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Issue 19 September 2013

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Halloween Hat L oc ker Co r kbo ar d

Narnia Shadowbox

WELCOME to Issue 19 of Crafting Ireland!

Welcome to Issue 19! We have a fun issue with lots of Halloween themed projects for you to start getting you in the mood for the fun and spooky holiday! We always give our design team broad themes that they can work from and Halloween was the most popular this time around—and we can’t blame them! We also have a few back to school projects for you and some fun ways to preserve those summer memories. As always we love to see what you create inspired by the magazine so make sure you share your work with us on our Facebook page—you never know when we may decide to give away a prize or two!

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So enjoy the read and we hope back to school time has gone well and that you have a spooky Halloween! Don’t forget you can keep up to date with us on our BLOG WEBSITE, FACEBOOK and PINTEREST page.

Happy Crafting!! The Crafting Ireland Team

Nicol e

Timi 3

Editors note............................................p2 Halloween Hat........................................p6 Envelope Mini Album ...............................p8 Distress Paint Rev iew ............................. p11 Halloween Jewellery..............................p15 Locker Cork Board ..................................p18 Autumn Coloured Card............................p21 H a l l o w e e n Tr e a t B a g . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p 2 4 Classes and Crops..................................p27 Spotlighted Crafter ................................ p30 S u m m e r M e m o r i e s P r i n t e r s Tr a y . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p 3 4 4

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What you will need:  A mini top hat or any hat-in fact you can make your own mini top hat out of card if you like-check out this link  Ribbons & trim  Flowers (and markers for colouring)  Embellies-martha stewart sticker, tim holtz metals  Hot glue

Aideen Fallon

First I added ribbon and sequin trim.

Next I added my cute skeleton (from €2 shop) and Martha Stewart sticker. Also if you have any flowers that are white or cream why not colour them up to match your project!! Hot glue on all your goodies and your hat is done!!


Of course it has to be wearable‌.

We love this idea for a simple but fun Halloween costume!


Envelope mini album – Forever Autumn / Fall What you will need:  5 pcs black DL envelopes  black cardstock  themes of autumn scrapbook papers and embellishments  Sizzix die cuts  Scrapfellow chipboards – Autumn  Binding O wire (Bind it all, or other)  eyelets  hole puch (Cropodile ) Step 1 Seal all the envelopes. Measure the binding wire and mark it with a pencil. Punch the holes with a hole puch or Cropodile. Use this as a template for the rest of the envelopes.


Andrea Kovacs

Step 2 Cut off an 1/8 inch strip of all the envelopes to make a pocket for tags. Step 3 If you want you can cut off more than 1/8 so you end up with smaller envelopes to add interest to your album.

Step 4 Now you will need a sheet of cardstock to make the front cover, back cover and the closing flap for the album. Front cover: this will be the same size as your envelope. Back cover: Measure the size of the envelope, add the depth (1 inch) and another 2 inches for the flap. The depth of the album will depend on how many envelopes you want to include. Most probably a 12 inch long piece wil be enough. You need to punch these too using the hole template.

Step 5 For the closure you need to puch two small circles. Punch a hole in the centre of the circles and attach them to the front and back cover. 9

Step 6 Decide on the order of the envelopes and bind them with the wires. Now you are ready to decorate as you wish.

The colours on this could be switched out to suit any occasion. The front closeure on this is lovely and different too. This would be a lovely little memory album for some little photos and tickets etc from a short trip or a special occasion!


The first thing to say about the new Distress Karen Matthews Paints, designed by Tim Holtz for Ranger Industries is that they are unlike any other acrylic paints you have ever used. The pallet is the same as the Distress Inks and Stains. This means that the paints work really well alongside these products. Another feature of the paint is that it has the same ‘Distress’ properties as all of the other products, i.e. they are reactive with water when wet, allowing you to do wet in wet techniques and all of the techniques which you have be used to doing with your inks. The paint is really liquid and apparently does not dry out quickly. But the very best thing about Distress Paint, in my opinion, is that they dry permanent, which opens the possibilities for their use even more! Applying the Paint: The paint can be applied in a few different ways. Firstly the dabber can be used. As the paint is quite liquid if flows really well onto any surface. Using the dabber is really great on uneven surfaces, metal and wood. However when applying the paint to cardstock or paper, I like to use my fingers to spread the paint. 11

This gives a really even, smooth and almost chalklike finish, with great coverage. Distressed Backgrounds: Take a couple of colours of paint and apply to a craft sheet. I use 4 colours for this example. Spritz the paint with water, and then swoosh a tag through all of the colours, creating a marbled background. You can do this as many times as you like. Spritz the tag with water causing the paint to wick and run. Dry the tag with a heat-gun, or leave to dry naturally. Your background is now permanent. At this point you can leave the background or add more layers. I added some more pink to the top of the tag which I spritzed with water. Notice that the only area of paint to react to the water is the new pink layer. The original layer is stable. In this way you can build up as many layers as you wish.


