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Novelist Matt de la Peña speaks to Clear Creek By Jasmine Garza Editor-in-Chief In February, Hispanic novelist, Matt de la Peña, visited students selected by teachers and counselors from Clear Creek High School, after Ms. Christina Varsos and Ms. Laura Gladney-Lemon decided to invite Peña to talk about his journey growing up as a “Mexican Whiteboy” and how he became the person he is today. “I recommended and contacted Peña because I was familiar with his books and a blog posted on NPR just weeks before Ms. Varsos asked for my recommendations.” Gladney-Lemon said. “As soon as I received a yes, I found someone to make a donation of $700 so he could speak at Clear Creek.” Peña spoke about how he grew up in San Diego, just hours away from the Mexican border, in a town with little wealth. Financial issues were always present, and the thought of him attending college was just a mere vision. Going to college was never in the bigger picture for Peña until an appearance by a famous basketball player at his middle school, changed his mind. “I felt like he was speaking directly to me,” Peña said. He finally became interested in what happened after high school and began asking questions. Peña, coming from a household where no one older than him had attended college, his first instinct was not to question why they had not attended. Instead his first question about college went to the mother of one of his best friends. He asked her what college was and what he needed

to do to get there. After the speech given I said no. I needed that time to better myself by the athlete and his friend’s mother talk- and become the best I could be,” Peña said. ing to him, His hard he began his work paid new life tooff when wards a bethe began to ter future. play for his A c a high school demics were basketball not Peña’s team. His strong point. continued He underdevotion stood that to be all he to get into a could be, good college later earned you needed him a full money, acascholarship demics or to the Uniathletic abilversity of ity. Since he the Pacific had neither for his athwealth nor letic capaacademic bilities in desires, his basketball. go-to plan But, before was to perPeña could fect his basreceive his ketball capadiploma, bilities. He there was would spend one thing his spare left for him time practo do. It ticing baswould be ketball and s o m e t h i n g Photo Courtesy of Charlie McKillip getting his body into that changed his life forever. the best shape possible. His English teacher opened “I would practice, and practice. When Peña’s eyes to what she already knew. people asked if they could workout with me “Instead of giving me a final, she

handed me a few blank pieces of paper and told me to write whatever I wanted for the next couple of hours because she had already given me an A,” Peña said. After entering college and playing his first basketball game as a Tiger, he soon realized he might not be the best player and had begun to look for alternate possibilities. While thinking about what else interested him, writing became an option. “I didn’t realize how much my teacher had done for me,” Peña said. “I wrote poetry in the beginning, spoken word mostly, until I was introduced to really amazing multicultural literature.” While attending the University of the Pacific, Peña earned his Bachelor in Arts in and his Masters in Fine Arts for creative writing at the University of San Diego. A few years later Peña published his first novel Ball Don’t Lie, in 2005 and from that moment, his career took off. Peña is now the author of five critically-acclaimed young adult novels, a creative writing teacher at New York University and Vermont College, and a public speaker to high schools and colleges all over the country. Before leaving Clear Creek, Peña answered questions and gave tips to the students. “Give a book time, at first it might be boring but give it at least 20 to 25 pages to decided whether or not you want to continue it,” Peña said. Encouraging students to become the best person they could be, he encouraged them to continue writing and perhaps find a love they did not know they had.

New Graduation plans change under House Bill 5 By Lisa Nhan Managing Editor

Under the new House Bill Five passed by the Texas State Legislators, graduation plans have changed for all incoming 9th graders for the 20142015 year while these new plans remain optional for current high school students. “We’re going to ask that you think about what is in your best interest if you are considering switching. Think about where you are and where you need to go. It’s a personal decision that students and parents will have to answer for themselves,” Suzie Thomas, CCISD Director of Student Personal Services, said. A big change in the plan is the elimination of speech for graduation credit. In addition, now all students will have to have two credits of a language other than English (LOTE) to graduate. Students will now only need three Social Studies credit, where before it was a requirement of four. But the biggest change is the introduction of the Endorsements

and Career Pathways into the plan. “In the end it all goes back to the

it’s college or another path,” Thomas said. These plans come with three

Photo courtsey of HiLife Staff

students. We’re looking at what we think the students will need to prepare themselves best for what they decide to do outside of high school, whether

new levels. The first is the Foundation High School Program, also known as FHSP, requires 22 credits. The next plan is what all incoming freshmen

will enter on. It’s called FHSP with Endorsements that requires 26 credits. The highest level is called Distinguished Level of Achievement that also requires 26 credits. Each plan is looked as a tier to build off the other. To reach the FHSP to the FHSP with Endorsement requires an additional Math and Science credit and seven credits in Electives. To go from the Distinguished Level of Achievement, students must meet the qualifications of the FHSP with Endorsements in addition to completing Algebra II. Each level requires four credits of English, one credit for Fine Arts, one for Physical Education, and two credits for LOTE. A difference between the new Distinguished Level of Achievement and the previous one is that the new one requires just two credits of LOTE, as opposed to three. The previous plans, which is what currents high school students are on, were the Minimum High School Program with 22 credits. Next is the Continue on page 8.



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“I would like to th row a 40 in shot and letter in varsity.” -Skype Spavks

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“To beom ce tional Me a finalist for the N a rit Schola rs’ progra m.” -Brady K nubley

“I want to finish getting fluent in German.” -Eric Peterson

SOPHOMORES “I would like to start a flashmob in the courtyard during outside lunch.” -Christina Morrison

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“I would really like to keep our title of State Champions in Water Polo.” -Logan Wene “I want to do well a t my danc and live f e recital or that m oment.” -Isabella Marcuccio

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“I want our last shows of A Company of Wayward Saints to be the best they can be.” -Brian Hughes “I want to win my la soccer ga mes and g st two o to playoffs.” -Austin M atthews

“To become a more independent, mature, and responsible adult as I enter my next chapter, college.” -Ariel Bacino

“ I want to go to play-offs with my soccer team and accomplish more than we did last year.” -Allison Medina


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Lisa’s Litanies

Jasmine’s Journal

By Jasmine Garza Editor-in-Chief I never understood how someone could say that their whole life depended on someone else. I have watched dozens of couples become boyfriend and girlfriend, and after a week they seem to be “in love.” I do not think they understand the definition of the word love itself. Love is a noun used to express a deep feeling of affection towards someone or something. Love is supposed to mean so much more than just a word thrown about when you find someone you like. Someone once told me, “I don’t know why people always say I love you. I don’t tell anyone I love them, just my mother.” I found that statement to speak to me, it is true. Someone who held you for nine months and nurtured you to become the person you are today, has the right to your love. The generation of teens that I am apart of find the need to constantly be with someone to remind them of how “special” they are. Perhaps it is because they do not see the value they have in themselves. Self image plays a big part in the confidence of a person. They way you see yourself and the way others see you are completely different perspectives. Others seem to usually see you in a different perspective than the way you see yourself. They judge you on your outer appearances with out understanding what you are going through. I think others view you differently because they do not know the full story of what you are going through. That is why teens are driven into the arms of someone they are only physically attracted to. So they can feel

like someone cares about them as well. This Valentine’s Day was just another reminder of the desperateness people go through to find someone to love. It becomes a time where people are not necessarily looking for someone they have stuff in common with, but for someone who will be there to keep them company on the day of love. Love is supposed to evolve over time. Attractions might seem to catch the eye at first, but studies show that relationships based off of attraction is most likely to fail. Love is one of the most important things to experience in your lifetime. I think it is okay to act crazy once in a while, be spontaneous and take chances when it comes to love. Learn from your mistakes, appreciate the small things, and never take love for granted. Finding someone you can truly say you love is hard. Wait for the moment when you find someone who truly makes you happy, and never give up on them. I believe love is a process. You learn to open up your heart first, before you can fully allow them to know you. I know setting up walls to keep yourself from getting hurt may seem like the best idea, but falling in love is okay. It is okay to love and be loved, but not growing so accustom to the word that it becomes meaningless. I love my family, I love my friends, but the types of love I possess for each group is different. I love my family with a love so genuine and appreciative for always being there for me, while I love my friends for the same reason, but my love for them is not as intense as the love I have for my family. Love means something much more than what people make it to be. Love is accepting flaws and perfection. It changes your view. But as soon as saying ‘I love you,’ becomes a habit is when you need to question yourself as well. We are young kids with so much to look forward to. Our love life is not limited to high school. The number of relationships you have will not determine the success of your future marriage, and the number of times you say ‘I love you’ will not make you an expert. We need to accept life as it happens and love when it comes.

“Love is a special word, and I use it only when I mean it. You say the word too much and it becomes cheap.” -Ray Charles


By Lisa Nhan Managing Editor

Too many people in my life are unhappy. Many are in situations in which sadness is an appropriate response. But too often, I watch those around compare themselves to others, only to walk away with a bitter taste. Whether it’s envy over looks, grades, friends, they all come back the same; blaming their selves for not being good enough. This comparison leaves a bitter taste, with resentment and selfloathing, as it’s key components. After the bitter comparison, comes the comprise. “Well if I can’t be pretty, at least I’ll be smart,” or “I didn’t get the grades I want, but at least I have a social life,” become the mantras of our justifying attempts to believe that we’re good enough. We all find that one thing that we feel justifies ourselves. Sometimes it’s a special skill or strength. For a lot of people I know it is “well at least I’m smart.” It’s probably due to the social group I surround myself with. In all honesty, I used to do that. For a long time, I wasn’t exactly happy with who I was. But hey, at least I was smart. At least I was good at school, right? I had that going for myself. Here’s the thing about priding yourself on one factor of who you are that I had to learn the hard way. Nothing will ever be enough. If you want to be

the smartest in the room, you’ll always fear of something thinking you’re stupid. If you want to be the most popular person, no amount of friends in that room will fill up what’s left inside of you. If you want money, your pockets and bank accounts won’t hold enough. Everything you’re scared of will always be right behind you. What you pride will become what you fear. There’s also something disturbing about comparing yourself to some else. That’s another human being who is probably going through just as much as you. They aren’t there to make you feel better about themselves. They are a person in every way that you are, so to use them for your own personal benefit, well it kind of makes you worse than them. It’s selfish to use someone else like that. In the mist of trying to find ourselves, we forget that we all have value. The value we have doesn’t come from our looks, our smarts, or our skills. You’re not your grade, or your looks, or the amount of retweets you get on Twitter. You’re valuable because you’re you, simple as that. Every mistake you make, all the faults you have, you have to learn how to get past it. If you don’t, no one else ever will. I’m so sick of seeing people trying to find value in validation from other people. Quite frankly, I don’t see how anyone has time for that. It was so exhausting trying to get approval from others. You spend so much time wasted on someone else when you could have used it for yourself. Writing this helps to serve as a reminder for myself. I don’t always make this conscious choice either. It took me a long time to realize that we get to choose what we’re going to value in this world, including what to value in ourselves. That being said, it isn’t easy to always make that choice. It has been ingrained into our society to seek and envy what other’s have, in media or in the under handed comments those older than us make. But if we can be taught how to judge, we can be taught how to be compassionate and empathic.

“We are not special. We are not trash, either. We just are. We just are, and what happens just happens.” –Chuck Palahniuk



Gas leaks in NYC cause damage after explosions By Carolina Sarria Reporter On March 12, a gas leak triggered an earthshattering explosion that flattened two apartment buildings in New York City. The explosion killed eight people and left over 70 injured. The blast near 116th street, reported about 9:30 A.M., collapsed two buildings at 1644 and 1646 Park Avenue. The explosion was heard miles away and turned into a five-alarm fire. Windows were blown out as far as 10 blocks away and cars parked on the street were wrecked. Debris flung onto adjacent elevated train tracks disrupted commuter rail services in and out of Grand Central Terminal. “The pianos flew off the ground and flew around me,” Colin Patterson, a piano technician at Absolute Piano on the ground floor at 1646 Park Avenue said. “It was a huge boom, like a sonic jet engine. The building fell on top of me.” Rescue workers began the search for victims that same evening amid the broken bricks, splintered wood and mangled metal after firefighters spent most of the day dousing the flames. Heavy equipment arrived to clear the mountain of debris where the two five-story East Harlem buildings stood. Floodlights

were put in place. Thermal imaging cameras were used to identify heat spots and locate bodies or pockets of fire.

investigates pipeline accidents, said in a written update that the leak was found in the main adjacent to 1646 Park Avenue.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks to the media after visiting the explosion site in the Harlem section of New York on Wednesday, March 12, 2014. (Wu Rong/Xinhua via Zuma Press/MCT)

Investigators have located the leak in a gas main near the buildings. The National Transportation Safety Board, which

The 8-inch main pipeline, parts of which are 120 years old, failed a pressure test, the NTSB said in a statement. Segments

of service pipelines found in the basements of the buildings have been removed and will be shipped to the NTSB lab in Washington for further investigation. “The failed test is the first solid evidence that a gas leak from Consolidated Edison Inc. (ED) pipe may have caused the explosion,” Kit Konolige, a New York based analyst for BGC Partners LP wrote. “That puts the spotlight on the utility’s inspection and maintenance of the line.” “The leak is a potential cause of the accident and something investigators will be looking at. It suggests a path for natural gas to potentially escape and pool,” Brigham McCown, an industry consultant and former acting administrator of the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration said. “We’ve known for some time we have aging infrastructure. Cast iron pipe is really old and utilities have embarked on replacing it.” It’s too early in the investigation to say if Con Edison was responsible for the leak in the main pipeline. Main lines can be damaged by a variety of reasons. The NTSB statement also does not clarify whether the leak is in a cast iron or plastic segment of the line. Regulators have been pressing utilities to replace cast iron, which has been implicated in leaks with plastic.

