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FALL 2022


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Meet our Aspen Landing Team

Banana Bread Recipe

We are the place our community turns to mark important dates and milestones, and in this issue we are pleased to bring you on a journey of food, family and celebration. You’ll read about some reflections from our 18th birthday party as well as some food lovers insight from our Co-Founders, Carolyne and Jodi on their recent trip to Tofino (trust us - you’ll want to bookmark this!)


With school back in full swing, the days becoming shorter and the leaves quickly turning to their Autumn colours, we invite you to slow down to enjoy a bite of everyday enjoyment. Go ahead, grab your favourite sweet treat and flip through our latest issue of Simply Sweet magazine!


fall 2022 | 3

Pictured above: Confetti Cookie

All products pictured in this magazine will be subject to availability.

1 I have wild hobbies like knitting sweaters for all my nieces and nephews (If I am feeling really wild I can knit simple patterns while I read!)

Confetti cake, with coffee buttercream on the inside, pink vanilla buttercream on the outside, decorated with gold roses around the top.

Confetti vanilla cake with lemon curd on the inside to

3 The Arts Commons – The Jack Singer Concert Hall (I love the arts!)

Ladybug Bakery and Café

2 The Regal Cat Café (I’m a crazy cat lady)

What is your favourite restaurant in Calgary?

I love being in the kitchen so if I am headed to a party the sweet treat I am bringing is typically cookies (like, 3 kinds), if it is savoury then my white cheddar jalapeno macaroni and cheese!

1 Shelf Life Books (I’m a big nerd)

2 I am the youngest of 6 children.

My top baking tip is to read the recipe well. I know it sounds boring but if you read it through entirely before starting you can avoid some wild errors!

What is your favourite part about working at Crave?

What is your favourite restaurant in Calgary?

4 I studied film at the University of Calgary.

IfPEYTONyouwere a cake, what would you be?


3 I always have at least 2 books going (ask me what I’m reading!)

Fun BakeryFactsTeam Q&A

What is your favourite restaurant in Calgary?

What are your 3 top local loves in Calgary?

IfALICIAyouwere a cake, what would you be?


What is your top baking tip?

Vanilla cake with bright blue buttercream with fun-fetti sprinkles in the buttercream, topped with white chocolate drip and MORE fun-fetti sprinkles (cause I gotta exemplify how much of a hoot I am). Finally I’d be topped with one of those joke candles where you can’t actually blow it out (showing how I am forever lit)

We asked each of our Aspen Landing team members two questions, here’s how they answered.

Tuk Tuk Thai

IfOLIVIAyouwere a cake, what would you be?

IfKIANNAyouwere a cake, what would you be?

My favourite part of working for Crave is the people –I love all the people I work with and I love making someone’s day with cupcakes. Everyone has an indulgence they can’t resist, and I like making them happy by giving them that indulgence!

You’re headed to a party - what treat are you bringing?

Vanilla cake with strawberry buttercream, topped with milk chocolate drip and pink sprinkles.


Gringo St.

What is your favourite restaurant in Calgary? The Italian Farmhouse (in Bragg Creek)

IfVITTORIAyouwere a cake, what would you be?

Chocolate cake filled with caramel, with peanut butter buttercream on the outside, decorated with pink buttercream and daisy’s.

Chocolate cake with Crave-o-licious buttercream, decorated in a nearly nude design with white sprinkles. What is your favourite restaurant in Calgary? Vegan Street

What is your favourite restaurant in Calgary? LDV Pizza and Il Centro.

TEAM FEATURE fall 2022 | 5

Two layers of chocolate cake, one layer of vanilla cake filled with chocolate buttercream, with peanut butter buttercream on the outside. Decorated with a kiss style border on top, filled with hazelnut spread, topped with white sprinkles and crushed Reese’s peanut butter cups.

What is your favourite restaurant in Calgary?

What is your favourite restaurant in Calgary? Kinjo and Seniores Pizza

IfCALAISyouwere a cake, what would you be?

