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“The provision of care, guidance and support is excellent.”


Introducing Noadswood School A Sports College Headteacher: Mr. A. Bernard BA(Hons) MA (Ed)

Dear Parent, It is my privilege and pleasure to introduce you to our school. At Noadswood we aim to create a caring and civilised ethos in which our students learn about their responsibilities and how to respect themselves and others. We have clear expectations of them and we provide them with a broad range of opportunities in order to develop and demonstrate their growing maturity. Our students consistently achieve high standards in a whole range of fields and we work hard to ensure that all students are successful. Working together staff and students have identified 5 themes which we believe to be the essence of our school: > Enjoyment of learning > Enthusiasm for life > Engagement in school > Effective citizenship > Encouragement of success In the following pages you will be given an introduction to our school delivered through these themes. I hope that this will give you all of the information you require, but if there is anything else you need to know then please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or the school website at

North Road | Dibden Purlieu Southampton | Hampshire SO45 4ZF Telephone: 023 8084 0025 | Fax: 023 8084 3532 Email:


Enjoyment of Learning Curriculum> KS3 All our students follow a common Key Stage Three curriculum as outlined in the National Curriculum. In addition we also teach Learning to Learn (L2L) a programme which explains the different ways in which we learn, which then helps students to understand how they learn and which also helps to develop their emotional intelligence.

Curriculum> KS4 All pupils continue to study courses in English, Mathematics, Science and ICT leading to external examinations. Additionally they also undertake programmes in P.E., Citizenship and Ethics. As part of our approach to personalizing learning pupils are allowed to choose to continue to study certain subjects from the beginning of Year 9 and in some cases this may lead to early entry examinations in Year 10. Some students may follow applied GCSE courses, NVQ courses or other appropriate college courses. Our most able students study AS courses and can if they choose, follow a three science option at GCSE. Our key aim is to meet the individual needs of our students and to give them the best chance of success with their examinations and future careers.

“A new curriculum is being trialled and is good, the new arrangements offer students three distinct pathways, which clearly recognise their particular academic or vocational aptitudes. There are good opportunities for student’s progress to be accelerated. ” OFSTED 2009


Enjoyment of Learning


Enjoyment of Learning

Curriculum> Setting Students are carefully and sensitively grouped to help them to learn and work to the very best of their ability and to demonstrate their capabilities. Throughout their time with us these groupings are reviewed to ensure that all students are placed in the most appropriate group for each subject they study. We have high expectations of all our students and it is our intention that all students be entered for external examinations in the subject areas they have been studying.

Curriculum> ICT Information Communication Technology (ICT) is an integral part of the curriculum and students are taught a wide range of applications including word processing, desk top publishing, databases and spreadsheets. In years 7 and 8 ICT is taught as a separate subject. In years 9 -11 pupils follow OCR materials in a variety of modules. The school has five computer rooms as well as sub networks in other departments and these are available during lunch times and after school.


Enjoyment of Learning

“Good, positive relationships exist, and students say they enjoy their education. Consequently, all groups of students – including those who are vulnerable, those with gifts and talents, and those with learning difficulties and/or disabilities – make good progress.” OFSTED 2009


“Noadswood provides a good education for its students. It has aspects that are outstanding, including the students’ contribution to the community and the school’s use of an extremely wide range of external partnerships that benefit students.” OFSTED 2009


Enthusiasm for Life

Enthusiasm for Life School Library We are fortunate to have an excellent and well stocked school library. The library is a bright, attractive room and is the school’s permanent gallery for pupils’ GCSE 3 dimensional artwork. Students have open access to 18 computers linked to the internet all day and both before and after school. Students in year 7 have an induction course to familiarise them with the library and to encourage good reading habits. All students are offered the opportunity to work as junior librarians.

Sports Prefects Each year we appoint a team of enthusiastic year 10 and 11 pupils who help the PE department run the extra-curricular programme as well as helping our Primary Schools. During the course of the year they are offered the opportunity to complete the Level 1 Sports Leader award which is recognised by colleges and employers.