Marble Distress: Apply some paint to your craft sheet. Spritz the paint with Dylusions ‘White Linen’ Ink Spray. Swoosh a tag through the paint to create a background. Then spritz the tag again with the white spray and allow it to run. This gives you a really nice marbled effect. In the same way you can create a metallic effect by substituting metallic distress stain for the white spray.

Distressing Metal: Take a metal embellishment and apply the Distress Paint using the dabber. Let dry naturally or dry with a heat gun. When the paint is fully dry, lightly sand the top of the embellishment to reveal the raised metal areas. The paint will stay in the deeper recesses of the embellishment.


Stamping: You can stamp with the Distress Pints too. On the final tag I have stamped with pink and green paint. Just remember to clean your stamps immediately, as the paint dries permanent. And that is just a quick overview of what you can use the new Distress paints to do. There are many more uses for these paints, so just go ahead and give them a try. You can purchase the paints from


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for. Why not decorate yourself too, with fantastic eyeball jewelry? These eyeball beads are quick and easy to make and are endlessly versatile! Here’s what you’ll need to make them….

Andrea Ockey Parr

What you will need:  Sculpey Clay or other brand of clay  Jewelry headpin  Polyurethane glossy floor varnish (optional) or other glaze medium  Other jewelry findings such as earring hooks or bracelet chain Start with the clay. I prefer oven-bake clays just because I’m too impatient to wait for air-drying clays. If you’re going to make human eyeballs, you’ll need white, blue (or green or purple) and black. Roll the clay into three balls with the white being biggest, the blue being next biggest and the black being the smallest. Flatten out the blue and black clay balls and layer them on top of your white ball. Here’s a view from the side. Wah-la! See how easy??


Take your headpin and stick it through the center of your clay eyeball. Bake in the oven as directed on package instructions. Once your eyeball beads are cooked and cooled, you can use them as normal beads in your jewelry. At this point they would have a matte finish. If you want them to look more shiny or glass-like, dip the beads in Polyurethane glossy floor finish or another glaze medium of your choice and allow them to air dry. Polyurethane dries glossy and doesn’t leave a tacky surface like some other glaze mediums. After you’ve finished your eyeball masterpiece (they make darling earrings, too), don’t just stop at human eyeballs! Here’s another example where I made some monster eyeballs with different colors of clay.

Halloween only comes once a year, so it’s a great time to be a little wacky in your accessories. Eyeball bead jewelry is fun and easy to make and is bound to turn some heads this ghoulish season! 16


I wanted to make a memo board for my daughter's locker at school so I altered a wood frame using the supplies listed above to create a Locker Cork Board.

Abby Henderson

What you will need:  Cork Tile  Fabric (or your choice of material)  Scor-tape (or adhesive of your choice)  Trims/flowers/ embellishments  Push Pins  Magnet Tape Step 1 I assembled the supplies I wanted to use for this project. I measured the area where the cork would go and used a pen to mark off the area I needed to cut. I then used my craft knife to cut out the piece of cork.


Step 2 I chose to use some pink fabric to cover the wood frame since this is my daughter's favorite color. I placed the wood frame on the fabric and then cut the fabric allowing myself a little extra. Next I placed my Scor-tape on the backside of the frame. You of course can use your favorite adhesive. Next fold the fabric over the frame onto the adhesive and cut away the excess fabric. I made an X cut in the center of the frame and folded back the fabric as I did earlier. This allows you to cover the inside edges of the frame before you insert the cork. Step 3 Since black is an accent color my daughter likes, I decided to dress up the sides of the frame with some felt ribbon. I ran a strip of adhesive along the outside edge of the frame. I then placed the trim along the adhesive strip.


Step 4 For the final step, I placed some strips of magnetic tape on the backside of the frame. By using the magnetic tape, my daughter will be able to hang this in her locker at school. The remaining photos show you the completed Locker Cork Board after I added some flowers and letter stickers. This is such a fun and easy project to do that will dress up any school locker!


