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Cria is a publisher specialized in youth literature, focused in themes relevant to the whole society. Its catalog is composed by books that bring up, in a playful way, themes like citizenship, culture of peace, human rights and environmental protection, among others. Because of its approach in these topics, Cria’s titles are central points of pedagogical projects that aim to build a more humane and solidary education.

Clara, The Girl With Orange Hair

CLARA, THE GIRL WITH ORANGE HAIR Clara lives in a colorless world. Every day she hides her beautiful orange hair before going to school. Her dream was always to be just like other children‌ until she goes to Carlotas’ world. Something fantastic happens in a magical moment in which everything changes before her eyes. Text: Fabiana Gutierrez. Illustrations: Carla Douglass. 23 x 23 cm. Pages: 32. ISBN: 978-85-65377-37-9

Confuncius, The Chameleon

CONFUCIUS, THE CHAMELEON Confused little Confucius. Chameleon boy. Was trying to be camouflaged But never got color right. Until one day he grew up... And fell in love... Finally figuring out... Why he had got the colour wrong… Text: Marina Jorge. Illustrations: Marcelo Alonso. 23 x 23 cm. Pages: 32. ISBN: 978-85-65377-38-6

The King, the Dragon and the Gluten

THE KING, THE DRAGON AND THE GLUTEN Once upon a time there was a little king named Felipo who inherited two kingdoms, that of health and that of disease. This is our story which speaks of gluten, of dragon, of delicious foods and many other things. Join Felipo and come live this fantastic adventure. Text: Flรกvia Anastรกcio de Paula. Illustrations: Eve Ferretti. 23 x 23 cm. Pages: 24. ISBN: 978-85-65377-45-4

The man who used to fart and other stories

THE MAN WHO USED TO FART AND OTHER STORIES The man who used to fart and other stories is a book made of quirks, full of fun and intelligent characters. It is a book for coeliacs and non-coeliacs for children and adults of all ages. Text and Illustrations: Eve Ferretti. 23 x 23 cm. Pages: 28. ISBN: 978-85-65377-46-1

Gray and Giant Like an Elephant

GRAY AND GIANT LIKE AN ELEPHANT The elephant decided to visit his friend the bear in Greenland. But he was afraid of freezing his trunk in that very cold place. Find out who can help the elephant in this freezing adventure. Text: Marcielle Viezzer. Illustrations: Eve Ferretti. 23 x 23 cm. Pages: 28. ISBN: 978-85-65377-36-2

A book that works the ideals of peace among children. Inspired by the panels “War and Peace”, by Candido Portinari, who belong to the UN.

WAR AND PEACE Once, the Storyteller Hand decided to tell a colorful story to a group of Little Hands... The Hand told an unforgettable story of the War and the Peace, in which the merciless War Hands, with their ambition of painting mankind’s life with injustices and sorrows, travelled around the world with their beasts. But on their way, the War Hands met a blue-eyed boy who fights to bring back justice and fraternity to mankind. Text: Eraldo Miranda. Illustrations: Marcelo Alonso. 27 x 27 cm. Pages: 32. ISBN: 978-85-65377-16-4

Mia, a girl full of idea

MIA, A GIRL FULL OF IDEA At the beginning, Mia recycled soda cans, then she started to recycle paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and all kinds of glass... Because of her recycling habit, she became the most popular girl at school. And it seems like Mia will only be happy when she recycles our whole planet. Text: Almir Correia. Illustrations: Marcelo Alonso. 20 x 27,5 cm. Pages: 32. ISBN: 978-85-65377-19-5

Mia’s Coloring book

MIA’S COLORING BOOK Mia is a fourteen year old girl who fights bravely for the environmental protection. She also loves art. To unite her love for the nature and her passion for drawing, she created this book that invites you and all your family to take care of the colors of our planet. Join Mia in this colorful adventure to protect the environment! Text: Nádia Alonso. Illustrations: Leivas Trolez e Marcelo Alonso. 25 x 25 cm. Pages: 32. ISBN: 978-85-65377-21-8

Little Nina

LITTLE NINA The book tells the story of a little girl who lives with her father, in harmony with nature, and understands that each one has its own way of seeing the world. Text: Vera LĂşcia Dias Illustrations: Nina Alonso e Marcelo Alonso 25 x 25 cm. Pages: 24.

