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Much more than just a pool‌ a whole new way of life.







From sunrise to sunset... With a Desjoyaux pool, every day is splashed with fun, laughter and sunshine. Your backyard is magically transformed into a real-life paradise, a blissful haven bursting with possibilities – having fun, getting together, relaxing and escaping from it all... Welcome to total happiness! Whether with friends or family, it’s up to you to get creative and share in the fun. Desjoyaux Pools, a whole new way of life. Live without regret!



Desjoyaux, inventor of the “living pool” It all began in 1966… … when Jean Desjoyaux built the family’s first swimming pool with his very own hands. He was keen to share laughter, happiness and relaxing moments with his children, friends and relatives. He dreamed of turning each weekend and holiday into a moment of pure pleasure, and hoped to one day see every backyard splashed with blue and echoing with laughter. It was on the basis of these values, and the desire to share this happiness, that the Desjoyaux company was founded. Today, Desjoyaux Pools is the world’s number one in-ground swimming-pool constructor, creating over 14,000* pools each year across every continent.

And the secret of this success? Innovation that combines two distinct and exclusive concepts: the quality of traditional craftsmanship combined with industrial-scale production... endless possibilities in terms of shapes, options, equipment and accessories… and much more. So, page after page, let this new way of life unfold before your eyes, and dive into the world of Desjoyaux: a world of freedom and family fun, where all your dreams come true!

Dive into the world of Desjoyaux...


* the equivalent of 14,000 standard 8 x 4 m pools

The right choice

A wide range of equipment for the perfect pool experience

Get to know Desjoyaux’s innovations: from pool shapes and structure concepts to filtration systems and finishings...

Take your pick from covers, robots, showers, shelters, heating systems and more – all the equipment you need for total comfort and to help you get the best out of your pool on a daily basis...

The expertise of the world’s No. 1 exclusive network

The scale and expertise of a leading company

Always innovating to ensure your comfort and well-being

From initial designs to pool installation and maintenance, Desjoyaux’s services, network and boutique offer everything you would expect from a world leader...

Beyond the realm of family pools, the Desjoyaux concept has also been applied to the public-pool sector and in renovation projects...

Desjoyaux is committed to anticipating its customers’ future needs and desires, and strives to meet their stringent quality criteria with first-class French manufacturing...


The Desjoyaux structure and filtration system: Two exclusive innovations that have revolutionized the family pool. the Desjoyaux casing structure

Creativity, sturdiness, durability… A structure that allows you the freedom to express yourself How can rapid construction be combined with enduring reliability and the freedom to create any shape of pool you like? Look no further than Desjoyaux’s unique casing structure concept that successfully integrates all the technical expertise necessary to solve the problem! This exclusive “active permanent casing” concept was invented by Desjoyaux, and has been patented since 1978. It is a structure composed of 0.25 m components which are injection moulded in recycled polypropylene for added environmental friendliness. The components’ high resistance prevents their degradation and guarantees the pool’s durability. They are assembled panel by panel into the shape and dimensions of your choice, making the project completely adaptable to suit your backyard, your requirements, and your budget.

Our permanent active casings, installed by masons allow us to have the best of traditional techniques without inconveniences. These panels are reinforced with steel and poured with concrete on site in a single operation. Thus the pool bottom and walls are linked in order to create a self-supported and monolithic structure. Once the concrete has been poured, a smooth mortar finish is applied on top of the concrete bottom. The pool is then ready to be fitted with a liner. This is attached on the top of the casing in the liner lock and covers the base and walls of the pool. The sturdiness and safety of the entire active permanent casing production process is tested and monitored by Bureau Veritas. Moreover, your Desjoyaux pool has a guaranteed lifetime warranty on the structure (transferable once) and 5 year installation warranty. All of our pools are built using this highly innovative technique… and maybe soon yours will be too!


the Desjoyaux filtration system Looking for rapid installation, anti-leak reliability, effective filtration and water savings? You’ve guessed it – Desjoyaux’s patented filtration concept has all the answers! Inspired by outboard boat motors, the exclusive Desjoyaux system has a completely pipeless design. This means that the long and costly work required to lay buried pipes is no longer necessary, and that the risk of leakage is

Filtration is carried out via an intake of water from the skimmer. The water then passes through a 6 to 30 micron filter, before being re-released into the pool through the discharge nozzles. This circulation system means that the entire volume of water in the pool can be filtered and also be treated with disinfecting products located in a prefilter. The result: no waste water is drained off, making

completely eradicated. When installed, the unit can be surface-mounted or be integrated into the structure. Desjoyaux’s filtration unit concept features a submerged filtration compartment that also houses the spotlight, and a technical compartment, built into the pool deck.

the filtration process more environmentally friendly, and the pool water is still crystal clear and free from any leaves, insects or other particles. The ingenuity of Desjoyaux’s filtration concept also makes it an ideal solution for the renovation of any swimming pool. It is also available with a number of different comfort options, such as heaters, blowers, and crosscurrent swimming. The Desjoyaux filtration concept is easy to use and offers a simple solution for improved comfort and enjoyment.