Shipwreck causes massive oil spill in Galveston Bay By Lisa Nhan Managing Editor After a ship collided into a barge, 168,000 gallons of oil were leaked into the Galveston Bay on March 22. Emergency crews are working to contain the oil. The barge itself held 924,000 gallons of bunker fuel oil, meaning that the amount leaked was about 1/5 of its total amount. This oil is known to be thick, making clean up considerably more difficult. One of the largest tanks was breached. The amount of oil released into the water is considered to be on the moderate level by industry and environmental experts, but its local impact has been large and growing. “It’s an extremely serious spill. There is a large quantity, it will spread,” Coast Guard Captain Brian Penoyer said. The spill was near the Texas City Dike, according to the United States Coast Guard. It ‘s about 12 miles offshore into the Coast. There were four skimming vessels that remained at the scene over night on the 22nd. The next morning, 20 responses vessels joined in on the effort. To aid in clean-up, 90,000 feet of boom has been provided to help contain the oil. However, the recent fog has harmed the clean-up efforts. “At this time of year, the weather does not favor us,” Penoyer said. According to a spokesman for the Coast Guard, crews were ordered to remove cargo from the barge to raise it in the water. The barge was removed from the scene on the 23rd. Later that day, the barge was cleaned of its remaining oil. “The primary concern remains the safety of responders and the protection of the environment,” the Coast Guard said

in a statement on their official website. The collision was reported to the Coast Guard in a call around 12:35 pm on the 22nd. It occurred between the barge and Summer Wind, a 585-foot bulk carrier ship. A boat named Miss Susan was towing the barge. The boat was taking the barge to the Bolivar Peninsula from Texas City. All six members onboard the Miss Susan were accounted for. There were a few non-threatening injuries, but those affected are stable. The two members were harmed from hydrogen sulfide fumes. Both the barge and tugboat are owned by the Kirby Inland Marine, a tank barge operator. In an interview with the Galveston Daily News, Jim Guidry, executive at Kirby Inland Marine, expressed the company’s concern for the spill. “As a citizen and resident of the Bay Area, we are very concerned about the incident, and concerned about the effective cleanup of the environment around the bay,” Guidry said. Areas that are under close watch are the Big Reef and Pelican Island, because they are among the most environmentally sensitive areas around the spill. Due to winds and tides, the oil began to move further into the Gulf and south of Galveston Island, according to the Coast Guard. A large concern has been that it’s occurred during the time of seasonal migration for birds. The site itself is along the route of this migration. The recovery of oiled birds started the day after. There were fewer than 10 birds that were sighted and treated by a rehabilitation center established by Unified Command. A bird rehabilitation trailer has been established by the Texas General Land Office to act as

a quick response to animals in need. It’s unclear how long the clean up will take, but the longer it stays, the more damage it causes. On a bulletin released to the mariners by the Coast Guard, it was announced that the Houston Ship Channel would be closed for a week or until the spill was cleared. This is due to its proximity to the spill site. These shipping channels provide the crude oil to more than 1/10 of the nation’s refining capacity. As many as 80 vessels go through the channel a day, making this accident a harm to the local economy. “We’re dependent on weather and the dike, if you cut either of those out, we just die,” Victor Atkins, local, said. According to local business owner, Denise Pickle, the 23rd saw very little business as the traces of oil made their way to Texas City’s shores. “We’d normally be at 800 or 900 dollars. I think we’re at 80. So it’s definitely killed us,” Atkins, in an interview with USA Today, said. Many other ships, including two cruise ships and 25 other vessels, were waiting

to enter the channel on the 23rd. The two cruise ships, the Carnival Magi and Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas, were allowed to pass due to the thousands of passengers on board. However, these ships are not allowed to leave the port again until the Coast Guard has deemed it safe enough. Other cruise ships were stopped at sea. The spill also caused the Bolivar Ferry, which carries people between Galveston Island and Bolivar Peninsula, to close on the 23rd. At least 45 large vessels have been left to wait in the Gulf of Mexico for the channel to reopen. University of Texas at Austin has provided a list of Texas energy specialists to help in petroleum production, risk management, and environmental law who work at the university to help aid in the clean up. Some included on the list are Paul Bommer, Senior Lecturer, Department of Petroleum Engineering, and Michael Webber, Deputy Director at the Energy Institute, and Associate Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering.



Obama proposes budget to stop climate change By Arlen Addison Editor-in-Chief Amid growing effects of climate change, President Obama announced this month that in his 2015 Fiscal Year budget proposal, that he would propose a $2.5 billion fund to help areas affected by climate change and fund research and development to stop further climate change encroachment. The President first announced his proposal after meeting with Californian farmers, where more than ninety percent of the state is experiencing an ongoing three-year drought. The $2.5 billion fund would be given to the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP), encompassing 13 government agencies from NASA, to the Department of Agriculture, to the EPA. Tasks for the program would range from water conservation and distribution in drought affected areas, to NASA research on the on-going effects of climate change, to helping communities prepare of an increase in severe weather such as droughts, floods, wildfires, and hurricanes. Some highlights of the USGCRP fund include $100 million in disaster assistance to livestock feed producers in California, $60 million to food banks to help families affected by the drought, and $15 million to help water conservation efforts in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Nebraska, Colorado, and California. “One thing that is undeniable is that changing temperatures influence drought” Obama said in a speech in drought-stricken

California. “We have to be clear. A changing climate means that weather disasters like droughts, wildfires, storms, and floods are potentially going to be costlier and harsher.” The $2.5 billion climate change fund

$1.2 billion to the Department of Veterans Affairs to research treatment options for wounded veterans, and $876 million to research and development in the Department of Homeland Security for

Cattle rancher Rob Frost surveys the remains of one of this cattle, Jan. 27, 2014, that died due to drought conditions on grazing land near Santa Paula, Calif., where the grass is normally 6 to 10 inches high this time of year. (Al Seib/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

is part of the larger $135.4 billion fund for Science and Technology research and development (R&D). The $135.4 billion intended to further advance the U.S.’s understanding and development of global and domestic issues. The fund includes such highlights as $11.6 billion to NASA for the exploration of space, $30.2 billion to the Department of Energy for the research of clean energy technologies,

cybersecuirty, explosive detection, chemical/biological detection, and state-of-the-art first responders. In a recent speech in the islands of Indonesia, which are being heavily affected by rising sea levels and more frequent storms, Secretary of State John Kerry also emphasized the danger of climate change. “When I think about the array of global climate–of global threats–think

about this: terrorism, epidemics, poverty, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction – all challenges that know no borders–the reality is that climate change ranks right up there with every single one of them,” Kerry said. “We certainly should not allow more time to be wasted by those who want to sit around debating whose responsibility it is to deal with this threat, while we come closer and closer to the point of no return,” he added. Many conservative commentators have questioned the reality and severity of climate change. Recently conservative political commentator Newt Gingrich called Secretary of State John Kerry’s remarks that climate change is the greatest change of our generation”. In a series of tweets following Kerry’s speech in Indonesia, Gingrich, misspelling Kerry’s name as “Kerrey”, called the Secretary of State “out of touch with reality.” “Every American who cares about national security must demand Kerrey’s resignation. A delusional secretary of state is dangerous to our safety,” Gingrich said. While Gingrich and other conservative downplay the effects of climate change, many U.S. states are taking the threat very seriously. Last year, following the devastating Hurricane Sandy that struck the east coast, the city of New York announced a $19.5 billion dollar plan to protect its 520 miles of shoreline form rising sea levels. In 2012 Louisiana released its $50 billion plans to protect itself from the increased frequency and severity of recent Hurricanes.

AZ Governor vetoes “Right-to-Discriminate” law By Arlen Addison Editor-in-Chief Recently advocates of gay rights saw a victory in Arizona after Governor Jan Brewer vetoed the proposed “right-todiscriminate” law. The Arizona law aimed at giving legal protection to businesses that chose to refuse patrons service because of religious believes, such as a religious opposition to homosexuality. The controversial Arizona Senate Bill 1062 was introduced in early January by State Senator, Steve Yarbrough with the aim of protecting businesses who face discrimination lawsuits if they could prove they acted on “sincerely held religious belief.” The bill was quickly passed through the Republican-controlled state Senate and House and given to Republican Governor Jan Brewer for final approval, where it soon stirred enormous controversy among businesses and civil-rights groups. Soon after the bill gained recognition, major corporations and sports organizations such as Apple, Major League baseball, the Super Bowl, and American Airlines, among others, stated that if the bill passed it would violate their policies of an equal workplace and might force the companies to relocate outside Arizona. This came at a time when opposition to Arizona’s SB 1070, which gives police the right to force anyone to prove their citizenship on the grounds of suspicion alone, had forced Arizona in a massive economic recession after many individuals and businesses boycotted the state.

Republican Governor Jan Brewer was forced to re-evaluate the proposed Senate Bill 1062, introduced by fellow Republican colleagues, after recent economic boycott

are being challenged as never before. Our society is undergoing many dramatic changes,” the Governor said before vetoing the bill. “However, I sincerely believe that

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer takes questions from members of the news

and the media outside the West Wing at the White House after meeting with U.S. Senate Bill President Barack Obama June 3, 2010 in Washington, DC. 1062 has the threat of (Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/MCT) potential to further economic retaliation. After the bill gained create more problems than it purports to solve. controversy, many of the Republicans It could divide Arizona in ways we cannot Senators who initially supported the even imagine and no one would ever want.” “Religious liberty is a core bill have changed their stand and asked the Governor to veto the bill. American and Arizona value. So is added Brewer. “I screwed up,” Arizona state non-discrimination,” Following the Governor’s veto, signs Senator Steve Pierce said. “I’m trying to make it right.-I don’t like the negative outside the Arizona Capital building urging picture of Arizona, and I’m on board Brewer to veto the bill, were quickly asking the governor to veto the bill” replaced with signs praising her as cheers “To the supporters of the legislation, and hugs erupted throughout the crowd. Many supporters of the bill claim that I want you to know that I understand that long-held norms about marriage and family the bill was blown out of proportion by

the media, citing the bill was only meant as religious protection for businesses. “The religious beliefs of all Arizonans must be respected and this bill did nothing more than affirm that,” said Cathi Herrod, president of the conservative Center for Arizona Policy. “It is truly a disappointing day in our state and nation when lies and personal attacks can overshadow the truth.” Herrod, along with the Center for Arizona Policy, was among the driving forces of the bill. In 2012 Herrod was behind the killing of Arizona’s Anti-Bullying law. SB 1462 aimed at giving schools the authority to stop cyber bullying that occurs outside school. The bill was introduced after students had experienced bullying and even death threats through social media. Herrod helped kill the bill after she claimed that it promoted a homosexual agenda by teaching students its okay to be gay. “[The] bill seems well-intentioned,” Herrold said, referring to the AntiBullying law “[But when you] look behind the curtain at what is driving this nationwide dialogue, you find-the same organizations working to redefine marriage and to force cultural acceptance and affirmation of homosexual lifestyles.” Supporters of the veto also commented on the Governor’s veto. Rep. Demion Clinco, Arizona’s only openly gay member of the state House of Representatives, said that he believed that this would pave the way for the rights of Arizona’s LGBT community. “In her vetoing the bill, I really feel like there’s a possible hope for reconciliation within our state, and we can move forward.”



Protests spark violent Political Turmoil in Ukraine By Carolina Sarria Reporter

in the Kiev area and western Ukraine, Ukraine now,” Anton Orekh, a Russian where there is a greater affinity with political commentator said. “Absence Europe to the west, rather than in the of power and absence of the alternative Ukraine has been in turmoil for the last Russian-speaking east and south. Protests to power. Both sides are just one step three months. However, on February 18, the have also occurred in eastern Ukraine. away from starting a war against each violence escalated and several policemen There is an evident cultural-linguistic other and there are no good ones or were shot in Independence Square, known divide between Ukraine’s east and west. bad ones among them any longer.” as Maidan, in Kiev. These protests broke Russian is widely spoken in parts of the A signing ceremony on March 18 out after former President Yanukovych’s east and south due to heavy immigration between Russian President Vladimir government rejected a far-reaching agreement with the European Union in November 2013 in favor of stronger ties with Russia. Thousands of people poured into central Kiev to protest peacefully, and have occupied Independence Square ever since. Police attacks on student protesters, severe new anti-protest laws, and the beating of opposition activists caused the situation to intensify. The protesters want to get rid of a president who they believe is clinging to power and serving the interests of Moscow and his own close circle. The worst attack occurred on February 20 when 77 people were killed in 48 hours and 600 were left wounded. Protesters and police blamed each other, but is it unknown A protestor prepares to throw a Molotov Cocktail against police in central Kiev, Ukraine. which side fired the first shot. The (AP Photo/Efrem Lukastsky) government and opposition posed a deal where a pardon would be given from Russia during the Soviet era. In the Putin, the Prime Minister of Crimea, and to arrested protesters if demonstrators west, the population speaks Ukrainian the mayor of the city of Sevastopol made left captured government buildings. and tends to be more nationalistic it official; Crimea and Sevastopol, where The opposition with negotiators for and identifies with central Europe. the Russian Black Sea fleet is based, the president’s ruling Party of the Regions On February 22, Yanukovych was are now part of the Russian Federation. also agreed that parliament would discuss removed from office. On February Russia’s support for Crimea’s amending the constitution to reduce 24, acting Ukrainian Interior Minister secession bid had been condemned by the president’s powers. However, the Arsen Avakov declared Yanukovych had Ukraine’s interim government in Kiev, the speaker of parliament refused to allow been placed on Ukraine’s most wanted European Union, and the United States. that on the agenda. As news got out, list and that a criminal case on mass Interim Prime Minister Arseniy enraged protesters marched on parliament. killings of civilians has been opened. Yatsenyuk called the annexation “a The protests have been strongest “The scariest things are happening in robbery on an international scale,”

warning that the standoff was transforming “from political to the military form.” Crimea is an autonomous region within Ukraine with a majority Russian-speaking population. It has its own parliament, but the Ukrainian government had veto power over its actions. With political instability and demonstrations rocking Ukraine in the past several months and President Yanukovych being pushed out of office, observers charged that Russia saw its chance to annex the strategic territory. The hastily called referendum on March 16 resulted in 96.7 percent of the region’s voters saying they wanted to become part of Russia, according to the Crimean Electoral Commission. President Barack Obama dismissed the referendum in Crimea as illegal. “The international community will continue to stand together to oppose any violations of Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity, and continued Russian military intervention in Ukraine will only deepen Russia’s diplomatic isolation and exact a greater toll on the Russia economy,” Obama said. A succession would mean transferring banks, public utilities, and public transport from Ukraine to Russia in what would be a costly operation. Crimean lawmakers have approved legislation to make the Russian ruble the official currency in Crimea alongside the Ukrainian hryvnia, according to a statement posted on the Crimean parliament’s website. The hryvnia remains an official currency until January 1, 2016. The statement did not provide a date for when the ruble would be circulated in the region. The lawmakers also adopted a resolution stating that on March 30, Crimea will move to Moscow Standard Time.