ISBN: 978-85-65377-28-7

The Snail Trail

THE SNAIL TRAIL Snail lived alone in his house. He was a happy snail to himself. But one day he felt something different. And discovered things unimaginable in his trail. Text: HelĂ´ Bacichette Illustrations: Marcelo Alonso 28 x 20 cm. Pages: 20. ISBN: 978-85-65377-31-7


THE TIME OF STUFF In this book you will discover that everything has its time. There is a time to play and another to sleep. There is a time to study and another to rest. Text: Cléo Busatto. Illustrations: Luiz Fernando “Fê”. 21 x 21 cm.

Pages: 32.

The Garden of the Numbers

THE GARDEN OF THE NUMBERS In the garden, sunflowers, bees, birds, ladybugs, earthworms, flowers, butterflies, slugs and ants meet in a fun account. Come to this fantastic place of colors, perfumes and buzzing and learn a fun way to do counts. Text: Cléo Busatto. Illustrations: Luiz Fernando “Fê”. 21 x 21 cm. Pages: 32.

Yoga for children. The book presents yoga for children in a playful way. It also brings tips and information on the importance and benefits of practicing yoga.

Catarina wants to fly

CATARINA WANTS TO FLY Catherine is a little caterpillar who dreams of being able to fly one day. But her rounded body, her short legs and the fact that she hasn’t wings prevent her from fulfilling her great dream. During her journey her friends teach her that with patience and self-confidence our dreams become possible. Text: Eliana Queirantes. Illustrations: Vitor Borges. 27 x 19 cm. Pages: 32 . ISBN: 978-85-65377-09-6.

The Origin of Stars

THE ORIGIN OF STARS Ada is a little witch we all would like to meet. Determined, she believes that everything is possible. Her dream is to make the clouds map, the greatest of all! She traveled the sky in search of unknown planets until, on one of those unforgettable nights, something incredible happened ... Text: Geraldo Peรงanha de Almeida. Illustrations: Paulino Fernandes Marques. 23 x 23 cm. Pages: 28.

ISBN: 978-85-65377-24-9

- The animals’ carnival

The Melody Book

THE MELODY BOOK “The Melody Book” collection presents the work of Beethoven, Camille Saint-Säens and Darius Milhaud to children, using a literary language that ranges from poetry to cordel literature. Text: Geraldo Peçanha de Almeida. Illustrations: Marcelo Alonso. 25 x 25 cm. Pages: 32.

ISBN: 978-85-65377-24-9

- Romance number 2 – Opus 51

ISBN: 978-85-65377-24-9

- The ox in the roof

The collection aims to teach concepts of financial education for children through classic children’s tales.

Financial education for children


Text: Alexandre Lobão e Álvaro Modernell. Illustrations: Sandro Rolim. 21 x 27,5 cm. Pages: 32.


THE THREE LITTLE PIGS ISBN: 978-85-65377-23-2

Hands on the Land

HANDS ON THE LAND Godoberto was sitting under a mango tree thinking of a way to teach kids to enjoy a healthy eating. Suddenly a ripe fruit fell on his head and he had a great idea ... Text: Elizabete da Cruz Illustrations: Marcelo Alonso 21 x 28 cm. Pages: 32. ISBN: 978-85-65377-31-7

The enchanted story of the enchanted frog

THE ENCHANTED STORY OF THE ENCHANTED FROG The book talks about a frog who falls in love with the beautiful witch Valvusta. An unlikely love story that brings an amazing ending. Text: Claus Nardes Illustrations: Sandro Rolim 20 x 27,5 cm. Pages: 16. ISBN: 978-85-65377-10-2.

The Bicycle Angel

“THE BICYCLE ANGEL” tells the story of Claudio Lepratti – “Pocho”. He was known for riding his bicycle spreading generosity and solidarity wherever he went. He was always willing to help people. This book invites you to learn the story of a man who was able to make a revolution on two wheels. Text: Geraldo Peçanha de Almeida Illustrations: Paulino Fernandes Marques 21 x 27,5 cm. Pages: 28. ISBN: 978-85-65377-12-6

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Quem Acendeu a Lua? Text: Nádia Alonso

O que Há lá em Cima? Text: Cacá D’arcádia



Pequenas Histórias sem Fim Text: José Santos e Carlos Seabra

A Bola que não Rola Text: Eraldo Miranda

HANDS ON THE WHEEL. Mãos na Roda Text: Eraldo Miranda

ZIP AND DEL IN THE PORTINARI’S WORLD Zip e Del no Mundo de Portinari Text: Nádia Alonso

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International Rights Catalogue 2018  

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