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Bertelsmann’s many talented, entrepreneurially minded and – in particular – young executives are what make us truly unique. If there is such a thing as an “entrepreneurial gene,” Bertelsmann is the perfect setting for it to grow and flourish. Bertelsmann is a decentralized, international, and innovative company that offers an immense range of opportunities to motivated employees. Right from the start, we give highly qualified entrants the opportunity to develop new concepts on their own, take creative ideas from the drawing board to the marketplace, and create value. That is why we invest so much in independent individuals and creative thinkers who are focused on success and have the education, the drive, and, even more importantly, the talent to carve out their niche as entrepreneurs within the company in a dynamic and highly competitive media and services landscape. Are you confident that you have the “entrepreneurial gene”? If so, we offer you a wide range of opportunities to actively shape tomorrow’s world of media and services.

Welcome to Bertelsmann, a company of entrepreneurs

More than 50 countries, more than 100,000 employees: A success story

As a junior executive at Bertelsmann, you have maximum freedom to shape the future of a globally operating company that is rich in tradition. Bertelsmann owes its success to its superb content and compelling services, as well as to a dramatic increase in the importance of media and media services over the past decades. Above all else, however, our success is attributable to our dedicated employees.

In the future, increasing digitalization of content and sales channels will have a profound impact on both the global entertainment and media industry and the service sector, and will continue to drive growth. Today our employees, numbering more than 100,000, already generate total worldwide revenues of nearly EUR 19 billion. We occupy a position of worldwide leadership in the majority of our business ventures, in fields ranging from television, books, and magazines to media clubs, and media services.

Europe’s leading entertainment network

The world’s largest trade book publishing group

Europe’s largest magazine publisher

The internationally networked media and communication service provider

Leading media clubs and direct marketing

RTL Group is Europe’s leading entertainment group, with holdings in 42 TV channels and 32 radio stations in ten countries and in production companies around the world. The TV channels owned by Europe’s biggest broadcaster include the families of channels clustered around RTL Television in Germany, M6 in France, Five in the UK, the RTL channels in the Benelux region, in Croatia, and Hungary, Ren-TV in Russia, and Antena 3 in Spain. Its flagship radio station is RTL in France. The RTL Group subsidiary Fremantle Media produces more than 10,000 hours of programming a year for 55 markets including the United States. Its broad spectrum of fictional and entertainment programs makes it one of the world’s leading content providers. Bertelsmann owns approximately 90 percent of RTL Group, making it the principal shareholder of this Luxembourg-based listed company.

Random House is the world’s largest trade book publishing group and the only one that publishes original adult and children’s fiction and nonfiction hardcovers, paperbacks and audiobooks in English, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean. Its portfolio comprises more than 120 editorially independent imprints. Random House sells more than 500 million books annually. Each year, some 11,000 new books enhance an active catalog of over 60,000 titles worldwide. With authors such as Dan Brown, John Grisham, Toni Morrison, and John Updike, no other trade publisher tops the national bestseller lists more often, while also publishing the works of more than 50 Nobel Prize laureates. Random House has its world headquarters in New York and is a wholly owned division of Bertelsmann.

Gruner + Jahr is Europe’s biggest magazine publisher. The media company publishes over 300 magazines, newspapers, and websites in more than 20 countries. G+J publications include Stern, Brigitte, Geo, Capital, Gala, Eltern, Auto Motor und Sport, Financial Times Deutschland, Essen & Trinken, News, and Femme Actuelle – many of them in several different country editions. Its portfolio of titles is constantly being expanded with innovative new launches and line extensions. Gruner + Jahr stands for quality journalism in the best possible sense: thoroughly researched, informative, inspiring, and entertaining. A total of 74.9 percent of the Hamburg-based company is owned by Bertelsmann AG; the Jahr publishing family owns 25.1 percent.

With around 270 subsidiaries in 37 countries, Arvato AG is one of the world’s largest internationally networked media and communication services providers. The Arvato group is comprised of Arvato Services, Arvato Print, Arvato Digital Services, and Arvato Systems. Their operations run the gamut from gravure and offset print operations to call and service centers, customer loyalty programs, and logistics services. The portfolio of services offered also includes supply chain management, optical storage media production, IT services, address and database management, mobile services, and knowledge management. Arvato AG is headquartered in Gütersloh, Germany, and is a wholly owned division of Bertelsmann AG.

