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because I have always loved creating things from an early age. Glass has become my medium of expression. I love the way different light changes what my art looks like. I think, in an age of technology and most things being made by machine in far-off countries, it’s wonderful to receive something beautiful that a local artist has put their heart and soul into.”

Artist Ken Broadland

Exquisitely hand-crafted works of art Imagine That! Artisans’ Designs 251 Craig St., Downtown Duncan

imaginethatartisans.com I 250-748-6776

Choose Hand Made Gifts at Imagine That! Katie Daniel is an artist member at Imagine That!


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The giving and receiving of gifts for the holidays is a timehonoured tradition. Who doesn’t love the anticipation of what might be in a brightly-wrapped package under the tree. When you finally untie the ribbon, remove the paper and peek inside the tissue, your joy is increased many fold if that gift happens to be one that is hand-made by a local artisan. That joy is the reason why Imagine That! exists. Since this artist’s co-operative began 26 years ago, the key ingredient for success has been a carefully selected array of fine quality work. Shoppers at Imagine That! notice and appreciate the dedication and craftsmanship required for hand-made pieces, and they have demonstrated that commitment time and again. Not only do they frequent the shop for their own purchases, but they bring friends and family in as well. This strong customer endorsement has a tangible,

positive impact on the local economy, and is a tremendous vote of confidence for creative talent. When you choose handmade, your decision feeds back into the economic and social fabric of our Island community. For the more than 70 artists whose work is featured in the shop, the importance of handmade is clear, and there is a personal story behind each piece they create. Artists come from as close as a few blocks away, from throughout the greater Cowichan Valley, as well as from some of our adjacent smaller islands. Each artist has transformed their passion for creativity into beautiful and functional pieces. Master wood turning artist Ken Broadland creates magnificent bowls and is a perfect example of an artist who believes that hand-made is a good choice for our environment. Says Ken, “As a woodturner, I take great pleasure in taking a rough piece of wood from a salvaged tree and enhancing nature’s artistry by turning it into something both beautiful and useful for people to enjoy. As with most artists and artisans, I would rather be in my workshop than anywhere else! The creative process is very therapeutic and rewarding, whether it is working with wood, sculpting in stone, brushing paint onto a canvas, forming and firing clay, working with textiles or

molding metal into a new design. In giving unique, handmade gifts, people are supporting the local economy at the grassroots level and in a sustainable way. It’s a real win-win for everybody.” For stained glass artist Joyce Leroux, hand-made means made from the heart. “I create my work

As an artisan who works primarily with textiles, I believe that hand-made means unique. I learned very early, when I first started to sew my own clothes, that by choosing the right fabric and the right pattern, I could create unique wearables that no one else had. Since then, the idea of a gift that is mass-produced isn’t really an option for me. I am also concerned with both

recycling materials in new ways, and in creating things that have long durability. I make “rag” rugs which respond to both of those ideas. I’m using fabrics that might otherwise be discarded to make something special and functional that will last for decades. Lest we take ourselves too seriously, artists at Imagine That! are always bringing new work that pushes at the creative edge, keeping things lively and fresh. Jewellery made from unexpected materials, wind chimes from salvaged pieces of silver service, bird houses that incorporate found objects, pottery that finds new expression in form and function. Such pieces allow for a bit of fun and quirkiness, also a trademark of hand-made. Finally, at Imagine That! you have an opportunity to make a personal connection with the artists, a perk you won’t find elsewhere. On every visit you meet at least one of the artists whose work is in the shop. This gives both you and the

creator the chance to develop a relationship, fosters a deeper understanding of what goes into the creation of work, and often sparks an idea for something new. During December, our window displays feature a sampling of the abundance of beautiful handmade pieces you’ll find inside. Especially at this time of year, our artists have also created very affordable options for many budgets, including stocking stuffer ideas for the holidays, lovely art cards, and more.

Imagine That! Artisans’ Designs Cooperative, 251 Craig St, Duncan 250 748-6776


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December 2019 Issue 133  

For those who love to eat, live, play and shop in the Cowichan Valley.

December 2019 Issue 133  

For those who love to eat, live, play and shop in the Cowichan Valley.

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