Sports College Status We were delighted to gain designation as a Sports College in July 2006 and since then we have been able to increase opportunities in PE and School Sport through the employment of new PE teachers, one of whom works closely with our Primary Schools. The additional funding has also enabled us to improve the use of ICT in all areas of the curriculum. At Noadswood we are fortunate to have excellent sports facilities. Our newly refurbished Sports Hall includes a climbing wall and our purpose built gymnasium is used for high level competitions at both local and regional level. This latter facility gives us very strong links with Waterside Gym Club which produces gymnasts at every level up to national standard. In addition we are about to construct a fully equipped and floodlit astro turf pitch and we are upgrading our tennis and netball facilities.


Enthusiasm for Life

Educational Visits Our primary focus is education in school but we believe that educational visits offer a superb opportunity to enhance a student’s learning whilst having fun. These visits include trips as an integral part of normal subject courses - geography fieldwork, history visits and visits to industry. Other trips arranged by staff include trips to the theatre and concerts. There is also a wide range of residential trips to venues in both Great Britain and abroad. There is an annual outdoor pursuits visit to Bude for year 7 and another in year 9 to the Dordogne. The Modern Languages department run two very successful trips in year 8, one to Paris and one to St Goarshausen in the Rhine Valley. Other recent visits have been to Italy for skiing, and to our partner school Sefoloko High School in Limpopo, South Africa.

Competitions and Challenges We recognise that many student enjoy competing against their peers and are always keen to encourage participation in outside events. Many students take part in sports competitions within the New Forest Schools Partnership and the County. Each year we have huge success in the UK Maths challenge and our students take part in a variety of other challenges in areas such as Science and Business Studies. Each year we have a group of students who take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, all of whom achieve success.


Effective Citizens Citizenship Throughout their time at the school students follow a programme of Citizenship education. The content is wide and diverse and encompasses such areas as local, national and international politics, the law, the media, human rights, the economy and the world as a global community. This course also covers careers, personal and social education and health education.

Sex Education The school policy on sex education aims to ensure that sex education is provided: > As an integral part of the learning process for all students. > To explore values and moral issues. > To consider sexuality and personal relationships. > To enable students to make informed decisions. > To foster a sense of moral responsibility. The content of the programme: > Allows for individual differences which arise from cultural, religious or family background. > Addresses the personal and social dimensions of sexual expression. > Is delivered through lessons in citizenship and science. Parents have the right to withdraw students from sex education lessons.

“They are well prepared for their future lives as a consequence of the curriculum provision for careers advice, enterprise activities, citizenship, work experience, and health education.� OFSTED 2009


Effective Citizens

Prefects During year 10, pupils who have been leading and excellent students are eligible for appointment as Prefects. We provide training in assertiveness and leadership to those appointed. The Prefect team, led by the Head Boy and Head Girl and their Deputies, undertakes an important role in supporting their fellow students and the staff.

Behaviour Management Our students have the right to learn and our teachers the right to teach without interruption. Our Code of Conduct, which is well defined, reflects this principle. It ensures that all students are clear about their rights and responsibilities, also the rewards and sanctions that will follow depending on the choices they make. The vast majority of students come to school to work hard and to co-operate with staff. Merit awards, congratulatory postcards and prizes are some of the rewards given to encourage our students to continue giving of their best. Students who prevent others from learning are warned, and then, as appropriate, sanctions ranging from detentions to being withdrawn from lessons to working under supervision away from their peers, are applied.


“A healthy respect is shown for each other and to adults.� OFSTED 2009

Effective Citizens

International Links In addition to the many foreign visits which are arranged for pupils we also have long lasting relationships with schools overseas. Over the past four years we have developed a very close partnership with Sefoloko School in Limpopo, South Africa. Sefoloko is situated in a “village� of 45,000 inhabitants and there are regular visits of pupils to and from the schools. This link is very powerful and in some cases has had a life changing effect on our pupils. We also have partnership with Hi Tech High School in San Diego, USA. HTH is a world leader in innovative curriculum and staff from both schools have collaborated on project based learning which we have introduced into our Navig8 curriculum in Year 7.