Direct Group Bertelsmann operates media clubs, bookstores, Internet businesses, and publishers in 21 countries. It has a comprehensive network of outlets comprising over 800 club centers and bookstores. The clubs possess well-known, historic brands such as The Club in Germany, France Loisirs in France, and Círculo de Lectores in Spain. Many clubs have earned a reputation as cultural institutions in their respective countries. Direct Group has its headquarters in Gütersloh, Germany, and is wholly owned by Bertelsmann AG.

Bertelsmann: The world’s most international media company

Creating value for the future

The Bertelsmann Essentials

Hartmut Ostrowski CEO of Bertelsmann AG

The Bertelsmann Essentials convey the goals and basic values for our company’s employees, executives, and shareholders and are based on the Corporate Constitution. It is the responsibility of our executives to spread and exemplify these values and to serve as role models. The Bertelsmann Essentials reflect the current status of consensus and are subject to constant review, revision, and improvement.

Our mission A company that strives for peak performance must be able to rely on its strengths and fully unleash its energies. Here, we are guided by Bertelsmann’s corporate culture as shaped by Reinhard Mohn. It is a culture based on the essential values of partnership, entrepreneurship, creativity, and citizenship – and it is a culture that has made Bertelsmann unique and successful for decades. I am delighted that you are interested in Bertelsmann. This brochure is intended to show you the multifaceted opportunities available to our employees. The following pages will introduce you to some of our employees and describe their careers. Their stories represent only a few examples of the many different career paths pursued by our talented employees at Bertelsmann – employees who have accepted the entrepreneurial challenge and become entrepreneurs within our company.

Bertelsmann is an international media corporation. We provide information, entertainment, and media services to inspire people’s daily lives. We aspire to make a valuable contribution to society. We strive to be leaders in our markets and to achieve returns on capital that guarantee the growth and continuity of our corporation. Our joint efforts focus on creative content and consistent customer relations. We seek to provide working conditions that are equitable and serve to motivate our employees. We are committed to the continuity and ongoing progress of our corporation.

Partnership Our corporate culture is based on a mutually beneficial partnership between our employees and the company. Motivated individuals who identify with our values are the driving force behind quality, efficiency, innovation, and growth within our corporation. The hallmarks of our participatory leadership approach are mutual trust and respect as well as the principle of delegation of responsibility. Our employees enjoy autonomy to the greatest extent possible, receiving comprehensive information and the opportunity to participate in decision-making as well as in the financial success of our company. We are committed to the professional development of our employees and seek to provide long-term employment. Entrepreneurship The principle of decentralization is at the heart of Bertelsmann’s management philosophy. It enables our employees to act with flexibility, responsibility, efficiency, and entrepreneurial freedom. Our operating businesses are run by managers who act as entrepreneurs: They enjoy considerable independence and bear full responsibility for the performance of their companies. Our executives act not only in the best interests of their individual businesses, but are also obligated to the interests of the Group as a whole.

Creativity We provide a home for artists, authors, and creative talents in all of our fields of business, promoting their creative development as well as their commercial success. We strive to protect intellectual property worldwide. We promote artistic freedom and freedom of thought, the protection of democracy and human rights, and the respect for traditions and cultural values. Consequently, the content we provide reflects a wide range of viewpoints and opinions. Continuous innovation and improvement, guided by customer needs and interests, are the cornerstones of our success, both in media services and in content businesses. Citizenship The continuity and development of Bertelsmann as an independent entity is ensured by the Bertelsmann Management Company’s control of the majority of voting rights. In the view of our shareholders, the possession of property creates an obligation to the community. They are committed to the idea that in a market economy a corporation derives its legitimacy by making a valuable contribution to society. This work done by the Bertelsmann Stiftung – a foundation to which the majority of Bertelsmann shares has been contributed – is also guided by this principle. Our businesses are managed in accordance with spirit and letter of the law. They maintain high standards of ethical conduct and act responsibly toward society and the environment.

