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The idea of this magazine is to showcase the idols of mine in different areas of the ”crafting”/ papper/art world, and to give ideas of theqnicues and crafts for us to try,

these expressions of art is a way to be me and you to be ourself, and find our way to express our art,to find a peace within that comes from creating things and having fun at the same time, to find a community of

To craft is candy for the soul! scrapbookers, cardmakers or other expressions of crafts/art, and friends to make crafts with that women , sorry mostly I mean, have done from very long back in time. So I think it fills a need in us to make things that has been necery for our survival it still is in some parts of the world, but it is still a part of us where ever we live in the world today! We are a making crafting kind of spicies that love to have fun with each other and our familys ! In this number we´ll be looking closer at some Swedish creative ladies and one finnish! And looking at how to make our own statement necklace this was just an excuse to make my first onnes I have been looking at them for ages now at etsy and decided it was time for me to make my own. And speaking of Etsy, well be looking closer at those sell and buymarket to take a comparison to where YOU should sell your art and crafts! And some online tips for some magazines and inspiration site Hope you´ll have an inspiring reading and start making your own art! Best wishes Pia U


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Shabby Chic with an romantic twist

Camilla Ekman I think my style is somewhat romantic. Even though my layouts have flowers on them, they’re still pretty “clean”. I still show off the papers I’m using. Sometimes I scrap a bit shabby (distressing and inking) depending on what papers I use and what mood I’m in. I love both softer colours and brighter colours and my style then change. But I always use flowers of different kinds on my layouts. That’s significant. I also love to use swirls of different kinds, ribbon and lace. I always try to find a detail to finish of the page. My goal is to create beautiful, harmonic pages. I always make 12x12 layouts, because this size fits me

and my style the best. I enjoy creating mini-albums, making cards and altering items by using my scrapbooking and stamping supplies. I have taught online classes through my involvment in kit a devoted scrapper from Sweden. This my blog where I share my scrapbooking projects. I hope you’ll find some inspiration. http://camill Present Design Teams: Glitz design(manufacturer) July 2011 - present, Pencil lines (sketch blog) Nov 2011 - present Get Picky (challenge blog)

Camilla is one of the names of Swedihs and also international scrapbooking scene she has been DT for many companies the small ones to the really big ones and no wonder here style is sweet, romantic and shabby with an eye for new theqniques and trends that she incorporates seamlessly into her own work that is what I think is so cool about her style, a style that is muted colors, vintage style, layers of decorations and pappers and of course loads and loads -usually anyways!- of flowers. Camilla mostly works with LO´s and she sticks to her style here is two exampels , first is the big beatiful ” New Tools” that is is made around something so ordinary as a set of new art tools that she got at a course that Ingvild Bolme held at Country scraps the autumn of 2011, and anyways who wouldn´t be all into creating with a new set of tools? She displays the ordinary photo in black and white to get some own space for colors in creating browns blues turqoise and some white. Beatiful pappers and deatils, lots of them like pearls,rhinestones swirls, lace, canvas details, resin bird, and flowers yet again, the chipboard letters is beatifuly colored with the theme and all of the soft colors work wery well also the composition is clear and nice to overlook! The other LO is the picture over to left that is called Maja11 and what I fancy about htis picture is that the layers of course Ireally do love how Camilla can layer those Lo´s without makinf´g them looking overcrovded and my favorite pappers of the year is the parisian anthology pappers with resist theqnique from Pink paislee I really love to play with them and love the vintage look that Camilla has achived here with diecut motives from other pappers those romatnic flowers and the beatiful lace border underneath the whole LO it´s so inspiring to see all those pastells working together with the white doily lace pattern , so if you want to see more of Camillas beatiful work so hop over to her blogg or the different companies she´s a DT for!

”Camilla Ekman got an eye for trends and beatiful paper”


Helene Eriksson Hi,I’m Helene. Besides being a scrapper, I’m a secondary school teacher, a mother of two, a dedicated WoW-player, a catowner and union representative. How I manage all of these tasks? I don’t! I just pull a string here and there and keep my nose above the surface. It’s life - and I love it! DT : stampin for the weekend allsorts DCD rick st dennis

Helene works mostly with cards but also with gifts and altered items, here style is mostly soft with beatifull colored stamped images, often from the companies she works as Design team member for , what I love about Helenes style is those soft colors in many beatiful layers that she makes work so well together. For exampel the beatiful Magnolia card up above with soft pink colors and diecuts and background in faded vintage and little details that hold it all together nieely. The next card to the left I chose becouse I love that brown background that is muted but works very well together woth

the pink roses and sweet lace and cute little fairy image. I love those diecuts that she works in wery well in the cards, the last card I chose is that sweetie valentines car that goes wery well with swedish valentines since its in the middle of the winter the 14 of February here and still Helene works her magic with pink colours that goes very well with the wintery theme of the image, that is so cute!