This sort of layout is really handy for any card at all - you can easily turn it into a Christmas, Baby, Male or any other cards. What you will need:  Cardstock

 patterned papers  Eyelet  Twine  die cut  flowers and leaves  ink or embossing powder  Lace Step 1 Prepare and cut out the paper mats for the outside and inside of the card. My card measures 9.5cmX17cm. Step 2 Make a pocket out of the smaller piece by punching out half a circle.

Step 3 Cut out a tag and set an eyelet in it. 21

Katya Ivanova

Step 4 Distress and cover the edges of the paper with ink to make it look more vintage.

Step 5 Glue some lace to the pocket and stitch around the edges. Step 6 Add some stamped images at the bottom and in the top corner of the card.

Step 7 Emboss the sentiment onto the die cut. Step 8 Glue down the flowers and leaves. I have also added two heart shaped pins. 22

Step 9 And to finish off I added some beads.

We love the lovely colour on this and think the design would be perfect year round as Katya said—just change the papers you use and its perfect!


I have a bunch of small treat bags and wanted to decorated them for Halloween treats!

Nicole Mullen

What you will need:  Paper treat bags  Orange and black card  Halloween suitable stamps  Halloween suitable embellishments  Adhesive & washi tape Step 1 Measure your treat bag and cut your papers down to size. For my bag I cut my black card to 11.6cm x 13.8cm and my orange card to 11.3cm x 13.4cm. Step 2 On the orange card I stamped a crackle background. I also distressed this piece of card quite heavily with some tears on the edges and inked all the edges a lot too. Step 3 I used raven stamp and stamped on the bottom right corner of the orange card. The orange card is textured so its not a perfect impression but that doesn’t matter for this stage. Step 4 Stamp the raven again but this time on some scrap orange card—and on the smooth side to get a nice clear impression. 24

Step 5 Fussy cut out this second raven. At this stage I also created some elements for embellishing the bag too. I stamped and cut out some leaves, and some tickets too. I made one ticket and used some stamps to add some text to it. Step 6 I adhered all these elements to the orange panel. I added them all on over the first stamped raven. I then used the fussy cut raven over the top to make all the elements look layered in behind it. Step 7 I then glued the orange panel to the black panel and stuck it onto the paper bag. 25

Step 8 To keep the bag closed at the back I used some black and white stripe washi tape. You could use some ribbon and punch some holes and tie them closed if you liked also. This little bag is so simple to create and you could create them for any season. I plan to fill these with some home baked cookies and hand them out to some friends!


We would love to publish your classes and crops here. Whether you are a shop running crops and classes or just a group of crafty people looking for like minded people let us know. Simply email your details to

Card Art Kilcoole Crafty Angels All places must be booked in advance. Crafty Angels, Cutlery Rd, Newbridge, Co. Kildare. Ph : 045-446678. http://

Scrapbook Store More info can be found on the website http:// or contact Annamarie at

Jackies Cardmaking Workshops

Scrap n Yap Check out Scrap n Yap on Facebook for more information.

Inspiring Ideas Visit for more information. 27

Archangels craft club Archangels Craft Club - we meet in St. Gabriels Clontarf every Tuesday 7.30 - 9.30pm and do all sorts of crafts - knitting, cross stitch, card making, beading and scrapping etc. We are in our 9th year - all very informal but it’s a place to craft with like minded individuals. We are always on the lookout for demonstrators and enjoy the social aspect of crafting (along with the tea and cake!) If anyone is interested in coming along to join us, or maybe there is another club out there who would be interested in doing a Christmas craft day together please do contact me. Contact Christine at or on 0857151759

Create With Kate Workshops in card making, scrapbooking and mixed media. We also are a mobile craft supplies shop. Visit for more information or phone 087 984 1196.

Scrapbooking Limerick Create beautiful scrapbook pages & crafts at our crops & classes Bookings: 086 3817677

The Polka Dot Craft Club Cardmaking and scrapbooking workshop Killarney The Polka Dot Craft Club Facebook page


Crop Tarts ‘Crop Tarts’ are a group of scrapbookers/card makers who have a regular crop on the 2nd Saturday of each month from 10.00 a.m. until 4.00 p.m. at “Le Cheile”, Donnycarney Community & Youth Centre, Collins Avenue East, Donnycarney, Dublin 5. We are a friendly bunch who like to share our ideas/stash/equipment etc., so each month we usually have a short demo by one of our members e.g. recent demos have included crochet flowers and colouring with Promarkers or it might just be a LO that we are especially pleased with or a new card making technique.

