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Create The Ripple Magazine April 2021

It’s so fitting to me that we would feature our Executive Managing Editor on the cover of our Fresh Starts Edition. Why? Susan was one of the first one’s I called when I was putting together the idea of a team to bring this publication to life. Susan and I had begun to work together, slowly, so she could support me to finally write my book. I smile now when I think of it. I had a burst of inspiration early into 2020 and had reached out to her to ask, “Susan, are you ready to work with me?” This was well before I had any idea that we would be putting out a full-on magazine publication! Way leads on to way, as they say, and perhaps that original conversation set the stage for when I shared my idea for the magazine and asked her to play a role. Thankfully, she said yes. Since then, the magazine has grown, changed and expanded; just as her role has. She has unwaveringly caught the collaborative vision of the Create the Ripple Magazine; and tirelessly helps to bring it to “print” every month. She brings a balance to my constant forward motion and an attention to the details so we can deliver well edited stories that share the impact with our readers and for our contributors. Thanks Susan for being part of the ride.

Candice Smiley