First Edition of SIPAT

The accident prevention program called PreVer, which involves questions and answers about safety procedures and standards, was a success among Members

From May 2-4, the Pernambuco Arena

after the work day is over,” said Dourado. “The

– currently being built by Odebrecht

safety and integrity of each professional is our

Infraestrutura in São Lourenço da Mata,

top priority.”

in the Metropolitan Region of Recife, in

The lectures administered by safety

Pernambuco – undertook its first Internal

engineers and technicians addressed topics

Work Accident Prevention Week (SIPAT). Over

such as Electrical Risks, Cargo Transport,

a three-day period, 3,000 Members took part

Construction Project Risks, Precautions with

in the programming that included activities

the Hands and Teamwork. As part of the

and lectures on health, environment, accident

group dynamic exercises, Members studied

prevention and teamwork.

the importance of working as a team. “We

Bruno Dourado, Contract Director, opened

must receive the support of colleagues and

the event and emphasized the importance

do our best, since we can achieve better

of working safely: “We must always remind

results as a team,” said Member Robson

ourselves that we have a family waiting for us

Rodrigues. / no. 282 / may 2012


> Fast Notes

Young Partners Meet with Renato Baiardi

Young Partners and the team directing the Pernambuco Arena project during Renato Baiardi’s visit to the construction work at one of the host stadiums for the 2014 World Cup

On April 19, 26 Young Partners from the Pernambuco Arena took part in a chat with

career at the Organization. “The life and career

Renato Baiardi, a member of the Odebrecht

plan should be developed by each person,” said

S.A. Board of Directors, focused on leadership,

Baiardi. “Only you can decide how far you can go

professional experiences and Odebrecht

and TEO creates an environment marked by self-

Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO).


After receiving a welcome from the team

At the end of the visit, Baiardi received a

directing the project, led by Bruno Dourado,

Pernambuco Arena t-shirt and sculpture of

Contract Director, Renato Baiardi listened to a

Caboclo de Lança, an important figure of the

presentation on the arena given by two Young

Rural Maracatu religion, one of the symbols of

Partners. Then, the group visited the project

the state’s cultural wealth. The handcrafted art

construction site and had lunch in the cafeteria.

object, made from wood, represents the strength

Renato Baiardi spoke about the importance


of taking on new challenges at the start of one’s / no. 282 / may 2012

of the Pernambuco man.

Odebrecht Angola Celebrates Labor Day On May 1, International

took part in a parade

Odebrecht represented

Labor Day, Members from

promoted by the Benguela

the qualification actions

several different Odebrecht

Labor Unions’ Union (USB)

developed by the company,

Angola projects met to

with the theme “Workers

such as Fully Qualified

celebrate the date.

United: We Fight for Job

Worker and the Believe

Stability.” Members of


More than 500 professionals took part in solidarity march promoted

In Luanda, the workers joined the solidarity march, held each year

by the National Angolan Workers’ Union (UNTA) under the motto “Dignified work dignifies the worker; a fair salary eradicates poverty.” At the Cambambe Hydroelectric Facility project, workers took part in a special lunch and drawing for prizes. In Benguela, professionals

In Benguela, Members took part in a parade that emphasized the importance of job stability / no. 282 / may 2012


> 2014 world cup

Fonte Nova Arena Receiv Positive Evaluation from

14 / no. 282 / may 2012

ves m FIFA

Engineers, technicians The Fonte Nova Arena, host of the 2014 World Cup games, should be completed by the end of this year

and international consultants from FIFA and the Local Organizing Committee (COL) positively evaluated the Fonte Nova Arena construction work after an inspection completed on April 26. The group, which consisted of eight members, flew over Salvador in a helicopter and went on a guided tour of the stadium. The result will be consolidated in a report, sent to the FIFA authorities, which will evaluate the possibility of the city hosting the 2013 Confederations Cup. It is estimated that the Fonte Nova Arena, currently being constructed by Odebrecht Infraestrutura and OAS, will be concluded in December of this year. After the visit, the group met with the State Governor, Jaques Wagner, state and municipal secretaries and representatives of the company Fonte Nova Negócios e Participações (formed by Odebrecht Participações e Investimentos and OAS). During the meeting, the COL delegation listened to a technical presentation on the / no. 282 / may 2012


> 2014 world cup Engineers, technicians and international consultants from FIFA and the Local Organizing Committee (COL) positively evaluated the construction work for the future arena

progress of the construction

the stadium that will host

work. “We verified that the

the 2014 World Cup games.

work is moving forward and the

According to Trade, the visit


project is reaching its final level,” evaluated the fulfillment of


said the FIFA Director in Brazil,

the schedule, the construction


Fulvio Danilas.

stages and the anticipation

Ricardo Trade, Operational


project schedule,” said Trade.