Involvement with the Community Our student Ethos Group aims to work for the school community. As part of our involvement with the community we produce a Talking Newspaper for the visually impaired, are committed to the Cussins Day Centre, we take part in the Waterside Arts festival and we raise funds for local charities. Each year we raise funds for Children in Need and our students can always be relied upon to find ways of helping international disaster pleas as well as collecting shoe boxes full of Christmas gifts for children in poorer countries.

Healthy Schools We are delighted to have been recognised as meeting the criteria to be designated as a healthy school but also very proud to have recently been awarded the Enhanced Status. The main aims of the standard are to improve the physical, emotional, social health and well being of our students by involving them in decisions on food, exercise, friendships, healthy lifestyle and concerns with bullying.


Engagement in School Tutor Groups

Student Ethos Group

Your child will join a tutor group of approximately 25 pupils and they will normally stay with the same tutor for the 5 years in school. The tutor group is made up from students in every Year group and gives a very inclusive and secure base for the pupils. Tutors are responsible for monitoring the progress and welfare of the pupils in their group. Each tutor group is part of one of the 4 Houses in the school and a variety of inter-House competitions and events are organised throughout the year. Each House has two House Leaders, one of whom monitors the progress and learning of the pupils and another who deals with guidance and welfare issues.

We subscribe totally to the idea of “Every Child Matters” and in response to this we support the Student Ethos Group. Students are elected by their peers to the Ethos Group which is led by Senior Prefects and meets on a regular basis. It gives students a voice to make useful contributions to the development of the school community. A wide range of issues have been raised, including the introduction of alternative eating arrangements, the need for more pupil counselling, concerns with movement around the school, teaching and learning styles, how to deal with bullying, improving and monitoring the toilets and re-designing pupil planners. In Spring 2009 the Ethos Group investigated a new motto for the school and after consulting with all pupils and staff initiated the motto “Fit for Learning, Fit for Life”. The Ethos Group has involved the pupils in communicating ideas for change and decision making that has benefited all pupils at Noadswood. The intention is to continue to develop the Pupil Voice and create Pupil Focus Groups which will meet to discuss school and community issues of interest to their particular Year Group. Students have started by initiating links with the Cussins Day Centre adopting this care centre for the elderly as our school charity.

Clubs There is such a wide range of clubs meeting throughout the year that there is certainly something for everyone. The PE department offers a variety of lunchtime and after school clubs including football, rugby, basketball, badminton, netball, hockey, dance, gymnastics, cross-country, athletics, rounders and tennis. In addition to sports based clubs we have science club, internet club, homework club, Christian Union, computer club, drama club, the fun food club and chess club. The programme of clubs is reviewed regularly and we are always looking to extend and introduce new ideas.

Keeping-in-Touch The school web site is a valuable source of communication and contains up to date information on all aspects of school life. We publish a successful newsletter which is produced every term and sent to all parents, staff, governors, business partners and colleagues from other schools. The newsletter is one way of sharing information, publicising future events and reporting on events which have already taken place.

Progress Reports We believe that it is very important to have a running dialogue between school and home, so parents receive progress reviews throughout the year. Teaching staff report termly on your child’s behaviour, effort, homework and progress in each subject. There is also a report an attendance. You will have the opportunity to meet your child’s subject teachers in either the Autumn or the Spring term to discuss academic progress. Each student has three individual mentoring sessions per year. Targets are set and monitored and the student has the opportunity to discuss concerns and strengths. In July, an Annual Review Day allows each student an extended interview with his or her tutor to discuss progress during the year and to agree targets for the next academic year. Parents are invited to join their child for that interview.


Engagement in School

“Students make an excellent contribution to the community.� OFSTED 2009


Encouraging Success Teachers, Support Staff and Governors We are very fortunate in having a full complement of dedicated, caring and hard working staff who, with the Governors and Parent Teacher Association work as a team to ensure that all students have every opportunity to succeed.