Our philosophy

2006: Chief Operating Officer

2004: Chief Financial Officer

2002: Trainee

Clement Schwebig RTL Group



Paris New York

Zagreb Clement Schwebig Chief Operating Officer RTL Televizija, Croatia Career history: • Master of Management, HEC Business School, Paris • Magister Juris, Sorbonne University, Paris • During his studies, he served as a financial analyst in the M&A department at JPMorgan Chase, New York • Joined RTL Group via the Finance Trainee Program; projects in Luxembourg, London, and elsewhere • Promotion to CFO in 2004, RTL Televizija, Croatia

You went from trainee to Chief Operating Officer in just four years. Are you an exceptional talent? No, there are many young executives in key positions at RTL Group. I had two goals at the start: working in the media business and living abroad. RTL offered me both, so I jumped at the chance. After that, everything just fell into place.

yet familiar with. But I was given full support right from the start.

That doesn’t sound like a carefully crafted career plan. No, I had no such thing! It was just that I had the opportunity to work with incredible people right away, to learn from them and to develop my own projects. You are given a wide range of opportunities to determine your own path here.

Was your previous experience as an entrepreneur helpful? My entrepreneurial experience was limited. My past endeavors included helping to found a humanitarian organization that finances schools in India (I even built one of the schools with my own hands), creating an Internet portal for critiquing art, and undertaking a 12-month journey through Central Asia, about which I later wrote a book. Those experiences were not really entrepreneurial endeavors, but they did require initiative, creativity and flexibility. As such, they were doubtless helpful in preparing me for what I do now.

You certainly found your own path in record time. I started as a finance trainee at RTL Group in Luxembourg, then gained experience in London, at our English subsidiary, Channel Five. After that, I was given the exciting opportunity to create an all-new TV channel in Croatia. I immediately agreed, although it was a task I wasn’t

You hired 300 employees within three months’ time in Zagreb. That was a wild and creative time! We were pioneers. We began as a threeperson team in a tiny rented apartment. Soon we needed to hire employees and set up all of the technology for broadcasting operations. In addition, we naturally had to develop programs – and

even more important, had to finance them. Early on in the process, we also had to maneuver through the politics necessary to get broadcasting approval. Today, three years later, RTL is Croatia’s number one TV channel. What challenge would you like to take on next? I am a Frenchman employed by a Luxembourg company controlled by a German shareholder. In the space of four years, I have worked in three different countries. I am fascinated by different cultures and the characteristics that unite and divide them. Perhaps I will soon embark on a new project in an entirely different country or culture – that is my passion.

“Those who demand talent must foster it as well�

2007: Managing Director, Paperback and Children’s Division

2001: Marketing Director, Director of Communication

2004: Managing Director, Children’s Division

Núria Cabutí Brull Random House



Núria Cabutí Brull Managing Director, Paperback and Children’s Division Random House Mondadori, Spain Career history: • Business studies at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, GB • Forecast and analyzed cash flow for investment projects, Nokia Cables, Finland • Executive Assistant at Plaza & Janés (Bertelsmann AG) • Brand Manager at Plaza & Janés: project development and strategies for growth markets • Implemented marketing campaigns for Plaza & Janés as Marketing Director • Marketing Director, Director of Communication at Random House Mondadori, Barcelona

Mexico City Buenos Aires

Do you believe that there is such a thing as an “entrepreneurial gene”? Some people are willing to take greater risks than others and set higher goals for themselves. People with this attitude should come to Bertelsmann, because that is exactly the type of mindset fostered here from the first day onward. At least that is how it was for me. I started off as an executive assistant at Plaza & Janés and was immediately given the opportunity to familiarize myself with the entire company and to assume a responsible role in a variety of projects. What is so exciting about being an entrepreneur? Being an entrepreneur is simply fascinating. I have always loved developing my own projects. During my career, I realized that nearly anything is possible if you have an idea and are willing to invest both passion and hard work to turn it into reality. How important is creativity in that process? Being creative is essential at Random House Mondadori. We publish 800 new

