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Above: A Series of Landfalls, 8” x 3” each, Ink, silver leaf, paper, Thai Kozu paper, blueberry dyed newsprint and gauze, Arctic cotton grass, and encaustic on hand-cut scrap metal, 2017.

stretch of shoreline, waterways, and archipelagos from Bellingham, Washington to the end of the Lynn Canal in Skagway, Alaska. For two weeks last spring, a group of filmmakers, writers, conservationists, and non-profit leaders were invited to sail from Poulsbo, You have a solo show coming up in Alaska this February, could you Washington to Juneau, Alaska, tell us a bit more about that? aboard the wooden 97’ cruising vessel, Sea Wolf, based out of The Alaska Pacific University Glacier Bay, Alaska. gallery curator contacted me last winter after seeing my work in I joined the crew as the naturalist a group show in Anchorage and and artist on board and was asked if I would have a solo given the opportunity to share exhibition. what I know of Southeast Alaska, my home, my commitment I’ve decided to focus on to staying abreast of what changes transboundary mining issues are happening locally, and sharing threatening the clean water that pours into the Inside Passage, the my art about loss, ice, land, and redefining norms, of being compassionate caregivers, of announcing our weaknesses, and asking for help when we need it most. As an artist, I strive to share these messages.


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