Get Ireland Crafting Facebook Group This group lists all the classes and crops happening around Ireland!


Cristina Rovan In every issue we will be spotlighting the work of an Irish based crafter. We will look at paper crafters, scrapbookers, and altered art aficionados. If you think you know someone who you think sound be spotlighted let us know at This issues spotlight is shining on Cristina Rovan! Here is Cristina to tell us a bit about herself and her work.... I am originally from Costa Rica, a small country in Central America. I met my husband 16 years ago on an online chatting programme; it was probably one of the very first chatting programs that existed at the time. My husband is from Athy, Co Kildare, and we have lived there since we got married, 15 years ago. At the moment, I work from home, first as a homemaker, and second as a craft maker. When and h o w di d you ge t i nv ol v ed w ith paper cr a f ti n g? I’ve loved paper crafting since a very young age (7 -8 yrs old) , I used to collect pretty letter papers and stickers. I still have a huge sticker collection built up over years of collecting. ! It is funny, but I have never told my daughters that I own a box full of different styles, colours, smells, etc stickers! If they had known they would have probably disappeared long ago. 30

My Mum has always been a very crafty person, so I suppose crafting just runs in the family, and my daughters are very crafty themselves too, their school teachers always mention their artistic side and praise their creativeness. What i s your fav our i te aspect of paper cr a f ti n g? I started card making about 8 years ago, when I realised I suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and so in search of my own therapy, I bought myself a book on card-making, got some basic materials, and you know the rest!!! So card making, or crafting in general is my escape to a happy place. I love cutting papers, matching colours, adding embellishments, etc. Where I live there are not proper craft supplies shops, so most of my techniques, materials, etc‌ come from what I have learned online or through other crafters. I initially started card-making, producing quilling style cards, and also started selling those at the very early stages. From quilling, I moved into stamping, and I still do a lot of stamped cards (I also own a pretty big stamp collection!!) I tried Scrapbooking for a while, but I don’t feel it is my thing, so I kind of come and go. For a while I had an addiction to creating mini albums! I have always loved altered art, and so am constantly looking for bits to alter. And the latest venture is to try and recycle material through crafting. On my continuous pursuit to learn new craft techniques I turned to You Tube videos to learn the art of crochet. Also tried feltmaking for a while, beautiful craft but quite physically intense. 31

What are t he techni q u es that y ou use most of t h e ti me? If we talk about card making, after trying different techniques, I settled on stamping, I have never liked to stick an already-made topper onto a blank card and feel I have produced a handmade card; for me handmade cards must show the effort you put in it to produce it. My newest love is Mixed Media, I have been experimenting with different techniques, taking online workshops, and I can honestly say I haven’t yet found my style, all I know is that I love colourful creations and you can see it clearly on my all work. What ar e y o ur "can't d o w ithout" pr oducts? Since I love colour, lots of it, for card making I couldn’t do without a good selection of patterned papers and flowers, give me only those two and I can make a good bunch of colourful cards! Oh and scrappy glue! I call it the “crazy glue” of the paper craft world! And for mixed media…it would probably be a black marker, once you outline a figure/ image it becomes another layer. What inspires you? I get inspiration from magazines, ads, anything colourful! If I go through my patterned papers, and I choose the one I 32

want to use, then I work around those colours. I have been known to get inspired by children clothes too! How do you d escr i be y our styl e? My style would be the opposite of minimalistic…would that mean its “busy”? Probably. Give me a canvas and I can guarantee you there won’t be any blank spots left! Do you blog? Wher e ca n w e see your w or k ? Blogging…because everybody else was blogging, yes I blogged for a while, but life got in the way and the blog was left behind. It is in my “To do” list to go back to blogging, you’ll be the first to know when I get on track. At the moment, I am constantly creating to supply a local shop. A group of crafters from the area came together (including myself) and we run “St John’s Gallery”, we are open every Friday and Saturday and we sell out crafts, you can see our Facebook Page here. Hav e you any pl ans for the futur e? For the future, I will be constantly learning, I will never settle in one craft/ technique, that is for sure, I seem to be constantly “hungry” for more, and as somebody ever said “my creative brain is like 1000 search engine tabs opened at the same time” I have to constantly tell myself to finish a project before I move onto the next one. I discovered the world of Mixed Media and that is where I am now, either creating a canvas, painting on fabric, even bringing into 3D, drawing faces constantly to practice, practice, and practice. My dream for the future would be to be hired by one of the big craft manufacturers and to be able to work/create with them and maybe even teach around the world, work and have fun at the same time - my idea of a happy life! 33

I had this Tim Holtz printers tray lying around for quite a while and I was waiting for the inspiration to Timi Konya come to me to use it up as a precious project. And then I had this idea that I can ’prepare’ it for all those little keepsakes that I usually collect on a summer holiday like stones and shells, bottle caps etc... So here it is, another idea how you can decorate a plain prinetrs tray for all those summer memories. And if you know me, you know I like mini albums, so there is one here to go with the printers tray. What you will need:  Tim Holtz Printers Tray  Acrylic paint  Patterned paper  Twine Step 1 Arrange the little boxes in the tray leaving a bigger space in the middle for the mini album.