Layers of soft colors

This tag is so beatifully made with all those details from the crocheted edge and lovely colored lady of summer with grapes to the trimmed edge of newspaper its a real summerlike eye ctcher for me!


make your own statement necklace

A statement necklace is a sign of playfulness combined with a wish to be seen. There are many dif-


ferent stles of statement necklaces from the big metallic ones to crocheted statements of bold and brave stylishness. I love these statement necklaces that are made of big beatiful boquetts of flowers, often handmade and combined with satin ribbons and pearls and trinckets , so I wanted to make one of my own so firstly I cut out circels in pink satin in about five different sizes then comes a fun but pretty dangerous part so ou have to be very carefull if doing this; the thing is to make rose petals from these satin circels you have to heat the fabric upp so it melts and I have done so over a tea light holding carefully with my fingers ( so be carefull!) and hold on to the fabric reall well so it dosent come to close to the light or they will turn black or that you drop the fabric it will case a big flame!. Anyways after an hour or so at the kitchen sink melting that fabrich I had lots of flower petals ready to be stacked togetther and so I sew together about five of them to pretty pink flowers after that I took out my tcech glas pearls and sew two different sizes of them in the middel of the flowers. I assembeled my ready made fabric flowers from , mostly that is , Prima marketing flowers they are so pretty so I can hardly bare to put them on scrapbooking pages. They are much better of at a beatiful necklace. The next step is to chose some pretty ribbons for the necklace, I chose two different pinks becouse it was fitting with those pink flowers.starting to sow the flowers together on the ribbons tring to be careful so that the ribbons was even and the flowers was sown where I wanted them I think it culd be easier to sew the flowers on some kind of fabric in the desired pattern first but I tried this approach for now. Then as the final touch I attached a trinket I had made my self by taking a glas trinket piece with flat back - from Tim Holtz- and a rubon picture that I sealed with regular glue and kitchen foil it took some time to dry that

glue with picture and foil but it eventally did after about 24 hours... tHe rally last touch was to make a little satin bow and sow the trinket to the necklace. Now my statement necklace is done and I´m pretty happy with it, its darn cute if you ask me and it didnt take more than a evening to make, except for that trinket that is, I didn´t want to have more flowers on it not for this first tr but maybe for the next one, in blue shades maybe?

Here are some details from the neckalace in work first is stain rose wand that pretty vanilla flower from Prima the seconnd picture shows how I just have sown the flowers on the ribbon and with each other. And then pictures of the finished necklace


Karita Vainio Karita Finland Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name is Karita. I live in Riihimäki, Finland. I´m married and I have three wonderful children. I have been making cards since 2008 and it has become my passion. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have a time to leave me a comment :) Dt magnolia sketch saturday deep ocean challenge

Here are some cards that I chose from her beatiful blogg the first one is a cutie magnolia Tilda with some details that i find so charming , the lace those flowers that Karita has painted and glittered and the punchinella with heart in it that fit perfectly. The second card is Tilde with flowers and here its reall flowers over the whole card in such a perfect assembly manor so if I would try it would just look overloaded I think. And I adore that butterflie to so cute.

Shabbychic with colors that always are toned and details and flowers matching what I love

about Karitas works is that she reall got a stle and sticks to it , impossible for me it seems, and she does it so well b my oppinion all those muted tones and she really matches everything and tones down the colres in the flowers with white paint for that cute look and often some stickels here and there and ofcourse those super cute magnolia stamps that are colord almost to perfection with shadws and all.


This third card is as sweet as the two others and is a super cute cupid from Magnolia that is framed by romatnic flowers , lace and details all over, and I love the background color to the little cupid and the stiching and ...


To make your own digital collage Firstly amd most importantly always read the copyright rules for the images your about to use! Becouse you could be in trouble if you use the pictures without permission,if you find a site where they �give� away pictures, think of the rules, that new pictures and illustrations often and mostly are not free to share without any rules if not the MAKER of them says so, if

they are free for you to use for personal creative things then its called angel policy and it often does not include for you to share with others or for you to sell them and be very aware of pirate copied stamps real and digital ones, and people that make look alikes and sell them as the originals! Well there is much to read about this and we should respect the artists and creators that put in a lot of work to make their living so we should always beware of this! That said about that lets talk digital collages, their fun and easy to make, and you can make your own digital art for your blogg, webbsite or LO´s, or make art and send to print out on canvas or glas or what you want. Here I have created two exampels with spring in mind the photos of the trees are my own sooo lets get started; I use photshop,the first thing I do is to make an cop of the photo and close the original again then I look I want to crop the image, if not I look at the colors I go in at image and lok at levels if they are ok otherwise I pull the levels to where I think their ok after that you