Vanilla cake with jam filling, topped with white vanilla buttercream. The design would use a floral stencil and it would be decorated with an elvis shaped sparkler. What is your favourite restaurant in Calgary? Farmer’s Market and Meat and Bread.

IfHANNAHyouwere a cake, what would you be?

IfKATEyou were a cake, what would you be?

Globefish, Actually Pretty Good and Indian Accent

Vanilla confetti cake with Vava vanilla buttercream. Decorated in an ombre style with a darker shade of pink at the bottom, fading into light pink at the top. Topped with white chocolate drip and pastel sprinkles around the border.

IfKYRAyou were a cake, what would you be?

From left to right: Vittoria, Hannah, Kianna, Alicia, Calais

show a burst of personality that I show once you get to know me! Definitely strawberry buttercream on the outside as I love the colour pink and I definitely have a sweet side to me as well! I’d keep the cake design simple and clean, just because I am a little quite and reserved at first…but top it with a sparkler in the center of the cake because I love to be loud once all eyes are on me!

2 eggs

Crave Tip:

4 very ripe bananas

1/3 cup (75g) canola oil

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp baking soda

Baking Tip: I use a probe thermometer to ensure my loaves are baked. Insert the thermometer into the middle of the loaf, the loaf is baked when the thermometer reads 200°F.

Pre-cut the banana bread, place parchment paper between each piece and freeze in a Ziplock bag for an easy grab n’ go option. Watch our loaf storage video here

¼ tsp salt

I have made many versions of banana bread, and this is by far my favourite! Using both butter and oil is a little different, but the butter gives the bread flavour, and the oil prevents it from drying out. Both are interchangeable – keep it easy and use whatever you have on hand.

1 cup packed (200g) light brown sugar

*Optional: add ½ cup of chocolate chips

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

1/3 cup (75g) milk

Written by Co-Founder, Carolyne

1 Preheat oven to 350°F. Butter a 10” x 4” loaf pan and line with parchment paper. Place the flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt in a small bowl and whisk to combine.

Banana Bread


2 Place bananas in a large bowl and mash well. Add the melted butter, canola oil, sugar, vanilla, eggs, and milk in with the bananas, mix well with a whisk.

3 Fold the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients until just combined. Fold in the chocolate chips, if using. Pour the mixture into the prepared pan. Place in the oven and bake for 60-70 minutes.

1 ¾ cups (280g) flour

1/3 cup (75g) melted butter

One of our favourite places to visit!

Carolyne & Jodi’s Family


Our journey to Tofino started with a bucket list trip of hiking the West Coast Trail. We completed half the trail starting at Nitinat Narrows and finishing in Panchena Bay. A great accomplishment completing 33 kms hiking through mud, along beaches, rainforest, trolley cars, suspension bridges and ladders. After a few days of dehydrated food and trail mix, rest and relaxation was deserved with a stay in Tofino.

Our first dining experience was at The Schooner Restaurant. It is an original Tofino establishment and most of their dishes are cooked the same way they were 40 years ago. Our favourite dishes were the Halibut and the Classic Seafood Boil.




Back in August, Crave Co-Founders Carolyne and Jodi took their family on an exciting trip – a hike along the West Coast Trail and for some R’nR in Tofino! We are all food lovers at Crave, so it only makes sense for us to share our favourite picks from wherever our adventures take us. Keep reading to learn more about their time and their top recommendations for eats in the area!

1| The Schooner Restaurant 331 Campbell St

Written by Carolyne & Jodi, Crave Co-Founders

fall 2022 | 9 TRAVEL FEATURE




3| Tacofino 1184 Pacific Rim Hwy

2| Rhino Coffee House 430 Campbell St


Tacofino is a MUST stop when you are in Tofino and was at the top of our list! We had all the tacos – chicken, beef, pork, fish, tuna, added a Gringa, a Burrito, Liquados and of course the Chocolate Diablo cookie…maybe more than one (we promise the line-up is worth the wait!)

Looking for an energy jolt and a sweet treat? Look no further than Rhino Coffee House! You must try their coffee and breakfast wraps –delicious! We also brought back a box of doughnuts to share.