Step 2 Paint the printers tray with acrylic paint of your choice. Step 3 Cut the designer paper to size and glue them into the little boxes.

Step 4 Cut the sheets of patterned paper into 7x12 size. Step 5 Fold them all in half then cut a triangle off like it is shown in the picture.

Step 6 Glue the pages together: glue the triangle to the front of the next folded piece. Only glue the edges, so the triangles will become pockets. It is 35

important to use liquid glue rather than double sided tape, because the tape will stay sticky and the tags can stick inthe pocket, and we don’t want that.

If the pattern of the paper is too pretty to cover up, the only thing you need to do is cut a bit of the triangle and make the pocket smaller.

Like in this picture, I really liked the flamingo and didn’t want the patterned paper to cover it up, so I just trimmed the end of the triangle and made the pocket smaller that way.

This is how it looks when the base of the album is ready. Remember that you don’t need to cut a triangle shape for the back cover! Step 7 Decorate the mini as you wish.

I have kept some of the end strips of the 12x12 sheets, because they had a pretty pattern on the back. This will be really usefull to decorate the photos once I have them in the album.


Step 8 Add a title and some embellishments to the cover page.

Step 9 Add 3D elements and chipboard elements to the printers tray. You can also add beads and charms to the twine that hold the album in place.


This is a perfect way to preserve memories and display them rather than tucking them away into a box or drawer somewhere!!


It’s nearly “that“ time of year again!! This year I wanted to use some of the great free images that are available online – I particularly liked the vintage ones.

Felicia Thomas

If you do a computer search for “Free Halloween images” you will get a great selection, be sure to read the terms & conditions before you download the images, some sites will only allow you a limited number. Of course you should always link back to the site you took from – Thank you to and What you will need:  Wire coat hanger  Black washi tape  Black netting (I used just over ½ a metre, but it depends on the size of your circle)  Printed images of your choice  Black card  Hot glue  Ribbon (I used orange)  Craft sheet or other non-stick surface.  Black Stickles

I started out by bending my wire coat hanger into a circle (it is far from a perfect circle but that is ok). 39

Then I covered it with a black washi tape just to make sure none of the wire showed through. I cut the black netting into strips of approximately 2 ½” x 5” – the netting will tear into strips but only in one direction, it will make things quicker if you can tear it. Then simply tie the netting around the wire circle. This takes a bit of time but it looks better if you pack them in tightly.

I used Photoshop to resize the images and printed them onto gloss photo paper so that the colours are nice and bright.

Each image was matted onto black card to give it some strength.

You will need to cut a circle from black card approx 5” in diameter (it won’t be seen so it 40

doesn’t need to be a perfect shape) then arrange your images and glue them to the card. You can highlight areas or the edges with the Stickles.

Place the wreath on your craft sheet; attach your images to the outside of the wreath with hot glue. You will need the craft sheet because the glue will drip through the netting and you don’t want to stick it to the table!

Draw and cut out some bats, use tape to secure some thin wire to the back of one, then glue another over it so you can’t see the tape. The wire can be twisted so the bat sits where you want it to. I edged the bat with black stickles for a little sparkle.

Add your ribbon to the top or side and there you have it!!


I recently got myself a Dylusions Art Journal which Nicole Mullen I was really looking forward to getting working on it. It’s a very large journal so a bit daunting when faced with such big blank pages! I wanted to challenge myself to get back to drawing a bit too so this was a great opportunity. What you will need:  Art journal  Inktense Pencils or watercolour or even markers  Waterproof pen  Feather stamps/dies  Courage! Step 1 I wanted to draw a dream catcher on my page. I used a small place to help me draw the circular outline of the base of the dream catcher. I drew everything in pencil and made myself relax and just try flow with it.


Step 2 Once I was happy with the design I used the waterproof black pen to go over the design. This was a committing step but again try relax and have fun with it.