The Fonte Nova Arena

of the following phases. “The

will be the first 2014 World

Executive Director at COL,

progress of Fonte Nova and

Cup stadium to complete

commented on the progress

effort of the State Government

the installation of the metal

made in the construction of

are important steps in the

roof structure, initiated in / no. 282 / may 2012

support the grandstands. The

schedule guarantee the Bahia

grandstands are almost entirely

capital’s spot as one of the hosts

installed. The assembly of the

of the 2013 Confederations

superstructure is already 95%

Cup. “We are demonstrating the


progress of the construction

For Governor Jaques Wagner,

work and proving that Salvador

all the efforts designed to

has the technical conditions to

ensure the fulfillment of the FIFA

host the event,” he said.

CONSUL FROM HOLLAND VISITS CONSTRUCTION WORK On May 4, Hans Leusen, the consul from Holland in Bahia, and Dutch journalist Alex Hijmans visited the Fonte Nova Arena construction work and were welcomed by Lino Cardoso, Marketing and Institutional Relations Director, and Marcos Ferreira, Marketing Manager of the project. The visitors toured the arena Visitation Center, watched a video with a 3D electronic model and observed from an overlook the construction work progress, whose design was developed by the consulting firm that completed Holland’s Amsterdam Arena. The consul also visited the social projects being developed, including the actions directed at former homeless individuals, which generated 27 job opportunities at the contract. “The Fonte Nova Project is truly grandiose,” said Leusen.

April of this year. In all,

The Marketing and Institutional Relations team of the Fonte Nova Arena received the visit of the Dutch consul in Bahia together with a Dutch journalist

approximately 60% of the construction work has been completed. The assembly work for the arena superstructure is currently being completed, with the placement of pillars, beams and slabs, as well as the jacaré beams that / no. 282 / may 2012


> 2014 world cup

Corinthians Stadium Integrate On May 5, nine Corinthians fans, chosen through a promotional event at the club, were the first to sit in the seats installed in the East grandstands of the stadium, currently being constructed by Odebrecht Infraestrutura in São Paulo. Together, they fulfilled the promises made for having won the contest. The promotion was held at the start of March and involved the participation of 10,000 Corinthians Web users, who sent phrases via five different communication channels: Twitter, Facebook, the soccer club’s official website, TV Corinthians and Fiel Torcedor. Each phrase chosen was accompanied by a task. Carlos Fernandes, for example, praised the project workers and stated that he wanted to help them with the construction. Therefore, he served food to the workers at the construction site cafeteria, where he also had lunch with a group of Members.

18 / no. 282 / may 2012

es Fans and Workers Winners of a club contest, nine Corinthians fans were the first to sit in the grandstands of the future stadium / no. 282 / may 2012


> 2014 world cup Members working on the Corinthians Stadium and family members take part in a barbecue with music and prizes on the Worker’s Day holiday

Tadeu Deperon left Osasco, in the



The event included the presence of the Mayor of

Metropolitan Region of

In order to celebrate

São Paulo, and reached

International Workers’ Day

and the General Secretary of

the future stadium on

on May 1, the professionals

the 2014 World Cup, Gilmar

foot. Karoline Ramos took

from the Corinthians


advantage of the occasion

Stadium participated

to ask her boyfriend to

in a party organized by

party, each Member and

marry her: she recorded

Odebrecht Infraestrutura,

guest brought 1 kg of

the request and showed

held at the head office the

non-perishable food as

it to him. Edmilson Pepe

Dom Bosco Social Project,

a donation. A total of 1.5

dressed up as a musketeer

located at the Itaquera

tons of food were donated,

– one of the team’s

Parish. The Members

to be directed at the Dom

symbols – and paraded

enjoyed a barbecue, musical

Bosco Foundation, which

around the construction

performances, a drawing for

promotes social-educational

site, receiving applause

prizes and the distribution

actions in the Eastern Zone

from the workers.