Notorious Drug Lorg “El Chapo” captured in raid By Makenzie Jackson Reporter Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman one of the world’s most wanted drug lord has finally been busted. El Chapo had an assault rifle handy on him when authorities raided his beach side hideaway over the weekend. Even though El Chapo was found with the weapon on him he never opened fire. The Marines used an infrared and body-heat scanners to pinpoint the exact locations of everyone inside the condo including El Chapo to make sure they were all asleep before the raid. Investigators found Guzman asleep next to his beauty-queen wife Emma Cornel; his two-year-old twin daughters were also found sleeping in the condo. “He had an AK-47 next to the bed. When the Mexican marines entered the condominium, he was still asleep,” Michael Vigil, a former Drug Enforcement Administration official said. Vigil also claimed he was briefed on the raid. “They used the element of surprise, and he did not have a chance to react and seize his weapon.” Before Guzman was captured t h e Mexican federal forces made several arrest of Sinaloa cartel associates, including two authorities that said they were suspected of providing security for top leaders of the cartel. There was also a very important

discovery earlier this month that marked a turning point in the investigation. There were seven houses in the Mexican city of Culiacan connected by secret tunnels that

hidden hatch under a bathtub, an official said. Guzman slipped out of Culiacan through the sewer tunnels, the Mexican officials told CNN. Eventually he made

Locals play on the beach in front of the 10-story Mira Mar condo complex where it is believed Joaquin Guzman, “El Chapo,” the most wanted drug lord in Mexico and a multi-billionaire fugitive, was captured during a raid on Saturday, Feb. 22, 2014, in Mazatlan, Mexico. (Don Bartletti/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

also tied in with the city’s sewage system. When authorities raided one of them last weak they found out it was one of Guzman’s main residences in the town of Culiacan. Due to the amount of time it took the Mexican Marines to get past the reinforced steel doors, Guzman became alert and escaped through a secret

his way to Mazatlan, a beach resort city. Many months before the big bust the U.S. authorities made a major break in the case by arresting Serafin ZambadoOrtiz at the Nogales, Arizona, border crossing. He was the son of Guzman’s closest lieutenant, Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada. After the arrest of “El Mayo,”

it intensified in the recent months, with each providing phones that led to a trove of new data that helped map associates in ever-closer touch with Guzman, one of the U.S. officials said. In recent months, investigators focused on five wiretaps. The DEA with one and ICE with one, ran four wiretaps giving them very valuable information. As the hunt grew stronger Guzman started covering his tracks and stopped using certain phones, apparently aware of the surveillance. Luckily when it came to the final days, ICE wiretap was the only one still producing some activity. Captured along with Guzman was Carlos Manuel Hoo-Ramirez, who according to the U.S. authorities was Guzman’s communication conduit. He carried many phones that proved crucial to finding the drug boss, the officials said. In many cases investigators suggested they were hot on his trail only to end up back where they started in the investigation. Guzman was always an elusive target causing the government to deliberately steering clear of capturing him. Though Guzman managed to stay clear from the authorities attention, his rivals and some of his family members weren’t so lucky. Authorities later arrested Guzman’s brother “El Pollo” in Mexico City in September 2001. Three years later, an inmate in a maximum-security prison shot him to death.



Battleship Texas celebrates its 100th anniversary By Arlen Addison Editor-in-Chief March marked the 100th anniversary of the Battleship Texas. The occasion was marked by the honoring of 32 former sailors who served aboard the ship during WWII, followed by a special centennial celebration a few days later. The ship, which served in both World War I and World War II, is the remaining “dreadnought” or “big-gun” battleship. The ship was highly decorated from its years of service. It saw action in the Gulf of Mexico during WWI as well as in numerous sorties. During WWII its escorted conveys across the Atlantic, was part of the North African and D-Day invasions, before being transferred to the Pacific to be part of the Iwo Jima and Okinawa invasions. The ship was finally decommissioned in 1948 with five stars and is now a museum near the San Jacinto monument. The ship also holds many first records. It was the first ship to permanently house Marines, the first ship to have antiaircraft guns, the first ship to house an early form of radar, the first ship to launch an aircraft from a catapult, the first permanent museum ship, and the first battleship to become a national landmark. Texas was also unique for never losing a ship under her protection during numerous escort missions. The service honoring the sailors was

privately held aboard the ship before the festival. Among those aboard the service were the thirty-two survivors, their families, elected officials, and members of the Battleship Texas Foundation, who hosted the ceremony. The former sailors were honored with a Patriot Metal, which was created for the ceremony.

Later in the week “A Texas Uprising” festival was held, featuring live music, food, WWII battle re-enactments, full flags flying over the ship, fireworks, and a firing of the ships 14 inch guns. The festival was in honor of the ship’s hundredth anniversary, but was also a day of remembrance for all those who have severed in all past wars.

Battleship Texas as seen in regatta during Centenial Celebration Photo Courtesy of Dianna Cruz

“This is the most special thing that has happened to me in my life,” 87-yearold Gordon Jones, who served as an ammunition handler aboard the ship from 1944 to 1945 said. “It touches my heart to see these people and know what they’ve done. It brings back many memories and I feel honored to be a part of this celebration.”

“Everybody has memories of being on this battleship, and when you think about all the history - she was the fastest, most powerful and feared ship in the world,” Houston fireman Shawn Gourley, who commanded several re-enactments of World War II battles during the ceremony said. “We’re just trying to raise awareness

to the plight of the battleship Texas,” Gourley said. “She’s is in horrible shape, and she’s in fear of collapse at any time. We feel she’s just as important to the state of Texas as the Alamo.” In 2012 the ship experienced several major leaks after rust disintegrated through sections of the hull. She experienced heavy listing to one side before crews could begin to pump water out of the ship and control the leak. Plans have been underway for several years to move the ship to a out-of-water display, but have been delayed by funding issues. Among other re-enactors standing out during the festival was Denny Hair. Hair is a selfdescribed history buff, who during the festival stood out in full dress as General George S. Patton. “I play Patton all over the country,” he said. Hair does more than just reenact General Patton. He is a 30 year police veteran, ran the Houston Police Museum, and previously chaired the Battleship Texas Foundation. It was under his guidance in the 1980’s that the Foundation was able to raise enough money to put the ship in dry-dock for repairs for the first time since WWII and become the first permanent museum vessel. “When you grow up in Texas, you have a certain Texas pride,” he said. “Texas isn’t just a state - it’s a state of mind. We love being Texan and this is our ship and we want to support it.


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Creek Journalism Editors visit Great Day Houston By Jenan Taha Features Editor

Following the longstanding Creek tradition, Creek’s Newspaper team, the HiLife, and Yearbook team The Den were invited to join Deborah Duncan while she hosted KHOU’s Great Day Houston live, on February 21. Duncan has hosted both television and radio shows, and has worked at KHOU-TV channel 11 since 2002. She was raised in a military family, and has lived in Taiwan, Japan, and cities all over America. She graduated from the University of Texas and worked for ABC and CBS. She then worked as a news anchor on News This Morning, before she joined Great Day Houston in 2009. Duncan has been recognized locally and nationally as a generous giver to her community and to television. “This is a great venue for celebrating Houston’s heart and at the same time giving our business community another avenue to tell us what they do,” Deborah said. The theme of the show was college week. Duncan’s show included several different segments about the University of Houston and other local colleges. College students at U of H, including football players, cheerleaders, and the cougar mascot joined the journalism staff members in the audience. Before the show, the newspaper staff received some important instructions by

Alexis Jones, the assistant producer. They were encouraged to laugh as much as they could and always appear presentable, because the camera could be on them at any time. “I tried to be animated and

to answer the question if they grabbed a football resting on the table first. A chef from the hospitality sector of U of H talked about the possibilities of becoming a hospitality major, and created a delicious

Photo courtsey of HiLife Staff

excited in hopes that they would put us on camera,” Mrs. O’Neil, yearbook advisor, said. Two football players from the U of H were the first guests, and spoke about their college experience. They also played a football trivia game, in which they got

mushroom dish for the crowd. An art student and the dean of Houston’s High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA), spoke about their experience in creating the Broadway play Dreamgirls. Two bachelors who were contestants on the Bachelorette told Deborah about

New graduation plans... continued from page 1. By Lisa Nhan Managing Editor

Recommended High School Program, which like FHSP with Endorsements and is what every one entered high school on as a freshman. This comes with 26 credits. Distinguished Achievement Program also has 26 credits and is the highest level current students can graduate on. The Endorsements fall into five different categories of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), Business/Industry, Public Services, Arts/ Humanities, and Multidisciplinary Studies. The district describes Multidisciplinary Studies as, “advanced courses that prepare students for the workforce or postsecondary education.” From each Endorsement is a different Career Pathway. There are a total of 23 Career Pathways recognized by the State of Texas. CCISD offers 20 of the 23 Career

Pathways recognized by the state of Texas. The three that the district does not offer are Public Speaking, Advanced Broadcast Journalism, and Computer Science. This is due to the lack of the classes that are required in these pathways to receive the recognition. There are classes from these pathways offered, but not all of them. In order to receive an Endorsement, students will have to take certain classes to fulfill different requirements. Students will be able to receive and be recognized for multiple Endorsements if they complete the classes required. Current high school students do not have to switch and can continue on their current four-year plan. However, those students are allowed to switch if they want to. “Students who would benefit the most are those who want to follow a certain passion or pathway that an Endorsement would highlight or emphasize,” Thomas said. Thomas also recommended that those

who aren’t meeting the requirements on the Minimum High School Plan could look into the Foundation High School Program. This is related to the fact that students who are currently on the Minimum High School Plan cannot be admitted to a fouryear college in the state of Texas. Students who graduate on the FHSP could go under review to be admitted to a four-year college. Students graduating under the Foundation High School Program will need to demonstrate proficiency in speech; however, it has yet to be determined on a local level if a speech course will still be needed to graduate or if this is accomplished through another course. The only certainty is that current seniors will need a speech course to graduate, even if they switch to the Foundation High School Program. On April 3, the district is hosting Clear to Career at the Education Village that will be open to anyone interested in the district from 5:30pm to 8:40 pm. This is the first

how their experience on the show helped to promote their causes and charities. A fashion show was held to showcase how students could sport their school spirit. The show showed off both guys and girls fashion and was finished off with the U of H Mascot showing off his costume. Duncan also video-chatted with Mario Lopez, host of Extra. After the show, the HiLife and The Den got the chance to interview Deborah herself, along with the show’s coordinators. Then the students were given a tour of the newsroom, where they learned how the cameras and green screen worked. They also saw the assignment desk, where the public calls in to report news. “The whole experience of being on the show was really fun”, Raynie Leard, Junior, said. “We got a tour of all of the newsrooms and what goes on backstage, and what it’s like to be an anchorman.” Jasmine Garza, Newspaper CoEditor-in-Chief, organized the whole field trip. After establishing contact with the station, Garza was granted permission to bring 25 guests on the show. Those who were chosen to go were either editors, seniors, or those in training to become future editors. There are plans to continue this tradition for the following years. After a long day, the staff went to the Hard Rock Café for lunch and then returned to campus. Great Day Houston airs at 9:00 am on weekdays on Channel 11.

ever Clear to Career, and if it sees success will come back every year. Students and parents will be able to talk to professionals from career clusters. There will be four different sessions during the night, with different topics per session. The speakers will be professionals from many different fields to discuss job trends, opportunities in their respective fields, salaries, and any information related to their career. Booths will also be set up for students to see and meet different professionals. Students and parents will also receive more information on the upcoming graduation plans and how it relates to House Bill Five. If there are any questions concerning the New Graduation Plans, additional information is available from the campus counselors. The district website has many videos, diagrams, and other links to help explain the change.

Around Creek


Creek theatre prepares A Company of Wayward Saints By Lisa Nhan Managing Editor It’s a show about a show. For UIL and as the final show of the year, the Clear Creek Theater Department will put on A Company of Wayward Saints. The story of A Company of Wayward Saints follows a commedia dell’arte group who are told that a wealthy duke in the audience will give them the funds to return home, if they perform a show he enjoys. He gives them the title of a play he would like to see, which is, History of Man. Commedia dell’arte groups are stereotyped characters whom always play a certain part, such as old man or lover, with a mask in improvised shows. The particular group has been performing plays, and it’s evident that some conflict has occurred within the group over the years. This play follows the story of them trying to not only put on a good show, but to learn the meaning of home and to be who you really are. Each of the nine actors is hiding behind their masks, and through out the play they slowly learn how to be themselves again. “It’s a tough tough show, but it felt like the year that we have the combination of people who are intelligent enough to understand the realism of the play and the have good physical comedy skills to carry the first part of the show,” Hewlett, head of theatre department and director of the show, said. Actors in this play face many challenges in addition to the balance of realism and comedic aspects. Their portrayal of their character must change through out the show. “I always joke that I’m a dude playing a dude, because of the character change that happens during the show,” Drew McCord, 12th, playing the role of Scapino, said. There are also individual challenges

as well. Since gender changes to I know I want it to last. There’s added characters aren’t allowed under UIL pressure in it not only being a UIL show, rules, Tierney Conley, 12th, will be but our last one together as well. It’s a lot playing her role of Dottore as a man. more sentimental for me than other plays in However, the hardest part of the cast the past,” Ashley Haas, playing the part of and crew has Columbine, said been the time. on preparing The full length for her last of the play is performance around an hour for Clear Creek. and 40 minutes. H o w e v e r, This show this group has must meet UIL put on many qualifications, performances which means it together in can only be 40 addition to the minutes. If the friendships off play runs over of the stage. It 40 minutes, was a shared their show is feeling that there disqualified from wasn’t another the competition. cast they would This meant rather have their Hewlett having last play with. to cut over half “I’m proud of the play. that this show “We have to will be with this make sure each cast. They’re all scene is going my best friends, c o n s i s t e n t l y, ” like my family Sarah Timmons, really. There 12th, stage isn’t a closer manager, said. connection you Timmons is in Photo courtsey of Bradley Hewlett could have with a group of charge of making people,” Justin Gibbons, sure the show either finishes on time 12th, portraying the role of Harlequin, said. or is cut off on time before 40 minutes. Hewlett was first introduced to This show is also special in many the play as a student teacher done as a other ways. For five members of the cast, one act. After talking to Mr. Samson, this marks their last play for the Clear theatre tech teacher, at RenFest this Creek Theatre Department as seniors. year, the play popped back into his head. Juniors portray the rest of the cast. From there, the parts fell into the place. “Everything is going by so fast, because “After reading it again, it just felt right.

That’s how you know that you have a good year for it, when you read a play and you know it’s the right one for your mix. In some ways it almost casted itself,” Hewlett said. A free showing of the play occurred on March 17th before the competition. This free showing acted as a test run for the show. Many students and staff members came out to show their support. The cast and crew performed their show for the UIL competition on the 20th at Clear Falls. There they competed against Clear Lake, Clear Brook, and Brazoswood High School. Sadly, and to the shock of many, the show did not advance to District level. It was received well by the audience, with big laughs and loud applauses. However, due to the nature of the UIL, it was one judge’s decision that held them back. Brook and Brazoswood advanced to District, while Creek is to act as their alternate. Some recognition was given to the cast and crewmembers with awards. Haas and Gibbons were rewarded with All-Star cast, while McCord and Madi Keikel, 11th, received Honorable Mention. Timmons received the Technical award for the school. The Clear Creek Theatre Department has decided that despite the bad fortune of not advancing; they’re going to put on two more shows. Traditionally, they’ve only put on one show after a UIL show stops advancing, but this show was “too fun to put on” to only have one, according to Hewlett. The dates for the new showings will be March 28th and 29th at 7pm. Admission is free both nights. To them, it’s about entertaining the audience and putting on a good show, not impressing one judge. Though they may not have advanced, Clear Creek is certainly proud of their performance and department.