Quick to install, efficient, reliable and economical – this really is user-friendly filtration.

The combination of two exclusive Desjoyaux concepts: Reliability and durability so that you can enjoy your pool for longer. Sometimes the simplest techniques are the most reliable, the best performing, and the most efficient. Although Desjoyaux’s world-class reputation is built on solid foundations such as these, the group is still a pioneer of innovation and sophistication. Indeed, the individuality of Desjoyaux’s pools lies in the combination of two concepts that are revolutionary in their simplicity, their durability, their effectiveness and their complementary nature.

the liner • Ensures the pool is watertight • Fixed to the structure using a factory-fitted liner lock • Easily replaced with no need for intervention on the coping or the pool • Desjoyaux craftsmanship and quality • Available in a number of colors • For renovation: a reinforced liner can be welded to size on site

the coping • Positioned on the pool’s upper tie beam • Laid with tile-fixing glue • Full access to the liner is maintained • Can be replaced independently with no need for intervention on other pool components • Desjoyaux craftsmanship and quality • Harmonized colors for coordinated slabbing

With the Desjoyaux concept, you really can let your imagination run wild…


the active permanent casing • Invented, patented and produced exclusively by Desjoyaux • Rot-proof and environmentally friendly (recycled material) • Sturdy polypropylene combined with concrete • Free-standing structure • Resistant to frost and ground movements • Installation certified by Bureau Veritas • Can be assembled in any shape and size • Manufacture of Desjoyaux structure has a lifetime warranty (transferable once) • Installation warranty of 5 years

the filtration unit • Invented, patented and produced exclusively by Desjoyaux • Easy upkeep and maintenance • Available as a surface-mounted unit or integrated unit • Pipeless • Quick to install • No risk of leakage • Filtration from 6 to 30 microns


The surface-mounted filtration unit A sound investment that offers both efficiency and accessibility. The surface-mounted unit is the most emblematic of Desjoyaux's filtration systems. Over the years, it has enjoyed continued success thanks to its accessibility, its high performance, and its innovative nature... But it has also changed with the times. So, while the system remains just as simple, practical and easy to install and maintain as ever, an entire range of units is now available to meet all kinds of different customer needs. The different models offer cross-current swimming, pool heating and various other options to improve your comfort and enjoyment. Furthermore, this concept remains unbeatable when it comes to renovating old pools, even those made by other manufacturers. At Desjoyaux, accessible innovation is our priority.

Skimmer Discharge circuit

the GRI 181 filtration unit Pump


Spotlights Discharge nozzles


A compact package of Desjoyaux-branded design and technology.

Integrated filtration Pure Desjoyaux know-how: innovation, aesthetics and performance come as standard... Big isn’t always best… Desjoyaux’s integrated filtration concept has the advantage over its larger rivals, as it is not only highly efficient but also incredibly discreet. In fact, the filtering panel is fitted between two of the structural panels, and blends in so well with the pool structure that you can almost forget it is there at all – especially given its exceptional reliability and its range of colors that coordinate with the coping. Come on, dive in…

Desjoyaux: accessible innovation is our priority Technical compartment partment Filtration compartment ment


the PFI 180 filtration unit Performance that is matched only by its discretion. The PFI 180 filtration unit is available in a range of colors that blend perfectly into your pool environment.







Discharge nozzle


Filtration options Designed for your well-being! As not everyone has the same idea of comfort and well-being, Desjoyaux has created a whole range of options, specifically designed to be integrated into the Desjoyaux filtration system.


Now it’s up to you to personalize your pool and create your very own haven of tranquillity.

For a longer, more comfortable swim Heating is an essential extra that ensures the comfort of your pool, and allows you to maximize its use from the very first rays of spring sunshine right through to the end of the season and beyond. Desjoyaux offers 2 solutions: • The heat pump: the must have heater for the energy -conscious. • The heat exchanger: an intermediate solution.

cross-current swimming The perfect option for a vigorous massage or for an enjoyable and challenging swim.


Pool maintenance made easy Electrolysis works by adding a small amount of salt to the water. After the water is filtered, it is then treated by electrolysis, which converts the salt into a powerful sterilizing agent, killing off all algae and bacteria and oxidizing any organic residues. In spite of the combined effects of swimmers and sunshine, the salt remains in the water and allows the disinfecting process to be constantly renewed.