“The governing body supports the school well.” OFSTED 2009

Leading students It has been thought that students who work hard and behave well can be made to feel uncomfortable by their less conscientious peers. Our Leading and Excellent Student scheme encourages them not to feel uncomfortable about it, but to realise that they are among a very large group of like-minded students and to feel proud of their achievement. Leading and Excellent students are identified through termly Progress Reports and enjoy privileges that are not available to other students.

Learning Support Support is provided for pupils with special educational needs, including learning, sensory, physical and sometimes behavioural or emotional. There is close liaison with primary schools so that information and advice for teachers and support for pupils is available as soon as pupils arrive. Soon after settling into school students are assessed and programmes developed to meet identified needs. Support is organised within the school and most often takes the form of a Learning Support Assistant in the classroom. Pupils with learning difficulties are usually taught in smaller groups. Occasionally, staff work with students on a one to one or very small group basis. We are proud that in recent years all our students with special needs have achieved well at GCSE.


“Teaching is good, and the students achieve well. Relationships in lessons are positive.” OFSTED 2009

Encouraging Success

“The headteacher has worked effectively and successfully to establish among managers and staff a shared vision, based around improving the outcomes for students.� OFSTED 2009

Pupil Support

Vocational Education

In order to fully support pupils we operate a Pupil Support Centre staffed by the House Leaders for Guidance. These non-teaching members of staff are available all day. Their role is to support pupils who have, or develop, emotional or behavioural difficulties. Along with our Parent Support Advisor they offer a range of courses which help and encourage pupils to deal with their feelings and emotions in appropriate ways. Sessions may include anger management, stress, self esteem and personal organization. We have excellent links with the community and multi-agency professionals to enable needs to be met proactively.

We aim to ensure we meet the needs of all our students and the introduction of a number of vocational courses is an important part. We offer applied science and applied Health and Social Care GCSEs and the BTec First Qualification in Sport. We are also able to offer a small number of students the opportunity to take part in a range of vocational courses in areas as diverse as hairdressing, construction and engineering. Students achieve a nationally recognised qualification when they have successfully completed the course.

Special Educational Needs Noadswood School is one of the four schools in Hampshire equipped to support the learning of Physically Disabled children. Students have come to Noadswood from as far afield as Romsey, Totton and Lymington. The school has facilities to undertake on-site physiotherapy and occupational therapy. We have an Accessibility plan which is reviewed regularly. Our key objective is to reduce and eliminate barriers to access to the curriculum and to full participation in the school community. Most of the school is wheelchair accessible having the use of a lift in the Main block. Disabled students at Noadswood are fully included in all aspects of school life: > The curriculum with adaptations for PE and DT. > School visits with additional support. > Extra-curricular clubs.


Encouraging Success “There is an extremely impressive range of partners in the community, who are well used to benefit learners.” OFSTED 2009

Careers and Work Related Learning

L2L Skills for Life

Noadswood works closely with the Careers Service in giving information, advice and guidance about future career choices and pathways. Careers advisers visit the school regularly and students can request an interview or visit the lunch-time and after school “drop in” sessions. By arrangement, parents are welcome to attend interviews and drop in sessions when career or education pathways are being considered by their son or daughter. The Kudos careers database is networked throughout the school and all students can access it on the website.

Learning to Learn lessons are currently part of the KS3 curriculum. In these lessons students have the opportunity to learn how to become successful learners. Essentially, the course provides students with study skills and a basic understanding of emotional intelligence. The course covers Brain Gyms, why they are useful in lessons and some examples, how to mind map and why it is useful, how and when to use mnemonics and other memory developing techniques. Students will also learn about their own preferred learning styles and so understand what activities actually help them learn. In addition, they learn about problem solving using “Thinking Hats” and gain a basic understanding of stress management. In addition to Learning to Learn lessons, there is an ongoing emphasis on all staff adopting and using methods taught in these lessons across the whole curriculum.

Work experience During the summer term of Year 10 all students undertake a two week work experience placement. This valuable opportunity provides important experiences and insights into the world of work. Student work experience is also linked to the Trident gold award which includes a personal challenge and community service. The school has very good industry and community links which are used to both strengthen and demonstrate the relevance of the school curriculum within the world of work.


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