titles each year. Successfully marketing these books takes lots of brainstorming, trend research, market analysis, and concept development. Creative thinking skills are indispensable to all of those activities. Personally, I enjoy searching for unusual solutions, even to problems of an organizational nature, such as restructuring a department or improving processes and workflow procedures. Is that kind of creativity something that can be learned? People with a highly bureaucratic mindset would doubtless have difficulty cultivating this side of their personality. But those who already have creative blood running through their veins will feel right at home at Bertelsmann, because Bertelsmann is a company that invests in its employees right from the start. Creative solutions that bring the company forward are discussed and implemented as soon as a project has been confirmed and a goal set. You actually learn more about your own creativity each day as part of the work here, especially through personal discussions

such as those I have with my colleagues in Latin America. What does this mean for your future? I can see that society is changing very rapidly and that it is more important than ever for companies to anticipate these changes and respond to them with the requisite flexibility. For me as an entrepreneur at Bertelsmann, the prospects are incredibly exciting.

“Creativity is indispensable in a media company�

2003: Managing Director

2000: Senior Vice President Multimedia

1997: Executive Vice President

Stan Sugarman Gruner + Jahr


Hamburg San Francisco Gütersloh

Stan Sugarman Publishing Director Gruner + Jahr Media Sales, Germany Career history: • BA, University of California at Berkeley • MBA, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University • Sales Supervisor for Oracle Export in Redwood Shores, Oracle Corporation, United States • Joined Bertelsmann as founder and Managing Director of • Executive Vice President of G+J Electronic Media Service, Gruner + Jahr • Executive Vice President, AOL Europe SA • Senior Vice President Multimedia, Gruner + Jahr

You came to Gruner + Jahr in an unusual way. Yes, I guess I did. As an American, I knew next to nothing about Bertelsmann or Gruner + Jahr. The German culture was foreign to me, and I could only speak a few words of the language. My first day on the job was a little odd. Nearly everyone in my department was away on business, I didn’t have an office, and no one had told the few employees who were there that I would be starting. So you were tossed in at the deep end? Yes, I was. But I had made a conscious decision to enter the media business. I moved to Gruner + Jahr later on because I was impressed by its products and range of brands and fascinated by the company’s passion, cosmopolitan atmosphere, and focus on quality. That sense of fascination hasn’t changed at all for me. I have never once regretted my decision. You climbed the career ladder quickly. Did you start off as a manager right away? No. But the corporate philosophy fosters entrepreneurial thinking. Everyone has

access to a huge network. Anyone who has good ideas and demonstrates initiative and entrepreneurial qualities is given ample opportunity to assume a responsible position very quickly.

a good mix based on a liberal attitude, individuality, communication, and openness. This atmosphere makes it possible for all employees to develop their own initiative.

Do you see yourself an entrepreneur? I am an employee who thinks like an entrepreneur. I have the freedom of an entrepreneur and can be independent, flexible, and creative in my work. With the changes brought about by the new electronic media, innovative advertising is one of the key areas in which major developments are occurring. Everything depends on contacts and networks, and in particular on a customer focus – which is precisely what I am good at.

What do you expect the next several years to bring? Generally speaking for our industry and the company? Growth and success by focusing on developing our brands. For me personally? Inspiring new tasks, people, and goals.

Does your company have a special kind of corporate culture that supports this autonomous style of thinking and acting? Yes. In my opinion, however, the culture doesn’t just support autonomy, it actually promotes it. Our corporate culture – here at Gruner + Jahr as well as throughout Bertelsmann as a whole – is neither German nor international, it is simply

Do you have any helpful hints for junior executives? It is important to demonstrate a willingness to take risks and to not be afraid of taking the hard road.