Students answer religion quiz and get varied results By Emily Ruthven Reporter Recently, Mrs. Waligora’s Human Geography class took at survey that, based on their answers to the questions, told the students what religion matched their beliefs the most. Many students were surprised by the results of this online quiz. Beth Lindman, junior, answered, “Liberal Christian/ Protestant” as her top religion, according to the survey. “I was baptized as a Roman Catholic but I never really knew my religion.” When asked of her reaction, Lindman said, “I was kind of surprised, however, the results didn’t really match my religious views.” Cameron Carter, freshman, received Secular Humanism, commonly known as Atheism, as his top result. “I was surprised at first, but once I read though the religions and their backgrounds/beliefs, I had to agree.” Diego Allison, freshman, also received Secular Humanism as his top religion. When asked of his opinion of this assignment, Allison said, “I though it was interesting because it showed us students what our beliefs really are, as opposed

to what our parents told us to believe. Karina Bertelsmann, freshman, said, “ I was surprised that there were so many different kinds of religions. However, the results of my test did not surprise me. The test also helped me to how religions have changed and branched off from their original form. Jessica McCarty, freshman, received Mormonism (Latter-Day Saints) as her top

on the list. However, it was interesting to see what the quiz classified me as.” Quaylon Conley, freshman, also received Mormonism as his top religion. “I wasn’t surprised with my results because, after research, I realized the beliefs of this faith matched mine. I really enjoyed this activity because it helped me understand more deeply about religions and their beliefs.”

religion. “I was surprised Photo courtsey of HiLife Staff Jean Lamarre, that Mormonism was my freshman, received Neotop religion because, typically, Mormons Paganism as his top religion. When asked are very committed and religious, while I of his reaction, Lamarre replied, “I was very wouldn’t consider myself to be extremely surprised because I wouldn’t see myself religious. Also, I didn’t agree with the believing in things like Greek mythology, survey 100%. My real religion, Roman which is part of the Neo-Paganism beliefs. Catholic, showed up as the fifth religion However, for the most part, I agreed

with most of my results because they all included the idea of reincarnation. I liked this assignment because it was helpful. At least now I know that there are religions that have the same beliefs as me.” Jacob Machula also had Mormonism as his top result. “I was not surprised by this because I am a Mormon. I also agreed with most of the top suggested religions because I am reminded weekly of what I believe in by going to church. It was very interesting to learn more about religions that were similar to mine.” The religion Orthodox Quaker was a major surprise to freshman Arthur Antonio-Nguyen. “I didn’t agree with my results at all. However, my religion, Roman Catholic, was number five on the list. I thought this assignment could have been more fun, but I still liked it.” Scout Rhodes, Freshman, was identified as a Neo-Paganist. “I wasn’t surprised at all. Honestly, that’s what I was expecting,” Scout said. Most students found this activity effected them in a positive way. The results sparked many conversations across campus . The quiz itself is on www.

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Ashton Duke named HOBY national semi-finalist By Emily Berthiaume Reporter Ashton Duke has been named one of the 12 national semi-finalists for the HOBY Outstanding Young Alumni Award for his work in organizing the districtwide service event, Splash-Out Lupus. Duke organized the event in September, and the event raised $12,554 for the Lupus Foundation – Texas Gulf Coast Chapter in honor of a friend and former fellow swim teammate. Duke was inspired to create the event after he attended the Texas Gulf Coast HOBY Leadership Seminar last year. Despite the sickness, Duke’s friend kept an upbeat demeanor about life. “He was always happy and lighthearted and didn’t let the disease affect his personality,” Duke said. Duke convinced Clear Creek, Brook, Falls and Lake to all participate in the Splash-Out Lupus event. The swimmers collected pledges for every lap that they swam and were encouraged to swim up to 100 laps. The event was a huge success, and the check was presented to the Lupus Foundation on February 1, at the District Swim Meet. “The success made me very happy. I wasn’t excepting that much money … It was much more suc-

cessful that I thought,” said Duke. After a year of discovering the troubles of the disease by sitting next to each other in class, Duke decided to organize a district-wide community service event called Splash-Out Lupus to make

schools send student representatives. Only seven are selected to attend the weeklong World Leadership congress at Loyola University, Duke being one of them, in July. “HOBY programs provide youth with unique leadership training, service-

Photo courtsey of HOBY Media Room

a difference and help solve the mystery of Lupus. The HOBY seminar is an excellent opportunity for students. It was held at the Texas A&M University-Galveston campus in Duke’s year, and more than 220

learning and motivationbuilding experiences. HOBY’s mission is to inspire and develop our global community of youth and volunteers to a life dedicated to leadership, service and innovation,” according to HOBY.

The HOBY Outstanding Young Alumni Award recognizes HOBY alumni under the age of 25 that “puts an exclamation point on their HOBY experience.” According to the website, “The winners of the award have distinguished themselves as a leader among their peers and in their community. They have served in their schools, neighborhoods and communities, started their own non-profits and have made a significant difference in the lives of others.” Only twelve former HOBY attendees are nominated for this award from all over the United States. One other than Duke is from Texas, and others are from states including Alaska and New Jersey. “I am happy I am nominated. I feel honored,” Duke said. Creek has been sending students to the HOBY seminar for many years. This year, sophomores Sahar Jiwani and Geoffrey Walker will be representing Creek. “I am really excited and really looking forward to it,” said Jiwani. Jiwani said she was most looking forward to, “meeting all kinds of new people.” When asked if he had any advice for Walker and Jiwani, Duke said they should, “be loud and ready for the best experience of you life. Be outstanding,” he said, using the keyword of the conference. Duke’s nomination for such an award is certainly an amazing achievement.

Allison and Romer take Clear Creek swim to state By Emily Ruthven Reporter Two of Clear Creek’s wildcats advanced to the state finals for swimming, located in Austin, Texas. One of the wildcats that advanced was Diego Allison, a freshman. Allison advanced to state due to his outstanding time in the 100 Freestyle, which was 47.65 seconds. Allison placed first in this event, sending him straight to state. Allison has been swimming for four years and practices two to three hours a day, six days a week. “I was very nervous because I was one of only two people out of the entire swim team to advance. On top of that, I am a freshman, and especially for my event, most freshmen do not advance to state. Most of the 100 Freestyle swimmers are juniors and seniors.” Allison said. “We arrived in Austin at 8:00 pm on February 17, and the next morning, we ate at a cool, famous, pancake. The preliminary round started at three in the afternoon.” Allison said. He swam a 47.8 second 100

Freestyle, coming in as the fifteenth out of the opportunity to attend the state meet besixteen swimmers. Allison later swam a cause, “I had the privilege of learning that not every 48.4 second meet will be 100 Freeyour best, style in the and you final round. just have to “While grow from this did disthese experiappoint me, ences.” AlI really had lison said. to keep in Micaela mind that Roemer, juI was only nior, also ada freshvanced to the man, and State comthat even petition. Rothough I emer swam didn’t perthe 100 Butform very well, I still terfly and Photo courtsey of HiLife Staff made it to the50 state, which is an acf r e e s t y l e . complishment in and of itself.” Allison “I had lots of fun at state because this said. Diego described the experience as was the first time I have had someone from “exhilarating” and Allison was thankful for our school come with me and the best

part is that he is my best friend!” Roemer said. Roemer swam the 100 Butterfly in 56.51 seconds, giving her 1st place. Roemer swam a 23.90 second 50 freestyle, also giving her the top spot and a spot in the State competition. Roemer has been swimming since she was seven years old. “I was in shock when I advanced to state because it was my third year to make it! I was most surprised by the 50 freestyle because I won by .01 seconds,” Roemer said. Roemer puts in about 17 hours of practice a week. “At state I placed sixth in the 100 Butterfly with a time of 56.20 seconds but swam faster in the preliminary competition and re-broke my Creek record with a 55.92 second 100 Butterfly, which was really exciting. In the 50 freestyle I placed ninth with a 23.73 second time, breaking the Creek record. It was really amazing because the record was from 1983 and the time I broke won State last year,” Roemer said. “If I was to place in the top three at state, I have to put in more effort and work and I am willing to push my limit to earn that spot.”

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Creek sends four leaders to Boys and Girls State By Jasmine Garza Editor-in-Chief In February, four well-deserved students, Julie Chase, Megan Conley, Ashton Duke and Jackson Majewski were voted by the staff at Clear Creek High School to represent them at Girls and Boys State. Each year the American Legion hosts a summer program to teach young citizens about government works, while they develop leadership skills and an appreciation for their citizenship to the United States. As a student in the program they will run for office, learn public speaking, create and enforce laws and actively participate in all phases of creating and running a working government, while befriending and meeting other high school students from the state. For the students, being chosen was a great feeling of honor, especially for Ashton Duke who also became a legacy after 62 years of his grandfather, by whom he was named after, was chosen in 1952. “I felt honored to be chosen by the school. I knew about Boys State because of my grandfather’s stories and I started realizing how amazing it was that I would be able to do what he did, and enjoy it just as much,” Duke said.

Duke’s grandfather, Paul Duke was one of three chosen from his school to represent Boys State in 1951. Girls state began in 1937 to provide first

six students from girls can be selected. After the students are nominated the selected few are informed. The American Legion Auxiliary then sponsors each

Ashoton Duke’s grandfather, Paul Duke in the Beau-

hand experience of mont Enterprise in 1952, after he was chosen for Boys student to go and atState tend this life changwhat it was like to Photo courtsey of The HiLife Staff and Ruth Rendon ing event where be a respected and obedient citizen. High school boys and they will learn key facts and adgirls who have completed or are currently vice about being a successful leader. This year Girls State will be held at enrolled in a junior class, are nominated by teachers based on behavior and leader- Texas Lutheran University from June 15 ship qualities they think they posses. Two until June 21, where they will be staying on boys and two girls were chosen from Clear campus dormitories with adult supervision. Creek but up to six students from boys and Boys State began in 1935 when it organized

to counter the fascist-inspired Young Pioneer Camps. The program was the idea of two Illinois Legionnaires, Hayes Kennedy and Harold Card, who organized the first Boys State at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield. At American Legion Boys State, participants are exposed to the rights and privileges, the duties and the responsibilities, of a franchised citizen. The training is objective and practical, with each city, county, and state governments, operated by the students elected to the various offices. Boys State will be held at the University of Texas at Austin from June 8 to June 13. At the end of the six day conference, leaders at each conference select two students with high leadership skills and a desire to better this country . After the students are elected they are chosen to attend Boys State or Girls State Nationals, which is held in Washington, D.C. While in Washington D.C. they will be participating in a national government training program. Students will return home at the end of their journey and put to use everything they have learned and friendships they will never forget “Let me start off by saying that the Boys’ State Program was a life changing experience,” a Boy’s State alumni of 2013 said.


Days of Our Youth

Arts Butterfly

Hannah Carroll

Scarlet Schiffer

These are the days of youth When flowers grow boom of fade and everything is seen through a looking glass even the truth. When things come full circle and people tell you things and there are so many things you want to believe things and things and things and so many places you haven’t seen so many words and hopes and dreams a million hands try to drown you a million reasons tell you why and there are times you cry but there are other times other times you hold your head high and smile These are the days of youth. Remember them well. They will stay with you the rest of your life.



Submitted under the pseudonym “Smokey”

Counting the days Just counting And waiting

Soon I’ll pay my dues.

Each one stretches on As long as an eternity Time mocks me Laughing at my patience Which it thinks will wear out But I keep on waiting. And waiting Time paces Back and forth Back and forth Waiting for my patience to wear out But it doesn’t It won’t It never will Because I’m waiting For you

Julianna Cebulla

All I see is the red eyes glaring at me Trying to get into my head to tell me am alone All I can think is that I’m not alone So now I am pushing the darkness away To be in the light once again, to stay away from the darkness Once and for all

Frenci Nguyen Hear my voice, little curious one; Though it is nonexistentI know you catch it well. Listen as you perk delicate ears To the distant sound; please, I imploreHear my voice, little curious one. Those eyes sparkle with delight At the recognition of a familiar qualityI knew you would catch it well. But follow quick or stray you will, And nevermore shall you I findHear my voice, little curious one.

Reset the game-let us play again, For the mystic while I possess allures all; Hear my voice, little curious oneI know you catch it well.

It is if the thing can see me Through the light that sneaks in All I can see is the blood red eyes through the cracks It is like I can’t feel anything but fear, sadness, and depression The room gets darker as the day goes by

Each night the room gets darker from my depression It is if I am alone in the room and world I don’t want to be alone anymore, I want out of the dark room It is if the monster is getting closer to me I don’t know how to stop it getting closer

Distorted Beckoning

Alas, your soul belongs to me; My triumphant sheer resonating withinI have always known you catch it well.

Twinkle Twinkle through the Night The first star I see tonight I wonder if I’m alone tonight In this dark room with cracked walls All I hear is something clawing

When Night falls the room is pitch black The only thing that glows in the eyes of the monster It is like my depression, and sadness is the strongest at night When I wake in the morning the room is still dark The only thing that is bright is the light from the cracks

Butterfly on my shoulder, Could you be any colder? Frail and aged wings, Your justice rings. Justice with bad news,

Are you an Artist or Writer? The Arts Section was created to showcase the literary and visual talent of Creek’s own students. If you have a written work or art piece you’d like to see if the Nnwspaper, simply come by the Newspaper room (D136) during first through fifth period. Just bring a sample of your writing or a photo of your art piece.

-Arlen Addison, Arts Editor



Congratulations to all Creek students whose art qualified for State at the VASE Regional art competition E r i c a

Sally Shroyer Madi



B r y n

Chelsea Bulseco

Castillo Arday

C a r t e r

R a

Chelsea Marley


R y a Diava Morales n J Bulseco


o r g e

Gracie LONG


Alex Guillen

Sabrina Shepherd



Laka David

Brian Hickman

Anna Anna asquez Vel Velasquez

Ruben Flores

Also a Special Congratulations to all students who won gold Regional Medals with their works Francesca D’Agostaro - 2 medals Laka David - 2 medals Ruben Flore - 2 medals Marley Foster - 2 medals Collin Freeman Kaitlyn Gothreaux - 2medals Alex Gullien - 2 medals Sarah Kaplan - 2 medals Jorge Martell - 2 medals Dominic Nguyen Maggie Oxman - 2 medals Sami Pringle - 2 medals Bryn Ray - 2 medals Erica Ryan Kyndal Dillehay Brian Hickman

Dyyane Bueno Chelsea Bulseco - 2 medals Madi Castillo Teva White - 2 medals Sydney Sly Kelsie Sullivan Anna Velasquez - 2 medals Kinsey Sadler Sabine Scharwachter Sabrina Shepherd Zachary Willis Kirana Bercich - 2 medals Sally Shroyer - 2 medals Sophia Leal Sarah Morlan - 2 medals Frances Sanchez Laura Gerke

Amistad Artiz Abby Diaz - 2 medals Amber Higgins Kayla Ko Raynie Leard Emily McFather Natalie Pardivala Danielle Riehs Scarlet Schaefer - 2 medals Caitlin Scheuring - 2 medals Jenan Taha Sydney Tippelt Martha Walker Amanda Wheeldon - 2 medals Shelby Savoie Diana Morales

Ryan Asher Rocky Batterson Jasmine Bryant - 2 medals Arday Carter Josh Servellon Karla Flores Rachel Flores Makenna Frerichs Jake Gonzales Vanessa Gonzalez Ann Christine Hundeshagen-2 medals Mikayla Hixson Brianna Kinsey Dominic Nguyen - 2 medals Kaley Kunkel Victoria May


Save a Life!




