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familiarity with the materials. Although the chemical process of Fresco is different, the materials are the same: lime, plaster, wax, marble dust.

ability to do something that has never existed before. I never feel like it is work, it is like playing, and often I lose track of time and everything around me.

Would it be safe to say that the layers, patterns and subject matter in your work represent the world both physically and cognitively? I believe that there are many thoughts and feelings existing within us at any given moment. It is a bit like streams of consciousness.

My mother was an artist, and so is my twin sister. My whole family was creative, so growing up it was a part of my life. I like to look at my older work and remember what I was thinking when doing this or that piece. I find peoples observations of my work very enlightening. I think as an artist it is a way of healing and learning more about who I am. I think it is I think the same is true in art. I like also a gift to be able to bring joy to to see where a painting will go. I others. only have an idea of what will be; then I let the line colour and While studying at Pratt Institute, texture dictate what will come next. NYC, you worked for an organisation that created murals The challenge is to take all these in hospitals and mental shapes, forms and colours and to institutions, what was that separate what belongs in the piece experience like? and what I will have to eliminate to I was very fortunate to have a achieve a cohesive work. It is like a brilliant professor. Her name was tapestry with many layers of paint Mary Buckley. She created an orsandwiched into one surface. ganisation called the Margaret Gate Institute for students and graduates What is the favourite part of your to take the skills that we acquired job as an artist? in art school and use these tools I have always felt lucky to be an art- for the greater good. I worked in ist. It makes me happy to be around hospitals and mental institutions colour and to have the painting murals and very large 48

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