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/MAXINE ATTARD Living in Malta can sure have its benefits, glorious sunshine and pristine beaches are great, but its geographical location in the Mediterranean makes it a melting pot of cultures from Asia, Africa and Europe. Artist Maxine Attard is lucky to call this island country her home. In our conversation with her, she talks about its vibrant art scene, constant trips to the airport and the use of beads in her art. What is every day like as an artist living in Malta? Rather quiet. I don’t mean there aren’t any culture-related activities in Malta, quite the contrary. Considering its small size, there is a lot going on.

almost because the situation might change; the push is certainly there. When it comes to producing work, I find it to be a very good place to work in, at least for my working process. Materials and services are not that expensive. There aren’t any studio blocks for artists to rent Having said this, as an artist living spaces in. However, it is r elatively easy to find other locations here, trips to the airport become of considerable size, so far, because quite common not just for workrelated purposes, but also to attend rents are increasing. Nevertheless one has to keep in mind that one is major art events and to revisit galleries for instance. This is due to working in somewhat of a vacuum and that taking breaks from the the almost total absence of island is necessary to keep ones important artworks, exhibitions, etc. being brought to Malta. I say work moving forward. 24

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