Jay Leno passesTonight Show torch to Jimmy Fallon By Jenan Taha Features Editor

sic monologue. Leno cracked jokes This has been the greatest 22 years of my about Justin Bieber and OJ Simpson and life. The first year of the show, I lost my also poked fun at the Winter Olympics. mom. The second year, I lost my dad. Then “Homeland Security warned airlines my brother died … and the folks here beJay Leno proudly hosted the last Tonight Show of his career, which aired on February 6. After over 20 years on the hilarious late night talk show, Leno, at the age of 63, has passed the torch to comedian Jimmy Fallon, former host of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Fallon hosted his first Tonight Show on February 17. Ever since the show began in 1954, it has had five different hosts—including Steve Allen, Jack Paar, Johnny Carson, Conan O’Brien—the last of which was Jay Leno. The Tonight Show is the longest currently running entertainment program in America and amuses millions of viewers each episode. In a tearful but still comical last episode, Leno decided to travel back to the “good old days” and invited his good friend and first ever guest star, Billy Crystal. The show included a musical number that parodied So Long, Farewell, from “The Sound of Music”, in which several celebrities, such as Jack Black, Kim Kardashian and Oprah flying to Russia… Jay Leno, right, with guest Billy Crystal during a commercial came my family. explod- break during Leno’s final show as host of “The Tonight Show” “I’m really Winfrey sang their goodbyes to Leno. about “So long, farewell, you really raised the ing toothpaste. on Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014, in Burbank, Calif. (Gary Friedman/ excited for JimLos Angeles Times/MCT) my Fallon. It’s bar…if you were me, you’d buy them all The only airfun…to sit back a car,” Oprah said in her musical number. line not worried Several stars also made a video appear- about this: British Airways,” Leno said. and see where the next generation takes At the end of the show, this great institution. I’m so glad I got to ance, including Miley Cyrus, Mark Wahlgave a final speech. be a part of it, but it really is time to go.” berg, Matt Damon and even the President. Leno “This is tricky,” Leno said. “We Leno closed his speech by quoting The show also included a perforJohnny Carson, who he believes is the mance by Garth Brooks and Leno’s clas- wouldn’t be on the air without you people.

greatest man to have ever hosted the show. “I bid you all a heartfelt goodnight,” Leno said. Although Leno has left the Tonight Show, he still plans to guest host a few specials here and there. Jimmy Fallon’s first Tonight Show aired on Monday, February 17. Guest stars included U2, Lindsay Lohan, Will Smith and Lady Gaga. “I’m Jimmy Fallon, and I’ll be your host ... for now,” Fallon said. Fallon is now the sixth host of the Tonight Show. In a preview of the show’s debut, Fallon showed his appreciation for the job. “Just to think that there could be a kid out there, asking their parents if they could stay up late to watch me, is mind-blowing,” Fallon said. Fallon’s style is quite different from Leno, or any other host of the Tonight Show. He is not extremely ironical or satirical, but more of a “nice-guy”. He feels so humbled by the new job that for his first show, he didn’t want to go too rough on his jokes or offend anyone. Will Smith had the honor of being Fallon’s “first guest ever.” Fallon joked about The Smiths shirts he saw people frequently wearing, and then gave Will his own “Smiths” shirt with Will’s family printed on it, instead of the band. After several guest appearances, U2 performed an acoustic song on stage. At the end of the show, everyone on stage stood up and cheered.

Evolution vs Creation debate impresses audience By Carolina Sarria Reporter Bill Nye, known famously as Bill Nye the Science Guy, participated in a debate titled Evolution Vs. Creation: Bill Nye Vs. Ken Ham alongside Creation Museum founder and president Ken Ham. The debate took place on February 4 at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky and was livestreamed at Bill Nye is an American science educator as well as a TV host, actor, writer, scientist and mechanical engineer. He serves as CEO of the Planetary Society and speaks at various events. Nye is a supporter of the theory of evolution. Ken Ham, a young-Earth creationist, is the author of books such as The Lie: Evolution, Already Compromised, and One Race One Blood. Ham believes the creation of the Earth occurred around 6,000 years ago. The debate, which lasted about two hours and 45 minutes, was separated into opening statements, a 30-minute graphic presentation, a five-minute rebuttal and a five-minute counter-rebuttal. Both speakers were supposedly given a sufficient amount of time to present their arguments. However, Nye was at a disadvantage. “Hurting Bill Nye, besides a somewhat weak opening joke, was the event’s location, in Kentucky, where the theory of creationism has a strong following. His applause was noticeable less than that of Ken Ham following his four turns at the podium. Also hurting Nye, in a way, was the massive amount of information supporting his point. Thirty minutes is a lot of time to sum-

marize the Bible and 6,000 years of human existence. But it’s not even close to enough when explaining the origins of earth’s existence and the origins of the universe,” Scott Bickard from University Herald said.

also believes these people will grow up to be scientifically illiterate voters who cause the United States to lose its status as a leading innovator of technology. “We need scientifically liter-

Shree Bose, middle, has her picture taken with Bill Nye, “The Science Guy” as President Obama delivers remarks at the White House Science Fair in the East Room at the White House in Washington, D.C., February 7, 2012. Bose, a 17-year old senior at Fort Worth Country Day School in Fort Worth, Texas, right, took top honors at the 2011 Google Science Fair for her discovery of a way to improve ovarian cancer treatment for patients when they have built up a resistance to certain chemotherapy drugs. Her conclusions hold tremendous potential for the improvement of cancer chemotherapy treatment and for future research. (Mary F. Calvert/MCT)

During Nye’s presentation, he illustrated the earth’s age by examining layers of ice, riverbeds, fossils and then examining the origins of the universe and space. Nye also discredited Noah’s Arc by comparing it to a 20th century boat that eventually faltered due to its poor design. Nye predicts that those who believe the Biblical account of creation will have no interest in scientific innovation. He

ate voters and taxpayers for the future… we need engineers that can build stuff, solve problems,” Nye said. Ham’s opening statement included him playing video clips of scientists who are also Creationists. The man who created the MRI machine believed in the biblical account of creation. Therefore, Ham proved that Nye’s claim that Creationists are scientifically illiterate and

have no interest in innovation is false. “Sin and death entered the world, and that’s why God’s Son died on a cross- to conquer death and offer the free gift of salvation,” Ham said in the closing minutes of his presentation. “As Noah and his family had to go through a door to be saved, we need to go through a door to be saved: Jesus Christ said, ‘I am the Door; by me if any man enter in, he will be saved.’” “I want to close by reminding everybody what’s at stake here,” Nye said as he made his concluding statement. “If we abandon all that we’ve learned… if we abandon the process by which we know it… if we stop looking for the next answer, we in the United States will be outcompeted by other countries, other economies. That would be okay, I guess, but I was born here, I’m a patriot, and so we have to embrace science education. We have to keep science education in science.” Many praised Nye and the way he said evidence would be able to change his standpoint. “Over and over, [Nye] asked Ken Ham for specific pieces of evidence that would be predicted by creationism. Many will see Nye’s willingness to examine the evidence and realize- like I eventually did- that science isn’t founded on atheism at all; it’s simply the way we learn about our universe, regardless of what religion we do or don’t espouse. Bill Nye set out to educate people, and that’s exactly what he did,” David MacMillan from Huffington Post, and a former creationist said. Both Nye and Ham presented convincing points. However, there was no declared ‘winner’ of the debate.



Teenager arrested after posting comment online By Allie Casey Photographer After posting a sarcastic comment about elementary school shootings on Facebook, teenager Justin Carter found himself in jail facing up to a ten year sentence. Sixty days after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, 18 year old Justin Carter posted comments to a thread on a Facebook post, reading “I’m [messed] up in the head alright, I think I’ma shoot up a kindergarten.” Carter’s comments were brought to the attention of Texas authorities when an anonymous tipper from Canada saw his post. Texas authorities have found that Carter’s comments surfaced during a heated debate over the game, League of Legends. But actual details and the context of the argument, in the perspective of the authorities, are unimportant. Prosecutors have reported they don’t have the entirety of the comments, but only three comments on a screenshot. Carter’s initial comment appears to have been in response to someone accusing him of being crazy. He then followed with, “AND WATCH THE BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT RAINDOWN.” When a girl under the profile name “Hannah Love” replied to his post, Carted responded with, “AND EAT THE BEATING HEART OF THEM”

Although Carter’s comments are perceived to be written sarcastically, the Austin Police Department took his threats seriously because Carter lived 100 yards away from an elementary school. As a result, Travis County prosecutors believed they had probable cause to arrest Carter for a third-degree terroristic threat. Flanary, Carter’s lawyer, believes it is

ing people with are actually the words that they said, not a misrepresentation.” According to research done by Flanary, his client’s comments are not “terroristic threats” under the definition of the Texas Penal Code. Carter’s statements only met two of the three requirements by state law, uttered “with the intent to cause impairment or interruption of public communi-

Logo of the free-access social networking Web site Facebook.

crucial to have cations, public MCT 2009 access to the transportation, entire thread of comments in order to ar- public water, gas or, power supply.” rest Carter on terroristic charges. MeanCarter’s comments have been liking, the jury should be privy to the entire ened to a couple of people on a tanconversation, including the comments gent, by his lawyer. Flanary said, that sparked Carter’s hyperbolic rant. “There must be a clear and pres“When you’re dealing with speech,” ent danger and a true threat.” Flanary said, “ …it is absolutely imporBased on Flanary’s deductions, that if tant that the words that you are charg- there is no true threat, then his client’s com-

ments are protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution, freedom of speech. Carter’s bail was initially set at $250,000 but has now been raised to $500,000. His parents have set up fundraisers and sold t-shirts in an attempt to raise money for his bail, but unfortunately Carter’s bail is out of his family’s financial reach, keeping him in jail. Since being in jail, Carter has faced many challenges. Recently, Carter has been put on suicide watch. In a CNN interview, Carter’s father Jack, said “He’s very depressed. He’s very scared and he’s very concerned that he’s not going to get out. He has pretty much lost all hope.” When Carter was arrested no one could imagine the punishment he would receive. His mother Jennifer wrote that she thought that the police would talk to him and see that it was a joke, and if anything it would be a misdemeanor. “I thought that if they talked to him, they would realize it was just his sarcastic sense of humor,” Carter’s mom said. To Carter’s family’s dismay, an anonymous donor paid for Carter’s bond. Although Carter’s bond has been paid, his mother still expressed her worry over his future. On the family’s “Save Justin Carter” page, she wrote that “Justin is out of jail, but he is not free.” When asked of his arrest Carter said, “I guess what you post on Facebook matters.”

Clear Creek art students participate in VASE By Jenan Taha Features Editor Clear Creek art students put the final touches on their pieces in preparation for VASE, the Visual Art Scholastic Event, which took place on February 22. VASE is a statewide art competition that encourages high school art students to show off their artistic ability and look at thousands of other high school art pieces. VASE began in the 1980’s, when the leaders of UIL, University Interscholastic League realized that not much attention had been given to art as it had to debate, sports, and other UIL events. A committee was formed to decide how to create such a contest; they decided to create a separate branch of UIL called VASE. They recruited art experts of Houston, such as art teachers and enthusiasts, to judge the contest. Rules and regulations were set up, and in 1994, the first modern VASE competition began. After proper registration prior to the

contest is met, students gather at the designated high school on the contest day. When it is their time slot to be judged, they have eight minutes to talk to their assigned judge in a private interview. The judge then discreetly scores them on a point value of 15 to 60. Pieces receiving 15 to 24 points get a general score of one, which is the lowest score. Pieces obtaining 25 to 36 points receive a two; pieces receiving 37 to 50 points get a score of three, and pieces with 51 to 60 points receive a four, the highest score. There is no “winner” in VASE; rather, everyone receives his or her own score. Certain pieces at the regional level VASE are chosen as state pieces, and will appear at State VASE. Students who receive State VASE medals are eligible for VASE scholarships. Last year, Senior Marley Foster won a $1000 scholarship for her sculpture entry. Creek’s art teachers have high expectations for their art students each year. The majority of VASE entries achieve a four on

their piece, and the rest receive high three’s. Out of the 109 art students that entered the competition, 83 students received a four on one or more pieces. 90 medals were brought home in all. Students in Ms. Lienhart’s AP Art who received four’s include: Raynie Leard, Amanda Wheeldon, Caitlin Scheuring, Abby Diaz, Ami Artiz, Alex Gullien, Scarlet Schaefer, Martha Walker and Jenan Taha. Other students who received four’s in Ms. Lienhart’s include: Amber Higgins, Kayla Ko, Emily McFather, Dominic Nguyen, Natalie Pardivala, Danielle Riehs and Sydney Tippelt. Students in Ms. Henning’s art class who received four’s include: Ryan Asher, Rocky Batterson, Jasmine Bryant, Arday Carter, Karla Flores, Rachel Flores, Makenna Frerichs, Laura Gerke, Jake Gonzales, Vanessa Gonzalez, Brian Hickman, Mikayla Hixson, Brianna Kinsey, Kaley Kunkel, Sophia Leal, Victoria May, Di-

ana Morales, Sarah Morlan, Kinsey Sadler, Sabine Scharwachter, Sabrina Shepherd, Teva White and Zachary Willis. Students in Ms. Fox’s class who received four’s include: Shelby Savoie, Kyndal Dillehay, Kirana Bercich, Dyyane Bueno, Chelsea Bulseco, Madi Castillo, Francesca D’Agostaro, Laka David, Ruben Flores, Marley Foster, Collin Freeman, Kaitlyn Gothreaux, Ann Christine Hundeshagen, Sarah Kaplan, Jorge Martell, Maggie Oxman, Sami Pringle, Bryn Ray, Erica Ryan, Frances Sanchez, Josh Servellon, Sally Shroyer, Sydney Sly, Kelsie Sullivan and Anna Velasquez. Students who received a State VASE medal include: Chelsea Bulseco, Sami Pringle, Bryn Ray, Sally Shroyer, Sydney Sly, Anna Velasquez, Arday Carter, Abby Diaz, Alex Gullien, Brian Hickman, Diana Morales, Sabrina Shepherd, Madeline Castillo, Laka David, Ruben Flores, Marley Foster, Gracie Long, Jorge Martell, and Erica Ryan.



