CreativPaper Issue No. 007

Page 96


/LAURENE KRASNY BROWN New York City has for long been the melting pot of art, culture and people from all around the world. The list of creatives that the city had produced are endless. Ranging from art to sculpture and music they have left legacies behind that inspire us even today. Yet, it is not often you come across an artist who was born and brought up in the city. Laurene Krasny Brown, a native New Yorker spent most of her childhood surrounded by this inspiring city. She has broad academic and professional experience in education, the arts and children’s cognitive development. She has also previously authored sixteen popular children’s picture books. In our interview Laurene talks about her favourite media, the influence of technology on us as a race and her memories of growing up in New York City. You’ve been commissioned by individuals in the past, how do you go about incorporating elements of their personality and life into your work, could you talk us through that? Responding to commissions for artwork presents ripe opportunities to bring my vision and art-making skills to bear while listening to a collector’s request. As a process, I like to have enough exchange back and forth at the beginning of a new

project to ensure that I make art they will love. To that end, we begin with conversation and try to focus on what they have in mind, often referring to my website or other references to my work as models or guides. I always make a sample for the art buyer to see, possibly revise, and then approve. 98