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Your guide to member benefits, resources and upcoming events

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CPAConnect Member Testimonials

Essential Resource

“CPAConnect is an essential resource for our firm. The sharing, networking, and listservs, allow our firm to extend our expertise well beyond what we could have done on our own.”

Harry Plack | Plack Group, LLC | Bel Air, Md.


“We joined CPAConnect when starting the firm and it was one of the best decisions we made. It has helped tremendously to have access to CPAs in other states for questions and the Roundtable events are fantastic for providing practice management resources and support. We would not be where we are today without CPAConnect.”

Michele Heyman | Heyman & Associates, PLLC | Round Rock, Texas

Access to Information

“CPAConnect has provided a wealth of information and resources benefiting small accounting firms. We’ve enjoyed participating in the sharing of valuable accounting information.”

Sherila Tuggle | Jones and Tuggle, PLLC | Memphis, Tenn.

First-Class Conferences

“We joined this July and have found it to be a great group. Everyone we have met has been helpful and willing to share their experiences and expertise. We have attended the CAS and CPAConnect Roundtable in October, and both were first-class conferences!”

Chuck Brand, CPA | Brand, Blackwell & Company, PC | Huntsville, Ala.

Sharing Model

“Whether it’s a practice management issue, or a tax and accounting issue, CPAConnect provides a platform where CPA firms are available and willing to share their experience and assistance. The model is built on sharing and helping each other, what else can you ask for?”

Steven J. Graber, CPA, MS | Graber & Associates, CPAs | Baltimore, Md.

3 www.cpaconnect.com

CPAConnect Member Testimonials


“When asked why our firm joined CPAConnect, my response has always been ‘To ensure that my clients never outgrow our services.’ As a member of CPAConnect since 1995, I can honestly say there is no longer the threat of my clients seeking service from other professionals because we lack the necessary resources.”

Jeffrey J. Potter | Potter, La Marca & Company, LLP | Staten Island, N.Y.


“I have attended every CPAConnect Roundtable since 2005. Over the years, I have met numerous insightful practitioners from around the country. I have been able to take back many ideas from the Roundtable and implement them into our practice. I always look forward to the Roundtable since the locations are always interesting, the speakers are relevant to my practice and most of all, the networking with other CPAConnect members is invaluable to my practice. I look forward to attending many more CPAConnect Roundtables in the future.”

Jeffrey Rozovics | Rozovics Group, LLP | Park Ridge, Ill.

Succession Planning

“Over the years I’ve participated in many discussions about succession planning and the end game. I am pleased to be able to say I have sold my accounting and tax practice to two employees who will be taking over. I probably would not have started planning this several years ago without the help and conversation from many of my CPAConnect friends.”

Todd Luft | Luft & Company, P.C. | Willow Grove, Pa.


“I have finished the last of my work and am retiring from public accounting/financial planning. It’s been quite a ride and I wouldn’t have wanted to navigate the insanity of the tax world these last few years without this group. It’s hard to believe I’ve been a member for almost 18 years – the time has flown.”

Horace C. Gordon | Gordon & Associates | Tampa, Fla.

4 CPAConnect | 2024 Member Benefit Guide

CPAConnect Overview

Expanding on your relationship with CPAConnect in proposals, with referral sources and easy access to national and international resources, will differentiate your firm from the competition.

Our Vision

CPAConnect’s vision is to be a leading alliance of independent accounting firms and sole practitioners across America and connected with the global community.

Where Collaboration Means Business

Our mission is to provide a gateway for the creation of relationships among members so they may share opportunities, collaborate on best industry practices and leverage valuable expertise to facilitate growth and improve competitive position in the marketplace.

CPAConnect is a member sharing alliance, completely different from state CPA societies or other similar organizations. It focuses primarily on practice development issues and firm growth and profitability, offering a wealth of professional resources every growing firm needs.

CPAConnect members share best practices and have access to regional, national and international resources to assist their clients. CPAConnect members offer their clients the best of both worlds: The professional attention of a local firm with the knowledge and resources of a

www.cpaconnect.com 5
Jenn Walker Director of Services CPAmerica, Inc.& CPAConnect

Our Members

Industry Leaders

CPAConnect members represent some of the best and brightest the financial industry has to offer. They all have a shared commitment to the alliance, forming a unique sharing and improvement culture.


Members of CPAConnect have expertise in many specific areas of practice, and are available to assist you with specific questions. Listed below are just a handful of professional designations held by CPAConnect members.

CPAConnect membership can boost your firm’s presence and value through the sharing of expertise, wisdom and ideas with fellow members.

Average Member Snapshot

• $900K in annual fees

• Two partners

• Four+ professional staff

• Four administrative/paraprofessional staff

Professional Resources

CPAConnect continues to experience increased membership growth. This translates to financial stability within the organization, allowing CPAConnect to continuously provide the most relevant and targeted programs to members. One example of this is by having access to CPAmerica’s Learning Management System (LMS).

CPAmerica’s LMS is a consolidated platform that allows you to manage your training and CPE in one place as part of your member dues.