can use different auto modes like color and such but I prefer often to just go to curves wich I like to use, there you can see wery well when you fix the whole picture. Then I took some pictures that I got from the graphics fairy and opened them made copies and used the magnetic lasso tool to make a marking around the piece of the picture that I wanted to copy, copied and opened up my photo pasted in the picture, moved it to a good place, then I pulled the opacity switch at layers to bled in the picture with the photo and locked the layer and saved the whole picture. After every time I made some changes, Important to remember othervise ou could lose all


your work with the picture if something goes wrong, if something does not go ok then I just go in on edit an press the top most undo button or if a whole layer is bad you just toss it in the trash, and remember to work with the layers so its easier to make corrections afterwards if not satisfied with the results. Always make a new layer for the thing your about to add to the picture working on and name them so you know what the different layers are! I then added some brushes to the picture thats the swirls in the corner and these are form obsidian dawn you could make your own brushes for your own unique style that you read more baout at adobes webbsite that is really awsome

for deeper information about the programs! Anyways I downloaded from the site these brushes for personal use the have for licensed also for paying customers they are really cute brushes like swirls and such and then colored the brush in pink and added to the picture this was a short crash course in digital collage making hope you find it inspiring to try out!


Bettina Billung Sigtuna, Sweden två underbara barn en liten prinsessa på 10 mån och en 14 årig son, en man som ger mig allt som jag någonsin önskat. Just nu så tar jag ingenting för givet. Försöker njuta av livet och älskar som om det inte fanns någon morgondag.

dt bunny zoe crafts stamp artcic bearly mine designs kennyk southern girls

The thing abot Bettinas card art is that she makes such cute cards

and I love all details that she has in her cards she also is very talented at coloring her projects I think xhe mostly uses markers for this and the colors are vivid and happy to look at like thsi first card I chose I think it is so pretty with the cute stamped images that she built to a beatiful scene and layeres with flowers and diecut images and the pictures really comes to life when the card is made in this fashion. And I love the lilly of the valley its the most beatiful spring flower of all in my mind..


These two close ups shows how detailed Bettinas work is, she really have an eye for those small things in a card!

This card is so cute in its lilac colors I really find it fascinating how that color can be so soft sometimes and when I try to use BAM it look like a halloween accident! Here the colors are working together and complimennting each other and that little pin with some gold works in color triangel with the centers of those two roses with yellow in the middle. I like the format of the card and the fact that the wings of the butterflie holds the card in upright position, the stamped image is really cute in just lilacs goes very well with the theme I think.


Pia Utriainen

I love scrapbooking for the reasons people mostly say; its a way of combining all my arts and preserving memories for our family and getting a chance

to find new ways to test crafts all things are allowed to test in this art form an I love that!. My first exampel is a LO I made for a DT application , I make some of these every year its a fun challenge, it was made with paints and tattered angels sprays and detailes stacked together for some focal point the next one is some years old but I love that phot of my oldest one when he was three and we were at the zoo with grandma I like the glittery stuff and the punchinella and the torn look


Stockholm Sweden SAHM,studying things on university on and of to, of three boys theýr growing up in a furiously fast way ...or is it me getting old;) I love my life, I love creating art I have been scrapping since 2002 when my oldest one was born Im inspired by all those creative women out here and I wonder why its a man that´s the biggest idol in this women dominated part of the art world? My blogg:

And here we have a card that I made with the cutest magnolia stamp and down below is a painting with cute owls and on the bottom page is a painting for a newborn where you fill in all the info from the childs birth


To create your own mixed media canvas To make your own mixed media art isn´t that hard really if you allow your self to have fun and just go with the �ow its easy

To make yoru own mixed media art isn´t that hard really if you allow your self to have fun and just go with the flow its easy , first take out things that inspires you like different colours of fabric mix together colours in nice shades and start painting on anthing you want but chose a hard piece of plywood from some scrap thing splashed and painted different colors after that I let it dry it goes qoukly if you use acryllics its easiest for this, then I pulled out some pretty papers and started drawing my little fairy I cut here out made some wings from other papers and assembelled them with glue dots, then I made her an umbrella and the rest of the painting was made by it self allmost, made golden waterdrops the little cloud and glued the saying with ready made letter and sealed them with more glue. And there she was a fairy learning to dance in the rain of life...


Cute little fair handpainted and colored with regular felttip pens


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