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Opportunities in the Oil and Gas Industry

Author: Geoffrey Mbaku Halliburton 4/27/2014

Advantages: 1. Offers stable and long term careers with great benefits all over the world. 2. We will continue to depend on oil & gas for a very long time. 3. The US is now the number producer of Crude oil in the world, ahead of Saudi Arabia and the number one producer of Natural Gas in the world ahead of Russia. 4. Texas is the number oil & gas producing state in the US followed by North Dakota. 5. Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, Colorado, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, New York State, West Virginia, Kansas, Alaska and Utah are some of the top oil & gas producing states in the US. 6. Most African countries now have oil. Nigeria is the number producer in Africa. 7. The Middle East and North Africa have been and are sill top petroleum producers. This means that the potential for a great career in oil & gas is enormous. Major oil & gas operating companies include: Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, Shell, Total, Texaco, BP and National Oil Corporations such as Libyan Oil, Iranian Oil Corp, SNH, Nigerian National Petroleum & Angola Oil. Some major oil field services companies: Halliburton, Schlumberger, Weatherford, National Oil Well, GE Oil & Gas, Nabors, Basic Energy Services, and many more. How do you get in? Education in oil & gas. Get trained. Short-Term Recommendation: 1. Kilgore Community College Two years Associate of Applied Science in Petroleum Process Technology (Refinery/Petrochemicals/Natural Gas Processing) The link for more information is: 2. Houston Community College: Two years Associate of Applied Science in Petroleum Engineering Technology Work in production (Upstream) pipelines, (Midstream) and Refinery/Petrochemicals (Downstream). Link is, Long Term: Go to four-year colleges offering undergraduate degrees in Petroleum Engineering:  UT Austin  Texas A & M college station  Oklahoma State University  Colorado School of Mines Great companies to work for after the two-year training:

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Published with the Permission of Mr. Geoffrey Mbaku

BP, Chevron, Shell, Halliburton, Weatherford, Schlumberger, Statoil, Select Energy Services, Nabors, Basic Energy Services, Key Energy Services and Complete Energy Services Example of entry level positions: Equipment Operator, Oil & Gas Production Operator, Field Service Technician, Engineering Technician, Mechanics Technician, in fracking, Cementing, Wireline, Coil tubing, Well completions, Well workover and Fishing. Drilling: Rough neck, floor hand, Roustabout, Derrick hand. Then with experience climb up to Derrick man, Assistant driller, driller, Tool Pusher & Superintendant. Nature of work: Offshore, Onshore, long hours, remote locations, extreme weather, hard work, physical, manual labor, mostly mechanical, constant travel and away from family. But financially very rewarding and very stable. Two books to give you an insight: 1. The Oil & Gas Industry by Joseph Hilyard ISBN: 978-1-59370-254-0 2. The Rotary Rig and its Components: ISBN 978-0886-981662

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Published with the Permission of Mr. Geoffrey Mbaku

Opportunities in the Oil & Gas Industry  

Presentation by Mr. Geoffrey Mbaku on the need for Cameroonians to embrace careers in the oil & gas industry