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how we survive and endure. We stopped along the way to interview anyone willing to share their experience living within the landscape: native leaders fighting for land and water rights to keep their traditions and way of life, scientists studying the intricacies of a discrete, intact ecosystem on a remote island, fishermen who rely on healthy salmon returns, poets reflecting on family in a stressed environment, lawmakers answering questions how they are trained to answer them. This show is in part a way to give back to the experience but most importantly, a way to share what I observed and learned along the way and showcase the beauty and importance of these waterways.

the last presidential election but leaving seemed like abandonment. There’s no place like home. Climate change is an issue which impacts every person on this planet but why do you think people are indifferent and to a degree ignorant towards it? It’s a complicated, abstract issue that’s hard for many to wrap their head around. We don’t know what to expect of it in our daily routine let alone 50 or 200 years from now. I think the immediacy of our culture makes it extremely difficult for us to plan since the issues and projections are hard to fathom.

Therefore we don’t know how to respond to them. Climate predictions and models are often abstract with a doomsday Do you think you would consider narrative. Advertising, marketing, living somewhere else? and social media filter the kind of Hmmm, no, not really. Every time information we receive. Money and I visit a new place, I ask myself, power seem to have the most “what would it be like to live here?” influence in what we believe, what I’ve always been attracted to deserts we save, what choices we are able, and love to visit them but don’t do or not able to make, and well in the heat. I’m always unfortunately, how we vote. thankful to return home to the drenched temperate rainforest of It’s curious to watch the fight for Southeast Alaska. resources and ultimately the fight for power and control over those Canada looked pretty dreamy after resources. 61

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