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/ANDRZEJ KARWACKI Growing up in communist Poland during its years of political oppression had a profound impact on artist Andrzej Karwacki. The social, political and cognitive implications these times had drawn him towards peace, poetry and art as a form of creative preservation. Having moved to New York in 1984, he continued his education at the School for the Arts at Jersey City State University. During his time there Andrzej explored various mediums ranging from sculpture to printmaking, drawings to graphic art. In our interview with him, he talks about the extensive use of black and white in his work and his desire to create meaning with his art. Is it true that you work a lot in black and white? How would you say the degree of emotion conveyed varies from something painted with colour? In my view, black and white images are as rich in tone variation as colour images.

Though when it comes to creating abstract, atmospheric surroundings, I try to focus on the emotional relationship between colour and the intended location for art itself. Colors exist all around us; they infuse our daily life with peace or drama.

However, by simplifying the painting with only grey tones, I am able to amplify metaphorical content without the distraction of colour, especially when I am painting pop art figures.

My paintings become part of that interior landscape and in itself add to the mental processing and perception that occurs below awareness. 68

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