Carolyne and her husband Tony

Favorites were the Island Chicken and Halibut and of course dessert (yes, we ordered one of each!)

150 Fourth St

4| Wolf in the Fog

fall 2022 | TRAVEL FEATURE

Carolyne and Tony visited Wolf in the Fog the last time they were in Tofino and were blown away!

fall 2022 | 11


Carolyne’s son Oliver and husband Tony

Jodi and her mom Helen

TRAVEL FEATURE 5| Shelter 601 Campbell St A restaurant named Shelter quickly became a family favourite on our Tofino trip. We only ordered one piece of fish with the Fish & Chips , and we wished we had ordered two! @shelterrestaurant


fall 2022 | 13 TRAVEL FEATURE 6|Picnic Charcuterie 700 Industrial Way In Tofino, our view from the Inn was spectacular and we took full advantage while we enjoyed this lovely picnic on the beach from Picnic Charcuterie. @picnicmeats 7|1909 Kitchen 634 Campbell St Another family favorite was 1909 Kitchen! Everyone was happy with this menu – from the Halibut Tartare, to Duck Fat Smashed Potatoes (we ordered two!) to the wood fired flatbreads, the ambiance and food were amazing. @1909kitchen


In 2004, our Co-Founder Carolyne and her husband Tony were riding their bikes through the community of Kensington in Calgary one day and saw a “For Lease” sign in the window at 1107 Kensington Road. They met with the owner of the building, who took a chance on Crave and leased them the space. 18 years later Kensington has been renovated from its original 1,300 square feet into the beautiful space it is today!

Crave wouldn’t be who we are today without the passion and loyalty of our amazing customers and team. Complete with balloons, confetti mini’s and a special surprise for our 18th customer in all of our store locations, we were able to celebrate this milestone!


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making Crave what it is today!

On September 7th, 2022 Crave celebrated our 18th birthday!

CRAVE BIRTHDAY fall 2022 | 15

One of my evening rituals after a studio day is to wind down with a hot soak and my favorite Rocky Mountain Soap Company bath products and candles. I love everything they create from their soaps, bath salts, and bath bombs, to their lotions and facial products - all natural and toxin free.

Where can we find out more about you?

Jenna JennaCeramicsArcherArcherCeramics


I find working with porcelain a spiritual experience, as there is a meditative and therapeutic quality to the material. I am soothed by the calmness that comes with the repetitive motions of wheel throwing, and by the clay’s suppleness, delicacy and strength, and its ability to be transformed into an object.

What sparks inspiration for you?

You can find more about me on my website or Instagram @jennaarchershopsend me a message, as I would love to connect!

What is your current local love?


Spending time in nature exploring and traveling around the world experiencing different cultures inspires my work. For example, my summer fruit mug collection was inspired by summer holidays spent in the Okanagan Valley picking ripe cherries and peaches from the trees, and my tile mug collection was inspired by travelling through Portugal where the buildings are decorated in beautiful ceramic tiles.

What has been your favourite item you’ve created?

The Crave x Jenna Archer sprinkle mugs were made to help people connect and inspire sharing moments with others no matter how big or small. With our collaboration we hope to make your life more beautiful, and encourage connection. Calling Calgary home, Jenna Archer has built her brand on making wholesome ceramic goods using earth’s elements to bring you modern tableware. So, gather those closest to you, grab your and let’s create some memories together!

Ceramic mugs - I love the opportunity mugs create for making moments solo and shared a little more beautiful.

I started my company to create ceramics that are made to be interwoven with the scenes of everyday life - inspiring connection and joy in ordinary moments. I hope that one encounters their influence at their every step becoming susceptible to the powers of handcrafted pottery. Ceramics can hold your stories and the stories of generations before, which I think is beautiful.

What made you start a ceramics company?

“I started my company to create ceramics that are made to be interwoven with the scenes of everyday life - inspiring connection and joy in ordinary moments.”

Jenna Archer + Crave mugs available at all Crave locations | $50 each

LOCAL LOVE fall 2022 | 17

- Jenna Archer, founder of Jenna Archer Ceramics

Pictured above: Sweet & Salty Cookie

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