CCISD Robotics compete in San Antonio regional By Emily Ruthven Reporter The CCISD/NASA robotic team 118, The Robonauts, won the San Antonio Regional competition on March 13-15. The Robonauts are composed of 51 talented CCISD high school students from across the district, six teacher mentors and nine NASA engineer mentors. The Robonauts that hail from CCHS team included: Kirana Bercich, Nathan Buchanan, Todd Fanders, Marcus Isnard, Luis Larrosa, Mason Moreland, Alex Morlan, Brice Roark and Ethan Sizelon. The CCISD robotics program has four levels. Jr.FLL includes second and third grade students, FLL contains fourth and fifth grade students, FIC includes sixth, seventh and eighth grade and FRC contains ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade students. The Robonauts, FRC, mentor twenty-six elementary school level teams across the district. During the competition, the Robonauts competed in several events such as a game called “Aerial Assist”. This game is played by two competing alliances using three robots from each team. The robots compete on a 25’ by 54’ foot field and are straddled by a truss suspended five feet above the

floor. The objective of this game is to score as many goals as possible during a two minute and thirty second match. Most people do not appreciate all of the time, dedication, determination and hard work that goes into building a

Robonauts are known for being one of the best robotics teams in the state. At the Alamo Regional competition, all of the members of the Robonauts’ team had pivotal roles that contributed to the Robonauts’ tremendous success.

in optimal condition; the pilot and co-pilot executed carefully planned and developed strategies on the robot. Team 118 also fielded a robot rescue team that assisted other teams’ robots so that they could compete in the event. To bring home the title of San Antonio Regional Champions, the Robonauts went undefeated all the way through ten qualifying matches. This winning streak continued into the final, thus winning them the tournament along with their two alliance teams from Katy, Texas and Honolulu, Hawaii. The Robonauts also won the “Engineering Excellence” award. This win qualified the Robonauts for the FRC World Championship located in St. Louis in late April. Over spring break, the Robonauts competed in at the Greater Kansas City Regional competition located in Missouri. They competed in eleven rounds of Aerial Assist and came in first place, thus granting the Robonauts with the title of Regional Champions. Once again, the Robonauts also won the “Engineering Excellence” award based on the creativeness, quality and overall performance of the Robonauts’ robot. The Photo Courtesy of CCISDROBONAUTS.ORG competition-ready Scouts had to log Robonauts are currently holding an undefeated robot. However, despite all of the hard extremely detailed information about record. The Robonauts will be at their home work, the Robonauts always manage every single team in every single match; regional Saturday and Sunday, April 5 and 6 to build an outstanding robot. The a pit crew made sure their robot was at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey is a triumph for science By Arlen Addison Editor-in-Chief More than three decades after the astronomer Carl Sagan astonished the public with the scientific series Cosmos: A Personnel Voyage, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson brings us a new Cosmos for a new generation. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey is a thirteen-part follow up to the original 1980 series. With new special effects and scientific discoveries, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey aims explore the Cosmos as a whole. The new groundbreaking animations and special effects do justice to its predecessor by showing the true wonder and awe of science. When the original Cosmos series was released, science was largely seen as unobtainable to masses, a field mainly compromised of old, educated men. Carl Sagan and his Cosmos helped shake the public opinion of science. Carl Sagan helped the public understand scientific concepts previous restricted to universities and laboratories, such the time travel, the fourth dimension, and wormholes. He also showed how science is in our daily lives and how the understanding and mastery of it can help us improve our lives. In his own words, Sagan puts it, “We can use science, and with it, we can improve our lives.” Since its release, Cosmos has brought science into living rooms of over half a billion people in more than 60 countries and is widely considered the most influential science documentary of all time. Now astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson aims to inform the public once again in a world where science and technology are becoming part of our lives more than ever before. “The goal is to convey why science matters to the person, to our society, to

us as shepherds of this planet. It involves presenting science in ways that connect to you, so Cosmos can influence you not only intellectually but emotionally, with a celebration of wonder and awe,” Tyson said. “Science should be part of everybody’s life. The prerequisite is not that you become a scientist. It’s that at the end of the series, you will embrace science and

allowing us the view the universe as it once was, as it is, and how it might one day be. The original Cosmos was among the first shows to feature computer generated effects, which were groundbreaking at the time. Instead of having to rely on models or full size sets, host Carl Sagan could simply walk into the Library of Alexandria or show the structure of DNA. The new Cosmos

Photo Courtesy of National Geographic and Fox. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey premiers Sunday 9/8c on Fox and Mondays 10/9c on National Geographic.

recognize its role in who and what you are.” True to the original series, Tyson explores the cosmos in a ship of the imagination, just as Carl Sagan once did. Not bounded by conventional laws of time and space, the ship of the imagination can travel anywhere and anyplace in the cosmos,

follows the original with stunning special effects and animations. Using special effects, Tyson can now walk alongside prehistoric reptiles or chronical the lives of famous scientists with the spectacular animations done by Seth MacFarlane. When the first Cosmos aired in 1980,

the U.S. and Soviet Union were at the height of the Cold War. A central theme to the series was the idea that humans were at a crossroad. We could either use our vast scientific knowledge and resources to explore the stars in peace or utterly destroy our species and our world in a nuclear armageddon. At that time the majority of the United States’ scientists were employed the research and development of armaments and new military technologies, with very few involved in peace exploration of the cosmos. It was unclear at the time just which of the two paths humanity would choose to follow. “The sky calls to us. If we do not destroy ourselves, we one day venture to the stars” Sagan remarked in Cosmos. A central theme to the new Cosmos is the new threat of our time, Climate change. Once again we are at a crossroads and must choose between exploitation of our planet and resources or conservation and use of new technologies. Though only three episodes have yet aired, Host Neil deGrasse Tyson has already taken us to the far corners of the cosmos. From the big bang to black holes, evolution to extinctions mars to the Milky Way, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey is has taken us on a journey unlike anything before. Sadly the original Cosmos host, Carl Sagan, did not live to see new series, passing away in 1996. However, his legacy and that of the original Cosmos live on and are done justice in this modern reboot. “The Cosmos is all that is, or was, or ever will be. Our feeblest contemplations of the Cosmos stir us -- there is a tingling in the spine, a catch in the voice, a faint sensation, as if a distant memory, of falling from a height. We know we are approaching the greatest of mysteries,” Sagan, in the openning of his orignal series, said.



College Board adjusts SAT to fit modern learning By Emily Berthiaume Reporter College Board President and CEO, thinks David Coleman believes standardized tests, especially the SAT, have become “far too disconnected from the work of our high schools”. Therefore, the SAT will undergo major changes in the spring of 2016 that will affect what is tested, how it is scored, and how students can prepare for the exam. There will no longer be a penalty for guessing wrong, obscure vocabulary words will be limited and the essay that was added in 2005 will now be optional. Infamously difficult SAT vocabulary words will now be replaced with words that are common in college courses, such as “empirical” and “synthesis”. Math is also undergoing major changes, and will focus on linear equations, functions and proportional thinking. Calculators will no longer be allowed on some math sections, and the test will be available on computer and paper. The 2400-scale score will no longer be used, as SATs will now be graded on the old 1600 scale. This is because the essay is now optional and will be graded separately, not affecting the overall score. This means that SATs will only receive a score on the 2400 scale from 2005 to 2015, a short window. The announced changes come after a year when the ACT, which is more directly based on high school curriculums, surpassed the SAT in popularity. In 2013, 1.7 million students took the SAT, while 1.8 million opted for the ACT. Also, recently more and

more colleges have started making an SAT score in a college application optional. Coleman mainly wants the test to more closely reflect what students do in school, and limit the amount of coaching and tutoring on how to take the test that “gives

practice of costly test preparation that has arisen around admissions exams drives the perception of inequality and injustice in our country,” Mr. Coleman said Wednesday. “It may not be our fault, but it is our problem.” Coleman said he is done encouraging

affluent students NATE BEELER editorial cartoon Ci=ourtesy of MCT Campus tricks and an advantage”. flash cards “It is time for the College Board to that promise to beat his test, especially say in a clearer voice that the culture and if they replace deep, analytical reading

and understanding. If the college exam tests only obscure vocabulary words, “students stop reading and start flipping,” he said, courtesy of CNN. As a part of this movement, the College Board will now be partnering with Khan Academy to offer free online SAT test prep, similar to the preparation an expensive prep course would offer. Low-income students will also now be able to apply to up to four colleges for free through the College Board. “It’s absurd, and that’s the nicest thing I can call it, how much test prep has grown and how guilt-ridden parents have become about trying to prepare their kids for the test,” said Mr. Ballinger, director of undergraduate admissions at University of Washington. “If this helps test prep become learning, not gaming, well, shoot, that’s great.” The new SAT has been specifically designed to stop the strategies and tricks that so many test prep courses teach, with a new emphasis on reinforcing the skills and evidence-based thinking students are already learning in school. For example, sometimes students will be asked not just to choose the right answer but to justify it by a quotation from the text that provides the best supporting evidence for their answer. According to NYTimes another change is that each SAT will include a reading selection from one of the nations “founding documents”, such as the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, or from one of the important discussions of such texts, such as the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter From Birmingham Jail.”

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First book Divergent, of disutopian series hits theatre By Emily Ruthven Reporter The first installment of Veronica Roth’s best-selling trilogy, Divergent, finally came to theatres on Friday, March 21. Currently, Divergent is the number one film in the nation, earning an amazing 56 million dollars at the box office on opening weekend. Targeted at teenagers, the film takes a look at the life of Beatrice Prior who lives in a society that is divided into five factions. Once a person is sixteen years of age, they take the aptitude test that determines which faction most resembles their personality, based on their actions. When Beatrice Prior’s test results come back as “inconclusive”, her life is never the same again. She is divergent: a person who does not fit into a faction and cannot be controlled by the government. Divergents are commonly killed due to their genetic resistance to the faction system. Confused and anxious, Beatrice chooses the warrior faction, Dauntless. There she learns about a master plan to eliminate all Divergents, and, with the help of fellow Dauntless member, Four, Beatrice must find some way to save the Divergents and herself. Directed by Neil Burger, Divergent stars actors and actresses such as, Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Ashley Judd, Jai Courtney, Ray Stevenson, Miles Teller, Zoe Kravitz, Ansel Elgort, Kate Winslet, Ben Lamb and several others.

Shailene Woodley, who plays Beatrice Prior, or as known later in the film, Tris Prior, made her screen debut in Replacing Dad, 1999, and also made appearances in The District, 2000, The O.C, 2003, and Crossing Jordan, 2001. Woodley scored

award, the 2012 MTV Movie Awards Breakthrough Performance award and received a Golden Globe nomination. Woodley will also star in The Fault in Our Stars with Divergent co-star, Ansel Elgort. The film is set to come out in June.

Shailene Woodley (left) and Theo James star in “Divergent.”

(Jaap Buitendijk/MCT) There was a the lead role for large amount of The Secret Life of the American Teenager in 2008 and later, pressure riding on Divergent’s success due in 2011, appeared as a supporting actress to the previous failed young-adult movies, to George Clooney in The Descendants. such as The Mortal Instruments, Percy Woodley won an Independent Spirit Jackson and the Sea of Monsters, Ender’s

Game, Vampire Academy and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Many were comparing Divergent to it’s extremely popular cousin, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Divergent scored a 7.7 out of 10 total stars on IMDb while The Hunger Games scored 7.3 stars and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire scored 7.9 stars. Divergent scored an impressive 81 percent from audiences on Rotten Tomatoes, but only 40 percent of critics liked it. The Hunger Games scored 84 percent from critics and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire scored an 89 percentage. Some critics praised Divergent. “Woodley and James have substantial chemistry, forging a bond that feels more believable than the competing love stories at the core of ‘The Hunger Games’,” USA Today said. “She (Woodley) may not have the blazing, rock-star power of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in ‘The Hunger Games’, but there is a subtlety and a naturalism to her performance that make her very accessible and appealing,” said. However some critics just did not see a spark in Divergent. “Hey, we gotta kill time between ‘Hunger Games’ installments somehow. Why not ‘Divergent’?” The Dallas Morning News said. “The film exists because of ‘The Hunger Games’success,’” The Sacramento Bee said. The next installment in the Divergent trilogy, Insurgent, is set to come out on March 20, 2015.

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo gets rounded up By Jasmine Garza Editor-in-Chief After 80 years and counting, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is the largest rodeo in the world. Starting in 1931 after seven men met for lunch at the Texas State Hotel in Houston, The Houston Fat Stock Show and Exposition was established. In 1938 after previous delays, The Houston Fat Stock Show was on course and to be held at the Sam Houston Coliseum for the first time, along with the first rodeo, horse show and parade held in conjunction. Although entertainers may be the main attractions now a days, the first entertainer, The Singing Cowboy, did not perform until 1942. In 1961 the organization’s name officially changed to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and 1966 the HLSR moved from the Sam Houston Coliseum to the Astrodome complex, and announced the signature “Bowlegged H” as its logo design. The one-of-a-kind 40-foot turning stage is introduced in 1986, and continues to wow performers every year as they step on the turning stage for the first time. In 1994 the HLSR is broadcasted for the first time on pay-per-view television and the rodeo reaches a paid attendance of one million for the first time, and in 1996 RodeoHouston becomes the official name. In 2003 the 71 HLSR celebrated its first year in Reliant Stadium and Reliant Center. Each year cowboys, cowgirls, and entertainers try to break previous records and set their own high for the record book of Rodeo Houston, and this year was no different. From numerous sold-

out shows with eight out of sixteen performers ranking in the top 20 of total attendance in the history of the rodeo, Wednesday March 19, 2014 performance, Florida Georgia Line takes12 place. For country-pop duo, Florida Georgia Line with lead singers, Brian Kelley from Ormond Beach, Florida and Tyler Hubbard from Monroe, Georgia, this was their first rodeo, at least in Houston, TX. Opening with a sold out show of 74,880 people around them at the start of their first song It’s Just What We Do, to having entire sections of Reliant Stadium to their feet as their second song Party People began. At the start of the third song Shine On, not only were people jumping up and down, but the lights of almost 75,000 cell-phones and lighters lit up the stadium to create an indescribable ambiance. Throughout the night, FLAGALine seemed genuinely humble and amazed by the crowd around them as they continually sighed with unbelief and toasted the audience. “This isn’t a country thing. This is a Houston thing. Thank you for making our dreams come true and thank you for selling out this stadium, cheers baby,” Hubbard said right before their third consecutive single to make billboard, Round Here started. Not many performers get off stage and begin running around the massive football field, but FLAGALine could not resist. During multiple songs including Tell Me How You Like It, and Party People, lead singers Kelley and Hubbard ran around clapping hands, taking selfies with audience members and keeping the energy alive. “This feels like home,” Hubbard said as People Back Home began, with a piece of rap in the middle.

Not only did FLAGALine sing ten of their own songs, during their love song Stay, they segued directly into a cover of Bruno Mars, Grenade. “If its okay with you guys, I want everyone in the stadium to stand up out of their seats,” as everyone began to rise Hubbard said, “I’m about to pass out,”

amazed at the sight. “I think that Texas should be very very proud of one fact right now and I’m being dead honest. Not only have you guys changed our lives. Houston, TX you guys just changed country music history forever,” right before breaking out to their number one country digital song in history and a pop hit thanks to Nelly, Cruise.

