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Above: Equanimity Chronicle Series, Make Love Not Walls

in a different order thereby creating more graffiti-like painting landscape, reading the composition like a book that can be read repeatedly with new nuances coming to the fore each time. The process also includes an additional step of including strips of collages made from various newspapers and magazines to bring fragments of imagers and text into the composition. The collage also serves to ground the work in time and place, with references to Art, Poetry and The Bay Area’s contemporary lifestyle. These works capture pursuit of a type of art that was perceived in The “New American

Painters” movement as being distinctly American. In style, they bring to mind works of John Chamberlain and Mark di Suvero who have similarly prioritised spontaneity and expressive force. My work goes a step beyond and successfully combines two very different artistic styles, Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art, into one cohesive composition. Do you remember your first steps towards becoming an artist? How old were you when that happened? Art is but a child play. I think at heart, all of us want to remain that way.


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