of commemorative medals.

of São Paulo. / no. 282 / may 2012

São Paulo, Gilberto Kassab,

To have access to the


and steps in the South and East


grandstands, as well as the earth

Started on May 30, 2011, the

leveling of the outdoor parking

Corinthians Stadium construction

area in the West sector of the

work is already 34.6% complete.Â


Until May 9, a total of 3,714

The construction work for

stakes had already been driven,

the two emergency exit tunnels

a service that is nearly entirely

designed for the game days and

complete. Other work is also being

the underground service gallery

completed at the construction

are in the final phase. The project

site, such as the installation of a

has 170 pieces of equipment and

retaining wall between the West

1,750 Members divided into three

building and one of the outdoor

shifts. The estimated stadium

parking lots, the installation of

delivery date is December 2013.

the pillars, jacarĂŠ beams, slabs

The Corinthians Stadium will serve as the stage to the 2014 World Cup / no. 282 / may 2012


> Post-Career

Odeprev: the Future is N Human Beings possess within themselves the essence

income during their post-

for their own development

career life.”

and evolution. When it comes

The plan’s main objectives

to planning for life, individuals

include: giving professionals

should make choices that

the chance to have, during

define the quality of their

the post-career phase, income


generated with resources that

To support Members’

they themselves produced

post-career phase in such a

and supporting participants

way that each can construct

and their dependents in the

his or her own future through

case of death or disability.

work, Odebrecht created

The company was created

Odeprev in 1995, which

based on the Organization’s

offers and administrates

Pension Policy. According to

the Organization’s

Ivette Guimarães, Operations

Complementary Pension Plan.

Director, Odeprev’s emergence

According to Sérgio


that will be transformed into

followed the global trends

Brinckmann, who is

in the evolution of private

responsible for Odeprev,

pension as an alternative to

the company conducts and

the public systems. The model

presents a low cost, profitable

offered reflects the Odebrecht

and lower risk solution for

Entrepreneurial Technology

participants, helping them

(TEO), a philosophy of life

consolidate their individual

applied to work. “The Private

assets, such as with income

Pension Plan was elaborated

to supplement social security.

based on the concepts and

“Our concern is with the

basic premises of TEO, in

post-career phase,” said

which we must become the

Brinckmann. “We want to help

entrepreneurs of our lives,” said

Members form the assets

Guimarães. / no. 282 / may 2012

Odeprev’s sponsoring companies include the businesses that make up the Organization. It is administered by an Executive Board, Deliberative Council and Audit Committee. Click here to learn more about these entities. The company currently has 14,000 participants and 90

Now! To support its Members’ post-career in such a way that each builds his or her own future through work, Odebrecht created Odeprev in 1995

beneficiaries. In 2011, the total

so that’s why the planning

the post-career phase: When

administered assets were more

should begin early,” said Ivette

we retire, differently than we

than R$ 1 billion.

Guimarães. “The earlier you

imagine, we have an increase in

begin planning, the easier it will

health, food and housing costs,”


be to build your assets for the

said Moreira. “We need to think


post-career,” she said.

about administering our assets

Planning the post-career

According to Igor Moreira,

and caring for our family,” he

phase means continuing with

Investment Director, Members


active life after retirement.

need to remember that the

“Currently, the concern is

effort to save is crucial for

the individual responsible

longevity and quality of life,

ensuring quality of life during

for Personal Insurance at

For Bettina Skelton, / no. 282 / may 2012


> Post-Career

Odebrecht Administradora e

the Organization helps him or

Corretora de Seguros - OCS,

her build assets for the post-

each person should think

career phase. “In addition to

about their retirement in an

being able to make individual,

adequate and structured

regular and sporadic

fashion. “Odeprev fulfills its

contributions, the company

role of supporting Members

also matches the participant’s

as they build their individual

investment,” said Moreira.

assets, guaranteeing security, stability and profitability,

the Odeprev supplementary

which is all we need when we

pension plan is more secure

think about the future,” said

than that offered in the


market. According to Igor

Igor Moreira pointed


The investment structure of

Moreira, a higher level of

out that once the Member

assets allows the owner to

chooses to join the Odeprev

search for lower costs and

Supplementary Pension Plan,

returns above traditional / no. 282 / may 2012

Odeprev currently has 14,000 participants and 90 beneficiaries

investments and inflation. “Our

effective profitability policy,”

of the companies to reflect on

profitability offers participants

said Aquino.

