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Tips for Building a Winning Pack (Team) Who should be in my pack? Invite co-workers, friends, family, club members, business associates, and people from your school, club or place of worship to join you for some great fun and for a great cause. No matter what type of Pack you form, everyone can benefit from the experience. Pack participation brings you closer together. It allows the Pack a chance to enjoy each other’s company while at the same time pursuing a common goal. And … it’s just plain fun!

When should I start? Right now! There’s no time like the present and the earlier you start your team recruitment and team pledges, the bigger your reward when the event is completed.

How do I form a winning Pack? 1. The key is to recruit as many team members as you can! There is no limit as to whom or where you can recruit … the more team members you recruit, the greater your fundraising potential! (And there will be a prize for the largest Pack!) 2. Select a Pack name and set goals for your Pack – you can set a fundraising goal and a goal for how many teammates to recruit. 3. Announce that you are forming a Pack at the next staff, club or faculty meeting or e-mail your friends and family to get them to join your team or give you a pledge. 4. Approach your employer about Pack support. Perhaps your employer will endorse your activities and even match your Pack’s earnings! 5. Keep an updated roster posted to list all confirmed Pack members. E-mail is great for this! 6. Be your Pack’s biggest cheerleader! Maintain regular contact and motivate your teammates often … they will respond to your encouragement!

Tips for Building a Winning Pack (Team)