“Every challenge brings with it the opportunity for advancement�

2007: President International Finance

2002: Director Key Account Management

2005: Vice President

Andrea Kaminski Arvato


Gütersloh Shanghai London San Francisco Andrea Kaminski President International Finance, President Arvato Services, Ireland Career history: • International Management & Organizational Development, McGill University, Montreal, Canada • Economics, Witten/Herdecke University, Germany • During her studies, she worked on projects at Thyssen, Essen; Banque Générale de Bruxelles, Brussels; Robert Bosch, Salzgitter; Coverdale Team Management, Munich; ABB CMC Systeme, Lenzburg, Switzerland • Joined Bertelsmann as an auditor in Corporate Audit and Consulting • Client Manager, Dublin, Ireland • Director Key Account Management • Vice President Arvato Services

You achieved professional success in just a short time. Does everything come quickly and easily to you? No, definitely not. After completing my studies, I started working in the Corporate Audit and Consulting Division and completed its regular training program. However, I have always had a clear idea of what the next phase in my life might be like. So you don’t have a secret recipe for career success? I make sure that I always fully complete the projects entrusted to me before accepting new responsibilities. But that’s not a secret recipe, that is simply who I am. It is important to remain credible and authentic in all situations and positions; I attach great importance to my own personal integrity and that of my employees. Is that a typically female trait? In my opinion, that is first and foremost an entrepreneurial trait – one that is typical of many members of management here at Bertelsmann, whether they are men or women.

Do women have especially favorable opportunities for advancement in the company? “Especially favorable” is somewhat exaggerated. The percentage of women in top management differs a great deal from one Bertelsmann division to another, depending on its focus. I have met very capable women entrepreneurs here in a wide variety of positions, however. The company’s internal networking system simply functions well, at a local and global level. There is Bertelsmann University, the International Management Meeting … Internationality is an appealing catchword. Do today’s executives need to have universal, international skills in order to climb the career ladder? Yes, absolutely. In my opinion, you can no longer be successful in business today unless you have those qualities and are open to other cultures and ways of thinking. That is precisely what I enjoy most. I travel a lot, whether to see customers in San Francisco or to visit partners in Shanghai, and I am respon-

sible for employees in several countries – I meet a lot of interesting people. I have helped establish a number of business operations, sites, and teams and find it very fulfilling to watch them succeed. That sounds very entrepreneurial, doesn’t it? I feel like an entrepreneur and I act like one, although I am in fact “just” an employee. I am fascinated by the freedom, the independence, and the ability to make things happen that I have here at Arvato – and have had right from the start. It is from making decisions to propel our business forward that I derive the motivation, the excitement, the challenge, and the enjoyment that are crucial for doing a good job or leading a company.

“A successful entrepreneur must be capable of continually reinventing herself �

2007: Head of Partnerships 2005: Director

2003: Executive Assistant to the CEO

Dr. Alexander Lorbeer Direct Group


Berlin New York

Dr. Alexander Lorbeer Head of Partnerships, Der Club Bertelsmann Direct Group, Germany Career history: • Business administration studies at the University of Münster, HHL (Leipzig Graduate School of Management) and the University of Sydney • Doctoral degree from HHL • Executive Assistant to the CEO, Direct Group • Director, Business Management, Doubleday Entertainment, New York • Senior Director, Internet Marketing & CRM, Doubleday Entertainment, New York

You have passed through several different stations at Bertelsmann and Direct Group. What are the most important lessons you have learned? My list of lessons learned is extensive, but the bottom line is that Bertelsmann is an extremely diverse and multi-faceted company. You regularly encounter fascinating and very likable colleagues, at both the national and the international levels. It is often said that Bertelsmann has an especially large number of “entrepreneurs” within the company, and that is really true. You worked independently right from the start. Was it difficult at first? Every new job has brought with it something completely new for me, both in terms of content (e.g., strategic versus operational responsibilities) and in terms of my position in the organization (e.g., serving as an assistant versus taking on my first management tasks). In that sense, I guess you could say that it has been difficult. The first weeks and months after changing jobs have always been very intense – getting off to a good start right away has not always

been easy. When all is said and done, however, it is also a terrific opportunity to take on ever-changing challenges and learn more about new topics. Do you enjoy your work? Absolutely! I particularly enjoy the abundant opportunities I have to make things happen. Other important factors include clearly defined responsibilities, a wide variety of topics, and a high level of complexity, not to mention terrific colleagues. How much creativity does your job allow? Being creative is what entrepreneurship is all about. After all, in a fast-paced business environment we cannot reach our goals by clinging to the status quo, but we must be constantly on the lookout for new solutions and opportunities. What else can you tell us about your employer? I can warmly recommend Bertelsmann as an employer to anyone who regards it as an opportunity, rather than a risk, to work in an environment without pre-

defined career paths, but with a high level of independent responsibility. What do you expect the next several years to bring? At the moment, I am concentrating fully on my current job. There are still so many projects, including strategically challenging ones, that I will doubtless remain engrossed in them for a long time to come. For right now, I’ll just wait and see what the future holds. One thing I know for sure, however: It will be interesting!