the importance of developing

real gain,” he said.

awareness about their finances, FINANCIAL AND PENSION

thereby guaranteeing an easy

for People and Organization


post-career phase.

at Odebrecht Engenharia


Fausto Aquino, responsible

Industrial, joined Odeprev to

Aligned with the

The program is designed to orient and raise the awareness

preserve his investments. “I

Supplementary Pension Plan

of participants, beneficiaries

have not found a better return

Policy, Odeprev seeks to

and representatives. The

in the market and the company

develop actions that prompt

topics covered at the meetings

has maintained a secure and

participants and other Members

include: the services available / no. 282 / may 2012


> Post-Career through Social Security and Supplementary Pension, the use of their reserve during the post-career phase, and the importance of family members’ participation in the initiatives, among others. Presentations have been given at Odebrecht Oil and Gas (OOG), Odebrecht Realizações Imobiliárias (OR), the Santo Antônio Energia Concessionaire and in the Information Technology and Shared Service Center areas at Planning the post-career phase means continuing with active life after retirement. The earlier you start, the better


financial challenge ahead, one

offer participants’ real gains.


that integrates the changes in

“With the reduction in the

the investment portfolio with

basic interest rate, it tends to

economic scenario, in which

a continuous investment in

take longer to form assets, and

the Federal Government

communication with Members.

that is why we are diversifying

announced the reduction of

“Based on the volatility of the

our investments, such as the

interest rates to promote the

interest rate, our main concern

investment in the company

country’s growth, has changed

is with the preservation of

shares that offer more

the Odeprev investment

capital and profitability of the

guarantee and dividends over

strategy. “The reduction in the

participants’ investments,” he

the long term,” he said.

interest rate is an irreversible


The current Brazilian

trend over the long term, and

In this sense, Odeprev is

that is why we need to adapt

monitoring the real interest

the Deliberative Council is the

to the changes,” said Sérgio

rates over the middle term.

adoption of Investment Profiles


Moreira reveals that the

for Odeprev participants.

investment portfolios tied to

“The Investment Profiles will

real interest rates continue to

allow participants to have

According to Brinckmann, the company has a great


One of the changes that / no. 282 / may 2012

should be evaluated soon by

HOW TO BECOME AN ODEPREV PARTICIPANT Based on your life planning, you can make two types of contributions: „„ Regular: at a freely chosen percentage, from 1% to 12% of the monthly salary, processed in the payroll; „„ Sporadic: without a value limit, on the occasions chosen by the participant. MATCHING CONTRIBUTIONS The Organization makes a contribution to match the Member’s investment. The percentage consists of the following payments: „„ Payment A (monthly), representing 10% of the Member’s investment; „„ Payment B (monthly), an amount equivalent to the percentage made up of the sum of the individual percentages, considering age, time with the Organization and the participant’s salary level; „„ Payment C (annual and result-based), value equivalent to the percentage to be applied to the sum of payments A and B paid during the year, related to the results obtained by the company. more control over the way their assets are managed, following the principles of the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO), which establishes that each one is responsible for building their own future,” reinforced Sérgio Brinckmann. The company is also studying proposals to grant loans to its members, with lower rates than those practiced in the market, which should also be understood as an alternative of an Odeprev

The values of the contributions and matching payments, as well as the result from the investments, can be accompanied through the statements provided periodically or on the Odeprev website. Furthermore, Members have access to the following advantages: • Personal contact with and easy access to the plan administrators; • Participation in the election of the representatives for the Deliberative Council; • Deductibility from the Income Tax payment on securities that rotate in the investment portfolio; • Reduction in the Income Tax paid each year; • Option to redeem the funds based on the different Income Tax tables (progressive and regressive); • Administration fee that is lower than that practiced in the market; • Profitability that is competitive with social security market products; • Matching annual investment of 50% the invested amount.

asset investment. / no. 282 / may 2012


> fast notes – leadership

The 10 Commandments of the Maracanã Motivation and commitment to the deadline were some of the highlights from the launch

