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The little town we live in now is 25 miles away because it was affordable at the time. But when I got a one-year teaching gig in the art department at the University of Arizona in Tucson, we wound up getting a small house there where we still go back during winters & springs.

at considering the gyms I usually find them in. My job, though, is to up the ante then with the images I make out of them— either in traditional compositions employing the usual panoply of image-making techniques and also through the incorporation of stories.

Could you tell us a bit more about your body of work titled “Stud Dust”? As I mentioned above, STUD/ DUST started out of the blue in 1995, when a very attractive young man came walking past my house with his dog and no shirt. I followed him on my bike and set up a photo shoot, and now it’s been going for 22 years.

The sub-rosa project among all of this, which I am only this month announcing, has been the simultaneous 22-year self-portrait project of me with the guys, often naked.

It’s been very weird to be the one guy in all of the photos getting older over the years, while everyone else is in his early 20’s. I’m just this month putting a new I hire perhaps four models a year to book together documenting the come in onto a white set and project, titled THE NEVER-ENDinteract with props and signs, ING POEM: A 22-YEAR (AND always looking to find something COUNTING) SELF-PORTRAIT metaphoric in the images. There AMONG ETERNAL YOUTH are stand-alone photos, but I also AND OTHER NAKED MYTHS. take more simple images to act as (this title is still in flux somewhat) subject matter for painting. Is there someone in popular I love the stem-cell nature of the culture right now that you would guys (they are at the age where they love to photograph or paint? can go off in any direction), and of The nice thing about painting is course their physical perfection, you don’t need the live body there which they really do work hard to work from if you can rely on 90

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