International Reach

With approximately 150 firms in CPAConnect and more than 90 larger, independent firms in CPAmerica, we have the U.S. covered! Plus, through our membership in Crowe Global, our alliance expands to more than 145 countries.

6 CPAConnect | 2024 Member Benefit Guide

Our Members


Members share ideas and experience on the industries in which they serve clients. Members also have the ability to connect with experts in fields outside their current specializations to grow specific niches in their firms.

• Agriculture, livestock & forestry

• Automotive

• Building construction

• Government

• Healthcare

• Investment & securities

• Lending institutions

Service Areas

• Manufacturers & wholesale distributors

• Nonprofit

• Professional services

• Real estate

• Retail

• Utilities

Members have extensive experience in their fields and can ask other members questions or seek second opinions. In addition, members can contact a CPAmerica firm for assistance with tax, audit, practice continuation and succession planning.

• Accounting & auditing

• Business valuation

• Cost segregation

• Employee benefits

• Estate planning

• Forensics & litigation

• Fraud prevention

• Management advisory

• Mergers & acquisitions

• Payroll services

• Research & development

• Sarbanes-Oxley compliance

• Succession planning

• Taxation

• Technology systems

• Wealth advisory

7 www.cpaconnect.com

Member Sharing

Sharing Library

Located on our members-only website, our library contains more than 5,000 documents available for unlimited use.

Member Services

CPAConnect staff is available by telephone or email to assist you with engagement assistance or support.

CPAConnect Online Forum

This is an email-based discussion forum where members connect with one another in the Center of Excellence (COE), an online collaboration platform where members can engage in a personalized experience to identify expertise, share information, and access content in their areas of interest.

Conference Calls & Webinars

Best practices conference calls and interactive webinars are regularly scheduled for members to connect and share their latest initiatives and projects. Topics covered in webinars and calls include A&A, Niche Services, Tax, HR, Technology and Marketing.

CPAConnect | 2024 Member Benefit Guide
Director of Engagements & CPAmerica, Inc.& CPAConnect

Preferred Providers

Through partnerships and quantity purchasing arrangements with outside vendors outside, members can take advantage of several cost-saving opportunities.

Audit Services



• AuditSense, LLC

• Chuck Manganiello

• Digilence, LLC

• LeaseCrunch LLC

• LeaseJava

• Makosi

• MindBridge Analytics Inc.

• Surgent

• Thomson Reuters-PPC

• Wolters Kluwer

Business Services


• Aiwyn

• Avantax Wealth Management

• CPACharge

• First Research

• Makosi

• Payroc (Formerly iTransact)

• ProfitCents

• QuickFee

• SafeSend

Business Services

• The Growth Partnership

• TransferMate

• Tri-Merit

• Wolters Kluwer (CCH)

CPE & Training



• AuditSense, LLC

• Becker Professional Education

• CPA Leadership Institute, Inc.

• INSIDE Public Accounting

• Lorman Education Services


• Paychex, Inc.

• Plain-English Accounting

• State Tax Advisors

• Surgent CPE

• The Growth Partnership

• Thomas Reuters-Checkpoint Learning

• Wolters Kluwer (CCH)

• Yaeger CPA Review

• TransferMate Financial Services

• Avantax Wealth Management

• CPACharge

• Dext

• Payroc (Formerly iTransact)

• QuickFee

• SoFi Lending Corp

Hardware & Software

• Aiwyn

• Canon USA

• DataMotion

• Digilence, LLC

• Doc.It

• Intuit

• Jetpack Workflow

• LeaseCrunch LLC

• LeaseJava

• Mindbridge Analytics, Inc.

• SafeSend

• SurePrep, LLC

• Thomson Reuters-ProView

• Xero

HR & Recruiting


• Paychex, Inc.

9 www.cpaconnect.com

Preferred Providers (continued)



• Elite Editorial Services

• Payroc (Formerly ITransact)


• The Growth Partnership

• Thomason Reuters (TRTA) / Checkpoint Marketing for Firms

Niche Services

• AICPA - Audit Quality Centers

• Avantax Wealth Management

• Botkeeper

• CG Healthcare Solutions, LLC

• D&B Hoovers

• HITRUST Certified Assessment Svcs

• Payroc (Formerly iTransact)

• ProfitCents

• The Growth Partnership

Research & Analysis

• AICPA - Audit Quality Centers

• D&B Hoovers

• INSIDE Public Accounting

• ProfitCents

Tax Services

• alliantgroup

• Black Line Group

• CSG Strategic Tax Consultants

• McGuire Sponsel

• State Tax Advisors

• Tri-Merit

Quantity Purchasing & Publications

• Mercer, LLC

• Thomson Reuters / Checkpoint Marketing for Firms

• Thomson Reuters - PPC, RIA, and Warren, Gorham & Lamont

• Thomson Reuters - Quickfinder

• Wolters Kluwer (CCH)

Technology Services

• Avantax Wealth Management

• Botkeeper

• Canon USA

• Cetrom

• DataMotion

• Digilence, LLC

• Infinite Solutions LLC

• Intuit

• KnowBe4

• LeaseCrunch LLC

• Mindbridge Analytics, Inc.