Maracanã Project Leaders,” held

training course promoted

on April 28.

by the Maracanã Rio 2014

The report was elaborated

Consortium (formed by

of the document entitled “The

by leaders from the service

Odebrecht Infraestrutura and

10 Commandments of the

fronts during the leadership

Andrade Gutierrez), which gathered 250 Members. Ten professionals were selected to present the commandments to the workers. According to Paulo Falcão, member of the consortium’s Executive Board, the result demonstrates the maturity of the supervisors. “I was impressed by the commitment they demonstrated in terms of meeting the project delivery deadline,” said Falcão. “Now, we

Learn to listen, seek out and give the right answers, resolve the little problems, plan and guarantee goals, learn to work in a team, have knowledge of Brazil, respect the environment, transmit trust, stay humble and set a good example and strive to ensure safety and health are the 10 Commandments of the Maracanã leaders

need to maintain this motivation as we continue with the communication actions,” he said. Leading a team of 40 people, Willian Sani Dorneles, Electrical Supervisor, stated that he applied the teachings for those he leads. “The course taught me that the leaders need to learn, most importantly, about how to listen and about safety,” said Dorneles. “I have seen the positive results and the Members are more motivated,”

Members of the Maracanã Rio 2014 Consortium gathered to view the document directed at the leadership

28 / no. 282 / may 2012

he said.

Exercising Leadership Course Held in Mexico

Members of projects in Mexico gathered for the course that addressed the leader-led relationship and growth of Odebrecht’s operations in the country

On April 18 and 19, Odebrecht América

Administered by Professor Oscar Ferreira,

Latina e Angola held the first Exercising

the event gathered 28 Members – Mexican,

Leadership course in Mexico. The purpose was

Peruvian, Chilean and Brazilian – including

to promote reflection on the leader’s role at

managers and those responsible for the

the company as a fundamental agent in the

program in the country.

Organization’s Survival, Growth and Perpetuity. / no. 282 / may 2012


> fast notes – leadership

Teles Pires HPP Organizes First Edition of Breakfast with the Leader The mood was laid-back at

the Teles Pires Hydroelectric

the states of Mato Grosso and

the first edition of Breakfast

Power Plant (HPP), currently


with the Leader, held on April

being built by Odebrecht

20 at the construction site of

Energia at the border between coordinated by consultant

The objective of the action, Paulo Rosa and by the contract Communication area, is to strengthen the relationship between Members and project leaders. Ten workers from different areas took part in the first program, including maintenance, accommodations, cafeteria, earth leveling and transportation, and talked to Antônio Augusto, Contract

Antônio Augusto answered Members’ questions during Breakfast with the Leader, undertaken for the first time at the Teles Pires Hydroelectric Power Plant


Odebrecht Angola Holds First 2012 GAF Meeting On April 27 e 28, Odebrecht Angola promoted the first 2012 Administrative and

alignment of remuneration concepts and

Financial Managers’ (GAF) meeting, with aims

practices and the expatriation processes. The

of putting into context and discussing the

programming included group dynamics on the

topics and actions that involve these leaders’

macro strategies focused on the 2020 Vision,


presentation of best project practices, the

The event included the presence of Vera Gaspar e Iarema Oliveira, from the People and Organization team at Odebrecht América


(OLEX), who presented topics related to the

corporate image and Action Program (AP) by Ernesto Baiardi, Managing Director. The participants also discussed topics in the

Latina e Angola, and Mônica Torbey,

Institutional Relations, Financial, Payroll, Legal

from Odebrecht Importação e Exportação

and Health areas. / no. 282 / may 2012

3rd Odebrecht Infraestrutura Supervisors’ Meeting In March, Odebrecht Infraestrutura held the 3rd General Supervisors’ Meeting in Recife, located in the Pernambuco capital. With

Sustainability and Productivity, among other topics. In addition to the participation of external

the theme “The Supervisor as Coordinator

consultants, the meeting also included the

of Contract Results,” the event gathered 64

presence of Paulo Quaresma, responsible

Members from different company projects.

for People and Organization, João Pacífico,

The annual meeting is designed to promote

Managing Director, Paulo Falcão, Pernambuco

the exchange of experiences and practices of

Arena Contract Director, Erico Dantas,

daily activities among participants. For two

Engineering Director, Romero Ribeiro,

days, the supervisors took part in lectures

responsible for Sustainability, and Carolina Silva,

on Leadership, Communication, Odebrecht

responsible for People and Organization at the

Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO), Safety,

Transnordestina Railroad project.