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The yellow brick road comes to life at TUTS By Jasmine Garza Editor-in-Chief On March 7, 2014 the yellow brick road came to life as a new production of the American classic, The Wizard of Oz by Andrew Lloyd Webber came to Theatre Under the Stars in Houston, TX. TUTS did not perform just your average show, they went above and beyond to capture the essence of every moment. Beginning with the opening scene of Dorothy, played by Danielle Wade, finding Toto played by Nigel, and believing her family does not understand her. Few moments after Dorothy runs away from home with Toto, she comes in counter with Professor Marvel, played by Jay Brazeau, who shows her his new creation that shows videos. Professor Marvel then goes into singing as he explains each interesting sometimes funny photo in his slideshow. Soon after talking to Professor Marvel Dorothy decides to return home before a storm hits, but finds herself running after Toto first. As she begins to run after Toto, a tornado hits and the atmosphere in the theatre becomes alive. From flashing lights, and video screens the scene undergoes change as the projector creates a movie like change. As Dorothy wakes up, she finds herself in a dazed and confused state waking up in bright and colorful Munchkin Land. As she awakes the Munchkins are confused as to who she is, and Glinda, played by Robin Evan Willis begins descending from the top of the stage seeming as though she is floating within her whole dress as it fills the stage. As Glinda comes down she reassures

the Munchkins that Dorothy is okay, and had a Brain. Throughout the course of the commends her for killing the Wicked Witch musical, Hunk repeatedly places emphasis of the East, who is Miss Gulch’s, the Wicked on his lack of knowledge and understanding Witch of the West played by Jacquelyn Piro in a comical way. As Dorothy and Hank Donovan, sister. As Miss Gulch becomes begin their journey, they break out in furious she tries to be the first to obtain the the famous We’re off to see the Wizard. The next companion Dorothy and shoes of her sister, but before she retrieves Hunk find on them, they their way to magically Oz is Hickory, appear on the Tin Man, the feet of played by D o r o t h y, Mike Jackson. and she Hickory now begins claims to to hold have no heart, the power and therefore to protect cannot feel. herself from Hickory then the Wicked joins Dorothy Witch of and Hank in the West. If I Only had A s a Heart, and Dorothy begin on their attempts to find her journey to Oz. Photo Courtesy of Cylla Von Tiedemann way home The final the Munchkins begin singing Follow the companion joining Dorothy, Hank and Yellow Brick Road, where she can find Hickory is Zeke the Lion played by Lee the Great and Powerful Oz, played by Jay MacDougall, who claims to be a cowardly Brazeau, to help her find her way home. As lion with no courage, and finds his way she follows the yellow brick road, she finds towards Oz singing If I Only had the Nerve.. As the journey begins for the three of different and unique characters along the way beginning with Hunk the Scarecrow, them, they find themselves going through played by Jamie McKnight. Hunk seems obstacles, especially those given by Miss to be a fragile scarecrow, more afraid of Gulch, including the Poppy Fields, which the outside, then they are of him. As he made each one of them to fall asleep. Miss becomes aware of Dorothy’s plan to visit Gulch might want to destroy the three, but Oz, he joins her journey as he claims to Glinda has promised to protect Dorothy. As the four awake from their sleep have no brain and begins singing If I Only

they continue their journey and find themselves at the gates to the Emerald City, with one last request of the Wizard of Oz, before they can get their wishes, the broomstick of the Wicked Witch of the West must be returned to Oz himself. After scary forests and the Witch’s Castle, the Wicked Witch of the West is killed, and Dorothy retrieves her broomstick to take to Oz, and HailHail! The Witch is Dead begins. As they return to the Emerald City the Wizard of Oz accidently reveals himself, and tells Dorothy, Hunk, Hickory and Zeke, that they have always had what they have been looking for and gives Hunk a diploma, Hickory a heart, Zeke a medal, then tells Dorothy she has had the power to go home all along, if she had just believed and taped her red ruby slippers together three times. As Dorothy says her good-byes, they sing their final song together, Farewell to Oz and Dorothy taps her shoes together three times, awakening in Kansas with a new appreciation for her family. As the final scene of the musical takes place, she is in her bedroom where she is told she has been dreaming this whole time, but each character on her journey to Oz seem be the same family members around her. With many talented cast members, artistic views and composers, The Wizard Of Oz proved to be a success among many. From adults reliving their childhoods and children enjoying the ones they have. No age limit was placed on the happiness you could receive as you sat there to watch as Dorothy found her way back o Kansas, in those ruby red slippers.

Clear Brook students debut film at SXSW festival By Jessica Sieling Managing Editor

The annual South by Southwest film, music and interactive conference festival took place over the week of March 7-16 in its birthplace, Austin, Texas. The festival brought in bands, filmmakers and fans from all over the country to celebrate the art of music and filmmaking. The first SXSW festival was held in 1987 as a way for local artist to share their music with the rest of the world. Although the festival started with only about 700 registrants, now the music event gets about 16,000 registrants every year. Since SXSW developed into a full film festival in 1994, the amount of registrants has doubled to over 32,000 people. The music festival is considered to be one of the largest and most influential events of the year by many music lovers. On average, over 2,000 acts perform in over 100 venues all over downtown Austin. This year the festival included several famous music acts, including popular artist such as Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Jay Z and more. The film festival is also a large event that many filmmakers aim to be a part of. Containing films from all different categories and from all over the world, the film program brings in thousands of fans from all over to see the different screenings. This year, many big screen films, or Headliners, premiered, including the movies such as Veronica Mars starring Kristen Bell and Neighbors starring Zac Efron.

This year was also special due to the fact that four students from Clear Brook

on Saturday, March 8 along with the other Texas High School Shorts.

A cross and flowers are outside The Mohawk in Austin, Texas, Sat-

H o w e v e r, High School urday, March 15, 2014, as a memorial to the people who died in the the festival hit-and-run tragedy at SXSW. in CCISD (Jay Janner/Austin American-Statesman/MCT) did take a made their slightly morbid short film, Cliché, into the High School Short category turn when three festivalgoers were of the festival. Out of many submissions, only 22 films were chosen to premiere. Directed by Joseph Alvarez and Eric Zeleya, the film is about four teenagers who go on a mission to create the greatest student short film. The principle cast also included Danny Bernal and Rachael Acosta. “It was absolutely the best time of my entire life! I learned so much and got to meet so many amazing and talented people! Seeing my face on the big screen was completely surreal! I plan on going again next year and every year until I die!” Clear Brook junior Rachael Acosta said. Cliché premiered at the festival

killed and 22 others were injured in an accident after a drunk driver drove into a crowd. The accident happened on March 13 and the driver, Rashad Owens, is now in jail on capital murder and aggravated motor vehicle assault charger. A vigil was held in order to honor the crash victims on Sunday, March 16. Despite the tragedy of the accident, the rest of the festival was considered a big success to the fans and organizers. “SXSW’s original goal was to create an event that would act as a tool for creative people and the companies they work with to develop their careers, to bring together people from a wide area to meet and share ideas. That continues to be the goal today whether it is music, film or interactive technologies,” according the festival’s website. More information about SXSW can be found on the festival’s website,SXSW.COM.

24 Teen Interest Punk-rock band Panic! At The Disco hits Houston By Emily Ruthven Reporter The punk-rock band, Panic! At The Disco, released their newest album Too Weird to Live Too Rare to Die in October 2013. Shortly after that, the alternative band hit the road for the tour of this album. The tour started on January 14 in Seattle, Washington and ended in Oakland, California on February 15 with shows in Canada, Boston, New York, Houston, Miami and many more. There were a total of twenty three stops on the tour. The album includes ten original songs: This is Gospel, Miss Jackson, Vegas Lights, Girl That You Love, Nicotine, Girls/Girls/ Boys, Casual Affair, Far too Young to Die, Collar Full and The End of All Things. However, this is not the band’s first full album. Including their newest album, Panic! At The Disco has released four albums: Too Weird to Live Too Rare to Die, which came out in 2013, Vices and Virtues, released in 2011, Pretty. Odd., which came out in 2008 and A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, released in 2005. P!ATD (Panic! At The Disco) formed in 2004 and currently consists of Brendon Urie, lead singer, Dallon Weekes on bass guitar and others. Panic! At The Disco was formed Las Vegas, Nevada. At the time, all of the

members of the band were still in school. The band got their big break after they asked the lead singer of the punk-rock band, Fall Out Boy, to come and listen to one of

drummer, Spencer Smith, and keyboardist, Ryan Ross, left the band due to a drug addiction. However, Panic! At The Disco recovered, and continued to produce music.

their rehearsals. Photo Courtesy of Cecilie Wahl P a n i c ! Soon after, the At The Disco band released their debut album, A Fever You Can’t performed a sold out show in Houston, Texas Sweat Out, which sold over a million on February 11, 2014 at the House of Blues. Afterwards, the band posted a picture copies. After a few years, the band’s

of the audience on Instagram with the caption, “Houston, we have a problemyou were so awesome last night but we sadly can’t play in you again tonight!” Panic!At The Disco also toured with Fall Out Boy in the summer of 2013. The tour started on September 5 and ended on September 29. They also performed on the late night talk show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on October 11, 2013. Panic! At The Disco also had the honor of performing at the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant on November 10, 2013. The band performed Miss Jackson and I Write Sins Not Tragedies. Some of the band’s most popular songs include I Write Sins Not Tragedies, This is Gospel, Nine in the Afternoon, Miss Jackson and The Ballad of Mona Lisa. Music videos have been produced for Miss Jackson, This is Gospel, Girls/Girls/ Boys, The Ballad of Mona Lisa, I Write Sins Not Tragedies, Build God, Then We’ll Talk, Let’s Kill Tonight, Memories, Time to Dance, Vegas Lights, Hurricane, Always, Turn Off The Lights, just to name a few. Panic! At The Disco will soon go to Europe to tour there. The band will be there for approximately one month. Panic! At The Disco will perform in locations such as Dusseldorf, Strasbourg, Paris, Berlin, Tilburg, Borgerhout and London, into months of April and May 2014.

Supernatural drama film Winter’s Tale disappoints By Carolina Sarria Repoter The film Winter’s Tale, which was released on February 14, failed to impress critics and left audiences confused instead of mesmerized. The movie stars Colin Farrell as Peter Lake, a young thief who arrives in America as a baby in 1895. The opening includes a monologue detailing the stars in the sky and what humans become when they are gone. In 1916, Peter meets Beverly Penn, played by Jessica Brown Findlay. Peter was in the middle of stealing from Beverly’s father in her home when he unexpectedly overhears her playing the piano and decides not to go through with the robbery. Peter learns that Beverly, only 21 years old, is about to die of tuberculosis. They fall in love, much to the dismay of Pearly Soames, portrayed by Russell Crowe, who raised Peter and became his father figure. Pearly plans to kill Peter to stop him from trying to save Beverly. The film implies Pearly is a worker for the devil, adding a sense of battle between good and evil that features demons. Beverly does pass away, even though Peter believed he was meant to save the beautiful, red-haired woman from dying and be her miracle. Pearly believes he has killed Peter when he throws him off the Brooklyn Bridge after they finally come face to face and Peter is beaten down by Pearly’s group of workers. However, the movie fastforwards to 2014 and several characters, including Peter, are shown to be alive. At this time, 119-year-old Peter meets a single mother and her redheaded daughter in New York City. It is revealed that the young girl has cancer, and Peter

manages to freeze Pearly to death and save the girl from dying too young. The mystical white horse that always

movie failed to retain the status of its novel. “Hold on tight. This movie features a magical winged horse that’s really a

Colin Farrell, left, as Peter Lake and Jessica Brown Findlay as

seems to come Beverly Penn in “Winter’s Tale.” (David C. Lee/MCT) to Peter’s rescue appeared to be his guardian angel, since it would always make its exits by flying away. The horse is often referred to as a dog, making the film even more confusing than it already is. “This movie is supposed to be about miracles, apparently, but it will be a miracle if you don’t laugh out loud or gasp in shock at what a mess it is,” Scott Pierce from the Salt Lake Tribune said. The film has a peculiar way of going about establishing the central theme, which is that miracles can happen. It has received mostly negative reviews from critics. With a 15 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 31/100 on Metacritic, it appears that the

dog, villains driving black sports cars on

ice in unison as if they’re in a Super Bowl commercial, William Hurt arguing ‘fillet’ should be pronounced ‘FILL-IT’ because you don’t call a wallet a ‘wallay’, the legendary, 89-year-old Eva Marie Saint playing a character about 18 years older than that and Will Smith as Lucifer, who wears some seriously blinged-out earrings,” said Richard Roeper from the Chicago Sun-Times. “Maybe it would have worked as an animated film. As an admittedly earnest and ambitious liveaction story of love and romance and our place in the universe, it’s a gooey mess.” Actor Colin Farrell acknowledged in an interview that the movie would receive mixed reviews. “I just believe it’s going to be too much for some people. Listen, I’m not going to argue against [(the cynical view)]. Me on a flying horse over Columbus Circle in 2014 is going to be a tough pill for some people to swallow,” he said. Aside from the lack of logic in the storyline, the movie is visually appealing. Even the film’s poster backs up the message it is trying to convey: “This is not a true story. It’s a love story.”

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Ellen DeGeneres hosts 86th annual Oscars Awards By Jessica Sieling Managing Editor Like the beginning of every year, the award season for movies, television shows and music has come and gone, but not before ending with a bang with the annual Academy Awards ceremony. The Academy Awards, or most commonly referred to as the Oscars, premiered on March 1 and was hosted by none other then Hollywood icon Ellen DeGeneres herself. The Awards celebrated actresses and actors from many different movie genres as well as directors, cinematographers, composers and many more deserving participants. The Oscars began like usual: the host introducing herself to the crowd, making some jokes to start off the night and eventually preparing the audience for the evening ahead. DeGeneres, however, did make the gig a bit more personal by telling jokes directly to the stars, including American Hustle star, Jennifer Lawrence, as she pointed out Lawrence’s unfortunate history with falling down while receiving awards or just at award ceremonies in general. “She fell, on the way out of the car. If you win tonight, we should bring you the Oscar,” DeGeneres said to Lawrence. After the intro, the Awards picked up the pace as the first award was given to Jared Leto and his win for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for the movie Dallas Buyers Club. “To all the dreamers out there around the world watching this tonight in places like the Ukraine and Venezuela, I want to say we are here and as you struggle to make your dreams happen — to live the impossible — we’re thinking of you tonight,” Leto said, upon accepting his award. Many famous speakers such as Anne Hathaway, Jim Carrey and Carrie

Washington spoke before Pharrell Williams entertained the audience with his new song Happy. During the performance, Williams danced with several actresses sitting in the crowd including Lupita Nyong’o, Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. More awards were handed out to Cathrine Martin, receiving the award for Best Costume Design for The Great Gatsby, and Robin Matthews and Adruitha Lee, winning for Best Makeup and Hairstyling for Dallas Buyer’s Club. The Great Gatsby

went to Mr. Hublot and Frozen. Frozen also went home with the award for Best Original Song with “Let It Go”, which Idina Mendzel later performed during the evening. The film Helium won the award for Best Live-Action Short Film. The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life won the award for Best Documentary Short Subject and 20 Feet from Stardom took home the award for Best Documentary Feature. The award for Best Foreign Language Film went to The Great Beauty.