Looking for a pool that looks like no other? When it comes to questions of taste and color, everyone has their own ideas. That’s why Desjoyaux has come up with all the options you need to ensure that your pool reflects your tastes. This essential complement to your pool can be chosen as soon as your pool has been sited. It makes access to the pool easier and is somewhere pleasant to rest, relax, top off your tan or simply chat with the water lapping around your feet.

The stairs R276 stairs The R276 stairs, designed and built by Desjoyaux, is a prime example of real technical prowess. It takes just 4 minutes to produce this 122 lbs. component, for a moulded surface area of 75 sq. ft., using a 54-tons mould and a 5,400-tons press…

R276 stairs 16


Nuances are everything when it comes to appearances‌ White


Powder Blue

Center stairs

Royal Blue


Dove Gray

Charcoal Gray

Marble Blue

Tye Dye

Corner stairs


Composite Wood

More than just a pool: your new living environment. A frame for every painting… The way your pool looks is of the utmost importance. And, as with any masterpiece, a good frame is essential – and for a pool, there’s nothing better than coping that complements the slabbing.

Composite Wood Enjoy the beautiful look of natural wood and the proven strength of high quality composites.

What’s more, Desjoyaux produces coping that is crafted to the highest standards. Who better than your pool manufacturer to make the most of your poolside?

Coping A frame for every painting… At Desjoyaux, our coping, made from reconstituted stone, is designed to fit in perfectly with your pool and complement your pool’s slabbing.

Classic Clean lines for contemporary slabbing in reconstituted stone. Available for coping and 20'' x 20'' slabs



Stained Concrete



A marbled look for a majestic covering. Available in Opus Incertum (mosaic style) and 16'' x 16''.

Opus Incertum

Concrete options are endless and Desjoyaux designers will meticulously add this ďŹ nishing touch showcasing your personal pool pizazz.


Broomed Concrete

Stamped Concrete

KoolDeck Concrete


Total happiness and all the equipment that goes with it.

The “essential” options Make the most of your pool every day.

With Desjoyaux, the garden becomes a true outdoor living room... All that remains is for you to customize it as much or as little as you like to create your new space dedicated to pleasure and sharing. For this too, Desjoyaux has a wide range of equipment to offer, designed and manufactured according to the strictest quality standards – because for Desjoyaux, nothing is better than a dream that lasts...

the solar shower

Natural hot water powered by the sun This shower – essential for ensuring the hygiene of your pool water – is a source of natural well-being thanks to its integral solar panel, which heats the water. It is fitted with an adjustable shower head and combines environmental friendliness and comfort with elegance and intelligent design.

Automatic Safety Cover


vacuum cleaners and automatic robots

protective covers Summer bubble cover + winter cover: pool protection that offers excellent value.

A comprehensive range of products – from vacuum cleaners that plug into your filtration unit to programmable robots – is available to clean your pool easily.

Solar Cover

Winter Cover



At every stage of your pool’s life, Desjoyaux is on hand to help! the study phase How do you choose the best location for your future pool? How long will the installation take? What are the pitfalls to avoid? Sunshine, wind, whether or not the property is overlooked, vegetation, distance from the house, position of the stairs, orientation of the filtration system… all these points and more are thoroughly examined and evaluated. Desjoyaux professionals work with you to find the best possible solutions in order to create the pool that you want.

Installation Desjoyaux’s installation teams have years of experience in setting up pools. Our teams are composed of professional masons who are all trained in the Desjoyaux technique. They are familiar with every detail of our pools and know every stage of the installation process by heart. They build your pool to the highest standards and offer you a complete turnkey solution. At Desjoyaux, we’re serious about quality.


Ground preparation and pool assembly • The pool site is dug out—the essential first step. • The excavation is done, according to the size and shape of the pool. • The factory - assembled structures are bolted together. • Blocks and reinforcement rebars for the slab are installed in place.

Finishing touches and filling the pool • Finishes are applied, and the liner and coping are put in place. • The filtration unit is connected.

Creating the pool structure • Once the reinforcement rebars for the upper and lower tie beams and chimneys are in place, a concrete pump is then used to pour the concrete pool slabbing and walls, all in a single operation, in order to form a free-standing structure. • A finishing mortar is applied to complete the pool floor.