The general supervisors at Odebrecht Infraestrutura share experiences during the third edition of the meeting / no. 282 / may 2012


> Sustainability

From Urban Cleaning to Ad Using “Green” Plastic


The Rio de Janeiro

made from sugarcane

the resin – known as

City Government began

ethanol – designed to

“green” plastic – is

to distribute containers

help improve urban

recognized worldwide for

produced with plastic

cleaning in the city.

aligning the benefits and

of a renewable origin –

Produced by Braskem,

properties of traditional / no. 282 / may 2012


The Rio de Janeiro City Government will distribute 50,000 containers for urban cleaning produced with plastic of a renewable origin, made from sugarcane ethanol

plastic, fully recyclable,

over the next 90 days,

5,000 were sent to

with the capacity to

50,000 containers

buildings, stores, homes

capture CO 2 during its

will be distributed

and condominiums in

production cycle.

throughout the entire

areas with the highest

municipality. The first

concentration of tourists

It is estimated that / no. 282 / may 2012


> Sustainability

Mayor Eduardo Paes, in the center, delivers the first recipients to the workers responsible for cleaning the city of Rio de Janeiro

and commerce in the

French company Plastic

conditions. Its structure

regions of Copacabana

Ominum, a leader in

impedes the entry of

and Realengo.

Europe. The recipients

water and formation of

help improve the city’s

leachate – the liquid

hygienic and sanitary

waste generated by the

The containers are produced by the

34 / no. 282 / may 2012

“Ecomotion” – the longest adventure outing in Latin America –, which takes place from May 11-20, is using kayaks produced with “green” plastic. Braskem supplied five tons of resin to produce 100 kayaks from material of a renewable origin. The boats are stamped with the Braskem brand and I’m Green™ seal, which identifies the products made with this technology. The company has been producing the “green” plastic since September 2010, when it inaugurated the world’s largest industrial plant for ethanol-derived ethane in Triunfo, Rio Grande do Sul, with a production capacity of 200,000 tons of green polyethylene per year. The material helps reduce the greenhouse effect: for decomposition of the

until collection, with

each ton produced, up to

organic matter present in

the lid preventing the

2.5 tons of carbon gas are

the garbage –, and may

attraction of animals.

captured and fixed from

be kept in the indoor areas of the buildings

In Chapada dos

the atmosphere.

Veadeiros, Goiás, / no. 282 / may 2012


> fast news – communities

Odebrecht International Supports Low Income Families in Nacala On April 21 and 22, Odebrecht International

families and seven teaching

involved Members from

institutions were benefitted.

the Odebrecht offices and

worked in partnership

The utensils – clothing,

contracts in Portugal and

with the Nacala Youth

shoes, books, school material,

Mozambique. “The initiative

Association (AJN) and

toys and personal hygiene

reduces the basic needs of low


items – were collected at

income children, youth and

Development Aide

the end of last year during

adults,” said Agostinho Tique,

Association (ADPP) to

the Partilhe (“Share”)

Coordinator for AJN.

deliver donated items to the

Volunteer Program, which

communities of Muanona,

involves a partnership with

and Beira Port projects,

Naherengue and Mathapue,

the companies Bertling,

currently being undertaken by

located near the Nacala

Interdean, Carlucci American

Odebrecht in the country, the

International Airport Project.

International School of

local communities were also

A total of 133 people from 30

Lisbon and GARP. The action


In the Moatize Expansion

In the community of Muanona, young Mário Luís, age 3, receives medical and nutritional care

36 / no. 282 / may 2012

PROSUB-EBN: a New Expression with Sign Language

Members from PROSUB-EBN learn sign language to communicate with professionals with a hearing deficiency

When hiring individuals with a hearing deficiency, the Members from the People & Organization area of the Submarine

and the project created three groups, one in the morning and two in the afternoon. PROSUB-EBN also promotes the Social

Development Project (PROSUB-EBN), currently

Inclusion through Work Program for individuals

being undertaken by Odebrecht Infraestrutura

with special needs, designed to identify talents

in Rio de Janeiro, realized the need for sign

through internal and external dissemination

language communication.