“Being an entrepreneur means having maximum freedom and the ability to make a difference – and putting them to good use�

3rd project: Online Loyalty Program 2nd project: Business Development

1st project:

Jan Nils Borgst채dt Bertelsmann AG


Gütersloh Barcelona

Munich Jan Nils Borgstädt Principal Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments (BDMI) Bertelsmann AG, Germany Career history: • Degree in Business Administration, University of Münster • Postgraduate Master’s degree in Marketing, Escuela de Alta Dirección y Administración (EADA), Barcelona • Founder and CEO of GmbH, Cologne • Project manager at Haufe Medien Gruppe, Munich • Entry into Bertelsmann via the Bertelsmann Entrepreneurs Program

Why did you pick Bertelsmann? The Entrepreneurs Program was perfect for me – someone with an entrepreneurial mindset who wanted to work in the international media industry. The choice was an easy one. Did you have previous experience as an entrepreneur? Yes, I had already founded and developed two companies before starting at Bertelsmann. One of them is now managed by my partners, and we sold the other to one of Germany’s largest specialist publishers. My experience as a company founder has been especially valuable in my current work. Now you are “just” an employee. Isn’t that a step backward? Not at all. At BDMI, I am essentially responsible for my own deals, even though every investment is of course coordinated within the team and with my supervisor. Since I can exert a great deal of influence on the affiliated companies and my remuneration is tied to the performance of our fund,

I act as an entrepreneur within the company. How long did it take for Bertelsmann to assign responsibilities to you? Strictly speaking, it took about one hour. It was my first day working at RTL. We were just a small team and had a really exciting project on our hands, setting up the Clipfish video community. I jumped in right away and was able to play a significant role from the very start – and that continued to be the case over the next several months. I spent five months at RTL, then four in the Bertelsmann AG Corporate Center and another four at Arvato before finally starting here at BDMI. Sounds like a pretty diverse range of activities. It was. In the Entrepreneurs Program, you get to know a variety of Bertelsmann business operations and colleagues from all over the world in a very short period of time, and thus you form your own international network. At every station you pass through, you learn a great deal

about the success factors in that particular business. You then have the chance to apply what you have learned to the next project, in an entirely different context, or to use that knowledge to scrutinize and adapt existing business models. You obviously enjoy your work. Yes, I do! At Bertelsmann, I have the freedom I’m used to as a business owner, but at the same time I can take advantage of all the benefits provided by a large international organization. And I learn something new every day – by communicating and working with colleagues who have entirely different skill sets. We simply have top-notch people here.

“ There are only a handful of companies worldwide where young managers are given so much responsibility so soon�

3rd project: Bertelsmann Asia Investments

1st project: New Media Development

2nd project: Venture Development

Annabelle Yu Long Bertelsmann AG

New York


Annabelle Yu Long Managing Director Bertelsmann Asia Investments Bertelsmann Media Developments Asia Pacific, China Career history: • Studied electrical engineering at the University of Electronic Science and Technology, Chengdu, Sichuan • Newscaster, reporter, assistant director, and producer at Sichuan Broadcasting Group (SCTV), Chengdu, Sichuan • Manager, Strategic Planning and Business Development, Walt Disney Company, Beijing • Associate, Private Wealth and Asset Management, Merrill Lynch, San Francisco • Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford, California • Joined Bertelsmann via the Bertelsmann Entrepreneurs Program