Step 3 Once I had the outlining done I coloured the dream catcher and ribbons with Inktense pencils. I used Inktense as its lovely and vibrant and also sets once dry which is what I needed.


Step 4 When my dream catcher was dry I wanted to add a splash of colour to my page. I swiped blue distress ink onto a craft sheet and used a wet paint brush to apply it to the top of the page. I added a lot of water so that it would then drip down the page.

I used a tissue to stop the drips when I was happy where they were. I also repeated the process with a pink ink. I then splashed some of the ink all over the page too.


Step 5 I then plonked myself down in front of the telly for an evening and stamped and cut out lots of feathers from the Waltzing Mouse Stamps Fine Feathers set. I got a bit carried away stamping and cutting out but I did want a lot of feathers and I can always use the extras on future projects! Step 6 I added the feathers on the page and added some enamel dots to them. The sentiment from the stamp set was perfect for the page—and is a quote from one of my favourite poets too by chance! I stamped some feathers in light grey to make it look like the sentiment was floating in on them. I love how the page turned out and am looking forward to creating more!!


I recently created a Halloween mini album with several photos. One of the photos in the album stood out to me and I decided to make a copy of it to use on a layout as well.

Mary Jo Rhoda

I like to do this from time to time if I have a favorite photo or think the photo will tell a special story from that time period or event. What you will need:  Cardstock  Patterned Paper  Embellishments  Stamp Ink  Alphabet Letters  Tiny Attacher (stapler) for acrylic letters  Stickers  Pen Step 1 I started by picking out a line of Halloween papers and embellishments that I thought would work well with the colors in my photo. This is an older line by SEI, and I have had it for quite a while. The striped paper though is leftover scraps from the mini album I mentioned above. It is from a Halloween line by Imaginesce.


Step 2 Next I matted my photo with a few pieces of patterned paper and distressed the edges a bit. The SEI collection came with this really fun Halloween word paper.

I decided to cut it up and use the words to embellish down the right side of my paper. I matted each word on patterned paper to help it stand out better.

Step 3 I have also had these really great oversized acrylic letters by Heidi Swapp for a few years. It seems as if the clear alphabets are making a comeback, so I pulled them out and went to work on my title.

I was able to attach the letters to my page using a small stapler and strategically placed embellishments. Once I had my title in place I added the words down the right side of my page.

With the addition of a few more embellishments and some journaling, my page is complete! And another tradition is documented. 47


I got a shadow box kit from La-La Land Crafts Nicole Mullen recently—the Lantern Post one. As soon as I saw it I though of the book The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. I wanted to try recreate the scene where they come through the wardrobe into Narnia. What you will need:  Shadowbox kit  Ink & paints  Cardstock in white for snow  Stamps/dies for creating trees etc Step 1 I took the kit out and used Peacock Feathers distress ink to colour the elements. Step 2 I then cut a piece of cardstock for on the back of the inside—this will be my sky. I spritzed it with white Dylusions spray to make it look like it was snowing.


Step 3 I used a metalic silver Distress Stain to colour the elements for on the front of the frame.

Step 4 Out of bright white card stock I traced out some ’hills’ to look like snowy hills on my background. I added some clear stickles to the top of these hills so that they sparkled as if it was fresh, crisp snow.

Step 5 I stamped some trees out and coloured them with distress inks. I splattered them with the white spray also to add a more snowy effect. I added a snowy top to one of the trees at a later stage also.

Step 6 I made a faux wardrobe from some woodgrain card that I inked up in brown. I used felt to create a fur coat for inside of it. If you know the story in the books the wardrobe is full of fur coats! I used fabritac to glue the felt coat in and also added a ’sleevel to the coat to make it look more realistic. This was also stuck on with fabritac—this glue is brilliant for not bleeding through fabrics and is super strong. 50

Step 7 Using lots of foam adhesive I adhered my trees and doorway in place on my cardstock background.

Step 8 I made up the frame as instructed and added my little scene inside of it.

Step 9 I added a strip of the white card in at the bottom of the scene to make it look snow-filled. I then added a layer of stickles for some more sparkly snow effect

Step 10 I used a quote for the book and printed it out and added it on as a banner to the background on foam adhesive.


Step 11 For the lantern I inked it up black and the light in yellow. I added glossy accents to the yellow globe of the light to give it more dimensional effect.

Step 12 I added the front on to the frame and the stand on the back (this makes it stand up perfectly). I added my emellishment bits and called it done!


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Issue 19  

Issue 19 of Crafting Ireland Magazine

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