Lupita Nyong’o on stage during the 86th annual Academy Awards

During also won the on Sunday, March 2, 2014, at the Dolby Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center in Los Angeles. another break, award for Best (Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times/MCT) Karen O Production Deign. Channing Tatum paused the stream of and Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig awards to introduce the members of Team performed The Moon Song from Spike Oscar. Team Oscar was a completion for Jonze’s film Her. The movie did not win college students interested in film that the Academy Award for Best Picture, was launched by Tatum and The Academy however, still took home the award for Best in searched of the “next generation of Screen Play. Later, the old rock band U2 filmmakers”. The winners got to appear performed the song Ordinary Love from the onstage during the live Award ceremony. movie Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. DeGeneres continually made her The members of Team Oscars included Zaineb Adbul-Nabi, Tayo Amos, Nathan appearances as host throughout the Flanagan-Franki, Jean Paul Isaacs, night, such as randomly popping up in Bryson Kemps and Mackenne Millet. the audience to announce upcoming Awards for Best Animated Short surprises and coming out dress as Glinda Film and Best Animated Feature Film from The Wizard of Oz after P!NK sang a

rendition of the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. She made history, however, after bringing pizza into the crowd after making a joke earlier in the evening. The audience was pleased to see stars such as Brad Pitt and Meryl Streep enjoying slices of pizza during the ceremony. More awards were given out, including seven awards to the movie Gravity for Best Cinematography (Emmanuel Lubezki), Best Directing (Alfonso Cuarón), Best Film Editing (Alfonso Cuarón and Mark Sanger), Best Original Score (Steven Price), Best Sound Editing (Glen Freemantle), Best Sound Mixing (Skip Lievsay, Niv Adiri, Christopher Benstead and Chris Munro) and Best Visual Effects (Tim Webber, Chris Lawrence, Dave Shirk and Neil Corbould). Lupita Nyong’o won the award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her portrayal as “Patsey” in the movie 12 Years a Slave. Nyong’o accepted her award saying, “It doesn’t escape me for one moment that so much joy in my life is due to so much pain in someone else’s.” “When I look down at this golden statue, may it remind me and every little child that no matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid,” Nyong’o said at the end of her acceptance speech. The Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role went to Cate Blanchett for her film, Blue Jasmine. Blanchett had a slightly more colorful of accepting her award, addressing every other women up for the award personally, including her comment “Julia, hashtag suck-it, you know what I mean?” to her fellow nominee, Julia Roberts. Matthew McConaughey took home the award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for the movie Dallas Buyers Club. Many movies were nominated for Best Picture, however, 12 Year a Slave took home the Academy Award for the night.

Artist Childish Gambino releases new rap album By Ata Karagoz Guest Reporter The American hip-hop recording artist Donald Glover, also known by his stage name Childish Gambino, is back with his second album, Because The Internet. After his resounding success with his first album, Camp, the former Community actor and writer for 30 Rock decided to embrace his geek side and create another powerful rap album. For someone who in the past has said he does not take rap too seriously, Gambino creates astonishingly good music. From the extreme background of I. Crawl to the shout out given to the Scarlet Letter in Earth: The Oldest Computer (The Last Night), Childish Gambino creates a flowing movement between the intellectual and the immature. Between the regular lyrical themes one finds in rap that are generally inappropriate, Gambino inserts lyrics that have one questioning their lives and loves. In fact, Gambino has used both Camp and Because The Internet as sort of a looking glass into how nothing really lasts, how he knows his fame will fade and how he is wondering what that will mean for him.

This knowledge of an end at the material so people will know he has been beginning stems perhaps from the fact through things. The real artistry Gambino that Glover displays moved from comes across comedy to in lyrics like rap and was “Girl, why not expecting is you lying, to be a huge girl why you hit. He does Mufasa” in what he the song V. likes to do, 3005. The because he homophones likes to do of lying and it but now lion are used he wonders to create a where he kind of pun will go in comparing afterwards. her to the M a n y character of Childish Mufasa, G a m b i n o ’s from The lyrics are Lion King. explicit, Not only however that that, but it just stems also implies Photo Courtesy to from the fact that the girl that they have to be explicit is the queen of lying, in the rap world in order to be taken seriously. just like Mufasa is the king in the movie. To an extent, a rapper needs to use explicit That line, though innocuous and coming

off as just another pun line, actually has a deeper meaning when looked into. Many have enjoyed the album since its release in December. The album was ranked number 15 by hip-hop magazine, XLL, on the list of best albums of 2013. They expanded saying, “One of the most creative albums of the year, actor/rapper Childish Gambino meshes both his talents together for a very innovate and impressive album. He ditches the goofy-comedic rap lyrics with introspective bars that tell a story about a boy who is trying to find himself in life. The music itself is really polished and well-produced, showcasing his growth lyrically and musically as he frequently sings on records.” Glover provides an inspiration in terms of encouraging people to follow their dreams and goals. It is okay if someone is already successful at one thing, it does not mean that person has to be limited to the things he or she is good at for his or her entire life. Glover raps, writes, directs, produces and does standup comedy. But he does it because he enjoys it, not because of the money or the fame. He shows that people can pursue whatever they like, no matter how varied their passions are.



Biggest moments of the Sochi Winter Olympics By Emily Berthiaume Reporter The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi started with a bang – in the form of a major ring malfunction – and the memorable moments only continued from there. From un prepared hotels to surprise wins and pranks that get the whole nation, the Olympics certainly made headlines this year. The ceremony that officially opened the Olympics on February 7 had acrobats, fireworks and ballerinas, but none of those were what everyone was talking about. When five mechanical snowflakes expanded into the Olympic rings, there was a malfunction – one of them never expanded, leaving a flawed picture that was instantly spread across many websites. However, the questions about Russia’s preparedness for the games started long before the opening ceremony, with many athletes tweeting pictures and stories about how unfinished their hotels are. Toilets right next to each other, locked doors, yellow water and empty elevator shafts were all horror stories that made people question whether or not the choice to make Sochi the host city was the right thing to do. Perhaps the most famous story was when American bobsledder Johnny Quinn got locked in his hotel bathroom and, with no phone, was forced to slam through the door to get out. Other stories that came from the games were inspirational, such as Russian skier Anton Gafarov who, after breaking his ski in a cross-country race, was handed another ski by Canadian coach Justin Wadsworth, just so the skier could finish the race with dignity. When asked of the good deed, Wadsworth said he “was surprised anyone would care.” While the name Hubertus von Hohenlohe may not sound familiar to most people in America, he has been dubbed the

“new most interesting man in the world” at CNN. At the age of 55, he speaks five languages, has released eight albums and was the oldest athlete competing at Sochi. He was Mexico’s only entry to the games and, while he didn’t medal, he certainly had the best outfit, proudly skiing in a mariachi-themed uniform.

did. He was the brunt of countless jokes, and, when he had to take a break and have Matt Lauer anchor one night, he broke his 14 year Olympic anchoring streak. However, the majority of Olympic moments were created on the slopes and in the arenas, of course. Slope style skiing was a brand-new event introduced for the first

Ondrej Moravec celebrates winning the bronze medal in the men’s 15K mass start biathlon at the Laura Cross-Country Ski and Biathlon Center at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014. (Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune/MCT)

Other Olympic moments quickly became popular on the internet, such as American figure skater Ashely Wagner’s disappointed face after seeing her score. A video that was posted on American luger Kate Hansen’s YouTube and Twitter pages seemed to depict a wolf wandering the halls of her Sochi hotel room and quickly blew up, until it was revealed that it was all a prank masterminded by none other than Jimmy Kimmel. When Bob Costas showed up on TVs to announce the first day of the Olympics, it was clear something was wrong with his eyes; however, he promised it would clear up. It never

time in Sochi, and the Americans certainly represented in the men’s division. Gus Kenworthy, Joss Christianson and Nick Goepper swept the podium, winning gold, silver and bronze. Kenworthy also made headlines for a completely different reason, when he announced on Twitter that he was attempting to adopt a family of puppies from Sochi, his contribution to help solve the problem of the excess of homeless dogs in Sochi. Another sport joining the 12 that made their Olympic debut at Sochi included women’s ski jumping, in which Germany’s Carina Vogt won gold. Women’s individual figure skating

ended in shocking results – Yuna Kim, the by far favorite for gold, came in second, with little-known Russian Adelina Sotnikova winning gold. Controversy immediately sparked, with CNN pointing out that one of the judges had been suspended for a year for trying to fix an event at the Winter Olympics 16 years ago, and another is married to the head of the Russian figure-skating federation. In men’s half pipe, American favorite Shaun White failed to even medal, coming in fourth. Switzerland’s Iouri Podladtchikov won gold; landing a trick he created himself called the “YOLO flip.” Young athletes also won big at the games, such as eighteen year old Mikaela Shiffrin winning gold in women’s slalom for Team USA. Nineteen year old Justine Dufour-Lapointe and her twenty-two old sister Chloe from Canada won gold and silver in women’s moguls, and their third sister also competed in the games. Hockey, as usual, was a huge deal, for both men and women. In men’s, America won over Russia in a qualifying game, and Russia only continued to lose, being eliminated from the completion when they lost again to Finland in the quarterfinal. Team USA went all the way to the semi-finals, where they lost to Canada, who ended up winning gold. In the women’s gold medal match between America and Canada, it seemed sure that America would clinch the medal, as they were up 2-0 with only 3:26 on the clock. However, the Canadians came back, eventually winning 3-2 in overtime, a huge disappointment for the American team. The 2014 Olympics in Sochi were successful for America overall, with us coming in fourth in the final medal count behind Russia, Norway and Canada. Several Olympic moments were made for every country, and our athletes certainly represented America well.

College basketball audience numbers start to sink By Brendan Hudspeth Reporter Frank Deford is displeased with the new direction of college basketball. He’s been a sports writer with Sports Illustrated for 50 years, as well as appearing weekly on National Public Radio since 1980, and has written 18 books. Given how long he’s been in the sports business, one could quickly dismiss his claims as somebody who can’t accept that things are changing, but Deford’s claims aren’t that easy to refute. As March 2014 rolls around with March Madness in tow, it’s all but inevitable that Deford’s argument will re-surface. College basketball has basically done the exact opposite of the NFL. Whereas the NFL has become more about offense and restricting bigger hits, college basketball gives its defenders more freedom, making the game more physical. As a result, average scores were down in the 60’s in 2013. “Basketball at its best is an artful game of grace, played with abandon by perhaps the finest, most complete athletes in the world, but the college sport has become too roughhouse,” Deford writes. The second biggest complaint Deford has is about the coaches. He says that coaches have traded creativity for control, focus-

ing the game on them instead of the play- starting with an NBA decision in 2005 to ers. This is also why Deford believes that lower to age requirement to 19 and one year out of college bashigh school. ketball has “That fallen behind rule has football in made many popularity. of our great “It used universities to be that into a little football more than coaches prep schools were the for the NBA. scowling, Players comconservaing out of tive types, high school but college are 18. So football is of course, now a more they have appealing, a year in wide-open g a m e , ” which they he states. must find Another something older sports to do. Some of them writer, Dave may be on Kindred, campus for also supPittsburgh Panthers’ Talib Zanna drives to the net against N.C. months, ports Deford’s State Wolfpack’s Beejay Anya and Lennard Freeman in the first four stance, but half at the Petersen Events Center in Pittsburgh on Monday, may be on camMarch 3, 2014. (Matt Freed/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette/MCT) pus five months, brings in more they’re not really colevidence to back it up. He provides reasons but students,” Kindred argues. why college basketball has lost popularity, lege

He goes on to say that this also takes away any sort of fan relationship, because if a player is only around for one year, fans don’t ever fully connect with him. There’s no lasting mark from college players anymore. “We don’t have time to understand who they are, to really get to know them, to build an epic story around them,” he says. Kindred also agrees with Deford on the point that the game isn’t about speed and grace anymore, stating that he doesn’t like the shift to power and physical defenses. Even with all of the criticism Kindred and Deford bring, they still voice their support for the March Madness tournament bracket, as there’s more parity than ever. It’s not set where one team has an easy path to victory, so any fans of the 64 teams playing know they have a fair shot. In summary, to some college basketball has become a physical, defense-driven game with all the focus on the big tournament at the end. Unless games end up like this season’s Duke vs. Syracuse 91-89 OT thriller, worries are that not many people will care. Players coming and going onto the NBA could mean players may not be able to develop a fan base, and coaches might have taken too much control. Factor all of that in with football’s meteoric rise, and many have began to free that the sport is beginning to fade.



Sam comes out as gay before entering NFL draft By Brendan Hudspeth Reporter On February 9, Mizzou Defensive End Michael Sam announced to the media that he was gay. His teammates knew, his coaches knew, and NFL scouts knew. Sam wanted to own his story, and is now the biggest topic in football. Sam grew up in Hitchcock, not very far from League City, and finished high school as a two-star recruit, the lowest possible. He committed to Mizzou, and along with the rest of the team, broke out in 2013. The Tigers went 12-2, reaching the SEC Championship and finished 4th in the BCS rankings. Sam led the SEC with 11.5 sacks and 19 tackles for a loss. Moving forward is now the biggest debate around Michael Sam, as he’s currently projected to be drafted in the middle rounds. This would make him the first openly gay player in the NFL; a huge milestone in professional sports. Sam is already being called the next Jackie Robinson, and the comparisons are clear. The biggest concern of his fans, however, has to be his draft stock. His announcement has made him into a headline, and like last year’s Manti Te’o, draft coverage will focus on him, possibly questioning every pick as the one that takes Michael Sam. An interview with several anonymous NFL GMs revealed that some teams do view him as a potential distrac-

tion, the same detractor placed on Tim Tebow, who is currently out of the league. While Tebow’s lack of employment

ment made him a media target leading up to draft day. The San Diego Chargers took him in the 2nd round, and that media storm

may be in part to just stopped. Missouri football player Michael Sam hoists the Cotton Bowl the ensuing media trophy up for all to see as the football team is honored during “If an orgacircus, there is a a ceremony at halftime as Missouri played host to Tennessee nization is inept great counter-ex- at Mizzou Arena in Columbia, Mo., on Saturday, Feb. 15, to the magnitude 2014. (Rich Sugg/Kansas City Star/MCT) ample in the aforeof not being able mentioned Te’o. to control things Te’o was the center of a scandal in which a with prior knowledge, how will you handle fake girlfriend was created and ‘killed’ by the unexpected?” tweets former NFL WR one of his close friends, and Te’o’s involve- Donte’ Stallworth. “The leaders of an NFL

organization AND the locker room better be able to handle adversity that is certain to emerge during a long NFL season.” Stallworth’s answer to the distraction argument is spot on. He also says that teams like the Patriots would be great for players like Sam. Before the 2013 season, Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez was charged with murder. The teams simply released him, issued an apology, and moved on. Teams like the Dolphins, who were rocked by a bullying scandal between OL Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin, would be poor fits, as the team finished 4-4 and missed the playoffs, due to their locker room being divided by the incident. Jets DE Sheldon Richardson, Sam’s former roommate at Mizzou, also praised Sam’s decision. “He was a great teammate, a great person. Everything you wanted out of him, you got out of him. ... I promise you, his sexuality has nothing to do with him playing on the football field. He is a completely different person. He put this face on: No smiles, serious business. He’s a killer,” said Richardson. Richardson also said Sam will fit in a team’s locker room “unless your team is immature-minded. If guys can’t get past that then, I mean, it’s just crazy. Of course, it might be weird at first if you aren’t used to it, because like I said, with me living with him, it was a little bit unusual at first. But it’s stuff you look past.”

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Check out our center spread where we honor those who are the heart and soul of our school. Read about author Matt de la Pena and see the spe...

2014 Feb.-March HiLife  

Check out our center spread where we honor those who are the heart and soul of our school. Read about author Matt de la Pena and see the spe...