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/DR. MIRANDA TROJANOWSKA Lecturing in biochemistry and forensic science while being an artist sure has its advantages. Dr. Miranda Trojanowska knows these too well. Under the guidance of her mentor, award-winning artist John Gilbert, Miranda has progressed extensively as an artist in both technique and perception. A large body of her work revolves around expressing emotion through abstraction, something she thoroughly enjoys. In our interview with her, we discuss her new series of paintings called “Succession”, her thoughts on the crisis in the natural world and her idea of a perfect duvet day. Your new series of paintings titled “Succession”, emphasises movement on many levels, as someone who is a research scientist in Biochemistry, how does motion in the organic world influence you as an artist? Atoms: the fundamental building blocks of matter, life and form created at the instant of the formation of the universe – atoms that have coalesced, morphed into and evolved into matter and living

organisms, over time and space. It is the Space-Time Continuum and the current Standard Model that dictated the behaviour of atoms across the universe – a process controlled by subatomic particles within the atoms: strings, containing the memory of instance and formation. It is through the oscillation of these strings and thus flow and movement of atoms, coalescing into matter through


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