CreativPaper Issue 18 Vol 2

Page 40

Artist Feature


The problem with unfettered consumption is that it is entirely unsustainable. Entire economies are based on citizens driving the economy through buying things they don’t necessarily need to keep the economic system moving forward. While this may have been fine a few decades ago, we are quickly learning about the damage this is causing to our home planet. Our terrestrial existence is now talking back, or maybe shouting back is more apt. A Texas-based artist Larry Graeber, works in studios in San Antonio and Marfa. Raised in Austin, he was the oldest of three children. From a young age, he was involved in making things. College led to the study of architecture where he discovered the art department, spurring interest in painting, printmaking, jewellery and filmmaking. He started exhibiting his work in 1971. Represented in both public and private collections, books and magazines, he most enjoys exhibiting in group and one-person shows.