A Brazilian Sign Language (LIBRAS) course

There are currently 10 Members on the

was offered for professionals at the construction

contract teams. “With the difficulty that exists

site, with a course load of 15 hours and

to enter the job market, these opportunities

interactive classes administered by instructor

need to be publicized,” said Joseli Antunes,

Jhonatas Maurício, Member of the Social Service

Administrative Assistant in the Recruitment and

area. Sixty people signed up for the training

Selection area. / no. 282 / may 2012


> fast news – communities

Project Takes National Cinema to Low Income Communities The Capixaba South-North Gas Pipeline

Consortium, Danilo Vieira, Coordinator of the

Consortium (GSNC Raso) – the first Odebrecht Oil

São Sebastião Base, and Wilquerson Barbosa,

and Gas (OOG) subsea project being undertaken in

Consortium Administrator, who distributed snacks

partnership with the Norway company Subsea7 –

and free gifts to the participants.

took part in “Cinema BR in Movement,” a Petrobras

According to Eduardo Lavigne, the action

initiative designed to take national cinema to low

promoted the consortium’s integration with the

income communities by offering free sessions.

local community. “This helps expand the youth’s

Held at the Professora Verena de Oliveira

cultural universe, developing basic cognitive skills

Dória Municipal School in São Sebastião, located

that improve their home, academic and social life,”

along the São Paulo coast, Cine BR gathered 500

said Lavigne.

children, age 6-12, for a session of the animated

The program, which was started in 2000, is

film “Monica’s Gang on an Adventure through

focused on education and social transformation,


helping to strengthen Brazilian identity and

The event included the presence of Eduardo Lavigne, Contract Manager at the GSNC Raso

promote debates on topics of national interest addressed in the films.

Eduardo Lavigne speaks to children before the Cine BR session, promoted in the city of São Sebastião, in São Paulo

38 / no. 282 / may 2012

Young Leader in two communities of

contributing toward a better

Felipe Luís Oliveira, age 15,

the municipality – Jordão

future for people. He also

demonstrated maturity when

and Jacaré –, and puts the

works as a volunteer at the

talking about his concern

knowledge learned at the

Municipal Youth Department,

with conserving nature. The

institution into practice. “I talk to

where he discusses

owner a property, he states

the residents about the projects

improvements with the

that he wants to work in the

we develop and the importance

government representatives

area of agronomy and that

of preserving the local culture,”

from his city. “If you have the

this dream is coming true

he said.

opportunity to do good for

Even when very young,

ever since he joined the Agro-

Felipe believes that

Forest Family Home (CFAF) – a

sharing learning is way of

society, seize it,” emphasized the youth.

teaching unit associated with the Bahia Southern Lowlands Environmental Protection Area Mosaic Integrated and Sustainable Development Program (PDIS), supported by the Odebrecht Foundation. “I have the opportunity to acquire some valuable learning and give back what nature has always done for all of us,” said Oliveira, a student of the Professional Technical Education High School Course in Forests. His brother, Moisés Luís Oliveira, also studies at CFAF. Despite living in the Downtown area of Taperoá, in Bahia, with his parents and brothers, the young man undertakes actions

Felipe studies at CFAF and undertakes activities in the communities of the municipality where he lives / no. 282 / may 2012


> fast news – communities

Rota das Bandeiras Launches Hit the Net in Rural São Paulo On May 9, the Rota das Bandeiras Concessionaire, controlled by Odebrecht

with estimated investments of

community center, directed at

R$ 3.6 million.

homemakers and the elderly.

According to Adherbal Vieira

Conchal, Igaratá and Campinas

TransPort, launched the digital

da Silva, Social Responsibility

will be the next sites to receive

inclusion program Hit the Net,

Manager for Rota das Bandeiras,

the program.

which will assist low income

it may possibly become São

communities in the 17 cities

Paulo’s largest digital inclusion

retiree Waldemar Plácido had

located along the Dom Pedro

project. “We have contractual

never used a computer. A

Corridor in rural São Paulo.

obligations and we also have

resident of Tapera Grande, he

The project includes the

the responsibility to promote

saw the opportunity to enter

installation of 150 rooms

the progress in the site in which

the digital world, with the

equipped with eight computers

we are inserted,” said Silva.