Is one born an entrepreneur? I definitely wasn’t. I started as a newscaster in China and worked my way up to become the producer of a live weekly show involving more than 100 people. But my job included a number of entrepreneurial responsibilities: strategic planning, personnel management, etc. So I moved from being an employee to a managerial position even before starting at Bertelsmann. It’s simple, really: When the environment and the atmosphere are right and the opportunity presents itself, you have to recognize and seize it. So you were tossed in the water and learned to swim? Exactly. My first project in the Bertelsmann Entrepreneurs Program was an art start-up within Fremantle Media, a joint venture with an entrepreneur who stopped by and visited us in New York maybe twice a month. I had the choice of asking for another project within the company or rolling up my sleeves and taking charge of the existing team of six. I opted for the

latter – I guess I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. Those were definitely three very exciting and successful months. It was a real challenge that took me a big step forward. So a great deal of trust is placed in young managers? From what I have seen, junior executives here at Bertelsmann are often the ones who initiate innovative projects. They are expected to get things rolling in their own way. That is what I experienced while setting up Bertelsmann Asia Investments. We had an incredible amount of freedom and received full support at all levels; the backing we needed was always there. So courage and willingness to take risks are career requirements? Of course. Even more important, however, is that you truly believe in what you are doing and put your whole heart into it. I have always followed the advice given to me by my professor at Stanford University: Work as if you didn’t need money, dance as if no one were watch-

ing, and love as if you had never been hurt. You seem to enjoy your job. Absolutely. I am doing what I wanted to do right from the start – working on extremely interesting projects that I truly believe in and enjoying all the freedom I need. My colleagues feel the same, by the way. We are building a new team for the Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund here in China, and none of us feels like a mere salaried worker. Have you come closer to making your career dreams come true? I am getting closer each day. I chose a career in the world of media, and I am just as motivated now as I was on day one, maybe even more so. The opportunity to create something entirely new in this field, which is so important for people in my homeland of China, is just really exciting.

“Being an entrepreneur is not an occupation, it is an attitude�

Your door to a world of possibilities

Immanuel Hermreck Executive Vice President of Human Resources for Bertelsmann AG Have you just completed your university degree at the top of your class? Are you a marketing expert, a strategist with a consulting background and an MBA degree, someone from an entirely different academic field, or a creative entrepreneur? Do you always think one step ahead? Do you want to make things happen? If your answer to these questions is “yes,” then convince us of your ideas, show us your potential, and experience the entrepreneurial freedom and variety of opportunities that Bertelsmann has to offer! The age of prefabricated careers straight off the drawing board is over. If you are looking for the freedom to create your career, you’ll find it here.

Bertelsmann Entrepreneurs Program

Work as an assistant: Shoulder to shoulder with top executives

Internship: Getting to know the world of business

Every year, a small handful of talented young employees with an entrepreneurial spirit are selected to take part in our Entrepreneurs Program, operated under the auspices of Bertelsmann’s CEO. The aim is to prepare participants to assume responsible management positions in the Group within a very short period of time. Various entrepreneurial projects are implemented in different divisions throughout Bertelsmann with the support of Corporate Management Development.

Learn firsthand how our managers work each day and put your skills as an efficient project manager to the test. As an assistant to one of our Executive Board members or to a managing director (e.g., at Arvato), you will become familiar with strategic and operational tasks and gain in-depth knowledge of the respective business unit and its overall environment.

Are you still in the process of completing your university degree, but ready to take on the challenges that an international media company can offer up-and-coming entrepreneurs? For a period of at least three months, you can explore the fascinating world of media services in a successful global corporation. You won’t just have the opportunity to look over our shoulders – you can actually assume project responsibility as well. In return, we expect a high level of initiative and a rapid grasp of facts. To help us stay in touch after your internship ends, we have also established an intern loyalty program for young entrepreneurial talents. Through our Student Challenge program, you can gain an in-depth look at our company, get to know executives, establish contacts, and work with the Corporate Management Development team to plan for the possibility of joining Bertelsmann.

Gruner + Jahr Trainee Program: Welcome to the world of publishing During the 14-month trainee program, you will acquire a comprehensive understanding of how Gruner + Jahr works and learn a great deal about journalistic services and basic economic conditions. You will become better acquainted with the many diverse entrepreneurial challenges in the media world by taking on independent tasks and projects in the fields of editing, advertising, marketing, controlling, and publishing management, as well as by working abroad.