Close to you, close to your desires… Desjoyaux’s services in tune with your needs. the network With more than 500 showrooms throughout the world, the Desjoyaux network is the largest exclusive network in the world. Wherever you are, our experts are never far away to help create the pool that you’re looking for, give you all the advice you need, and provide assistance at every stage – long after your first dip in the pool! It’s a commitment that counts – and one to bear in mind when choosing your pool brand...

our services Need some advice? Want to fit your pool with heating? With Desjoyaux, customer service doesn’t stop when you start using your pool. For all your questions and inquiries, Desjoyaux is on hand to provide the answers.

the boutique Furniture, bath towels, inflatable accessories… only the best for your poolside activities.

Don’t hesitate to give us a shout!


In our boutiques, you will also find all sorts of toys and accessories designed so that you can make the most of your aquatic adventures – a whole range of 100% Desjoyaux products.

maintenance Who knows what your pool needs better than Desjoyaux? Who else can you rely on to provide the best advice? Here at Desjoyaux, we have a whole range of maintenance products, together with all the information you need to make the most of your pool.


Exceptional skills and knowledge to match your imagination and expectations. the reinforced membrane How do you combine all the advantages of a liner pool, as used for small and medium-sized pool, with the “any shape, any size” concept pioneered by Desjoyaux? With the reinforced membrane, your pool benefits from optimum watertightness, whatever its shape and size. The reinforced liner, laid on site, means greater originality and possibilities limited only by your imagination: decorative blocks, bar stools, submerged pool decks, incorporated patterns and logos… Let your imagination run wild!


The pleasure of a liner pool takes on a new dimension.


The intelligent solution for any pool. The Desjoyaux filtration concept can be adapted and installed on any pool – a real advantage. Once the old filtration system has been removed, a reinforced membrane is applied to ensure watertightness. Then, once the Desjoyaux filtration is installed, you will have a pool that has not only been restored, but which has also been entirely refurbished and which benefits from all the advantages of a Desjoyaux pool: rapid implementation, savings, reliability, and more…




A worldwide presence to meet your requirements All over the world, swimming pool is pronounced “Deige-Y-O” Desjoyaux It’s no accident that the Desjoyaux concept has succeeded in crossing borders – in both technical and geographical terms. The brand is now present on every continent, thanks to its ability to innovate, the quality of its products and the range of services it offers. Today, there are more than 5,000 people who, every day, represent the Desjoyaux brand throughout the world.



Choose the solid reputation of the world’s N°1. Inventing, anticipating, and still innovating as ever! Think today about your desires for tomorrow! Innovation has always been – and always will be – Desjoyaux’s trademark feature. Moreover, it is one of the company’s founding values. Each and every day, away from prying eyes, our research and development department looks to the future in order to pre-empt your needs and desires, and consequently imagine, invent and design equipment that will bring new pleasures to you and your family…

“Made in France” to the highest quality standards as you’d expect from a world leader. All the elements that make up your Desjoyaux pool are designed and manufactured in our 9 acres plant near St-Étienne in the Rhône-Alpes region of France. They benefit from the latest technological advances – in particular, a revolutionary ecological production line that transforms recyclable plastics, and a set of injection presses ranging from 500 to 6,000 tons that is unique in Europe.

Recycling workshop to ensure environmentally friendly production.


Injection press: optimum manufacturing quality.

Assembly of structural elements.

Stock of panels ready for packaging.

Coping and sla

abbing factory.

Preparation and palletization of slabbing.

Cutting and welding of liners.

Storage of injected stairs.

Swimming pools ready for shipping.



… All night long. That’s it, the day’s come to an end. The chirping of the cicadas have given way to the rustling of the crickets. In the gentle warmth of the sunset, laughs fade into the calm and intimacy of a candlelit terrace. Like a river of diamonds, the reflections of the stars ripple in the crystal-clear water of your Desjoyaux pool. Tomorrow, everything will start afresh – and it’s all for the best. So, what do you say to one last midnight dip?


40 years of pool ideas

Before diving in, talk to Desjoyaux Pools. You’ve made up your mind: in a few months, in your backyard, the pool of your dreams will be built... Except... how do you make the right choice? Which manufacturer should you go for? What guarantees apply? What does installing a pool really involve? Who should you trust in the long term? With Desjoyaux, it couldn’t be simpler… So, let’s get to know each other a little better... That way, you will have all the information you need to make the best possible choice and take the plunge knowing all the facts… Can we lend you a swimsuit?

Desjoyaux Pools USA 11007 Alpharetta Highway Roswell, GA 30076 855 - DP - POOLS

Photo credits: Design: (Lyon) Piscines Desjoyaux RC 351 914 379 Photos not contractually binding

Ensuring your dreams come true every day.

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Now you can build an inground swimming pool that reflects your style, personal values and regard for the environment. If you've been conside...

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