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What have you been working on since we last spoke to you earlier this year? I’ve been working on establishing a specific style in the tattoo world. I’ve become known for my illustrated flower style. A mix of sketch and pointillism all in greyscale work.

What is the hardest part of being a tattoo artist? I find the hardest part is gaining people’s trust who aren’t good at visualising how the tattoo will look once on their body.

I have spent hours with clients going over design concepts, placing stencils at different sizes on their Can you tell us a little about the body to help them try to picture transition into your current style the end result. I try to be as a tattooist? empathetic and understanding to I started as an artist doing large each client as each client is always scale medical illustrations. I’ve sold so different. Sometimes there’s a lot multiple commission pieces to of hand-holding and reaffirming. doctors and surgeons around Canada and the United States. It’s sometimes so much more than just a tattoo. It’s a building of a The transition to tattooing just relationship between the artist and seemed like a natural progression. the client. It provided me with extensive knowledge of human anatomy, Are you passionate about muscle structure and an anything else apart from your understanding of the layers of your work? skin. Art and music have always been my passions. I can play multiple It’s allowed me to provide my instruments, but at my heart, I’m clients with anatomically correct a drummer. My dad plays the bass tattoo designs. Over the years I’m so growing up we always played finding that anatomical tattoos are and jammed together. If I’m not becoming increasingly more painting to tattooing, I’m probably popular. Anatomical hearts, skulls drumming. and rib cages to name a few.


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