classes conveniently located

The three first rooms

near his home. Plácido was

each until 2017, which

During his 77 years of life,

guarantees the capacity to assist were launched in Itatiba. In

one of the first to enroll in Hit

up to 360,000 people during a

the community of Tapera

the Net. “I will make a simple

five-year period. The installation

Grande, Mayor João Fattori

dream come true, and with this

of the rooms, equipment and

and representatives from

initiative, I’ll have more to do at

training of the instructors are all

the concessionaire took part

home,” he said.

provided by the concessionaire,

in the inaugural class at the

In five years, Rota das Bandeiras plans to assist 360,000 people from 17 municipalities in rural São Paulo

40 / no. 282 / may 2012

Social Memory of Odebrecht Argentina Voted among Top 10 The April edition of the Argentinean

principles of transparency, ethics and respect

magazine Mercado elected the country’s Top

in their most ample sense. The company has

10 Corporate Responsibility reports. The report

several certifications.”

entitled “2010 Social Memory” by Odebrecht was among the 10 best publications. According to the article from the edition,

Also according to Mercado, the company follows the standard and norms of its head office in Brazil and has external audits conducted

2010 Social Memory “is a very encompassing,

by Bureau Veritas for Integrated Quality

developed and detailed report, with excellent

Management and Occupational Health, Safety

design and presentation.” The text further

and Environment, as well as by Pricewaterhouse

cites: “The document explicitly recognizes the

Coopers for financial information.

The Odebrecht 2010 Social Memory report was among the 10 best publications in the sector based on the ranking by the Argentinean magazine, Mercado / no. 282 / may 2012


> fast news – communities

Inauguration of Police Station

The INEA User Assistance Station is designed to assist Angolan drivers

On April 26, Odebrecht Angola worked

Highways Inspection Brigades, created to

through the Structuring Highways Project to

support the police station operations, the

deliver the Angola National Road Institute

installations offer the necessary structure

(INEA) the installations for the Special Traffic

for professionals to control and inspect the

Brigade - 1st Support Station for Highway


Accident Prevention, installed on the Luanda

The inauguration event involved

peripheral road along the Cabolombo/Viana

the presence of the INEA Management


Commission Coordination area, members of

Built within the sphere of the project designed to constitute the Structuring

42 / no. 282 / may 2012

the National Police Special Traffic Brigade and Members of Odebrecht Angola.Â

Bahia Southern Lowlands through Different Perspectives Presenting the history, culture and natural wealth of the Bahia Southern

for the restoration of the space,

from piassava fiber. “COOPRAP

including a 670-meter wall.

has transformed many lives by

Passing through Ituberá,

adding value to the products

Lowlands. This was the plot

the video reveals the legends

made by its members,” said

of the documentary entitled

that surround the quilombola

Pedrina Belém do Rosário,

“Southern Lowlands –

(descendents of former freed

President of the Jatimane

Different Perspectives,”

slaves) community of Lagoa

Community Association and

aired by the public television

Santa, as told by its residents.

responsible for communication

network TV Educativa da Bahia

In Jatimane, also of a

at IDES, which similarly to

(TVE) on April 21. The video

quilombola origin, located

the cooperative, is part of the

passes through some of the

in the municipality of Nilo

Bahia Southern Lowlands

municipalities of the region

Peçanha, there is a display

Environmental Protection

and presents the cultural

of the work by members of

Area Mosaic Integrated and

expressions of these sites, such

the Pratigi Environmental

Sustainable Development

as the festivals of Arguida, in

Protection Area Rural Producers’

Program(PDIS), supported by

Valença, Chegança dos Mouros,

Cooperative (COOPRAP), made

the Odebrecht Foundation.

in Taperoá, Mandus, in Maraú and Zambiapunga, in Nilo Peçanha. The Morro do São Paulo Fort, located on Ilha de Tinharé, in the archipelago municipality of Cairu, is another highlight of the documentary. In 2010, a partnership between the Bahia Southern Lowlands Sustainable Development Institute (IDES), Ministry of Culture and Brazilian National Development Bank (BNDES) promoted under the Cultural Incentive Law, allowed

Work with piassaba fiber is one of the activities undertaken in the Bahia Southern Lowland region / no. 282 / may 2012


44 / no. 282 / may 2012

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