• Wolters Kluwer

Travel & Entertainment

• Hertz

10 CPAConnect | 2024 Member Benefit Guide

2024 CPAConnect Live Events

Marketing Roundtable

May 15-16


Focus: Marketing

JW Marriott Orlando Bonnet Creek Orlando, Florida

NextGen Conference

June 12-14


Focus: Senior/Manager Growth & Leadership

Four Seasons Hotel Denver Denver, Colorado

Staff Training (Tax) & Professional Skills Workshop (optional)

Level 2 Jun. 18-21 &

Level 3 Jun. 24-27


Focus: Tax Staff Training

Hyatt Place Durham/Southpoint Durham, North Carolina

A&A Conference

July 16-19


Focus: Audit

The Meritage Resort & Spa Napa, California

Technology Roundtable

July 16-19


Focus: Technology & Network Admin

The Meritage Resort & Spa Napa, California

Client Advisory Services


August 6-8

Salt Lake City

Focus: Client Advisory Services

Le Meridien Salt Lake City, Utah

CPAConnect Roundtable

October 20-23


Focus: Practice Growth & Management

Loew’s Hotel Nashville, Tennessee

Tax Conference

November 10-13 Fajardo

Focus: Tax

El Conquistador Fajardo, Puerto Rico

International Group Meeting

December 3-6

Fort Lauderdale

Focus: International Practice Growth & Management

W Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale, Florida

11 www.cpaconnect.com

2024 CPAConnect Webinars

A&A Webinar

May 9

2-4 p.m. ET

Lease Accounting Mastery: ASC 842 Fundamentals, Revisions, and GASB 87/96 Overview

Instructor: Jess Vento, LeaseCrunch

A&A Webinar

May 23

2-3:30 p.m. ET

Don’t Be Squeamish About the New SQMS – Get Ready

Instructors: Jason Miller & Meg Hampton, Anglin Reichmann Armstrong, P.C.

A&A Webinar

June 6

2-4 p.m. ET

Group Audits: Who is Responsible for What?

Instructor: Jennifer Louis, Emergent Group

A&A Webinar

June 20 2-4 p.m. ET

Current Trends in Fraud and Internal Control

Instructor: Jennifer Louis, Emergent Group

Tax Webinar

June 25 2-4 p.m. ET

Instructor: Randy Crabtree

Tax Webinar

July 23 2-4 p.m. ET

Instructor: Randy Johnston, NMGI

Tax Webinar

August 13

2-4 p.m. ET

Instructor: Surgent

Tax Webinar

June 18

2-4 p.m. ET

Navigating the International Regulatory and Reporting Maze

Instructors: Jerry Hammel, Greg Lambrecht & Jason Rauhe, McGuire Sponsel

Tax Webinar

July 9 2-4 p.m. ET

Instructor: Steve Siegel

Tax Webinar

July 30 2-4 p.m. ET

Corporate Transparence Act –Update and Best Practices

Instructor: Sean King

Tax Webinar

July 16 2-4 p.m. ET

Tax Considerations Business Owners Should Consider Now

Instructor: Brian Leitner, Mariner Wealth

Tax Webinar

August 6 2-4 p.m. ET

If Your Firm Is in Acquisition Mode, Here’s How To Compete With Private Equity

Instructor: Terry Putney, Transition Advisors

A&A Webinar

August 8 2-4 p.m. ET

Understanding ITGC and SOC Reports to Plan Efficient Financial Audits

Instructor: Andrew Wan, Larson & Company, PC

A&A Webinar

October 10

2-4 p.m. ET

2024 Current Issues in Accounting and Financial Reporting

Instructor: Jennifer Louis, Emergent Group

A&A Webinar

October 24

2-4 p.m. ET

SAS 145 Implementation

Instructor: Charlie Blanton, Surgent

A&A Webinar

November 14

2-4 p.m. ET

SAS 145 Implementation - Lessons Learned

Instructor: Charlie Blanton, Surgent

CPAConnect | 2024 Member Benefit Guide 12


CPAmerica Connections

CPAmerica is a national association of large, independent accounting firms, and is the companion association of CPAConnect. Members of CPAmerica enjoy mutual market protections throughout the United States, and, as such, work cooperatively with the CPAConnect members in their area through a unique relationship.

These CPAmerica connections affords the CPAConnect member enhanced opportunities for joint engagements, technical support, practice continuation, and succession planning.

Many opportunities to expand the CPAConnect member’s resources are established through this relationship, including:

• Access to specialization in tax, auditing, business consulting and management information systems

• Second opinions on engagement concerns

• Better positioning to compete with larger firms to protect and expand your client services

• Business referrals

Crowe Global

Members have access to expertise in Crowe Global firms located across the world through the International Referral process through CPAmerica’s membership in Crowe Global.

Crowe Global is one of the world’s leading and largest networks of independent accounting and consulting firms, with affiliated firms in more than 145 countries.

13 www.cpaconnect.com

7555 West University Avenue Gainesville, FL 32607


For additional membership information, contact Business Development Manager Lisa Henson: (352) 727-4161



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