Marketing@Media: Getting involved in international media marketing Direct Group Bertelsmann’s Marketing@Media program gives you the opportunity to take part in international projects for marketing first-class media products. With a high-level manager as your mentor and personal coach, you will spend 18 months gaining experience in designing and implementing marketing concepts and other entrepreneurial activities. In addition, you will work with other participants in the program to develop a virtual international project.

Corporate functions: Entry at the corporate level If analytic skills and strategic thinking are your strengths, the Corporate Development, Strategy, and Finance departments offer a wide variety of opportunities. Applicants have already acquired financial expertise in an international environment, for example at a strategic consulting company, investment bank, or auditing company.

Direct entry: Prospects for recent graduates and experienced professionals Immediate immersion in the daily business of the Bertelsmann business units and our Group headquarters will let you bring your professional experience to bear in practice. More than 1,000 individual companies in the Bertelsmann Group, with their various areas of activity, are open to you in our decentralized organization. This enormous range of possibilities offers the perfect chance for individuals to further enhance their unique strengths.

Thinking ahead

Your prospects Bertelsmann invests heavily in its executives of tomorrow. Indeed, we know that you are our most important capital for ensuring a successful future. That is why we give you the freedom to develop your own personal entrepreneurial profile and encourage you to make the most of your strengths. Most importantly, you will learn not from books, but first and foremost on the job. We regard it as only natural that you will demand a great deal from us as a company. In return, we expect you to think of your ongoing personal development as an entrepreneurial responsibility.

Management development The vast majority of top management positions at Bertelsmann are filled from within our ranks. Talented entrepreneurs have the chance to turn their creative ideas into reality, to develop their own business concepts and strategies, and, above all, to take responsibility for putting them into practice. Indeed, knowing how to put an idea into action is at least as important as coming up with the idea in the first place. To help you do just that, all of our corporate divisions offer you, from the start, a variety of platforms that allow you to make consistent use of the Bertelsmann organization as a network for sharing knowledge and experience. The more convincing your performance, the faster you will earn the opportunity to take your career to the next level. One example is the CFO Circle developed in the finance division, where promising junior executives from throughout the Bertelsmann Group are mentored by CFO Thomas Rabe as they prepare to take on the tasks of a financial director. In addition to receiving career-related support from your supervisor and the HR department, you will be assisted by the team from Corporate Management Development. This team, which is responsible for talent management throughout the Group, works with junior executives from the very beginning as mentors, supporters, and coaches. Furthermore, as a virtual corporate university, Bertelsmann University is committed to fostering strategic exchange among executives and cooperation among the various corporate divisions. It offers a diverse array of formats and learning platforms to encourage growth in the operating businesses. Bertelsmann

University also cooperates with renowned institutions such as Harvard Business School and INSEAD within the scope of academic partnerships. The decentralized nature of the Bertelsmann organization, which is both globally positioned and locally active, is also reflected in the structure of the programs. Some are international programs, conducted in English, for participants from various countries. Others are regional programs that share the same fundamental concept, but are conducted in the various national languages and tailored to the respective regional conditions in their implementation and areas of emphasis. These high-quality programs, which enjoy the strong support of the Executive Board and top management, are intended for top managers and junior executives in the Bertelsmann Group around the world. As you can see, your opportunities for personal development at Bertelsmann AG are just as diverse and multifaceted as the Group’s business activities. The challenge is yours to accept!

Discover Bertelsmann and the many diverse entry options we offer on our website, Take a tour of the company with “Discover Bertelsmann� and get to know colleagues from a variety of divisions. Here you will have the opportunity for an online self-assessment to find out which junior management entry options are best for you. You will find more in-depth, exclusive information on the company as well. Prepare to be surprised!

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Of course, you will also find a list of all current job openings in the company at A variety of online tools will help you find the position at Bertelsmann that is right for you. The Personal Career Planner (PCP) searches for job offers suited to your talents and abilities (Job Agent), helps you collect interesting job listings (My Jobs) and provides information on the status of your online application (Application Status). We look forward to seeing you soon!

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